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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12 Recap


Eun-sup is walking in the hospital and he hears a plate fall. He goes over to help. The man says he felt like he saw something.


(The scene shifts to Korea)

The man’s doppelganger holds Song Jeong Hye down. Song Jeong Hye has again tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists. The room is under CCTV surveillance. The doctor walks into the room and injects a sedative. She tells Song Jeong Hye that the treatment will be done by the time she wakes up. The doctor is the woman whom Lee Lim had recruited (Episode 2- mother of the boy in a wheelchair). Song Jeong Hye yells looking at the camera, “You kill the living, but you keep me alive when I want to die. I guess you’ll really become god.” She loses consciousness.

The men watching the CCTV surveillance wonder where Kyung Moo (Korea) is. The one beside them says Kyung Moo has quit and they have a new manager Ms Baek.


Outside the cafe, Na-ri tells Jo that she experienced De-ja vu. She explains that Deja vu happens when your frequency matches with that of another world and you get a glimpse of yourself in the other world. She says she saw her doppelganger in the other world who had short hair. She says her doppelganger was with someone who looked exactly like him. She says he was wearing a hospital gown. Jo frowns when he hears this.


Eun sup is in his hospital gown and standing in front of the elevator. The doors open and Seung A walks out. Eun-sup jumps in delight and hugs her exclaiming, “Na-ri!”


Seung-A says it is alright because he is delirious due to fever. Eun sup realises the woman isn’t Na-ri and he steps back immediately. Seung-A says this has happened twice and asks who is Na-ri.

Eun sup remembers Jo telling that Seung A is Na-ri’s doppelganger. He remembers Jo saying she is good at her work and words and has pretty eyes. Eun sup says she misheard him and there is no one called Na-ri. He says he said wanted to get back to ‘ordinary’ life.

She says he is a bad liar. She says he should ask her for her number if she wants to get out of a bad situation like this. Eun sup tells her to take care of her number and not give it to other guys and walks away. Seung A smiles as he leaves.

After he is away from earshot, he gives himself a pat on his back for not getting caught. He comments that she looks exactly like Na-ri. He says she is so pretty. He misses her and starts crying as he walks away.


Na-ri is at the cafe. She comments that Eun sup is different. Koo walks into the cafe asking for the menu. Na-ri suggests she try the milk tea.

Just then, Jo walks in. He stops in his tracks when he sees Koo standing there. Koo stands rooted to the stop as she sees him. Jo regains his composure and asks Na ri for Japchae. Na-ri apologises to Koo saying Eun sup is her childhood friend. Koo takes the milk and walks away.

Na-ri tells Jo off for coming while there is a customer. Jo asks to borrow Na-ri’s car. She says he doesn’t have a license. He shows her his license.

Later, Jo gets into Na-ri’s car.


Lee Gon heads to the National Security Agency. His voiceover says, “Hang in there, Lieutenant Jeong. I’m coming for you. I promise I will find you.”

At the NSA, Lee Gon gives them the footage of Tae Eul in a bus ( from her November 11th visit) and asks them to locate her now using big data(extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.).


Lee Gon says it is urgent and says it isn’t an order but a request. The NAS team immediately gets to work. He is told that it will take some time.

Lee Gon is tensed as the search begins. Just then, he receives a call from Eun sup. Eun sup says detective Kang had called him up and told he was chasing Luna. Lee Gon tells Eun sup to ask Kang to contact him directly. Lee Gon asks for a quiet room and a laptop.

Later, Lee Gon watches the footage of an exhausted Tae Eul walking towards the city. He watches the footage closely. Tae Eul stops to drink water from the drinking fountain. She then pulls her hair up into a pony tail. Lee Gon breathes a sigh of relief and smiles as he confirms that it is Tae Eul and not Luna.

Lee Gon tells Kang that the girl isn’t Luna but thanks him for the footage. He says the location is near Busan Palace.

