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The King: Eternal Monarch -Episode 7 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch -Episode 7 Recap



Prince Buyeong and Lady Noh stand by the reservoir on a rainy day. He scatters ash into the water.

Present day

Prince Buyeong and Lady Noh stand by the reservoir. She says the reservoir is such a nice resting place for the traitor Lee Lim. She notices he is disturbed and reminds him that back then, the only option was to say that the guards killed Lee Lim. He says that when two people have a conversation like this, one of them always ends up killing the other. Buyeong starts laughing loud and she asks if he spoke to Lee Gon regarding it.

Buyeong tells her that he hid something from her too. He says the body was not that of Lee Lim’s. He says Lee Lim is alive somewhere.

Elsewhere, Lee Lim is in the photo room. He is developing another photo. He watches as Tae Eul’s face comes up as the photo develops.


Lee Gon’s voiceover narrates, “If the purpose of treason was the Manpasikjeok, since I have the other half, he will definitely come to me to retrieve it. So, Head Court Lady Noh was wrong.  Jeong Tae Eul is not a danger to me. I am a danger to Jung Tae Eul”

Lee Gon walks out of his study with his riding whip (Manpasikjeok).


Tae Eul and Shin Jae are at the shooting range. Tae Eul’s shots are all over the place. She looks at Shin-jae’s target. Seeing that they are all on target, she asks if he put the holes in it beforehand. She says he will be promoted first.


Later, Shin jae says she should have worked at National Police Agency Headquarters. He comments that all her classmates there are senior inspectors now. She says she isn’t jealous of them. He asks why she wants the promotion so bad. She says it is because all her classmates are senior inspectors. He gives her a look and she says her physical abilities will make up for her low scores. He says physical abilities won’t help in written exam. Just then, she receives a call about a murder in Changsim Dong.


Lee Gon goes to Mo and her team. He tells her to schedule the visit with the Chinese as soon as possible. She says he also has to receive the Best Taxpayer award. He tells Mo to receive the award on his behalf. He also tells her to ask the Prime Minister’s office to give their weekly report in advance. He tells her that she can’t convince him otherwise. She agrees and  he asks her to tell the PM’s office to submit the report tomorrow.

When this news reaches her, Koo asks if Lee Gon thinks she has lot of time on her hands. She tells Kim to send a simple written report. Koo is shown the outfits that they have picked for the National assembly. She is told that all female politicians wear pants. Koo says she will wear what she likes. As she walks away, she wonders what that bitch (Tae Eul) has that she doesn’t.


Tae Eul goes to the murder scene and sees Michael vomiting by the side. She is told that the victim is a 26 year old woman and the murder weapon is a kitchen knife. He says it was reported by her roommate. Tae Eul says she will take the witness statement.


Shin Jae walks into the room and Moon shik asks to be briefed. The forensic woman reports that there are two gashes on the victim’s neck and posture is natural. She says the victim was taken by surprise when she was lying down. Moon Shik says that the killer might be an acquaintance.

He notices that the murder weapon is clean and he is told that the murderer washed the weapon. Shin jae comments that the killer is a first timer as he hasn’t worn gloves.


Meanwhile, Seung-A lays down a bunch of photos in front of Lady Noh. She says Yu Jeong Hwa of the royal wardrobe. She says Yu has been meeting Kim (Koo’s secretary). She says Yu is the one who is leaking information. She gives enough evidence after following 40 personal accounts of the workers.


Later, Lady Noh reprimands Yu. Yu says she knew the King had a girlfriend since he had sent away guards at the Royal Kitchen and cooked a meal by himself. She maintains that she didn’t steal anything. Lady Noh says Yu isn’t lying but fires her anyway.


Tae Eul is at the station taking the witness statement. The witness Jang Yeong Ji says she always left the room when the victim’s boyfriend visited. She says she was at the convenience store for an hour. She says the boyfriend Park Jung Gu was still studying. Tae Eul asks for his SNS account and the witness show her the profile. Tae Eul notes that his birth date is June 6th 1992.


Shin Jae Keys in the information and he finds Park Jung Gu’s address. He says the number matches with the vctim’s call records. Moon-shik sends Shim to the Jung Gu’s address and Shin jae goes to check the witness alibi.

Shin Jae walks out but doesn’t notice Kyung Moo reading the newspaper watching him. The newspaper reads, “Park Mun-Haeng of HG group’s succession underway”.

