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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 5 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 5 Recap


Before leaving the station, Shin-jae texts Tae-eul to join him for a game of pool.

Lee Gon is at the cafe. He repays Na-ri with a diamond. He says he won’t be able to repay her in cash as their currencies are different. Na-ri is amazed seeing the diamond and asks if he found oil in his yard.

Later, Shin jae visits the cafe. Na-ri tells him that Tae Eul left with the King guy a while ago. Shin-jae checks his phone and there is no reply to his text yet.


Jo calls up Lady Noh and informs her that the King is back with a guest. As she learns that it is a woman, she says the King should take the sea route to avoid prying eyes.

In the woods, Lee Gon tells Tae-Eul that he goes by the name Lee Gon. She says now that he really is a King, she is sure to be beheaded. He laughs out loud and says she is right.

Jo offers to escort him to the palace. Lee Gon says he wants the vet to check Maximus, as the trip has been too long for her age. He tells Jo to join him at the racetracks and rides away. Jo orders the guards at the racetracks to be withdrawn. He also orders 2 of them to the CCTV room.

As they ride to the racetracks (along with Jo and the guards). Tae-Eul recalls what happened while crossing the parallel universe.


Maximus stands in a place where the skies are pink and endless. As a lightning strikes, Tae-Eul asks Lee Gon if this is some fourth dimension. Lee Gon says he doesn’t know. He says this is something between 1 and 0 in both their worlds. He says this is a place that cannot be explained scientifically.

He shows her a red balloon still in the air away from them. He says usually balloons deflate in 10 hours. He says this balloon has been floating where he left it ten days back. He says it hasn’t popped or floated away. He says it means there is no light, air or wind in this place.

Tae Eul watches in amazement and asks if it is magic then, if it’s not science. He says it could be a part of the legend. There is a white column of bright light lying ahead of them reaching from the sky (looks like the gateway to the parallel universe).

Lee Gon says the time flows differently here as well. He says one minute in here is about an hour outside. He says his watch stops here. He adds that he went back and forth to check. She asks how he did that and he says he used Euler’s number.

(The number e (Euler’s number ) is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 2.71828 and is the base of the natural logarithm: the unique number whose natural logarithm is equal to one. It is the limit of ⁿ as n approaches infinity, an expression that arises in the study of compound interest.)


Lee Gon says he doesn’t know how deep or vast this place is. He says he will find out one day and tell her all about it, but for now he says they should go to his world.

At present, the vet examines Maximus’ blood pressure and says it is lower than last time but is within the range. Tae Eul checks that there is no signal on her phone. She is confused when the vet refers to Maximus as “Lady Maximus”.

After the vet leaves, Lee Gon asks her if she believes him now. She says it is terrifying if its real or else it means she is crazy. Jo asks her to mind her language while talking to the King. She points at Jo and says the person with that face is supposed to be on her side as he had been since she was 3 years old.

She looks at Jo’s gun and asks if it is real. She walks up to him and asks if she can take a look. He stops her before she can get a hold of the gun. Lee Gon asks him to let her be, as she knows how to handle one. He says she has to see it to believe. Jo asks what he is talking about. Lee Gon explains that she has seen the world between 1 and 0.

Tae-Eul says she wants to check something and it isn’t personal. She picks up the gun and points it at Lee Gon. Jo instantly stands as a human shield in front of Lee Gon while the other guards train their guns at her. Lee Gon tells Jo that she can handle a gun.


Jo says he will let this go just this once because she is His Majesty’s guest.  She asks Lee Gon if everything is real. Lee Gon steps away from Jo saying it is all real. She moves the gun towards him but Jo holds the muzzle away from Lee Gon and towards himself.

Lee Gon tells her everything is true. He tells her not to pull the trigger, as Jo will not move even an inch. Jo tells Tae-Eul to loosen the grip if she doesn’t want to get killed. Tae –Eul gives the gun back and the guards relax. Suddenly, Jo recognises her. He looks at Lee Gon who confirms that she is Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul.

Lee Gon, Tae- Eul, Jo and the guards take the sea route to the Palace. Jo and the guards follow Tae Eul and Lee Gon.

Lee Gon steers his Luxury Powerboat as Tae Eul stands by his side.  As the Palace comes into view, Lee Gon look at her and says, “Welcome to my Palace”.


