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The King-Eternal Monarch – Episode 2 Recap

The King-Eternal Monarch – Episode 2 Recap

Jung Tae-Eul pushes Lee Gon away, asking if he is out of his mind. Lee Gon says it is a greeting as he is happy to see her. He says she really did exist but across the universe. He says she is still a Lieutenant even after 25 years. Tae Eul asks how he knows her rank as it is written at the back of her ID (which he hadn’t seen). Lee Gon says he has been watching her for a long time.

Tae Eul asks him for his ID. Lee Gon says he doesn’t have one and she asks why. He says it is because he is who he is. She smirks and he says she doesn’t believe this either.

Lee Gon says he is the King of the Kingdom of Corea. He says he crossed dimension between lightning and thunder while chasing after a suspicious person and arrived here. He says he was confused at first but later figured out that this is a parallel universe. He says there is one major difference. He looks at Queen Yuna’s billboard and says they have a King in Corea but here they have a queen.

Tae Eul says the entire nation loves Queen Yuna. Lee Gon says he is loved too and asks to be taken to the Queen. Tae Eul says they will need a ticket. Lee Gon says they will have to give dried grass and water for Maximus, his seventh grade official. He says there is something wrong with their conversation and she calls him annoying. She steps away from him as she notices bystanders clicking his pictures.

She repeats his words in disbelief. He asks her if she hasn’t studied science. Tae Eul is furiousl and calls him a crazy bastard. Lee Gon asks if her personality has always been like this. She pulls her hair up in a ponytail and says it has been for over 30 years now. He comments that he thought she would be softer.

Jung Tae-eul accuses him of violating the law, not showing her his ID and touching the body of a police officer. She says the Miranda rights as she arrests him.

Later at the police station, the cops click photos of Maximus as he stands outside.


Inside, Tae Eul asks for his name. Lee Gon says she shouldn’t call him by his name. She says she will put his name down as Kim Gae-ddong for convenience. He says it means dog poop but she doesn’t listen. She asks him to take out his belongings. He produces his watch and wallet.

She checks his wallet and finds the talisman. He explains it as the Royal Court Lady’s concern over the ancestral shrine. She then sees the Corean currency and asks if he plays monopoly. As he responds, she tells him not to talk down on her. He says he is three years elder to her. She puts the currency in the evidence bag.

She tries to take his fingerprint to run the ID check. He says not even she can touch his body. She twists his arm and obtains the fingerprint. He tells her not to think that she overpowered him and says he has training in various fields.



Lady Noh meets Prince Buyeong/Lee Jong-In and tells him that Lee Gon has gone out without permission again. Buyeong says he thought so, as his security level has been raised. She says he has to be strict with Lee Gon. They discuss the reason to be given to the public regarding Lee Gon’s disappearance. She says she hopes Jo finds something.

Meanwhile Jo and his team investigate the spot in the bamboo forest where Maximus’ footprints has stopped. He says it makes no sense. His assistant says they will check the CCTV again and Jo agrees. Jo remembers Lee Gon telling the assistant that he will check if it is the clock or the rabbit (before he mounted the horse and rode away).

Later, Jo questions the men who were chasing the rabbit figure. They swear they don’t know anything about her. They say she is a thief named Luna. They say she stole their boss’ money and that she doesn’t have a home or identity. The cop says he will call Jo as soon as they catch Luna. Jo asks for the CCTV footage as well.

Republic of Korea

Lee Gon asks for a cushion as he stands inside the jail cell. Tae-Eul ignores him.


Just then, Jo Eun-Sup (Jo Young in Corea) walks in wearing a police uniform and Lee Gon is surprised. Lee Gon is delighted that Jo followed him to this universe. Eun Sup gives him a weird look as he joins Eun Tak. He passes a file to her and walks away. Lee Gon realises that this Jo is from this universe and doesn’t recognise him.

Eun Sup asks Lee as to who Jo Young is. He asks if Lee Gon is the owner of the white horse and calls Lee Gon as King Arthur. Eun Sup likes Lee Gon’s watch on the table. Lee Gon explains that the watch was made to mark Maximus’ first victory. Tae Eul takes the watch in her hand and asks Eun Sup to go home. Lee Gon tells her to keep it on a soft surface. Tae Eul drops the watch on the table. After Eun Sup leaves, Tae Eul receives a call from Kyung Ran of the forensic team.

