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Mr Sunshine Episode 6 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 6 Recap

At the shop, Haman goes to find the shopkeeper. Dong mae moves the fallen brushes with his feet. Ae-shin kneels down and starts picking them one by one. Seeing her, he kneels down too and helps her pick up the brushes. As he is picking up the brushes Ae-shin’s skirt grazes his hands and he freezes. Ae-shin sees this and gets up but he holds her skirt by its edge. Ae-shin frantically tries to pull away but his grip is firm. She asks him what he is doing and he says “nothing”. She tries to pull her skirt but fails. Dong mae says “Ï’m not doing anything, my lady”. Ae shin watches him with a serious expression as he looks up at her deeply.


Dong mae asks her if she knows why he had come back to Joseon.  We cut to flashback as a young Ae-shin tells him that every life is precious. Young  Dong mae tells her that she is just a noble fool who lives in luxury. In the present, Dong mae says that after that moment no matter how hard he thought this was the only way that could lead to her. He lets go of her skirt and walks out of the shop. Ae shin is teary-eyed as she comes to terms with what she had just heard.

Dong mae is in his room as the pretty tarot card reader comes to him. He tells her that he forgot about the errand she had asked him to run for her. She takes his hand and traces with her fingers the words that say he is an idiot. He says that she is wrong and walks away. She smacks him and he stops and says that it hurts.


Eugene walks up to a servant man waiting for him in the legation. The man recognises him as Yu-Jin. Eugene remembers him as the man who tried to beat him to death. The servant man tries to strike a friendly conversation with Eugene but he cuts the man off asking him where he had dumped Eugene’s parent’s bodies. The man says that they are somewhere atop a hill in Ganghwa but he can’t remember the exact location. Eugene tells the man that better remember the location if he wanted to live.

At night, Ae-shin throws the skirt (that Dong mae had held) out and asks Haman to throw it away. Haman asks her why she wants to throw away such an expensive dress and Ae-shin doesn’t reply.

Hui Seung reaches his home laden with gifts. He gives them to his servant as he feels his father will be displeased at him for splurging. He smiles as he goes in expecting to be slapped by his parents.


Hui Seong’s parents are extremely worried to see him. His father asks him why he came to their home despite asking him to stay away. a servant runs up to them and tells them that has located the servant from 30 years ago. The parents silence the servant and distract Hui Seung while asking the servant to go away.

Gunner Jang ( Seung gu) is at the hilltop pouring alcohol on a grave. Eugene rides in led by the servant. Eugene approaches Jang and asks for the alcohol jug since he didn’t bring any with him. He asks Jang to send the fee to the American Legation as he sees Jang hesitating. Jang gives it and says it’s free. He says that the grave is of a 7-year-old girl who wouldn’t enjoy alcohol anyway.



The servant man runs around in circles trying to figure out Eugene’s parents’ burial spot. The man finally says that he doesn’t remember as it’s been 30 years. Eugene’s eyes well up as he holds the man by his robe as he realises that man hadn’t visited the place for 30 years. He cries out as he says that the man should have remembered as he beat them to death. The man apologises as he kneels down and begs for mercy. He says that he was also one of the slaves. Though the hierarchical society is no more he says that he can’t change his roots. The man says that once you are born a slave you will always be one.


Eugene returns the alcohol to Jang and places the flowers that his mother liked on the girl’s grave. Eugene learns that the grave next to them is Jang’s (Seung gu’s ) father’s grave. Jang says that his father had passed away during the battle of Ganghwa. He says that victims killed by the Americans are buried on one side and victims of the Japanese are buried on the other side. Jang tells Eugene that years later, women were raped, the houses burnt and an entire village was destroyed. He asks Eugene regarding whom he wanted to visit here. Jang notices the hill from where Eugene had come and Eugene confirms by saying that his parents were slaves. Eugene asks Jang if he looks too decent for a slaves’ offspring. Jang smiles and comments that he was wondering if he should charge Eugene for the drink. Eugene smiles and tells Jang that he should.


Eugene comes into the Glory Hotel and Hina Kudo is at the reception. He says that he had gone to see his parents when she enquires. She hands him a letter that had arrived for him. The letter is from the American man who had taken Eugene to America. The letter reads that he has heard that Eugene is in Joseon.  He writes that he is currently in Hamyong Province and isn’t sure when he will reach Hanseong.  He refers to Eugene as a great and noble one. He welcomes Eugene to Joseon and writes that Eugene is living proof that God exists. He writes that he misses Eugene. Hina deduces that it must be good news and Eugene says that it was what he was waiting for. She says that news like this does exist that makes him smile (something that he rarely does). Eugene thinks of the instances Ae-shin had made him smile.


