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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Recap


Kim informs Koo that the King’s helicopter has landed on the Ku building. She asks why he came at this hour. Kim says men usually do this if their girlfriends miss their last train or bus back to Busan. He comments that the King doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Later, Koo gets out of her car outside Ku building. She walks upto Lee Gon and Tae Eul.

Tae Eul asks Lee Gon if he had an appointment with Koo. Lee Gon denies saying that he is here just to pick Tae Eul up. Tae Eul says she is supposed to keep a low profile. He asks her what they will think of her if they see her. Tae Eul asks him not to worry. She says she will not look suspicious. He calls her a fool saying the situation is already suspicious.

Koo reaches them commenting that he is here at an unexpected hour, in an unexpected place with an unexpected person.


Lee Gon says Koo has put him in an awkward situation. He says this is a very personal situation and he should have given her a heads up about this. Koo smiles as she says that when it comes to the country, even personal relations become business. She says Lee Gon is the country too.

Koo stretches out her hand to Tae Eul while introducing herself. Tae Eul takes it saying that she is Koo’s big fan. Koo says she is flattered to have such a young and beautiful fan. Koo asks for her name and Tae Eul says she is just a traveller. She says she is honoured to meet Koo like this and says she is leaving soon. She says this is her first time in the Kingdom of Corea and feels like she is in a storybook.

Koo comments that Tae Eul speaks the language well for a foreigner. Tae Eul says she is a liberal arts student and Lee Gon starts laughing. Koo frowns at him. He then tells Koo that he doesn’t have time. She says she will send him off and Lee Gon says he will see her on Friday.

Lee Gon walks into the Ku building along with Tae-Eul. Koo watches Lee Gon smiling as he places his hand around Tae Eul as they disappear into the building.

Later in the helicopter, Tae Eul watches the moon through the window. Lee Gon watches Tae Eul. Jo and Secratary Mo sit across them.

Mo recalls Lee Gon saying that he knows someone prettier than Koo.

At present, Lee Gon tells Mo that she is right and it is the same person. He says Mo’s expression is easy to read. Mo seems delighted.


He asks Tae Eul what she is looking at. She says that the moon is the same in both worlds. She starts to ask if they also have something, but stops herself as Mo and Jo are there. Jo’s eyes widen as Lee Gon holds out his hand to her. Tae Eul gives a questioning look and he takes her hand. He writes on her hand using his finger, “Do we also have what?” He holds out his hand for her to write. This time Mo watches intently.  She writes, “Do you also have the myth about rabbits living on the moon” Lee Gon writes that there are no rabbits on the moon. He continues that the moon is the closest celestial body to the earth. Tae Eul pulls back her hand in irritation but he holds her hand and continues to write. Tae Eul gives up and lets him write as Jo watches in disapproval.

Koo returns and pours herself a drink in frustration. She thinks out loud that she smiles for Lee Gon but he smiled when he had Tae Eul around.

Lee Gon brings Tae Eul into the empty Royal Kitchen. Tae Eul asks if she is supposed to sleep here tonight. He smiles saying if she has to stay the night he will have her sleep in his bedroom. He says everyone around him knows about her. He says Jo informed him that Tae Eul had eaten just one sandwich all day.


Lee Gon wears the apron and says he s repaying her for the half and half. Tae Eul sits down and watches him as he preps the meat and vegetables using his culinary skills.

Tae Eul asks if he didn’t give her money on purpose since he knew their currencies were different. He comments that she didn’t have buttons to sell. He explains that he didn’t want her to go far away and that is why he sent Jo. She asks him to pay Jo back on behalf of her and he agrees.

Tae Eul says that she was travelling around today and she realised that Lee Gon would have felt lonely in her world. Lee Gon looks up frowning and asks if she felt lonely here. She says it was frustrating to not have anything to prove her identity. She thanks him for coming to pick her up.


Lee Gon calls her to come near him. She goes near him asking if he needs help but he asks her to look at him. He gently taps her forehead with his own. He says he wants to pat her head but both his hands are busy.


