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The King: Eternal Monarch- Episode 3 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch- Episode 3 Recap


Shin jae and Eun-Sup sit in the restaurant, waiting For Tae Eul. Eun-sub says the fried chicken tastes good only when it is hot. Shin Jae receives a text from Tae Eul saying she can’t make it today. Eun –sup immediately takes the chicken drumstick and devours it when he learns of this. Eun Sup is surprised that Tae-Eul refused chicken and beer.

In Tae Eul’s courtyard, Lee Gon tells Tae Eul that he takes her to be his queen. Tae Eul asks if it is because she is cool and asks if he means it. Lee Gon says he has given her the world and yet she doesn’t believe him. She asks if it is such a simple thing to give away and calls him crazy.

Lee Gon smiles slightly and says that Zero is his favourite number and her nature is similar to it. He says the zero is very powerful it can give power to a number and also nullify it. He says the value of numbers increase only with the number of zeroes that follow them. He says a number trapped under the root symbol can escape only if they have a square root or meet the number zero.


Lee Gon says she is busy and doesn’t have time for him and it is fine. He says she is standing in front of the root symbol that he is trapped in. He says she asks if he meant it and this is his answer. He asks if she believes him now.

She explains that she asked if he meant to talk nonsense continuously and Lee Gon laughs. He says she is slow-witted as a bear and she is offended. She asks how will a King marry a bear. He says the court will strongly oppose it. Tae-eul asks him to take her to his so called parallel universe. She is sarcastic as she says she will proclaim herself as mother of all people.


Lee Gon brings Tae-eul to the bamboo forest. She walks around with the flashlight on her phone. She asks if he came to the wrong address or if he has to recite a spell. Lee Gon smiles as he says the door isn’t opening  because he came empty-handed. She asks if he is kidding.

He explains that the two obelisks are supposed to be here. She asks if it is the one from the temples. He confirms saying that it is usually what stands between the world of God and humans. He says he heard the sound of the flute and followed it and found the obelisks. She asks why he brought her here if he couldn’t go through.

Lee Gon says he wanted to check it and her asking him to bring her here was a good opportunity.

Tae Eul says his Lee Gon’s DNA results will be back tomorrow and she will be relieved if they find his relative. She says she can’t help him more than this even if they don’t find his relative. She asks him to stop calling Eun-sup. Lee Gon asks if Eun sup agreed to it. She says Eun-sup doesn’t have free will and he is government property.

Lee Gon asks if Eun-sup and Jo Yeong will have the same DNA. He says even if she finds a relative based on his DNA they wouldn’t be his real family. She wonders why. Lee Gon says his parents passed away a long time ago. He says the first duty of a King is to perform the funeral of the former King. Tae Eul becomes serious as he says he did it when he was eight years old. Seeing her expression, he says it was a long time ago and they should go back.

Meanwhile, Shin Jae stands on the street watching Tae-eul’s empty house.

Tae Eul walks through the woods. She looks up as Lee Gon drapes his coat over her shoulder and walks in front of her. He asks her why she calls Shin as brother when she is the only child. She says Lee Gon doesn’t know his own name but is bothered about others. Lee Gon explains that he knows his name but others shouldn’t say it.

Tae Eul laughs asking if he is the Poet Kim So-wol and he looks confused. She says she won’t, “Finish the last words in my heart.” She tells him to stop being nosy about her life and walks away. He follows her asking if that detective is a huge part of her life.

Shin-jae recalls his first Taekwondo lesson with Tae-eul. In a flashback Tae –eul explains the basics and he asks her if her black belt is real. He finds out it is real and a moment later, she floors him. She tells him to get up fast. He says it doesn’t matter as he has fallen many times. She says she will teach him to fall safely.

At present, Shin-jae walks up to Maximus. Maximus snorts at him and Shin-jae calls it prejudice. He says he may look rough but he isn’t a bad person. He calls maximum handsome and tries to pet him but Maximus neighs and moves back. He asks if Maximus wants to attack him.

Shin-jae’s eye falls on the royal emblem of Corea on Maximus’ saddle. He gets serious as he brings out his notebook. He flips to a page where he was doodling earlier and he sees that the pattern matches the emblem on the saddle.



