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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Recap


Tae Eul parks her car and starts to walk. She stops and looks at her ID card and remembers Lee Gon telling her that her doppelganger may exist in his world. He said he wanted to be sure before he informed her.

Tae Eul’s voiceover says, “Parallel universe, same face, same ID card. I should have known that day where my ID card went.”


Lee Lim opens a book in the book shop. He finds Tae Eul’s ID card in it with a note, “Guest Room User.” Lee Lim recalls Tae Eul’s photo hanging in his studio. Book shop owner Kyung Mu says that the card doesn’t belong to Corea.  Lee Lim says things have been entangled in a strange manner. He says he didn’t make this move.


Kyung Moo says this girl’s name is Luna and she is notorious in Corea. He says Luna will steal anything for money. Lee Lim asks Kyung Moo to track Luna and bring her to him. He looks at Tae Eul’s photo and wonders if he can catch up with her.

Tae Eul’s voiceover narrates, “That Lee Lim is alive and the two worlds are getting mixed up. At least at that moment I sensed the transcendental power that was trying to restore balance. I should have known before we faced this situation. That is something like fate, so to speak.”

The boy plays with his yoyo outside the bookstore.


Meanwhile, Koo walks towards Luna saying they meet at unexpected places. Luna is angry that she dropped her last cigarette. She tells Koo to take her campaigning elsewhere as Luna didn’t vote for her. Koo recalls her saying she was Koo’s fan earlier and asks if she is pretending that they never met.

Luna abruptly says they haven’t met. Koo addresses her as the traveller outside KU building and asks if she lives inside a fairytale.

Luna walks up to Koo and leans closer. She says the people who talk to her belong to two categories. They either stole something from her or got something stolen by her. She says it doesn’t end well for both of those people. She asks Koo to get out of the way. Koo holds Luna’s hand and stops her.


Luna’s eye falls on Koo’s bracelet. She puts her hand over Koo’s and threatens to punch Koo the next time she touches her.

Koo asks if he (Lee Gon) knows she is an ex-con. Luna says she will punch Koo if she asks nonsensical questions too. Koo mentions that Luna doesn’t know her well as she knows him.

Koo says Luna isn’t the same bitch whom she saw outside KU building. She asks if Luna has a twin sister. Luna says Koo has enough intel to know Luna’s release date. She says Koo probably might know more about Luna than herself. She asks Koo to let her know if she finds her twin, as she is curious too. Koo watches Luna walk away pulling up the rabbit hood.

Koo looks down at her hand and notices the bracelet missing.

Luna is at a restaurant watching a man at purchasing food at the billing counter. She wears Koo’s bracelet on her bruised wrist. A woman stands before the man buying takeaway. She tells the kid beside her to take his mother and go out of the store because she is going to kill that man. She says she is waiting for the kid to leave. The kid asks why she is going to kill that man. Luna says she went to jail because that man betrayed her. The kid’s mother comes with a takeaway in her hand and the child goes out with his mother.

Then, Luna takes the chair beside her and whacks it over the man’s head in a flash. The people run out of the store in alarm. The man lies on the floor bleeding as he asks how she got out.


Luna thrashes the man and throws him beside the garbage bags in the alley. She searches him and takes the money he has. She says the best part about having anything is that there is nothing to lose. She notes he has a family. The man begs her not to kill his family. She asks why a douche bag like him has a family despite knowing it will only be a weakness to him. He begs her not to kill his son, as he is the apple of his eye. He says he will give her the insurance money pay out to her by all means. Luna threatens to kill his son if he doesn’t.


Tae Eul goes to the Yangsun Care Center where Lee Lim’s doppelganger was receiving care before he died. The admin manager, a woman, meets her. Tae Eul asks about Lee Seong Jae who died in 1995. The woman says the records were handwritten and they don’t have them now. Tae Eul asks if there are any employees she can talk to. The lady says she has been working here for 19 years and the people before that have retired. She says the director is the only one who is senior to her. Tae Eul asks if she can meet the director. The woman says the director is hardly in Korea, as he needn’t treat patients.


The woman is tight lipped and has a smile as she asks for a warrant. Tae Eul says she needs this information for another case she is working on. She thanks the woman who walks away.