Lee Gon brings her into Gwangyeongjeong, his private residence. He stops talking when he sees Lady Noh standing there. She asks him if he is trying to worry her to death.

Lee Gon says it has been only 10 minutes and 50 seconds since Tae Eul believed that he is King. Lee Gon tells Tae Eul that Lady Noh is the important person who knows where the jacket buttons came from.

Tae Eul greets Lady Noh who doesn’t look pleased. She sternly asks Tae Eul to submit to a security check. Lee Gon explains it is compulsory. Tae Eul steps forward saying you reap what you sow. She places her ID card, keys, handcuffs, etc in the tray. She asks Lady Noh if they will give it back to her, as she can’t afford to lose her ID card again. Lady Noh recognises her from the ID card. She says they will skip the security check and says they can trust her, as Tae Eul is the King’s guest.

Lady Noh says she wants to talk to Lee Gon separately. He asks why and Lady Noh starts lecturing him in front of everyone. Lady Noh says she understands him but he should have followed the right procedures if he wanted to bring the guest here. She says there were 5 guards and one person at the stable who saw her. As she continues to talk, Lee Gon suggests that they should finish this in private.

He tells Jo to walk away. He tells Tae Eul to wait here and says he will somehow ditch Lady Noh and return here. Tae Eul comments that Lee Gon is really asking for it. Seeing the looks of disapproval from Lady Noh and Jo, she corrects herself and says, “Your Highness, it was the wrong thing to say”. Lee Gon laughs in surprise saying that she finally believes that he is The King.

After everyone leave, Tae Eul looks around the residence. There are boards instead of walls that are filled with mathematical calculations. She sinks to the floor as reality sinks in.


Lee Gon is in his office. Secretary Mo briefs him about his schedule for tomorrow. Lee Gon notes that it is an extremely busy day. He realises that this is Lady Noh’s strategy to keep Lee Gon away from tae Eul. He says he will do it but he wants to eat dinner in private. Mo says it is always suspicious if he wants to do something alone. Lee Gon warns her that she is crossing the line. He says he will eat alone in the study by himself.

Meanwhile, Seung-A comes to Lee Gon’s study under instructions from Lady Noh to keep an eye on Tae Eul and make sure she isn’t left out.

Tae-Eul looks at the photograph of Lee Gon, Lady Noh and Prince Buyeong on the desk.

Tae Eul says she is convinced that this is a parallel universe when she sees Na-ri walk in with tea. She calls her as Na-ri. Na-ri says she is Myung Seung-A and not Na-ri.


Tae Eul says she just wanted to be sure. She asks if Seung A owned a building and rented it out to Taekwondo class. Na-ri says she does own buildings in Canada. She asks Tae Eul to drink the herbal tea as it will help with sleep. Tae Eul asks if she wants her to fall asleep. Seung A says that tae Eul isn’t supposed to leave according to Lady Noh’s instructions. She says her job will be easier if Tae Eul falls asleep.

Tae Eul asks if she can use the laptop. Seung A says she cant use it without the King’s permission. Tae Eul asks if the owner of this room was born in 1987. Seung A confirms it. Tae Eul then asks if Busan is the cultural capital and if there are 63 buildings named 63 building. Seung A says there is only one building named 63 and Tae Eul lets out a curse, as she almost had believed that. Tae Eul asks for some Soju instead of tea.

Meanwhile, Jo recalls Lee Gon saying he had been to a parallel universe. He also remembers the lightning shaped scar on Lee Gon’s shoulder. He picks up a glass using his kerchief.

In the study, Tae Eul says she wants to look up stuff on the internet. Seung A says she can search it up for Tae Eul. Tae Eul agrees and says the first search term is “Lee Gon”.  Seung A is angry, as Tae Eul isn’t supposed to mention the King’s name. She then asks if Tae Eul is a foreigner as she doesn’t know anything and is indifferent towards her home country.

Tae Eul says this isn’t her home country. She says she is like an illegal immigrant.

Just then, Jo walks in and asks Seung A to leave. Before leaving, Seung A whispers in his ear that Tae Eul is an illegal immigrant. Jo asks Tae Eul why she is smiling. She explains that she knows someone who resembles him. She apologises for her behaviour earlier.