Later at the station, Shim says Park Jung Gu didn’t return to his house after the incident. He says Jung Gu has gone into hiding. Shin-jae says the autopsy report will be available in 3 weeks. Moon shik asks him why he didn’t take Hee Ju’s help. Shin jae said he did. He says he signed a note saying he won’t call Moon shik after 10 pm. Tae Eul asks more into it,but Moon shik says he will reduce her points in the evaluation if she keeps at it. She immediately says she has to go to the forensics department. He changes the subject and says Park Jung Gu is the major suspect. He orders them to so stakeouts.

Tae Eul and  Shin Jae Are on a stakeout. He wins 5000 won on a scratch and win lottery. She suggests they spend it on rice cakes. He says he will save it. He asks what she did with the ten thousand won that he gave for the Taekwondo class back then. She says she wanted to use it for double eyelid surgery but in the end she used up the money for something else. She asks if she should get the surgery now and he tells her not to waste the money.

Just then, they see Shim and Jang Michael walking towards them. Shin jae says this is the cue for them to switch shifts.


Lee Gon is wearing Tae Eul’s hair tie on his wrist. Mo approaches him and says that the Chinese foreign Minister and the Ambassador have arrived.


At the meeting, the ambassador expresses gratitude over Lee Gon’s kindness in rescuing the fishing boat. Lee Gon tells them he would like to share pink lotus tea with them as a symbol of trust. The minister says that they have prepared a gift for the citizens of the Kingdom of Corea. He says the citizens of Corea can visit all 661 cities of China without a Visa.

Lee Gon is pensive as he comments that it is an amazing thing for anyone to be able to go anywhere, at any time, as they wish.

He says this gift will be remembered as a precious moment in history.


Tae Eul goes to Na-ri’s cafe. She is taken by surprise to see Na-ri sporting Seung-A’s hairstyle. She gathers herself and asks for Chocolate milk tea filled with lot of cereal. Na-ri says she always wanted short hair. She then asks why Tae Eul visits her less often now. Tae Eul smiles and says she is happy that Na-ri noted her absence.


Na-ri says Tae Eul has become better at bluffing. She refuses to believe Tae Eul was away and says she is sure Tae Eul was a t a stakeout.

Tae Wul smiles slightly saying she stayed over at a boy’s house. She says the house was big.  Na-ri gives her a sarcastic reply.

Tae Eul asks Na ri how she would feel if there was a parallel world and if there was another person who looked just like her.

Na-ri says that would be bad. Na-ri says she would have to kill her doppelganger and Tae Eul is shocked. Na-ri says one of the doppelgangers always ends up dying. She says that is the rule of the universe.

The images of Seung ah, Jo, doppelgangers Moon shik and Shim flash across Tae Eul’s mind. She asks why Na ri says that.

Na-ri says if there is two of something where there is supposed to be just one, it will cause chaos in the world. She says one cafe and one Taekwondo centre in the neighbourhood is enough. She says the world needs balance. She says that is why NASA is hiding the existence of aliens. She says once there are two worlds, one will destroy the other. She says we shouldn’t be the one that gets destroyed. Tae Eul is disturbed after hearing this.


Lee Gon brushes Maximus. He tells Maximus that he has to go now and says Maximus has to drop him in the bamboo forest.

Just then, the stable manager approaches him along with his workers. They greet Lee gon. One of the stable workers (Lee Sang Do doppelganger ?) watches Lee gon as he rides away.


Lee Gon rides into the bamboo forest. Maximus comes to a stop as Lee Gon finds Jo already in the bamboo forest waiting for him.

Lee Gon comments that no wonder it was easy for him to leave the palace. Jo asks him where Lee Gon is off to again with his phone switched off. Jo asks if he is going to visit Luna again.

Lee gon asks who is Luna. Jo explains that Tae Eul is Luna and is deceiving Lee gon. Lee gon is confident as he says he is sure Tae Eul is the one catching criminals.

Jo explains that Luna is wanted for various crimes and the police are searching for her. Lee Gon asks if there really is a woman with the same face as Tae Eul. Jo says it is the same person. He says Lee gon has to either kill him or take him with him. Lee gon chooses the first option. Jo gets ready to dismount while reiterating that he is better with the sword. Lee Gon says he will go with the second option then.