Tae Eul gathers herself and says that this (cooking) doesn’t look like it is his first time. She says she thought he was cooking instant noodles. He says she didn’t like it when he made instant noodles. She says it was good and that is why she didn’t believe that he made it.

Lee Gon says Court Lady Noh taught him how to cook. He says the only food he doesn’t have to have tasted is the food he cooks. He says she must know as she looked up Prince Imperial Geum Lee Lim. Tae Eul looks at him and says Lee Gon has grown into a fine man.

Lee Gon looks up and says she now knows what root she is standing before. Her gaze falls on the scar on his neck. He says it is his hell and his history. He says the scar was engraved in his body by the greed of the person that killed his father and strangled him. He says that is why he was raised amidst his uncle’s worries and Lady Noh’s tears. He says that is why Lady Noh isn’t nice to her. He tells her not to be upset and she nods.

Not satisfied with her reaction, he asks if that is it. He says after hearing such a story she has to give her a hug or atleast say she would give him one. She smiles and looks away. She asks to see her ID card and his smile fades.

Tae Eul says she has to go now. Lee Gon says he won’t let her go and says she has to stay here. Tae Eul gives him a stern look. He says he is serious. He says he can keep her here with just one command.


Shin jae walks into the night duty room and finds Michael in there. He says there is a forecast for a cold wave. He says he knows that Shin jae will refuse to come to his house. He has brought a warm and soft blanket for Shin Jae. Shin Jae changes from his shoes to his slip ons. After Michael leaves, Shin jae looks at the wordings on the slip on sandals “Violent crimes Division”.

In a flashback, a young Shin jae is being beaten up by bullies. Young school going Tae Eul sees this and threatens the bullies to leave him alone. She calls up the police and reports them. One of the bullies walks towards her but she beats him up. Another bully tells her that he knows her face and where she lives. She says she knows his face too and that she is a black belt. She says two against six counts as black belt.

Later, the bullies leave the police station with their parents. Tae Eul gives Shin Jae a pair of slip on sandals from the taekwondo class. She asks him to join and start with a white belt. She says he isn’t following Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. He says he has perseverance and that is why he let them beat him. She says he can start with yellow belt. He reads the text on the slip on, “Heroes Tekwondo Center”


At present, Shin jae looks at the wordings on the slip on sandals “Violent crimes Division”.


Koo receives a call and she becomes serious. She hangs up and immediately calls for the NSC and cancels all appointments for the next day.


Jo has the glass with Tae Eul’s fingerprints. He remembers the men saying that Tae Eul was Luna. He hands the glass with Tae Eul’s Fingerprints to the Policeman. He says he will get back with the results. Jo receives the information from the Ministry of National Security that the NSC is summoned at 10 pm. Jo immediately walks away after saying that they will meet later.

In the kitchen, Lee Gon serves the meal for Tae Eul. He says he will show her the ID card after she finishes it.  She thanks him as she starts eating.

He says that steak and rice in a hot pot is his signature dish. He says everyone fell for it and she says she can see why. He says he said that to make her jealous and that she is supposed to ask whom did he make it for. Tae Eul says she can’t beat that person anyway as she must be from this world.


Lee Gon watches her intently and puts her ID card on the table. As she reaches for it, he puts his hand over it. He says he has been carrying it around since she got here. He says he didn’t show it to her because he was afraid she might leave, but now she has already gone somewhere much further away than her world. He slides the ID card towards her.

She picks it up and watches it in awe. She wonders how he has had it for 25 years. Lee Gon remembers his saviour as he says someone dropped it here. Lee Gon says his memories are fading away. He says he isn’t sure if he can recognise that person. He says he feels that the person will appear before him at least once because the person is either the beginning or the end to all this. He says it looks like a difficult problem but it must have a simple and beautiful solution. He says Tae Eul is the answer he has been looking for. He says from now on, he will prove it one by one.

Lee Gon says Tae Eul has beaten whoever that person is or whichever world the person is from. So he tells her not to decide to leave like that.

Just then, Jo walks in saying Koo has summoned the NSC. Lee Gon says he wanted to send Tae Eul back in the morning but he has to let her go earlier. He says he doesn’t think he can see her off. She tells him not to worry about her. She asks if something has happened as National Security Council has been summoned.