She then asks him if he is always this prudent and serious. Jo holds out the glass and asks her to hold it. She says she understands how he feels, as she has gone through it earlier. She goes over and presses her thumb into a stamp pad. She then comes back and leaves her thumb impression on the glass.  Jo is surprised. She says he won’t find anything on her. She asks him to ask his boss who can explain it better.

Jo asks her if she is really from a parallel universe called Republic of Korea with its capital at Seoul. He asks who she is and what she has done to his King. He asks if she was the one who gave Lee Gon the scar. She says she has no idea what he is talking about. She says they aren’t that close to show each other their backs. She then says that Jo is born in 1991 and he shouldn’t be taking that tone with her. Just then, there is a knock on the door and he hears Seung A call him.


Jo answers the door and is surprised to find Lee Gon dressed in a robe with a food trolley.  Lee Gon says he wanted the halls clear. Jo steps forward and Lee gon says he knows Jo is curious. He says he will send Jo a link about quantum mechanics. He tells Jo to send him questions by text later on and he will answer them. He asks Jo to open the door now. Seung A says that Tae Eul was asking for alcohol. Lee Gon asks Jo to find out where the alcohol fridge is located in the palace.

Jo and Seung A walk back. Seung A says that Lee Gon mentioned that he had seen her before. She wonders out loud as to when the King would have seen her. She says she is sure they haven’t met before. He asks her if there was anything different about the woman. Seung A says she will report only to Lady Noh. He comments that she is good at her job. She says she is sad at this missed opportunity and goes to meet Lady Noh.


In the study, Tae Eul drinks some beer and asks if lee Gon has locked her up here. Lee Gon says he is housing her and says everyone is panicking because this hasn’t happened before. She asks why he is so calm. He says he has imagined her coming here many times though it wasn’t like this.

He sees the ink mark on her hand asks if she bought land. She says she didn’t wipe it on the walls because of her citizens. She asks him to unlock his phone and give it to her, as Seung A wouldn’t. He says his phone doesn’t have a lock as no one dares to touch it. He hands it to her and she puts it into her pocket.

She asks him to pass him the snack. He says it is dinner and lifts the cloche. She asks him to taste it first. She says she isn’t joking. She says she is in Alice in wonderland right now and doesn’t want to become big or small like Alice. She says she might die if she eats that. Lee Gon says he always keeps his promises. He promises that she will definitely die from beheading.

She picks up the plate and starts eating. She asks if he made it and he says he did. He smiles asking if it tastes good. She says it tastes bad. He says he hasn’t done this for 25 years. He says if he calls out, “Anyone there”, people come rushing inside.

He stops talking as Lady Noh walks in with a stern look.  She says she has prepared a room and a meal for the guest. She comments that since Tae Eul has already eaten she will be escorted straight to her room. Tae Eul leaves her unfinished plate of food. She stuffs a spoonful of food in her mouth before following Lady Noh. Lee Gon looks at Lady Noh and tells her to sleep well and that he will see her tomorrow. He wishes her a good night. Tae Eul stands beside Lady Noh silently. He asks Lady Noh if Tae Eul’s room is farthest to the right or left from his room before walking away.

In tae Eul’s room, Lady Noh tells her that outsiders aren’t allowed to stay in the palace overnight unless it is an emergency. She tells Tae Eul  to keep what happens here to herself and this includes the layout of the palace and the private conversations with the King. Tae Eul says that she is a cop and she understands. She says she will keep everything confidential. Lady Noh says she knows.

Tae Eul asks Lady Noh as to how everyone here knows her. Lady Noh says the King has had the strange ID card since he was young. She says there is no rank named Lieutenant in the police force nor a person named Jung Tae Eul. She says it is shocking to see a nonexistent person appear in front of her.

Lady Noh says anything that can’t be explained will only bring chaos to the world. She says it will bring harm to the King. She advises Tae Eul to keep her conversations just with the King, Jo and her. She tells Tae Eul not to get curious about this world and not try to stay here. She adds that when she says this world, she means the King too.

After Lady Noh leaves, Tae Eul opens the door and she finds a guard standing at the end of the corridor. She goes back and sits on the floor leaning against the side of the bed.

