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The King Eternal Monarch- Episode 4 Recap

The King Eternal Monarch- Episode 4 Recap

The sea is rough as Lee Lim stands on the rocky coastline along with his secretary Yoo Kyung Moo. Lee Lim turns around and walks away. He stops walking as everything around him goes silent and time stops. He turns around to see the crashing waves still in mid air and Kyung Moo frozen in motion. Lee Lim connects this to a similar incident, which happened when the paint bowl was suspended in mid air (when Lee Gon crossed over).



Myung Na-ri serves iced tea for Eun-sup. Eun drops the cup as if he burnt himself with hot tea.

Meanwhile at the Palace in COREA, Jo Yeong burns his hand after he spills hot coffee.


Eun sup tells Na-ri that he could swear the tea was hot. Na-ri walks away in disbelief.


Seok Ho-pil (Royal Guard) wipes the hot coffee that Jo spilled on himself. He then says that hereafter he will make the coffee.

Ho-pil informs Jo that Koo has arrived on the helipad, as it is Friday and time for her to report to the King. Jo then listens into his earpiece and is informed that there is an intruder in point 06 and it is the King.


Tae-eul is lost in thought as she walks on the street. She remembers Lee gon meeting her for the first time and saying that he finally met her. She recalls him saying he is going back to his world. He said that he is living proof that a parallel world exists.

She goes to the station and watches the whiteboard (Lee Sang Do’s case). She keeps muttering that evidence points to another evidence.

In a flashback, Lee Gon and Tae Eul walk through the bamboo forest. He asks her how she came to be a cop. He says he is curious about other people’s aspirations because he was born into his profession. She calls him cocky and he says because of that he goes through many things that others don’t.


Tae-eul says she kept watching ‘The Police’ show with her father. She says she kept watching reruns and knew who were the criminals. She says she decided to become a cop then. He says it is a dangerous profession. Tae Eul says not everyone can be brave so she decided to be brave. Lee Gon says she is cool.

She asks what kind of King is Kim Gae Dong. She asks if he is a young, handsome and rich King. He answers that he is a rower, a mathematician and a well-grown orphan and owner of the four-tiger sword. He says he is the kind of King who has never been asked such a question and is trying his best not to panic.

At present, Tae Eul is solemn as she stares at the board muttering that an evidence points to another evidence.


Koo walks into the palace confidently.

Lady Noh Ok-nam rushes to Lee Gon’s study where the doors are tightly shut. Koo approaches her and demands to see the King as she wants to give the report. Ok-nam says that they already informed everyone to submit written report except for national emergencies. Koo responds that the King’s absence is considered a National emergency.

Noh Ok-nam says the King went to bed early. Koo says perhaps she should go to his bedroom. Noh Ok-nam is furious as she reminds Koo that her term is just for 5 years.

Koo demands to open the study’s door but Ok-nam blocks it. Koo says no one has the right to deny her entry except for the King. She pushes Ok-nam to the side and opens the door to Lee Gon’s study.

They are surprised to find Lee Gon inside the study with Jo by his side.

Lee Gon tells Koo that he had asked everyone to submit written reports. Noh Ok-nam complains that she didn’t listen. She requests him to listen to Koo’s report and Lee Gon agrees. He asks Noh Ok-nam to leave them.

Lee Gon apologises to Koo for worrying her. He says he was solving a difficult mathematical problem. She says she is bad in maths and used to always write the answer as either zero or minus one. Lee gon says it is interesting, as his answer was zero as well. She says he is lucky, as her answer was incorrect.

Koo comments that he seems tanned and wonders how it is possible when he was in his study. Lee Gon says that the study is in Gwangyeongjeon and its sunny there.

Koo laughs and says that she isn’t here to report anything but is here to check if he is missing. She says she is glad she came. She steps up to him and says that he is indebted to her now. She wishes him good luck in solving this and starts to leave saying she will see him next week.


Lee Gon calls her and she turns around. He says he didn’t want to offend her, but this won’t be pleasant. He says every moment in his life is a moment in the History of Korea. He says he wants that history to last forever because he is the King.  He says it will require more than just his benevolence. He says that therefore, he can never be indebted to her. He says they should wait and see how his absence will be recorded in the history books. He asks if he has made himself clear and says he will see her next week.

