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The King:Eternal Monarch Episode 13 Recap

The King:Eternal Monarch Episode 13 Recap


It is raining outside when  Lady Noh asks Tae Eul regarding the Korean war. Tae Eul is taken aback and asks Lady Noh as to how she knows about the war. Lady Noh says Tae Eul is right. She recalls the day the war broke out and she lost her parents and siblings. She says a man approached her and asked if she wanted to go to a place where there was no war. Lady Noh puts a book on the table. She says she left Korea with that book not knowing if she will return. Lady Noh says that the man who brought her to the Kingdom of Corea was Lee Gon’s grandfather, King Haejong.


Lady Noh asks what happened to Korea’s history after that. Tae Eul says there was an armistice for 3 years after the war broke out. She says the country is now divided into North Korea and South Korea. She says they can’t go to Hwangae Province from Seoul. Tae Eul apologises for being the bearer of sad news. Lady Noh says it is alright.

Lady Noh says there were many sad days but she knows everything is her destiny. She says it is the same way how tae Eul ended up here.

Meanwhile, Lee Gon meets Koo at his office. He confirms that Tae Eul is the woman he loves. He says he supports her every step and at every moment. Koo comments that Lee Gon is honest even at times like these. Koo points out that the woman has a criminal record. She asks if he intends to deceive the entire country. Lee Gon states that he isn’t asking Koo’s support in this matter. Koo says she liked being next to him. She says that was where she could see him the best. But since he says that isn’t her place, she asks if she can see him better if she joined the opposition.


Lee Gon gets up and warns her to stop. Koo cuts him off by saying that she started all the way from the bottom towards the king. She says since Lee Gon had everything from the beginning, the only thing that moves him is love.

Koo says her heart will no longer beat for honesty and loyalty. Just then, a lightning strikes and both of them wince in pain. Lee Gon gives a look of recognition as he sees the lighting scar sear across Koo’s neck. Koo isn’t aware of this. She says she is still unwell and takes leave.

Lee Gon is still till she walks out. After she leaves, he asks through the intercom if the National forensic services have the autopsy results of Kim Gi Hwan.

As Tae Eul walks down the corridor, she recalls what Lady Noh said earlier. Lady Noh said that Tae Eul has been guiding Lee Gon’s fate ever since the ID card had fallen into Lee Gon’s hand. She requests Tae Eul to take good care of Lee Gon.

Tae Eul stops in her tracks when she sees Koo walking from the other end of the corridor, massaging her neck (from where the scar was). Koo comes to stop in front of Tae Eul with a fake smile. Tae Eul says they meet again. Tae Eul says they met at Gwanghwamun (Korea). She says she saw Koo buying shoes.

Tae Eul addresses Koo as Koo Eun-a. Koo bursts out laughing that no one in this country mistakes her for another person. She says she meant meeting Tae Eul outside KU building. Koo says if Tae Eul plans to live here, she should know who the Prime Minister is. She says the proposal that Tae Eul received shook the nation.

Tae Eul asks what Koo did before and after she met her. She says Koo didn’t just buy shoes. Koo tells Tae Eul to stop acting cocky and move. Tae Eul says Koo is the one who walked in here and also was the one who stopped. Tae Eul asks if Koo’s heart is heavy because of the guilt.

Koo steps closer to Tae Eul and says she just didn’t buy shoes. She again says that she is talking about the day they met outside KU building. Just then, a lightning flashes ad the scar lights up Koo’s neck. Tae Eul is rooted to the spot as she sees this. Koo walks away.


After Koo turns around the corner, Tae Eul runs into Lee Gon’s study where Lee Gon is on the phone. Lee Gon hangs up and asks her to go to bed, as he has to go to the National Forensic Service. He says the coroner found the same lightning mark on Kim Gi Hwan’s body.

Tae Eul says she ran into Koo in the corridor and she has the mark too. She says Koo crossed between worlds. She says she saw Koo in Korea just before coming here. Lee Gon says he understood why Koo wanted to tie him down. He says it was to place herself with the opposition, Lee Lim.