Lee Gon heads back to the NSA team. He says the target is wearing grey hoodie, training pants and white sneakers. He says she has her hair tied up in a ponytail. He asks them to check the route from the eastern market to the Palace.


Jo speeds down the road in Na-ri’s car. Jo calls up Tae Eul as he drives but she doesn’t answer. He then calls up Shin jae and tells him to come to Yeoido and says he needs help. Shin jae says Jo owes him one.


Park Suk-jin (Shin jae’s mother in Corea) is tending to Lady Noh when Royal Guard Park in-young walks in. Park Suk-jin walks out.


Park in-young tells Lady Noh that she has checked the alibis for all the palace staff as requested. She says except Park Suk-Jin, everyone else’s alibi checks out. She says park suk Jin visited Eosu Bookstore every time the King’s schedule was empty. She hands over a photograph and says Park Suk-jin was burning this photograph after returning. (The photo is of Shin jae and his mother in Korea)


Park In young says that Lee Lim’s followers used the bookstore as a hideout. Lady Noh is shocked to hear this as great caution is taken before employing staff. Park in young explains that park Suk Jin was hired as a descendant of a national contributor. She says the woman’s grandfather Park Dong –Gu was the contributor. She says the woman who claims she is Park-suk jin isn’t the real granddaughter. She says the real granddaughter lives in Pyongan province and goes by the name Min Seon Yeong. She says Min seong yeong has a record of a lost son.

Meanwhile, Park Suk-jin is at the canteen. She mixes something in her soup (poison). Lady Noh walks into the canteen. She walks up to Park Suk-jin and slaps her. She confronts Park Suk-jin and asks if she lost a son long time ago. Park suk Jin vomits blood and falls down.


The palace staff squeal and murmur. Lady Noh threatens to punish them for 3 generations if word about this leaks out and sends them away. Lady Noh asks for the Palace doctor and orders Park Suk Jin to be taken to the secondary palace. She says she wants her alive. Lady Noh says they have to find who tried to silence Park Suk Jin.


Jo catches up with Koo’s car. He cuts off Koo’s car and she hits the breaks. He gets out of the car and stands in front of her car glaring at her. She gets down and acts as if she doesn’t know him. She scolds him saying she could’ve died.

Jo walks up to her and says, “You can’t die here, Prime Minister Koo” She says he is mistaken and Jo says he isn’t. She still maintains that she isn’t a government official. She asks why he would mistake her for someone else and says it is dangerous.

Just then, a car wheels past them. before Jo can reach for his gun, a shot is fired from the car and it hits Jo on his right shoulder. Jo falls down grunting in pain.


He clenches his shoulder and watches as Koo smiles before driving away. People crowd around him. Shin jae arrives on the spot and he dashes to Jo. He tells the people that it is just a drill and sends them away saying Jo is fine.

Later at the hotel suite, Jo looks at the bruise left by the bulletproof vest upon impact. He puts the vest away. Shin jae asks if he is sure he doesn’t want to go to the hospital as the hospitals here are great. Jo says that the bulletproof vests from Corea are great. He says he won’t have fracture or organ damage. He says it is just ligament rupture so he will be fine.


Shin Jae says he got rid of the dash-cam footage and throws him Na-ri’s car keys. Jo catches the key and stares at Shin jae because the bruise hurts. Shin jae asks him for an explanation or says Jo will be the first to get arrested. Jo promises that this won’t happen again. He says he will explain when Lee Gon returns. Shin Jae asks when the King will return. Jo says Shin jae would be beheaded for referring to the King like that. Shin Jae says he is Jo’s king not his. Jo says Shin jae was from their Kingdom too.

Shin Jae asks how long has Jo been Lee gon’s guard. Jo says he was 4 years old and the King was 8-years-old. He says he saw the King at the coronation and thought he wanted the king to be happy. He says it was fate.