Tae Eul wonders if the woman is smart enough to ask for a warrant or if she has done this many times before.

As Tae Eul walks out, she doesn’t notice the pregnant woman walking in holding a 2G phone at her ear. The woman is the one who Lee Lim visited earlier. She listens to the news from Corea.


The news reports about Koo whispering in Lee Gon’s ear in the racetracks. The news speaks about Koo’s background. It says she went to Seojin International High School and Corea University. They say she became news anchor in just 4 years. It adds that Koo married the second son of Ku family and divorced him within a year. It says Koo joined politics after that and became Prime Minister in seven years time.

The pregnant woman dresses up like her doppelganger in Corea (married to First son of KU group). She recites the same words along with the news as it plays. It looks like she has heard this recording many times. She looks at the mirror speaks to her unborn child saying she will take it to someplace nice. She says the baby will have a Prime Minister aunt.



Koo is driving back from prison and wonders what is the deal with Luna. She receives a call from her mother. Her mother tells her to be safe as she got a weird dream. Koo brushes it away saying her mother’s dreams are always weird.

Koo asks her mother about the newspaper which she sent. Koo’s mother says she didn’t send any newspaper. She then hangs up saying she has a customer. She tells the customer that she finds him familiar.


Lee Lim asks Koo’s mother for the umbrella which he had left here a long time ago. She immediately recognises him and she says she has been keeping it. She goes to get it.

The boy with the Yoyo sits outside the bookstore reading the book titled, “King Arthur”.


Luna walks up to him. He says she got out pretty quick and that her hairstyle has changed. She holds out her hand and the boy takes out a key with a navy dog tag. He gives it to her and she takes it. She gives him the rabbit hood saying she had picked it up randomly. She asks him to put it on or he will freeze to death.


The boy asks why she lives in the van and steals for a living. He asks if she is still broke. She says it is a world he needn’t know about.


Shin jae is at the forensics. He meets Hee Ju, Park Moon shik’s wife. She gives him hot chocolate as Moon shik mentioned it is Shin jae’s favourite. She gives Shin jae Ha Eun mi’s autopsy report. She says cause of death is due to the neck wound. She adds that Zolpidem was found in the victim’s blood and that is why there wasn’t any defence wound. Shin jae says the roommate Jang Yeon Ji is a suspect now.

She then asks if Shin jae isn’t the one who keeps calling her husband out. She wonders if she should look into it. Shin jae says it is him who calls her husband out. She smiles and asks him to leave.


Tae Eul meets Shin jae at the victim’s house. He notices that she is taking offs often nowadays. He then says Zolpidem was found in the victim’s blood. She says there wasn’t enough time for Park Jung Gu to feed her and then put her to sleep before running away. Tae Eul says the witness Jang Yeong Ji is the killer.

Shin jae tells her to find evidence to put Jang Yeon ji behind bars. He tells her to work towards getting the boyfriend  Jung Gu off the suspect list by arresting him. He walks out saying he switched his shift with Jang Michael. She shouts after him but he walks away.

Later, Shin Jae walks into the police station and bails his mother out of jail. He is dejected as he signs the affidavit of identity. The cop says this is not her first time and they have let her go everytime. He says next time they won’t allow her out easily.

Lee Gon and Jo walk on the street. Jo is wearing a cap and face mask. Lee gon says this world has a dish called budaejjigae (Noodle stew spicy sauce, sausage, mushroom and cheese) invented during Korean war.

He stops outside the restaurant. Just then, the thug who tried to thrash Shin Jae, Lee gon and Tae Eul that day walks out of the restaurant. He instantly recognises Lee Gon from that day and how he had thrashed the thugs.

The thug comments that he is still swollen up from that day. He notices there are only two of them today while his thugs are more in number. Lee Gon says he won’t be trying the dish today.

Lee Gon says he has Jo Yeong with him today. He tells Jo not to kill them, as they are civilians. Lee Gon is taken by surprise when he hears Jo say in a heavy accent that he didn’t think a situation like this would occur.

Lee Gon realises that Jo and Eun Sup have switched places and he pulls Eun sup’s cap. He asks him when they switched and Eun sup says Jo told him to sit quietly and eat with Lee Gon.