Just then, Jo receives a message from Ho-Pil asking Jo not to worry and enjoy his vacation while they take care of the Palace. Jo is puzzled, Lee gon explains that he texted Ho Pil that Jo is going on a long vacation.

Jo looks puzzled as Lee Gon says they are leaving the horses behind. Lee Gon says Jo didn’t read the links which he sent and wont believe him either. So Lee Gon says he will take Jo along and show him. he says he will show Jo the place between 1 and 0 and that Tae Eul is a different person. He says he will find Luna after that.

Jo watches in amazement as the portal appears in front of them.



Lee Lim is making paint at his studio when director Park Mun Haeng (doppelganger) comes and greets him as Prince Imperial. His son Park Byeong U tells the doppelganger not to fall at people’s feet wearing his father’s face. Lee Lim asks the man to get up. Byeong U mentions that the succession process is almost over. He goes silent as Lee Lim realises that the time has stopped again.

Lee Lim remarks that Lee Gon has left the palace again.



Koo is having a snack in her office. She is startled as she sees a reflection of doppelganger version of herself on the blank monitor screen. She is shocked and turns around to see if anyone else is there but sees just an empty room.



Lee Lim wonders why Lee Gon keeps leaving the palace. The time starts moving again and Byeong U continues saying he intends to send his father’s doppelganger abroad once the succession is over. Byeong- U says he was the one who asked Lee lim to bring this idiot from there and he is furious that the man listens only to Lee Lim. Lee Lim says the succession will end smoothly.

Just then,Park Byueong-U’s doppelganger from Corea walks in. Byeong falls down in shock seeing his doppelganger.


Lee Lim looks at Park Mun Haeng’s doppelganger and says he should let his real son take over the business. The man agrees immediately and bows down. Kyung Moo runs forward and stabs Park Byeoong U. He puts down the knife. The stable worker’s hand trembles as he picks up the knife. He steps forward and stabs Byeong U repeatedly.

A worker in the restaurant watches the news reporting that the HG Group succession will be over by the end of the year.


Lady Noh finds a note on Lee Gon’s desk. It reads, “Take good care of the palace. I am taking Jo Jeong with me. I’ll come back in time by Friday, so dont worry. Your King.” she puts the note away with a sigh. She walks by the desk and her eye falls on Lee Gon’s unfinished portrait. She remembers Buyeong saying Lee Lim is alive. She tells Mo to tell the portrait painter to finish the portrait tomorrow.

Lady Noh comments that the portrait looks like Lee Gon is wearing a white robe stained in blood.



Tae Eul is filing the case report at the station. She opens Lee Gon’s case report. The name field is filled as unknown (Kim Gae Dong).

She remembers the times she spent with Lee Gon and misses his presence.

She fills in the name as Lee Gon in the name field. She is about to click okay but decides against it and discards the change.

Later, Tae Eul drives home and parks her car. She looks out of the window and she goes still.

Lee Gon stands in the courtyard watching her.

Tae-Eul’s eyes well up as she gets out of her car. Lee Gon asks if she has been doing well. She smiles at him and nods. He asks if she has been waiting for him. She nods her head again. He says that is a relief as he was a bit scared that she didn’t want him to come back. She goes and hugs him before he can complete the sentence.

Lee Gon opens her house with the key. She asks if he already met her dad. He says her dad was happy to see him but sad that Maximus hadn’t come. He says he borrowed the house key for a while.

Tae Eul heads into the living room and exclaims in surprise as she sees Jo standing there. She thinks he is Eun sup and asks where the twins are. She notices the different outfit and hairstyle and realises he is Jo. Lee Gon is quiet.

Jo looks at the photos on the sideboard and realises that she isn’t Luna.

Tae Eul turns to Lee Gon asking why he brought Jo here. He says it was unavoidable, as Jo wouldn’t let him go alone.

Jo asks what this place is and Tae Eul says she went through the same thing and welcomes him to Republic of Korea.


Park In Young of the Royal Guards tells Lady Noh that Jo left for a vacation after a text for Ho pil. She says they are worried. Lady Noh says Jo needs the rest as Lee Gon is in the study. She asks In Young to bring her a list of Palace workers on duty and visitors to the Palace on November 11th to midnight the day after. Lady Noh says Ju isn’t the thief she was after.