Tae Eul is startled when Lee Gon enters the room through the backdoor. He sees her expression and asks if she isn’t happy to see him. She asks if he came empty handed. He hands her a can of beer. He asks why she is sitting on the floor. She says there is a draft on the left side of the bed.

He sits on the floor beside her. She asks him why he is here. He says he didn’t want to leave her alone here. He asks her to trust him, as he isn’t a weird person here. She asks him why he came through the window then. He explains that the window which he used, is a shortcut. She says she thought he didn’t sit on the floor. He says it feels nice with the draft.

She asks to see the ID card. He says he will show it tomorrow. He says she might try to go back to her world if he shows it now. She asks him about the cheap doll keychain on her car key.

In a flashback in KOREA, Lee Gon goes into an archery game shop. He spends a lot of money in winning that doll.

At present, Lee Gon says that nothing he has is cheap. She says everyone who has served in the military can win that game. Lee Gon says everyone in her country is a swindler. She asks him to lower his voice, as there is a guard outside.

He says there are dozens of CCTV cameras in here. He asks her to wave when she looks shocked. She gets up to check and he pulls her back down. He comments that she believes everything he says and says that was a lie.


He asks if she wants proof and leans on her. Tae Eul asks him to move, as this may look romantic but it is uncomfortable. He says it isn’t uncomfortable. She asks if he hasn’t dated before. He says she startled him. He says he has and she says she will guess when was the last time he went on a date. He asks her to say it. She says “now”. He looks at her for a moment. He asks if he should have done this instead and leans in and kisses her.

He asks her to guess what he tried to prove here, if he has dated before or if he is dating right now.


Moon-shik is shopping for groceries with his wife. He asks her about the murder weapon used in the second murder case. She says she has just handed it over to the chief and it was a short knife. She expresses disappointment with the fact that he works late hours.


Shin jae is eating alone at his home. He receives a message from Moonshik saying if anyone asks, he was with Shin jae drinking. Shin jae asks who Moon shik is actually with. Moon shik says he is with loneliness. Shin jae checks his messages and notices that Tae Eul hasn’t responded.


In the morning, Lee Gon knocks on Tae-eul’s door. She peeps out and he holds a royal guard uniform in his hand. She asks if he wants her to run away in disguise. He says he wont let her do that. He says he has a full schedule today. He asks her to get ready so they can leave before Lady Noh notices. Tae Eul says he should be meticulous if that is his plan. She moves away and he sees Lady Noh standing behind him.

Lady Noh tells him off for coming here. She tells him to go away and not return till late at night. She says they shouldn’t take any photos together or be seen in public.

After she walks away, Lee Gon says he has succeeded in his plan. She takes the uniform from his hand and walks away saying he claimed he wasn’t weird here.



Lee Gon heads to the opening ceremony of the basketball match and he plays the first throw. Tae Eul is on the sidelines along with Jo. She is disguised as a Royal Guard. She smiles and is about to cheer as he makes the basket but stops herself as Jo glares at her.


Later, Lee Gong gives a speech at the International Congress of Mathematicians. He says while solving a problem, he knows that he is wrong if the solution is not beautiful. He advises everyone to rest well and spend time with their loved ones. He says he hopes their solution and answer are both beautiful. He watches Tae Eul who stands by the door.


As they walk outside surrounded by a crowd of fans, Lee Gon takes Jo’s hand and speaks into the mike, “Wasn’t I cool?” Everyone in the Royal Guard including Tae Eul hears this.  Tae Eul is startled and she doesn’t respond. The Royal guards responds one by one saying he was cool. Jo glares at Lee Gon while he turns around and smiles at Tae Eul. Lee Gon suddenly stops in his tracks. He tells Jo to do as requested and walks away. Jo gives a tired sigh.

Later, Jo gives Tae Eul a bag with her coat. He says he brought her out because otherwise she will have to be locked up in the study otherwise. He asks her to take a look around and have fun. He says he will see her around in the evening.

Tae Eul gives him a weird look and Jo says those were Lee Gon’s words. He says Lee Gon is busy now so she is on her own. She says, “Thank you. It is totally my style.” She asks him to pass this message on to the King. She then asks Jo for some money.

Lee Gon is in his helicopter, heading towards the disaster hit area. He opens his phone and checks his browser history to see what search terms Tae Eul had searched for yesterday.