A news telecast says that the battleships of the Japanese Navy led by Aegis are moving towards South East of Dokdo. It says Koo has summoned the NSC to show a strong response.

At Lee Gon’s office, Jo reports that Japan is insisting that the search radar that Yi Sun-si Destroyer used to search fishing boats is a fire control radar. Japan says it shows the Kingdom of Corea’s intention of attack. Lee Gon asks if the Chinese fishing boat has been rescued. Jo says it is still underway as the weather is poor.

Lee Gon tells Mo to put Koo through the phone if she calls. He tells Lady Noh to bring Tae Eul’s belongings. He says he will explain the situation to her himself.

Lady Noh goes to her room and picks up Tae Eul’s belongings. She finds that Tae Eul’s ID card is missing from the box. She calls up the security asking if anyone came into her room. She is told that the CCTVs in Gwangyeonjeong were switched off since yesterday under her instructions. She is also told that no one was allowed into the private residence.

The NSC meeting convenes and Koo is said that they have made a warning announcement according to the rules of engagement and are now defending themselves. The members talk condescendingly to Koo. Koo learns that the Japanese vessels are loaded with anti submarine missiles. She is told that they have the same missile too and have sent an Aegis (Aegis can simultaneously attack land targets, submarines, and surface ships while automatically protecting the fleet) loaded with Tomahawk.

One of them suggests talking to Japan, as Japan has done this many times. He says they can’t start a war every time this happens. Koo says it keeps happening because Corea has never started a war. She says they have talked twice this year but this is the third time. She says this time they came with Aegis ship and asks what they will do the fourth time. The members oppose her strongly and ask her to stand down.


Just then, she receives a report that the Japanese Navy will enter Corea’s territorial waters in 20 minutes.  Koo tells the members that if they want to wait they will have to do it when they become the Prime Minister. She orders all troops to prepare for action, as she will not stand down. The members remind her that they need the King’s permission. She says she knows and asks them to call the Royal Palace.

Lee Gon is in his office as Koo briefs him through the telephone and says there is strong opposition. Lee Gon says politics mustn’t be considered regarding National Security. She says no political ideas were taken into consideration.

Lee Gon says he was thinking of a different approach and follow what his ancestors did. He says when two countries are true to themselves a war breaks out. He says Japan is true to themselves so Corea must be true to themselves too. He says they won’t sit by and watch. He says in a grim tone that Japan cannot enter Corean waters even by 1 cm or 1 mm.

Lady Noh buttons up Lee Gon’s Commander-in Chief military uniform. She tells him that Tae Eul’s ID card has gone missing from the box. She apologises profusely. She says she tried her best to keep it safe.


Lee Gon interrupts her. He says he can’t explain it, but he feels that everything that is happening now was meant to be and was set in motion 25 years ago. He says he will explain when he gets back and asks her to wish him luck for now. He tells her that the other talisman actually worked. She asks him to take the talisman with him. She says the talisman is supposed to be used that way.

Tae Eul walks in just then along with Jo. Lee Gon asks for privacy and Jo leaves with Lady Noh.

Tae Eul looks at him in the uniform and the King’s robes hangs behind him. Lee Gon takes Tae Eul’s ID card (that he has been keeping for 25 years) and gives it to her. He says it was meant to be given to her and hopes she doesn’t get into trouble for it.


She asks if he was in the Navy. He says he left the military as a Navy Lieutenant. He says he is the Commander –in-Chief of the Kingdom of Corea but he thinks she won’t believe him. She says she believes him and recalls that he said Corea was about to have a war with Japan. She says she understands.

Lee Gon says the Royal Family puts on the military uniform at the most honourable times. He says it means they will certainly win. He says he will come back to her in honor. He says it won’t take long. He asks if she will wait for him. She nods and says, “I will see you again, Lee Gon”.

Lee Gon says he thought his name was not supposed to be called, but he thinks that his name was supposed to be called only by her.


Tae Eul stands in Seoul. She checks her phone and responds to Shin Jae’s text. She asks who won the game and apologises for the late reply. Shin jae responds instantly saying he is fine if she is fine. He says Michael won the game.

