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Mr Sunshine Episode 22 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 22 Recap

Dong mae tells his deputy that he is going to Japan. He asks them all to take what they want and leave if he isn’t back in a month. The deputy asks if he is abandoning them for some woman. Dong mae menacingly asks if she is just ‘some woman’ to him. The deputy kneels in front of Dong mae and offers to go along. He says Dong mae would die if he goes to Japan now.


Dong mae yells that this is why he had abandoned everyone. He says he can try a hundred times but all paths lead to this one. He says he must go to Japan and starts to walk. Hotaru blocks his way and cries shaking her head asking him not to go. Dong mae walks out and his deputy calls after him as Hotaru cries.

In Japan, Eugene and Ae-shin run to the American legation with the Japanese swordsmen chasing after them. Eugene shoots one of the glass windows and the American soldiers rush out. Eugene and Ae-shin get down on their knees and hold their hands up. Eugene identifies himself to the soldiers and says that Major Kyle can prove his identity. The soldier sends word to Kyle immediately.


The American soldier asks Eugene who those men following them are. Eugene remains silent as one of the swordsmen stabs an American Soldier. The other American soldier immediately orders the Americans to fire at the swordsmen. They start shooting down the swordsmen. The rest of the swordsmen stop and decide to retreat. They take their wounded men and walk away.

Kyle comes out and calls out Eugene’s name and Eugene is relieved.

Eugene and Ae-shin are shown into a cell at the American Legation.


The American Minister in Japan asks if the US Marine was insane as he shot at the legation. Kyle explains that he was asking for protection. The other soldier says that they are currently in custody. The minister asks if the lady is really his wife and Kyle says that he had congratulated them at their wedding. The minister asks them to release Ae-shin as she is a Joseon woman. Kyle says that it’s their duty to protect her as she is the wife of a U.S Marine. The minister asks them to release them both.

The minister says that Eugene has gotten into a big mess. He says that these men are feared even in China. He tells Kyle not to interfere in diplomatic matters in the future. Kyle sternly asks if he lost an arm for a country which won’t save a lady because they are scared of Japan. The minister says he is getting a headache and says they will discuss this tomorrow. Kyle is extremely serious and says that this is a moment of prayer.

Eugene and Ae-shin sit in the cell and Ae-shin says that it is okay to resent her. She apologises to him and says that it is all her fault. Eugene says that they should leave it all in the past and says now is not the time to resent anyone. He says that they should get some sleep as he doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow. Ae-shin asks him how he can be so calm. Eugene says he is not calm and his heart is racing now. He says he didn’t know she would sit this close to him. Ae-shin gives a slight smile and says that he is making such a long detour because he met her.


Eugene says that she didn’t ask him to stay despite knowing that. He asks her to lean on him and says that it will help. Ae-shin leans on him closing her eyes and asks him to stay with her until morning. He says he won’t move an inch and she smiles. Eugene looks at the ring on his finger and then looks at Ae-shin sleeping.

Dong mae is on a ship heading to Japan.

In the flashback, we see Dong mae holding a sword at a man’s neck (the Righteous Army man who shot Dong mae). Dong mae says that he had spared the man’s life because he had seen others with him. He says he had seen Lady Ae-shin too. He says that he will save Ae-shin now like how he had saved the man once. Dong mae says that it will be difficult without the help of the Japanese and asks the man where Ae-shin is.


At the boss’ residence, The Musin Society swordsmen report to the boss that Ae-shin had a man helping her and that man had fired at the legation. The boss orders them to stand guard outside the legation as the American Legation won’t protect Joseon people.

In the morning, Eugene is still awake and Ae-shin is asleep. Ae-shin suddenly wakes up with a start and stands up. Eugene smiles and says, “Good morning”. Ae-shin says that she must have been out of her mind to sleep soundly like this in the current situation. He says he is glad that she slept well.