Shin jae comments that it is a totally different world so he doesn’t know what to comment. Shin Jae asks if Lee gon and Jo are dating. Jo laughs saying that those rumours exist too. Jo explains that people like Shinjae and Tae Eul protect law and justice with their lives. He says it is the same for him but he protects the King.

Shin jae asks why Lee gon was crying back them. Jo says it was the first duty of the King. The funeral of the former King. He says the King witnessed his father’s murder. He says Lee gon has been sleeping with the thought of death since then.


Lee Gon and his cavalry ride towards the thugs who were sent to kill Tae Eul. He orders them, “Protect her! She is the future Queen of the Kingdom of Corea!”

Jo’s voiceover says, “So the palace is the safest home for him, and the most dangerous battlefield as well. But now it seems like he has entered a new battlefield. If that is his destiny, I must follow him, whatever the battlefield may be.”

Lee Gon dismounts Maximus and starts killing the thugs. He spots Tae Eul who is sobbing. She walks slowly towards him in her bloodied clothes. He runs towards her and holds her.


Tae Eul bursts into tears as she holds on to him. She says she will skip the thanks. Lee Gon smiles slightly as he says she is skipping many things. Tae Eul looks up at him and says, “I missed you…I missed you… I missed you”. She says there are two bullets left in the gun. One of the royal guards bring the gun to Lee Gon. He points the gun to the side and fires the two bullets before throwing it away. Lee Gon says, “Let’s go to the Palace”. Tae Eul nods in agreement and passes out. Lee Gon holds her and calls out her name.

Lee Gon carries Tae Eul. He instructs Seok ho pil to finish things here and take care of Maximus before walking away carrying her in his arms.


At the Palace, Mo is restlessly pacing the corridors. Lee Gon walks in carrying Tae Eul. She says Dr Hwang is here and the guest room is ready. Lee Gon says he is taking her to his chambers.

Lee Gon places Tae Eul on his bed and he removes her shoes. He runs his hands over her forehead and watches her.

Just then, Lady Noh and Dr Hwang rush into the room. She is worried seeing blood on Lee Gon’s face. He wipes it away saying it isn’t his blood. He asks Lady Noh if she is all right, as she starts to take deep breaths. Lee Gon says every woman he likes is unwell. He holds tae Eul’s hand.

Later, Lee Gon waits outside his room as the staff and the doctor tend to Tae Eul. At daybreak, Lee Gon dozes off on a chair. He wakes up as a doctor walks out of the room.

Finally in the evening, Lady Noh and Doctor Hwang come out of the room. Lady Noh is surprised to see Lee Gon still there. She says he could have come inside. Lee Gon says Lady Noh told him to go out. The doctor says he has treated Tae Eul’s wounds and says she will recover from dehydration. Lady Noh asks Lee Gon to go into the room saying Tae Eul is sleeping. Lee Gon hugs Lady Noh thanking her. He thanks Doctor Hwang before going into his room.


Once inside, Lee Gon sits beside the bed. He watches Tae Eul’s sleeping form. Just then, Tae Eul opens her eyes. He tells her to get more sleep. She asks why he is making her sleep when she has finally met him. She asks if she looks awful and he says not at all. He says she looks like a huge bandage right now but a pretty one.

Tae Eul asks how he found her. He reminds her that he is a decent person here. Tae Eul says she drank water at the Taekwondo Center and she lost consciousness. She says now she knows how important it is to have food tasted beforehand.

Lee Gon caresses her head and says she can’t tell him all about it when she feels better. Tae Eul says she thought the time at the bamboo forest would be their last time together. Lee Gon says a lot had happened during the time they spent apart and that is why he couldn’t come.

Tae Eul says that is a relief. She says she thought the door had closed. Lee Gon says, “Don’t worry. If that door closes, I will open all the doors in the universe and come to you.” She says he has to.


