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Mr Sunshine Episode 23 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 23 Recap

Choon-sik and ll-Sik put up a mourning sign outside their shop. Hina walks up to them and asks for a simple painting of flowers, birds or a landscape. Choon-sik opens their shop to show a collection of paintings by Sin-Yun-Bok and Hong Do which he has copied. She laughs and they ask her for which room the painting is for. She says that it is for a very dark one and wonders if ‘he’ will come to see it.


Hina asks them for explosives and they both get nervous. Il-sik asks her what it is for. She says she is thinking of blowing up the hotel as the Joseon Garrison army is staying on the second floor. II-sik agrees to get it for her.

At the marketplace, during the military disbandment, Hina shoots a Japanese soldier, who was about to kill the tailor. Hui Seung covers the entire incident (Japanese soldiers killing Korean soldiers) by clicking photographs using his camera (which Eugene had sent). The Japanese soldiers spot him and shoot at him. He jumps from the stairs but gets shot in his arm. He manages to escape.


Jun Young’s sister is crying as she searches for her brother among the dead soldiers. Hui Seung watches her as she crawls all over the place and her hands are bloody. He goes over and asks her to go home saying that he will look for Joon Yeong. She refuses but he talks some sense into her by asking her to go to Do- Yeong who is home alone. They hear more gunshots but he gives her the camera and sends her away.

Hui Seung’s clutches his wounded arm and searches for Joon Young among the dead. Hui Seung finds the man who had poured water on him at the restaurant a few years ago. He was a man whom his grandfather hand wronged. Hui Seung heads over and closes the man’s eyes. He sees that the man has a stone clutched in his hand. Hui Seung hears the loud ticking of the pocket watch.


At the Glory Hotel, Hina puts the bracelet that she bought on Su-mi’s hand and says that it makes wishes come true. She says it didn’t work for her probably because she had committed too many sins. Su- mi says that its too valuable but Hina says that Su-mi is more valuable. She asks Su-mi to run away as far as she can and asks her to stay alive. Hina says she has a favour to ask and entrusts Su-mi with an important document. She comments that important documents keep getting delivered by Sumi’s hands. Su-mi says she can do it and Hina nods. Both of them are teary-eyed.


At night, Ae-shin sneaks into Glory Hotel in her disguise. She finds Choon-ik and II-sik already there. As she trains the gun at them, they say she chose the wrong day to rob the place. II-sik is rigging the place with explosives and he says that this place is going to get blown to bits. Choon-sik says he recognises the face from the wanted poster sketch. II-sik asks if she is one of the righteous army. Ae-shin asks who is behind this idea. They are shocked hearing a woman’s voice but II-sik replies, “the people of Joseon”.


At the Glory Hotel’s Restaurant, the Japanese soldiers get drunk and boast about the various ways they killed Joseon people. Hina watches this and hears the calling bell from room 304 (Eugene’s Room).


Hina comes up to Room 304 and finds Ae-shin there. Ae-shin asks what she is up to and Hina says that it is something similar to what Ae-shin is here to do. Ae-shin realises that Hina doesn’t plan to leave. Hina explains it will be suspicious if her body isn’t found among the dead. Ae-shin says that she now knows that though they have different purposes they want the same thing. Ae-shin says she will do Choon-sik and II-sik’s work. She says Hina and she will do this together. Ae-shin says that even if they die today, none of the Japanese soldiers will get out of here alive. Hina comments that Ae-shin had to become her ally.

Outside, Hina gives two of her staff (the rest of the staff has already left) their severance pay and asks them to go far away. She asks them not to look back no matter what they hear. The staff are teary-eyed as they leave.


Inside the Hotel, II-sik nervously holds the fuse in his hand and Choon-sik has the pocket watch in his hand. He says its time. They hear footsteps and II-sik tries to light it in haste but the matches don’t light up. One of the Japanese soldiers finds them and asks them who they are but Ae-shin shoots him down.

Outside, Dong mae and Eugene hear the gunshot and run towards the hotel.

Ae-shin asks them to leave and says she will light the fuse. Both of them run out. The Japanese soldiers rush upstairs. Ae-shin jams the door with the chair and shoots at the fuse, which ignites immediately.