He comes near her and says that he will get her out of here safely. She asks if she should go by herself and he says that he should return to his homeland. He says that they don’t have much time left and they should say goodbye here. He says that this time he will bid her farewell. He steps forward and hugs her. Ae-shin cries as she stands in his embrace.

Ae-shin’s voiceover narrates, “The sun went down and we parted ways.” We see a montage of Ae-shin in America saying goodbye to Eugene outside the New York music store.



In the present, Ae-shin holds on to Eugene and cries hard. Eugene holds her face and she doesn’t look at him but continues to cry. She asks not to say ‘goodbye’ and says that ‘See you’ would be better. Eugene says, “See you… See you again.” He wipes away her tears and they both gaze into each other’s eyes. Eugene comes closer but they are interrupted by the sound of the cell door opening.

Eugene says that he will be leaving first and asks her not to worry as he will be watching out for her always. He asks if he can trust her to be okay on her own after that. Ae-shin nods and Eugene leaves. Ae-shin sobs after he leaves.

Eugene is escorted in handcuffs into an open jeep. He looks at the Japanese swordsmen waiting outside the Legation. They give him a menacing stare.


Kyle sits in a cart carrying a coffin of an American soldier. As Eugene leaves, Kyle’s cart goes in the other direction. The swordsmen start following the cart.

They stop the cart on the way to the cemetery. Kyle gets down and asks what they want. They say they have to open the coffin. A man checks the coffin and finds the dead soldier in it. Kyle is furious and hits the Japanese man for violating the honour of a dead US soldier.


Kyle remembers the conversation he had with Eugene earlier when he was being escorted out. Eugene had asked Kyle to make sure the dead corporal is taken the same time as him and Kyle had agreed to bring the carriage. At present Kyle watches a ferry leave and says, “Good Luck Eugene.”

Ko meets Ae-shin (looks like she was released after Kyle lured all the Japanese swordsmen away from the legation) elsewhere and tells her that Kyle had asked him to wait for her here. He says that she cant return to Joseon as Japanese Swordsman are guarding the harbour. Ae-shin asks him to send a telegram to Joseon.

In Joseon, Hayashi stands with the army at Jemulpo harbour and discusses that Ito likes white celadon (pottery). Deok mun says that Lord Go owned the precious ones and Wan-ik had taken them after destroying Lord Go’s house. He says that he has them in his residence now.



Hayashi comments that it must be true that Takashi is dead as he hasn’t escorted Ito. They welcome Ito Hirobumi who comments that Joseon has become decent. Ito says that the King of Joseon should be grateful to the Empire of Japan.


At the King’s court, Ito Hirobumi says he respects the king’s wise decision of allowing the garrison army headquarters at the government office. He says Japan is able to bridge Korea with the other powerful countries in the west. The king asks special counsellor Lee Wan-Yong to be of good assistance to special emissary Ito and he agrees. [Special counsellor Lee Wan-yong – one of the 5 traitors of 1905].

Hui Seung receives the telegram from Japan that reads, “I wish to see you there on that day at that time.” Hui Seung sees that the telegram has been sent by Ko Yoshino and says he doesn’t know anyone by that name.


Hina looks at the 8-ball in her hand. Hui Seung comes into the Billiards room saying he hasn’t seen Hina play. She asks him what does, “my ball is hidden behind 8-ball” mean. Hui Seung says it means that one is in danger. Hui Seung asks her if she had received a telegram from Japan by Ko. Hina reads Hui Seung’s telegram and says that the telegrams must have been switched. She says that both the messages are a call for rescue.

Hina sends a message to the King that Ae-shin is grounded in Japan.

The king announces that he wishes to send an official delegation to Japan in gratitude to the arrival of Ito Hirobumi. He asks a team to be put together. the King picks up the phone and asks if she (Hina) heard it. He says that is the rescue plan and tells Hina to find a way to inform Ae-shin.


He orders her to see to it that Ae-shin is brought back safely and Hina agrees. She says that there is already a man in Japan and she says that she knows a man who can reach him. she looks at Hui Seung.