Lady Noh employs Myung Seung-A as a part of the Royal Public relations office.  Seung A is excited. Lady Noh says Seung-A is from a well off family and there won’t be any problems because of money. she asks about Seun A’s friends. Seung-A says she is in touch with only one childhood friend after returning from Canada. Seung-A asks how she suddenly got employed. Lady Noh says it isn’t sudden. She says Seung-A applied for 4 years continuously and Lady Noh has been watching her for 4 years. Lady Noh says she has read all of Seung-A’s fan-fictions under the nickname Jogon Jogon. She says Seung-A should write just as she used to with good stories and emotional hash tags. She also enquires about Seung-A’s Photoshop skills.


Koo is in her car and she smirks as she sees an article about Lee Gon. It mentions that he is grooming and it has an image of him wearing a mask (photoshopped). She comments that the head court lady is working hard.

Koo remembers Lee Gon asking her if she is honest. She responds saying honestly is a privilege only the King can have. She says she is a politician. She thanks him on behalf of the citizens for voluntarily deciding to pay taxes. She says she plans to use his honesty politically.

Lee Gon says she rejected the proposal to raise the salary of the Congress Workers. He asks if she can win or if he is going to become a joker in this fight. She asks him to watch her as she tries her best. He says he always is.

At present Koo comments that he said he will watch but he ran away. She asks her secretary if everyone is watching the meeting today. He tells her that everyone is watching as it affects them personally. An elderly man sits next to Koo in the car reading silently.



At the meeting the cabinet members strongly oppose Koo for vetoing the salary raise. She says that the King Voluntarily started paying taxes. She says they should improve their party’s image by foregoing the salary raise. She says it will bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. They remind her that she is a politician. She concludes the meeting saying she is the Prime Minister of the country before that. After she walks away, the party head watches the elderly man who was standing casually behind her all along.


At the police station, the detectives discuss that Shin-jae’s salary has been cut again. Moon-shik asks if Shin-jae’s mother is still gambling. Shim says that she grew up in a rich and spoilt environment. As they head in Tae-Eul gives them a list of junk dealers. As they sit down to discuss the case, Michael Jang, the new recruit of their team walks in with a suspect handcuffed to him. Michael is extremely enthusiastic to work but doesn’t understand sarcasm. The team finds it weird that his username is rose93.


Moon-shik asks him if he can drive. Michael apologises saying he was born in 1993. Shin-jae says he will drive as he was born in 1987. Tae-Eul says she will drive as she was born in 1990.

The three of them head to the junkyards and start searching for the murder weapon all day. At night, finally Michael finds a tool that looks like it has blood on it. Shin-jae tells them to take it to the forensics and walks away. She asks if he is going somewhere to take a bribe. He says it is a shame that such a fine tradition is fading away. Michael says that joke is funny. Tae-eul says they weren’t joking. Michael gets shocked. Tae-eul is fed up as he believes everything she says.


Elsewhere, a man tries to bribe Shin-jae. He says he did a background search on Shin-jae. He says Shin-jae’s family was rich but went bankrupt when he was 15. The man asks why he lives so honestly and struggles to get money. Shin-jae says he isn’t honest. He says was told to be someone standing at the edge of a wrong path and so he is like this. The man asks Shin jae to accept the bribe and tip them off during crackdowns and let them off if arrested. Shin-jae beats the man up. He says he will arrest the man and get a promotion.

Shin-jae walks back home having some ice cream. He recalls an incident from his past.


Shin jae wears a black belt as he takes roll call of the kids in the Taekwondo class. The children don’t listen to him and he yells at them using curse words. The children freeze in shock and then burst into tears.

Later, Te-Eul’s father Jung Do-in tells Shin jae to stop teaching the kids as they are scared of him. He says they don’t come back. Shin jae comments that kids don’t have perseverance and gets told off by Do-in. Shin jae reminds Do-in that he is the one who took Shin-jae’s money saying he will stop Shin-jae from becoming a gangster. Shin-jae reuests Do-in not to send him away like this and says he will lead the kids in the right path by doing better.Do in says he needn’t do that but he should become someone who I on the edge of the wrong path. He gives Shin-Jae the poilice exam preparation book.

At the police station, Michael tells Tae-eul  that he left the tool with the forensics. She tells him that he is in charge of organising bills for activity fees and writing progress reports. He gets to work.

Just then she gets a call from Lee Gon. She asks how he got her direct number. He says Eun sup told him. Lee gon hears her tell Michael to bring Eun sup to her in hand cuffs before she hangs up.