He finds the words, “Euler’s number, how long does a balloon float, Lee Gon, Lee Gon martial arts, Queen, Lee Gon’s ex, Prime Minister, Koo Seo Ryeong, Koo Seo Ryung Figure” in the recently searched terms.Lee Gon starts laughing after reading this.

He scrolls down to the rest of the terms, “Seasoned chicken, police officer wage, Kingdom of Corea Map, Busan to Seoul KTX train, King Lee Ho….”

Lee Go’s expression becomes grim as he reads the next search term, “Prince Imperial Geum (Lee Lim)”


Elsewhere, Lee Lim visits the poor pregnant woman whose photo he had in the studio. She asks him to leave. He asks if she saw the photos he sent and says she should accept his help. She throws the photos on the table. The pictures show the baby shower party pictures of the same woman but she looks rich. The woman says if this a scam he has found the wrong person. She says she doesn’t even have money to buy pills to kill herself. He says she was born on July 12th 1989.


Lee Lim says that he never chooses the wrong person. He says the pregnant woman in the photos is the version of herself from another universe. He says she can choose that life over this if she wants. He says she is rich and married to a Chaebol in the parallel world and her baby is due in 4 months. He says she is living a life of hell in Korea. He passes some photos as to how she has been living. He says she can give a better life to her unborn daughter. She asks him who he is. He says he is someone who will save her life. She asks what she has to do.

 He says all she has to do is kill the existing version of herself in Corea. The woman is shocked to hear this. She then asks him what he does to the people who refuse. She asks if he will kill her. He says so far no one has refused his offer. He says if she refuses, it would be interesting.  He gets up and walks away. The woman comes up behind him and falls at his feet. She asks how to contact him.

Lee Lim drops a 2g phone beside her and says he will get in touch with her. (Prime Minister Koo is in one of the photos along with the pregnant woman in Corea)


Kim reports to Koo that they have received a distress signal from a Chinese fishing boat. Koo says that they can deal with Japan in an aggressive manner in the next negotiation and tells Kim to rescue the fishermen as they received the signal.


Koo recalls taking the oath as the Prime Minister. Lee Gon asked her to be the kind of PM who values her citizens. She had asked him what kind of a Prime Minister he wanted her to be to him.  Lee Gon had responded saying he wanted her to be the kind that mostly gives him written reports. Koo had laughed it off.

Koo also recalls Lee Gon saying he can never be indebted to her.

At present, Koo has a determined look on her face.

Meanwhile, Tae Eul walks around Busan. She looks at huge poster of Lee Gon. She brings her fingers up to her lips where he had kissed her. Realisation dawns on her that the King had kissed her and she takes few steps back bumping into a woman beside her.

Tae Eul sees that the Kingdom of Corea maintains 4th highest GDP in the world. She asks the woman beside her how is that possible. The woman gives her an odd look and says that they export rare earth elements internationally. Tae Eul asks what those are and the woman asks if she is a foreigner.

The woman says they are minerals. She says there are 30 million tons in the Northern area and in the sea. She says they are worth 20 million a ton. Tae Eul asks if everything is owned by the Kingdom of Corea.  The woman says the mountains in which the minerals are buried are owned by the Royal Court. So she says everything belongs to the King. Tae Eul goes numb with shock.

Tae Eul remembers seeing the buttons on Lee Gon’s Jacket. She had commented that if those buttons were diamonds, then she is Princess Diana. She also remembers calling him a nutjob.

Tae Eul goes into the Corean Train Express station. She notices that there is train leaving to Pyongyang (Capital of North Korea).  She takes a train to Seoul.

Just then, the men who were chasing Luna (White rabbit and Corean Tae Eul) on the day of the rowing race spot Tae Eul walking in the station. They try to pursue her but Jo stops them. they tell him that the woman is Luna and he frowns. He says she is his guest now and they can’t do anything to her.


Tae Eul reaches Seoul. She takes in the changes from the version of Seoul that she knows.

Just then, she hears a group of girls cheering. She sees Koo walk down from the steps and she recalls the search results from earlier “Lee Gon and Koo Ryeong marriage”. Tae Eul walks away.

