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Terius Behind Me – Episode 5 and 6 Recap

Terius Behind Me – Episode 5 and 6 Recap


Sun-mi points to the man on the screen and considers the possibility that Jung Il could have been murdered. (The listening device is stuck on the calendar in the security room.)

The killer listens in on the conversation and walks out of his room in a haste.

Back in the security room, the neighbours ask Ae-rin if her husband had any enemies or an affair or debt. She denies the claims but they don’t seem to agree. Sang Reul wonders where Kim Bon went, as he is missing. Ae-rin looks worried about the new discovery

Kim Bon is in Jung Il’s car. He checks the GPS navigator for recent destinations and finds The Meta Palace in it, dated August 31st. He removes the memory card from the dash cam and walks away.

Inside the security room, the neighbours decide not to inform the police due to lack of evidence. They decide to check the black box in the car. The guard leaves his desk once they go out and the folder with the footage of the Killer gets deleted on the computer(looks like the system has been hacked into).

Elsewhere, the killer is driving and is informed by Yong Tae that the footage has been deleted.

At the parking lot, Sang Reul finds that the memory card slot (black box) is empty and Ae-rin checks the navigator. Eun-ha asks Ae-rin if she found something suspicious while cleaning the car. She says she remembers seeing a spoilt tart from Margot. They think it is strange Jung Il had gone to an expensive place.


Back in his apartment, Kim Bon goes through the footage. The visual shows Jung Il driving into the parking lot but the rest of it is him talking to himself. Jung says, “What did I see! No, I didn’t see anything.” Kim Bon realises Jung Il had seen something. He looks at his workboard and sees the words  ‘Moon – found dead in the parking lot’. Kim Bon pans into the neighbouring car and finds Moon’s face in the front seat and wonders if Jung Il had seen the killer. He sees the footage of Jung Il leaving the car in the apartment’s parking lot and sees the killer follow him.

Kim Bon recognises the killer as Magician (he appears when the magician tarot card is on Aries). He deduces that Jung Il was unlucky because he saw something he shouldn’t have.

Meanwhile, the magician is at the apartment’s parking lot and finds that the memory card is gone. He looks at Jun Il’s family photo on the dashboard of the car.

At a coffee shop, Ji Yeon interviews Mr Moon’s house helper. The house helper remembers something.


Back at the NIS, JI Yeon tells Director Shim that the housekeeper said ‘the bag’ disappeared right after Mr Moon’s death. Shim says that he doesn’t find it strange. Ji Yeon raises her voice and says that it is strange.

In a flashback, we see Mr moon sitting in his living room with the bag deeply in thought. The housekeeper is cleaning the dishes as Ji Yeon’s voiceover narrates that he had brought the bag a week before his death. He was deeply contemplating.

Director Shim brushes it off by saying that he listens to everything she says because he cares for her. He says she is puzzling things over to make it seem like how she wants it to. He says that there isn’t enough evidence to call it a murder. He gives a defeated look when he learns that she is going to track the bag.


Elsewhere, Yong Tae places a leather bag on the shelf wearing gloves and labels it, “Ethan, Fail”. He removes his gloves and walks away.

He walks out of the room (it is the locked room that he had forbidden Ae-rin to enter) closing the door and is startled to see Ae-rin there. She says that when she didn’t get a response when she had knocked. He comes to sit at his desk and tells her not to enter his room without his permission. She agrees asks for his lunch preference and he says Pollack Soup. He seems disturbed as she walks away.


Outside, at her desk, Ae-rin orders Yong Tae’s lunch. She gets a call from Yong Tae saying he changed his mind and asks for Spaghetti alle vongolle. Ae-rin calls up the restaurant and orders the spaghetti.  Ae-sin is confused as Yong Tae calls her again and says he changed his mind again. He says he wants short rib soup and Ae-rin acknowledges. As soon as she hangs up, he calls her again and she is irritated. She asks if he has changed his mind again and asks what he wants this time. He says he is lazy and wants takeout sushi.

Ae-rin is on her way to buy the Sushi when she is shocked to see that Yong Tae is calling her again. She has his name saved as ‘Cocky Weirdo’. She receives his call and this time he says he wants tteokbbokki. Ae-rin makes faces and asks if he prefers any brand. He says he wants it from snobby tteokbbokki, Hongdae. Ae-rin can’t believe her ears as he asks for a sundae to accompany with it. She throws a fit after hanging up and earns weird looks from the passersby.