Tae Eul is concerned because Koo knows that Tae Eul found out about her being in Korea. She says criminals act recklessly when they are cornered. Lee Gon says that would be great because no one can beat him when he decides to become restless. He tells her to get some rest. He says he will try to make it back but he says he will probably return only tomorrow morning. He says he will be back with Eun Sup. Lee Gon walks out of the study.


Later, Lee Gon walks into the National Forensics Service. The coroner is Kim Ju Hyeon (Chief Park Moonshik’s wife’s (Korea) doppelganger). Kim Ju Hyeon says there is a burn scar on Kim Gi Hwan’s body. Lee Gon asks if she has seen this before. Kim says she has seen it in 3 other cases and it was all on a rainy day. She says they were all prisoners serving term for parricide (murdering a family member). She gives Lee Gon the files. Lee Gon realises that the family members are usually the first to figure out that the person is a doppelganger. So he concludes that the doppelgangers have killed the family members too. Lee Gon asks her to check for other cases like this, as he has to figure something out.

At the hospital, Eun sup is fast asleep when a man walks (Lee Lim’s assistant) in and injects something into Eun sup’s IV line. The man is startled as Eun sup asks if it is a supplement. Eun sup shows him the IV line, which he has already removed from his hand. Before the man can stab him with the knife, Eun sup points his gun point-blank at him.


In a flashback, Eun sup is told that the King is coming to see him (with tae Eul). Eun sup imitates Jo by looking underneath the furniture attempting a security check. He finds a recording device underneath a table. Eun sup speaks into it saying he will get discharged tomorrow and that he will get a good night’s sleep today.

At present, the killer tries to escape but the Royal Guards are waiting right outside the door.  Lee Gon walks into view. He gives a nod and the guards drag the man away.

Lee Gon walks into the room smiling at a proud Eun sup. He commends Eun sup and thanks him. Eun sup says Lee gon has to open his car door the next time. Lee Gon says Tae Eul and Eun sup should leave by dawn tomorrow. He says it is about time that she said she wants to leave.

Just then, a thunder booms and Lee Gon winces. Eun Sup jumps up startled and clings to Lee Gon. Lee Gon asks if Eun sup is in pain. Eun sup says he is fine. Lee Gon realises that the burn scar is of the people who have killed their counterparts. Lee Gon wonders what it is.

Koo is in her office looking at her neck. Kim says Chairman Choe is on special pardon’s list. She asks Kim to book an appointment with the doctor.  Kim asks what she did during her vacation. Koo says she likes Kim more than she thought and says it’ll be dangerous if he learns about it. She tells him it is better if he doesn’t know.


In a flashback at Eosu bookstore, Koo meets Lee Lim. She watches him closely and says he looks just the same from the history books. She says he can’t be Lee Lim’s hidden son and asks him how he hasn’t aged. She asks if he sent her the newspaper.

Lee Lim says her parents always treated him with respect, feared him and bowed before him.

Koo asks about her doppelganger. Lee Lim explains that the woman is Koo from another world. Koo asks him if she is being blackmailed. She asks if that doppelganger will replace Koo if she gives the wrong answer.

Lee Lim laughs loudly. He says she is the first person to understand the next step without him having to teach her. He asks if she will answer him. Koo laughs saying that the men of the Royal Family know how to make her laugh. She asks him to prove his ability by taking her to the other world.

At present, Koo looks at the heel shoes she bought from Korea. Koo’s voiceover says, “You are the one who chose where I should go in these heels, Your Majesty.”

Lee Gon is in his study when Mo tells him that Tae Eul asked for a guard who is well built, as she has to go out. She says she sent Royal Guard trainee Jang Mi-Reuk with her.


Tae Eul sits beside Jang Mi Reuk (Jang Mi’s doppelganger) in the car. She says he resembles Jang Mi and he says that is his nickname too. Tae Eul says she wants to locate a candy or bread factory near the salt field. Jang Mi-reok says it is a restricted area, so there aren’t factories. He says there is a forest there. Tae Eul says she smelt something sweet like cotton candy. Jang mi-reuk says there are cinnamon trees in that area and that must be the smell. She says they should go there.

At his study, Lee Gon tells Mo that Tae Eul should have gone with him. Mo says Tae eul asked not to disturb Lee Gon because he must be busy. Lee Gon says they should declare urgent matters first.