Jo isn’t receiving signal on his phone. Lee Gon sits beside Tae Eul watching Jo. He comments that Jo looks cute when he is flustered. Tae Eul is sarcastic as she comments that Lee Gon’s care-free attitude is cute. She asks him what he was thinking bringing a person with the same face to this world. She asks what he will do if Jo gets caught. Lee Gon says that is why he took the key from her father. He says Jo isn’t the type who gets caught easily.

Just then, the door opens and Eun sup walks in cheerfully. He addresses Lee Gon as King Arthur and his eyes fall on Jo. He yelps in shock as he points at Jo. Both Jo and Eun sup stand rooted to the spot.


Tae Eul gets up but is at a loss for words. She looks at Lee Gon accusingly. Lee Gon gets up to introduce them. He says Jo is the captain of the Royal guard- his unbreakable sword and he turns towards Eun sup who faints before Lee Gon can continue.

Tae Eul runs towards Eun sup and she tells off Lee Gon for making him faint. She says Eun sup was an only child till the twin siblings were born. Tae-Eul pats his face and Eun sup yells in shock as he wakes up. He tells her he saw someone like him. He looks up and sees Jo still standing there.


He gets up and stares at Jo. He asks Jo who he is and Jo asks him the same question. She tries to explain but Eun sup exclaims that he didn’t realise till now that he looks so handsome. Jo asks how could he not know. Jo says he thought people around Eun sup would’ve mentioned it all the time.

Eun sup is wailing asking why no one said it to him. He suddenly stops wailing and asks if Corea is real. He then says that King Arthur is the real King. He asks if Jo is the King’s bodyguard.

Jo asks if military enlistment is compulsory in Korea and Eun sup nods. He faints again when he realises it is voluntary enlistment in Corea. Tae Eul suggests they go to Eun sup’s house as it is safer there.

Later at Eun-sup’s house, Jo does the basic security check of the house. Eun sup tells Jo that he is Lee Gon’s unbreakable sword. He claims Lee Gon couldn’t have gotten back without his help. Jo is offended and he looks at Lee Gon who gives a sheepish smile.

Eun sup calls Lee Gon as majesty and says he just realised his 63rd dream. He says he wants to be a citizen of Lee Gon’s Kingdom in his next life. Jo lightens up as Lee Gon says he won’t allow that. Lee Gon suggests they have dinner.

Eun sup calls Lee Gon crazy for thinking about food at a time like this. Jo points his gun at Eun sup and says he will shoot if Lee Gon gives the order.

Just then, Tae Eul comes in. She hastily walks in and tells Jo to put the gun down, as it is illegal to use it here. Eun sup runs and hides behind her. Lee Gon leans back on the couch and watches them.


Tae Eul sits on the floor and asks both of them to sit down as well. Eun sup sits down immediately. Jo looks at Lee Gon who nods in approval. Jo joins Eun sup on the floor. Tae Eul says there are some rules. She says Jo should stay here till he finds another place to stay. She says both of them cant be seen together outside. She says Eun sup can go out during the day while Jo can go out at night.

Both Eun sup and Jo ask why they should do that. She asks if he has a death wish. Eun sup answers with a no. Tae Eul says she is talking to both of them. Jo says if the problem is they both look identical then he says it can be solved by eliminating one.

Lee Gon, Jo and Tae Eul look at Eun sup who asks why all are looking at him. Eun sup gets up and Tae Eul says she got him some fruits. His face falls when she tells him not to leave the house. She then walks over to Lee Gon and says, “Mr Lee, follow me.”

Jo gets up furious at the way she addressed Lee Gon and asks if this is how they treat him here. Lee Gon confirms it and says he missed it. He says Tae Eul use to call him, “Hey”or “Mister”. He takes Tae Eul’s hand and walks out. He tells Jo not to kill Eun sup as he belongs to the government.

After they leave, Jo looks at Eun sup’s family photo. Eun sup says his parents live in Busan. He asks if Jo’s parents have the same faces too. Jo asks about the twins. Eun sup says they are his siblings and are in Busan for the holidays.

Jo says he is an only child and his parents got divorced. Eun sup apologises and asks if Jo wants a hug. Jo reaches for the gun and Eun sup gets up in alarm commenting that Jo has a bad personality. He guess Jo doesn’t have a girlfriend and Jo says neither does Eun sup.