She then asks how Eun sup is doing. He says Eun sup is in the hospital but he is fine. He says it is one of the things that happened here. Tae Eul closes her eyes and says they should go see Eun sup once she wakes up. She says she misses Eun sup. Lee Gon asks if she is saying she misses another guy when he is in front of her. Tae Eul says Jo is doing fine. Lee Gon says he likes her more than Jo and Tae Eul calls him a liar.

Lee Gon says, “Sorry”. Tae Eul opens her eyes and asks why he is sorry. He comments that she opened her eyes. He says he wanted to see her eyes again. Tae Eul asks him to get out and he says this is his room.

Tae Eul closes her eyes and mutters, “Oh really. Then I should take a look around tomorrow. I hope there is a lot of jewellery here.”Lee gon smiles as he watches her fall back to sleep. He tucks her hand inside the blanket. He leans forward and kisses her forehead and sits beside her as she sleeps.

At the Jinsun Political Party meeting, the subject of discussion is the King announcing his Queen. The photographs of Lee Gon holding tae Eul in his arms are all over the internet. One of the officials say that the King has caused a commotion by catching Lee Lim’s followers by himself. He says no one saw the announcement of Queen coming. Another official says announcing the Queen after that much bloodshed was a symbolic show of action. They say they have to find out what family the woman is from and her background information. They say Koo’s approval rates are falling after The King announced his Queen. They say it will be a pain in the neck if an outsider gains the power. They say Koo herself had caused a lot of pain for them.


Luna is dressed up like Tae Eul. She opens a locker and takes out Tae Eul’s phone. She goes through the gallery and finds photos of Tae Eul with her father and the team. She then checks Tae Eul’s search terms and the term “How to grow Magic Liliy” comes up.


Just then, she receives a message from jang Michael in the chat group, asking what she wants to order for the team. Moon shik and Shim respond while Shin jae and Luna don’t.

Shin Jae walks into the Police station. He tells Michael to go ahead and eat. He asks where Tae Eul is. Chief Park comes and says Tae Eul took a 21-day vacation.

Shin Jae checks his message and there is a message from Tae Eul saying she is going for some fresh air. Shin Jae calls Tae Eul’s number. It goes unanswered. He messages her asking her to pick up his call.



Tae Eul wakes up in the morning as her IV is removed. Secretary Mo says that the King asked Mo to escort Tae Eul once she wakes up. Tae Eul asks where Lee Gon is.

Later, Tae Eul walks down the stairs and she finds the staff murmuring in a huddle outside the Royal Kitchen. Tae Eul walks up to them and asks if there is something going on. The staff says The King is washing rice in his Navy Uniform.

Tae Eul opens the door and finds Lee Gon washing rice in his navy uniform. He smiles asking if she woke up just now. He says he washed a whole bag of rice.


His face falls as Tae Eul closes the door and goes out. He calls after her saying this is for her to see and she can’t go out. He yells that his fingers are going numb and the staff start giggling. Tae Eul is embarrassed as she walks back in.

Lady Noh over hears this from far.

Lee Gon serves Tae Eul a lavish spread. He says she said she wanted to live for today. He thought he would make her laugh although he ended up laughing more than her. Tae Eul says she couldnt leave because she was hungry. She looks down as she asks how can he be so dramatic. He says that is why he makes such a great King. He says if he took the MBTI personality test, he would be “The King’.


Tae Eul pulls her hair into a pony tail saying she has told him that she gets irritated before meals. He asks her to eat. Tae Eul points out that it might not have been her back there. She asks him what he would’ve done if she was her doppelganger on that day.

Lee Gon says, “I am dating someone from the other world. And she always ties her hair up when something important comes up, but she always leaves out some strands. And she doesn’t know it because she cant see for herself.”Tae Eul smiles as she eats and asks, “And?”


Lee Gon goes on, “She prefers beer to tea when having a conversation and she likes to mix drinks. She takes mixing drinks seriously. She shakes the glass excitedly and drinks it quickly. But, when courage is needed, she becomes a warrior. That’s the kind of person she is.” Tae Eul smiles as she continues eating.