Eugene asks Hina Kudo if she has more news for him. She says that all the powerful people have shown interest in him as he is an Asian-American who works for the US Marine Corps. He asks her if she passes on the information to these powerful people. She says she is asking him as a woman. He asks if he can go to his room now that she is done and adds that he is asking as a guest. She laughs as she asks him how his stay has been so far. She says that she is asking as a Hotel owner. Eugene wears a stern look and says he has no complaints. She tells him that she knows that his room was searched and Eugene brushes it off by saying nothing is missing. She comments that when nothing gets lost, it means something got discovered.

Back in his room, Eugene looks at the mirror and reflects on the servant man’s words (once you are born a slave, you will always be one). He remembers Ae-shin saying that no man in Joseon would dare to detain her so late at night.


Gunner Jang is at Hong Pa’s eatery as he tells her that she is all that he has. She feels awkward as Ae-shin is there and she walks off. Ae-shin warns Jang to stay away from the shooting range as Eugene might come to search the place. Jang comments that Ae-shin won’t be able to come to practice shooting if she gets married. Ae –shin tells him that she won’t get married, instead, she will run away to either England, France or Germany. She says that she can help Joseon from outside Joseon. Jang gives her the gun and asks her to return it to the American Legation. She is anxious seeing it and asks him why she should be the one returning what he stole. He says that it is because she said that she is on his side.


Eugene is riding at the foothills of the mountains along with Kyle. He spots Ae-shin’s palanquin crossing them. Kyle comments that it must be a Joseon aristocrat. Eugene says that he knows her and that it belongs to someone way up.

Haman comments that Eugene is there and Ae-shin opens the window to meet his eyes as they cross. Kyle comments that Ae-shin wants to see him but Eugene says that she just wanted to look. Kyle smiles and asks Eugene if he was keeping something from him as Eugene rides away.


Eugene and Kyle go to Hong Pa’s tavern and have chicken broth. Eugene tells Kyle that he couldn’t have quality food when he lived in Joseon as a child as he was from a low-class background. He says that ironically it was the first dish he tasted when he returned to Joseon. Kyle tells him to have his fill. When he talks about Ae-shin, Eugene distracts him by talking about Logan Taylor. Eugene says that he suspects Logan Taylor had some secret with him as the Japanese are also watching Taylor’s family. Kyle advises Eugene to keep away from it and tells Eugene that Taylor’s case had been officially closed.

At the Royal Palace, Lee se Hun reports to the king that rumours have started circulating. The King asks if it is regarding the Russia-China slush fund. He says he is sure that the Japanese know about this but it’s good news that they haven’t found the proof yet. The King asks if Lee Se Hun is trying to ask him if the rumours are true. Lee se Hun maintains that he wasn’t. The King is told that Wan-ik is waiting outside.

Wan-ik walks in with the help of his cane. He asks the King if he is well and the King responds by saying that he will be fine now that Wan-ik has returned. The King asks Wan-ik to take rest and gather his thoughts.  Wan-ik thanks the King and takes his leave.

As he walks out of the court Lee se Hun calls Wan-ik an arrogant fool. He goes on to say Wan-ik would still remain an interpreter though he got promoted as he is of low birth. When Wan-ik doesn’t respond Lee se Hun asks if he has lost his ability to speak. He asks Wan-ik to greet him obliging to the rules and regulations. Wan-ik responds by slapping Lee se hun. Wan-ik says that is his greeting and leaves.


Eugene has been asked to escort Ms Taylor and he comments that she is a weirdo. Kyle explains that her house just got sold and she needs to sign a contract. Taylor’s baby keeps crying and the servant girl (Who Eugene saved from the Japanese soldiers.) tells Ms Taylor that the baby has a fever. Ms Taylor slaps the girl and asks her to stop the baby from crying. Eugene walks over to them and asks her to not assault Joseon people. She calls the girl a servant but he contradicts her by saying that she is a labourer. When asked to show some dignity, she refuses and calls Joseon people filthy and uncivilised. She says that the Joseon mob killed her husband and Eugene gets uneasy as he was the one who had shot Taylor.