Eun sup says he has a boyfriend and Jo’s eyes widen in shock. Eun sup laughs asking if he believed it. He offers to prepare dinner. Jo refuses to eat at enemy camp. Eun sup asks if he always talks like out of a historical drama.

Jo asks how can a person have 63 dreams. Eun sup says his dream of becoming a civilian will be fulfilled in 2 days as his service ends. Jo comments that in 2 days, Eun sup will become a bum, who doesn’t protect his country.

Eun sup says Jo may have muscles but he knows how to fight. Jo asks Eun sup to try. Eun sup takes the vegetables and runs away to the fridge.

Jo wonders what kind of country Republic of Korea is to let a fool like Eun sup protect it.

Lee Gon and Tae Eul are at a fried chicken restaurant. She smiles at him as she enters some numbers on his phone. He makes MSD and gives it to her. She drinks it and she says it is similar to somaek like he mentioned.

She puts the phone cover on the phone (with a horse on it). She says she bought it on a 12 month instalment. She tells him not to break it and asks him to answer her calls. She says she saved all the numbers that he will need on it.


Lee Gon takes it from her and says it looks like she bought it a while back and waited for him to come. He is annoyed to see Sin jae’s number on it. She says those are the numbers of 5 people in this world who will help him no matter what in this world. She says Shin jae is one of the most trustworthy people in this world. He asks what about her and she replies that her citizens come first for her always. Lee gon smiles as he takes the phone and calls her number.

She picks the call and asks him to hang up. He asks her not to hang up and says he always wanted to try this. He says he wanted a normal daily life with her, to call her and to talk to her. He says he wanted to ask her what she did today and say he missed her a lot. Tae Eul looks around, hangs up and says, “Me too”.

They are served the chicken. Tae Eul picks up the chicken and says she will taste it first as she cant cook. Before she can take a bite, he stops her by holding her hand. He says he knows that their worlds are different but says they should shorten the gaps.

He holds her hand and takes the fork from her hand. He starts eating without letting go of her hand. He says it tastes good. She laughs asking him to let go of her hand and he refuses. She offers her left hand, as she needs her right hand to eat. He holds her left hand. She then puts on her sunglasses. She says where they are going next is what she has been planning in the daily life outing for a long time.

Lee Gon takes her to the shooting game shop. The shopkeeper recognises him. Tae Eul asks for seven bullets. The man says she can hit them with her eyes closed if her boyfriend has served in the military. She easily shoots all the targets.

Later, Lee Gon stands with a huge stuffed toy as he asks if Tae Eul has a boyfriend in the military.

They walk on the road and he asks if she can see with sunglasses on. She says shooting is the art of filling the void between her and the target. She says it is too late if you shoot after you look.

He asks if she is sure that she earned it and didn’t pay for it. She says next time they should go to Hongdae. She says they have a teddy bear as big as Lee Gon there. He asks what is the relationship between Hongdae and Kondae ( Shin jae had used it in comparison with his relationship between him and Tae Eul).

Tae Eul says the two places are far away from each other. Lee Gon is happy hearing this. She says she likes both of them and he asks why she likes them when they are far away. He asks why she is taking his side. Tae Eul is confused. He asks how she is a detective when she doesn’t know how people feel.

He then holds her hand and says he will hold her hand to feel comforted. He starts walking but she doesn’t move. She suggests they not do this, as she doesn’t know when she will see him again. She removes her hand from his clasp and puts it over her shoulder.



He holds her close as they continue walking. She asks him to answer her question without letting her go. She says she had been meaning to ask him but was holding back. She says she has been waiting for him as a detective and also as herself.

He stops and turns her around asking if something has happened. He asks if she was threatened by someone. She guesses that he means it will happen. She comments that is why he came. He asks her what is it.

She asks if there is a Dome stadium called K stadium with 16890 seats in the northern region of Corea. He asks how she knows that. Tae Eul says they are screwed.

Meanwhile, Lee Lim tells Kyung Moo to give this month’s electricity fees to Director Hwang. Kyung picks up the bags of money saying Hwang will take them for granted if he gives two days in advance. Lee Lim tells Kyung Moo that he won’t bring Kyung Moo’s doppelganger here that soon.

Lee Lim puts down the newspaper he had been reading. The headline reads, “US president Trump visits North Korea”.

Back home, Tae Eul plays the voice recording for Lee Gon to hear. He confirms that it is from his world. She says she is the only one who knows about it. she says no one will believe it anyway. He asks what she intends of doing. She says she has to investigate it as it was her case before she met him.