Dong mae reaches Shimonoseki Harbour in Japan. As he walks into the city, a woman comes and holds him. Dong mae asks her to find another man but the woman says that Hui Seung asked her to find Dong mae. The woman is actually Hui Seung’s lover in Japan.

Meanwhile, Ae-shin is her male outfit and arms herself with bullets. She folds the marriage certificate and puts it in her vest. She removes the shoelace and threads the ring onto it and wears it on her neck. Ae-shin starts to leave taking her rifle when she hears the Japanese swordsmen breaking things downstairs.


The men hear a shot as one of their men come rolling down the stairs. Ae-shin runs down and shoots down some of the swordsmen but she is cornered and ducks behind the furniture. They stop suddenly and she gets up to shoot them and spots Dong mae fighting them.


Dong mae gets stabbed while he fights and Ae-shin shoots down one man. she watches as he kills almost all the swordsmen. One of the swordsmen strikes Dong mae’s hand before Dong mae kills him.

Dong mae brings Ae-shin and Ko to Hui Seung’s residence in Tokyo. He says it is safe to be here. Ko says that he is Japanese and says that he has to go back to his family. He asks her to tell Eun-san that he is living well here. Ae-shin thanks Ko and Ko asks Dong mae to keep Ae-shin safe before leaving.

Dong mae comments that Ko is talking like they are friends though they haven’t met before. He wonders if he should have asked Ko where his hometown is. Dong mae tells Ae—shin that Hina planned the whole thing and Hui Seung allowed them to use the residence here. He says that the King has sent an official delegation and soon the someone with the emperor’s order will come and take her from here. He tells her to follow the person and join the delegation and return to Joseon.

Ae-shin asks if Dong mae will join them and Dong mae smiles wryly asking if he should join as a court lady. He asks her not to worry about him as he has lived longer in Japan than Joseon. he says he can take care of himself. She says that even Dong mae had come all the way here to rescue her. She thanks him.

She notices the blood on his arm and takes his hand. He tries to pull away but she pulls his sleeve up and sees the gash in his hand. She tears up a blanket and dresses the wound to stop the bleeding. She then tells him that she will come in person in 3 months to pay him. Dong mae says that she saves him like this every time. he asks her to get some rest and walks out.


Dong mae sits outside the house and clutches his sword tightly.

The Korean delegation arrives in Japan.

Ae-shin reads Heo Nanseolheon’s poem- “Strolling in the mountains in a dream”

“Twenty Seven red hibiscus flowers fall off

And land on cold moon-lit frost.”

Ae shin says that Hui Seung was right and that even words have power. A woman walks in and Ae-shin points the rifle at her. The lady says that the King had sent her.


In the street, Dong mae spots Ae-shin dressed as a court lady and standing amidst the Koran delegation. Dong mae walks away stealthily.



Back in America, Eugene is escorted through the corridors of the Naval Academy in handcuffs. He goes in for a disciplinary hearing at the court of Military Commission. Eugene admits that his actions were reckless. He says he had no choice because he was being chased by Japanese samurais. When asked why he was being chased, he says that the woman he was with was protecting her country, Joseon.  The judge asks if he has any last words and Eugene thanks the American Legation in Japan for providing protection to Ae-shin and him. The Judge says that Eugene’s actions are treason, however, Major Kyle’s report (immediate superior) shows that there are mitigating circumstances. He reads the ruling.


In Japan, Dong mae walks on the beach and is surrounded by a group of swordsmen from the Musin Society. Dong mae unsheathes his sword to fight them.

In America, the court sentences Eugene to 3 years in prison and a dishonourable discharge.



In Japan, its late evening and Dong mae has managed to kill all the men but is badly injured. As he is kneeling on the beach, the Musin Society’s head comes with his men. He tells Dong mae that Dong mae now has something that he treasures more than himself when he never even got to live his life. The boss’ men draw out their swords and Dong mae gets up. The boss heads towards him and slashes Dong mae who falls into the sea. His sword drifts away from him as he sinks into the water.


