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The King-Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap

The King-Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap

Tae Eul and Lee Gon stand on an empty road lined by fields on both sides. Tae Eul rechecks Song Jeong Hye’s  (Lee Gon’s mother’s doppelganger) address. She says it’ll be tough to find her if she is this thorough about hiding.


Lee Gon says he has confirmed two things from this. One is that Song Jeong Hye is with Lee Lim. Second is that it is nice to go somewhere far with Tae Eul, even if it is for work.

Tae Eul asks if he gets tutored to learn phrases like that. Lee Gon says he taught himself and she laughs. She says, “This is why everyone…”and stops herself. Lee Gon completes the sentence, “Everyone commits treason?”

Tae Eul slaps his shoulder startling him. She asks him if he is mad. Lee Gon asks her if she thinks hitting him is okay. Tae Eul says she meant that is why everyone in the palace loves him. She says she thought she shouldn’t have begun saying that, as they don’t have time.

Lee Gon says she has thought about a lot of things in this short time. She asks him why he made a joke like that. He says it is a joke that only he can make. He apologises, as he didn’t know it would startle her.

Tae Eul says she doesn’t know how to comfort him. She says there is a person she likes, but his past is so dramatic and he is a victim of treason.

Lee Gon smiles saying her earth is still flat. She says it is flat as a thin pancake. He puts his hands over her shoulders and says she has been troubled since she found out about Song Jeong Hye being his mother’s doppelganger.

Tae Eul says she thought he would want to see her. Lee Gon flatly denies this. He says he is aware that the doppelgangers are completely different people and that this woman is not his mother. He says the face is just a symbol of a person.

Tae Eul asks him how he travels back and forth between the worlds. Lee Gon says he has answered all her questions until now and will do so in the future too, but he says this one question is an exception. Tae Eul nods in understanding. She then asks if it is really his first time dating. Lee Gon looks away saying that question is an exception too.

He says they should get back. As he walks away, Tae Eul says in her world they say that men should always keep their word. He continues to walk away saying she thinks to bring it up here. Tae Eul catches up with him asking whom he made the steak and rice for. Lee Gon says he thought she said she had just one question. She says he didn’t answer even one question.


Lee Gon says he was in the Navy Academy and says she is the only woman in his life. She says he has quite a wit and she slips as she looses her footing. Lee Gon holds her hand and she steadies herself. He says she doesn’t have a wit. She frees her hand from his grip and holds his hand.

Tae Eul says he looked good in his Navy Uniform. He asks why she is holding his hand. She asks if he cooked rice and steak for Koo. She asks if he prepared rice in that uniform and he laughs.

Later, Lee Gon is at the bakery with Eun-sup. He says he eats the bread from this bakery because it tastes like the bread in the Royal Court. Eun sup asks why Lee Gon called him here. Lee Gon tells Eun sup that from now on, Eun Sup should become the real unbreakable sword. Eun sup asks if he has lost his mind. Lee Gon says Eun sup’s coat looks like Jo’s 100% cashmere coat. Lee Gon smiles as Eun-sup immediately asks what he has to do.


Koo’s mother is arranging food in Koo’s home when Koo walks in. Koo asks why she wears simple clothes when she sent her so many good ones. Her mother says she wore simple clothes even when Koo had rich in-laws. She asks Koo to have dinner with her. Koo is reluctant but half-heartedly agrees to have little.


Koo asks if her mother really didn’t send the newspaper and her mother says she didn’t. Her mother asks if Lee Lim has a hidden child. Koo says that is ridiculous as he didn’t have an heir. The mother says the customer who picked up the umbrella bore a striking resemblance to Lee Lim.

Koo warns her mother that she will be in trouble if she spreads a rumour that the traitor has a son while the King doesn’t. Her mother says she didn’t tell anyone except Koo regarding this. Koo gets up and walks away.

Koo walks into her room and checks the newspaper article again. The headline reads, “Yeongsin Dragon sees hope for the fall baseball season.”



Shin jae uses the key card and enters Lee Gon’s room. He recalls his memory of his mother from Corea. She puts a scarf around young Shin jae. He tries to stop her as she walks away. She tells him that she will be back and asks him to wait here. Shin jae waits outside the television store. The news runs on the TV and it shows Lee Gon mourning his father’s death for the 6th day.     He looks up at the flag with the royal symbol- back plum on a white background.