With a sigh, Lee Gon asks Eun sup to stand behind him. He then tells Eun sup to hide somewhere. He says Jo will show up soon and Eun sup runs away before Lee Gon can complete the sentence.

The thug laughs asking if he will be okay. Lee Gon says for now he is the only one here. He asks if they will be okay. He holds out his riding crop and they start laughing.

They come towards him and he starts beating all of them with the crop in a complacent manner. None of them are able to lay a finger on him.

Eun sup watches this from behind a wall. He takes out his phone to text Tae Eul. Just then he feels his cap lift of his head. He looks up in alarm.

Jo runs forward and jumps up, landing a kick on one of the thugs. The thug falls down. Jo is wearing a a hood, a face mask and Eun-sup’s cap. He looks at Lee Gon who acknowledges him with a smile. Jo beats up all the thugs in an instant.


Moon shik and Shim walk out of the restaurant and they stop seeing the fight in progress. One of the thugs pulls away Jo’s mask. Shim recognises him as Eun sup.

Jo pulls down his cap when Shim and Moon shik intervene showing their ID card. All the thugs break into a run but Jo holds the leader of the gang in his clasp.

Jo realises that they work with Eun sup. Shim asks how come he is fighting so well. Lee Gon is about to intervene but Jo immediately responds in Eun sup’s heavy accent, taking Lee gon by surprise. Jo pulls it off with ease and explains that they were bullying a passerby. He says he taught them a lesson.

The thug says he is the one who should be complaining to the cops. He tells Shim that there is something strange with this man. He says he was sure he saw the man running away earlier. Moon shik tells the thug to come to the police station and give a statement.

He looks at Lee Gon and wonders why he is staring at Eun sup. Lee Gon steps forward in a proud manner and starts to introduce himself but Jo (posing as Eun sup) immediately stops him.

He tells Lee gon to shut up and not cut in. He explains that Lee Gon is a friend from Busan and it’s his first time in Seoul. He says his friend can’t even eat without him and is a fool. Lee Gon glares at Jo.

Moon shik asks them to carry on. Jo grabs Lee Gon and walks away.

Later in Lee Gon’s hotel room, Lee gon addresses Jo as Eun sup. Jo says he is Jo Yeong. Lee Gon  says he was very much Eun sup earlier and doesn’t believe him. He says jo would never call him a fool.

Jo apologises saying he improvised. Lee Gon asks if he is really Jo and Jo confirms it. He says Jo has to be beheaded according to law. Jo says he is Eun sup then. Lee gon says Eun sup will be also be beheaded under foreigners act.


Lee Gon says he is a wise and merciful King so he will let this slide. He takes a marker pen and draws a dot on Jo’s cheek. He says Jo will be beheaded if he removes this mole. Jo thanks Lee Gon for his mercy.

Lee Gon then calls up Tae Eul as he walks around the suite. Tae Eul is driving and asks him why he called up. He says she told him to call her whenever he is on the move. He says he is going to the living room. She says Eun sup’s place isn’t that big.

Lee gon says he has shifted to a hotel room since Eun sup’s siblings are back. She says he should have called her before moving to the hotel room.

She hears him wince and asks if he is hurt. She is worried as she asks again and he says he just exclaimed in surprise. He says the coffee that Jo got, tastes just like the one in Corea.

Tae Eul is irritated as she asks if he is kidding. She says she will come to the hotel and gives him 10 minutes to come down.

Lee Gon smiles as she hangs up. He says his theory was right. He comments that he has to irritate her to see her. He turns around and Jo is standing behind him. He tells Jo not to follow him as he is going to meet Tae Eul for 20 minutes.


Later, Tae Eul waits in the parking lot. She looks at Lee Gon as he walks up to her. He stops in front of her saying he is here in 8 minutes and 40 seconds. He says he told Jo not to follow him.

She asks Lee Gon if he would have still fallen for her even if she had not helped him when he was here the first time. He says he would have understood. He says that understanding would have led him to fall for her.

Tae Eul asks what would have happened if she was super rude to him. Lee Gon says that she was super rude to him and she smiles. He smiles and says his answer is still the same.

Tae Eul asks why and he says she must have had her reasons.