Elsewhere, four women are having lunch at a restaurant. One of them is the Corean version of the pregnant woman who spoke with Lee Lim in Korea. She says she is due in 4 months and is watching her figure. One of the friends leaves as they are told that Koo is in the building.

Koo walks in and wonders why that friend left. The other woman says that that lady is distantly related to Congressman Park. The pregnant woman observes that bad things keep happening to people who oppose Koo. She goes on to say that Koo always benefits from the scandal. She adds that the person who benefits the most is the culprit. Koo explains that people who oppose her have dark secrets.

Another woman says she heard that Prince Buyeong is backing Koo. They wonder if the royal family are her in-laws. They ask if that is why she is serving another term. The pregnant woman says that Koo’s story of selling fish while studying doesn’t work anymore. She comments that perhaps being a queen with no term limit sounds better. She wonders if the King likes older women.

Koo threatens to start a tax investigation over the pregnant woman’s company. She suggest the woman should leave as the conversation will be bad for the baby.

Tae Eul heads to the Police Station. Moon Shik and Shim head down the stairs and walk past her without a hint of recognition. She calls out to them and they turn around. She asks if they know her. They say they don’t. She asks about Shin jae and the others. They don’t seem to know them either. She bows at them and she says she might be mistaken. Tae Eul watches them as they walk away.


Tae Eul takes a Taxi to Pyeongchangmunhwa (Shin jae’s old neighbourhood). She comments that Shin jae’s family didn’t go bankrupt if he didn’t become a detective. She comments that he is cool. Just then, a tram passes by and she waits to cross the road.

Meanwhile Shin jae stands on the other side of the same road in KOREA.

Shin Jae and Tae Eul cross the road at the same time totally unaware that both of them are in the same place but in parallel worlds.


Shin Jae stands outside his old house.

Later, Shin jae buys Ice cream and runs into the psychiatrist who saw him earlier. She says she lives around here. He says he used to live here too. She asks to have a drink.

Shin jae sees that she has a lot of cans in her basket. As they drink, he asks if it is okay for a psychiatrist to be an alcoholic. She says she has high alcohol tolerance. She asks if sweets are effective as medicines. He says it melts fast and tastes sweet. She asks if its better of it melts slowly since it is sweet. He says it is going to melt anyway. She asks him what is his profession. She says she intended to ask him in the next session but he didn’t turn up. He says he is a detective.

She says she thought he was a gangster. He says that is why the medicines didn’t work. She says he wouldn’t have taken the medicines. She comments that they haven’t met in this neighbourhood but realises that he moved away because his family was bankrupt. She asks him why keeps revisiting the area and asks if he still gets recurring nightmares. He tells her not to start a session here. They continue to drink.

Later, Shin jae checks if Tae Eul has responded to his text. She hasn’t.


Tae Eul goes to her house and there is a woman living there. She enquires about her father and the Taekwondo class. The woman seems clueless about any of those. Tae Eul asks if the woman knows a lady called Ahn Bong Hwi and her face looks similar to that lady’s. The woman says she doesn’t and they have lived here for 30 years.

At the train station, Tae Eul tries to buy a ticket to Busan but she is short of cash. She says she rode a taxi without thinking about the ticket. She asks where is the bus station. The woman says the last bus would have left now.


Later, Tae Eul calls the palace and claims she knows Lee Gon. She explains that she this isn’t a prank call and that she knows the King. She tries to talk further but they hang up. She calls them up again. She says she is short of 2600 won so she can’t return to Busan now. They hang up again. This goes on for a long time.


Lee Gon is in his helicopter when the pilot tells him that a woman called up the Royal Court’s main number 17 times. Lee Gon asks the name of the caller. The Pilot says she called herself Princess Diana and Lee Gon realises it is Tae Eul. The Pilot says she is at Seoul train station. Lee Gon asks the pilot to head for Seoul. He asks Mo to check Captain Jo’s location.

Tae Eul walks down the road and stops outside a high raise building. She notices a helicopter land on its helipad.


She jumps out of her skin when she sees Jo standing beside her. She asks him what he is doing here. Jo says he received orders from the King. He says Lee Gon had told him to keep her alive till her beheading.

She walks along with him asking if they behead people. He says it hasn’t happened since 1920 but it looks like it may happen again soon. Jo asks her if she is really a detective. He asks why she went to the police station.