At present, Shin Jae asks Lee Gon if the boy who was crying on the TV was him. Lee Gon watches him silently. Lee Gon’s thinks, “He heard my wailing. A lot more people have come over to this world than I thought.”Shin Jae catches hold of Lee Gon’s jacket and asks for an answer. Jo orders him to take his hands off unless he wants to die.

Lee Gon says, “One thing is for sure. You are the reason why I must return to my world. It seems like I am your King.”

Shin Jae is shocked as he looks at Lee Gon. Lee Gon asks him what else he remembers other than the wailing. He asks if Shin jae remembers a location or a person. Lee gon says he will help Shin jae if Shin jae helps him. Lee gon says he is the closest thing to whatever Shin jae is looking for.

Shin jae asks both Lee Gon and Jo Yeong to get lost to wherever they came from. He says the next time he sees Jo, he will arrest Jo for illegal arms possession. Shin jae walks out.

Lee Gon tells Jo Yeong not to worry as Shin jae left as a detective and close friend of someone. Lee Gon says Lee Lim has brought Shin jae here just like the man from the restaurant. He says Shin jae came here when he was young so he doesn’t remember much. Jo asks why Lee Lim brought a child here.

Lee Gon says Lee Lim must have needed Shin jae’s parents from one of the universes. Jo promises to investigate this world while Lee Gon is away.

Meanwhile, Shin Jae stands in Tae Eul’s courtyard. She comes down and confronts her about Eun sup and Jo Yeong. She asks him how much he knows. He asks her how far she has gone about the science fiction. He asks if it is about that jerk. He asks if she really believes all that the jerk says.


Tae Eul says she believes Lee Gon. Shin jae asks what she believes and she says she believes everything. She says she will explain it to him and says she needs his help. Shin jae walks away without a word.

Shin jae stands outside his childhood home. In a flashback, Shin jae is crying in Corea after his mother leaves him. Lee Lim approaches him and offers to find Shin jae’s mother.


Shin jae wakes up in a hospital bed in Korea. His mother in Korea cries in happiness as he wakes up.

Lee Gon looks at the autopsy report.

Tae Eul stands in the Taekwondo center looking at her photographs with Shin jae and her father.

The next day, the team meets for lunch celebrating Eun-sup’s discharge. Tae Eul notices that Shin jae isn’t there. Jang Michael sends him a text but he doesn’t respond. Tae Eul types a text to him.

The whole place freezes as time stops.

Lee Gon is in his hotel room washing his hands. The water stops in mid air as he realises the time has stopped. He closes the tap and walks away.

Lee Lim is in his car in Korea. He sets his pocket watch to the right time (about an hour and half).

Kyung Moo informs him that a police officer visited the care centre. He says they sent her away without causing suspicion. He says Jang Yeong Ji ended up in prison and he is working on finding her 2G phone. He also mentions that the noodle restaurant owner Kim Gi Hwan has disappeared. Lee Lim says that he hates cracks.

Lee Gon is in his room and places the Kim Gi Hwan’s 2G phone in his case. He recalls giving Kim Gi Hwan a suicide order.

Tae Eul watches the white board in the police station. Her voiceover says, “Keep shaking while you are being shaken. Make a crack to regain balance. She takes Lee Sang Do’s photo from the white board and walks away.


Koo walks into her office and finds her advisor there. He says KU team’s legal team wants to have an interview with her. He says they are taking one million new recruits during the next year. He says the King took all the credits for the war, so they should address at least the employment issue. She says she needn’t meet them if that is the issue.

He adds that she wanted to know where Congressman Park’s photo came from. She looks up interested. He says Chairman Choe wants her to visit him. She says she will go tonight.


Lee Gon stands beside the 2G phone with his eyes closed. He recalls the words he recited in the past.

In a flashback, young Lee Gon reads the inscription on the Four tiger sword, “The sky bestows the heart upon us, and the ground helps the spirit. The sun and the moon are formed as the mountains and streams form, lightning strikes. A sage… a sage…” Lee Lim walks to him and completes, “A sage is moved to defeat the evil of the mountains and streams.”


At present, the 2G phone rings and Lee Gon presses the talk button. Lee Lim is silent on the other end. Neither of them says a word.

In a flashback, Lee Lim asks young Lee gon if he knows what the phrase on the sword means. Lee Gon says it states the duties of a king. Lee Lim asks if Lee gon will fulfil all his duties.