One of the soldiers catches Hina while she is getting out of the hotel and asks her what the gunshot was. Ae-shin shoots him down and tells Hina that they should hurry as she already lit the fuse.

Dong mae and Eugene reach the Hotel in time to see Ae-shin and Hina running towards the Hotel’s entrance. They shield themselves with their hands as the Hotel explodes into flames.


Hui Seung is shocked as he sees the hotel in flames from far away. Some Japanese soldiers who are outside rush towards the hotel.

Eugene and Dong-mae frantically search the place for Ae-shin and Hina. Dong mae spots Hina lying under the debris. Eugene says they should get her to safety first. They lift the debris and Dong mae carries her on his back. He tells Eugene to find Ae-shin and rushes away.



Dong mae runs on the streets but all the people run inside and shut their doors seeing him. Just then, the tailor is closing his shop. He recognises Hina as the one who had saved him and calls Dong mae inside. He says they are closed since the riots. Dong mae goes in just in time as the Japanese soldiers run through the street.


Seung-gu’s body lies alone in the corner of the street. Eun-san walks up to it and puts his hand over Seung-gu’s. He mourns Seung-gu’s death as two members of the Righteous Army look on.

Eugene’s voiceover says, “Dear Lord, Father of Joseph.”

Eugene searches for Ae-shin as the voiceover continues, “I’ll devote the rest of my life to this cause. For each and every step I took, I clung to a vein of hope. Just keep me alive. As long as I’m alive, I will go like the wind.”


Eugene finds Ae-shin unconscious in the corner and he lifts her and carries her out as the Hotel explodes again. The soldiers come closer to the hotel. The rickshaw man sees Eugene and asks him to get in. Eugene asks why he is helping them. The man asks if he should help the Japanese instead. The covered rickshaw pulls away just in time as the soldiers reach the hotel.

As the day breaks, the rickshaw goes through the streets. Eugene notices that Ae-shin is losing a lot of blood and asks the man to head to the pharmacy. The rickshaw puller says that the pharmacy is abandoned and there is no pharmacy.



Just then, a couple of Japanese soldiers stop the rickshaw, asking to check the passengers. Eugene trains his pistol at them through the rickshaw’s curtain. He tells the rickshaw puller to stay still. Before he could shoot them, one of the members from the righteous army shoots the soldiers down. Eugene notices that it is the blacksmith who had dismantled the lost American rifle.

Eugene asks for a resting place and the man offers to take them to the smithy. Eugene asks the rickshaw man to clear the bodies so that it doesn’t attract attention. Eugene asks the blacksmith to stop Ae-shin’s bleeding and says that he will be right back.


Hui Seung stands outside the Glory Hotel as people are trying to extinguish the fire. The soldiers don’t allow him in. he says he is a guest at the hotel. He asks if the owner is alive. The soldiers drag him to the police station as he could be connected to the hotel.

At the station, the colonel says that he had gone for a leak and the hotel exploded at that time. He says that Hina is behind it and wants her found. Chief Jang says that woman’s shoe was found among the debris. Hui Seung listens to the conversation as the man says Hina wouldn’t have gotten far.  They wonder who Hui Seung is.


Hui Seung remembers his conversation with Hina the previous day. They stand outside the hotel and he had seen a lot of alcohol brought into the Hotel. Hina had asked him to stay away from the hotel the next day and take his valuables along with him. Hui Seung asks if he should stay away despite a lot of alcohol being in the hotel. She says that unlike him, she has decided to have ill intentions. Hui Seung looks puzzled as Hina thanks him for being a VIP guest at the Glory Hotel. Hui Seung says it sounds like she is going somewhere far away. She says that is how it is going to be. She says she even bought shoes for the occasion and shows him red heels (shoes) that she is wearing. Hui Seung smiles at her and Hina returns the smile.


At present, Hui Seung looks at the charred red shoe and the colonel says that someone must have saved her. Jang says that Hui Seung is wrongfully accused and he is from one of the richest families in Joseon. He even says Hui Seung is pro-Japanese and Hui Seung gives a wry smile.