She asks if he has been following her and he walks away asking her to follow him. Tae Eul and Jo wait outside the building KU. Tae Eul watches a bunch of Royal Guards spill out of the entrance and take their positions.

She then sees Lee Gon walk out of the entrance. He walks up to her and Jo moves away.


Lee Gon says he heard that she was looking for him. She says yes. He says seventeen times. She says yes.  He says he thought she would stay in Busan. He asks why she came so far. He asks if she found Ahn Bong Hui. Tae Eul looks at Jo and asks since when was he following her. She says Jo should have lent her money if he was there all the time.

Lee Gon asks who Tae Eul is searching for in this world. Tae Eul says it is her mother. She says her mother might still be alive if this is a parallel world. She says her mother won’t recognise her in this world but she doesn’t want her to be sick in this world. She says she wants to watch her mother from afar. Lee Gon says she should have told him. She says she was just curious but her mother wasn’t there.

She thanks him saying she had fun today because of him. He asks if that is why she searched for KTX (Korea Train Express). She again glares at Jo who glares back. Lee Gon says that Jo didn’t tell him that. He says the auto save function told him.


Lee Gon wears an amused smile as he says she was curious about many things. He asks why was she curious about Lee Gon’s ex-girlfriend when she thought he didn’t have one. She says it is cheating to read others search history.

Jo walks upto Lee Gon and tries to say something about Koo. Lee Gon says that Tae Eul even looked up Koo. Tae Eul defends herself saying that it was because Koo is the youngest female Prime Minister. She asks if he feels guilty. ‘Lee Gon says he meets Koo every Friday. Tae Eul asks if she is IU (refers to IU’s song called friday).

Just then, a car stops behind them. Jo explains that Koo received information that the King’s helicopter landed in Seoul.

Koo steps out of the car and walks towards them. She comments that she is seeing him in an unexpected place, at an unexpected hour with an unexpected person. Lee Gon says she has put him in an awkward situation. Koo introduces herself to Tae-Eul and puts her hand out as a greeting. Lee Gon watches Koo’s outstretched hand and Tae Eul who wears a serious look. Koo smiles as she waits for Tae Eul to take it.


Image Courtesy- SBS


This episode was a good one. It had the right mix of the plot and humour. After the initial hiccup at the stable, Tae Eul adapted to the Kingdom of Corea quite well and she behaved rationally.

The scenes with Tae Eul in Corea were funny. Her search terms about Lee Gon were hilarious. Lee Gon is surely a smooth liar as I thought that there were really 63 of building 63 in his world. It is hilarious how Jo is bothered that Tae Eul is taking up most of Lee Gon’s attention.

It was nice to get to know more about the Kingdom of Corea. From the looks of it, it seems like the Kingdom is more advanced than Korea. It looks like the people are honest and loyal. The Kingdom also seems safer than Korea. It was nice to see North and South Korea as a single kingdom and not a divided nation. It is intriguing how North Korea is portrayed as a place rich with natural deposits and contributing to the nations GDP. The teddy bear on Tae Eul’s keychain looks a lot like the mascot at the basketball match.

The place between both the worlds where the time flows differently was an interesting watch. It looks like there is more to this which will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

It looks like Lee Lim has swapped many people between the worlds. That is an ingenious move as he has control over many people and they can’t be traced back to him. He seems to be contacting them through 2G phones. It looks like the 2G phone that Tae Eul found in Lee Sang Do’s place was one of those. Also, it looks like he has also located or plans to locate Prince Buyeong’s look-alike in Republic of Korea. I hope he doesn’t try to recruit Luna to replace Tae Eul.

Shin-jae and Lee Gon share the same birth year. Though their faces are different, I wonder if Shin jae is connected in someway with the Lee Gon in the other universe. We haven’t seen Lee Gon or Shin jae in either of the universe yet. Also, Shin Jae seems to have some recurrent nightmares. It definitely seems that there is more to his story.

All the scenes in Kingdom of Corea were a great watch. The scenes with Tae Eul trying to get to know Lee Gon’s world was well-made. The parts where we see through Tae Eul’s eyes that though Corea looks a lot like Korea and has the same people it isn’t the same at all was a good watch.

I look forward to see what the next episode holds.

-By Soul Sword-

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