Later Tae Eul meets Kyung Ran, who tells her that there no record of Lee Gon’s identity. Kyung ran says there is a chance that he could’ve gone missing before his fingerprints could be registered. She suggests taking DNA sample and sending it to Juvenile division. She also says the currency looks like it is real.

Later, Tae Eul asks Lee Gon to open his mouth so that she can take a DNA sample. He states that she was unable to match his identity because he isn’t from this world. He says she doesn’t exist in his world either. He says the only lead he had was her photo and date of birth.

Tae Eul asks why he had a photo of her. She asks why he said he finally met her. Lee Gon says anyone who talks down to him like that gets beheaded. She asks if he is a spy and if that’s the reason he investigated her. He says she isn’t that important. He says he was curious and thought a lot about her. He says she looks better in real life. He also says that Eun seub is captain of his Royal Guard. He says some people don’t exist in both worlds.

He says he is living proof that there is another world. She asks him why he looks at him like that. He asks how else should he look at her. She calls him a petty criminal.

Lee Gon loses his patience and explains Albert Einstein’s Quantum mechanics, which is the theory of parallel universe. He mentions the theory where universe contains particles that can exist in two places. As he continues to explain, Tae Eul swiftly leans forward and takes a swab from his mouth.



Prime minister Koo comes out from the cabinet meeting. Later on, she learns that Lee Gon has run away again. She checks the article that has the photo of the two of them at the riding course. Her secretary tells her that he probably has a woman. Koo says she is trying hard to make the world believe that she is that woman. She asks if Lee Gon’s woman is young and pretty. The secretary says probably she must be. She sends him off and then checks the positive comments on the article.


Tae Eul lets Lee Gon go saying she is a good cop. He reminds her that she has no reason to detain him. She asks him where she can contact him after she gets the DNA results. He hands her a paper with Royal Infinity Hotel written on it. He says Eun Sup told him it was close to Tae Eul’s place. He says Eun Sup also mentioned he was Tae Eul’s junior in college and that her father runs a Taekwondo centre.

She tells him that it is a 5-star hotel and that it is very expensive. He says he can get money and asks to go to a jewellery shop. He takes a button from his coat saying  it is a diamond. Tae Eul says if that is a diamond, then she is Princess Diana.

At the Jewellery store, the gemmologist says he hasn’t seen a diamond with such delicate cuts. He asks where Lee Gon got it from. Lee Gon says the Court Lady is in charge of it. The man hesitates to pay Lee Gon the money because the diamond comes with heavy risk. Tae Eul awkwardly shows him her police ID and the gemmologist immediately agrees to the deal.


Outside the shop, Tae Eul asks him how he got the diamond and if he stole it. He asks if a thief will accompany a cop while selling a stolen diamond. She asks if the head court lady stole the diamond. He says she isn’t that kind of person.

He then refers to her as Princess Diana and asks what that building is. She says it is the 63 building and asks if they don’t have this building in his world. He says they have 63 of those in his world. She tells him to get a taxi across the road to his hotel.

She tries to walk past him but he blocks her way. He asks her why she is leaving and tells her not to. He says it took him 25 years to meet her. He says he wishes today will be a long day. She asks him to get out the way as she already had a long day because of Kim Gae-ddong.

Just then, she receives a call from Lee Sang Do’s wife (testifier). She walks away as she talks into the phone. Lee Gon turns around and looks at her retreating figure.

Tae Eul visits Lee Sang Do’s wife. The wife says he has been missing for 3 weeks. She says he always walks out every time they fight. She says he always gambled and carried around two hand phones. She says he has left her in a lot of debt. Detective Shin meanwhile finds lot of iron tools (crowbar) underneath a sheet as he walks around the house.

Eun Sup is at home folding clothes when he gets a collect call from Lee Gon. Eon Sup disconnects the call.

13 calls later, Eun Sup walks beside Lee Gon into Lee Gon’s suite carrying his shopping bags. He is reluctant to sit beside Lee Gon. Lee Gon says he can keep half the shopping and Eun Sup instantly jumps into the couch beside him.


Lee Gon asks to see Eun Sup’s childhood photos. Eun Sup shows it to him. Lee Gon recognises Eun Sup’s father in the photo (Jo’s father in Corea) and confirms that this is a parallel world. Just then, Tae Eul starts sending verbally abusive messages on Eun Sup’s phone. He passes the phone to Eun Sup who drops it in alarm.