The colonel asks Hui Seung what happened to his shoulder. Hui Seung walks over to him and says (in Japanese) that the colonel’s men had shot him. He says that the suit costs more than three times the colonel’s salary. He asks him whom should he talk to for compensation. The man gets annoyed and lets him go.


Dong mae sits inside the tailor’s shop holding Hina in his arms. Hina regains conscious and Dong mae asks if she is okay. She smiles at him and notes that he is back. Dong mae smiles and says that the tailor has gone to get the acupuncturist. He asks her to hang in there and she says that he knows she doesn’t have much time left. She says that her body is a wreck and Dong mae has tears in his eyes as he says that she is still beautiful. She asks him for some opium and asks him to take her to her mother. She says it hurts a lot. Dong mae looks away with tears in his eyes as he agrees and Hina whimpers in pain.


Meanwhile, the hospital is busy treating Joseon victims from the shootings. The nurse goes into the pharmacy to take the supplies. Eugene points a gun at her head and asks for the basic medicines like antibiotics and painkillers. The nurse says she will give him bandages and disinfectants too. She hears someone calling and asks Eugene to wait as she goes out.

The nurse finds Japanese soldiers there. They say they want to admit the Japanese soldiers injured in the explosion. She says that the doctors are on the second floor and the beds are full. The soldier shoots the patients and kills them. The nurse is shocked as he says that the beds are not taken now. He says that if she accepts Joseon patients, he will kill her as well. The soldier looks behind the nurse and asks who the person is.


Eugene stands there and the soldier walks to him asking who he is. He tries to shoot Eugene but Eugene disarms him and shoots the other soldiers. He is about to shoot the last soldier when one of the cadets who was acting dead takes a rifle and kills the soldier. Eugene smiles at the cadet whom he had trained. Eugene puts his pistol in the Japanese soldier’s hand. He takes the cadet’s rifle and places it in one of the dead patient’s hand. Eugene tells the nurse that another scuffle broke out everyone killed each other. The nurse nods in agreement. Eugene helps the cadet up and they both go away.


Later on, Eugene dresses Ae-shin’s wound and she slowly comes around. He asks if she recognises him. Ae-shin looks at him and he says that he knew she would jump into the flame, but he didn’t think she would be standing outside an exploding hotel.

Ae-shin says that it’s the same dream again. Ae-shin heaves due to the painkiller. She asks about Hina and Eugene says that Dong-mae had taken her someplace safe. She says she is glad that Dong-mae came back alive. Eugene asks, “What about me?”


Ae shin says that she has had this dream so many times that she won’t fall for it again. She says Eugene is not in Joseon. Eugene holds her hand and says that it is not a dream. He says he is right here. She says that Seung-gu passed away and asks Eugene not to come back. She says Joseon is like hell. She asks him not to even visit her in her dreams, as it is too painful. She says she wants to stop thinking about him for at least a day. Ae-shin loses consciousness again. Eugene strokes her cheek as tears streak down his face.

The blacksmith says that their comrades will be here soon. He asks Eugene not to worry and leave. Eugene says that he will come with them. He says that they can’t let an outsider know where their base is. Eugene asks him to take the wounded cadet who worked for Seung gu.

Eun san and his men place Ae-shin and the injured cadet in carts that are used to move dead bodies. Eun san sees Eugene watching from the rooftop and both of them nod at each other in acknowledgement. Eugene watches as Eun san walks behind the carts that being wheeled away.


Ae-shin regains consciousness and sees Seung-gu’s limp arm hanging from the cart next to her and she starts crying hard.


Meanwhile, Hui Seung asks Choon-sik and Ii-sik in their shop if they provided the bomb for the hotel’s explosion. They try to act innocent but Hui Seung says that they should hide because Japanese police will open an investigation. Hui Seung asks why they got involved. II-sik says that he couldn’t even eat properly and that is why. They say Hui Seung will have a tough time without them. Hui Seung says, “Don’t worry about me. They won’t be able to get to me because… I’m Kim Hui Seung.” They smile at each other. II-sik says that he trusts Hui Seung and asks him to look after the store. Choon-sik gives him the pocket watch. He takes it and he says that he hopes they stay safe.