Later, Eun sup shops for groceries as Lee Gon looks on.He refuses to talk to Lee Gon and asks what happened made him end up in handcuffs. Lee gon says he just mentioned Eun sup’s name. Eun sup reminds him that he told Lee gon to keep it a secret. Lee gon says he appoints Eun sup as head of Royal Guard in this world as a gesture of apology. He calls Eun sup as the unbreakable sword and says it is an honourable position. Eun sup leans away from him and calls him crazy. Lee gons says he will take Eun sup back to his world and behead him. Eun sup walks away after shrugging it off.


Lee Gon misses Jo and Ok-nam who love him dearly.


Head Court Lady Noh is told that there will be speculations about the King soon. Ok-nam says the King isn’t allowing anyone into the study and she is worried. Seung-A says she will sort it and asks to meet Jo.


Later Jo comes to meet her. She asks him for his phone and he unlocks it before giving it. When asked, he says he doesn’t have an SNS account. She teases him saying he came to work with his father’s phone. She finds a photo of Jo and Lee Gon in their uniforms and says she will use this photo.

Later, the people in Busan are excited as they scroll through Jo Yeong’s official SNS page. They all comment under his photos and get distracted from Lee  Gon’s absence.


Later, Lady Noh calls Jo and gives his Tae Eul’s ID card. She asks him to try and trace her. He says he knows about the ID before itself. He says Lee Gon had asked him to investigate it 3 years ago. He says such a person doesn’t exist. He says the date of birth on the ID also indicates that the ID is fake. She asks if Lee gon went chasing this woman. She worries that there is no record on her.

Jo tells her not to worry, as the woman isn’t Lee Gon’s style. He says they won’t get along, as she isn’t the science type of person. Lady Noh asks what is Jo’s type of woman.


Tae Eul walks out of the station. She doesn’t get a response after dialling Shin-jae’s number. Meanwhile, Lee Gon’s DNA reports are back. It states that there are no known relatives for this DNA. She also receives a call from the Korea racing authority. They say that the horse isn’t stolen but it is a rare breed of Spanish descent. They ask how the horse got here.


Tae-Eul meets Lee Gon later at the restaurant. He sees her making a drink and asks why she is mixing two drinks. She asks if he hasn’t seen it before. She explains it is MSD- making, shaking, drinking. She hands him the drink and he says he doesn’t eat anything that isn’t tasted by his subordinates.

She asks who is supposed to use the door. He says he isn’t sure but he thinks someone else used the door before him. He says he can’t tell her further only of she becomes a member of the Royal Court. She threatens to hit him and he calls her a liberal arts person. She says liberal people make up ideas and science people make it come true. She says he isn’t capable of either.

She asks why is Busan the capital. He says Busan is cultural capital, the Central Government is in Seoul making it political capital and Pyongang is economic capital. He says South and north Korea is called Southern and Northern region in  his world. He says the King and Queen stay in Busan.

Lee Gon says they are always on brink of war with Japan since 1952. He says his grandfather announced a constitutional monarchy in 1945 with Parliament in Seoul and Palace in Busan. It was to show that the Royal court will always stand at the front to face enemies first. He says that is why the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin is in Busan in his world.

Tae-Eul smiles saying the novel is going well. He says she wouldn’t have gotten anything from his DNA. He asks her whom she thinks he is and says he hopes she can believe him soon. She says she will use the bathroom and pay. She asks him to leave first. She pats him on his shoulder as she walks away. Lee Gon freezes at first but then starts smiling.

Later, Tae Eul finds him outside with a take away bag. She remarks that this is why the bill was pricey. She smiles saying she almost got fooled. He says he has been missing her for 25 years. She interrupts him and he says she will be beheaded for interrupting him. Tae Eul says she will behead him for his lies. She tells him to continue writing the novel.

Later, He walks behind her and she asks why he is following her. He says he is coming to see Maximus.

Lee Gon is brushing Maximus when she asks him why Maximus doesn’t eat the carrots she gives. He asks if she tasted it first. Tae Eul walks away without saying a word.

After she leaves, Lee Gon asks Maximus to eat the carrots she gives. He tells Maximus to keep it in his mouth even if he doesn’t want to eat it.


Jo walks into Lee Gon’s study and recalls earlier conversation with Lee Gon.


In a flashback, Lee Gon has Lee Lim’s autopsy report in his hand. He says the fingerprint and DNA match with Lee Lim’s. Lee gon says it feels like it isn’t Lee Lim. He says he has a theory. He says Lee Lim used this body to show he died. He wonders how the body has the same DNA as Lee Lim.