Tae Eul is furious as she reads Lee Gon’s note stating that she has a big front yard and he is leaving Maximus there. She watches Maximus eating grass . Myung Na-Ri stands beside her advising her not to let go of the horse’s owner.

Tae Eul goes to Lee Gon’s hotel and asks to meet him. The receptionist says they do not give out information about their guests. Tae Eul writes a note saying that she will sell the horse if Lee Gon doesn’t come down. She asks the receptionist to pass the note to him.

Lee Gon comes down as soon as he receives the message. She asks him what he is going to do about the horse. He says he will brush him and feed him. She asks him to stop stating the obvious. He says he won’t be here much long. She asks him when he plans to leave. He says he postponed it, as he likes being here with her.


She eyes him and asks if he went shopping meanwhile. He says he picked up stuff while he went to buy things for Eun Sup. She ties her hair into a ponytail and he tells her not to. She gives him an odd look. She leans forward and says she will look after the horse because animals are innocent.

He leans back as she gets up asking him not to get into any trouble. She threatens to sell his horse if he does and walks away. Lee Gon comments that she is scary.

Tae Eul visits the NFS. The doctor says the victim died due to blunt force trauma to the head. She says the body was disposed in the car trunk after death. She places time of death 3 weeks earlier. Shin says Lee Sang Do (victim) left the house 3 weeks ago.

She also mentions that the wound on both the suspect and the victim seem the same. She says it is a heavy tool. Detective Shin shows the picture of the tools in Lee Sang Do’s house.  The doctor says it is highly possible.

Shin and Tae Eul decide to find the murder weapon first. They both search the place for the murder weapon. As she is busy working, Lee Gon keeps calling her and asking to meet her. He also keeps updating her as to where he is and what he is trying out.

Lee Gon calls her from a bakery and she hangs up before he can finish talking. He returns the phone to the girl working there. He says Tae Eul must probably be tying up her hair now.


Elsewhere, Lee Lim is repainting a monastery. He is asked why he is doing this work when he is well off. He responds saying this Dancheyong (Korean decorative coloring) has 300 years of history. He says painting over it is like covering it with another history of his own.

In a restaurant, a woman celebrates her son’s birthday. Her disabled son sits in a wheelchair. He gets upset when his friends gift him a football. They also refuse to play with him and they run away to play outside. The woman’s son is upset and he goes away to the restroom.

The woman throws away the ball in anger. She folds her hand and sits at the table. Lee Lim picks up the ball and walks towards her. As the candle blows out the woman looks up and takes the ball from him. She apologises for causing a scene.


He asks her what she wished for and she starts to say what she wished. He stops her, saying her son will never be able to walk. He says she can make the other children limp. He asks her if she wants to change her prayer.

The next day the news reports that three children were seriously injured while jaywalking and that they will not make a full recovery.

Elsewhere, a woman (the wife of hit-and-run victim and mother of Korea Republic Lee Gon from 1994) is at the florist. When asked she says it is her dead son’s birthday.


The scenes shifts to the past (1994) where the same woman, whose husband was killed in hit and run laughs while she washes the dishes. She is startled when a man walks up to her. The police knocks on the door saying it is about her son.


Before she can open the door, Lee Lim tells her that her son died after tripping in the reservoir. He says her husband was killed in a hit and run. He says both her husband and son had suspicious deaths. He says the whole world will accuse her. He asks her if she wants redemption. The woman doesn’t open the door for the police.

The scene shifts to the present day where the woman is taking the flowers to her son’s memorial. She remembers Lee Lim’s words, “ How pathetic you are. You have sinned by laughing once (when her husband died) and now you can never laugh again.  The woman mourns her son’s death and walks away. The memorial reads Lee Ji Hun- October 28, 1987- December 28 1994.


Meanwhile, Tae Eul interrogates the suspect regarding Lang Sang Do’s murder. The suspect Kim Bok Man (gambling website owner) maintains that he didn’t kill Sang Do. He says he was hit on the head while heading home. He says he was knocked unconscious and woke up at his home in a pool of blood. Tae Eul says it was the victim’s blood. She says Sang Do attacked the suspect and the suspect killed Sang Do. He asks them to check the bar if she doesn’t believe him.

Later,Shin and Tae Eul check the footage from the bar. She spots Sang Do following  Kim Bok Man.

Later at the Police station, Tae Eul states that Sang Do’s whereabouts are unconfirmed after the bar footage. She wonders how a poor person like Sang Do managed to obtain Kim Bok man’s phone number and address.