Tae Eul’s father is cooking when she walks in and hugs him. She says she missed him and tried to contact him but she was Alice in the Wonderland. She is disappointed when he says he didn’t notice that she was gone. Tae Eul is offended that her father noticed the horse missing but not her. She says she isn’t going to talk to him for sometime. Her father is offended that the horse owner went off without saying a proper goodbye.

Tae Eul’s voiceover narrates, “He said he will come back soon, but he didn’t come back for a long time.”

Tae Eul goes back to working at the Police Force.

Her voiceover continues, “I wasn’t holding my phone as if I was waiting for someone. I was just waiting on earth, which has become slightly rounder. There was no way I could know what was happening in his world, because he was a person beyond 1 and 0.”


Lee Gon’s helicopter lands on the destroyer. Lee Gon and Jo walk up to the major.


The crew stands in attention as he is announced. Lee Gon tells the Captain he wished to come as a reserve but he is here now. The captain (whom Lee Gon met at the funeral) says he knew he would come. Lee Gon says he will be the last of the crew to leave the ship today. He requests the captain to protect the Corean seas. The captain says the Korean navy wins before fighting. He says he is honoured to have the King with them.

Jo steps forward and hands over the King’s flag. The crew salutes the King. Lee Gon returns the salute.


Meanwhile the news telecast reports that the Chinese government expresses remorse over the heated situation. The news also says that Japan has taken this step to improve their economy.

Prince Buyeon learns of this situation and his secretary says they will find him an earlier flight.

At the NSC, they say that Japan took this step because they would have thought a female Prime Mnister wouldn’t be aggressive. Koo says she has always been the first to strike. Koo says that the King has got on the Yi Sun-sin destroyer. She smiles as everyone is shocked.

On the destroyer, Lee Gon says they should use the state of the weather and sea to their advantage. He says they will win anyway so he asks to do it quick. He orders the King’s flag to be hoisted and the entire fleet to go ahead in full speed.


On the Japanese ship, they report that the Corean ships are proceeding towards them. They also report that the King is aboard on the destroyer as the King’s flag is hoisted beside the Corean flag. General Omura speaks to his headquarters back in Japan.

They say that if the King is aboard, the Kingdom of Corea will take a defensive stance. They order Omura to push the ships 1000 yards into Corea’s territorial waters so that the King will run away like a coward. Omura gives the orders.


Back at the Palace, Lady Noh offers her prayers for the King’s safe comeback.

Koo is informed that Japanese ships have violated their territory by 700 yards. They say they can’t ensure the King’s safety.

Lee Gon receives the report that the ships aren’t slowing. He is told that it will be dangerous from now on. Jo advises that they should change to a defensive strategy.

Lee Gon states that they it isn’t him that they have to protect today but it is the sea. They acknowledge him.

Lee Gon orders Speed boat fleet 203 to block from the front while they press the Aegis coming from the back. The destroyer moves forward with full speed as the captain orders the flying squadron P 3C to attack. Lee Gon orders the close-in weapon system (a point-defense weapon system for detecting and destroying short-range incoming missiles and enemy aircraft which have penetrated the outer defenses) to be activated.

Jo tells Lee Gon that this might seem like an attack and then it will be war. Lee Gon says Japan is in Corean waters and warning shots are a generous response. He says it will be their last generous response.


Lee Gon speaks into his radio to Captain Choe. He says he will listen if the Captain wants him to stop. The captain says he has been training men to not back off in situations like these. He says the King’s wish is his command. Lee Gon orders them to get ready to shoot the Aegis from 30 yards ahead. Lee Gon orders them to fire the warning shot. The shots are fired.


Inside the Japanese ship, the alarms go off. They say that the Yi Sun Sin Destroyer is 700 yards away. They detect guided missiles trained on them and the ship stops. Omura says that they plan to shoot them if they move. He says the King of The Kingdom of Corea is determined to go to war against them. He is told that this is Koreas’s territorial waters. He is told that things are not looking good. Omura orders all ships to stop the manoeuvre.