Lee Gon says it could be more dangerous than she thinks. She says she thought to cover it up but says if she does that only two people will know about it, her and the killer. She says the worlds shouldn’t get mixed up like this. She says they are supposed to be on their respective paths but the worlds are already colliding. She says she has discovered it so she has to investigate it. She says she is a Police Officer in the Republic of Korea.

She asks him to tell her anything that he knows. She says this is a cooperative investigation, that only they can do. He watches her intently before looking away. He then asks what is the order of command. She says she is the superior and she gives orders here.

Lee gon laughs and hands over the autopsy report. She opens it and stops at the name Lee Lim. Lee Gon confirms that it is the traitor. He says Lee Lim must be 9 years old. He tells her to find someone of who matches the blood type, age and fingerprints. He says the body was found 24 years ago in his world but it was of someone else.

Tae Eul says Lee lim is here using that person’s identity. He says they have to find what he did for the 24 years here. Tae Wul says she will find out about it. Till then, she asks him to do 17 things. She tells him to stay quiet, not draw people’s attention, not tell anyone of him being the King, keep Jo out of trouble, not use guns, contact her whenever he goes somewhere and says she will add more when she thinks of any. He says he will do as she orders.

Lee Gon tells her to do two things for him. He tells her not to tell him not to come and not tell him not to leave. He says he has to go back sometimes, and when he does, he wants to come back soon. He says whichever it is, if she tells him not to come or leave, he thinks he will not be able to do anything. He says he is asking her not to get exhausted. He turns away and says he feels like a lousy man after saying this. He asks if he is and looks at her. She nods slowly.

Lee Gon asks for which part she was nodding to. Tae Eul says he should go as Jo will be waiting for him. He asks what makes her think that Jo doesn’t know where he is right now. She turns around asking if Jo is here too. Lee gon smiles saying he made her curious. He gets up to leave.

She says she is curious about something else. She asks if she isn’t there in his world. She says there are doppelgangers for the people they know. She asks if she really doesn’t exist. He is silent and she guesses that she is there.

Shin jae and Moonshik are out for dinner. They speak about Shin jae sleeping in the night duty room.

Someone clicks photos of Shin jae from outside the restaurant.

Shin jae looks out of the restaurant and notices a black car driving away.


Later at night, Shin jae lies awake in his bed. He recalls waking up in what looks like a hospital bed with oxygen mask over his face. His mother is teary eyed as he wakes up and she calls her husband.


The next day, Kyung Ra finds information that Tae Eul asked for. She tells Tae Eul Lee Seong Jae  (Lee Lim’s doppelganger) died 24 years ago. Tae Eul learns that he was born with poliomyelitis. Tae Eul goes thru the report. It says the brother died in a hit and run and the nephew died in an accident. She wonders what happened to this family. She looks at the nephew’s picture and comments that Lee gon was here too.


Lee Gon is in his hotel room (under Eun sup’s name). He tells Jo that they will stay longer here. Her says he bought lot og gold this time. Jo requests him to return to the Palace as he can’t protect him here. He asks what place this is and asks how long he has been coming here. He says they don’t have a life here.

Lee Gon says Jo has endured a lot. Lee Gon says he can’t leave the palace permanently or give up coming here all together. He asks Jo to help him. He says he is going back Thursday evening but he will be leaving Jo in Korea. Jo says he is talking nonsense.

Lee Gon tells him that Lee Lim is alive here. Jo asks why Lee lim would be here and not in Corea. Lee Gon says there are enough people in Corea to kill Lee Lim but no one is in Korea except Jo.

Jo starts to respond but he freezes as time stops. Lee Gon notices the plane flying by stop in mid air. He notes that this is the third time the time stopped. He thinks that this may be a rule and not a side effect. He wonders what rule it is. He tries to figure it out and decides that he has to block the bamboo forest.


Lee Gon writes a note and puts it in Jo’s jacket pocket.

Time starts moving and Jo continues to talk. Lee Gon says that Lee lim is moving between the worlds just like him. He says time stops whenever Lee Lim moves. He says Lee lim must know that he has left the palace but lee Gon doesn’t know if Lee Lim went to Corea or came here. Lee Gon says he will go back to find out.