Hui Seung brings Joon Yeong’s sister (with Do Yeong) to his home and asks permission for her to stay there. His father hits the roof that he brought home an outsider with a child. Hui Seung tells her that his father isn’t that cold-hearted and asks her to think of this place as her home. Hui Seung tells his parents that the child is the girl’s brother and she is to be his wife.

Everyone is shocked and his father turns away in disbelief. Hui Seung’s mother comes forward and welcomes the girl. She gives Hui Seung a look before taking the girl and her brother away in.

Hui Seung tells his father that he had married a great woman. He asks his father to take care of the girl and the boy.


At the beach, Dong mae piggybacks a pale Hina on the seashore. He asks if she wants to say something to Eugene as he is back. She says she saw him. She asks Dong mae to shake Eugene’s hand in her place and say, “Welcome back.” she says he owes her a handshake. She says that Eugene is no longer in her heart and that she had let him go a long time ago.

Dong mae says that he didn’t know this. She says she knows that he didn’t know and Dong mae is puzzled. Hina says, “I was waiting for someone else in the hotel’s backyard, on the streets, on the streetcar and in his room. I prayed for him to return alive. That he must come back in one piece but Go Ae-shin is the only one he loves and he is crazy about that love. That love has made him crazy.” Dong mae wears a serious look as she continues, “Still, I waited for that man.”

Dong mae stops walking. Hina looks at the beach and says that the place will be very beautiful when it snows. She asks if he also thinks so.

A few years back it was snowing when he had pulled her from the tram and she had fallen into his arms.


Hina starts gasping and leans on his shoulder saying, “When it snows, you have to visit me. I’ll wait for you.” Dong mae replies, “It won’t snow for a long while.” Hina slowly says, “Right, so you should keep living for that long while.” She starts to choke lightly as she says, “Don’t hurry to see me… I won’t be waiting for you there.” Her head slides off Dong mae’s shoulder and her body goes limp.


Dong mae freezes for a moment and he calls her using her Korean name “Yang Hwa”. He tries hard not to cry as he asks, “Yang Hwa, are you asleep?” He starts to cry as he asks, “Did you fall asleep?” Dong mae continues to piggyback her down the beach as he says, “Sleep some more. We are almost there.” Hina’s remaining shoe falls on the beach into the waves as Dong mae walks away.


At his office, Ito Hirobumi is angry as he says that the explosion is a retaliation for the Military Disbandment. Chief Jung (Joseon officer) kneels down and bows to Ito Hirobumi, saying he will definitely catch the culprits. He apologises, as he didn’t expect the disbandment to cause a stir. Ito says that they have to get rid of the rebels who are jeopardising the rapport between Korea and Japan. He is also angered by the fact that Jang hasn’t learnt Japanese yet. Jung immediately says he will learn as soon as possible.

In the streets, Joseon soldiers hide as the Japanese soldiers hunt them down. The Japanese soldiers start shooting the civilians.

At the hospital, a Joseon woman brings her child who got shot in the street. The nurse moves over to one of the Japanese soldiers to ask him to move but the soldier standing guard shoots the boy dead. The mother starts to wail in horror as the nurse freezes in shock. The soldier asks the nurse to do something as his soldiers are in pain. The nurse agrees that she has to do something.

The nurse goes into the pharmacy and gathers all the medical supplies in a bag. She walks out with the bag (probably using the secret way that she had shown Eugene and Seung gu earlier).

At the tailor shop, the head tailor slaps the assistant boy for helping Dong mae and Hina. He asks if the boy is also a part of the righteous army. The boy says that he will be and walks out of the shop.

Meanwhile, the minister of Farming Song Byong Jun (One of the 7 traitors of 1907) travels in the rickshaw trash-talking the Joseon people for starting a fight they can’t win.  He urges the rickshaw man to go faster and the rickshaw man says he will make Song go faster. He pulls the rickshaw near the river and topples it into the river with Song in it. The rickshaw puller walks away from the place.


At the hilltop, Eun san and the others lay Seung gu to rest. An adolescent Seung gu’s words echo Eun San’s ear, “Mister, I will never die like my father.”Eun san smiles sadly.