In America, Eugene is shown into his prison cell and Eugene sits down on the cot.


At Glory Hotel, Hina says Hui Seung has received a gift from Japan. The package is from Eugene. Hui Seung opens it and it looks like a camera. Hina says that an unidentified man assassinated Takashi.  She says that it was probably Eugene. Hui Seung says that Eugene’s muzzle is always pointed in the right direction. She says that he might have fallen in deep sorrow. Hui Seung takes the camera in his hand and says that Eugene would have rooted for him amidst his sorrow.


At the Judo training centre, (It looks like a month has passed) Dong mae’s men decide to leave Hanseong as Dong mae hasn’t returned yet.

At the King’s palace, Ae-shin stands before the King in court lady clothes. He thanks Ae-shin for returning safely. She apologises for causing him concerns. The King says that Song Yeong has reached Shanghai safely. He says that Seung gu had suggested this particular gift for Ae-shin.

The court ladies open one of the trunks containing gifts from Japan and the Russian bolt action rifle is hidden underneath the clothes. Ae-shin is surprised to see this and looks at Seung gu who doesn’t react. The King says that he heard she liked this rifle. He asks her if she likes the gift. She says that she is obliged. He says that as a king who has lost his wife, son and even his country, he requests her to focus solely on survival.

At the bakery, Hina meets with Ae-shin (male disguise). Ae-shin says that Hina helped her through the King this time and thanks her. She asks Hina to thank Hui Seung in her behalf too. Hina says that Ae-shin needn’t thank her. She says Ae-shin lost her parents and Hina lost her father so they can call it even. Ae-shin doesn’t understand and Hina reveals that she is Lee Wan-ik’s daughter.


Ae-shin remembers Hina telling her once that her father had married her off for money. She had also said she was in Wan-ik’s house to protect herself.

Hina also says that Wan-ik had killed Ae-shin’s parents. Ae-shin is shocked to hear this. Ae-shin says that she and Hina couldn’t have been allies from the start. Hina says that someone is waiting for Ae-shin at the foreigner’s cemetery. Hina says that she isn’t indebted to Ae-shin after this.


Ae-shin goes to the cemetery and finds Haman and Mr Haengrang there. Haman comes running to Ae-shin and hugs her. Mr Haengrang says that Lady Cho and Ae-sun arrived safely in Manchuria. He says Haman and him came back for her. Haman says that Ae-shin has lost a lot of weight without her care. She says Ae-shin can’t do anything alone except for painting. Mr Haengrang smiles with joy as he sees Haman hug Ae-shin.


Elsewhere, Hui Seung’s mother is discussing matches for Hui Seung with other women. Just then, a young seamstress comes and says she has completed her work and leaves. Hui Seung’s mother is told that the girl is from a family that belonged to nobility. They say that the girl supports two younger siblings and works as a seamstress.


The seamstress goes to Choon-sik and II-sik at their shop and says that she wants to get married. They are surprised at this demand and ask her to hire a matchmaker. She says that they are costly. She points at Hui Seung and says that she wants to marry him. Hui Seung looks up from his work and says that he is used to this as he is handsome. He says he understands her but he doesn’t wish to get married. The girl says that Hui Seung’s mother is looking out for girls to get him married. He says that he never asked her to.

She pleads with Hui Seung to marry him. She says that her brother will be expelled from the military academy soon because his guarantor left the country. She says that she desperately needs to marry him. Hui Seung is annoyed that she doesn’t want to marry him because she is smitten by him but due to other circumstances.

ll-Sik and Choon-sik ask her if Eugene was the guarantor and she confirms it. She says she is Jun-Yeong’s sister. They ask her to sit for a moment and they will get the document ready. Hui Sueng asks what they are doing and they say that its the guarantor document. Hui Seung says he never agreed to sign it and Choon-Sik says they will forge his signature.