Back in his office, Yong Tae sees the spread on his table and commends her on her good work. His assistant is also there. Ae-rin thanks him and asks if he is pregnant. He chokes on his food and she passes him some water. She says that he is acting like someone who is pregnant and Yong Tae’s assistant suppresses his laughter.

Back in the security room, Eun-ha is bewildered that the clipping of the footage is missing. Sun-mi asks the guard if he deleted it and he gets defensive as he says he didn’t. As they continue to discuss, Kim bon who is sitting nearby thinking that ‘they’ must have deleted it.


Meanwhile, Ae-rin meets Jung Il’s boss who tells her that Mr Heo, the writer whom Jung worked with, lives at Meta Palace. Ae-rin realises why Jung had bought the tart. The boss says that Jung hadn’t visited the author Mr Heo that day and that was mysterious. She wonders why he had bought the tart then.


At Ae-rin’s house, Kim Bon watches the children as they play. Joon Soo rushes over to Bon and asks him to find ‘Ugaba’ as he is in a hurry. Bon searches the refrigerator and says that there is no ‘nougat bar’ at home. Joon Soo lies on the floor and throws a tantrum asking for ‘Ugaba’. Joon Hee comes over and says she has lost ‘Pigus’. Bon mishears it as ‘Terius’ but she corrects him. They both grab his hands demanding him to find it for them.

In A flashback, Sang-Reul and Kim Bon sit at a table while the kids read. Sang Ryeol asks for Kim Bon’s phone number. Bon says that they won’t be contacting each other and asks Sang Ryeol to forget it. Sang Ryeol grabs Bon’s phone and unlocks it using Kim Bon’s hand. He then sends a message to himself.

At present, Bon reaches for the phone while both kids are tugging him.

Sang-Ryeol is shooting darts at his home as he takes the call. Bon checks his phone to see Sang Ryeol’s message. It has the picture of Ugaba, a toy from a cartoon and Pigus, Joon Hee’s favourite toy. Bon goes over to the scattered toys and spots Ugaba under the couch. He gives it to Joon Soo and goes over to the bedroom, scanning it. He finds Pigus behind a pillow on the sofa and gives it to Joon Hee. Both of them go back to playing happily. He looks at the clock and notices that Ae-rin is running late.

Ae-rin is sitting outside a store having a drink. She remembers Jung’s boss saying that Jung was under a lot of stress lately and asks if he had talked about it with her. Ae-rin remembers arguing with her husband before the day he died. She feels guilty and thinks that is the reason he must have been sensitive that day. She wonders why he hadn’t spoken to her about the stress. She realises she is late and rushes home.

Bon is watching Ugaba cartoon at Ae-rin’s house when she rushes in apologising. She says she had to look into something and was delayed. He tells her that she should come home right away once she is done with work and she apologises. She offers to pay for overtime and he says that it is fine. She asks if the kids gave him a hard time. He says that is not it and says he should go. She hears his stomach growl and asks if he needs a snack.


Bon and Ae-rin sit at the table and he thanks her as he tucks in. As he eats, she apologises that he is eating late. She asks Bon if he was married before and he says no. Ae-rin says that she got married because she wanted to see her husband every day. She says there were times when she thought it annoying to see him every day. She says that she watched the kids and was exhausted while her husband rested at home all the time. She says she used to nag him all the while. She says that Jung was stressed too and she never noticed that. Bon stops eating and listens to her. He asks her not to blame herself for something another person hadn’t spoken to her about. She says her heartaches and he says that her heart should ache as she lost someone special. He asks her to eat and both of them get back to eating.


The magician meets Yong Tae and tells him that Ae-rin is quiet so there is no problem with the dashcam footage. Yong Tae says that the nosy women are quiet too after the footage was deleted. He asks the Magician to leave. The magician gets up to go but asks Yong Tae why he hired Ae-rin. Yong Tae says that the enemy or the subject should be kept close. The phone rings and he asks the magician to leave as he goes to take it.

Yong Tae pulls open the drawer to reveal many cell phones and picks one up to attend the call.  The anonymous caller asks him to order a new bag worth 10 checks. Yong Tae agrees and hangs up.