The rickshaw puller, the tailor boy and the nurse come up the mountain and offer to join their cause. Eun san thanks them for coming. Ii-sik and Choon-sik arrive at the hilltop and join them too.

We see the letter Hina had given Su-mi. Su-mi delivers it to the former King Gojong and he reads it. Hina’s voiceover reads the contents, “I’d like to ask you, your majesty, to look after the girl who has brought this to you. Japan disbanded our army and they will have a party at my Hotel to celebrate it. I am planning to prepare a splendid party that goes beyond their imagination. After the party, they will try to track down the culprit. Please make sure that they don’t accuse an innocent person of the deed by publicly announcing that it was done by a Japanese woman, Hina Kudo. For that reason, I have enclosed my statement written in Japanese. This is how you can repay me for all the coffee on your tab.”


Gojong meets with Ito Hirobumi and shows him the statement. He sternly forbids Ito not to call Joseon people as mob and searching them without consent. Ito agrees to do so.

Dong mae is grief-stricken as he stands in his room. It looks clean as if it has been maintained (by Hina who had bought it).


In a flashback, we see Hina Hanging up the painting she had bought from Choon-sik in Dong mae’s house. As she looks at the painting, Dong mae’s voiceover says the same words he had told her 3 years ago at the beach, “All right, you cry all you want today so you can start afresh with a new dream tomorrow. Forget your life as Lee Yang-Hwa and stop living as Hina Kudo. Carry makeup in your purse instead of a gun. In your room hang a beautiful painting instead of your fencing sword.”


At present, Dong mae looks at the painting on the wall as his voiceover continues, “Meet a good man. Don’t cry and don’t bite.”

In the flashback, Hina’s eyes tear up as she looks at the painting and Dong mae’s voiceover continues, “just dream of living such a normal life.”

At present, Dong mae sits beneath the painting with some opium.


Later at night, Dong mae meets Eugene. He extends his hand to Eugene and says that she had said Eugene had owed her something. Dong mae says that he is here on her behalf. Eugene realises that Hina is dead as he takes Dong mae’s hand. Eugene says that Ae-shin is safe and back with her comrades. Eugene says that she said she is glad Dong mae is back alive. Dong mae says that he should go now as there is an important business he should take care off. He says 15th of the month is coming soon.

As Dong mae starts to leave, Eugene asks if Dong mae takes opium. Dong mae says that Eugene always sees through him. He says that he shouldn’t meet Eugene if he has to keep a secret. Eugene says that he likes seeing Dong-mae. Eugene says he will be staying at Hwawollu and tells Dong mae to ask him if he is in need of anything. He asks if Dong mae will return to take back Hwawollu after he is done with his business. Dong mae smiles and says that Eugene knows everything about him. Dong mae walks away after saying that he will come back for it soon.

Meanwhile, at Jingogae, the baker watches a Japanese man beat up a Joseon man. he says that he misses the old days. He yells as he is startled by something and falls down.

Dong mae stands before the current members of the Musin Society in the Judo Training centre. They are shocked to see that he is still alive. Dong mae sarcastically says he is delighted by the warm welcome and that he is here to take back what is his. Dong mae unsheathes his sword and starts killing the men as they fight him.


Dong-mae’s voiceover narrates, “If heavens help me and the telegram arrives late by poor service, and the poor weather delays the ship.” Dong mae is stabbed as he continues to fight them and his voiceover continues, “Even if all that were to happen, the time it takes for the others to reach me from Japan”. Dong mae kills the last of the men, “It would only take ten days.”

Dong mae’s blood pours on the floor as he says, “Ten Days. I will live as if it is a year. That is how I will die.”

Eugene reaches Hwawollu. Deok mun comes out with a man. The man says that the man (Eugene) is here because of what happened at the Glory Hotel. He adds that Eugene needs no company, just food and a room. Deok mun feels Eugene looks familiar to the acting counsel at the American Legation. Eugene asks to see the owner and Deok mun says that he is the owner. Eugene says that it’s not possible because he just met with Gu Dong mae. Deok mun rudely says that Dong mae is dead and asks the man to escort Eugene to his room.