Koo bows to him and walks out.

Both Jo and Lee Gon breathe a sigh of relief as the door closes behind her.

Lee Gon gets tense as Head Court Lady Noh Ok-nam walks into the study. She seems to be furious and asks Jo to excuse them. Lee Gon reminds Jo that his job is to keep the King and the royal court safe. He orders Jo to stay.

Lady Noh Ok-nam asks Lee Gon if he wants her to die of stress. He leans down and hugs her saying he missed her. She starts hitting him saying he is unbelievable. He apologises to her. He says it will probably happen again but he will try not to worry her. She asks him how he will come to her funeral if she dies when he travels so far away. He says he can guarantee that she will live a long life. He says her strong punches are proof of it.


Noh Ok-nam says Koo barged in as if she has a mole here. She says everyone was suspicious and she was worried if something will be on the internet. She then goes over and picks up his coat. She asks where are the buttons. He says he had to sell them as that place used different currency. She starts lamenting about the missing buttons. Lee Gon escorts Lady Noh outside and he notices Jo glaring at him.

Jo requests the security level on Prince Buyeong to be reduced to level green.

Prince Buyeong is informed that his security level has been lowered to green. Prince Buyeong comments that the King must have come out from his study.

Lady Noh goes through Lee Gon’s jacket pockets. She finds a teddy bear keychain in blue, a golden coupon for barbeque chicken and Kim So wol’s poem book.



After working a whole night, Tae Eul reports to Moon-shik in the morning. She says Sang Do didn’t access any gambling website for 3 months before his death. She says Kim Bok man kept changing the website address to avoid the police and he gave more points to new members. She says that is the reason why Sang Do made a new account in his wife’s name. She says Sang Do didn’t access it despite having points on it. Shin jae agrees to this and says they should charge Kim Bok man with just gambling charge for now and not murder. She convinces Moon shik to wait for 2 weeks and says by then the report from Sang Do’s 2G phone will be ready.


Lee Gon asks Lady Noh if she cleared the pockets of the buttonless jacket. He says he wants the things in the outer pocket stored in his study and the book to be kept in his bedroom.

Lady Noh asks him to get ready. She says Captain Choi Gi-Tae’s (Lee Gon’s superior in the army) father passed away. She tells him to attend the funeral as all his military colleagues will be there. She says it is a great chance to put all the rumours to rest. Lee Gon says it is fortunate that he came on the right time. Lady Noh hands him a tie and asks him to hold on for a while.


Lee Gon attends the funeral at the Busan Cathedral. He pays his respect to the departed and offers his condolences to Captain Choi. Choi mentions that he shouldn’t have allowed Lee Gon to leave the army. He then remembers that Lee Gon wouldn’t be promoted as he isn’t talented in combat. He says Lee Gon came in last. Lee Gon asks if that information hasn’t been made a national secret yet. Captain Choi asks him to come and visit them sometime as Commander –in-chief of the Kingdom of Corea or as a discharged Navy Lieutenant.  Lee Gon agrees and takes his leave.

As they drive back in the car, Lee Gon is uncomfortable. He loosens his tie and the top button as he remembers being choked with the flute in 19994. He takes in deep breaths. The driver looks back but Jo tells the driver to keep his eyes on the road.


Tae-eul and Shin jae investigate a robbery case where the victim has been robbed outside a convenience store. They go through the CCTV but the robber isn’t visible in the frame. The worker comes and says that the victim was always drunk. She says even the workers could steal from her if they wanted to. Shin-jae learns that the worker is new. He asks her for the phone number of the person who worked before her. The girl gives them the number. Tae Eul finds that the number is listed under second hand market and is currently selling a wallet.

Tae Eul poses as a buyer and they arrest the woman who is the culprit.

Shin jae watches from afar. Just then, a young woman walks up to him and asks what he is doing here. She says she hasn’t heard from him in a while now. Shin-jae says he has been busy. She asks if his nightmares are better now (looks like she is his psychiatrist?). Shin-jae thinks of Tae Eul and says that he has been having sweet dreams now. She notes that he still eats sweets. He says it is better than medicine.


Tae eul walks up to him after the woman walks away. She asks him who the lady is. He evades the question. Instead, he asks how the man with the horse is. Tae Eul is grim as she says he went home and she has no idea where that is.