Tae Eul’s voiceover narrates, “It took me a long time to realise this. When it is fate, there are no coincidences. Your fate is determined by the choices you make, but there are times when your fate chooses you.”

Lee Gon asks why she is asking him this question. Tae Eul says you have to ask everything in the beginning. She says they skipped too many things. She says she has to go on a stakeout. She says she saw him and now she has to go. She asks if something happened.

He shakes his head saying nothing happened. He says it has been a quiet and peaceful day. He says this is the most eventful part of the day as she came to see him despite the traffic jam. Tae Eul says she is irritable when she is hungry and says she hasn’t eaten yet. She adds one more rule. She tells him not make cheesy comments when she is hungry. She says she is glad everything is fine and will get going now. She steps towards her car but stops in her tracks.

Tae Eul’s voiceover continues, “Things that are bound to happen are taking place even at this moment. I was struck with a sad premonition that this will be short-lived, but I decided to love my fate that chose me.”

Tae Eul turns around and sees Lee Gon smiling at her. Tae Eul says, “I love you”. Lee Gon’s smile fades and Tae Eul asks if Jo Yeong is in the room.


Lee Gon asks her to hang on as he is still mesmerised by what she said earlier. He then gathers himself and says Jo went out for a walk and asks if she didn’t notice. He then stops talking saying that is not important. He starts to talk about what she just said but she cuts him off and talks about Jo again. She tells him that Jo can’t go out. She asks him to find Jo and put him back in.

She is about to get into her car when he calls her name. She turns around and Lee Gon says, “Me too”.

Tae Eul gets into the car and starts driving without a word. She then stops her car and lowers her window. She tells him that he definitely heard what she said earlier. He smiles and she returns her smile.

As she drives away, he calls after her asking her not to worry about Jo as he can get away with it again.

Meanwhile, Jo walks on the road. He hears a woman’s voice, “Hey Jo Eun sup!” Jo freezes in his tracks thinking he is in trouble as it is a woman’s voice. He turns around to see Na-ri talking to him from her Aston Martin. He realises that she is Seung A’s doppelganger. He wonders what relation she has with Eun sup. He turns away.

Na-ri asks if he is going on a blind date while he should be at the police station. She looks at his outfit and asks if he is going to a funeral. Jo realises he can’t walk way. He points his finger at her and gestures her to come over to him.

Na-ri gets out of her car and comes to him commenting that he has lost his mind. Jo thinks she is tough. He leans in taking her by surprise. He says he is curious to know if he has a crush on her or if it is the other way round. He says he means this world. Na-ri slaps his shoulder saying this is why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

She asks what is on his cheek. He tells her not to touch it but she wipes it off. She says she made japchae and asks him to pick it up later.

Eun sup is walking down the street and he is suddenly pulled into an alley. He shields his head in fear but realises that it is Jo.


Jo asks him who the pretty woman with pretty eyes is. Eun sup says it is Na-ri. Jo says she drives a supercar and Eun sup says it is Myung Na-ri. Eun sup asks if Jo met Na-ri and he asks what happened. Jo says Na-ri wants to get into trouble with Eun sup and asked him to pick up japchae later.

Eun sup asks more into it and Jo asks if Eun sup has a crush on Na-ri. Eun sup asks who wouldn’t and Jo frowns. Eun sup says he can’t go now as he has to calm down first. He smiles at the thought of their first japchae together.

Jo calls him a loser. He asks if ten minutes would be enough. Eun sup calls Jo a loser and says it would take hundred years.

Later at night, Tae Eul joins Jang Michael on the stakeout. She asks if he knows why Shin jae switched shifts with him. Michael says he didn’t ask him about it. He seems interested in her multipurpose balm so she gives it to him.

He then speaks about how the victim wouldn’t have seen it coming. She tells him that they will see more cases like this. He says they have to try their best with every case and move on once the case is complete. He nods.

She then spots the victim’s boyfriend Park Jung Gu walking up to his house. They immediately get out the car. The moment she speaks to Jung gu, he breaks into a run. They manage to catch him after a chase. Michael knocks the wind out of Jung Gu who falls down and stops breathing. Michael gets worried but Tae Eul is busy on the phone. Tae Eul texts Shin jae and Moon shik. Moon shik says he will take some time to reach and Shin Jae doesn’t respond.


