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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Recap


Luna is on her bike racing down the road trying to get away from Detective Kang’s police car. Luna drives past a crossroad with Kang following her. Kang doesn’t notice a truck coming towards his. His car is totalled as the truck drives into his car.

Luna stops her bike and watches this. As she is about to drive away, a car rams into her, throwing her off the bike.

Luna wakes up on the floor, blindfolded in what looks like a warehouse. Lee Lim approaches her. She says they are bad guys and not cops. She asks who they are. Lee Lim says they rescued her from the cops. He says they are allies and removes her blindfold.

Lee Lim observes that Luna is very famous in the slums. He says she doesn’t have a family or home. He says she sleeps in a car and runs errands for people to make a living.

Lee Lim states that Luna doesn’t know what her parents look like and that she is going to die soon. He asks if she ever thought when would it be her turn to receive an organ transplant. Luna says he hurt her feelings. She says she uses other people’s weakness but doesn’t poke other’s wounds. She refuses to be his ally and calls him a douchebag.

Lee Lim laughs loudly saying he always meets the right people. Lee Lim throws Tae Eul’s ID on the floor. Luna asks if he went through all this effort to photoshop her face. Lee Lim says Tae Eul is luna’s doppelganger in the other world. He says she is healthy and has happy parents. He throws Tae Eul’s family photo in front of her. He says these are her parents.

Luna remembers Koo saying they had met before. Lee Lim says he will give her a new life. Luna comments that Tae Eul had everything and it pisses her off. She says she is hurt.

Later, Lee Lim walks down the road. He passes by a crowd at Prince Buyeong’s memorial service but no one notices him.

The news states that the Palace hasn’t made a statement regarding Prince Buyeong’s cause of death. It says that the King has full authority over all matters with respect to this case and that he will be investigating the death.

Prince Buyeong’s funeral service takes place. Lee Gon, Lady Noh, Secretary Mo, Koo and everyone else is present at the funeral. Lee Gon stands still as he recalls an incident from his past.

In a flashback, Prince Buyeong smiles as young Lee Gon grasps his hand. Years later, the Prince smiles the same way looking at Lee Gon as an adult. Lee Gon remembers speaking with Buyeong on New Years eve.

At present, Koo smiles as she looks at Lee Gon who is grieving. Kim warns her that she just smiled.

Later, Koo says that she enjoys seeing Lee Gon in despair. Just then, her staff comes in with an envelope from KU group. Koo sends the her away and opens the envelope. She finds Lee Lim’s photo in it on the day of the shootout. She is shocked and wonders if what her mother said was true. She picks out the newspaper of her doppelganger and wonders what the connection is.


Jang Yeong-ji calls up Kyung Moo from the prison. She says she posted the 2g phone to herself through registered mail. She says the postal department will keep the parcel at the post office if the delivery attempt fails twice. She asks him if he will get her out. Kyung Moo says he will.

Later, Kyng Moo walks into the penitentiary. As he walks down the corridor, the CCTV monitors black out one by one.

Tae Eul is at a stakeout. She waits at a store when the culprit walks out of her house. Tae Eul informs Jang Michael who makes the arrest. The store owner asks if they abducted the woman. Tae Eul shows the woman her ID saying they are cops and they arrested the suspect.


Park Souk Jin (Shin Jae’s mother in Corea) tucks the blanket around Lady Noh who is sleeping. The doctor stands beside the IV line. After they leave, Lady Noh recalls her conversation with Prince Buyeong.

In a flashback, Lady Noh gives Prince Buyeong his New Year’s ceremony clothes that had just arrived. Prince Buyeong notes that it is that time of the year again. He says it the day where Prime Minister Koo Stays up the whole night with the King. He observes that it makes Lady Noh uneasy.

Prince Byeong laughs as she denies this.  He says he was waiting for her and is glad she came. He pours them both some herbal liquor. Lady Noh says other than being pretty, Prime Minister Koo has no other good quality. She adds that Koo isn’t that pretty either and says Koo is sly and vulpine. Prince Buyeong laughs saying he understands.

At present, Lady Noh breaks into tears as she lies on the bed.