At present, Lee Gon talks into the phone, “A sage is moved to defeat the evil of the mountains and streams. Wield it with deep thoughts and make things right. Do you remember this voice? I remember yours. You’ll need to do a better job hiding. I have just found out that you are in the Republic of Korea.” Lee Lim hangs up and throws the phone into the fire. Lee Gon breaks the phone into two.


Koo visits her ex-husband, Chairman Choe in prison. She mentions that Congressman Park’s photo was useful. She asks how KU group got those photographs. He tells her not to pry. She asks why he wanted to see her. He says he wanted something in return. He says he has been on his best behaviour and has even been donating money. He asks for a Christmas pardon and she refuses.


Choe says a Prime Minister wire-tapping the Royal Court is considered as treason. Koo tells him not to blackmail her as she still has the files from wiretapping Choe.

She says Guyeong tunnel is very fishy. He smiles saying she is scary. He asks if she is trying to become queen and she asks if she can’t.  She says greed is the most sincere emotion.  She says she is staying true to her emotions. She says she has achieved all what she has wanted and now she wants to become the Queen. She says there is no limited term for the Queen. She says she has climbed up here from the very bottom and is very sincere about her greed and ambition.

She says he won’t be getting a pardon. She tells him to take care of the deal his legal team ordered. She puts the envelope in which the doppelganger newspaper came on the table and tells him to find out who sent the newspaper. She also asks him to track the people who participated in the treason 25 years ago.  He asks if she wants to catch the traitors and become the Queen. She says she can’t be the one looking for traitors so she asked him. She tells him to work on it on his own if he wants to get the pardon next year. He calls after her as she walks away.


Tae Eul sits at a picnic table by the river. She orders Lee Gon’s favourite fried chicken. She calls Lee gon and asks him where he is. Lee Gon walks up behind her and drapes his coat over her shoulders. He sits beside her saying he is right here and she smiles. She says this is a popular dating spot. She adds that he would have come here many times.


Lee gon says he has been here and she frowns asking with whom. He lists out all the cabinet ministers and she cuts him off saying he has to eat. She says couples in Korea spend time near the water like this. She says when they break up they push each other into the water. She laughs seeing his shocked expression.

Lee Gon says that it is nice to be around the water with the stars the chicken, the alcohol and jealousy. He says everything is perfect and helps himself to some chicken. She tells him to regain strength and have a good trip. He looks at her and she says he mentioned he receives administrative reports on Friday. She points out that today is Friday. He asks if she remembers that.

She is teary-eyed as she asks what kind of condition is that and says he is a bad boyfriend. He goes silent. She straightens up and puts Lee sang Do’s file on the table. She says she is risking punishment by leaking the case information and says this person is dead in her world. She says she feels the answer to this case lies in his world.

Lee Gon looks at Lee Sang Dos’ photo and immediately recognises him as a worker in the royal stable. She asks if Lee Sang Do’s doppelganger is alive in his world. Lee Gon says he will take care of it. He says he will leave Jo Yeong here and take Eun sup back. He says Lee Lim is in Republic of Korea now and she says Lee Gon shouldn’t leave now. Lee Gon says he needs to go and guard the path between the two worlds. He says Lee Lim should be caught in his world. He explains that he is leaving Jo in this world because in the worst case scenario, Jo is the only person in this world who can kill Lee Lim. Tae Eul comments this was really a matter of life and death.


Lee Gon places his hand over hers and apologises for causing trouble in her world. Tae Eul hugs him saying she was just pretending to be okay but she is not. She asks if he will be back soon and he says he will be. He wraps his arms around her saying he will be quick like as if is he is visiting the neighbouring town.

Meanwhile, Eun sup shields his head as Jo walks towards him with a trimmer. He falls over protesting, as Jo says he never kept his hair long. Jo asks if he should just cut off the whole head instead of the hair. Eun sup asks him to keep his thoughts to himself.


Finally, Eun sup picks up the trimmer and slowly runs it through his hair. He keeps wincing as if it hurts. Jo Yeong rolls his eyes.


Ho-Pil and Park In young ride to the bamboo forest under instructions from Lady Noh. She tells Ho-pil to not take many guards and says the King is waiting there for them. She says it is the King’s orders.