At Taylor’s house, Wan-ik is present as he is the buyer. He asks Dong mae, who is escorting Wan-ik as to who Eugene is. Dong mae explains that he is with the US army. Wan-ik speaks in English to Ms Taylor and agrees to pay in part cash and part gold. Ms Taylor and tells him in fluent Korean that wan-ik’s English is horrible.  Wan-Ik is shocked as Eugene suppresses his laughter at her sudden outburst. Wan-ik gives her an earful and she starts trash talking him. Dong –mae suppresses his smile this time as Ms Taylor tells off Wan-ik. She curses Taylor as she signs the document and demands money.


As they are about to leave, Eugene asks Dong mae if he found what he was looking for. Dong mae says that the house is big and asks Eugene if he wants to look for it along with him. Eugene asks if it is here and Dong mae says that it might not be. Eugene reminds him that Dong mae wanted to look for it alone. Dong mae says that two would be better than one even if only one is left later on. Eugene says that he doesn’t want to find it, whatever it may be. Dong mae asks Eugene to briefly look as he couldn’t find anything here. His deputy informs him that a man called Hui-Seong is staying at Glory hotel.  Dong-mae says that he has an appointment and wishes Eugene well before starting to leave. Eugene comments that Dong mae always worries about him. Dong mae says that he should hate Eugene but its a pity that he likes him.

Eugene gets back to Glory Hotel at night and runs into Dong-mae. Eugene wonders if he was the appointment and asks if he should stay away so that Dong mae can search his room. Dong mae says that today is not the day.


Just then, Hina Kudo and Hui seong enter. Hui seong greets Eugene and introduces himself to Dong mae. When Dong mae doesn’t respond, he asks Hina if this person is Japanese. Hina tells him that Dong mae speaks Korean and introduces Hui Seong as Ae-shin’s fiancé. Eugene is surprised at this. Hui seong comments that Eugene keeps meeting Ae-shin at the legation. Dong-mae is surprised at this. Hina says that if they want to take out what’s on their waist, they should do it outside.  Both Eugene and Dong mae notice that they had reached for their weapons and quickly take their hands off. Hui-seong (totally unaware of the situation) thinks that Eugene and Dong mae are having a tiff and asks them not to fight. He offers to have drinks but Eugene says that he doesn’t like to drink and walks towards the stairs. Dong mae says that if he drinks tonight, he might end up killing a man (looks at Hui seong) or two (looks at Eugene). Dong mae leaves as Hui seong comments that there seems to be a rift between those two men and asks Hina Kudo whose side she is on. She says they’ll have to see.

Back in his room, Eugene remembers Ae shin referring to Hui seong as her friend.

Lady Cho visits Hui Seong’s mother who says she is recovering now. Hui Seong’s mother says that Hui Seong is still in Japan when Lady Cho mentions him. Lady Cho says that he had already dropped by their house to see his fiancé. Hui Seong’s mother tries to save face by saying that she meant he hasn’t come home yet. Lady Cho says that it’s acceptable that he came to see his fiancé and asks to fix the date of the wedding. Hui Seong’s mother says that there is no need to rush the wedding as Ae-shin is still young. Lady Cho says that Ae- Shin is ladylike and no one can deny that.

Meanwhile, Ae-shin is in her disguise jumping over rooftops. She enters the American Legation after knocking out few guards and leaves the stolen gun at Eugene’s desk.  The security is alerted as the alarms sound and she scales the back walls to escape.

As she lands on the other side of the wall she hears the servant boy’s voice saying that it is how he does it too. The servant boy is with Eugene and tells him that this is the way he uses to get in and out of the Legation. Eugene tells the boy that he has been hired to work at the Legation. The boy is overjoyed and Eugene asks the boy to keep quiet about what he just saw. The boy agrees and leaves.


Eugene sits next to Ae-shin and tries to get a better look at her masked face. Ae shin turns away. He pulls off her mask and tells her that people are coming as he brings her to her feet. He asks her to walk naturally and they both start walking.

Eugene mentions her fiancé and says that he is very handsome. He also says that she had referred to Hui seong as her fiancé. He asks her if she is getting married. Ae-shin says that they are drifting apart. He says that he had asked her because he was curious but notes that she isn’t answering. She says that her company must be waiting for her. He reminds her that she was caught jumping over American Legation’s wall and says that she is shameless too. She says that she owes him once again. He says that he will walk her back as it is dangerous to go alone. She says that they will be noticed if they walk together and Eugene says that is the reason why he suggested it. He says that the safest place in Joseon is next to him as he is the one who will get noticed.