Mo says the most urgent matter is Lee Gon’s marriage. She says he should get married by end of the year as he announced the Queen. LeeGon says they should postpone it, as he hasn’t received an answer yet. Mo looks scandalised. Lee Gon says Koo should be stopped. He tells Mo to go to prison and ask KU group to send a representative to meet him by today. Lee Gon tells Mo to tell Chairman Choe to choose between his company and his ex-wife. Lee Gon says he doesn’t want the representative visiting twice.

After Mo leaves, Lady Noh walks in. She tells Lee Gon that she caught a spy. She says someone has been using poison.  She says Court Lady Park Suk-jin was the spy and was visiting the Eosu Booksore. She also shows Lee Gon the photo, which Park burnt.

Lee Gon sees Shin-jae and his mother in the photo. Lady Noh says Park Suk jin spat out blood when she was confronted.  Lee Gon comments that it is Shin-jae’s parents who are being used. He says he hasn’t repaid Shin-jae for the meal. Lee Gon asks if Park suk-jin is okay. Lady Noh says she is conscious now and asked to talk in person with Lee Gon.


Lee Gon visits Park Suk Jin. She bows in greeting and he says she deceived him all along. She says she saw Lee Gon with Shin jae in the last photo which Lee Lim gave her. Lee Lim’s voiceover says, “You haven’t fulfilled your role yet. This is the last photo you will receive”. She says she received a poison vial along with the last batch of photos. She claims she chose to kill herself in place of Lee Gon. She says she would be paying for her sins if she died and if she lived, she would tell Lee Gon about it. Park Suk-jin falls to her knees and begs Lee Gon to protect Shin-jae.

Elsewhere Koo’s pregnant ex-sister-in-law’s Doppelganger is getting a massage. She recalls the close family member’s names that she has memorised all these days. The masseuse says this baby is the luckiest in the Kingdom of Corea.



Meanwhile, the original ex-sister-in-law from Corea wakes up in Korea. She is clueless as she is in the doppelganger’s house. She wonders why she is here and is shocked to see herself wearing the doppelganger’s clothes. She cries in despair, as she doesn’t understand why she is in some strange place.


Luna stands outside Tae Eul’s house. Tae Eul’s  father comes up behind her and asks why she is dressed like this. He asks if she had a stakeout at the club. He calls her in to eat. Luna avoids eye contact and doesn’t say a word. She walks inside with Tae Eul’s father when he says they should eat.


She watches him as they sit across the table. He asks why she is looking at him like that. He asks her to not complain as he made good dishes today. Luna asks if she is a good daughter. Her father says she is nice once a month when she receives salary and he laughs. He leaves after asking her to clean up after she is done eating.

Later, Luna walks into Tae Eul’s room. The forget-me-not-flowers air drying to be preserved.  Luna pushes away the stuffed toy on the bed and lies down. She watches the glow-stars stuck on the ceiling. She comments that it is a Gemini and says it sucks.

Song Jeong Hye waits in her car outside Shin-jae’s old house. Lee Lim’s assistant asks why she wanted to come here. She says she has no other place to go as he watches her all the time. She says she used to work there when she had Lee Ji –un. Just then, Shin Jae’s mother walks past. Song Jeong Hye threatens to scream if he doesn’t allow her to get off the car.


She then goes to Shin jae’s mother and introduces herself as the woman doesn’t recognise her. Shin-jae’s mother is delighted and greets her in an excited manner. She says they moved from this house after Song Jeong Hye left. She says she does housekeeping in this neighbourhood. Song Jeong hye suggests they have a meal together. Jo watches from afar as the women get into the car.

Later the two women continue their conversation at a restaurant. Shin-jae’s mother says that Shin-jae woke up and is healthy now. Song Jeong Hye is surprised to hear that Shin jae woke up. Shin-jae’s mother says it was a miracle. She shows Song Jeong hye Shin-Jae’s photo. Song Jeong Hye immediately recognises Shin-jae from the cinerarium that day. Shin-jae’s mother asks how Ji-un is doing. Song Jeong Hye puts down the fork and says it was nice meeting her today. She says Shin jae’s mother was always kind to her and for that she has always been grateful. She gives two bunches of currency notes to Shin-jae’s mother and walks out.