Lee Gon pushes a tied up Kim Gi Hwan to the ground. Eun sup posing as Jo walks behind him with the red balloon (from the place between 1 and 0). Ho Pil and park in young greet Jo but Jo seems interested in the balloon.


Lee Gon says this man has committed the greatest treason and orders them to put this man in the deepest basement in the Palace. He forbids them to make any records about this or mention him to anyone.

With a menacing look, Lee Gon tells Kim Gi Hwan that this is not the ending but just the beginning. He says this is the right measure for people who commit treason. Kim struggles in his bonds as Lee Gon watches.

Later, Eun Sup is helping himself into Jo Yeong’s bulletproof vest. He complains that he just got discharged from the military. Seok Ho pil seems puzzled.

Eun sup recalls Jo asking him to wear the vest. He said that it is to protect the King and not himself. He told Eun sup to protect Lee Gon with his life.

At present Eun sup comments that it is thin and he should wear three of this if it has to stop the bullet. Just then, Ho-pil asks when he should give Jo a report as to what happened in his absence. Eun sup blurts out that Ho-pil speaks in North Korean accent. Ho-pil asks what North Korea is.

Eun sup checks his phone and finds out that it is Northern Region in Corea. He murmurs, “Winter is coming!”. Lee Gon walks in and Eun sup gives him a casual salute.

Lee Gon tells to Ho-pil that these orders will be kept as top secret.  He tells Ho-pil to place guards around the bamboo forest. He orders them to stand watch till he gives further orders. He tells them to arrest anyone who appears. He asks them to be on a lookout for a man in his 70’s.

He then asks Seok Ho-pil to get him all the CCTV footage of the events he attended for the past year.

Seok Ho-pil points out that Lee Gon usually gives these orders to Jo Yeong. Lee gon says Jo is taking care of something more important. Lee Gon asks Jo Yeong to bring his laptop. Eun sup nods and grunts in response. Lee Gon bellows, “ Yes Your majesty!”and says that should be the response. Eun sup immediately yells, “Yes your majesty”. Ho-pil looks concerned but keeps quiet.

Next, Lee Gon visits Lady Noh. Lady Noh doesn’t meet his eye and continues stitching (she places a paper (talisman?) inside the fabric as she stitches) . He asks if she knew he came back. She says she is the one who sent Seok Ho pil to the bamboo forest. She looks up saying she has seen his face too and asks him to leave now.

Lee Gon sits beside her and leans in, saying her face has become rough. He asks if it is because she lost her sleep worrying about him. Lady Noh laughs saying she was at peace because of his absence. She asks him to carry on with his work.

Lee Gon asks why she wants him to go. He says he is ready to tell her everything if she asks where he has been. Lady Noh says she already knows where he has been. She says he is chasing his destiny. She asks if this secret is between just her and him. Lee Gon watches her a long time before nodding.



Lee gon then heads to the stable. Lee Sang Do is using the metal curry comb on Maximus as Lee Gon walks in. Lee Gon tells them to continue their work. He watches Lee Sang Do intently. Lee Sang Do is flustered as he continues working with the curry comb. He cuts his hand with the comb.

Lee Gon asks, “How could you, when you don’t even have the guts nor the calibre?” he orders the man to be placed under house arrest and not allow him to enter the palace. He forbids the man to meet or contact anyone.


At the police station, Jang Michael tells Tae Eul that Shin jae has taken a vacation for 21 days. They are surprised that Tae Eul doesn’t know about this. They wonder what the vacation is for.

Tae-Eul goes to Shin jae’s house and knocks on the door. No one answers. She dials Shin jae’s number.

Elsewhere, Shin-jae is drinking alone. He is joined by the gambling boss who tried to bribe him. The man has a whole bag of money. Shin jae says he will pay back for the drinks in instalments. He says there is a smart and persistent person who calls him a brother. He says that this is the only place he can hide from that person. He asks the man to allow him to use this room for few days. He says he is on vacation but has nowhere to go.


Lee Gon tries to unlock Jo Yeong’s laptop but keeps failing. Eun sup teases him but Lee Gon maintains that he is just checking the security levels. Eun sup asks what is the laptop that Lee Gon wants it unlocked so bad. Eun sup goes stiff as Mo walks in.

Just then, Mo walks in with the end of year reports. She says that Prime Minister Koo is here. Mo asks if he wants some snacks. Koo walks in saying she wants sweet potatoes as she is on diet.  Mo leaves them. She looks at Eun Sup and Lee Gon tells her that Jo will be with him at all times as the security level has been heightened.