As Eugene starts walking with A-shin, his voiceover narrates “Dear Joseph, thank you for the letter. It must be winter in Hamyong Province already. I’m worried because you get cold easily. Is everything well with you? Every day in Joseon has been peaceful for me.”


Ae-shin says that she wants to ask him something regarding “Love” and Eugene’s voiceover says “I take back what I said”.

She asks him if he has made up his mind yet. His voiceover wonders,” why do I want to give her my answer?”

Ae-shin comments that he too doesn’t answer her questions. She thanks him and says that it is nice to walk side by side with him. She says that she won’t be able to experience another moment like this. They reach the intersection and she says that they should part ways here.

Eugene’s voiceover says,”I almost stopped her and told her not to leave so that we can walk together a bit longer, Just until we get over there, side by side”.

Ae-shin walks away and Eugene pulls out her black mask/scarf from his pocket and looks at it.


In his room, Eugene writes the letter as his voiceover continues reading the contents of the letter, “I don’t even know my way around Joseon and yet I am walking towards somewhere far away. When are you coming to Hanseong? I miss you. I’m realising now that this letter is more like a confession. Hence, I don’t think I can actually send this to you”.

The next day, Eugene finds the missing gun on his desk (Ae-shin had placed it there). He checks the gun and finds out that there is a part that is missing (the blacksmith had missed the part while putting it back). Kyle walks in with a “basic Korean translation” book that is written by Gwan-su.  Kyle talks about the intruder and Eugene shows him the gun. Kyle starts reading pick up lines from the book and Eugene gives Gwan-su a look.  Gwan-su then points to a servant man (one who took him to his parent’s grave) at the entrance.

The servant man says that once he had told his wife regarding Eugene, she had given him this hairpin which she had kept for a long time. Eugene remembers carving the hairpin the day his parents were killed. He says that there was a man who had lusted after Eugene’s mother. He says that was the reason behind the parents’ death. He says that the man is still living a comfortable and wealthy life. He says that the man is Lee Se-Hun- the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Lee-Se-Hun is at his house as his maids are putting on his robe. His mistress wants to get western clothes and go to the new school. Lee-Se hun isn’t happy about this. She gestures to the vase which Eun San had sold and says that Lee Se hun had wasted gold on it. They have a fight and she goes away. Lee Se hun shows his temper on the maid saying that she has dirty hands and shoves her to the floor. He asks for a new robe as the servant had touched it with dirty hands.


Lee se hun comes in his open palanquin and Eugene comes riding towards him. Lee Se hun’s men ask him to give way for the minister. Eugene makes his horse rear and Lee se hun and his men get frightened. Eugene pats his horse and says that horses cannot walk backwards. He rides forwards swiftly and his horse leaps over the palanquin.


The terrified men drop the palanquin sending Lee se hun toppling into the slush. Lee se hun is furious and asks his men to find out who he is as the people laugh while Eugene rides away.

Eugene is drinking alone in a bar. Dong mae sits next to him and comments that Eugene had said he doesn’t like to drink. Eugene says it is just like how he replies to Dong mae though he dislikes him. Dong mae says that Eugene dislikes quite a lot of people and refers to Eugene’s incident with Lee Se hun earlier. Eugene says that his horse had acted up.


Just then Hui Seung walks in with few women and spots Eugene and Dong mae. He comes towards them and refers to Eugene as “Room 304” and Dong mae as “Room 304’s friend”. He says that he is hurt they had left him out and Eugene says that they had come separately. Hui Seong suggests that they should drink together and to both their annoyance, seats himself between Eugene and Dong mae. Dong mae suggests that they should drink separately as he doesn’t want to get drunk (gives Hui Seong a menacing look).

After some time, Hui seong gets drunk and starts talking. He asks them how come Eugene and Dong mae aren’t talking to each other and asks if they haven’t made up. Dong mae clarifies that Eugene and he aren’t friends. Just as they are all about to take a sip, Hui seong says that people who drink together can call themselves friends (Both Eugene and Dong mae put their cups down at the thought of it as Hui Seong drinks). Dong mae grits his teeth as Hui seong asks them the reason behind their fight. Eugene says that they haven’t fought…yet.  Hui seong asks Eugene who would win if they (Eugene and Dong mae) fought and Dong mae gives a sarcastic smile. As he persists, Eugene responds by saying that Hui Seong will never find out as one of them would probably kill Hui Seong first. Dong mae smiles and Hui Seong bursts out laughing totally unaffected by what Eugene had said.