Shin-jae’s mother calls after her as Song Jeong Hye abruptly leaves. Song Jeong Hye walks into the elevator followed by Lee Lim’s assistant. Just before the door closes,J walks into the elevator. Lee Lim’s assistant asks which floor Jo wants to go. Jo says it is the same floor as them.



Lee gon waits at the bridge in the palace. Tae Eul isn’t back yet. He sees Jang Mi and Tae Eul running towards him, as they are late. Lee gon walks forward, asking the guards to stay here.

Jang Mi-reuk apologises to Lee gon and runs away to join the other guards. Tae Eul stops in front of him. Lee Gon says he was worried. He asks why she didn’t pick up the phone. She says she didn’t get a chance as Jang Mi’s phone kept ringing. She says she took a guard with her to stop Lee Gon from worrying. She asks to go somewhere quiet as she has something to tell him. She says she is about to find Lee Lim’s bamboo forest.

Later, Tae Eul and Lee Gon walk to a private place. Tae Eul says she located the place where she woke up. She says Jang Mi-reuk is going to locate the bamboo forest nearby. She says Lee Gon can place guards by the bamboo forest. Lee Gon stops walking and she asks if she is wrong.

Lee Gon explains that time stops every time the portal opens. He says it stops for a longer time everytime that happens. He says now the time stops for over an hour. Tae Eul understands that if he puts the guards at the forest, they will be in danger as Lee Lim will be the only person moving. Tae Eul says that Lee Gon would have thought about that already.


Tae Eul asks if time really stops for that long. Lee Gon nods. Tae Eul hugs him saying that he would have been alone during that time. Lee Gon holds Tae Eul as he says she was with him twice when time stopped. She asks if there is a way for them to fix this.

Lee Gon says time is stopping because the Manpasikjeok broke in half. He says dimensions are falling apart because only half of its power is being used. He says if it is put back together this may stop happening.

Tae Eul says the flute will be whole only if Lee Gon takes Lee lim’s pice or if Lee Lim takes Lee Gon’s Lee Gon says it is possible if Lee Gon stops Lee Lim before he takes Lee Gon’s piece. Tae Eul says that happened in the past.

Lee Gon explains that if there is a time axis as well as space axis in there, then it is possible. He says it explains how he has her ID card for 25 years.

Tae Eul asks if it exists and Lee Gon says he isn’t sure yet. Lee Gon says no matter how long he rode, he couldn’t reach the edge of the place between 1 and 0. He says he is sure about one thing. He says he tossed a coin in the air when he was there. He says the coin floated while the seeds Tae Eul dropped, fell to the ground. He says living things sink in there.

Tae Eul shows him another packet of seeds, which she bought this time, “Magic Lily”. Lee Gon asks if she really believes that flowers will bloom there.

Tae Eul says she knows he is worried that Manpasikjoek becomes one, the door may close forever. She tells him that the 10th rule not to get scared in advance. She says it hasn’t even happened yet. She smiles at him and he returns her smile saying she is right. He then reminds her that it is the 9th rule and not 10th.  Tae Eul says he is acting like he followed the 8 rules. She says she will see him at dawn and starts walking.

Tae Eul stops when Lee Gon says, “Guards take one step forward”.  The guards step into view. Lee Gon walks up to Tae Eul and puts his arm around her saying they should see the dawn together. As they walk down the corridor she asks if this is what a boyfriend should say to make his girlfriend stay. She says he has to say it with sincerity. Lee Gon says he said it with impatience.

Later, Tae Eul drops the seeds at the place between 1 and 0 as Lee Gon watches. Eun sup walks down the path with his suitcase. He sees the floating coin and flicks it. He watches in awe as the coin flips in the air and stays afloat.



Tae Eul’s father walks down the street. He notices 3 school-going teenage boys trying to light a smoke. He kicks the cigarette away and tells the boys to join his Taekwondo centre. He says he has trained boys like these to become cops.