Hui Seung walks over to the girl and asks how she is embroidering calmly under this situation. She says that the flower sign by the board is all wilted. She embroiders the flower in a cloth and gives it to Hui Seung. Hui Seung takes it from her and she smiles at him.

At the Hotel’s yard, Hina practises fencing and she recollects her informer saying that the Japanese swordsmen have vacated Jingogae. She remembers asking Dong mae why he was speaking as if he was going to die. Dong mae had said that he was a bad man and bad men die soon so that the good can live longer.

At present, Hina hears the sound of loud footsteps. She walks forward to see the Japanese army. The captain says that the Japanese Army will stay at her hotel and they ask her to clear out the 2nd floor for them. He says that she can accept other guests during their stay. He asks for her cooperation as a Japanese citizen.


The Korean flag is removed and the Japanese flag is put up at the Hotel as Hina watches. Hina looks at this and comments that even this got taken from her and wonders if she should bite. She wonders if she should take part in winning Joseon’s Independence.


Ae-shin sits on the hilltop of the shooting range with her rifle. She is dressed in clothes that she wears during her shooting lessons. She clutches the ring that hangs from her neck tightly.


Japanese flags are up everywhere in Jingogae. A boy runs distributing special edition newspapers. The baker is horrified as he reads that there is a ticketed exhibit holding a Joseon man and woman locked in a cage at the Japanese exposition. The Asahi Shimbu published a review describing them as hideous animals from Joseon.

Throughout Joseon, the Japanese soldiers mistreat the Joseon people.

At the palace, the King is told that though everyone says that Korea was forced to sign the treaty, they are still an independent nation who has handed over diplomatic matters to Japan for the time being. The minister of Justice Jung-Eung, Minister of Defence Lee Byeong-Mu, Minister of Farming Song Byeong-Jun and Lee Wan Yong are present in the court (4 of the 7 traitors of 1907).

They say that Resident-General Ito is enraged by the fact that King Gojong had sent secret emissaries to Hague. They suggest that the king take his own life if he is concerned for his people. The king is disheartened as he asks if all the ministers think the same way. They collectively say that the King is solely responsible for putting Joseon in jeopardy.

Elsewhere, Hui Seung reads a pro-Japanese newspaper, which says that King Gojong must go to Tokyo in person and apologize to the Emperor in Japan. If he doesn’t do that, Joseon should surrender to Japan. It also says that the King should beg major Hasegawa on his knees. Hui Seung doesn’t finish reading and crumples the paper cursing them. A woman comes running and tells him the members of lljinhoe are surrounding the palace. Hui Seung says that they are trying to dethrone the King.

The crumpled newspaper lying on the floor is Gukmin Shinbo, published by the pro-Japanese organisation, Iljinhoe.

At the palace, they ask the King to pass the throne to the crown prince. They urge him to step down. The King yells at them and asks them if they are willing to serve the Emperor of Japan. Lee steps forward saying the times have changed and points the gun at the King. Seung-gu steps in between and points his rifle at Lee. Seung-gu asks the King to order him to kill Lee.


More Japanese soldiers pour into the palace pointing their guns at the King. The King orders them to drop their weapons despite Seung-gu objecting. The King says that he will step down from the throne. The Japanese order Seung-gu to be tied up. The King says in a thunderous voice that they dare not touch Seung-gu. He says that he has given them the throne but he will not let them have Seung-gu.


Eugene walks to the New York Music Store. He is wearing the ring and looks at a music box.

He goes to the church and gives the father, Joseph’s Bible.Eugene sits in the church as his voiceover narrates, “Dear Lord, Father of Joseph. Do you hear the prayers of those who do not pray.”

Eugene sits by the fountain as the musicians play the music box tune. He visualises Ae-shin (in her western attire) standing by the fountain and blushing as she sees him. He smiles at first and then his smile fades away as he sees she isn’t there.


Eugene’s voiceover narrates, “Were you there for each and every step I took. The reason you cause such tumult in my life, is there a reason?”