Jo asks for proof that time stopped. Lee Gon asks him to check his left pocket. Jo finds Lee Gon’s note, “Is this enough proof?” in his pocket. Lee gon says both he and Lee Lim have half of an object. He says if he loses his half to Lee Lim, Lee Lim will be the only one who opens the door to the worlds. He says they will end up losing their lives in their world as well.

Lee Gon tells Jo to kill Lee Lim the moment he sees him. He says it is the King’s order.


The police officer leaves a message Jo as he can’t reach him. He says Tae Eul’s fingerprints came back with a match for Luna. But he says Luna was already in prison when Jo handed the fingerprints.


Kim rushes into Koo’s room. He tells her the Royal Court sent a set of fingerprints to be matched. He says it was a woman’s. He says it was strange because her identity was unknown till she was arrested. Koo is surprised to see that the girl Luna is an ex-convict and that she went to prison in such a short time. Kim says she will be released soon and has a long list of crimes.


Tae Eul parks her car and starts to walk. She looks at her ID card and remembers Lee Gon telling her that her doppelganger may exist in his world. Tae Eul’s voiceover says, “Parallel universe, same face, same ID card, balance, where did my new ID card disappear to? Who is keeping the balance?


Koo gets ready to go out and a woman comes and gives her an envelope that came from Koo’s mother’s place. She sees it is from Kim Seong A. Koo opens it and it is the newspaper that Lee Lim was reading in Korea. The headlines reads, “US President Donald Trump visits North Korea”. Koo comments that they aren’t controlling fake news. She puts the newspaper aside and walks away.


Luna is released from prison. She wears the rabbit hood and walks out of the prison. She is about to light a smoke when a car comes speeding towards her and comes to a screeching halt.


Koo gets out of the car and comes in front of her smiling. Luna tells her that she dropped the last cigarette because of her. Koo stares her down as Luna walks towards her. Luna gives Koo a menacing look.


Image courtesy – SBS


This was an interesting episode.

The scene with Na-ri at the cafe explaining the functioning of the universe was significant. It looks like it is suggesting that only one version of the character can survive. However, I don’t Think Jo or Na ri would kill their doppelganger. Except Tae Eul’s doppelganger, all the other doppelgangers are good-natured. This scene does hint towards a bloody or tragic climax.

It looks like all the murder cases are linked to the doppelganger murders. It seems like Koo has a doppelganger too. I wonder whom the newspaper with Donald Trump’s North Korea visit was intended for.

It was intriguing how after Na-ri’s perception, it looks like one world destroying the other. Right now it looks like Lee Lim has planted people in both worlds but he seems interested in the Kingdom of Corea only. People from both worlds are killing each other under his orders.

Lee Gon and the stable worker Byeong U travelled to this world around the same time. I wonder how he travelled and if no one saw him there. It looks like the stable worker travelled to Korea by himself.

It is interesting to read the political situations in the parallel universe (Corea in the list of visa free countries for China, Donald Trump not being the US President, voluntary military service )

It is nice to see the detective side of Tae Eul. The dialogues in the scene where she says that she will investigate the recording (no matter how dangerous it may be) were queenly in character. The scenes with the lead pair were a good watch.

Lee Gon’s scenes proving the existence of the parallel universe to Jo were impressive and it shows his forethought and intelligence. His presence of mind and patience was a great watch, as he wasted no time in getting Jo (who asks proof for everything) on his side. He was ahead of Jo the whole time from the bamboo forest scene to the time stop.

Lee Gon adapted to the other world real fast as compared to Jo and Tae Eul though he didn’t have anyone to explain the concept to him. Jo reacted just as Tae Eul did upon travelling to the other world.  He was filled with suspicion and disbelief while Lee Gon didn’t have either of those. He was just figuring everything out and accepting the world for what it is.

Lee Gon’s saviour was a great shooter. So far, only Shin Jae excels in shooting.

The scene with Jo and Eun sup meeting was hilarious. Woo Do Hwan has done a great job in the two roles.

Tae Eul sees Lee gon’s doppelganger as child who is no more. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding that. I wonder if they will track down his mother. She is under the clutches of Lee Lim.

I wonder when Lee gon will figure out the time travel and that Lee Lim doesn’t age.

Koo meeting Luna was an unexpected twist. The prospect of Lee Gon losing the Manpaksijeok to Lee Lim would be disastrous. I am curious to see how he intends to block the forest.

-By Soul Sword-

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