Eugene walks slowly and pauses as a man runs to Deok mun and says that Dong mae has returned to Jingogae. He adds that Dong mae caused a bloodbath at the training centre. The man says that Dong mae will head to Hwawollu next. Eugene walks into his room as Deok mun sends the man to call the police for protection.

At the palace, the former King Gojong burns Hina’s letter as Gwan Su (dressed in formal western wear) comes to meet him. Gwan Su bows to the King and says that the today’s paper is the New York Times printed on August 5th. The King asks him to read it out. Gwan Su reads that there is a Car race from New York to Paris. The race is long enough to circle the whole globe. Gojong asks if there is not even a single line about Korea in the news and Gwan su goes silent. Gojong asks if the American (Eugene) has returned, as his sentence must be over by now. Gwan su says that Eugene is no longer a soldier so it will be hard for him to return. Gojong says that he doesn’t wish Eugene to return but he hopes Eugene is alive. Gwan Su says that he will contact Kyle in Japan and get back with an update.

Gwan Su writes a letter to Kyle, “Dear Kyle Moore, I haven’t talked to you for a long time. How are you doing? Do mi has grown up quickly and I am doing well getting used to the life in the palace. By the way, I am writing this letter to you since I don’t know whether Eugene Choi is alive or not.”

Gwan su wonders if Eugene is alive or not. He looks to the sky teary-eyed and calls out, “Sir, do you hear my voice?”


Eugene comments from behind him that Gwan su thinks he is already dead. Gwan su yells in shock seeing Eugene. Eugene smiles as he points to the sky asking if he is there. Gwan su asks if it is really him. Eugene says Gwan su missed an adjective in the letter and says he should’ve added the word, “handsome”.

Gwan su breaks down into tears and hugs him. Eugene pats him and looks around in embarrassment. Gwan su says that Eugene is always going somewhere so he thought Eugene ended up there (points to the sky). Eugene says that Gwan su always overthinks things. Eugene tries to get Gwan su off of him but Gwan su doesn’t let go and hugs him tighter.


At sunset, Eugene goes and pays his respects at Seung Gu’s grave at the hilltop. Eun san comes to sit next to him. He says that he can’t move around in public as his sketch is all over the city. He reaches for the alcohol but Eugene says that it’s for Seung-gu. He gives a separate bottle for Eun san.

Eun san says that Ae-shin doesn’t seem to know that Eugene is back. Eugene says the painkiller seemed to be very strong and so was her sadness. He says she kept thinking it was a dream. Eun san asks why Eugene didn’t stay in America to enjoy life. Eugene says that he knows Eun san is glad he is back. Eun san says that an American won’t join the righteous army so asks why he would be glad that he is back. Eugene says that he doesn’t care for Joseon’s sovereignty but he wants Ae-shin and the people who helped him to be alive. He says he moves forward with that but keeps crossing paths with the Righteous Army. Eun san asks him to take a different path if he doesn’t want to get shot.

Eugene says he should have but he risked his life to come here. He says he realised that he can get seasick too and smiles. He asks Eun san to welcome him back and Eun-san immediately does. Eugene says he will not get killed and that’s all he plans to do in Joseon. As they continue to drink, Eugene says that Joseon went downhill faster than he thought. Eun san says that every time they add one in number, the Japanese increase by ten.

In the city, the Japanese interpreter looks at the sketches of the righteous army members and removes them from the board.

The Japanese interpreter goes to Hwawollu as Eun-san’s voiceover narrates, “If 100 wants to save our country, a 1000 people want to give it up. But the 10 that they increase by, will crumble easily.”

Eun says that is because traitors don’t risk their lives. He says that the Righteous Army fights to protect their country with their lives.

We see a montage of all the members (from Ae-shin’s parents to Hina) who laid down their lives for their cause.

As night falls, Eugene and Eun san sit on the hilltop.


The Japanese interpreter puts the sketches on the table and Deok mun sits across him. The man gives Deok mun the list of Righteous Army members’ names. He says he copied it from Takashi’s list but didn’t know what the list was. He says he made the connection after seeing the wanted posters. He identifies them as Eun san and the bell ringer-Park Mu-geol. He says he doesn’t recognise the other two. Deok mun recognises Ae-shin in the poster and adds her name to the list. The Japanese interpreter says that there was a name in English (Eugene Choi) but he doesn’t read English. Deok mun brushes it off saying it must be some missionary. Deok-mun says that Ae-shin will make them most money. The Japanese interpreter seems uneasy hearing this.


