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Terius Behind Me – Episode 3 and 4 Recap

Terius Behind Me – Episode 3 and 4 Recap


At Jung ll’s funeral, Ae-rin asks her mother in a low voice as to how she is going to raise Joon Hee and Joon Soo. Her mother consoles her by saying that Ae-rin has been a tough girl since her childhood and that she has endured a lot of hardships. She says Ae-rin will pull through and that she is proud of her. Ae-rin breaks down into tears and her mother hugs her.

Kim Bon walks across the funeral halls and notices Ae-rin. Kwong comes in with her agents just then and recognises him as Terius. She orders them to get him. Kim Bon runs away as the men chase after him.

Ae-rin walks out of the hall and sees Moon Sung Soo’s picture on the adjacent funeral hall. She finds him familiar but can’t place him. She receives a call from Sang Ryeol informing her that her kids are missing.  She is shocked and asks him to inform the police. She runs out after hanging up.


The Killer brings both the children down the street. A woman with a stroller (probably a neighbour) looks at him suspiciously but doesn’t stop him.

At the NIS headquarters, Kim Bon’s face is a match to the profile of Terius. Yoo Ji Yeon goes over to Do-Woo and says that they mustn’t lose him.

At the hospital, Kwon hears from Do-woo who confirms Terius’ identity. She says that he is a highly wanted criminal and that the Alpha team is going after him.

Do-woo watches the CCTV cameras and tells the alpha team that Terius is near the funeral room 12. They split into two teams and pursue him while Do-woo directs them towards the cafeteria.

Kim Bon runs into the hospital with the agents closely chasing him. As the team runs through the corridor, Kim Bon comes out dressed in janitor clothes and goes the other way.


Kwon’s team reaches the cafeteria and realises that they have lost Terius. She asks Do-woo to scan the other areas. Do-woo tracks him down and spots him getting into a cab. He sends the taxi number to Kwon.

Kwon’s team reaches the entrance in time to see the cab racing out of the hospital. Kwon asks Do-woo to connect to the satellite and Do-woo gets on to it.

Kim Bon notices that he is not being followed and asks the driver to go through Mabong tunnel.

Do-woo informs Kwon of this and she asks a team to standby at the south exit.


At the Kingcastle Information Systems (neighbours group), Eun-ha, Sang Ryeol and Sun-mi sit at the table along with other neighbours. Eun-ha says that the children were last seen on swings at the playground. She says they couldn’t have gone far and asks the team to use all the Kakaotalk chatrooms to search for information. She orders them to start and everyone get on their phones. Everyone posts the picture of the kids and asks their known contacts if they had seen the kids.

The lady with the stroller receives the message and responds saying that she had seen the kids 10 minutes ago at the fountain park along with a man wearing a black cap.

Sun-mi reads out the response and Eun-ha asks them to update the message, this time asking for the whereabouts of the man in the black cap.

Another woman near the location peeps out of her window and spots the man along with the kids. She clicks a picture of them. She attaches it and sends out a response saying that they are outside building 207.


Eun-ha tells the team that they are outside building 207 and rushes out with her team. Word spreads throughout the neighbourhood and all the women come rushing towards the shopping complex where the killer is walking with the kids.

He gets puzzled seeing 2 women running towards him. He tries to go the other way but a whole battalion of the neighbourhood women come charging at him from all the directions. He has no choice but to leave the kids and run into the building. Eun-ha holds both the kids while the other women try to chase the killer.


Meanwhile, Kwon waits outside the tunnel as a man informs her that they have blocked the exit.

Kim Bon’s cab drives through the tunnel.

As the cab exits the tunnel, the police flag it down. Kwon smiles as she opens the rear door of the car to find it empty but for the janitor clothes. Her smile fades. The cab driver says that he had got off in the tunnel and Kwon lets out a curse.


Back at the office, Do-woo asks Ji Yeon who Terius is. She doesn’t respond and walks away.

Meanwhile, Ae-rin comes running to the shopping complex and is relieved to find her kids safe. They run into her arms as she cries asking if they are okay. She asks them not to be scared as she is here right now.

Kim Bon gets out of the cab and simultaneously a man in a black cap (the killer) gets into the front seat of the cab. Kim Bon stakes a step forward but stops. He turns around to look at the man, but the cab drives away before he can get a better look.


As he walks down the street, he notices the crowd and sees Ae-rin crying holding her kids. He wonders what she is doing here. The women standing around her wonder why bad things keep happening to her. Ae-rin yells at her children that she had warned them not to follow strangers and asks why they did that. Joon Hee says that the man had said their mother was crying. Joon Soo says that they were worried about her. Ae-rin says that its a lie and that she wasn’t crying. Joon Hee says that she sees tears in Ae-rin’s eyes. Ae-rin says that they are not tears and that she got hot from running here. She says that she never cries and tells them not to follow strangers again. The kids nod in acknowledgement.