Tae Eul suggest that they go see Eun Sup after she finishes eating. Lee Gon looks away annoyed. He adds, “But only one flaw is that she only says what she wants to say, whether I make her food or express my love for her”. Tae Eul asks where he put her clothes. She asked if they are washed aren’t there in the room.

Later, the Royal wardrobe bring in two racks of clothes. Lee Gon says he got the clothes that match her style. She asks why he did that and asks if there are no dresses. Two more racks are wheeled in which have dresses.

Tae Eul is embarrassed as she says she was kidding. She walks forward and chooses one set which is on the rack of her style of clothing. Lee Gon smiles saying he was showing off all the pretty dresses he has.

Tae Eul starts laughing. Her smile fades when he eyes fall on one of Lee Gon’s coats that is on display. The coat is the same one that Lee Gon from another time was wearing when he gave her the flowers. She asks him when he wears that. Lee Gon says he will wear it at his most glorious moment. He says, “For example, when I am holding flowers in my hand.”


Lee gon asks what flowers she likes. Tae Eul recalls Lee gon from the future saying that he realised he had never given her flowers. He said he crossed the universe to give her this.

At present, Tae Eul walks away saying she doesn’t like flowers. She says she wants to go see Eun Sup. Lee Gon asks them to escort her to the fitting room. Lee Gon looks at the coat after she leaves.

Tae Eul is dressed up. She finds a jewellery box in her pocket. She opens it and finds a chain with a pendant. She remembers the helper saying The King wants her to wear everything he has prepared. Tae Eul puts the chain on. She then removes it and puts it back in the box and into her pocket.


Tae Eul joins Lee Gon who asks if she didn’t find a box in her clothing. She asks if he means the plum blossom. She says it is very pretty that she wants to wear it on a glorious day too, when she doesn’t have any wounds.

Tae Eul asks Lee Gon how he knew that she would pick this outfit. Lee Gon says he knows everything. She smiles he takes her hand and they walk away.

Meanwhile, the Royal Wardrobe staffs remove the same jewellery boxes from every set of clothing hanging on the racks which had been presented in front of Tae Eul.

At the hospital, Eun Sup is told that The King is arriving. Eun sup says he will do the security check. Eun sup checks the flower pots and the paintings mimicking what Jo did back at his house. He comments that he hopes this security check would suffice.

Just then, he hears a female voice call him, “Eun-sup”. Eun sup freezes in shock as he hears Tae Eul’s voice. He turns around and runs towards her yelping in delight. Lee Gon watches as Tae Eul and Eun sup hug each other. Tae Eul smiles as he asks if this is a dream.


Tae Eul says she heard he was courageous. He animatedly recounts what happened. He then asks what happened to her, as she seems hurt. She says something happened.

Eun sup looks at the packet Lee Gon is holding and asks if its for him. Lee Gon says it is the roll cake from the Bakery. Eun sup asks Lee Gon to cut him a piece as his hand is in a sling. Lee Gon says he can’t do that but he can buy out the entire bakery if Eun sup wants. Tae Eul cuts out a piece of cake for Eun Sup. Tae Eul says, next time Eun sup should try asking Lee Gon to open the car door for him.

Eun sup takes a bite into the cake and says it tastes luxurious. He immediately tears up saying his siblings would love this. She says Eun sup’s siblings are doing great. She says Eun Bi found out that Jo isn’t Eun sup. She asks if he wants to know about Na-ri. He looks up but says he hasn’t thought about her much. Tae Eul says Na-ri doesn’t like Jo and thinks that Eun sup has better stylel. Eun sup is proud to here this. Eun sup asks Lee Gon to open the bathroom door. He can’t believe his eyes when Lee Gon actually opens the door for him.