Eugene stands and sees the liberty statue in the distance. A man approaches him and asks him the way to Columbia University. Eugene asks if the man is from Joseon. The man says he is and says that it is nice to see a fellow countryman in a foreign country. Eugene says that he is also heading in that direction towards the university and asks him to come with him.


As they walk towards the university, Eugene asks about the situation in Joseon. The man says that Japan has won the Russo-Japanese war. He says that Korea was forced to sign the Korea-Japanese treaty in 1905 and that they lost sovereignty. He says the Residency-General was set up and Japan now controls Joseon. He says that America was the first to join forces with Joseon but they were the first to leave as well. He says that the American legation has been shut down too. Eugene then shows him the way to the university.

The man asks Eugene for his name and Eugene says that his name is Choi Yu-Jin. The man says that his name is Ahn Chang Ho. Eugene says that Joseon won’t give in that easily. He says there are those who fight for it – The Righteous Army. Ahn Chang Ho says that he is one of them.


At night, the Manhattan train is at the station and Eugene walks alongside it as his voiceover narrates, “Dear Lord, Father of Joseph, I’ll devote the rest of my life to this cause. For each and every step that I took, I clung to a vain hope. Just keep me alive. As long as I am alive, I will go like the wind.”

In Joseon, as the night falls, the Righteous Army bomb the Gukmin Shinbosa office (Pro-Japanese newspaper). Ae-shin provides cover for her comrades from the rooftop as the police try to pursue them. They hear another explosion. A man brings news that Lee wan Yong’s (traitor) house has exploded.


The next day, Hui Seung sees the sketches of wanted criminals and Ae-shin’s masked face is among the sketches. Jun Yeong’s sister stands next to him and addresses him as Mr Kim. He asks her to call him ‘elder brother’. She doesn’t oblige. She looks at the sketch and asks if this is the woman. Hui Seung says that there is no woman but they are just righteous people.


She places her hand on Hui Seung’s chest and says that a woman is there in his heart. Hui Seung remembers saying the same thing to Ae-shin. Hui Seung comments that this is how Ae-shin would have felt when he had said he knew there was another man in her heart. He says she would have felt pity. He removes the girl’s hand and walks away.

All the cadets run down the street suddenly. Jun Yeong comes running and tells his sister that the King has been dethroned and they are all heading to the palace.


Joseon goes into mourning because of the King’s dethroning. Hina watches the people mourn and cry.

The realtor brings Hina to Dong-mae’s old house. He says that it has been vacant for 3 years and no one has bought it as it was Don mae’s. Hina says she will buy it and the man asks her to look around as he will bring her the documents.


Hina sees Dong mae’s robe on the chair. She runs her hand over his robe and remembers asking him not to die before she does. He had worn the same robe that day too. She had said that she will be a person worse than him and asks him not to die before her. Hina’s eyes well up as she holds the robe.


At an opium den in Manchuria, many men are sleeping. One of the men holds a coin in his hand. It is Dong mae and clutches Ae-shin’s coin tightly in his hand.


Eugene visits Kyle at the American Legation in Japan. Kyle is happy to see him and gives him a hug. Inside Kyle’s office, they talk over drinks. Eugene says that it is late but he thanks Kyle for helping Ae-shin and him. Kyle says that it’s the fourth sentence. Best one yet.

Kyle asks Eugene why he is here and Eugene says that he is going on another picnic to Joseon and he will be a real Outlander this time. Kyle asks if Joseon is Eugene’s real homeland. Eugene says that his homeland is America even without a uniform. He says he is again leaving his country but not running away this time. He says he is moving forward. Kyle asks Eugene to promise him that he will come back. Eugene promises to come back.


As they continue to drink, Eugene asks Kyle why he wanted to be his friend. He says that Kyle even fought with other Americans for Eugene. Kyle says that it was because Eugene is a good soldier and the others were idiots. He says he believes in God. Eugene is teary-eyed as he says, “Thank you, Kyle… The boss, my friend, my honour. May God be with you always.” They clink their bottles and Kyle wishes Eugene good luck. He says he had said this before but Eugene hadn’t listened. Both of them smile and then get serious.