Kim Bon watches as Ae-rin hugs the kids who apologise to her.

The police officers arrive at the scene and Eun –ha shows them the kidnapper’s photo. Kim Bon catches a glimpse of the photo in the other lady’s phone and asks if he can see it. She gives it to him and he recognises the killer.

Back in his home, Kim Bon pins Mr Moon’s picture next to the killer’s victims on the work board. He wonders why the killer approached his neighbour Ae-rin. He places the picture of the killer along with two kids on the workboard too. He decides to keep an eye on his neighbour.

Ae-rin starts working as a milk-delivery woman and at a Gimbap store. Kim Bon walks into the store and sees her making Gimbap wraps as he places an order.

At the NIS, Ji Yeon reports to Director Shim that Terius went off the grid again. He comments that it has been 3 years since Terius was last spotted. Ji Yeon says that its weird Terius showed up at Moon’s funeral after being off the grid for so long. She says that there is more to Moon’s death. She says she will look into Moon’s death and she asks for resources to track down Terius. The Director says that a lot of people are worked up because of Terius.

In the corridor, Do-woo runs into Kwon who is in a foul mood. He gives her a pick-me-up drink from his bag. She takes it from him and asks him to move away. He gives her another drink and takes this one from her. She takes the other drink and walks away.

Do-woo goes to his office and lifts her fingerprints off the drink bottle. He uses the fingerprints and logs in using Kwong’s profile. He searches for information on Terius.


Along with Terius profile, he finds the profile (the woman from Kim Bon’s past) –

Code Name- Candy.

Name- Choi Yeon Kyeong (Nam Gyu Ri), a Nuclear Physicist from the North.

It also says, “Failed to flee, Candy died”.

The report says that Terius is a suspected spy who escaped from IS3. He wonders how Terius managed to escape from IS3.

Kwon asks Director Shim to approve an operation to bring in Terius. Ji Yeon is also there. Kwong says that he has leaked top secret nuclear technology and she is sure he is the mole. She says he injured his colleagues and escaped during his interrogation.


Ji Yeon asks Kwong if she has evidence that Terius is the mole. Kwon finds it difficult to keep her temper in check as she asks where the USB that Choi Yeon Kyeong had to give them. Ji Yeon says that Choi Yeon Kyeong is dead and no one knows where the USB is. Kwon says that Terius disobeyed orders to withdraw during the secret operation between the North and the South when Candy died. She says that her instincts say that Terius is a mole. Ji Yeon and Kwong argue with each other and the Director intervenes.


Elsewhere (looks like Meta Palace), Kim Bon is dressed as a technician and looks at the machine room inspections records on the computer. He says that he has to install security patches on the system because of a new virus. He asks the guard why is there no record of August 31 (the day Moon was murdered). The guard says that their system went down suddenly that day and there is no data available. Kim Bon realises that someone already erased the data.

Ae-rin checks Jung ll’s car in the basement and finds the tart in it. She opens it sees that it is spoilt. She thinks that it is unlikely of him to buy tart and wonders why had. The kids come running just then along with Eun-ha. Ae-rin says that she has to take driving lessons again so that she can use the car. She thanks Eun-ha for helping out with the kids and she says she will hire a helper as soon as she starts earning. She says that it is difficult to get to the interview stage.


Yong Tae sits in his office looking at Ae-rin’s resume. He learns from one of his men that Ae-rin works from dawn till afternoon and then looks after her kids. Yong Tae wonders why it had to be her of all people. He is told that her husband had a heart condition already so she doesn’t suspect any foul play in his death.

At night, Ae-rin reads to her kids. She suggests going to bed and the kids talk about their father. Joo Hee says that Ae-rin had said Jung ll had gone to heaven and Joon Hee deduces that he will take 3 years to return. Ae-rin’s eyes tear up and Joon Soo asks if her eyes are sweating again. She then starts to read the story, “Three Little Pigs”.

After the kids go to sleep, Ae-rin sits alone crying holding the shirt she had bought for Jung ll.

In the morning, she cleans the house and checks her emails. She receives a phone call informing that she got the job at J International as secretary.


At J international, Ae-rin sits across Yong Tae and eagerly asks why she is being given another chance. He says that it is because he didn’t find anyone else. He throws the contract on the desk and asks if the salary would be enough. Ae-rin gapes at it open-mouthed as she sees the figure “5000” as salary. Yong Tae asks if he should reduce it and she says she will take this pay and work hard. He asks her to start next week and she thanks him profusely before leaving. He waves his hand gesturing her to go away.