The boys don’t believe him. They look behind him when a female voice says it is true. Tae Eul stands there holding out her ID card. She then rushes towards her father and hugs him saying she almost got killed this time. She asks if he missed her. Her father is puzzled as he says she was with him all this while. Tae Eul is taken aback.

Tae Eul goes home with her father and looks at her room. She takes her father’s phone from him and goes out.

Jo and Shin-jae are at a restaurant. Shin jae asks if Jo can drink in this condition. Jo says, “I get hurt when I protect people and I protect people when I get hurt.” Jo asks Shin-jae if Kang Heon Min was his name back in Corea. Shin-jae says he thinks it is and asks if Jo can look it up for him. Jo asks if there is anything else that he wants to kno. Shin jae says he wants to know about his family. He then asks if that is why he wanted to meet.

Jo asks why Shin jae isn’t telling Tae Eul that he likes her. Shin jae says that this is why Jo gets shot. Jo says Lee gon can’t be together as they are worlds apart. Shin Jae says that is even more reason to keep quiet. He says there are people more distant than that even in the same world. Shin jae gets up to leave and Jo says that leaving abruptly will confirm it. Shin jae says it is true and leaves.

Shin jae walks down the street and sees Luna feeding a cat. He asks her why she isn’t picking his calls. Luna looks distant. Shin jae asks if she is sick.  Shin jae is taken by surprise when Luna kisses him. He gathers himself and pushes her away asking what she is doing. Just then, she receives a call from Tae Eul’s father. She excuses herself and goes to take the call. Shin jae follows her after a moment but loses her.


He turns around hearing Tae Eul’s voice. Tae Eul says the app shows her phone’s location around here. Seeing his expression, Tae Eul asks if he has seen her doppelganger. She asks if she looks just like her. She says her doppelganger even has her phone. Shin jae says she has the ID card too as she applied for a vacation. He tells Tae Eul to go to the Police Station and cancel the vacation. Tae Eul watches Shin jae walk away. Tae Eul realises that this is where her ID card went.


Tae Eul calls her phone and Luna picks up the call. Tae Eul says they should meet each other as she came here for her. Luna says Tae Eul will die if she sees her now. She tells Tae Eul to be grateful that they didn’t run into each other. Tae Eul threatens Luna in case she harms Tae Eul’s loved ones. Luna says if she intended to harm them, she would have done it by now. She says she came here to see Tae Eul and will see her soon. Luna hangs up and Tae Eul calls her up again. Luna doesn’t answer. Tae Eul comments that Luna is here for her. She says that Luna sounds like Tae Eul.

Lee Gon meets Jo at the restaurant. He asked if Jo ran into Koo. Jo asks how Lee gon knew about that. Lee gon says he saw the same scar on her. Lee Gon tells Jo not to worry as he has tied her down but she will feel like she has lost her wings.


Earlier in the day, Koo’s advisor visits Lee Gon as the representative of KU group. Lee Gon notes that they met 6 years back in the former Prime Minister’s office. The man says the people call him a lobbyist but he terms himself as a labourer. He says he gets his hands dirty so that the higher ups needn’t do it. He says Lee Gon can use him for that this time. Lee Gon asks for Chairman Choe’s answer. The man says that Chairman Choe always puts his company first. He says Choe gave plenty of alimony to his ex-wife. He puts a small box in front of Lee Gon saying this is Chairman Choe’s answer. Lee Gon opens it and finds a flashdrive in it. The man says it is evidence of treason. Lee Gon comments that KU really has it all.


The man says the evidence came from Koo’s private residence. He tells Lee Gon to increase security in the palace. He says Lee gon’s voice was recorded often. The man says Lee Gon said he can never be indebted to her. Lee Gon comments that he doesn’t know her that well.

At the market place, people crowd around to watch a newsflash. The news plays out the conversation between Chairman Choe and Koo. In the recording, Koo asks Choe for the footage of the shootout that has been deleted even on the foreign servers. She also asks information about traitor Lee Lim’s followers. Koo’s mother is in the crowd and she faints as soon as she hears this.

Koo is visibly unsettled seeing this news. The Deputy Prime Minister walks into her office along with his officers. He says he will take over her duties now and says she will cease to be the Prime Minister. He tells her to hand over her business phone and handover all her belongings.