Hui Seong then asks why the two of them always seem angry. Dong mae stares him down and Hui Seong asks him why he is doing so. Then he starts off by asking another round of questions. He asks that if an American man and a Joseon man fall into the river, which man Eugene will save. Eugene loses his patience and says that he will probably kill this guy (Hui Seong). Hui Seong continues and asks Dong mae whom he will save if a Japanese man and a Joseon man falls into the river. Dong mae at this point struggling to keep his temper in check says that he thinks will end up killing the man (Hui Seong).


Hui Seong leans on Eugene and asks Dong mae what he would so if both Hui Seong and Eugene fell into the river. Dong mae says in a deep voice that he hopes the river is deep. Hui Seong leans on Dong mae and asks Eugene what he would do if Hui Seong and Dong mae fell into the river. Eugene asks Hui Seong why he keeps talking about falling into the river. Hui Seong drinks and declares that he drowned and died since nobody had rescued him. he continues to drink.

At the Legation, Gwan su talks to the servant boy regarding his recruitment. The boy says that he used to sell water and Gwan su deduces that the boy worked 11 hours a day. The boy explains that he used to work from 4.00 am to 6.pm every day and Gwan su feels for him. Gwan su tries to sternly tell the boy that adults won’t help him but Gwan-su’s eyes are already welling up with tears. Gwan su leaves as Eugene walks in. The boy greets him and Eugene says that he noticed that the boy had made Gwan-su cry.


In her room, Ae Shin is revising English alphabets as Ae-sun walks in. Ae-sun suggests selling a few bags of rice and taking the money. When Ae-shin doesn’t agree, she demands respect as she is in a higher position according to family hierarchy. She says that Ae-shin was born out of wedlock and demands Ae-shin to sell the rice. Ae-shin says that she knows about Ae-sun’s activities at the Glory Hotel (Liquor, gambling, bed, love and soldiers). Ae-sun gets jittery hearing this and Ae-shin warns her that she will reveal everything to their grandfather the next time Ae-shin insults her parents. Ae-sun leaves and Ae-shin brings out her English books. As she flips through the pages she finds a flower from Hui Seong’s bouquet between the pages. Haman says that she had saved that flower as she thought it represented Hui Seong’s sincerity. Ae-shin remembers Hui Seong giving her flowers followed by Eugene asking her about her fiancé. Ae-shin wonders why the flower makes her think of the person who gave the flower as well as someone else. She puts it back on the page.

Eugene has the wooden hairpin in his hand as his mothers smiling face flashes in his mind. He walks out of the Legation and sees the servant girl (Taylor’s baby’s sitter) with the baby’s quilt hiding behind the walls.

Eugene takes her to his office and serves her tea. He asks her if she is running away. She says that Ms Taylor had taken a new quilt and left with the baby. Eugene asks her if she is here to see her brother and lets her know that he has left for the day. The servant girl says that one day the quilt had gotten ruined and she had tried to sew over its seams.  She tears open the quilt and brings out the missing document saying that she had found this inside the quilt while sewing.


Eugene sees that it an envelope from the Russia- China bank and has details regarding the Emperors slush fund. The document reads that disposal of the deposit must be approved by the Emperor of Korea. The girl asks him if its a valuable document and when he confirms it she says that she will leave it with him as a gesture of gratitude. He says that he might die if he keeps it and when she asks why he says that it is the fate of Joseon.

The King tells his chamberlain Lee Jeong mun that their ally Russia has lost its power while British-Japanese ties have strengthened. He says that The US is still neutral. The King asks if Wan-ik doesn’t have the document already. He says that Wan-ik must know that the King had called him back so that he can be kept under control. Lee Jeong-mun informs the King that he has men tailing Wan-ik. He says that they can take action on wan-ik once they figure out where his loyalties lie.

Eugene is at Glory Hotel picking at his food and remembers Dong mae saying that whoever possesses that document will die. Hina comes along and offers to replace his coffee as this one got cold. Eugene asks her about Dong mae and she tells him that Dong mae was born to butchers and had a difficult life. Eugene says he wants to know about his connection with Musin Society but their conversation is interrupted by Hui Seong.


Eugene doesn’t seem glad to see him again. Hui seong informs them that he wants his morning coffee before heading out to meet his parents. He sits across Eugene and Eugene asks him why he is seated here. Hui Seong asks him if Eugene would prefer Hui Seong to be seated beside Eugene rather than across. Eugene gets up to leave as one of Hui Seong’s servants runs up to talk to him.