At the bakery, Sun-mi says that J International sounds like a shady company and even the high pay is suspicious. Sang Ryeol asks her not to be jealous. Eun-has says that she has found a helper for the kids but doesn’t know how it’ll work out.

Kim Bon watches as the helper is busy on the phone while Ae-rin’s kids play on the slide. Joon Soo comes and asks if he can ride the toy car. The helper asks him not to disturb her and tells him to play in the slide. He is disappointed and goes away. The helper gets another phone call and she tells the kids not to go anywhere as she goes away to take the call.


Kim Bon stops her from leaving and grabs her phone asking her whose instructions she was following. After realising that it’s probably her lover on the other end, he gives the phone back to her. He apologises to her saying that he found her suspicious as she was glued to the phone. The helper gets irritated and asks if Ae-rin had hired him. She asks if he thinks she is abusing the kids.

Ae-rin comes running and the helper tells her off for hiring someone to spy on her. She says that she took on the twins without complaining and is upset at Ae-rin. Ae-rin is taken aback and addresses Kim Bon as “Mr 803”. She asks him what he was doing here. The helper is really angry and she says she can’t work with someone who doesn’t trust her and refuses to take care of the kids anymore. Ae-rin pleads with the helper but the helper asks Ae-rin to tell Mr 803 to watch the kids and walks away.


Ae-rin asks Kim Bon if this was true and he explains what had happened. Ae-rin says it is alright as he meant well and asks him to go on. Ae-rin calls her kids and they come running. Kim Bon tells Ae-rin that if she doesn’t have the time he could help. Ae-rin turns around and she can’t believe her ears as Kim Bon offers to be the sitter. She looks at him speechless as he smiles at her kids.

Episode 4


Kim Bon sits in the messy living room as Ae-rin puts the toys away. She goes to get him a drink. Joon Hee comes over to him and gives the toy “cup and saucer” asking him to drink from it. Joon Soo brings him a jellybean (covered in mud) on a toy plate. Kim Bon takes it from both of them and places it on the table. They stand before him smiling and he realises that he has to drink it. He acts as if he is sipping it and Joon Hee places a heart sticker on Kim Bon’s hand saying its a present. Joon Soo asks Kim Bon if he won’t eat the snack. Kim Bon sees that the snack is dirty and wonders if Joon Soo will be disappointed if he doesn’t eat it. He puts the snack in his mouth and Joon Soo smiles.


Ae-rin comes back with drinks and is shocked to see him swallow the dirty snack. Ae-rin blurts out that its the first time someone ate that.

Ae-rin reprimands the children for taking jellybeans from the floor. She asks if they had taken it from the public toilet or Minseo’s dog house or the sewer and Kim Bon gags hearing this. They say that they found it in the playground and Kim Bon feels much better.

Ae-rin tells Kim Bon that if his stomach hurts and he has to visit the hospital, she will take responsibility. He says he is okay and she hands him a drink. As he drinks it, she says that she will pretend she didn’t hear his offer to be the kids’ sitter. She says she doesn’t know him and doesn’t understand why he is willing to do it all of a sudden. Kim Bon asks if she will pay him. He says he needs the money. When she hesitates, he asks her to allow him to work temporarily till she finds a replacement. Ae-rin agrees to this.


Back in his apartment, Kim Bon thinks that he has successfully managed to approach the woman in 804. From the time he spent in Ae-rin’s house, he had gathered certain pieces of information. He had found out that Jung ll had worked for Saegi Publication Company and that the house is very messy.

Elsewhere, the killer listens in on conversations in all the apartments. Each apartment has a heart-shaped sticker stuck on one of the objects that the kids have. The stickers are similar to the one Do Woo had earlier and work as a listening device.


The killer remembers giving the stickers to Joon See and had asked her to put it on herself and her mother when they go back home. Joon Hee had actually distributed the stickers to all the children in her school bus. The Killer tries switching the frequency and he stops when he hears a song playing in one of the houses.


In Kim Bon’s apartment, the song plays and the heart sticker is stuck on the desk next to the yoghurt bottle and candy that Ae-rin had given him. Kim Bon stares out of the window with a pensive look on his face.

3 Years Ago- Poland

Choi Yeon Kyeong (Candy) stands on the balcony of a high raised building and the same song plays in the background. The killer uses a listening device and listens to the song playing in her room.

At present, the Killer listens to the same song (it looks like he recognises the tune from 3 years ago).