Koo asks him who was behind this. She asks if it was Ku or the opposition party or the Royal Court. She says she didn’t know they were all this close. She flings the business phone and says she has nothing to take. She says she will just take the heels. She changes to the heels from Korea and walks out. She stops at the doorway and asks if her advisor won’t come along. He says he stays with the office. She laughs saying men only talk about loyalty. She asks who went through her private residence and when. The advisor says she was the one who spilt the milk, so she should be the one to clean it up. She tells him to stay in the same place. She says she never stays in the same place but keeps soaring high. She asks Kim next and he decides to join her. They both walk out.


Lee Gon tells Jo that Koo penetrated the Palace security. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Jo asks how Lee Gon found out where Jo was. Lee Gon says Eun sup downloaded the GPS app on his phone. Lee Gon asks if Eun-sup’s siblings found out that he isn’t Eun-sup. Jo says they didn’t.


Na-ri sits across Eun-sup’s siblings as she sips on her drink. Eun bi agrees with her that the man who is there right now isn’t Eun sup. Just then, Eun sup walks towards them and the twins run forward and hug him.  She tells Eun-bi that she just said it wasn’t Eun sup. Eun bi says this one is. Na-ri takes one look at Eun-sup and she feels that he is Eun sup too. He asks if she missed her and he hugs her tightly. Na-ri points out that he met her just yesterday. Eun sup hugs the three of them saying this is the reason why he decided not to swap with him (Jo).

Meanwhile, Tae Eul is at the police station. She reports her phone as stolen. The man checks the details and says the system mentions that the service was cancelled by her just now. Tae Eul says she has to get a new phone now.


Luna is lying inside an SUV with a licence plate 04 D 7283. Her eyes tear up as she writhes in pain. She looks at the roof of the SUV. There are some glow stars stuck on it.


The next day, Eun sup rushes out of his house seeing a luxury car. He is disappointed to see that it is Lee Gon. Lee Gon opens the car door saying Eun sup wanted him to open the car door. Eun sup says Lee gon should ask Jo to drive him.

Lee Gon says that he was going to buy Eun sup the company but the paperwork got in the way. He says he doesn’t have an ID in Korea. He says he bought the luxury car for Eun sup for now. He gives Eun Sup the key and tells him to drive it.


Eun sup slowly realises that the car is his now. Lee Gon thanks him sincerely. Eun sup admires the car but he says he doesn’t have anything to give in return. Lee Gon takes the energy bar from Eun sup and eats it saying this is enough. Lee Gon says he has to go and leaves. Eun sup says Lee Gon is cool even when he leaves.

Tae Eul gets ready to leave for work. She tells her father to lock the door and not open it for anyone. She tells him to call her if there is any issue. Her father says eat well and she hears Lee Gon responding.

She turns around to see Lee Gon at the dining table. Her father says the horse owner has come. She walks up and notices that her father has cooked the pork that she bought.  He tells her that she has been living here for 30 years. He then says her skin is glowing and asks if she got a boyfriend.

Tae Eul tells him not to be ridiculous and earns a stare from Lee Gon. She immediately admits that she has a boyfriend and gestures towards Lee Gon saying he is the one. Lee Gon is surprised hearing this and so is her father.


Lee Gon gets up and tells her father that he wanted the announcement to be sweet and emotional but it is too late now. Lee Gon says his name is Lee Gon and that he likes Tae Eul a lot. Her father says he is startled and he greets Lee Gon.

Tae Eul is awkward and tells her father to sit down as she serves the meat. She serves Lee Gon too. Lee Gon asks if she got this from his Palace as it tastes the same. Tae Eul’s father asks Lee Gon as to who exactly  he is. Tae Eul smiles and says that it is seen from his face that Lee Gon is a decent person. Lee Gon smiles.

Later they both walk out of Tae Eul’s house. Lee Gon says her father must have been pretty shocked. He says her father would have raised her with so much difficulty and now she is seeing a man with no identity. Tae Eul says she was thinking of seeing him tonight and she had no idea he would come home. She says she wants to find out where Koo went.