Shin jae is at a restaurant with his mother. He asks her if gambling is fun. She apologises saying she won’t do it again. She says it gets her mind off things.

His mother says Shin Jae was ill for a long time. She says she felt like she got back her world when he regained consciousness. She says then that thing happened with his dad and she lost her mind. He asks how his father is doing. She says he says Shin jae has been sending money every month to his inmate account.

Shin Jae asks if she was happy when he woke up. She says they were very happy as they thought they would lose him. She says the one year he was in a coma was hell for them.

He says he felt her hold him in his arms when he woke up. He says she smelled so nice. He says that was when he realised that a person could smell so good. Shin Jae remembers going through the photographs from his childhood album.

Shin Jae says he was always happy to be her son. He says he knows he wasn’t always a good son to her. He apologises for calling the cops on her. He pleads with her to stop ruining herself and she starts crying. She apologises for everything. She calls him her miracle.

Shin Jae’s eyes well up as he serves her some food. He asks her to eat.


A woman goes into the bookstore. She takes out a book and finds photos of Shin Jae in it. The woman is Shin Jae’s mother’s doppelganger. She starts crying as she sees the photos of him.



Jung Gu is at the police station trying to prove his innocence. He says he was flustered and he ran because he found her dead. Shim says Jung Gu owed the victim money. He asks if he killed her because of that. Jung Gu says he went to her house because she didn’t respond to his call to discuss about the money. He says the victim didn’t have money to pay her own bills.

Shin Jae, Moon shik and Tae Eul are on the other side of the one-way mirror. Shin Jae says Jang Yeong Ji is their prime suspect now. Moon Shik says they have only 48 hours if they arrest her and they don’t have any evidence.

Shin Jae says he read a script that Yeong Ji was reading. He says it has the same MO as the murder. He says it has a catchy title, “The Desires of Magma”.

Just then, Tae Eul receives a call from Jang Yeong Ji and picks it up. Tae Eul says that Jang Yeong Ji wants to turn herself in.

Lee Gon and Jo are at the budae jigae restaurant. Lee Gon says he finally gets to eat the stew today. As they wait to order, the restaurant owner walks to the bill desk. He sees Lee Gon and almost bows down saying, “Your…” but stops himself.


Lee Gon notices this. The man looks away when Jo Yeong sees him. Lee Gon puts the menu down and says it looks like he will never get to taste this stew. He says they need to get out of here.

One outside, Lee Gon tells Jo that the restaurant owner recognises both Lee Gon and Jo. Jo asks how a person in this world recognise him. Lee Gon says it means that the owner doesn’t belong to Korea.

Lee Gon says if the man flees, it means the man recognised them. He tells Jo to catch the man at all costs in case that happens. He tells Jo not to worry about him. Jo agrees and goes away.

Lee Gon takes the phone, which Tae Eul had given him and says there are 5 people who will help him no matter what.


Prince Buyeong takes out a cloth from his desk. He opens the fold and there is a ring inside. It is Lee Lim’s ring (probably from the body which washed ashore 24 years ago).


Koo’s mother is working at the fish stall. Suddenly a thought crosses her mind and she goes over to the book shelf. She picks out a book and flips to the page with the photograph of the Royal Family.

She is shocked to see that Prince Imeperial Geum Lee Lim’s face matches the face of the customer who came to pick up the umbrella.



Tae Eul places the burnt clothes in front of Yeong Ji. She says the victim’s blood was found in that and her fingerprints were found in the trashcan. She asks why Yeong Ji murdered her. Yeong Ji says her she couldn’t stand her roommate. Tae Eul asks why she texted Jung Gu. Yeong Ji says she couldn’t stand him either. Shin Jae arrests her after she confesses to the murder.

Tae Eul escorts Jung Gu outside. Jung Gu says he can’t believe she killed her own friend. Tae Eul asks him to call the police first if something like this happens again. Jung Gu says he didn’t love her. He says it was just a fling.

Jung Gu says Yeong Ji has two phones. He says he is sure she works at a bar. Tae Eul recalls Lee Sang Do’s wife saying he had two phones as well. She asks if one of them was a 2G phone. Jung Gu says that the dead girl said her roomie had two phones. He says he doesn’t know more than that. He says he wished the girl died a few days later as he intended to break up with her.