Lee Gon is in the Royal Kitchen. The doctor informs him that Lady Noh is fine. He says they have given her a sleeping dose with vitamins. He also says Doctor Hwang will return to the palace after finishing Prince Buyeong’s autopsy.

After the doctor leaves, Lee Gon stops what he was doing and allows the tears to fall. He is overcome by grief as he cries. He sinks to the floor crying.


Tae Eul parks her car. She looks at the keychain that Lee gon gave her. She recalls Lee Gon saying that he loves her a lot and kissing her.

Tae Eul’s voiceover says, “I could tell that he was from a different time, not a different world. Perhaps, that was the day I made up my mind about a lot of things.”

At present, Tae Eul looks at the keychain wondering if she is getting dumped like this. Tae Eul puts down the keychain and says she will teach him a lesson when he comes back.

Tae Eul goes to a cafe. She buys two cups of tea and sits at the table when she receives a calls from Gyeong ran. She tells Tae Eul that Jang Yeong Ji committed suicide at the penitentiary. Just then, Shin jae walks in. Gyeong ran says there was power outage that day and there is no CCTV footage. Tae Eul maybe questioned for harassing the victim as she had visited her. Tae Eul hangs up and tells Shin Jae they are covering their tracks. She says they should go to the cinerarium and find Song Jeong Hye’s contact. 

Later, as they walk into the cinerarium, Tae Eul says Song Jeong Hye will have the same face as Lee gon’s mother. She says the address on the record has only farmlands there. The manager approaches them and he says that they do not have any contact registered for Lee Ji Hun.  He says the payment is always sent 5 years in advance and always made in cash. Tae Eul asks for CCTV footage. Shin jae asks to see the footage from the parking lot. Tae Eul asks how he will locate her from the parking lot. Shin jae says he has seen Song Jeong Hye when he was here the previous time. He then asks who Lee Lim is and she says he is the one who brought Shin Jae to this world and is the one who started all this.


The boy plays with his yoyo outside the Eosu bookstore. Luna walks upto him. The boy gives her a knife, which he claims he found inside her coat. Luna says she didn’t come for the knife. She tells him to use it to protect what belongs to him.

Luna gives him her car keys. She tells him to keep it and everything inside it as well. She asks him to feed the cat ‘Luna’ in return. The boy asks if she is going to steal something again.

Luna asks him if he believes that God exists. The boy nods. Luna says she will be punished in that case. She then asks why the string of the yoyo is red. He says he hooked it up by himself. Luna asks who taught him that expression. She tells him to hook it up again as it looks like it will break and she leaves.

At Buyeong’s residence, Lee Gon stands quietly facing the window while Buyeong’s eldest son Seong Heon goes around the place badmouthing Lee Gon and the Royal court. He accuses Lee Gon of overworking his father and not treating him well. He says his father was used. Lee Gon remains quiet.

In a flashback, Prince Buyeong is on the phone with Seong Heon. Seong Heon says they will come here because Se-jin (Buyeong’s daughter) misses him a lot. Prince Buyeong asks him to send only Se-jin. He tells Seong Heon not to accompany her. Seong Heon says they follow the right of primogeniture (the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child). He says he will be next in line after Buyeong passes away. Buyeong tells him off by stating he can never set foot in the Kingdom Of Corea and hangs up.

At present, Seong Heon tells Lee Gon that he will sell his house in Los Angeles and move into Buyeong’s house. He says he will take over the role as the Royal Physician. He says Lee Gon should announce him as director on the say he announces the order of succession.

Lee Gon finally breaks his silence by saying Seong Heon can never enter the Kingdom of Corea. He states that Se-jin is next in line to the throne and not Seong Heon. Seong Heong raises his voice at Lee Gon. Lee Gon continues saying that Seong Heon should leave immediately after the 49th day of the memorial service. He says he will allow Seong Heon to maintain his dignity as a member of the Royal Family. Seong Heon asks how Lee Gon dare say that.

Lee Gon calls his guards and asks for a full report on every move that Seong Heon makes until the 49th day of the memorial service. He states Seong Heon will leave the country as soon as the memorial service is over.

As Lee gon walks away, Seong Heon starts yelling and attempts to follow him but the guards hold him back.