Aboard the destroyer, it is reported that the Japanese ships have stopped sailing. Lee Gon says that the message has been well conveyed. He says they should wait a bit, but not for long.


Tae Eul is in her yard. She holds a packet of seeds labelled “Imaginary flower” in her hand.

In a flashback,


When Lee Gon and Tae Eul cross the portal, they stop for a while between 1 and 0. She shows him the Imaginary flower seeds and says it is Made in Kingdom of Corea.

Lee Gon stands beside Maximus in his military uniform. He reminds her that there is no light or air or water here when she puts the seeds on the ground. He says flowers don’t bloom here.

Tae Eul says that they don’t know that yet as no one has tried sowing seeds here yet.


At present, Tae Eul plants the rest of the seeds in a pot and waters them. She tells the seeds that she knows they are from a different world but they should sprout. She says their friends are sown in a much harsher place.


At 7.40 am, the news reports that the Japanese fleet has completely left the territorial waters.

At a press conference, Koo expresses her deep respect to the King and the soldiers for fighting courageously for their country. She says Japan will soon make an apology announcement along with the compensation. She says Corea will abide by the international laws. She also says that they will stop export to Japan till Japan apologises.

Later in her office, Koo massages her legs after removing her pumps. Kim says her approval rating has skyrocketed. Koo says the turbulence worked in her favour and it was unnecessarily very peaceful. He asks her why she didn’t put on comfortable shoes. She says these are her combat shoes. He says the Chinese delegation has visited the Palace first. She asks why they went there when they are supposed to come here first.

Kim says he won over a Court lady in charge of the royal wardrobe. He says there was a guest in the Royal Palace but no one saw her face. He says the King brought her, Koo says Kim is right and that the King has a girlfriend. She says she met her. She says the woman was young but not as pretty as her. She orders Kim to find more about the woman.


Tae Eul is at the police station. She listens to the voice recording extracted from the 2g phone. It looks like an extract from the news reporting about Northern K stadium. Tae Eul does a search for K stadium and it brings up no results. She tries other search terms but no results come up.

She tries the other voice message which talks about the Global Medical center and Prince Buyeong. She wonders why the news was recorded as voicemail.

Just then, the team walks in commenting that she is spacing out again. She asks Michael if he has experience in searching for people. He says he specialises in finding run-aways.

Tae Eul asks Lee Sang Do’s wife on the wanted list. She says her children are young and she can be tracked when she transfers them. She then walks away. Park moon-shik stands rooted to the spot as Min wonders if she is a sociopath because she totally avoided conversing with them.

Back home, Tae Eul sits in front of her laptop. She has the currency note with Lee Gon’s image on it on front of her screen. She looks at it and recalls a conversation back in his palace.

In a flashback, Lee Gon kisses Tae Eul and asks if he should have done this. He asks her to guess if he proved that he has dated before or is dating just now.


He asks her why she isn’t responding and asks her to keep this to herself. He says that he is dating now. Tae Eul asks him to take off his clothes. Lee Gon asks if that is her answer and says he did not see this coming. She asks if he has a strange scar on his shoulder and he asks how she knows about it. She says Jo asked if she gave him the scar.

Lee Jon says he got the scar from when he went to visit her. He starts unbuttoning his shirt. She tells him not to unfasten all of them. He says she got him all excited. She says just 2 buttons would do. He says she won’t be able to see the scar if he undid just two buttons, as his shoulders are broad. He then fastens his buttons and says he won’t show the scar. She asks if it is luminous. He tells her to switch off the light if she is that curious. She says she isn’t curious but didn’t want to take the blame. She tells him to leave, as she is sleepy.

Lee Gon says that it is more difficult to cross this line between them than it is to cross the universe. He says he will leave now and asks her to sleep well.


At present, Tae Eul jerks back to reality. Tae Eul listens to the voice message again. Suddenly she recalls that Lee Jong In is Prince Buyeong who is second in line to the throne. She had read about him while she looked up the Royal Family on the internet. She also remembers Lee Gon saying that they refer to their country as the Northern and Southern region. She listens to the other recording which mentions the Northern K stadium.

She drops the headphones in shock as it dawns on her that the recording is from Corea.


