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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Recap


Shin Jae eats rice cakes at a roadside shop. He recalls having the rice cakes with Tae Eul in the past.

Shin jae is at a session with the psychiatrist Jo Hae Jin. He tells her it is the first time he dreamed of this place. He says he saw a house with a gate and a sofa. He says his mother smelled really nice. He says he thought, “I really hope Kang Heon Min is just a dream.”

Hae Jin says it could be really a dream. She asks why he thinks that Kang Heon Min is a memory. He says he met someone from another world. He asks if she thinks he is delusional. She changes the subject by asking about the sweet dreams that he has been having.


Shin Jae is by the rice cake stand when he hears Tae Eul asking if this is where he decided to come for vacation. He asks her what she is doing here when it is not even her day off. She asks why he isn’t answering her calls. She says she staked out this place for many days. He says she has lot of time to kill.

Tae Eul asks if he wants her to explain about the science fiction. He says he is on vacation now and starts to leave. She stops him by saying Lee Sang Do is still alive. She says Jang Yeon and Lee Sang Do both have a 2G phone. She says there is another world where people with the same faces as them live. She says she has been there. She says there are crimes taking place across both worlds but she can’t report it as she doesn’t have evidence. She says someone has to stop this but he is the only one she can think off. She asks him to help. He calls her delusional and walks away.


Lee Gon is shocked to see Lee Lim in the footage. Lee Lim looks just as he had, 25 years ago. Lee Lim’s voiceover narrates, “That’s where he is, biding his time.” Lee Lim looks at the time the voiceover continues, “Only ten days to the last day of the year. I have about 5 hours. And another thing I missed is the only place I can find Lee Lim’s obelisks.”


Lee Gon rides Maximus through the place between 1 and 0. There are many balloons suspended in the air.

Meanwhile in Corea time passes and night falls.

Lady Noh’s voice over narrates, “When the sun goes down over the white rapids, I shall wait by the gate, between the shadows of the birds singing at dawn, I see the world brightening up in its still calmness.”


Tae Eul walks into the bamboo forest at night. She looks longingly at the empty path. She turns to walk away when she hears a horse neigh and. She turns around hearing Maximus’s hoofs and sees a red balloon floating a few yards before her. She watches with bated breath as Lee Gon rides into view.


Lady Nohs’s voiceover continues, “ With my eyes fixated on the traveller passing by, at the break of the dawn. Is that you? Ïs that You?

Lee Gon is taken aback seeing her there. He says, “Hey”.

Tae Eul sobs as she walks towards him. She asks if he is finally here. She asks if he just got here and runs towards him. Lee Gon gets down from Maximus and runs towards Tae Eul. He holds her as she runs into his arms.


Tae Eul bursts into tears as he holds her close. Lee Gon asks if she has been waiting here. Tae Eul asks if he is really here. Lee Gon says he isn’t here yet, not entirely. He says he missed her so much. He says he was going to listen to her voice and leave.

She asks what he means by that. He says he wanted to call her using the nearest payphone and talk to her. He shows her the coins he brought. Tae Eul starts crying and hugs him.


Lady Noh closes the book of poems. Secretary Mo asks her where Lee Gon is. She asks Lady Noh to come up with an excuse for the King’s absence at the New Year Ceremony. Lady Noh tells her not to worry as Lee gon will return by the time it is Lunar New Year. Mo says the New Year is just two days away. She says she will die of worry.

Just then, Lee Gon walks in asking if he is on time. He says the New Year should be in a day or two and Lady Noh confirms that it is the 23rd today. He closes his eyes in relief as he says he nearly lost count. Mo asks if he had a secret rendezvous and he answers it was more like illegal immigration. He says it was amazing. He leaves after saying he will see her tomorrow.


Jo meets Tae Eul at the restaurant and passes her the hotel room key. She takes it and asks him to eat with her. Jo says he has to leave soon because Eun sup’s parents are coming. Tae Eul says she feels bad that he has to spend the New Year away from his family. Jo says that Eun sup is in the same situation. Tae Eul tells him to be careful around Eun Bi as he can’t beat her. He tells her he is more worried that she will be too fond of him. She wishes him a Happy New Year and he wishes her back.

Later at his house, Eun sup’s mother helps Jo into a multicoloured traditional clothing. Eun Bi (Eun sup’s sibling) comes towards him and he smiles at her. She gives him a stare. She tells her mother that she has been watching this man and he isn’t Eun sup.