In the car, Jo sits in the front and Lee Gon asks him how long he is going to give him the silent treatment. Jo asks for Lee Gon’s phone. He says he will install the GPS. He is cross as he says he almost lost his job. He asks Lee Gon for an ID. Lee Gon says, “King”. Jo says it is taken. Lee Gon asks who dares to use that ID when he is the King. He then asks Jo to try “King2”. Jo says it is all taken till “King 987”. Lee Gon asks Jo to trace all 988 of them. He adds that he is serious.

Koo is in a meeting. She is told that they are having trouble with Japanese competitors in Qatar governed companies. She says Corea produces rare earth elements and advanced technology. She says they have good allies. She asks them to find which ally will help them persuade Qatar.

Later, Kim walks into Koo’s office. He shows her a footage of Congressman Park commenting that Koo doesn’t know anything. He even goes on to say she has a fake nose. Koo gives Kim a footage of Park in compromising position with women. She asks him to release it in the media and start a scandal.

Later, Koo asks the elderly man who is her advisor where he gets these photos. He tells her that she should go out for coffee sometime instead of being inside all the time.

Prince Buyeong sits at a restaurant writing. Koo comes and sits across him. She comments that Buyeong is smoothly filling journal entries as the King is away. He says the King shouldn’t be disturbed when he is in the study. Koo implies that the King has been out every time and she points out that Buyeong’s security level had been increased everytime.


She leans forward and says that though Buyeong was born as the King’s son, four generations of his family isn’t allowed to enter politics or hold posts. She says his family lives abroad and can’t stay in Corea. She asks if he is okay with that life and if he thinks it is unfair.

Prince Buyeong says that he hasn’t thought like that even once. He points out that she was born into an ordinary family and people love her because of her friendly and honest image. Koo’s smile fades as he says that it looks like class disparity never disappears. He says it won’t disappear in the future also.

Koo leans back and says it is a dangerous statement. Buyeong says their conversation isn’t light either. He asks if she being here wont spark rumours. Koo shows him the news of Congressman Park being kicked out due to the scandal. She says people will think Buyeong has Koo’s back if she talks with him like this. She says she hopes people think that way.

Later, Lee Gon comes to visit Prince Buyeong with traditional donuts that Lady Noh has packed for the prince. He says he is here for his scolding. Buyeong smiles and asks if Lee Gon had lot of fun wherever he went this time. Lee Gon says this time he went really far away and was the most exciting trip ever. Prince Buyeong asks him to get married and have a son if he intends to keep travelling. Lee Gon calls him old fashioned.

Lee Gon looks at the photographs on the cabinet. He says his favourite photo is the one taken during spring field trip in elementary school. He says he is holding both Buyeong and Lady Noh’s hand. He says Buyeong has to live his entire life away from his family. He asks if Buyeong ever hates him for this. Buyeong denies this strongly.

Lee Gon says his father’s step brother had killed his father and because of that Buyeong’s family has to love abroad all their lives. He says he is curious to know if Buyeong is really on his side or not. Buyeong is offended as he says he can’t kill his own family to prove his loyalty to Lee Gon. He asks if he has been swayed by some rumours.

Lee Gon says he wasn’t swayed by any rumours. He asks if Buyeong is hiding anything from him. Lee Gon says he trusts Buyeong and admires him but asks him not to hide things from him. Lee Gon puts Lee Lim’s autopsy report on the table. He says he isn’t able to solve this for a very long time. He asks Buyeong to help solve it and leaves.

Buyeong opens the autopsy report that bears his signature.

Lee Gon comes down the library steps. He stops and turns around wondering if the library is the same in both worlds. Lee Gon goes into the library and sits at a desk like how he had in the other world. He visualises Tae Eul sitting in front of him and pulling her hair back into a ponytail.


Tae Eul ties her hair into a ponytail as she sits at a desk in the library. She reads books on the parallel universe theory. She looks up and visualises Lee Gon’s form sitting across her.


For a moment it feels like they can actually see each other but in reality they are sitting at different desks, facing away from each other, in two different worlds.


Shin jae is vacuuming his house when his mother comes home. She asks if they can eat out. He asks where she has been and she lies. He asks if she has been to the gambling house. He grabs her bag and the huge bag is filled with currency notes, that fall on the floor.