Tae Eul buys organic carrots for Maximus. She holds it out to him and says she got them because he looks like a high class horse. She moves away as Maximus neighs. She thinks he is mad and calls up Eun Sup.

Later Eun Sup leads her into the library. He says Lee Gon has been studying history for the past three days. Eun Sup says he has been feeding him. she says she will feed him today.

Lee Gon smiles as she sits across him. She notices the drinks the girls have left for him with notes. He says he has discovered that this country follows presidential system. Tae Eul walks out.

Tae Eul buys fried chicken for both of them. Lee Gon says he needs a taster as he could be poisoned any time. He says Eun Sup tasted his food for him. She asks if she has to taste his food for him. He says she shouldn’t. He says if the food is poisoned and he dies, this will be his last words.

Lee Gon thanks her for everything and for existing somewhere for 25 years.


He then eats the chicken. He comments that it is excellent and they don’t have chicken covered in sauce in his world. She asks him what he did in the library. Lee Gon says he read the history. He says the history has separated since Prince Sohyeon. He says in her version Sohyeon passed away early whereas in his world Sohyeon remained in history as King Yeonjong who stopped the Qing invasion. He says the histories of the two worlds separated since then. He says the country has grown with intensive industrialisation since war and division. He says he was impressed. Tae Eul ask if he writes novels online.


Lee Gon remembers his past where as a young boy he wonders the reason why he survived that day. He watches his pony Maximus running in the race course as he speaks to Lady Noh. He claims he heard the sound of a flute that night. He asks if it was the sound of Manpasikjeok. She says the flute doesn’t make any sound. Young Lee Gon maintains that he heard the flute and that is why he went to Cheonjungo. He says he couldnt hear anything because the flute was very loud. He says he didn’t hear the gunfire. Court Lady Noh says he didn’t speak about this before.

Lee Gon says he held on to two things that night. He asks if one of them is the whip she is holding. He asks if she has the other one. Lady Noh nods and says she has been keeping it in secret. She says it odd that something that doesn’t make noise was loud (flute in riding whip) and the other one that cannot be identified (Tae Eul’s ID card) exists. She says this is why she wished he had forgotten everything. She gives him the whip and the ID card. He asks if this will remain a secret between then and she agrees. He asks if the reason why he survived is within this.

At present, Lee Gon is at the fried chicken restaurant. He asks Tae Eul why she never believes what he says. She says she doesn’t believe in nonsense and she wants proof for everything. She tells him not to do anything till the DNA result is out.

Lee Gon asks why she helps him though she doesn’t believe him. He asks if it is some sense of duty. She says she just does it. He leans in and asks if there is any other reason as to why he has to stay in this world. He wonders if there could be a reason. She doesn’t respond.

Later, Lee Gon goes to the Exhibiton of King Taejo, the last King of Sunjong.


Jo stands beside the building where Lee Gon was chasing the white rabbit. He notices a figure running past wearing rabbit hood. He catches up with the boy. The boy says it is their class uniform. The boy recognises him and asks if he can take a picture of him. Jo walks away after refusing.

Myung Seung-A (Myung Na-Ri in Korea) sits at a table in the restaurant. (She was taking photos during the rowing competition) She is excited as she gets a call from the royal public affairs office calling her for final interview. She looks up and sees Jo standing in front of her. He asks to see the photos she took at the rowing competition. As he checks the photos she asks him how he knew she was here. Jo swipes through the pictures and notices Lee Lim in one of the pictures.

He returns the camera and asks her to send the photos by email. As he writes down the email, she comments that he is cool. He says he can hear her. She holds the tissue with his email ID to her face and smiles as he walks away.

Later Jo informs Ok-nam that he has found a lead. He says Lee Gon was after one woman who caused the incident. She asks if Lee Gon is finally interested in a woman. Jo says he will inform her once he gets concrete evidence. She says the talisman might be working.


Lee Gon has sold of all the buttons on his coat and doesn’t have any money left.


Later, he is with Maximus when Myung Na-Ri drives into the parking lot with an extravagant car. She walks into the cafe. He goes upto her and says he is Maximus’s owner. He says he is King of Corea. She says he is an interesting character. He asks for a cup of tasted Milk Tea. She bills him first and his face falls.

Later, Shin comes to the cafe and he sees Lee Gon there. He rings up Tae Eul and she says she will be down in 5 minutes. Lee Gon asks if she has been in there all the time. Shin recognises Lee Gon from all the stories he has heard from his teammates. Tae Eul looks out of the window and asks Shin to carry on and she will join them in a while.