Jo goes stiff as he hears this. Eun sup’s mother laughs it off but Eun bi is persistant. She says he is cooler now but he has become a prick. Just then, the other twin walks in with Jo’s gun. Jo rushes towards him and grabs the gun. He removes the cartridge. Jo explains to their mother that he kept it as a souvenir from the military. Eun-bi says they should call the police as the entire Jo family is at stake. Eun sup’s mother says she gave birth to a cool son. She then slaps Jo on the shoulder asking him to grow up and stop playing with toys. After she leaves, Eun bi gestures that she will be watching him and walks away. Jo comments that a 7-year-old in Republic of Korea is sharp enough to join the Royal Guards.

On New Year’s Eve, Tae Eul and her team are on duty. They sit outside the Police station. They notice Shin jae walking towards them. Shin jae says he is joining back. The team gets excited as they get up and ask him to join them inside. Shin Jae asks Tae Eul to tell him about the 2G phone. She smiles as they walk inside.


Lee Gon gives his New Years address. He says another Year has been added to their lives. He speaks about the plus sign. He says it is found in the hospital signs, equations and equations. He says it is a symbol of healing and also for prayer depending on how it is used. He says for some people it gives courage to face their fate. He says the year 2020 is the year of the mighty white rat. He says the rat is the first creature in the zodiac and it is also the god of direction and time. He says he will be rooting for everyone this year. He says he hopes every second of their time will be fruitful. He wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Everyone claps and Koo watches from the first row.

Eun sup cheers and claps loudly commenting that Lee gon is very charismatic.

Earlier, Koo asks Lady Noh what is Lee Gon’s type. Lady Noh says Koo just has one year of her term remaining. She says one year is enough. She asks for a hint. She asks what can crush the King’s heart. Lady Noh says a normal question should be what makes his heart flutter. She says it sounds like a violent love. Lady Noh asks if the King has cried in front of her at least once. She refuses to help Koo.

After the speech, Koo walks with Lee Gon and she asks if he is rooting for her too. He says he is, but he hopes she doesn’t have a bad sense of direction. Just then, Jo’s phone rings (Detective Kang) and Eun sup shows the phone to Lee Gon. Lee Gon asks him to attend the call saying, “Jo Yeong speaking”. The guards and Koo give him an odd look. Lee Gon explains that he likes hearing Jo’s cool voice.


Later, Lee Gon and Eun sup head to the Police station. They ask to see Detective Kang.


Elsewhere, Luna feeds a starved cat. She comments that it is still alive. She says she borrowed the cats name and it is now in the documents too. She says she is paying the cat for the name. She tells it not to trust anyone and not allow anyone to chase it. She hopes Luna lives a long, long life.


At the Police station, Detective Kang shows Lee Gon the file on Luna. He says she was released 2 weeks ago. He says she got out and didn’t serve her sentence. He says she is terminally ill. Lee Gon says he wants to meet her in person. He then asks Kang to find information on Kim Gi Hwan, born on November 23rd 1968 (the noodle restaurant owner). He asks Kang to report directly to Lee Gon.

Kang keys in the details. He says Kim was one of Lee Lim’s followers and died while on the run.

Lee Gon realises that if Kim Gi Hwan is dead in this world, it means the doppelgangers are stealing the lives of their counterparts. His eye falls on Luna’s photo.

Koo is at the New Year Celebration. She writes “Do exactly as you believe” on the lantern. It starts to snow. She releases her lantern. She watches as all the lanterns fly into the sky as the snow falls.


Lee Gon is in his palace watching the snowfall. He says, “Lieutenant Jeong Tae Eul, Happy New Year.”

The snow stills as time stops.

Lee Gon starts walking as he realises Lee Lim is in Corea.

Lee Gon rides to the bamboo forest. Ho pil reports that they have been standing guard since he ordered and no one has passed this way.

Lee gon wonders what he is missing here. He realises that they would have met by now if guarding the bamboo forest was enough as Lee lim would also have placed guards at the gate. Lee Gon realises that their gateways are different. He thinks this was a waste of time.

He asks if there is another way to Haeundae bypassing the palace. Ho pil says there is. He orders all the guards to pull out of here and head to Haeundae.

Back at the palace, Seung Ah receives a call from Lee Gon asking her to put up an event notice at Haeungae. She says she will do it now. When asked, she says the King wants to invite someone.