Later, Lee Gon and Tae Eul visit the warehouse by the saltpans along with the forensic team. They watch as the team scans for evidence.

Outside the warehouse, Tae Eul tells Lee Gon that it must be Lee Lim who had brought her here. She asks Lee Gon why he would do that. Lee Gon asks if she saw Lee lim’s umbrella. She says she didn’t see Lee Lim.


Lee Gon explains both Lee Lim and he have a piece of something they both want. Lee Gon says Lee Lim has hidden it in his umbrella. Tae Eul says Lee Gon’s is in the riding whip. Lee Gon says Lee Lim would’ve figured out where Lee Gon has hidden his piece.

Tae Eul says Lee Lim brought her here to strike a deal with Lee Gon. She says if Lee Gon loses it, the doorway on his side will be closed. Lee Gon confirms this. Tae Eul asks if the fight is about who steals the other’s piece first. Lee Gon says, “No. It is about not losing mine.” He says it is an all-or-nothing fight.

Tae Eul says Lee Gon is at a disadvantage because he has to carry the riding whip every time he visits her. Lee Gon says that is why she shouldn’t treat him harshly. Tae Eul starts crying. Lee Gon tells her not to worry. He says he won’t lose what is his. He suggests they go and pray together if she is still worried. Tae Eul smiles as she agrees.


Later Lee Gon and Tae Eul walk up to the church. Lee Gon says this church is the only place that is the same in both their worlds. He says this is the place where his parents got married. He says his father saw his mother lecturing at a seminar and it was love at first sight. He says his mother was a scientist.

Tae Eul comments that Lee Gon takes after his mother. Lee Gon says he does. He says his father proposed to his mother but his mother was catholic. Lee Gon says his father studied the religion for 6 months and came to this church every week. Lee Gon says his parents got married and had him. He says his mother passed away three years later. He says she had been frail since birth. He says he doesn’t remember it but everyone knows it. He says it is the first time he is telling someone about it. Lee Gon says it is nice that she is the one he is telling this to. Tae Eul looks at him and says he has turned out well.

Tae Eul says they skipped a lot of things. She says her mother and father ran a Taekwondo instructor when she was 5. She says he mother was a popular instructor but died of cancer. She says she still wears her mother’s black belt. Lee Gon runs his hand over her hair and says she has turned out great.

Just then, the priest comes up to them. He notices them holding hands and says he wasn’t notified that Lee Gon would be coming. Lee Gon says he isn’t on an official schedule. Lee Gon asks if the priest can keep a secret. The priest says God told him to keep a guard over his mouth and keep a watch over the door of his lips.


Lee Gon asks the priest to click a photo of him and Tae Eul. He puts his hand over Tae Eul and she smiles for the photo. The priest gets ready to click , “3,2…”

Lee Gon waits for the shutter sound but it doesn’t come. He realises that the time has stopped again. Lee Gon looks at Tae Eul who is as still as a statue.

Lady Noh’s voiceover reads the poem,

“What is your reason for doing that?

You were sitting alone by the stream.

The green grass was sprouting

and the water was splashing from the spring breeze.

You promised that even if you go, you won’t be gone forever.

This is what you promised.

I sit by the stream each day

And think about something endlessly.

When you promised that even if you go, you won’t be gone forever.

Were you asking me not to forget you?”


Lady Noh is in the palace with the poem book in her hand frozen in time.

Lee Gon is desolate as tears trickle down his face. He looks away and wipes away his tears. He regains his composure and walks towards Tae Eul right on time. He leans down towards her and holds her close with a smile. Time starts moving again and the priest clicks the photo.


Later at night, Tae Eul looks at the four tiger sword in Lee Gon’s room while her wounds are being dressed. The doctor informs her that she should refrain from drinking, as she has to take antibiotics for 3 days.

Lee Gon frowns and the Doctor explains that Tae Eul had asked about alcohol.