Lee Gon says he thought he would end up leaving without saying Goodbye. Tae Eul is serious as she asks if he is leaving right now. Lee Gon asks if he should stay just for today. Tae Eul asks if he would stay if she stops him. Lee Gon looks at her and asks if she is sincere. Tae Eul smiles saying she will see him in the evening.

She then brings a package from her car. She says she bought this for him a long time ago. She says she thought she might use this as an excuse to stop him from leaving. She says she bought something dark and plain so that people can’t recognise him. Lee Gon opens the package saying they won’t look plain if he wears it. Lee Gon thanks her saying it will look good on him. She says it wont look that good on him and he says that isn’t possible.

Lee Gon takes out a plain black jacket from the package (it is the same one that Lee Gon’s saviour wore). Lee Gon says he finds it familiar. She says she will see him later and asks him to pick the call when she calls.

Tae Eul goes to the Police Station. She asks Shin jae to help her. He asks if Tae Eul wants to look for Luna. Tae Eul says there is something more urgent.

Tae Eul and Shin jae go over to Koo Eun-a’s house (Koo’s doppelganger). They find that she hasn’t been home for a few days now. Tae Eul says they should locate her and says she is sure Koo would’ve visited her doppelganger. Tae Eul receives a call from Jang Mi saying that Koo Eun a was reported missing today.

Just then, Shin Jae receives the fingerprints result from the 2G phone. He sees Kyung Moo’s picture which is sent to him. He tells Tae Eul that the man has criminal record for stealing from a Yangsun care Centre 19 years ago. Tae Eul says that is where Lee Seong Jae died (Lee Lim’s doppelganger).

Tae Eul says if Koo Eun a is dead, she will be at Yungsun care center.


At Yungsun Care center, Tae Eul shows Koo Eun-a’s photo to the manager asking if she has seen her. She asks if she can look around. The woman asks if she has a warrant. Tae Eul says the woman can go ahead and report her. Shin Jae walks in asking what kind of care center has so many rooms that require an ID card to open. Shin Jae takes the manager’s ID card. The woman gives a look of recognition when she looks at Shin Jae. Tae Eul notices this. Shin Jae tells Tae Eul to check the even floors while he checks the odd ones. Meanwhile, the manager has a worried look on her face.

Meanwhile, Jo is in Lee Gon’s suite. He recalls seeing Seong Jeong Hye earlier. Lee Gon walks in asking if he has any unfinished business here. Jo says he doesn’t.


Lee gon takes out all the contents of the package. He tells Jo that someone didn’t want him to attract anyone’s attention in this world. Jo asks if Lee gon will drink with him. Lee Gon asks if there is anything on his mind. Jo says he will be back with some drinks as he is out of soju. He says Tae Eul introduced it to him and he likes it.

Lee Gon takes out his phone after Jo leaves and he notices Shin jae’s number (saved as Tae-Eul’s so-called brother) on it. He recalls Shin jae’s mother asking him to protect Shin Jae. Lee Gon calls up Shin jae but he doesn’t pick up.

Later, Lee Gon puts on the outfit and comments that everything is black. He answers the door when the bell rings.


Lee Gon opens the door and Tae Eul is standing there with smiling. He asks how come she is early and asks if she skipped work. She holds up the drinks saying it is all part of her skills. She asks if she can come in.

Meanwhile, Shin jae is checking the rooms in a floor. He comes across room 101 which is locked. He used the manager’s card to open the door. He walks in.

Tae Eul is in the morgue. She finds Koo Eun A’s body in the morgue.


Lee Lim watches Lee Gon’s poster from a bridge.


Meanwhile, Tae Eul (Luna) sits across Lee Gon asking where Jo is. The drink is on the table and she says it would be great if Jo joins them. She then says she looked up on how to grow a magic lily (she found it using Tae Eul’s search history). She says that flower symbolises hopeless love.


Lee Gon watches her without saying a word. She asks him why he is looking at her like that. Lee Gon says, “I thought I wouldn’t be fooled. But I guess that face is my one weakness.”Luna smiles as he asks what he is saying. Lee Gon says, “You have a look of anxiety. It is something that Jeong Tae Eul doesn’t have. You are not Jeong Tae Eul.” Luna is calm as she sits still.