Eugene recognises the servant as the person whom he had seen with the young master (Hui Seong’s father) at the marketplace. The scene where Eugene begged the young master to spare his father’s life and the young master’s heavily pregnant wife flash across Eugene’s mind.

Eugene asks Hui Seong if he was born in 1871 and Hui Seong confirms it. He asks if Hui Seong’s father’s name is Kim An-pyeong and Hui seong asks Eugene if he knows his father. Hui Seong becomes serious and says that he has seen the look on Eugene’s face many times on a lot of people. He deduces that Eugene must’ve been wronged by his family and asks if it was by his father or grandfather.


Kim an-Pyeong comes to II-sik’s shop and tells them that the slave boy whom they failed to hunt had grown up and come to his house to kill him. II-sik and Choon-sik make the connection that Eugene is the slave boy who had escaped. Kim throws the tasselled ornament towards them and asks them to make good its worth.


Hui Seong is on a hilltop and is drinking as he remembers Eugene asking about his family. The servant boy Do Mi is next to him. Both of them say that they are frustrated. Hui Seong offers to teach that person a lesson if he is giving Do-mi a hard time. Do mi says that it is quite the opposite as he keeps owing a person and doesn’t know how to repay it. Hui Seong comments that Do Mi is more matured than him and all that Hui Seong has is his bad karma.

In the morning, Eugene is at Eun san’s Kiln Site. He is seated next to the crate he had hidden as a child as he thinks about Hui Seong being Ae-shin’s fiancé.


He spots Ae-shin across the river crossing the bridge. Eun-san’s disciple tells her that Eun-san isn’t there. She tells him that she is aware of that and asks him for her regular purchases. She sees Eugene walking towards her and smiles as she tells him that it is nice to meet him here.

As he walks towards her, Hui Seong’s grandfather’s words (a child must pay for his parent’s sins ) echo in Eugene’s ears. He thinks about Ae-shin being Hui Seong’s fiancé. He thinks back on his vow to do everything in his power to destroy the Kim family.

Ae-shin asks him why he is here and he remembers her asking him what “Love” was. Eugene asks her if her offer is still valid but she doesn’t understand what he means. He says he meant what she had asked to do with him. He says that he has made up his mind and says, “Let’s do it. Love… with me. Let’s do it together.” He takes a step towards her.


Image Courtesy-TVN


The missing document finally landed in Eugene’s hands. I’m curious to see how he handles this situation as it will make matters worse for Korea if the Japanese find proof that Korean Emperor has allied with Russia. The scene where Wan-ik slaps Lee se hun shows that the King’s office no longer holds any authority over Joseon.

Hui Seong feels that his parents are keeping something from him. It looks like he doesn’t like his identity of being an aristocrat and tries to mingle with the commoners. I guess he stayed in Japan for 10 years because he wanted to avoid the Joseon society whom he knew would judge him as he hailed from the Kim family. He seems to be accustomed to people disliking him and takes it in his stride. He always seems to be unhappy when he is alone (even when his grandfather gave him the pocket watch 10 years ago).

This was the first time that Eugene had voiced his thoughts (the unsent letter). It goes to say that he is genuinely interested in Ae-shin but refrained from telling her as he didn’t want to end up getting hurt. When Eugene learnt that Hui Seong was Ae-shin’s fiancé, his desire for revenge probably made him feel that destroying himself in the process of seeking revenge would be worth it.

It is funny that Ae-shin still thinks that Love is something like a title and she treats it like a mission. I wonder if she even has a hint that Gunner Jang/ Seung Gu is a rebel and they aren’t fighting for the same cause. Ae-sun seems married and it is still unclear as to which family she is married into and her husband’s identity still hasn’t been revealed. She seems to be in Ae-shin’s house most of the time. I am curious to see the backstory as to how Dong mae met the tarrot card reader.

The scene where Ms Taylor makes the sale was extremely funny and the look on Wan-ik’s face when she started with the name calling was too comical.

The bar scene was hilarious as Hui Seong was totally oblivious to the fact that he was sitting between two armed men who despised him. He was going on talking to them without realising that they are struggling to keep themselves from killing him. Both Dong mae and Eugene responding to Hui Seong while they had a lot of pent up anger made the scene extremely humorous. What I enjoyed in this scene was that it started out seriously and I didn’t expect it to become so comical in the end. The humour in unexpected situations of the plot is what makes the series even better.

I am eager to watch the next week’s episode as it seems to be action-packed.

Favourite dialogue from episode 6

“When nothing gets lost, it means something got discovered.”- Hina Kudo

-By Soul Sword-

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