In Haeundae, the people get excited as the see the event notice for New Year’s Moonlight Walk With The King.

The public wonder when this is about to happen. Just then, Lee Gon rides down the road.

Lee Lim also walks in the crowd towards him. Lee Lim is slightly disappointed when Lee Gon rides past him. Lee Gon turns Maximus around and comes to stop behind Lee Lim. Lee Lim turns around and looks at Lee Gon.

Lee Gon growls, “Traitor… Lee Lim”.

He recalls his phone conversation with Lee Lim in Korea. Le Gon asks, “Do you remember this voice? I remember yours.”Lee Lim responds, “Yes nephew, it is me. How have you been?” Lee Gon says, “You are really alive.” Lee Lim says, “yes. I have been waiting for this day. Since missing the opportunity I had been waiting for all my life, I have waited living a different life.” Lee gon says, “Wait a little longer. I will find you at all costs.” Lee Lim says, “This is the first time I am hearing you talking like a king, my dear nephew. Please do find me. You told the world I died. So now, bring this dead man to life. I am very much looking forward to the chaos it will cause.”

At present, Eun sup and the Royal Guards arrive at Heundae. They run towards Lee Gon and stand with him. Lee Gon is about to ride forward when a tram goes between them and Lee Lim.


Lee Gon tells the Royal Guards that this man is one of Lee Lim’s followers. He orders them to get him.

The Royal guards pull out their guns. Just then, they notice a gang of men standing behind Lee Lim, holding some civilians with knives at their neck.


Lee Gon orders the Royal Guards to hold fire as he dismounts from Maximus.

Eun sup notices one of them training their gun on Lee Gon. Eup sup jumps in front of Lee Gon and takes the bullet in his stead. Lee gon holds Eun sup, who sinks to the ground. The rest of the Royal Guards form a human shield around the two while training their guns on Lee Lim.


Lee Gon glares at Lee Lim as he holds Eun Sup. Lee Lim walks away. His men slash the knives across the civilians’ neck before following him. Lee Gon orders Seok Ho pil to inform the Police but transport the injured first. He orders most of the Royal guards to protect the people till the police arrive. He orders them not to follow Lee Lim or his people. He says there should be no more casualties. Lee Gon orders all the CCTV footage to be collected within 1 mile radius. He says if any videos of this scene gets posted, it has to be taken down at all costs. After Seok ho pil leaves, Lee gon calls out Eun sup’s name but Eun sup is unconscious.

In Koo’s office, Kim informs Koo about the shootout. He says Jo is injured. She asks him about the trending keyword, “Traitor Lee Lim”. Kim says there are postings but no evidence. Koo recalls her mother saying she saw a person who resembled Lee Lim. She asks Kim to secure any photos or videos of the scene. Koo wonders if Lee Gon is an honest man.

Prince Buyeong is at a cafe. He hears the people talking about Lee Lim and Busan. Just then, some Royal Guards walk up to him. They say his security level has been increased to level one.

Meanwhile, Lee Gon is at the hospital. The doctor tells Lee Gon that Eun sup hasn’t suffered fractures or organ damage since was wearing a bulletproof vest. The doctor says he has some torn ligaments so they will have to keep him for two weeks. The doctor also says they have treated the wounded civilians and they are fine.

After the doctor leaves, Lee gon looks at Eun sup. Eun sup says he will take the leave. He tells Lee Gon to taste the canned peach for him if he is that worried. Lee Gon says that was a real gun and asks if he is really okay. Lee Gon says Eun sup could have died.

Eun sup says Jo told him to protect Lee gon at all costs and Jo will do the same for Eun sup’s siblings. Eun sup says Lee Gon will now agree that he deserves the title of the unbreakable sword. Lee Gon says he does and thanks Eun sup for protecting him.


Elsewhere, Lee Lim goes into an abandoned tunnel. Kyung Moo meets him there. He says the country is in an uproar. He says the Royal Guards and the police are looking for Lee Lim. Lee Lim asks if they are looking for a 70 year-old man or a man who was shot to death 25 years ago.

He walks down the tunnel saying Lee Gon would’ve realised the weight of his own words today. Kyung Moo says Prince Buyeong visited the store but he didn’t recognise him.

Lee Lim says that most things that seem like coincidences are actually meant to be and anything that was meant to be is called destiny. Lee Lim tells him not to worry as goodwill is useless and its destiny is powerless. He says he looks forward to the next time he and Lee Gon will cross paths.