Later, Lee gon stands in the corridor by the water pond when Doctor Hwang returns. The doctor says the cause of Buyeong’s death was asphyxiation caused by manual strangulation. He says a strong force was applied to the neck. He gives the King’s ring to Lee Gon saying someone had put this on Buyeong’s finger after he died. He says there was no defensive wounds on the Royal Guards who were killed. He says they were slain in one blow with a sharp blade. The doctor leaves.

Lee gon’s voiceover says, “Lee Lim will not hide and does not want anything to be hidden. He called me to stand on my father’s blood. Now he is provoking me using my uncles blood.”

Lee Gon throws the ring in fury. The ring stops in midair as the time stops.

Lee gon looks at the ring for a moment and grabs it from the air in frustration. He walks away back into the Palace. After sometime, he realises that the time hasn’t started moving yet. He notices the staff standing still. Just then, time starts moving and the staff are startled seeing him there. Seok Ho-pil rushes up to Lee gon apologising for not following him.

Lee Gon tells Seok that he will be away for a while and won’t be returning for sometime. He says they won’t be able to reach him.

Just then, Mo rushes in and shows him a few articles that have been circulating since afternoon. She says it was intentional. Lee Gon says Koo has pulled the trigger and asks Mo to get Koo on the line for him. He says Koo wants to tie him down.

Mo dials Koo’s office but they say Koo has taken a sick day. Lee Gon walks away after asking Mo to find her and put her on the phone.

Lee gon asks Seok ho-pil to bring him the daily log of the team that guarded Prince Buyeong for the past 6 months.


Shin-jae walks out of a shop and he feels someone following him. He catches Kyung Mu and throws him against a trashcan. He asks why Jyung Moo has been tailing him. Shin jae lifts Kyung Moo up but Kyung Moo slashes Shin jae’s arm with a broken bottle from the trash can.

Kyung Moo catches the wallet Shin jae throws at him. Shin jae says the broken bottle means this is special violence and the wallet makes it robbery. He shows the injury and says this is bodily harm. He explains that whatever he does from this moment will be considered execution of duties.

He knocks Kyung Moo to the ground. Kyung Moo draws out a knife.  As they fight Kyung moo holds the knife to Shin jae’s neck and says, “I am not supposed to kill you”.

Shin jae instantly disarms him and asks who is his boss as he has to thank him. Kyung Moo says it is someone who will always be by Shin jae’s side and pulls out a 2G phone.

Kyung Moo says if Shin jae lets him go, the phone will ring. Shin jae says he is curious and asks who pays the bill.

Shin Jae jumps out of the way as a car wheels into the alley. Kyung Moo gets onto the car, which drives away. Shin jae notices the number plate, “031 G 7370”same as the one which he saw outside penitentiary.

Later, Shin jae walks into the police station bleeding. Tae Eul is shocked to see him in this state. He puts the 2G phone on the table when she says they have to go to the hospital.  He says the phone came to him too and tells her to dust it for prints. Tae Eul takes him to the hospital.

Later, they walk out of the hospital after getting the wound dressed. Shin jae tells her not to tell his mom, the chief and Jo about this. Tae Eul says Miachael already knows. She asks how he got the phone. He says it must be from Lee Lim and tells her what happens. He wonders why they approached him and if he will get the call. She asks him to set up the meeting and to ask the man to bring his prettiest friend. She says they should catch them all together. He wonders what they are after and where they are headed. She says she was told they will arrive somewhere if they keep going. He asks who says that and she says it’s from “Alice in the Wonderland”.


Lee Gon is in his study, going through Prince Buyeong’s guards’ daily log. Mo walks in and says she hasn’t been able to get a hold of Koo. She says Koo hasn’t left her private residence and is receiving all the reports electronically. She asks if she should send someone there. Lee Gon says no as Koo is trying to get back at him for what he had done earlier. He says they should wait and Mo leaves.

Lee Gon circles one of the logs in the records which says, “Busan, the slums, EOSU BOOKSTORE”. Lee Gon comments that it is the only place Prince Buyeong had visited in Busan. He says this is the move his uncle made. Seok says he will look into it but Lee gon gets up.

He recalls Prince Buyeong’s words, “The footsteps you take by risking your life is what is fate.”