In Joseon, Ito expresses his concern over Lee’s house being destroyed. Lee bows to him as Ito talks. The interpreter translates for him. Ito says that Joseon people retaliate because they are ignorant and says that they should be nipped in the bud. Ito says he wants the new emperor to disband the military. Lee immediately agrees.


Morning of August 1, 1907

At the training camp, the Defence minister Lee Byeong Mu is present with the Japanese soldiers as they read out the order to disband the military. The Japanese soldiers surround the Korean soldiers. The defence minister tells the Korean soldiers that they no longer are soldiers. They hand out a meagre sum to the Korean soldiers and disband the military. A Japanese man orders the soldiers to shoot anyone who disobeys. The Koreans huddle up in the centre as the Japanese soldiers train their guns on them.


The city patrol officers are stripped of their badges as well.

Park Seung-Hwan, the 1st battalion commander, is informed about the military disbandment. He says that if he fails to protect his country as a soldier and if he fails to be loyal to the king then even 10000 deaths won’t be enough to atone for his sins. After saying so, he shoots himself in the head.


The gunshot rings out where the soldiers are. Jun Yeong is also present and they learn about their commander’s death.  He remembers Eugene warning them about the military disbandment. Jun Yeong immediately tells everyone not to return their weapons. He curses and vows to kill the Japanese.


A Japanese soldier orders the soldiers to open fire as the Korean soldiers disobeyed a direct order. The Japanese soldiers fire at the Korean soldiers. Most of them are unarmed and they die but some of them manage to get to the firearms storage. They get their hands on the firearms.


At the palace, Seung gu kneels before the King and says that he is here to bid him farewell. He says he will go out and fight. The king orders him not to and says he can’t permit that. He asks Seung gu not to die like others. Seung gu says that his dream was to become a rebel. He says that he can finally become one now.

Outside, Jun Yeong and his friends save a wounded soldier and take cover from the shower of bullets. The Japanese are firing from the high walls with machine guns. He tries to return fire but his bullets have run empty.


Just then, Seung-gu fires at the Japanese killing some of them. He comes and positions himself near Jun Yeong and his friends. Seung-gu says that they don’t have time, as the Japanese will get reinforcements. He says they are better equipped too. He says he will clear a path for them and asks them to run without looking back. Jun Yeong asks if Seung –gu isn’t coming along.

Seung-gu remembers (during the battle of Ghanghwa) asking the same thing to his father who asked him in return him who will guard the place if everyone runs away.


At present, Seung gu asks Jun Yeong who will guard the place if he runs away. He says that he had only come to save more people. He asks them to run away and says that this is the last order from a man who was once an officer. Jun Yeong says he will lead and says that he will watch the rear end. He asks the soldiers to take the wounded and move quickly. Seung-gu asks them to survive and says that by itself is a win for them. They take the wounded soldiers and clear out.

Seung gu runs towards the Japanese soldiers drawing their attention towards him. They shoot him repeatedly. He finally falls to his knees and removes a Bomb from his vest. He tries to move but the soldiers surround him and shoot him again. Seung-gu drops the bomb and falls down.


Seung gu sees the fire burning nearby and remembers lighting a similar fire for the gun during the battle of Ganghwa. Seung gu takes a nearby piece burning wood and slowly crawls toward the dynamite. He lights the dynamite’s fuse and smiles before it explodes.


Jun Yeong and his friends hear the explosion but Jun Yeong asks them not look back and says they have to run.

At the marketplace, the tram comes in and the people see the Japanese soldiers shooting all the Korean soldiers dead. A Korean soldier tries to climb the tram but he is pushed out. The soldier is about to be shot dead when the tailor comes running and tackles the Japanese soldier. The tailor is grounded and about to be killed when a gunshot is heard and the Japanese soldier drops dead. The tailor looks up to see Hina shooting at the Japanese from the tram.