Jo stands outside Shin jae’s house. He hides out of sight when a woman (Shin-jae’s mother) walks by talking into the phone. He looks up as she speaks in the phone about Shin-jae. He realises she is Shin jae’s mother as she goes into his house. He finds her face familiar.


Back at the hotel room, Jo recalls seeing Shin jae’s mother’s doppelganger working at the Palace.


Just then, Shin Jae and Tae Eul walk in. Shin jae notes that Jo hasn’t gone back. Tae Eul says she needs both of them for this science fiction story. She asks them to co-operate.

Tae Eul uses the glass window as the board and she puts up the photos of the people. She says Lee Sang Do from Korea went over to Corea. She says Jang Yeon Ji is getting ready to crossover to. Jo says Kim Gi Hwan was from Corea but living here. He says they sent him back to Corea.


Tae Eul says they haven’t found the Yang Ji’s 2G phone yet. She says they have to meet her at the prison. Shin jae says they have taken Kim to Corea, but it will become a problem if Kim Gi Hwan is reported missing here. Jo says they can’t deal with him using the law here. Shin jae asks if they are going to charge him with illegal immigration. Jo reminds him that his country’s laws should apply here too. Shin jae goes silent and Tae Eul asks what is going on.

Jo and Shin jae immediately change the subject and walk away. Tae Eul wonders if she is missing something here.



Lee Gon walks into the palace and Lady Noh comes up to him. She asks if he and Jo are okay. Lee Gon says they are fine and Lady Noh sighs in relief. After the guards leave, Lady Noh asks if Lee Lim is really back and Lee Gon confirms it. He says he chased after him but let him get away. She asks why and he says Lee Lim looks just the same as he did 25 years back. Lady Noh finds it difficult to believe that Lee Lim hasn’t aged. Lee Gon points out that she herself can’t believe this.

He says Lee Lim wants exactly this. He says Lee Lim wants to return to this world as a man who never ages and that is why he let him get away.

Lee Gon asks her to pray that he will win this fight and he says he is confident he will win.

Mo waits in Lee Gon’s office. She says Koo is on the line. Lee Gon takes the call and says he will talk to her later if she called to check up on him.

Koo says there is a conspiracy theory about Lee Lim that is spreading. She says she is asking this question out of genuine concern. She asks if Lee Lim is really back.

Lee Gon asks if she has started taking horse-riding lessons. He goes on to say that the gag (used to lift up the horse’s head while riding. Used in horses who are strong pullers) should act as a mediator between the rider and the horse. He says no one should pull the gag to change the horse’s direction.

Lee Gon says what happened today is not about him or the court but an act of terrorism. Lee Gon maintains that Lee Lim was shot dead 25 years ago as recorded in history. He says he found some of Lee Lim’s followers and went after them. He asks her not to pull the gag. He tells her not to use the word ‘honesty’ as a weapon. He tells her to focus on protecting the people.

Lee Gon hangs up and Mo if she has prepared the brief and if it would be enough. Mo says she has and it will be enough.

Mo is at the press meet. A reporter mentions that The King called a man as Lee Lim and asks Mo if Lee Lim is alive. Mo maintains that Lee Lim is dead. She says Lee gon found some of Lee Lim’s followers. She says he chased them but lost them. She is asked why the followers have suddenly resurfaced. She says that as the Royal Court’s Press secretary, she has no interest in their intentions. She says their only concern is to hunt them down and bring them to justice.



Shin jae and Tae Eul visit Jang Yeong Ji in the prison. Tae Eul asks her about the 2G phone. Yeong Ji flatly denies having any knowledge about it. Tae Eul shows her Lee Sang Do’s phone. She asks if this is hers. She says there was something confidential in this and Yeong Ji killed the roommate who overheard her. She asks if someone is going to get her out. She asks who gave her the phone. Yeong Ji seems disturbed but she is still tight lipped. Shin jae says Tae Eul is definitely on to something.



Meanwhile, Kyung Moo drives into the penitentiary’s parking lot. He notices Tae Eul and Shin jae walking out. He immediately reverses his car along the driveway. Shin jae notices the car as it drives away from them. He recalls seeing the same car outside the barbecue restaurant that day (clicked his photos)

Later at the station, Shin jae keys in the registration number of the vehicle. He doesn’t remember the last number. Moon shik helps him with the number. He says he noticed the car that day too. He also approves the vehicle check. Moonshik says Shin jae needs a partner and asks him to take Michael.