Lee Gon realises that Prince Buyeong knew Lee Gon would check the log records. Lee Gon walks out. He orders Seok ho pil to get Team one armed and follow him.

Lee Gon goes to the palace dungeons and questions both Lee Sang Do and Kim Gi Hwan (the restaurant owner). Lee gon states that he is asking them so that lives can be saved and not because he doesn’t know. He asks if they know about Eosu bookstore. He says the one who answers first will live and the other person will be beheaded.

Lee Sang Do immediately says he doesn’t know anything. Kim, on the other hand, says he knows Lee Gon can’t kill him because he needs to interrogate him on Lee Lim’s whereabouts. Seok points his gun at Kim’s head. Lee gon says Kim’s information won’t help him reach Lee Lim. Kim’s smile fades when Lee Gon says Lee Lim wouldn’t share sensitive information with Kim. Lee Gon crouches to Kim’s level and says he no longer needs Kim for anything. Kim laughs asking Lee Gon to kill him if he really can. Lee Gon says he will.

Lee Sang Do begs Lee Gon to spare his life. He says he wants to go back. Lee Gon says Lee Sang Do is already  dead in the other world and Sang Do himself had committed that crime.

Lee Gon says both Kim and Sang Do are guilty of causing chaos in both worlds. He says Lee Sang Do will stay here and pay for his sins. Lee Sang Do is dragged away as he continues to plead for mercy.

Kim points out that beheading was abolishes ages ago. Lee Gon gets up and says, “I think you have forgotten because you are one of the traitor’s henchmen. The King’s words are the law.”

Lee Gon orders, “Royal Guards. Kim Gi Hwan, the traitor’s henchman who chose silence shall be beheaded. It is the King’s order.” The Royal Guards immediately drag away a resisting Kim.

Bueong’s son is at the memorial service when the news is relayed that the King has arrested one of the henchmen who will by beheaded by midnight. It says the special law has never been put to use since Lee Gon’s enthronement. They say it is being used for the first time in 62 years.


Tae Eul is at the city square eating alone. She recalls her conversation with Lee Gon when they visited Seong Jeong Hye’s address that turned out to be a farmland.

In the flashback, Tae Eul holds his hand and asks if Lee Gon made Koo the steak and rice in his navy uniform. Lee gon laughs saying he rinsed the rice and then put on the uniform. Tae Eul leaves his hand with a frown. She points out that he said he puts on the uniform only at most honourable moments. Lee Gon says it is true and says and an example of that would be when he proposes to the love of his life.

Tae Eul says he didn’t wear it for her. He says he was in a hurry but says it was the best thing he had done since he came to this world. Lee Gon says he is waiting for her answer and says the story about Koo was a joke. Tae Eul says that wasn’t a proposal. She says he didn’t ask her to be his queen but just told her to do it. Lee Gon stops walking and asks her what is her answer.

He pulls her close and hugs her when she doesn’t respond. She says she will punch him. He looks into her face and asks if she will do it. Tae asks if she will never see him again if she says a no.

Lee Gon asks, “So it is a no?” Tae Eul says, “Not Today.” Tae Eul says she has been doing some thinking. She says she will live for today and not think about anything else. She says she will live as if today is the only ordinary day where they are allowed to be scandalous. She suggests they do that.

Lee Gon says during moments like these, couples usually pledge their eternal love for each other but she says they will live for just one day. Tae Eul nods saying there is no tomorrow for them and that is why she hopes today is a long day. She holds his hand saying she is holding his hands because they will live only today.

As they continue walking, Lee Gon asks if they will hold just hands and do nothing else. He asks if she even knows what ‘scandalous’ means. She says he ditched her at the palace even when they were alone. Lee Gon is offended as he says he was being considerate of her. He says she should have asked me to stay. Lee Gon says he won’t be that considerate the next time. She stops him reminding him that there is only today. She lets go off his hand and walks away with a huff. Lee Gon follows her saying he is a fast learner and asks her to be patient. Tae Eul doesn’t stop and he follows her saying he knows she can hear him.

At present, Tae Eul is nostalgic as she smiles. Just then, Tae Eul notices Koo’s doppelganger walking past her. Tae Eul immediately runs over and stops her.