Bon waits outside his door as Ae-rin brings the kids out. Bon watches as Ae-rin tries to tie Joon Hee’s hair as the elevator comes up. They all get into the elevator. As they head out Ae-rin run to work but the kids call her back for a nose kiss. She gives them both a nose kiss and comes towards Bon to do the same but stops in time. They give each other an awkward look. Ae-rin breaks the silence and asks him to take care of the kids before running away to work.

Bon sees the kids off and walks back. Eun-ha calls Bon for some tea but he refuses. When they persist, he says that he doesn’t want to befriend anyone. Seeing the look on their faces, he explains that he is busy. As he walks away, Eun-ha says she finds him suspicious. They discuss how anti-social he is.


At the NIS, Da Woo shows Ji Yeon the profile of Jeon In Taek, the new head of national security. Seeing that he is an assemblyman, she asks how Da Woo found this before it became official. He says its nothing and goes on to say that the man is friends with Kwon. He says they met at the university. Ji Yeon immediately says that she has to leave and goes away without saying where she is off too. Da Woo mutters that she still thinks he can’t find out if she doesn’t tell him. He goes over to his desk and looks at the monitor, which shows him Ji Yeon’s location. It seems like he has a tracker on her.

Ji Yeong goes to Moon’s residence dressed as a housekeeper. She hears footsteps and switches off the lights before hiding behind the door. As the intruder comes to the door, she tackles him and he deflects it. He manages to pin her to the wall, which switches on the lights. Both Bon and Ji Yeon freeze as they recognise each other.


Elsewhere, Bon and Ji Yeon sit across a table and they talk. She tells him that the NIS is watching him. She adds That Kwon is ticked off as the mole she was watching had escaped. Bon tells her that Moon was assassinated and there was also a witness. He tells her that there is a mole at NIS.

Da Woo comes into his office to find Kwon waiting there. She asks what Ji Yeon is up to and if they know anything about Terius. He says that she comes here to learn a language. She thinks he is lying and starts chasing him. He then explains that it is “c-language”. She has an annoyed look on her face and walks out of the office.


Bon and Ji Yeon walk on the street when he says that he has to go. She asks for his number but he doesn’t give it he says that they should keep in touch like how they used to. Ji Yeon agrees and slyly removes a sticker (bug) from her bag and sticks it on Bon’s coat while he is not looking. She waves to an unsuspecting Bon who gets into the bus which drives away.

Ji Yeon calls Da Woo and asks him to track her location. He tries to act innocent but she asks him not to waste her time and track the location. He is worried and asks her if she is kidnapped but she asks him to track her location with a victorious smile on her face.

Episode 6


Da Woo says that she is travelling at 60km speed. Ji Yeon asks for the final destination.


Bon is with the children who are playing on the swing. Ji Yeon watches this from afar. She wonders if Bon married a single mother. She overhears Sun-mi telling Kang Reol that Ae-rin’s is lucky to have him as a babysitter. Ji Yeon wonders who Ae-rin is.


Meanwhile, Ae-rin changes the centrepiece at work. She eyes the locked door, which she was told not to enter. She goes over to the door and tries to open it. She even keys in a code on the number lock but it doesn’t open. She wonders what might be inside.

Bon and the kids walk home when Joon Hee asks him to sit down. As he sits down, she removes the sticker from his coat and asks if she can have it. Bon is surprised seeing it. He takes it from her and slowly peels the top to reveal the bug planted inside. He figures out that it is a location tracker and looks over his shoulder. He sees Ji Yeon running and hiding behind a bush.


He pastes the sticker on Joon Hee’s hand and takes them out for ice cream. Ji Yeon follows them.

The kids are busy choosing ice cream and Bon stealthily removes the sticker from Joon Hee’s hand and sticks it on the ice cream counter. Ji Yeon is waiting outside. Ae-rin calls Bon to check on how her kids are doing. He speaks a couple of lines before cutting her off saying that he is busy. He looks out and spots Ji Yeon again. He takes the children out through the back door.

Outside, Ji Yeon calls Da woo and asks if she is still in the store and he replies in the positive. She walks in to see that Bon and the children are nowhere to be found. She sees the tracker on the ice cream counter and let out a curse.