Tae Eul goes up to him and punches him. Jung Gu asks if she lost her mind. He says the police can’t hit civilians. She orders him to respect the deceased. She asks him to get lost and threatens to punch him again if he doesn’t. She says she needs to close the case and move on.

Tae Eul searches Yeong Ji’s room for the 2g phone. She finds the charger but not the phone.

Meanwhile, Kyun Ran gives Shin Jae a file containing Lee Ji Hoon’s (Lee gon’s doppelganger) death certificate. Shin Jae takes the file and wonders if this is the science fiction tae Eul mentioned. He takes it from Kyun ran.

At night, the restaurant owner tries to flee but Jo captures him and brings him to Lee Gon in an abandoned building.


Jo searches the man and finds a 2G phone. He hands it over to Lee Gon.

Lee Gon asks the man who he is. He asks why the man is in this world when he belongs in Corea. The man points out that Lee Gon is here too. Lee Gon comments that the man looks like a professional. He guesses the man works for Lee Lim. He asks for Lee Lim’s whereabouts and the man laughs sarcastically.

The man says Lee Gon looks just like his father and asks if Lee Gon will die the same way his father did.  Jo punches the man hard on his face.

Lee Gon guesses that this man must be one of them who stood on his father’s blood (Lee Lim’s guards). He says the man came here as compensation for that bloodshed. The man says this is called balance. He says it is reasonable and fair. He says Lee Gon was lucky enough to be born with everything and tells him not to whine about his father’s death.

Jo punches the man again. Lee Gon refrains himself by clutching on to the phone tightly. He tells Jo to stop and Jo moves away.

Lee Gon says that only God can restore that “balance.” He says what these men are doing is murder.

He orders Jo to take the man back to Corea. The man asks them to kill him. Lee Gon checks the 2g phone. He finds that there are no numbers stored. He says that this phone is there just to receive calls. Lee Gon takes the phone and says this means he can attend at least one call.

He gives the man a suicide order and tells him to take his own life.

Yeong Ji is in her prison cell. An officer calls her out as she has a visitor. Yeong Ji finds it odd that there is a power cut.

She puts Yeong Ji in a huge room (storage or electrical room). It is dark and Yeong Ji notices Kyung Moo waiting there. He asks why she turned herself in. She says he came to see her because of that. She says she had nowhere to hide. He asks her for the 2G phone. He says he cancelled the service but he needs the phone. She says she has kept it safe, as it’s her only hope.



She asks when she can go over to the other side. He asks why she killed her roommate and says she shouldn’t have killed if she wanted to go over. She says the roommate overheard her listening to the news on the 2g phone. She asks Kyung Moo to get her out of here or threatens to hand it over to the cops.

Kyung Moo asks if there has ever been a power outage at detention centers. She asks if it isn’t a power outage and he says he can’t switch it on and off, whatever it may be. He asks her to remember where she put the 2G phone and give him a call when she remembers. She sinks to the floor as he walks away.

Lee Gon is at the cafe. He gives Na-ri a golden tortoise and asks to rent out her building to him. He asks for some coffee and Na-ri says Tae Eul is here.


They sit at a table outside as they wait for the coffee. Lee Gon says he heard she caught the culprit. She asks if Jo followed her again. Lee Gon he did but he says Jo is busy now. He asks her to keep Shin Jae by her side always. He says this was a big decision to make.

She says Lee Gon should have tailed her himself and asks why he asked someone to do it. He laughs and says he isn’t good at hiding. He says he stands out wherever he goes. He says he lights up the room wherever he goes.

Tae Eul asks for the cold drink. Na-ri brings the drink and she wonders why Eun Sup didn’t come yet.

After she goes away, Lee Gon says that Na-ri has feelings for Eun sup. Tae Eul says it is the other way round. She calls him slow-witted.

Tae Eul returns the autopsy report to Lee gon. She says Lee Lim’s doppelganger was Lee Seung Jae and he died in 1995 at a care centre. She says there are no records of him but the death certificate mentions he died a natural death. She confirms that he had poliomyelitis.