The woman sees Tae Eul’s bloodstained clothes (Shin Jae’s blood).  Tae Eul shows her police ID and asks to see the doppelganger’s ID. The woman gives the resident registration card to her. It reads, “Koo Eun-A, 820726”. She says her date of birth is July 26th 1982. Tae Eul gives her the ID back. Eun-A smiles saying she was nervous without even knowing what this was about.

Taae Eul follows the Eun-A to a garment store. Eun A buys a pair of high heels and she asks the shopkeeper to throw the old shoes out. Tae Eul then receives a call from her father and leaves saying she will meet him soon.

Elsewhere, Luna looks at Tae Eul’s photos on the wall. She recalls watching Tae Eul earlier with her father, shopping for groceries.

She cuts her hair to the right length as she transforms her looks to match Tae Eul. There are scars from past wounds on her upper arm.

Meanwhile, Tae Eul is training at the Taekwondo centre. She lies down after training and watches the pot in which she sowed the imaginary flower seeds. It shows no sign of sprouting. Tae Eul goes over the refrigerator and takes a drink.

She takes a sip and instantly feels dizzy. She takes out her phone to call someone but the phone drops out of her hand as she falls down.

Na-ri is at the cafe. Koo walks in and asks to see the menu as it’s her first time here. Na-ri looks over Koo’s shoulder as someone walks in. Koo turns around to see that it is Jo Yeong. Both of them are taken aback upon running into each other.


Lee Gon sits at this desk. He says, “So it is 3481 seconds.” He thinks back to all the time stops. His voiceover says, “I missed the beginning, but the second time… for 121 seconds (with Jo at the palace), then for 841 (when he was with Jo at the suite) seconds and 961 seconds (when he was washing his hands in the suite). Then 2209 seconds (new years eve), and finally (when he threw the ring).”

Lee Gon goes over to the board and starts calculating. Lee Gon’s voiceover continues that, “The amount of frozen time is multiplying by the square root of the prime number. At this rate, time will stop for one whole day the 62nd time this happens. In other words, there will come a moment when the worlds, both Tae Eul’s and mine, will stop forever.”

Just then, Seok ho pil walks in saying they have located Eosu bookstore. He shows Kyng Moo’s photo saying he is the store owner. Lee Gon instantly recognises Kyung Moo as Lee Lim’s bodyguard from 25 years ago. Lee Gon fumes when he realises that Kyung Moo has been alive all this time (despite the masked figure shooting him).

Later, Lee Gon and the Royal guards stand outside Eosu bookstore ready to raid it. He tells the Royal Guards that it is the hideout of Lee Lim’s followers. The snipers surround the store. Seok Pil asks if they should capture them alive. Lee Gon orders them to kill the followers.

Inside the store, Kyung Moo is listening to the radio. He is pleased with himself as he looks at the bundles of currency notes on his table.

Just then, a shower of bullets spray across the bookshelves. Kyung Moo shields himself behind a bookshelf. The rest of the thugs come running from inside to try and escape. Kyung Moo gathers the money and starts to run when a bullet catches him on his shoulder. Kyung Moo falls down.

The Royal guards take out all the followers one by one, as they rush out of the bookstore. Lee Gon follows the Royal Guards into the bookstore.

In a flashback, Lee Lim asks the Kyung Moo in Korea to take over the bookstore in Corea. Lee Lim says the Kyung Moo from Corea is not useful to him now. Kyung Moo in Korea is happy to hear this and asks when he should go over.

At present inside the bookstore, Kyung Moo from Korea lies on the floor bleeding out. He realises that Lee Lim has sent him to die in place of the original Kyung Moo from Corea. Before dying, he clenches the currency notes and says, “This is why I said you never know what someone is really thinking.”

Lee Gon walks in and orders Seok ho pil to check if the man’s left shoulder has a gunshot scar. Ho pil checks and says there is no such scar.

Elsewhere, Tae Eul wakes up in a warehouse still feeling dizzy. She is tied up and her mouth is taped. She sees 8 thugs standing by the entrance and one of them has the car keys.  She notices the yoyo boy looking at her through a crack in the wall.