Lee Gon is in his study. He picks his phone and checks the notes. He comments that all she did was search the internet and she didn’t leave anything behind.

Just then, one of his domestic help comes in and gives him something, which he found while cleaning the wardrobe. Lee Gon picks it up and sees that it is Tae Eul’s hair tie. He thanks the help for bringing this to him and sends him away. Lee Gon comments that she did leave something behind.


Lee Gon walks to his room. He is wearing Tae Eul’s hair tie on his wrist. He hides his hand from Lady Noh who is making the bed. He walks up to her complaining about the menu and her not joining him for dinner. She says she is going crazy because she can’t find the thief in the palace. She reminds him that he said he would tell her something when he got back. She asks what it is.

Lee Gon asks if Prince Buyeong called and she says he has returned but he hasn’t called. He says Lady Noh keeps a close watch on the people entering the palace, the fabric he wears, the food he eats to protect him. He says she suspects everything and she even hid the Manpaksijeok in the whip and protected it. He asks her why she does it. She explains that it is her duty.


She says when Lee Lim’s body was found, the first thing she did was to look for the other half of the flute. She says she couldn’t find it. She says she told herself since the body was floating in the sea for a long time, the flute might have gone back to the Dragon King of the East Sea. She says she relied on the myth. Lee Gon says he is relying on the myth too. He says that is why he is waiting for Prince Buyeong’s call. He says he will let her know when he finds out more. He asks her to find the thief while he looks for the solution.

Meanwhile, Tae Eul’s fingerprint results are back.  Jo learns that they didn’t come up with a match. The cop asks if she is a foreigner. Jo asks if the cops found anything on Luna. The cop says he hasn’t yet and asks what interest she is to him. He says it is confidential.

Jo asks if they have a CCTV footage of Luna.  The cop says it looks like Luna knew the placement of security cameras so they weren’t able to get a look at her face. Jo hangs up.

He walks over and takes a photo of Seung A and another security guard. After he goes away, the man next to Seung A wonders what it was about. Seung A says Jo wanted to take a picture of her and he used some pretext. The man says he doesn’t think so. He says he knows Jo better as he is Jo’s uncle. Seung A is left dumbstruck.

Jo obtains Tae Eul’s photo from the CCTV footage at the train station.

Jo goes to the police station and places 4 photos in front of the man who was chasing Luna. The photos are of Mo, a royal guard, Seung A and Tae Eul. The man points Tae Eul and says that she is Luna. Jo is shocked as he sinks into the  chair.

Lee Gon is getting his portrait drawn. He looks at Jo who is standing still and asks if everything is fine. He says Jo came in late today. Jo says everything is fine. The artist asks if he should come back later. Lee Gon says that would be better and the man leaves.

Lee Gon asks Jo as to what the issue is. He removes his crown and massages his neck saying that it hurts. Jo catches sight of the mark the hair tie has left on Lee Gon’s wrist. He grows worried and asks what gave him this scar. Lee Gon says that this mark shows that someone comes in and out of his heart.

Just then, Mo walks in saying that Prince Buyeong is there in the Palace.


Lee Gon meets Prince Buyeong. The Prince says that he was worried about Lee Gon as he was in the battlefield. Lee Gon tells him to stay healthy, as Buyeong is the only person he has. The Prince says that is what makes this a very precious and sad life. He says he wished Lee Gon would never ask him about that incident. He says he knew deep down that one day Lee Gon will ask him about Lee Gon’s real cause of death.

The Prince hands Lee Gon the death certificate in which the real cause of death is written. Lee Gon opens it. The Prince explains that Lee Gon died due to a fractured cervical spine. He says the neck was broken and the body was thrown into the ocean. He adds that what is strange is the fact that the body was that of a person who suffered from poliomyelitis whereas Lee Lim was a well-built man. He says the fingerprint and DNA matches with Lee Lims. The Prince says he had hidden the real cause of death because of that.

Lee Gon says hiding the cause of death of a traitor is not a small crime. The Prince says he has been feeling guilty all along and now he wants to be free of guilt. He asks Lee Gon to let him know if he ever finds out the reason behind the oddity. He says he would like to know as a doctor.