After the doctor leaves, Tae Eul explains that she asked alcohol for disinfection. He looks at her in disbelief. She says it will help her with the healing and he still stares at her. She then says she has to go to sleep and asks him to leave.

Lee Gon says he has told her numerous times that this is his room. She smiles sheepishly. She asks him where he has been sleeping all along. Lee Gon says he has been sleeping here, next to her. He says it is a big bed and she slaps him. She asks if he has lost his mind. She says no wonder people were giving her weird looks.


Just then, thunder and lightning strike. Lee Gon clutches his shoulder in pain. Tae Eul says she didn’t even hit him that hard. Lee Gon says his shoulder is hurting as if he has been burnt. Lee Gon says it is the scar that Jo mentioned.

Tae Eul leans forwards to check and she sees the fiery scar the next time the lightning strikes. She covers her mouth in shock.

In the dungeons, Lee Sang Do writhes in pain as he has the lightning scar in his stomach. Same way all the people who crossed the portal have similar lightning scars that hurt them (except Shin jae, Jo and Tae Eul).

Tae Eul asks what is wrong. Lee Gon says he thinks it is the side effect of crossing the road of thunder and lightning. Lee Gon asks her if she is hurting. Tae Eul says she feels fine. She pulls away her shirt, exposing her neck and asks him to check if she has a scar. Lee Gon looks away saying she startled him. She says this is visible if she wears summer clothes. She taps him and he pushes her hand away saying she is unbelievable. He comments that this hurts even more. He takes a glance and says she doesn’t have the scar. She asks if it is a random thing.

Lee Gon says the rule of travelling between worlds is broken. Tae Eul recalls phrase they use to curse people, “You deserve to get hit by a lightning.” Lee Gon says he really wanted to stop beheading people. Tae Eul cranes her neck and looks up asking him to go ahead and try. Lee Gon kisses her neck. She exclaims in surprise, “Hey!” and plants a kiss on her lips this time.


Lee Gon says he is sure he told her that she could be beheaded for addressing him with, “Hey”, “this”or “that”. Tae Eul clears her throat and asks him to stop being ridiculous. She stops talking as Lee Gon steals another kiss. He looks at her for a moment before kissing her again.


It is raining as Shin Jae bumps into Lee Lim. Both of them apologise to each other before walking away. Shin jae watches Lee Lim walk away.


Lee Lim goes to his hideout. He notices a cigarette butt there. He checks the surveillance footage and sees Luna breaking into the place and taking a wad of currency notes. She looks into the camera and waves the money at it before walking away. Lee Lim’s face twitches in anger.

Lee Lim sits for dinner with Seong Jeong Kye. She smashes a flower vase over his head and tries to take his umbrella. He holds her by the hair and throws her on the floor. He takes the umbrella and strikes it towards her but stops it an inch away from her eye.


Lee Lim asks her why the scars keep appearing here and there. She asks him to kill her. Lee Lim says he didn’t keep her alive just to kill her like this. He says she is the perfect bait. He asks her if her son would have grown up like ‘him’ if he had been alive? He says she has the same face of his nephews mother.


A series of numbers are written on the board in Lee Gon’s study. The number 4489 is circled.


Koo’s ex-sister-in law who is pregnant, walks into the noodle restaurant. She is told that Koo is there and she goes to sit with her. Koo says she doesn’t want to talk. She says the seat isn’t reserved for the mother but for the child. The woman says it must be a boy. Koo says it is a girl. The woman says she heard Koo is visiting the Middle East with the woman’s husband. Koo observes that the husband is a family man as he discusses the work matters with her. She says he is wasting his time.


The woman says Koo is the icon of wasting time. She says Koo spent 4 years in trying to become queen but now the King has announced someone else as his future Queen. She is surprised that Koo doesn’t know about this. She shows Koo the articles with Lee Gon holding Tae Eul at the intersection. The woman says Koo has to serve another term or she will be just the daughter of a fish shop owner. Koo gets up and walks away after telling the woman to make sure that she gives birth in the Kingdom of Korea.