At present, Jo wonders where Lee Gon is.

(Unclear if it is in COREA or KOREA) At a book store (at night) there is a boy playing with a Yoyo. A woman walks down the road and stops in front of him before heading inside.



Lee Gon is in his hotel room. He has written calculations all over the glass panels on the doors and windows. It rains heavily. Lee Gon winces as the thunder strikes. He is confused as he winces in pain clutching his shoulder again as the next thunder strikes. He pushes his robe away to reveal a lightning pattern (when thunder strikes) on his shoulder which glows like fire. He winces again as the it burns him again.



Koo walks into a fish stall where a woman is cutting fish. Koo goes up to the woman and reminds her that she told the woman to pretend to sell food and to actually do it. The woman says the kids may overhear them. Koo tells the kids to move, as it is her seat. The girl says they say if you sit here, you can become the Prime Minister. Koo says that was possible because it was she. The boy says Koo is the King’s girlfriend. Koo tells the girl to go home and says the boy can play here. She tells the woman to stop babysitting children and walks inside. The woman tells the children that they can stay here till their mother is back.


Koo lies down in her simple bed in a small room. It is revealed that the woman selling fish is Koo’s mother. She asks her mother for Pollack soup. Her mother brings an umbrella with a fancy handle into the room and asks about the men outside. She says his name is Kim. She says the rest of them will take turn seating and not to mind them.

Koo asks what is that object in her mother’s hand. Her mother says a customer had left it behind the previous night and they might come back for it today.


Elsewhere Lee Lim walks on the street in COREA with the same umbrella (looks like the flute is in the umbrella’s handle) in his hand.


Tae-Eul is driving when suddenly her car breaks down. She pulls over and calls up her father’s place. She is surprised when Lee Gon picks up the call. He hangs up when she calls him Kim Gaed dong. She calls again and he picks up saying she always hangs up on him. She asks what he is doing there. He says he has been around the whole time since she was born but it is just that she hadn’t known.

He says her father is in a meeting. He says he father offered him coffee and even tasted it for him. he asks what she needs. She is awkward as she says her car broke down.

She says her father needs to watch the car till the service centre people come so that she can take a taxi. Lee Gon asks what state the car is in.Tae-eul gets serious and thinks he might be of help. He asks about the engine oil and fuel filter. She asks him what a fuel filter is. He asks her what stuffs she has with her. She rushes to her car and checks the dashboard. She says she has towels, wet tissues, beef jerky and hair ties. He tells her to take the hair tie and the water. He tells her to tie her hair and open the bonnet.

She doesn’t tie her hair but she opens the bonnet. He then tells her to drink that water while she waits there. He says he will come there. She asks if he is joking. He says good cars like these stop to protect their engines. He says there is nothing she can do and assures her that he will be there soon.

Lee Gon rushes over to the place but slows his pace as he gets near Tae Eul. She gets up and tells him that the service centre person will be there in ten minutes. She tells him to watch the car and not touch anything. She then starts pulling her hair back into a ponytail but freezes in time.

Lee Gon is surprised he watches the time stop. He looks around to see everyone else still too. he watches the falling leaves which have stopped in mid-air. Lee Gon pushes away one leaf and steps towards Tae Eul. He admires her still form.


Just then, the leaves fall and everything starts moving. Everything goes back to normal. Tae Eul is startled to see Lee Gon standing so close to her. She straightens up and asks him to take care of the car like Maximus as to her it is like a 5th rank official to her.

Lee Gon says time stopped just now. He asks if she felt it. She asks why time would stop. He says everything stopped except for him and it may be the side effect of using the door. He says thanks to that, he was able to see something beautiful. Tae Eul gives him a confused look and goes away asking him to watch the car. Lee Gon comments that he unintentionally got a car.


Meanwhile, Lee Lim walks into Eosu bookstore (the bookstore where the boy was playing yoyo). He goes to the bookshelf and picks a particular book. He flips the pages to find a note kept in it that reads, “The King left the Palace.”


Lee Lim’s assistant walks up to him and greets him. He says it has been a long time. Lee Lim responds that the world has been peaceful so he couldn’t feel time passing by. He comments that it looks like there are a lot of customers in the bookshop. The assistant says that they all come at the agreed time.