She starts picking them up. She says she got lucky and says this will be the last day. Shin jae loses his cool and yells at her saying this is much more than what she can earn. He gets the address of the gambling house from her.He makes a call and reports the address to Michael.

Shin jae enters the gambling house along with his mother and Michael. He tells Michael to click photos of all the people and Michael gets to it. Just then, the gambling boss walks in. He is the same person who tried to bribe Shin-jae earlier. He threatens Shin jae that if he makes a report, his mother will also be arrested along with him.

Shin jae turns around and looks at his mother. He tells her to watch this and drops all the money on the floor. He tells her that accepting money from this man makes him look like a joke. He says he will have to quit if this happens. She says this is lot of money. He tries to shake some sense into her.


Just then, the police arrive.  Shin jae composes himself and tells them that he made the report. He tells the police to arrest every single person here. His mother begs him as he asks Michael to follow him. He shakes away his mother’s hand and walks away but Michael refuses to come. Michael says he will stay behind and wrap this up with the police.

Shin jae walks out ignoring his mother’s cries. He can hear her pleading with the police as he walks out. He stands downstairs as more police enter the building.

Tae Eul walks down to her car from work. She has her ID card in her hand and her car keys. She looks at the keychain which is the same as the one in Lee Gon’s jacket pocket. Just then, a kid drives a cycle by her and bumps into her slightly. Tae Eul drops her ID card, which falls into the grate of the gutter.


Tae Eul sits beside the gutter when the boy on the cycle comes to her.( The boy is the one who was playing with the yoyo outside the bookstore.) He apologises to her and asks if he should try to get it out. She is calm as she says he can’t. She says her work, her performance assessment and her promotion has gone down the drain. She laughs saying it is alright. Just then she gets a call from Kyung Ran of the forensics team. She sends the boy away after reassuring that it is fine.

Tae eul meets Kyung Ran. She says the analysis from Lee Gon’s currency notes are back. She says the currency is authentic and down to the watermark. She says the ink, anti forgery methods are real deal too. She says they are printed by a bank.


Lee Lim is at the bookstore. He opens the book to find a printed note in it. “THE KING RETURNS TO THE PALACE.”  Lee Lim connects the two time stops to Lee Gon crossing between the parallel worlds. He burns the note.

Lee Lim’s voiceover says, “So it has happened. My nephew finally stands before the lengend.”

Lee Gon is in Cheonjongo. He sees the abandoned place. He removes the cloth covering the empty cabinet inside which his father kept the Manpasikjeok. He then goes over to the other cabinet and does the same. He picks up the Four-tiger sword.


In a flashback, Lee Gon’s father holds the four tiger sword in his hand as he says, “The sky bestows the heart upon us, and the ground helps the spirit. The sun and the moon are formed as the mountains and streams form, lightning strikes. A sage is is moved to defeat the evil of the mountains and streams. Weild it with deep thoughts and make things right.” He says that is the calling of the four-tiger sword. He says only the King can become the owner of the Four-Tiger sword. He asks Lee Gon if he can fulfil this calling and young Lee Gon says he can.


His father asks even if it means that Lee Gon has to eat beans and spinach. Lee gon says he will do it next time and the King laughs.

At present, Lee Gon puts the sword back.


Tae Eul checks Lee Gon’s whereabouts with the CCTVs. She is told that Lee Gon disappeared on the path that leads to the bamboo forest.

Tae Eul walks into the bamboo forest and wonders if he really came here. She wonders why.


It is raining as Lee Gon stands in the corridor holding Tae Eul’s ID in his hand. He hears Jo’s voice and turns around. Jo walks upto him saying that Lady Noh is upset again. Jo freezes before he can say more as the time stops. Lee Gon looks around to see all the rain droplets become still as well.


Lee Gon’s thinks, “2.71828182845904523536028747135…” and the time starts moving again.  Jo continues to talk.

Lee Gon says he has to confirm how many seconds and says it is 2.71828182845904523536028747135 seconds. He tells Jo that this was the second time the time stopped. Jo asks if Lee Gon’s watch stopped. Lee gon says of course the watch stops too. Jo asks him where he was all along. Lee Gon says he was in a parallel universe called Republic of Korea and that its capital is Seoul. Jo gives him an understanding look and says he will get him a doctor. Jo calls for Lady Noh as he walks away and Lee Gon follows him in an attempt to stop him.