The next day, Deok mun goes to the Japanese legation to meet Captain Yoshimichi Hasegawa (Captain of the Joseon Garisson Army) but is not allowed inside. Hasegawa arrives with his troops and brings him to Ito Hirobumi. Deok mun tells Ito that Seung-gu’s hut is the mob’s base. He says that he also has a list of all the members of the righteous Army throughout Joseon.

Ito asks for the list. Deok mun says that he dreams big and he will give the list once Ito helps him realise the dream. He also points out Ae-shin saying that she is her wife’s cousin and granddaughter of Go Sa hong, the previous emperor’s mentor.


Ito says that the emperor’s mentor’s granddaughter being in the Righteous Army is the perfect excuse. He asks Haegawa to bring back anything even if it is a hand. He warns both Deok mun and Hasagawa that their lives won’t be spared if they make him feel humiliated in front of Gojong.

A voiceover says that the dozens of dismissed soldiers are gathered by the hut. They will be short of food and supplies and will visit the villages close by. We can get them all in 3 days.

Two Japanese soldiers locate the dismissed soldiers travelling with some civilians. A child who is with the people imitates shooting the Japanese scouts but no one else notices this. The soldiers sneak away.

The Japanese interpreter sits at Hwawollu drinking and Gwan su enters. He asks the Japanese interpreter how he could afford this expensive food. Gwan su clutches the interpreter’s suit and asks what he sold this time. The Japanese interpreter says he sold Takashi’s list of righteous army members. Gwan su thrashes him saying he has sold their country. The interpreter says that he didn’t think things would get out of hand. He says that Lady Go Ae-shin’s name is there in the list.


Gwan su lets Eugene know about it and the news reaches Eun san.

Ae-shin readies her rifle as Eun san’s voiceover says that their cover is blown as Deok Mun obtained a list with their names and their hideout runs the risk of being exposed. He asks her to take the shot if she thinks she will die.


She hears someone enter and turns around pointing the rifle to find Eugene standing there. He comes forward and takes the rifle from her. She is confused as she looks at him saying this cant be a dream. Eugene says that he is the one who contacted Eun san. He asks if she is alright now and says that he was the one who treated her wound. She rushes over and hugs him tight. She starts crying hard as he holds her. He says this shows he treated her wound pretty well. She says that she thought it was a dream but it felt real. She says she couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. He asks why she had asked him not to return and she starts to cry again. He asks to see her face as he had seen her last when she was in pain.


She moves away and looks at him. He asks if she is in a deeper pain now. She cries as she asks what she is to do if he stands before her like this. He says that when they were parting ways he said he would see her again. She says its too dangerous in Joseon now and he says that he had no choice but to return. She said that he had gone back to a far-off land and he says that it was just one and a half hand spans away for him. He says he missed her too much. He says, “Don’t worry. You should protect your country Joseon. I will protect you. This is my history. I have decided to do this”. Ae-shin calls him a reckless man.

Eugene hands the rifle to her and says that her target is Lee Deok mun. He asks if she will be okay and he says he will handle it if she isn’t. Ae-shin says that she heard Hina died. She says she will fight on behalf of her too so that every patriotic death is meaningful. She says that she is a better shooter than he is and this earns a smile from Eugene.

At the hut, Jun Yeong talks to the new members of the Righteous army. He says they cook once a day so that the smoke doesn’t attract attention. The child who had seen the soldiers earlier comes over and tells Mr Haengrang who is present there that he shot two Japanese soldiers on the way here. Mr Haengrang finds this odd.


Eun san says that their base has been exposed and they will be leaving at sunset. Mr Haengrang tells the child that the child did his part in saving them and now it’s his turn. Haman looks at him wearing a grim expression.