At the police station, Michael briefs Tae Eul. He says that Lee Sang Do’s wife didn’t get the children transferred. She says she will do it someday. He asks her to keep an eye on it. Taae Eul passes the smaller half of her popsicle to Shin jae (he bought the popsicles and put them in the fridge earlier) Shin jae says he wants the bigger half. She says other seniors are happy if their juniors eat well. He says he is not that type and takes the big one from her.

Shin jae asks if she found something on the Lee Sang Do case. She asks him if he trusts her and he says yes. She says this makes it more difficult. She says right now it is like science fiction. She says she will tell him when it becomes more of science.

It is raining as Na-ri serves milk tea to a customer. The customer is Lee Lim and she asks him if he is new here. He says he is new but he will visit here often, as he loves this neighbourhood.

He comments that it looks like a typhoon. His voiceover says, “Be careful, there are many typhoons in summer, but typhoons in winter cause the most damage.”

There are more photos in the studio. One of them is Shin jae’s.


As Lee Lim heads out of the cafe, two children bump into him as they run into the cafe. The boy turns around and looks at his face. The child is terrified as he sees the lightning scar light up the side of Lee Lim’s face as thunder strikes. The boy starts crying as Lee Lim says he ought to be careful.


Eun Sup walks past Lee Lim and holds an umbrella over the kids. The boy cries saying the man’s face was scary. Eun sup asks if the man was ugly. The boy says the man is a monster. Eun sup calls the boy as Ka-bi and says its bad manners to call a person that. The girl interrupts and tells the boy that she is there for him. Eun Sup takes the kids inside wondering what was scary about the man’s face.



Lee Gon holds the death certificate in his hand as his voiceover says, “Head Court Lady had a good reason to worry. I am in danger now. Lee Lim the traitor is alive. What had been added to Lee Lim was the gate to the other world. Is the purpose of treason was the Manpasikjeok, since I have the other half, he will definitely come to me to retrieve it.”


Tae Eul drives home and parks her car. She looks out of the window and her she goes still.

Lee Gon stands on the courtyard watching her.

Tae-Eul’s eyes well up as she gets out of her car. Lee Gon asks if she has been doing well. She smiles at him and nods. He asks if she has been waiting for him. She nods her head again.

Tae Eul runs to him and hugs him.


Lee Gon holds her in his arms as his voiceover continues, “Head Court Lady Noh was wrong.  Jeong Tae Eul is not a danger to me. I am a danger to Jung Tae Eul”.

Image Courtesy- SBS


This was another great episode as there was not one dull moment.

The kitchen scene and the battle scene were the picks in this episode.

The scene in the kitchen was emotive and deep. It looks like Tae Eul is regretting her behaviour when Lee Gon had visited her world. There was a lot of emotion packed into the scene.

The battle scene on the other hand was a great watch and well-paced. The cinematography was really good.

The scenes at the courtyard where Lee Gon visits Tae Eul are interesting. This is the third time he has travelled to this world and Tae Eul’s reaction grows warmer towards Lee Gon each time when compared with the previous time. It shows that their relationship is getting deeper.

It was intriguing that Tae Eul lost her ID card in Corea. She lost the new ID card that was issued and the ID she is having after the theft is what Lee Gon has had for the past 25 years. That leaves quite a number of people including Lee Gon who could have taken the card.

It looks like Lee Lim has dumped his disabled doppelganger into the ocean and passed it off as his dead body. It is good that Lee Gon now knows that Lee Lim is alive and now the plot can progress further.

It looks like Jo has figured out that Luna resembles Tae Eul. I wonder if Lee Gon has told him that the parallel universe has doppelgangers roaming around.

On the other hand,Tae Eul has figured out that the 2G phone is from Corea.

Lee Lim has located the cafe and it looks like he seems to have found Shin-jae’s doppelgänger. I wonder if he is after Tae Eul, Na-ri and Eun sup too. These doppelgangers are turning out to be extremely dangerous weapons in Lee Lim’s hands.

It looks like things get serious in the next episode. I like the way the storyline is progressing and I am curious to see the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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