Lee Gon asks if Lee Seong Jae had any family. Tae Eul goes silent. Lee Gon asks if he exists in her world. She says he doesn’t exist anymore. She says he died when he was 8 years old.

Lee Gon comments that Lee Lim first killed himself and then killed Lee Gon. He asks if there are any other family members. She says the younger brother died in a hit and run accident. She says the sister-in-law is still alive. Lee Gon says that woman will have his mother’s face.

She says her name is Song Hye Jae. Tae Eul says she will visit that address tomorrow and asks him to join her. He says he is at her command.

They continue to drink their drink. Tae Eul says he was right and says that part of the room does look bright. Both of them start laughing.

The next morning, Shin Jae stands in front of Lee ji Hun’s (young Lee Gon’s doppelganger) memorial. Shin Jae looks at Lee Ji Hun’s photo and he remembers seeing Lee Gon on Tv, mourning his father’s death (in Corea).


Just then, Song Hye Jae walks to the memorial and places a flowers on it. Shin Jae walks away but she notices him.


Later, Song Hye Jae sits in the car and watches Shin Jae as he walks into the Police Station. She tries to open the car window but both the door and window is locked. She tells the driver that that man visited her son’s memorial. She wonders if he is one of her son’s friends as he is of the same age. She wonders if she got busted and the driver looks up. She tells him to go ahead and report it as she doesn’t care.

She says she won’t die anyway. She removes her bracelet. She says even if she tries to kill herself again, they will bring her back alive. She cries as she looks at the numbers of scars on her wrist from where she had cut herself so many times.


Eun sup is about to leave the station. He is wearing Jo’s coat and finds Jo’s phone in the jacket pocket. He unlocks it using facial recognition. The phone’s wallpaper has Jo and Lee Gon on it in their military uniform. Eun sup comments that he is handsome and wonders why Jo has a photo of his boss as his wallpaper.

Shin Jae walks up beside him. Eun sup says he will be discharged tomorrow. Shin Jae asks to see the phone as he says there is something weird on it. Eun sup tries not to show it to him and Shin jae asks if he must take it by force. Eun sup explains that King Arthur is back. Shin jae takes the phone and sees the wallpaper.

Eun sup says it is a photo of himself and King Arthur. Shin Jae asks where he is now. Eun sup says he has booked him into a hotel under his name. Shin Jae says he can get the key if he goes with Eun sup.


Koo is relaxing and one of her staff Park Ji Young walks in with some documents. She leaves another envelope from her mother’s place. She sends Ji young off after receiving them.

Koo opens the envelope and finds another copy of the same newspaper with the headline of Donald Trump’s visit in it. She wonders why the same newspaper was sent again. She says that a repeating pattern is a sign from the universe. She flips through the newspaper and she jumps out of her skin when she sees a photo of her doppelganger in the newspaper. It looks like the woman is a spectator and is cheering her favourite team.



Shin Jae walks into Lee Gon’s suite. It is empty. He walks into the bedroom and finds Lee Gon’s coat on the bed. He picks it up and finds lee Gon’s phone in it. It has only 5 numbers stored in it. He also finds the autopsy report in it. He notices the royal emblem on it and he remembers seeing it on Maximus’ harness.

He feels light headed as he remembers seeing the royal flag as a child.

Suddenly he dodges as Jo throws a punch at him. He continues defending himself as Jo continues to swings punches at him. His hand lands on the switch and the curtains draw back. Shin Jae’s eyes widen in surprise as he sees Eun sup’s resemblance in Jo.


Shin Jae asks who he is, as he knows Eun sup is in the lobby. Just then, Shin jae looks away as the door opens. Jo grabs the autopsy in a flash.

Lee gon walks in asking what is going on. Jo says Shin jae was going through Lee gon’s room. Lee Gon takes the autopsy from Jo. He says he knew Shin jae was after the emblem but didn’t know what it was. Lee gon says it is their royal emblem.

Shin Jae refuses to believe him and walks towards Lee gon. Jo pulls out his gun and Shin Jae asks if Jo even has a gun. Lee Gon says he has already told him who he is. Shin Jae asks him where his Kingdom is. Lee Gon says it is in a different world. He says he has answered all the questions and now it is Shin Jae’s turn.