Lee Gon tells Eun sup that they will be staying up all night, as he will be receiving a year’s worth of reports. Eun sup acknowledges in a stiff manner.


At the cafe, Na-ri tells Tae Eul that she hasn’t seen Shin jae. Na-ri looks at Jo who is sitting at the table and asks why Eun sup is behaving odd. Na-ri says he isn’t as handsome as before. After Na-ri walks away, Tae Eul comments that Na-ri has strange taste.


Tae Eul walks to Jo and says they should meet at the hotel hereafter or it will damage Eun sup and NA-ri’s relationship. Jo puts a golden bull on the table. He asks her to sell it for him. She says she has been to that shop so many times that the shop owner thinks she is a corrupt cop.

Tae Eul says she will sell it and asks to use the hotel room too. She says she needs a place of her own. Jo says Lee Gon isn’t there. She points out that Jo is there. She asks what he is using the money for. He says he needs money for mobility.

In a flashback, Jo takes the driving test and obtains license in Eun sup’s name. Later, he asks why Eun sup doesn’t have a license. Eun sup says he doesn’t know to turn right or left. He says a person must always go straight. Jo tells him not to think of this as an overseas trip. He contemplates whether to rip Eun sup’s throat out so that he would lose his voice. Eun sup says he knows Jo cares about King Arthur but he is sure it can’t be more than the care Eun sup has for his siblings.  Eun sup says King Arthur told him that this is how Eun sup can protect his siblings.

At present, Jo wonders how Eun sup is doing.


Eun sup is half-asleep as he stands beside Lee Gon and Koo who are discussing the reports. Koo says they have to do something about medical sector. She says they want to increase the budget for technology and reduce it for welfare. Lee Gon says Medical Service and education are the people’s rights and not benefits.


Eun-sup falls asleep and loses his balance. He wakes up just in time and stands straight. Koo asks Lee Gon if the traveller returned safely. Lee Gon asks if the work is boring. He says she returned to her daily life. Koo recalls seeing Luna outside the prison. She says she hoped the traveller had a good time.

Just then, some spicy snacks are brought in. Lee Gon says his work is productive when he eats something spicy. Lee Gon calls Eun sup to join them. Eun sup places Kimchi packet from Korea on the table. Lee Gon turns it over before Koo can realise.

Koo says she will gain weight if she eats 3 times a day and doesn’t eat. She asks if Lee Gon isn’t getting married. Eun sup’s eyes widen. Lee Gon comments that it is a random question and asks if she wants to marry him. Koo asks if she can. Lee Gon says no. He curtly says he has already proposed to someone else and asks what is the next agenda. Eun sup thinks that this world is very aggressive.


Shin jae visits the psychiatrist. He asks her to prescribe medications for sleep. She says she is not a quack and says she will give the prescription after a quick diagnosis. He asks her to refer him to a quack. He says even alcohol isn’t helping. She asks if he drank enough and he asks if she really is a doctor.


Eun sup is in Lee Gon’s room. He notices Lee Gon’s light therapy mask on the table. He picks it up and wears it. As he strikes an iron man pose, Lee Gon walks in. He asks Eun sup to take it off, as the King never shares his belongings with other people.

Eun sup gives it to him. Lee Gon learns that Eun sup unlocked Jo’s phone using facial recognition software. Eun-sup says he will give the laptop a try. Lee gon says he will give Eun sup a mask for himself if he succeeds.

To Lee Gon’s surprise, Eun sup unlocks the laptop in the first attempt. Eun sup decodes the password as ‘Jo’ meaning trillion and ‘Yeong’ meaning zeros. So he enters 13 zeroes and it unlocks.

Lee Gon opens a file on Jo’s laptop. It contains a lot of CCTV footage of Tae Eul while she went around Corea that day. He starts watching them.


Meanwhile, Tae Eul looks at the coat, which she was wearing during her visit to Corea. She takes out a Polaroid photo of herself (which she probably took during her visit) dressed like a queen. She takes out the Corean currency note with Lee Gon’s face on it and holds it near her photo. She says they didn’t take any photos together.


In a flashback before Lee Gon left, Tae Eul speaks to the seeds asking them to grow. He asks her what she has planted and she says they are ones she bought from Corea. She says they aren’t sprouting and wonders if they are shy. Lee Gon speaks to the seeds, “Listen up. I am your King. I order you to grow well. I order you to sprout and bloom well in garden of the woman I like. It is a King’s order”.