Meanwhile, Lee Gon drives Tae Eul’s car to the bamboo forest. He hears the loud sound of the flute again. He watches in awe as the two obelisks appear with the portal.


Lee Gon’s voiceover narrates, “On that day I should have realised once I found out that Manpasikjeok is the key. That traitor Lee Lim has the other half of the Manpasikjeok and that he is probably alive moving back and forth between parallel worlds. I should have known before seeing the beauty I was looking for. I should have known that Manpasikjeok is the key and the lock.”

Lee Lim walks with his assistant to the salt pans. A group of people stand there and bow to greet him.


The next day, Moon shik walks into the police station with the forensic reports. He says both the victim’s blood and the killer’s blood was found on the crowbar and now they can close the case. Tae-Eul says something doesn’t seem right. She says Kim Bok man keeps denying it and the evidence is perfect. She says it looks like someone has planned it.

Later Shin jae walks into Lee Sang Do’s (victim) place and finds a phone. He picks it up. Tae-Eul says that the victim’s wife isn’t picking up the call. He says she might have run away because of the loan sharks. He asks her if she is going to keep digging. He says Kim bok man is a bad man and they should be happy if he goes away longer. Tae Eul says detectives shouldn’t talk like that. He says he came with her to make sure she didn’t feel like she was wronged. He says he doesn’t feel that it is a planned crime and he shows her the phone saying he doesn’t think it might be useful.

Just then, Shin jae’s classmate from Juvie times comes with his thugs. Shin jae tells her to leave as he might be killed. He says he sent the man to jail 3 years ago. She says he has a lot of thugs. Shin jae says he has only her and should’ve probably stayed on the other side. Tae-Eul pulls her hair into a ponytail and says he can rely on her.


The man teases her asking if she is Shin Jae’s girlfriend. He says the two of them have a nerve coming to this dangerous area. Lee Gon comes by their side and says it is 3 of them. Tae-eul asks how he got here and he says he used her car. She says they will talk about this later.


The thug asks if it’s three of them. Lee Gon says he is here to watch. The man orders his thugs to beat up Shin jae nicely.

Lee Gon watches the two of them take on the group of thugs. He remembers asking Tae Eul why she became a cop which is a dangerous profession. She says not everyone in the world can be brave so she decided to be brave.

Tae Eul and Shin jae beat up all the men. Shin jae doesn’t notice his classmate walking towards him with a knife. Lee Gon throws his sunglasses beneath the man’s leg and the man steps on it. He turns around and Lee Gon hits him with the flute whip. The man howls in pain and falls down.

The man orders his men to get Lee Gon. Lee Gon watches the men get up. He says that isn’t a wise move, as he doesn’t like it when people touch him. The men charge towards him. He hits all the men single-handed and with ease. Shin jae and Tae Eul watch him in awe.

Later, Lee Gon boasts that he has had good training. Tae-eul asks if he is crazy as he took her car. She asks if he has a license. He says the King doesn’t need a license, as he is the one who issues it. She asks how he knew she was here. He says he went to the station and found she wasn’t there. He says he checked the GPS and this place was searched maximum times so he came here.

Just then, Shin jae comes with ice cream. Lee Gon asks how Shin jae is doing as he got badly beaten up. Shin jae is offended and says it looked like Lee Gon had teamed up with the thugs in the beginning.

They continue to walk and Lee Gon follows them. He tries to walk along with them. She picks out the ice cream and asks Shin jae why he bought just one when they were two. Lee Gon hears this and stops in his tracks as he thinks it is actually three people. Tae eul walks away with Shin Jae after dividing the ice cream into two.


Later, the three of them eat at a restaurant. Tae Eul says she will pay but Shin jae says he will pay. Lee Gon asks Shin jae to pay for him as he needs the hospitality more. Shin jae calls him funny.

Lee Gon says he doesn’t hold grudges and doesn’t keep anything to himself.  Tae-Eul asks where Lee gon parked her car. Shin jae tells her to go to the station and asks Lee Gon to come with him. Shin jae pays the bill.

Tae-eul and Lee Gon go outside. Lee Gon asks if she will be late. She asks why and he says he has to say goodbye. He says he will have to wait for her. She asks where he is going and he says he is going back to his world. He says he is his country’s King and he left the Palace empty for too long. He says she didn’t share the obelisk shaped ice cream with him.