Ae-rin reports for work at J International. She stands in Yong Tae’s office as he mentions that his company imports bags. She says that she has read up a lot about bags and he says that it is useless. He says that the previous secretary quit, so he is showing her the ropes. He takes her near the window and points out to a cafe called 92 degrees. He says that every morning she has to buy a cup of drip coffee from there for him. he also asks her to change the centrepiece every 3 days as beauty is very important to him. he then goes and sits down in his chair. He says that she has to ask him at 12 o’clock every day as to what he wants to eat for lunch and make a reservation at a restaurant so that he can eat sharp at 12 o’clock. He says his life depends on his lunch.

Yong Tae says that she will have to run errands every now and then Ae rin tells him that though she is a housewife she is capable of more work and that she learns fast. She says she knows MS word, powerpoint and advanced level of excel. Yong Tae says that he will do the company’s work and tells her to just do what he asks. She nods in agreement. He shows her a locked door behind him and tells her not to enter it. He tells her to get started for the day and she rushes to buy coffee. She loses her footing on the way out but gets a grip and leaves. Yong Tae watches her with a look of disbelief on his face.

Kim Bon is doing his daily push-ups as he hears the doorbell ring. He takes out his gun and looks through the peephole to find Sang Ryeol, Eun Ha and Sun-mi standing there. He opens the door and they ask him if he is the new sitter.


They take him to KIS (Kingscastle Information Systems) and start interviewing him. They say that they need to check whom Ae-rin hires and Kim Bon agrees. He says he is unsure when they ask him his age. When they ask about his education and employment he says he won’t comment on that. Sun-mi grows suspicious of him while Eun ha thinks he didn’t complete his schooling and Sang Ryeol decides he is unemployed. Sang Ryeol asks him where he was stationed during military service and says he was in Special Forces. Kim Bon gets suspicious of Sang Ryeol and says that he was exempted from military service. Eun ha then asks him a child raising terminology question. She asks what does it mean when you say, “would it be too hard to have them do taeart at the cult cent after Eng Day”. seeing he is clueless, they ask him to leave. He asks them what the meaning is and Sang Ryeol says, “Would it be too hard for them to learn Taekwondo and arts at the cultural centre after English daycare.”

At J international, Yong Tae asks if they should have a welcome party as its Ae-rin’s first day at work. She asks if its the two of them and he asks if she wants him to party by himself. When she hesitates he asks her if she can’t come because her children are at home. She thinks that he will complain about her having kids, so she agrees to go.


Meanwhile, Kim Bon waits along with the other parents for the school bus to arrive. The mothers stand behind him whispering to each other that he looks like Hyun Bin or So Ji Sub. One of the women introduces herself as Min Joon’s mother and tries to flirt with him while offering him a drink. Sun-mi interrupts her but gets pushed away.

Just then the bus arrives and all the children get down one by one. They run into their parents embrace. Kim Bon stands still as Joon Hee and Joon Soo come towards him. They ask if he is really came and he smiles.


Sang Ryeol, Eun Ha and Sun-mi watch Kim Bon overseeing the twins as they play in the slide. Sun-mi is smitten by him and comments that he looks like a model. Joon Soo comes down the slide face down and Kim Bon keeps asking him to slide properly. Then he starts to slide with the kids on his lap. He ends up getting tired after doing it umpteen number of times and finally, Sang Ryeol comes over and distracts the kids by asking them to go have snacks.

Back in their house, Kim Bon serves the snacks to the kids that Ae-rin had left for them. She has also made the same for Kim Bon too and a note apologising that she didn’t have time to make something else for him. The snacks are colourful and cut in various shapes. He starts to eat along with the children. He takes the lollypop and puts it in his pocket when the kids aren’t looking.


Kim Bon receives a call from Ae-rin. Ae-rin tells him that she will be getting off late from work today. She asks if he will stay with the kids a while longer until she is back and says that she will pay for his overtime. He asks her to take her time.


34Ae-rin and Yong Tae are having dinner at a restaurant. She tries to talk about work but he asks her to stop talking about work after answering one question. She says that she feels she is overpaid for the work she is doing. He asks her if he is handsome. She slowly says that he is. He says that if she wants work then she can admire his face as he a handsome man who is hard to come across.

Ae-rin is uneasy as she thinks he is a pervert. He asks her what her husband does. Ae-rin thinks Yong Tae will make a move on her if she says that her husband passed away. She says that her husband is on leave. Yong Tae wonders why she is lying to him. She says that her husband is at home caring for the twins. She wonders why Yong Tae is staring at her as she continues to eat.