Jun Young and the 2 soldiers who escaped, make it to the hilltop and Ae-shin runs up to them asking what had happened. Haman starts to tend to their injuries. The baker fills in Eun san and Ae-shin with details about the imperial order for military disbandment. He also tells them that Seung-gu lost his life defending them. Eun san and Ae-shin exchange grim expressions.

Back in the city, the soldiers’ families are gathered on the streets crying over the loss of their loved ones. Seung-gu’s body is kept in the side and no one is there to mourn his death.

At the Glory Hotel, Victory celebrations are on. Hina tells the waiter to make sure that all of them drink throughout the night and asks to make sure to keep them well fed too.


Ae-shin runs through the woods in her male disguise as the baker’s voiceover narrates that the Japanese army is having a victory celebration at the Glory Hotel.

Eugene walks among the dead bodies strewn over the place.

Dong mae walks on the street amidst the dead bodies.


Eugene spots Dong mae and is surprised to see him. Eugene says it looks like Dong mae is returning from somewhere far away. Dong mae smiles and says that Eugene too looks like he returned from some far off place. Eugene says that Ae-shin wasn’t with him. Dong mae says that she wasn’t with him either.

They both hear 2 loud gunshots. Hina comes running outside the hotel but a Japanese soldier catches hold of her hair asking what that gunshot meant. The soldier drops dead (shot by Ae-shin). Ae-shin comes to Hina saying she lit the fuse and they must hurry.


Eugene and Dong-mae come running towards the Hotel in time to see Hina and Ae-shin running towards the entrance of the Hotel.



Dong mae and Eugene shield themselves with their hands as The Glory Hotel explodes while Ae-shin and Hina are hurled outwards by the blast. The Glory hotel becomes a burning mass of fire as Dong mae and Eugene watch the scene in dismay.


Image courtesy – TVN


This episode was very impressive and it surpasses the previous ones in terms of action and plot. This episode also saw a time jump of 3 years in which things in Joseon have taken a turn for the worse. Both episodes of this week covered all the characters despite them being in various countries. This way we knew what the characters were upto during the time span and we weren’t kept in the dark.

Both the scenes with Eugene and Ae-shin in the prison cell were moving. This time it was Eugene’s turn to bid farewell and saying goodbye wasn’t as easy as Ae-shin had imagined. Ae-shin saying “See you” is better than “Goodbye” proves that she and Eugene are finally on the same page (in their relationship) now.

The scene with Dong mae and Ae-shin was well made as Ae-shin’s attitude towards him finally changed. She willingly said that she will come and pay him in person giving him a will to live again. The Japanese samurais sure are bloodthirsty and savage. I am glad that Dong-mae made it out alive and even returned to Joseon before the end of the episode.

Hina buying Dong-mae’s house shows that she buys it because of sentimental value. I wonder why she bought Lee Se-hun’s house previously, as it hasn’t served any purpose yet. Hui Seung can always be trusted to lighten up the atmosphere. This time it was his scenes with Jun Yeong’s sister, which were refreshing to watch.

The scene with Eugene thanking Kyle was well made as Kyle deserved each and every word of Eugene’s heartfelt gratitude.

It is great to see the Righteous Army being a constant cause of concern to the Japanese. It’s sad how everyone including the King asks their loved ones to survive and not die.

The scene showing military disbandment was impressive and stirring. Seung-gu felt a sense a Deja-vu as he lit the dynamite’s fuse. He finally became the rebel he wanted to and died a righteous death. He also understood the meaning behind his father’s actions at Ganghwa battle before he died.

Hina and Ae-shin chose the perfect moment to strike in the last scene and it sets the stage for next week. Both the episodes this week were gripping and outstanding. With Dong mae and Eugene back in Joseon, this episode sets the perfect cue for the finale next week which I am eagerly waiting for.

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 23 Recap

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