Bon brings the children home and they say that the ice-cream was delicious. They ask to go there again and he agrees. He bends down and wipes the ice cream on both their faces. Joon Hee pastes another sticker on his hand and says that it is a present. Bon remembers her pasting a heart sticker on his hand on an earlier occasion too. He recalls them being the same material and also recollects seeing a similar sticker on the calendar of the security room.

Bon comes to his apartment and peels the sticker to find that it is a bug. He destroys the bug.

At Ae-rin’s house, he sits the kids down and asks them if they are sure that the man who had taken them that day had given the stickers to them (the magician). Yoon Hee nods at him and he asks if she has placed any in the house. She says that she used them outside and gave some to her friends and few to Bon. She lists out the friends whom she gave the stickers to.

Bon stands outside Seung gi’s (Sang Ryeol’s son) house and Joon Soo presses the calling bell. Sang Ryeol is surprised seeing Bon and the kids run inside to play. Bon says that they have come to hang out. Bon searches for the sticker and finds it stuck on the door. Sang Ryeol brings him coffee and says he is glad that Bon changed his mind about not socialising. He sits next to Bon who keeps eyeing the sticker. Bon gets up and walks around the house in the pretext of complimenting the interior decor. Sang Ryeol doesn’t take his eyes off Bon. Bon reaches the door and asks Sang Ryol to pass him a cup of coffee. Bon removes the sticker when Sang Ryeol turns the other way to retrieve the cup. He then sits next to Sang Ryeol and asks for other apartment numbers where the kids’ friends are.

Bon manages to go to all the houses including security room, the playground and the lobby retrieve the stickers from their places.


Finally, he is at Eun-ha’s house EunHa asks him if he wants to join KIS (Kingcastle Information Systems). She says it’s a gathering of all neighbours who share information. She says she guessed he wanted to join KIS because he visited everyone’s home. When Bon denies that, she asks if he visited everyone’s home so that he could steal something. She even picks up the phone to warn others but he stops her. He says he will join KIS. She smiles and says it’s a good idea. She then asks him to take his time looking around her place and he is surprised. She says she was informed through KIS that he liked looking around places.

Ae-rin is on her way home when she receives messages from KIS that her babysitter had he dropped by and some ask if he has bipolar disorder. Ae-rin rushes home.

At Ae-rin’s home, Bon arranges the stickers back in the sheet and notes that he needs to find one more. Ae-rin walks in and the kids run over to give her a hug before going back to play. She asks to speak with Bon.

As they sit and talk, Ae-rin says that moms do not like it when you go to their houses without prior notice. She says he should have asked her if he had wanted to see their houses. She says that moms share useful information but if you get on their wrong side, they will turn their back on him. In the end, he may even have to move out. Ae-rin says that she knew he avoids people. Bon notes that she knows him very well. She asks him not to go out of the way to socialize with people for the sake of her kids.


At the NIS, Director Shim learns from Ji Yeon that there was a witness to Moon’s murder. Ji Yeon says that her information is from a trustworthy source. She says she will find the witness if he approves the operation. He asks her to be careful and she says she will proceed in secrecy. She asks for help from agent Da Woo. Shim approves the operation code named, ”King’s Bag”.


Ji Yeon walks up to the store named, ‘King’s Bag’.  Her voiceover says, “Our mission is to reveal what happened to Moon Sung Soo, the head of National Security, who was assassinated, as well as locating the bag which disappeared.”

As Ji Yeon walks into the store (selling branded bags), Da Woo is waiting there. He takes her to a corner and turns over a painting, which opens a secret door. Both of them walk in.


The interior is equipped with the gadgets and is like their secret base to work from. Da Woo says he went through Moon’s call history. He says he had received 11 calls from a withheld number. He also says that the last call he received before he died was also from a withheld number. Da Woo adds that the calls were made from a burner phone and had calls only to Moon’s number. He says that that the calls were pinged off 5 different cell towers and the frequently used one was that of “Star Towers” tower.


At star towers, Ae-rin brings a package that has arrived from Italy and places it on Yong Tae’s desk. He asks her to stay while he opens it so that she can see the bags that they import. She agrees and helps him open the package. he looks at her as he unwraps the white handbag. She comments that it is a classic design and looks luxurious. He says that it is 100,000 dollars and she stares at him open-mouthed. He asks her why she looks so shocked. He tells her to improve her standards and she says she will.