At the NIS, Do Woo walks up to Ji Yeon and gives her a drink. He asks her about Terius and she says it is none of his business. He says he already found out and she is shocked at his skills. He says he wants to know her subjective perspective.

We see Kim Bon playing video games with the kids as Ji Yeon’s voiceover narrates, “Terius was a legendary black agent. Wiretapping, tailing, infiltration, secret rendezvous, escaping, shooting and bombing. He was the best in every field.”

Kim Bon folds clothes as the voiceover continues, “he even mastered systema, a hand-to-hand combat technique used by Spetsnaz.”

Kim Bon sits as Joon Hee does his hair and Do Woo’s voiceover asks how Terius had managed to evade NIS till now and Ji Yeon says that he is a master of disguise. She adds that he is a master of hidden identities.

Kim Bong pretend plays with Joon Soo.

Ji Yeon says that Terius was the best at gathering sources so he joined operation Candy. Do Woo mentions that it was the operation involving Nuclear physicist Choi Yeon Kyeong.

Meanwhile, Kim Bon asks the kids to brush their teeth. They say that they won’t since they already did the day before. He tells them that they will have a competition and the winner need not brush their teeth. He says that whoever completes 10 push-ups first, needn’t brush their teeth. Joon Soo wins and Joon Hee ends up brushing her teeth. Kim Bon brings Joon Hee back to the bedroom and smiles as he sees Joon Soo fast asleep. Joon Hee says that she is sleepy too. He tucks both the kids into bed.

At the NIS, Do Woo asks if Terius and Candy were in love and Ji Yeon confirms it. Do Woo says that it is forbidden for an agent to date an informant. Ji Yeon asks if he has ever seen love back off if it is forbidden.


Ae-rin comes home at 9.30 pm and thanks Kim Bon for staying late. She looks at him wide-eyed when he says that the kids are asleep. He says that they must be tired and she guesses that he must have played with them all day. He says goodbye and starts to leave. She stops him and asks him if he could continue to watch her kids permanently. Kim Bon agrees and Ae-rin smiles. She steps forward and extends her hand towards him saying that her name is Go Ae-rin. He takes her hand and says that his name is Kim Bon.

Yong Tae goes for his morning jog. He sits down on a bench and the killer is seated on the other bench. Yong Tae says that there is no problem from Jung ll’s end. He asks if the killer had checked the departure message. The killer says he did. Yong Tae asks him to call when ready and they can go collect the gear.

At the apartment, a girl tells Eun ha that she has lost her bicycle that she had left in the side of the parking lot. Eun Ha asks when was the last time she rode the bike and the girl says it was on the Friday of last month. Eun ha sees that it was the 31st of August.

Eun Ha goes over to the security and asks to see the footage. As she sees the footage of 31st August, she notices Jung ll walking tensely through the corridor. She is shocked as she sees him.

Ae-rin is cleaning the house as she gets a phone call from Eun-ha. Ae-rin gets serious and asks her what the matter is.


Ae-rin, Eun-ha, Sun-mi, Sang Ryeol and Kim Bon gather in the security room watching the footage. They find something off about the way Jung ll was walking as if he was running from someone. They see a man in a black outfit following Jung ll. Sun-mi asks if Jung ll was actually killed. Ae-rin is appalled by the possibility.

Meanwhile, the killer is packing his things and he stops as he overhears the conversation taking place in the security room.

In the security room, a heart sticker is stuck on the calendar and it transmits the audio to the killer. Kim Bon wears a grim look as he watches the black figure walking towards the lobby with his back to the surveillance camera.


Image Courtesy- MBC


It is hilarious how Kim Bon is suspicious of everyone around him and even a normal question sets his mind thinking. The scenes where he interacts with the twins are adorable and delightful to watch.

The scenes with Ae-rin and Yong Tae are well made, as they are funny and thrilling at the same time. I enjoy their exchanges every time they meet.

Considering the fact that Do Woo was testing out the heart stickers, which were recently devised in the NIS, I wonder who passed it on to the killer.

The KingCastle Information Systems’ smooth functioning is astounding. The scene where they tracked down the kids at the speed of light was hilarious and at the same time extremely impressive. It was funny how the killer who has gotten away with killing so many important people had no option but to run away when faced by the KIS.

Eun-ha comes across as a formidable woman who is always looking out for Ae-rin and the others. As of now, she seems to be more efficient than the NIS agents.

Now that we know what Terius is capable of, I’m eager to see him in action in the upcoming episodes. This series has gotten off to an interesting start and I hope it continues to keep the pace throughout its run.

-By Soul Sword-

Terius Behind Me Episode 5 – 6 Recap

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