Moonshik then tells Shim that if anyone asks, shim has to say moon sik was drinking with him. Shim asks whom he is meeting with and Moon shik replies, “Solitude”.


Just then, Tae Eul walks in. Shin jae tells her to order dolsot bibimbap for everyone. She says she will order steak but then immediately changes it to Dolsot bibimbap. Shin jae watches her.


The members of the court head to Prince Buyeong’s house. They say the shootout happened because they have a female Prime Minister. They say they are concerned about the King’s safety. They try to convince him to speak up as the senior member of the Royal Family. Prince Buyeong is furious as he corrects them. He says the King is the senior most member of the royal family. He says the rest of the royal family should stay out of politics. He tells them to get out of his house.


Just then, an aid comes in and announces Lee Gon’s arrival.

Everyone bows to Lee Gon. Lee gon watches them and then Prince Buyeong.

Later, Prince Buyeong tells Lee Gon that he hopes he didn’t cause a misunderstanding. He says they barged into his house unannounced.

Lee gon says he won’t misunderstand and asks how Se-jin (Buyeong’s daughter) is. Buyong says she is doing her fellowship now. Lee Gon says Se-jin will do a great job and wonders if he can say the same for himself.


Lee Gon says Lee Lim is alive and hasn’t aged even a bit. He says he has to leave the palace for a few days so he can track Lee Lim. He says this rendezvous will not take place in Corea. He asks Buyeong to stay in the Palace as he is second in line. He asks Buyeong to stay safe for Lee Gon’s and the Kingdom’s sake.

Prince Buyeong says he can’t let Lee Gon track Lee Lim all by himself. Lee Gon promises to protect himself. He asks Buyeong to protect himself and says it is the King’s order. Prince Buyeong agrees to do so.


Shin jae is at the station when he receives a call saying the vehicle is registered under a missing person’s name. Tae Eul says that is always the case when a cop is being tailed. Tae Eul asks if he knows why the car has been tailing him for a long time.

Shin Jae asks her to tell more of the science fiction story. Tae Eul says she was there just for a day. She says it is not a divided country. She says you can take a train all the way to Pyongyang in North Korea. She says the capital is Busan and there is a King who is cherished by the people.

She says she even went to the Police station. She says their uniforms and cars were different. She says she met Shim and Park Moonshik who were cops there too but Shin jae wasn’t around. She says she went to Shin jae’s house but didn’t find him there either. She adds that he might have inherited the family business and become rich or he might be living abroad.

Shin jae says, “I was here”. Tae Eul looks confused. He tells her to eat, as they have to go somewhere.

Jo looks at the photos on the glass wall. He has jotted down Shin jae’s name in Corea as Kang Heon Min.


Shin Jae takes Tae Eul to Lee Ji un’s cinerarium. Tae Eul asks how he knows about this. he says he went through the file Gyeong ran gave him. Tae Eul says she can tell him who this boy is. Shin jae says he already knows who it is. he says knows the person’s name. He says he knows why Tae Eul couldn’t find him in Corea.

Shin jae says he became a cop because he wanted to have a gun with him when someone asks for his identlty. That way he could shoot the person or himself.

Shin jae says he called the name of the person who claimed to be the King. Tae Eul asks if that person told him his name. Shin jae says he didn’t. He says he called the name out of his memory-Lee Gon.

He says he was right. She couldn’t find him there because he is right her with her. Tae Eul is teary eyed as she says he isn’t sure yet as to whom he really is.

Tae Eul wipes away her tears and says he was here all along. Shin jae asks if he is supposed to be here. His eyes well up as he asks her if she will welcome him. Tae Eul cries as she hugs him in an effort to comfort him.


Koo visits Chairman Choe in the prison again. He says she asked him to look into Lee Lim’s traitors but now Lee Lim himself is alive. She tells him all the videos of the scene are gone. She says they can’t find it on the foreign servers too. She asks if KU can find them. He asks if she wants to catch the traitor or become one herself. He asks for the special pardon in return.

She says she can think about April release but he says he wants in march. She asks him to rot here and gets up to leave. He says he will find out about the videos and keep it to himself. She says she will get him out in March. He says he will get in touch with her walks away.