Lee Gon asks Shin what is his relationship with Tae Eul. Shin asks him stop asking these questions as they have just met. He clicks a photo of Lee Gon saying he is taking a mug shot just in case. Lee Gon pulls the hood over Shin’s head. Shin asks what it was about. Lee Gon says he wanted to check if shin was his saviour (masked figure) but is happy he isn’t. Shin calls him a crazy bastard. Lee Gon asks him to watch what he says or he will be beheaded. Shin leaves after saying that the next time he sees Lee Gon he wont stop with just words.

Lee Gon wonders what is the relationship between Tae Eul and Shin.


April 2006

Tae Eul returns from school. She finds that her father has accepted eggs as fees for his taekwondo classes. She tells off her father for being naive. He asks her for her report card. She goes silent and then says she has an idea.

Tae Eul sits on the window sill posing in a taekwondo outfit hoping to attract boys. The boys walking past go right past her after seeing her.

Shin stands on the street awestruck by her. He joins the taekwondo class. Tae Eul tells her father that it was a brilliant idea after all and walks out of the class.

At present, Tae Eul walks down the stairs. She notices Lee Gon there and asks him why he is here. He says he will join her. She says he can’t join her and she walks away. He watches her as she walks away.

Tae Eul walks for some time and remembers Lee Gon asking her if there is a reason he should stay. She sends a (Shin) text and heads back home. She comes back to find Lee Gon standing right where he was when she left.


Tae Eul walks up to him and asks if he will keep standing here. Lee Gon says she shouldn’t treat him like this as it upsets him. He says she is the only person whom he knows in this world. She says this is driving her crazy.

She asks why she is the only person he knows in this world. She says she doesn’t know him. He says he acquired her ID card 25 years ago. He says someone lost it. He says that person might be related to her.

Tae Eul says she was just 5 years old 25 years ago. She calls him a fool. He says the ID card which he has was issued on November 11 2019. He says he has been waiting for that day. She asks him to go see the doctor with his leftover money. He says he doesn’t have any money left. She says his family must be worried about him.

Lee Gon asks if that is what she wanted to know. He states that he is still single. He says he has made a decision. He says he will give her a position where she has to know who he is. She asks what it is and he says, “Jung Tae Eul, I take you to be my wife, the Queen.”

Tae Eul gives him a look of disbelief. He says she has become the reason for him to stay in this world.

Tae Eul says he is completely crazy.


Image Courtesy- SBS


This episode was lengthy and did not add much to the plot.

The storyline is unfolding in a confusing manner rather than a mysterious way. Except the part with Tae Eul’s investigation, the rest of the plot is vague.

The transition between the universes in the scenes where the secondary characters are present aren’t clear.

Currently, Lee Lim wears a hat and is in casual clothing (while painting and at the cafe speaking with the mother). In the opening scene which is in the year 2020, it looks like he wears the same bloodstained clothing from 1994.

I wonder if Lee Lim has been helping Sang Do too just like how he has been answering the wishes of certain people.

Lee Gon says there are some people who don’t live in both the universe. Everyone is accounted for in the parallel universe except Lee Gon. It looks like there is a possibility that he has been killed in the winter of 1994 by Lee Lim in Korea Republic. If that is the case, I guess Lee Lim has succeeded in killing Lee Gon in the alternative universe. Also, Lee Lim is dead in Kingdom of Corea. The protagonist and antagonist are living in separate universes and both have the power to cross over.

I am curious to see Koo’s role in Korea.

The scene with Lady Noh giving Lee Gon the flute and ID card was well made.

Tae Eul’s hairstyle differs in the ID cards and I wonder if she will be issued another ID card. I guess the main story is going to take place between current day and November 11th.

Lee Gon mentions he is in search of his saviour and that person might be related to tae Eul. He is portrayed as a genius who believes in fairy tales.The last scene seemed out of place and abrupt. I wonder what made Lee Gon name Tae Eul his queen when she thinks he is a weirdo and doesn’t seem even a least bit interested in him. Right now, the chemistry between Myung Seung A and Jo Young is better than Lee Gon and Tae Eul.

It didn’t feel like the second episode in the series but rather it felt like I was watching a series midway after missing the first few episodes. Though it is just the first week, the episode could have been more informative with respect to the plot (especially the timelines and the transition between the universes).

-By Soul Sword-

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