As she travels in the bus, she wonders how long she has to work to be able to afford a bag that costly. As she snaps out of her thoughts, she realises she has almost missed her stop and hastily gets out of the bus. The doors closes on her bag as she gets down. She starts to panic and runs along with the bus pulling the bag. She manages to free it but the strap gets broken.


Ae-rin comes to stand outside King’s Bag store with the broken handbag in her hand. She thinks back to the time at the hospital when her husband gave her money to buy a bag after she had given birth to the twins. He had asked why she hadn’t opted for a C-Section and she had said that what was important was that the children were born healthy. He says she did well for the past ten months. She says raising the twins will be harder. Ae-rin goes to the store and buys the handbag (which broke now) which is a first copy/imitation.


At present, Ae-rin stands outside King’s Bag and holding the handbag with a broken strap. She wonders if this would not have happened if she had bought an original one.

Inside King’s Bag, Da Woo wonders why the woman outside was staring at their shop. Ji Yeon opens the door and says that the bag is not for sale. Ae-rin says that she was just looking and is not buying. She then walks away.


Kim Bon plays with the kids and gets them to do physical activities to tire them out.

At night, Ae-rin and the kids have dinner. They narrate how they spent their day with Bon. She says that Bon is trying hard to tire them out. Joon Soo says that he is full and asks to go play. She agrees and continues to eat the food they left behind. She says she puts on weight because she ends up eating the food that the children left behind. She realises Eun Ha said she will call and searches for the phone. She realises that she has left her phone behind at the office.


At star towers, Yong Tae walks across Ae-rin’s desk and hears her phone ringing. He takes the phone in his hand.

Ae-rin rings Bon’s doorbell but gets no response. She wonders if he is not in.


Later, Ae-rin peeks into the office. She sees that it is empty and calls her kids inside. She goes over to check the desk and the kids start jumping on the couch. She asks them to get down. Seeing that the phone isn’t there on her desk she goes over to Yong Tae’s room.

She searches Yong Tae’s desk and the phone isn’t there either. She wonders if she didn’t leave it here and she starts to walk when her stomach starts rumbling. She wonders if she had too much to eat.

She goes over to the kids and tells them to stay put on the couch while she goes to the restroom. They say they are thirsty. Ae-rin clutches her stomach but still manages to get a drink for the children and then she goes to the restroom.

Joon Hee suggests that they look around and Joon Soo agrees. They head into Yong Tae’s office and walk over to the desk. Jong Soo sits on the rotating chair and opens the package with the handbag. They both find it very pretty.

Meanwhile, Bon comes back to the apartment. He rides the elevator to the 8th floor where his apartment is.

Joon Hee drops the handbag and both of them start arguing. While they are at it, the juice which they hold, pours all over the handbag, staining it in red.

Ae-rin comes from the restroom to see the kids missing. She sees the door to Yong Tae’s office open and she rushes in. She is horrified to see the bag stained in juice and her kids sitting next to it. They are trying to wipe the stain off which is actually making it worse. Yong Tae’s words, “it is worth 100,000 dollars” echoes in her mind. She yells, “Noooo!”


At the apartment, as the elevator door opens, Bon finds Yong Tae there (probably came to return her phone). They give each other a look and Bon walks over to his door while Yong Tae steps into the elevator. As the door is about to close, Bon comes running and holds the elevator’s door with his hand. He asks Yong Tae who he is. Yong Tae looks at Bon and asks him who he is.


At star Towers, Ae-rin stands with a horrified look on her face.

Image Courtesy- MBC


It was revealed that Yong Tae receives orders from someone. The mysterious locked room in his office houses the bags which I guess are the ones ordered by the anonymous caller.

On the other hand, Ra Do Woo’s skills are impressive. it looks like he will never come back with ‘no’ as an answer when posed with a request.

I wonder why Ae-rin chose to take her kids to the office instead of leaving them with one of her neighbours. The kids landing Ae-rin in trouble is due to her own carelessness is becoming a bit repetitive.

The thriller aspect seems to be swift-paced as none of the tracks is prolonged. For instance, the bugs were discovered by Bon and in the final scene, Bon and Yong Tae came face to face. With both Bon and NIS pursuing Moon’s killer, I am keen on seeing how the plot progresses.

-By Soul Sword-

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