Meanwhile, Prince Buyeong packs his things as he gets ready to go to Busan. He walks over to the study and picks up a book from the bookshelf. His table lamp switches on and he turns around to see Lee Lim sitting at the desk. His face is smeared with blood.

Prince Buyeong comments in shock that Lee Lim hasn’t aged even a bit. Lee Lim asks why Byeong is surprised while is one who has known that he was alive all along.

Buyeong calls the guards but no one comes as Lee Lim has already killed them. He says he has come to collect what is rightfully his. He takes the ring that Prince Buyeong had in his desk. Prince Buyeong asks him to put that ring down as it belongs to the King. Lee Lim says he was next in line to the throne and he was denied it because he was born to a concubine. He says he is the King’s rightful heir. He puts the ring on his finger and says it belongs to him now. Buyeong says they aren’t supposed to covet it. Lee Lim tells Buyeong not to say “We”. He says he and Buyeong aren’t the same.

He holds Prince Buyeong by the neck and pushes him to the wall. Lee Lim asks how Buyeong can identify himself with someone who can kill him this instant. He strengthens his clasp on Buyeong’s neck. Lee Lim says he will choke Lee Gon the same way and take the manpasikjeok from him. He says he himself doesn’t know the full extent of what he can do when he possesses the whole manpasikjeok.


Lee Lim says he wants Lee gon to suffer and crumble away. He says to do that, Lee gon has to lose another person in his life. He strangles Buyeong, killing him. Buyeong’s lifeless body falls on the floor. Lee Lim tells Buyeong not to think this as unfair. He says Buyeong would have seen this coming. He puts the king’s ring on Buyeong’s finger and walks out of the house.


The boy with the yoyo sits outside the bookstore reading the book, “King Arthur”. It is raining as Lee Lim (holding his umbrella) walks up to him. Lee Lim’s face has the glowing lighting scar as the thunder strikes but the boy isn’t scared of him. Lee Lim asks if the boy isn’t surprised. The boy says it’s because he is curious.


The boy says he doesn’t like seeing blood and asks if he was in a fight. Lee Lim says he is in the middle of a fight and he still has a long way to go. He asks about the boy’s book and the boy says it is about King Arthur, a man with noble blood who pulls out a sword and becomes King.

Lee Lim asks if only those with noble blood can become the King. He says it is a terrible story. He says the sword must be drawn by those who know how to use it. The boy asks what if a villain or someone unjust draws the sword. Lee Lim says Justice doesn’t make the sword but it’s the sword that makes justice. He says the sword decides what justice is. The boy says that the things in Lee Lim’s world keeps changing. He asks Lee Lim to get going as he wants to know how the story ends.


Tae Eul visits Jo at the hotel with some home cooked food. Jo sits across her and he shows her Lee Gon’s phone that she bought for him. He says Lee Gon had left the phone with him when he went to the other world. She realises that this is why he mentioned he would call her using the payphone. Jo says he can’t look up anything on it. She asks if the Wi Fi isn’t working. Jo says she will know why if she takes a look.


Tae Eul opens the browser and she sees Lee Gon’s search terms listed. It reads as a message when read together, “Want to see what I have been looking up? A King never leaves any traces. Are you working now or just doing day-to-day stuff? To me every moment in your world was scandalous. Because of Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul” Tae Eul is teary eyed as she smiles.

She tells Jo that she is amazed he didn’t delete this. She deletes it and returns the phone to him. Jo says he thought she would want to keep it. She says she will remember it. She says they shouldn’t leave any evidence.

Jo says that besides the King, only Tae Eul can delete what the King wrote. He asks if she can handle everything that will happen after Lee Lim gets caught. He points out that Lee Gon and she live in different worlds. He asks if she will travel back and forth. He says Lee Gon is a King and he should be with someone who will be his queen. He asks if she can abandon everything she has here and become the Queen of the Kingdom of Corea while keeping the secret of the two worlds forever.


Lee gon is in his room. He thinks of Tae Eul as he misses her.

Just then, Mo walks in and she breaks down into tears. She mentions Prince Buyeong and sinks to the floor.


Later, Lee Gon gets off his aircraft followed by Lady Noh and Mo (probably buyrong’s funeral). Lee Gon seems devastated as he walks down the stairs. He looks around to see Lady Noh fainting from shock.


Tae Eul waters the seeds, which she brought from Lee Gon’s world. She tells the seeds that she thought they would gather their strength and sprout today as the sun was shining. She says she came home early today to check on them.