Tae Eul says he talks of the parallel universe like it is the next neighbourhood. She asks if he finally remembered the spell. He says it is not that he didn’t know how to go back. He says he didn’t want to go back.

Tae-Eul bids him goodbye and walks away saying she will be late today.


Lee Gon and Shin jae head back in Tae Eul’s car. Lee Gon gets off saying he will pay Shin jae back next time. Shin jae asks Lee Gon about the company which made Maximus’s harness. He asks about the symbol and asks the maker’s number.

Lee Gon says that is an interesting question. He says he wasn’t curious about it before and says Shin jae wouldn’t be able to reach them even if he told him. Shin jae says he has seen the symbol before. Lee Gon says Shin jae is mistaken. He says that logo is used in another world not here. Shin jae asks how Lee gon knows that. Lee Gon tells him about the parallel universe of Corea. Shin jae walks away and Lee gon comments that Shin jae is a liberal arts person too.

Back at the station, Tae Eul asks the forensic person to analyse the cell phone that Shin jae found. Though she tries to persuade him, he says she can’t get the analysis earlier than two weeks.

Tae Eul goes grocery shopping with Myung Na ri. She says she lent Lee Gon 2007560 won as he said he had to check out of the hotel. She asks Why Na ri gave him that much money. Na ri says the guy walks in even strides, has precise pronunciation and is good with words.   She says one cant get it without wealth. She says he will pay her back in double for sure.


Tae Eul wonders where he went. Na ri says he would’ve gone back to his country and she explains that Lee Gon is the King of his country. She says he mentioned that he would stop by somewhere before he headed home.

Lee Gon stands in front of a book store/library. He picks put the Azaleas poems book by poet  Kim So wol. He flips the pages to a poem “Invocation of the dead”.

A female voiceover narrates the poem

“O shattered name!
O name parted from me in mid-air!
O name without an owner!
The name I will die calling!

The words left in my heart,
In the end, I wasn’t able to utter all.

O you whom I loved!
O you whom I loved!”

Tae –Eul comes back home to find the courtyard empty and no sign of Lee gon or Maximus.

Lee gon is in the bamboo forest and his voiceover says, “The one I loved”.

Lee Gon rides through the portal and crosses into the parallel universe.


Image Courtesy-SBS


It is interesting that Shin Jae shares his birth year (1987) with Lee Ji Hoon, the son of the woman (who mourns her son’s death in 1994) who sought a favour from Lee Lim. I wonder where Shin jae saw the symbol of Corea.

It is possible that the masked figure is leading Lee Gon on a path down the timeline (rescuing Lee Gon the day his father died, Lee Lim’s dead body, Tae Eul’s ID card,).

Jung Tae Eul has been portrayed as an exact opposite to Lee Gon. She is a stark contrast to his intelligent, polite and sophisticated nature. Kim Go-eun has pulled it off well.

The scene where Lee Gon explains the capitals and how they came to be was well written. The scene where the time stops in the park was well made.

The scene where Lee gon compares Tae Eul to zero was unique and made sense logically. This is the first time I have come across a male lead who is a mathematical genius and yet falls in love in a fairytale style. It looks like it was intentional for the lead pair’s chemistry to not work out the first time around. It looks like Tae Eul’s manner has changed now and I hope their storyline improves.

There were some scenes that added to the mystery in this episode. The thunder hurts Lee Gon in the parallel world. It looks like time stops for Lee Gon and Lee Lim if either of them is crossing over to the other universe. Finally, there is someone who is passing information from the palace and it is someone who is very close to the King and knows that he isn’t in the palace. It looks like Lee Lim has a number of followers. In other words, there are a bunch of traitors in Corea.

There were some abrupt scenes in this episode too. Lee Lim’s umbrella was in Koo’s mother’s place while he was walking on the street with the same umbrella. I wonder if it was a time lapse or time travel. There was a child and a woman outside the Eosu bookstore. I wonder what was the purpose of that scene as it seemed out of the blue.

The series seems like a puzzle with many possible solutions. It would be interesting if the other plotlines don’t weave in and out of the main plot, as it makes the viewer lose continuity. The drama could do without some lengthy scenes and it could definitely do with more pace.

-By Soul Sword-

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  1. >There was a child and a woman outside the Eosu bookstore. I wonder what was the purpose >of that scene as it seemed out of the blue.

    The woman was the tea-pouring assistant when Ok-Nam was interviewing Na-ri for the post in the palace. This implies that she could be one of the moles.

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