Tae Eul laughs as she asks if he still is maintaining that it is his first time dating. Lee gon says that statement is never going to change till the next life. Tae Eul asks about the seeds she scattered in the place between 1 and 0. He reminds her that there is no sunlight, wind or time there. She asks if he tried to go to the edge. He says he tried but he couldn’t reach the edge. He says he shouldn’t stay there for long. He says if he spends one day inside, two months fly by in the outside world.

Tae Eul observes that you will not age if you stay in that world. She then says that she could actually be older to him and he laughs. She says no wonder Lee Gon seemed to getting younger these days. Lee Gon says that even if he could get eternal life in there, he would come to her. He says that if he is late, it is because he is on his way.  Tae Eul tells him not to think about coming to her but instead think about going together. She tells him not to go anywhere nice without her and he laughs again.

He says he is going to miss her so much. He asks if she can come with him and live with him in his world.

Tae Eul says she is adding one more to her 17 rules. She tells him not to ask her to come with him. She asks what about this world with her father, NA-ri and the Police Station. She says that question puts her in a tight position.


Lee Gon kisses her. Tae Eul asks what that was about and asks if he wanted her to stop talking. Lee Gon says he wanted to stop himself. He says this is what they do when they have too many things to say. This time, Tae Eul kisses him. She says she is a Civil Servant and she has to follow the law.


At present, Tae Eul watches her photo placed next to Lee Gon’s picture on the currency note.


Lee Gon is watching Tae Eul on the CCTV footage. He comments that he is seeing something beautiful again.


He opens the last file and sees Tae Eul walk past a bookstore. There is a boy outside playing with the yo-yo. Tae Eul wears a different outfit from that day. It is dated 2022-05-27.

Suddenly, the boy playing the yoyo looks up, right at Lee Gong.


Lee Gon is taken by surprise. The weather is cloudy where the boy is standing.

Suddenly, thunder strikes outside and Lee Gon clutches his shoulder wincing in pain. Lee Gon re-watches the footage and this time the boy doesn’t look at him. He continues playing on the yoyo and Lee Gon wonders if he was mistaken.

He notices the name of the bookstore as Haseong Bookstore, May 27,2022.  Lee Gon looks at the date in wonder. He wonders if it is an error. He also notices Tae Eul wearing different clothes on this day as compared to the day she travelled in Corea.


Lee Lim is stirring his paint cauldron. Kyung Moo reports that he still hasn’t found the phone.  He says Shin jae went to see Song Jeong Hye’s son at the cinerarium. He says the cop who visited the care centre is named Jung Tae Eul. He says she is the one who caught Jang Yeon Ji too and that she is looking for the phone too.

Lee Lim says Kang Shin jae is a wrong move that he made and Jeong Tae Eul is the move he didn’t make. Kyung Moo tells him not to worry. He asks if he should bury them both somewhere.

Lee Lim shoves him to the side. Kyung Moo knocks the fire drum pit as he falls but immediately gets up. Lee Lim tells him to get rid of Jan Yeong Ji and not do anything else. He says he needs to leave again. He says his nephew will know by now.


Seok Ho pil reports to Lee Gon that there is no Haesong book store registered in the Kingdom of Corea. He also gives CCTV footage of all the events Lee Gon had attended in the past year. Lee Gon asks Ho-pil to keep searching. He asks him to check the old ones which have closed too. Ho pil agrees and goes away.

Lee Gon thinks that the previous time the time stopped, Lee Lim was in Korea. If the time stops again, it means Lee Lim is in Corea.

Meanwhile, Kyung Moo is in the bookstore. Prince Buyeong visits the store and Kyung Moo looks away so that Buyeong doesn’t recognise him. Buyeong says he is interested in the medical books. Kyung Moo says they don’t have medical books. Buyeong asks if they have met before. Kyung Moo says he has seen Buyeing before, as he is the member of the Royal Family. Buyeong apologises and walks away.

Later, Prince Buyeong stands by the reservoir. Lee Gon comes up behind him and drapes a shawl over him. Buyeon says Lee Gon comes here every year at this time without telling in advance. Lee Gon points out that Buyeong keeps coming here every year as if they have made a promise. Buyeong asks if Lee Gon found any answers. Lee Gon says he has found a symbol but the solution isn’t good. Buyeong says Lee gon will solve it.