Shin jae’s eyes well up as he asks if he is Lee Gon. Lee Gon asks if Tae Eul has even spoken to him about things like this. Shin Jae asks if Tae Eul knows about his too.

Lee Gon asks if Tae Eul wasn’t the one who told Shin Jae.

Shin Jae recalls sitting outside a television shop and crying as a child. The TVs inside the shop runs news reports of Lee Gon mourning his father’s death.

Shin Jae asks Lee Gon if the boy who was crying on the TV was him. Lee Gon watches him silently. Shin Jae asks if he is really Lee Gon.

Lee Gon’s voiceover thinks, “He heard my wailing. A lot more people have come over to this world than I thought.”

Shin Jae catches hold of Lee Gon’s jacket and asks for an answer. Jo orders him to take his hands off unless he wants to die.


Lee Gon says, “One thing is for sure. You are the reason why I must return to my world. It seems like I am your King.”

Shin Jae is shocked as he looks at Lee Gon.

Image Courtesy -SBS


This was yet another great episode.

Tae Eul’s ID card sure is taking quite a long journey. It looks like it is going to change more hands before it goes back to Lee Gon in 1994. Lee Lim himself seemed taken aback upon seeing the ID card in the book.

I wonder if this has something to go with the legend. The boy with the Yoyo plays a significant role in Tae Eul and Luna’s scenes. I wonder if he is the one of the people the legend uses to maintain the balance. He has a doppelganger who bumped into Tae Eul making her drop the ID into the gutter.

There is a mystery character who takes photographs of the people. I wonder who that is.

It looks like Luna is a stark contrast to Tae Eul. I can’t help but notice that the doppelgangers are the same people with same personality but they behave differently due to the circumstances they grew up in.

Lee Gon was brave in both worlds. Jo grew up in an environment where his parents were divorced while Eun sup grew up alongside loving parent.

Luna seems to have had a rough time growing up as compared to Tae Eul. Though she is a thief, she has a soft nature when it comes to children. Tae Eul on the other hand has a rude side to her though she is a detective. That being said, it does look like Luna won’t hesitate to steal anything for money.

It makes me curious to see who Prince Buyeong is in this world. He must be around Lee Lim’s doppelganger as they are related.

It looks like Yangsun Care Center in Korea is like the saltpan or bookshop back in Corea. Lee Lim’s doppelgangers are using it to transform their looks before going over to the other world.

It was revealed that Koo is divorcee and the pregnant woman is Koo’s ex husband’s sister in-law. Also, Koo’s mother has recognised Lee Lim. I am curious to see what will be Koo’s reaction upon hearing this. She has also seen her doppelganger in the newspaper.

Koo’s mother has had the umbrella all this while. I was under the impression that the flute was in Lee Lim’s umbrella. I wonder how Lee Lim was travelling back and forth without it all along and if there is a way to travel between universes without the flute. The plot around Lee Lim’s personal story is vague but I guess that is the mystery aspect of the plot.

It looks like Lee Gon’s mother’s doppelganger (Song Hye Jae) is Immortal. So, Lee Lim is able to bring back the dead too. It will be interesting to see Lee Gon and Tae Eul visiting her.

Tae Eul’s voiceover throughout the episode sounded sad and solemn. Tae Eul confessing her love to Lee Gon had a sprinkle of worry and uncertainty over their future. It was well-made. The lines about fate were well-writen.

Tae Eul learned of another 2G phone’s existence. Lee Gon , on the other hand, got a 2g phone in his grasp too. I am curious to see what call he receives in it and how he deciphers it.

The scene outside the restaurant with Jo and Eun sup was a great watch. The action sequences were good in this episode. It was revealed that Shin Jae has been brought here from Corea and it was a great plot development. The way it was revealed was interesting. It seems like Lee Lim has an ulterior motive for bringing Shin Jae into Korea.

The series has finished its halfway mark. I like the pace that it is taking. The story has shaped up well and it is good to see that the protagonist has figured out quite a lot about the antagonist. The chemistry between the leads is good and the humour aspect of the plot hits the right mark. I am eager to see how the rest of the series unfolds.

-By Soul Sword-

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