Lee Gon walks down the corridor when Seok ho pil says that Lee Sang Do is complaining of burning pain whenever it rains. Lee Gon stops walking. Just then, Mo comes to him and says that Koo has entered the palace without notice. Lee Gon comments that Koo is probably feeling much better.

Koo waits in Lee Gon’s office. Lee Gon walks in asking if she is better now. She says the unexpected news made her get up. He says they can talk about that later. Lee Gon says she eventually pulled the gag and asks why she did it. He asks for the reason she wanted to tie him down. She asks him where he would’ve gone if she hadn’t tied him down. She asks if it was to make a marriage proposal. Lee Gon agrees to talk about that first. He says everything in the news is true. He says she (Tae Eul) is the woman he loves. He says he will support her (Tae Eul) every step and every moment. Koo comments that Lee Gon is very honest.


Just then, the lightning strikes and Koo clutches the table. Lee Gon winces as his scar burns his skin again. A lightning scar burns through Koo’s neck as she squeals in pain. She looks up to see Lee Gon standing in front of her watching her.


Tae Eul and Lady Noh talk over tea. Lady Noh says Tae Eul would have been upset over how she treated her during her last visit. She explains that it was to protect Lee Gon. Tae Eul says it is alright.


Lady Noh says she wants to ask her something. She requests Tae Eul to answer her without asking questions. She asks Tae Eul to keep this a secret. Lady Noh says she is willing to trust her because she is a Government Official. Tae Eul asks her to go ahead.

Lady Noh says her name is Noh Ok-nam. She says her father’s name is Noh Gi-seop, her mother’s name is Shin Jeong-ae and her sister’s name is Noh Yeong nam. She says she was born in 1932 in Pyoksong of Hwanghae Province. She says she left her hometown at the age of 17 and hasn’t heard any news of it for 67 years. She says she wants to ask what happened to that war that broke out in June 1950.


Tae Eul takes in what she just heard.


The scenes with the leads were well made and a great watch.

The time stop was for a longer duration at the church. This was a total contrast to the first time stop with Lee Gon and Tae Eul at the park. The first one made one watch in awe while this one makes one feel lonely to be the only one moving around while the whole world is frozen.

It looks like the gravity of the situation has gripped Tae Eul, when she realised that Lee Gon didn’t have to carry the Manpsikjoek with him if it weren’t for her.

Eun sup met the doppelganger of Lee Lim’s assistant who is guarding Song Jeong Hye (mother of Lee Gon’s doppelganger). It was intriguing to see that Shin Jae, Tae Eul, Jo, Eun sup and Luna don’t have the burning scars.

The plot twist towards the end was amazing. I didn’t see that coming. It was revealed that Lady Noh was originally from the Republic of Korea (or she knows someone from Korea from that period) as the 1950 Korean war didn’t take place in the Kingdom of Corea. People from Corea would not be aware of such a war. It looks like the Manpasikjeok flute has been used by someone else long before Lee Lim used it. I wonder who used it and why it opens up a lot of possibilities and I am curious to see how it unfolds.

Also, Lady Noh’s voiceover is the one that always reads the poems by Kim So wul. I wonder if her loved one stuck in the frozen moments of time. Perhaps she takes a liking to the book because the book is from Korea.

This episode was romantic and the scenes with the leads were pleasant to watch, in what is otherwise a grim storyline. Lee Gon keeps promising Tae Eul time and again that he will come to her no matter how long it takes and even if the portal closes. He comes across as a person who keeps his word. It would be great if he comes through with his promise because the Lee Gon who visited her with flowers looked quite sad.

The coat which Lee Gon wore when he visited Tae Eul with the flowers was the same one he wore in Episode 1 (1st scene) when he is before the portal while Lee Lim gives his statement to Tae Eul in 2020.

-By Soul Sword-

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