Lee Gon asks if Buyeong believes in fate and the Prince laughs. He says it is a hard concept for a math and science person. Lee gon says people challenge fate and asks if he should fight against it. Prince Buyeong says you can never know what will happen in life. Buyeong says if there is place you want to reach even if your life may be at risk, it is fate.  He says the footsteps you take by risking your whole life is fate.

Prince Buyeing asks if there is a place that Lee Gon wants to reach. Lee Gon says there is. The Prince says Lee Gon just has to go there and he needn’t fight. He says he hopes there is a beautiful lady there. He tells Lee gon to get married this year. Lee gon says that if he finds the solution, he will visit Buyeong with a woman who argues that the earth is flat. Prince Buyeong says that he will be waiting. They watch the first sunrise of the New Year.


Later Lee gon stands in his Palace watching the snowfall. He says, “Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul, Happy New Year.”

The snow stops in mid air as time stops. Lee Gon realises that Lee Lim has come over to Corea. He rushes out.


Lee Lim is walking in the busy street of Corea. He gets serious as the crowd gets excited, “It’s the King!!”. Lee Lim watches Lee Gon on Maximus as the crowd takes photographs.



Lee Gon scans the crowd with a stern looks as he rides past.

Lee Gon’s voiceover says, “I am sure he is watching me. But he isn’t in the videos . Why?”

Lee Gon rides right past Lee Lim.

Earlier, Lee Gon goes through the footage from his events. He wonders what he has missed. He remembers Tae Eul saying that you won’t grow old inside that place.

Lee Gon replays the video and he gets up in shock, as he spots something. He says this doesn’t make sense.

Lee gon’s voiceover says, “He has been delaying time inside that place.”

At present, Lee Gon stops Maximus and turns around. He sees that there is only one person who has his back towards Lee Gon.  The crowd gives space as Lee Gon rides towards that person.

In a flashback, Lee Gon spots the young Lee Lim in the video footage of the funeral which he attended.


At present, Lee Gon’s voiceover narrates, “Someone who doesn’t age. A near immortal life.That is what you want to achieve. Eternity.”


Lee Lim turns around to see Lee Gon. They both lock eyes. Lee Gon says, “ Traitor… Lee Lim!” he yells.

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This episode had good content.

It was great to see the Monarch side of Lee Gon in this episode. All along Lee Gon came across as a cool-headed and patient King, but it looks like deep down he has lot of pent up rage which he has carried throughout his life. Lee Min-ho portrays King Lee Gon in an impressive manner as one can see a fierce and dynamic shift in Lee Gon’s personality in this episode. It makes one understand that there is a lot of unfinished business between Lee Lim and Lee Gon and the enmity between them has only grown with time.

The scene with Koo and Lee Gon while going through the annual reports was well made. The exchange of words between them was well-written with simple yet strong words and gave the scene good depth .

The scene at the stables and the last scene showed that Lee Gon can be a formidable monarch if you get on his wrong side. The cinematography was splendid in the last scene.

The scenes with Eun sup taking over the reins as Jo were hilarious and enjoyable. Eun sup walking in the bamboo forest with the balloon and him falling asleep while standing are images that will be etched in my memory for a really long time.

The scene with the 2G phone where Lee Gon figures out which world Lee Lim was in was well made.

Koo is using KU group’s help and she has also been wiretapping the Royal Court. I wonder if Lee Lim’s photographer is the same person who is working with KU group and giving them photographs in Corea.

I wonder if it was Lee Gon’s saviour who planted the CCTV footage from 2022 in the laptop. The scene with the yoyo boy was thrilling and well made.

As for the bookstore, I wonder if the store isn’t opened in Corea yet, as the footage from the future. Currently the bookstore is called Eosu Bookstore.

Lee Lim is on to Tae Eul and Shin jae. I wonder what plan he has hatched this time, as he looked totally calm when he came face to face with Lee Gon.

I wonder if Shin-jae’s mother is the one who stole Tae Eul’s ID card and has been passing information to Lee Lim in Corea.

Since Lee Lim looks the same for the past 25 years, it looks like he spends only few hours outside and lived his entire life inside. It seems like he plans to start living only after he gets Lee Gon out of the way.

This was an interesting episode and I look forward to the next one.

-By Soul Sword-

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