Lee Gon grabs the ID card from the coat. He notes that it is the ID that Tae Eul lost at the Palace (with her hair tied in a ponytail). He comments that she must be Luna. Lee Gon catches a glimpse of his reflection on the window.


He recalls the hooded figure from 1994 walking toward him, shooting Lee Lim’s men. He realises that he is wearing the same outfit now. Lee Gon murmurs that so that is what happened.

Lee Lim’s voiceover narrates, “He (the hooded figure) was tall…”

Lee Gon’s voiceover says, “He was skilled with a gun, knew the structure of Cheonjongo well.”

Lee Lim’s voiceover says, “He clearly knew who the enemy was.”

Lee Gon says, “He was fighting with all his might for me. The one who saved me was… ”

Lee Lim says, “The one who saved you was yourself”

Lee gon says, “It was me. So that’s how everything comes together.” Lee Gon’s eyes tear up as he remembers slashing the Manpasikjeok.

Lee Gon feels dizzy and loses balance. The open drink is on the table (looks like he has already drunk from it). Luna is calm as she sits there.

Lee gon struggles to remain conscious but he passes out on the floor just like he did 25 years ago.


In a montage from December 1994 we see the hooded figure walk to young Lee Gon and crouch beside him. The masked figure is Lee Gon.


Image Courtesy- SBS


That was another good episode.

Lee Gon being his own saviour didn’t come as a surprise. But the scenes leading up to the revelation were well made. His attire was given to him by Tae Eul. This shows why Lee Gon never doubted that the hooded figure could be himself as it isn’t his style of clothing.

Tae Eul thought that Luna is out to get her, but she does know that the reason Lee Lim is interested in Luna and Tae Eul is to get to Lee Gon. Considering how Tae Eul tells every development to Lee Gon the moment she sees him, I find it odd that she didn’t tip him off regarding Luna (being in Republic of Korea) despite having ample time.

As for the last scene, it is intriguing that Lee Lim also has figured out that Lee Gon was the masked figure back in 1994. I wonder if it was Lee Lim’s plan all along to find and kill the saviour so that the hooded figure isn’t able to travel back in time to save young Lee Gon. This means that if he succeeded killing Lee Gon before he travelled back in time to save himself, Lee Gon would never exist and it would make Lee Lim’s life easy.

Koo’s question to Lee Gon was interesting. It made me curious as to how Lee Gon plans on introducing Tae Eul to his Kingdom when she has the face of a notorious criminal. He sure can’t tell the world about the existence of a parallel universe.

Tae Eul confronting Koo about meeting her in Korea was well-made. It was interesting to see how smooth a liar Koo is and despite that, Tae Eul wasn’t buying even a bit of it.

Lee Gon figured out that the scar appears on people whose doppelgangers have been killed. Shin-jae doesn’t have a scar. The woman at the care centre seemed to recognise him. It is possible that Shin jae’s doppelganger is at the care centre.

The whole sequence leading to Koo’s exposure was well-made and a great watch.

The scene with the pregnant woman created a great impact. It looks like the doppelganger chose not to kill her but the woman has absolutely no clue about parallel worlds and she is as good as dead.

It was intriguing how Song Jeong Hye used to be the maid at Park Suk-in’s house in Korea while for the doppelgangers the roles were reversed in Corea. Jo has located Song Jeong Hye by tailing Shin jae’s mother which was interesting.

Since time travel always functions in a loop, it looks like there is one final move Lee Gon has to make in order to keep himself alive. He has to time travel back to 1994 and save himself as a child to keep the storyline as we know it, intact. It looks like he has his work cut out for him.

Placing guards at the forest is useless because of the time stop. This means only Lee Gon can go to Lee Lim’s bamboo forest (as he can move around despite time stop). The opening scene of the series did have Lee Gon at the bamboo forest wearing the same coat as the one he wore when he visited Tae Eul with the flowers. It looks like Lee Gon time travelled at least two times (perhaps more) which makes the viewer curious about what else is in store.

The place between 1 and 0 has its own unique rules. The concept of living and non-living was mysterious and nice.

I am curious to see the what the next episode has in store.

-By Soul Sword-

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