She looks up and she goes still for a moment. She looks outside the window and sees Lee Gon standing outside. She runs outside and stops in the courtyard. Lee Gon walks inside.

Lee Gon looks sad as he says, “Hey. How have you been?” She nods saying it took him a while this time. Lee gon is pensive says it is because he had to come from far away. He has flowers (forget- me-not flowers) in his hands as he says he realised he has never given her a single flower and that is why he crossed the universe for her.

Tae Eul takes a step towards him but stops and her smile fades. Lee Gon steps forward and puts the flowers in her hand.

Lee Gon says, “But the thing is, I have to go back now.”She holds his hand and asks, “You have to go back now?” Lee Gon looks at her and says, “Right, I also realised I never told you this… I love You.”


Lee Gon’s eyes well up as he says, “I am deeply in love with you.” Tae Eul’s eyes tear up as he cups her face and kisses her. Tae Eul closes her eyes and places her hand over his as she kisses him back.

Tae Eul opens her eyes and finds Lee Gon gone.

Lee Gon’s voiceover says, “There will come a moment when it seems I have disappeared. I don’t want you to worry too much when that happens. It just means I am walking through the frozen moments of time.”


She bursts into tears as she looks at her hand (where she held his hand a moment ago). Tae Eul clutches the flowers close to her chest cries hard.

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This episode was grim and emotional.

Lee Gon mentioned he had 10 days to New Year, which probably equals 5 hours inside the place between 1 and 0. It looks like he didn’t spend much time in Korea. I wonder if he spent around 8 days in the place between 1 and 0 looking for Lee Lim. There were many balloons this time. Looks like he has been visiting the place more often now.

Lee Gon has figured out that the doppelgangers are stealing the lives of their counterparts. He is also on to Luna.

So, it was confirmed that there is indeed another gateway that Lee Lim uses. I wonder if it is the bookstore or the reservoir.

Lee Lim has been banking on the fact that the Royal Court declaring his death 25 years earlier. They cant prosecute a dead person. Lee Lim wants to be seen as immortal. It looks like Lee Lim visits the outside world only to murder people. he also mentioned he wanted to make Lee Gon suffer and he definitely struck a chord there by killing Prince Buyeong.

Chief Park Moon shik is still going out saying he is meeting with solitude. I wonder if there is something going on there as it is a recurring scene.

The scenes with the yoyo boy have a mysterious air to them and are well made.

It looks like Shin jae has mentioned everything he remembers to Jo as Jo knows Shin jae’s name in Korea is Kang Heon Min.

The scene where Shin-jae and Tae Eul visit the cinerarium was deep seated and emotional as he feels disconnected with his identity and out of place in both worlds. It looks like he has lost his sense of belonging. The dialogues were well-written in this scene.

We saw Lee lim’s outlook towards life, fate and destiny. It looks like he believes violence is the key to success.

The romance part of the plot is on the lines of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. The lead pair’s relationship grows strong with the separation and the waiting. Though the scenes between Lee Gon and Tae Eul is just for a few minutes, it is strong enough to hold the love track together.

As for the last scene, I wonder how long has it been since lee Gon has visited Tae Eul. The scene started abruptly and one can’t be sure how much time has passed since Prince Buyeong’s death. Lee Gon seemed extremely sad. I also wonder if the flowers / forget-me -nots are the ones she planted in the place between 1 and 0.

Lee Gon seemed distant and downcast as he confessed his love to her.Earlier, Tae Eul had confessed her love for Lee Gon when she felt her future was uncertain. I wonder what was the emotion which drove Lee Gon to confess his love for her.

Lee Gon’s voiceover mentions that she shouldn’t worry if he disappears for a long time. There are a lot of possible explanations for this statement. But, it looks like he is going to go to the place between 1 and 0 to look for Lee Lim. As we know that time goes by really fast when one is inside that place. This statement might forebode the fact that he is going to spend more time in there. It is also possible that he may have meant time travelling too.

That being said, the preview shows Tae Eul in Corea calling up Lee Gon. Her clothes look like the same ones from the CCTV footage, which Lee gon saw from May 27th 2022. I wonder if there is going to be a time jump in the next episode. Tae Eul doesn’t look like she is hurt but she definitely seems exhausted and flustered

This episode was emotive and it raises a lot of questions in one’s mind. I am curious to see what the next week’s episodes hold.

-By Soul Sword-

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