Meanwhile, Lee Gon is at the bookstore standing by Kyung moo’s (doppelganger) dead body. Lee Gon’s voiceover says, “Those with the same faces are stealing their counterparts lives.” He remembers Luna and Tae Eul. Lee gon orders Soek to retreat and orders all the Royal Guards to assemble. He tells the infantry and cavalry unit to be armed and be ready.” Lee gon walks out of the bookstore.

Lee Gon’s voiceover continues, “Hang in there little longer Lieutenant Jung tae Eul. I’m coming for you. I will find you no matter what. Please be there no matter where you are.”

Meanwhile, Tae Eul wakes up again, when the tape is removed from her mouth. She looks up and sees the yoyo boy. Tae Eul asks him what he is doing here and asks him to get out of here. The boy says he warns people of danger and defeats the enemy.

Tae Eul looks at him and says, “By the way, you are in this world too.” The boy says, “There is only one of me. I went to the other world.” The boy cuts her loose with the knife he found in Luna’s jacket. He gives the knife to Tae Eul saying, “I am trying to restore balance. There are too many enemies.” Tae Eul takes the knife asking who he is and what is going on.

Just then, a couple of thugs rush in. Tae Eul shields the boy, asking him to run away. She slashes the two thugs in an instant and knocks them unconscious. She takes a gun from one of them and shoots the other thugs who pour into the door. She takes the car keys from one of them and rushes to the door. She turns around looking for the boy but the boy is gone.

Tae Eul runs out of the warehouse and she sees that she the place is near the salt pans. She takes the car and drives away.

Tae Eul pants as she races down the freeway. She notices a car following her closely. Tae Eul reaches for her phone but she realises that it’s gone. She looks around for directions to Seoul. She is startled when she reads a signboard that says, “BUSAN PALACE” with a ‘go straight’ arrow. Tae Eul realises that she is in Corea and not Korea.

Meanwhile, Lee Lim and the real Kyung Moo are walking at a shipyard. Kyung Moo says everyone in the bookstore was killed. Lee Lim comments that he thought Lee Gon was a benevolent ruler. He said he didn’t know his nephew was a blood-thirsty tyrant.

Just then, one man apologises as he reports that they lost Tae Eul but there are 3 men chasing her. His words are abruptly cut off as Lee Lim unsheathes his sword and slays him in one strike.

Lee Lim says Tae Eul must be heading to the Palace. He asks them to bring her either dead or alive. He says Lee Gon will come for her either way. He yells that there is something he has to obtain in exchange for her.

Night has fallen and Tae Eul is still driving. Her car stops as it has run out of fuel. She checks her gun and she has 3 bullets left. She gets down from the car and starts walking. She hears a car approaching and turns around to see the thug’s car. She aims for the tyre and takes the shot. She runs away when the bullet hits the mark and the car topples over.

Tae Eul is completely exhausted as she walks into the empty city. She looks around and spots a pay phone at the intersection. She goes over to it. She finds a notice, “Call this number to wish His Majesty a Happy New Year.”

Tae Eul dials the number. She gets a recorded response, “Wish the King of The Kingdom of Corea a Happy New Year after the tone.”

Tae Eul’s voice cracks as she says, “Lee Gon. It’s me, Jon Tae-Eul. You wont believe me, but I’m in the Kingdom of Corea now. I’m being chased by someone. I’m headed to the palace now. I’ll hurry. I’m on my way there now.” She is cut off by the recorded message that says, “Message recorded. Thank you for using our service”. Tae Eul starts crying as she says, “So look for me when you get this message.”  She puts the phone down and starts crying.

Just then, a truck drives towards her at full speed. Tae Eul looks up just in time and moves away. The truck rams into the payphone booth. The driver gets down from the truck and walks towards Tae Eul who is lying on the road. He tries to lift her up but she knocks him unconscious. She then picks up the gun and limps forward.

She stops as she hears more footsteps. She stops and points the gun in the direction of the footsteps. She waits for them to come into view. She sees a large group of thugs running towards her. She puts down her gun in dejection.

The thugs stop in their tracks as they hear loud sirens. Tae Eul looks up and sees the police helicopters flying over them. The police cars and S.W.A.T teams rush into the scene.