Kyung Moo (from Korea) drives Lee Lim back. He asks Lee Lim how the other world is and which world is better. Lee Lim gives him a book called rear earth element and says this book isn’t available in this world. Lee Lim says Kyung Moo from Corea had asked him to pass this book to Kyung Moo in Korea. He says the Kyung Moo in Corea runs a bookstore.


Song Jeong-Hye (mother who mourns her son’s death and wife of the hit and run victim) is cleaning the house when Lee Lim walks in. He says she goes to the charnel house too often (her son’s memorial). She says it is for herself as she doesn’t kno when she might die. She comments that Lee Lim may never die. He tells her to eat dinner by herself or go out.


He starts to walk away and she throws the cloth at him. She yells asking how is it that he never ages. He walks away without another word. Jeong Hye starts crying.

Lee Lim goes across the house and enters his photo studio.  There are photos of some people.


He develops the latest photo and looks at it. It is the picture of Prince Buyeong.


Prince Buyeong stands at his window and the autopsy report lies on his desk.

Lee Gon is in his study waiting for a response from Buyeong. He learns that he has no messages or phonecalls.

Lee Gon asks Jo as to why he isn’t going home. Jo says Lady Noh asked him to keep an eye on the King. He says that Ho-pil is down by the window as well. Jo says he is informing Lee gon so that he doesn’t feel awkward while trying to escape from the window.


Tae Eul is at the studio to take a photograph for her new ID card. She is wearing a white top and a ponytail. She is asked to put a jacket on her white shirt to make the photo bright. She chooses a navy jacket from the rack and wears it (she looks exactly like the Tae Eul in the ID card that Lee Gon has had with him for past 25 years). Her photo is taken.


Tae Eul later fills out the form. She mentions that she lost the ID card in a fierce scuffle with a suspect. She remembers Lee Gon saying that the ID card he had was issued on 11th November 2019. She is told that they will issue the ID card by the last week of October.

Tae Eul walks back after buying groceries. She crosses the park where Lee Gon had met her to take her car. She remembers him saying he saw something beautiful. She looks around and wonders what he meant. Suddenly it starts raining and she runs away.


It is raining outside as Lee Gon’s advisor says that the salary increase for the congress workers was sent back. She says Koo won. He says the advisor seems happy. She says she is, as Koo won’t be able to flirt with Lee Gon if she serves another term. He smiles asking if she is worried that he may fall for Koo. The advisor says that Koo is quite pretty. Lee Gon says that he knows someone prettier. She smiles and eyes Jo who is standing behind her. (she thinks Lee Gon is referring to Jo)


Lee Gon winces in pain as the thunder strikes. She asks if he is alright. He says he wants his shoulder checked and he says Jo should be the one to do it. He tells her not to tell Lady Noh about this. He says he has Jo with him. The woman gives another odd look at Jo and walks away.


Jo walks up to him asking him to drop the act. Lee Gon unbuttons his shirt saying it really hurts. Jo is shocked as he sees the lighting shaped fire burn Lee Gon’s skin. He grows worried and rushes to call the doctor. After Jo leaves, Lee Gon takes his flute and escapes out of the study.


Tae Eul collects the report from  the 2g phone. She is told that there were only 3 voice messages in the phone.

Tae Eul listens to the recording. It speaks about a developing a training program for health workers in Thailand. She stops it and wonders why the news is being read out in the recording. She plays it again and this time is speaks about Professor Lee Jong In (Prince Buyeong) who is the head of business.

Shinjae drops her new ID card on her desk. He asks how long she has been working without it and asks if she doesn’t want a promotion. She says it was dues in late October and she forgot about it. He says it was issued today, November 11th, 2019.  She becomes tense as she checks the date on the card. Shin jae says that the news said that today will be the first snow. Tae Eul is flustered as the phone rings.

She is shocked to hear Lee Gon’s voice, “It’s me.” He says he is relieved she hasn’t gone home yet. Tae Eul hangs up in shock. Shinjae and Michael give her an odd look.