Hasegawa and Deok mun reach the hut, only to find it already empty. Hasegawa points his gun at Deok mun and is furious. Deok mun says that they couldn’t have gone far and the footprints are there. One of their men brings in an old man who was hiding behind the bushes. Deok mun says that the man is deaf and mute. Hasegawa orders his men to kill the man. The old man asks Hasegawa not to kill him and that he will tell them everything. Hasegawa is now furious at Deok mun who told him that the man is deaf and mute. Deok mun shakes in fear and asks the man to tell where Eun san and Ae-shin are.


The old man says that they have gone into town and they plan to kill Hasegawa. Deok mun translates for Hasegawa and also offers to identify Ae-shin and the others. Hasegawa orders his soldiers to leave and kills the old man before leaving with Deok mun. the old man dies with a smile.


Mr Haengrang and Ms Haman walk in the street. 4 other members also are with them carrying Ae-shin’s palanquin. Haengrang asks Haman if she is scared and Haman says she isn’t. She says that she didn’t see Ae-shin before leaving and that bothers her. Mr Haengrang tries to lighten up her mood as they walk along.


Meanwhile, Deok mun, Hasegawa and the soldiers, are waiting in the street. Deok mun says that Ae-shin will be using a palanquin. Hasegawa splits the soldiers into two platoons and orders them to search for a palanquin. Deok mun demands credit for his work. Hasegawa clutches Deok mun’s coat and says that the mob had already fled. He says if Deok mun’s list is useless, he will chop off Deok mun’s head and take it to Ito saying Deok mun is one of the rebels. The soldiers leave to start the search.


Meanwhile, the Righteous Army members walk through the woods. II-sik and Choon –sik lead the way and Eun san brings up the rear. He suddenly stops as if he senses something wrong.


In the city, Haengrang says that he hears footsteps and commends the old man for successfully distracting the soldiers. They decide to say something that they have all wanted to say as they are all going to die soon. Haman thanks Mr Haengrang for standing by her throughout her life. She asks to hold hands with him. Mr Haengrang laughs and extends his hand towards Haman’s outstretched hand. Before he could hold her hand, a gunshot rings out and Mr Haengrang falls to the ground. Ms Haman is also shot and she too falls down. They both fall with their hands outstretched.


The Japanese platoon opens fire on the unarmed members of the righteous army, who are carrying the palanquin. All of them are killed.

Mr Haengrang lays gasping on the ground with his outstretched arm. He sees Haman’s lying motionless with her arm outstretched. Mr Haengrang cries as he tries to hold her hand but isn’t able to reach her. Ms Haman’s limp form is the last sight he sees before he dies.


Image Courtesy – TVN


This episode was emotive and there was a lot of unity displayed by the people of Joseon as they helped each other despite being strangers.

Hina Kudo stood out in this episode. She deserved all the screen space that she was given in this episode and she died a selfless and righteous death.  She looked out for her people even in her death by sending the letter to former king Gojong. The scenes where she said her farewell to her acquaintances were emotive as well. She had her death planned smoothly but hadn’t expected to see Dong mae before she died. The scene with Dong mae and Hina at the beach was deep-seated and one of my favourite scenes in today’s episode. It showed Hina expressing her inner thoughts during her last moments. Both Kim Min-jung and Yeo Yeon Sook have given a skilful performance in that scene as the emotions run high while watching it.

The scene showing the purpose behind Hina buying the painting was among the best scenes in this episode. Both the scenes with Ae-shin and Eugene were a great watch as it conveys the impact that the 3 years of separation had on them.

Hui Seung seems to be cut off from the other leads and doesn’t seem to have a clue about the whereabouts of Dong mae, Eugene or Ae-shin. It was refreshing to see Gwan-su back and his reunion with Eugene was hilarious. The list of traitors seem to have no end and I can’t wait to see Deok mun dead. From what is shown, it looks like Dong mae has resigned himself to the fact that he will be dead in ten days time.

The scenes showing the consequences of Hina’s retaliation (Glory Hotel blast) were depicted well. It goes to show why every move against the Japanese should be well-calculated in order to reduce the collateral damage.

We saw a lot of righteous deaths in this episode and  I guess there are more to follow in the next episode which is the Series Finale.

 -By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 24 Recap (Series Finale)

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