Tae Eul hears the sound of horse hoofs approaching her.  She looks up to see Lee Gon and the cavalry riding down the street.

Tae Eul breaks into tears as she watches Lee Gon on Maximus riding towards her.

Lee Gon commands the cavalry, “Protect her! She is the future Queen of the Kingdom of Corea!” Lee Gon draws out his sword. The cavalry follows suit.

They ride through the group of thugs, slashing them. Lee Gon and the guards dismount their horses and start killing the thugs.

Lee Gon walks forward, slaying the thugs on his way. Tae Eul sobs as she watches Lee Gon fiercely slashing the thugs. Lee Gon stops as he sees Tae Eul.

Tae Eul walks slowly towards him. Lee gon rushes towards her and holds her in his arms.

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It is interesting how the script balanced itself out in this episode. For instance, Koo crossed over to the other world but Jo spotted her. At the same time, Tae Eul has also met Koo’s doppelganger. It looks like the balance is slightly tipping in Lee Gon’s favour though the enemy is still powerful. This is good as there are just a few episodes until the finale.

Luna left her knife with the yoyo boy to protect what belongs to him. It is ironic that the same knife was used to save Tae Eul. It was shown that the Yoyo boy is the force that is maintaining the balance.

Tae Eul asked the yoyo boy if he is in the Republic of Korea as well (she didn’t know she was in Corea at that point). She hasn’t met the boy in Corea as far as we know (I can’t comment on the scenes that haven’t been aired yet in the form of flashbacks). From what was shown, she met him in Korea when he bumped into her and she dropped the ID card. I wonder if there is more to their interactions. It is interesting to see how the boy speaks only to Luna and Tae Eul (apart from his interaction with Lee Lim once and looking at Lee Gon through the camera )

Tae Eul mentioned that the Lee Gon who gave her the forget-me-not flowers was from another time.

Also, I liked how in this episode Lee Gon is wary of the fact that anyone whom he/his guards kill could be a doppelganger. The scene where he asked to check if Kyung Moo has a bullet scar was a good one since it puts the protagonist at par with the antagonist and not behind him.

Until now, Koo looked like a power monger and jealous woman harbouring unrequited love/ obsession over Lee Gon. Her character is more clear now with her confession that she enjoys seeing Lee Gon in despair. She is a powerful tool on Lee Lim’s side. I am curious to see how that plays out.

Prince Buyeong’s son Seong Heon proved why the decision to keep the rest of the royal family out of the Kingdom was a good move. In such a short span of screen time, he was so spiteful and full of hatred. One takes a dislike to him instantly.

Lee Gon figured out that the amount of frozen time increases exponentially. This means that the portal is gradually stopping the existence of both worlds each time a person crosses over. So at one point, time in both worlds will stop forever. That was an interesting and dangerous twist. It looks like this is a good enough reason as to why the portal should be sealed as soon as possible. The portal which seemed amazing and harmless untill now has become life threatening in a split of a second.

The scene at the farmland was a nice-watch. It shows Tae Eul’s mindset at that point and it looks like there may be a follow up scene stating her change of mind. Her voiceover still has a looming sadness to it.

Lee Lim sent a 2G phone to Shin Jae. I wonder if it is a trap as Lee Lim is aware that Shin jae was a wrong move he made.

Meanwhile, Luna is in Korea. I wonder what she intends to do there.  Whether Luna tries to impersonate Tae Eul in Korea or Corea, she is bound to fail, as the people around Tae Eul will find out that she is a different person.

The last scene (starting from where Tae Eul speaks with the yoyo boy) was powerful and was thrilling. I liked how there was realism and drama mixed together in the scene. For instance, Tae Eul didn’t escape on her own. The boy helped her. She also didn’t get to Busan easily. Meanwhile, Lee Lim also knew she escaped and he sent more thugs. Also, there was a fair bit of time between her phone call and the time Lee Gon arrived at the scene. Till then, she survived on her own. Despite all that, Lee Gon’s entry was well-made and heroic, as in the end he was the one who saved Tae Eul. The actors have done a great job here, making the scene the best in this series so far.

This episode was a good one and I look forward to seeing what happens in Korea with Koo and Luna there.

-By Soul Sword-

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