The phone rings again and she picks it up. He says she always hangs up on him. He says he came by and he wanted to see her as she might have waited for him. She hangs up on him again. She says she should leave and walks out. Shin jae and Michael are puzzled.

Tae Eul rushes home in her car. She gets out and walks into her courtyard. She sees Lee Gon standing beside Maximus.


She walks up to him and asks where he was. He says he went to his world. She tells him not to lie to her. He says he really did. She says he doesn’t even know his name. He says he knows his name but she can’t call out his name. Lee Gon says he had to pay back some money and get more stamps on his coupon. He says he forgot to bring the coupon. He says he wondered if she was doing all right.

He says he has paid his money back and seen her. He says he should head back because he sneaked out this time. She asks if he really has a house and he says he does. He says he has a big house with many rooms and a view of the ocean. He says it has a large garden as well.

Tae Eul says she has a question. She asks if her hair is tied up or left down in the ID card that he has. Lee Gon realises that it was today. He asks if she lost her ID card when he was gone. He says that is why it was today. He says she got her ID card today.

Lee Gon says that her hair was tied up. He walks towards her and holds her hair back resembling a ponytail. She asks what she was wearing in that picture. He says she was wearing a navy jacket. She is shocked to hear this.

Seeing that she is at a loss for words he asks her if she wants to see for herself. He says she can come with him if she wants. She asks where to.


The first snow falls as he asks her to come back with him to his world. She says if he is lying again she will kill him. She starts walking towards the car. He says she can’t go by car. He lifts her up and puts her on Maximus. He sits behind her and he asks her to hold the rope tightly. He says he will hold on to her.

They ride into the bamboo forest. Tae Eul comments that she must be crazy for coming here again. She says she is going to kill him. He says she will regret having said this. He tells her not to get startled with anything that happens. He asks her to trust him.


Maximus gallops forward and Tae Eul is shocked to see the portal open. She closes her eyes tight as they cross the portal.

Tae Eul opens her eyes to see that there is no snowfall on this side of the portal. Realisation dawns on her that this is a parallel world. She is startled as Jo and the royal guards run up to them.

Lee gon orders the guards to move back and they do so. He asks Jo to step back too as Tae Eul is in shock.

Tae Eul looks at Jo in awe as she says the name, “Jo Eun sup”. Lee Gon confirms that he is Jo Eun sup in her world. He leans towards her and says, “I was right, wasn’t I?”


She turns around and looks at him. Lee Gon says, “I am the King of the Kingdom of Corea. And my name which I asked you not to call is Lee Gon.”

Image courtesy-SBS


This was my pick out of the 4 episodes so far. The pace and the storyline was good.

This  episode had of more scenes from Corea. The scenes from Corea are more interesting than that of Korea republic.

Tae Eul changes her strong opinion regarding the parallel universe (which she held for 3 whole episodes) in just one episode. It was not rushed and the scenes leading up to the last scene were well-made.

Though the parallel universes are different, it looks like there is a connection between the worlds. The scene with Eun sup and Jo burning their hand with hot coffee goes to show just that. (Tae Eul had seen Luna’s image in the rearview mirror as well)

I wonder what the voice recording on the 2g phone is. It is in republic of Korea and yet speaks about Prince Buyeong who is from Corea.

It looks like the child who bumped into Tae Eul when she dropped her ID is the same boy who was playing with the Yoyo outside the bookstore.

It seems like the thunderstorm/lightning hurts Lee Gon only on certain days, which are significant (Like Lee Gon mentions it hurt on the day Tae Eul’s ID card was issued)

I wonder why Lee Lim has photos of people and Prince Buyeong.

Prince Buyeong seems to be keeping something regarding the autopsy from Lee Gon. It looks like he is prepared to be labelled a traitor/enemy rather than reveal it to Lee Gon.

The scene with Shin-jae and his mother at the gambling house was deep seated and was well-made. That must have been a difficult decision for him to make.

The scenes with Lee Gon, Lady Noh and Jo are funny and are a good watch. The time stop scenes are a treat for the eyes. The last scene was a great watch as it leaves one wanting to watch more.

I am curious to see Tae Eul in Corea and it seems like it will be interesting. This episode had good content in it and I hope the following episodes follow the same pace.

-By Soul Sword-

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