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Mr Sunshine Episode 5 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 5 Recap

As the servant shows Hee Sung inside Ae-shin’s home, he comments that he regrets not coming sooner.

At Hee Sung’s house, Eugene asks Hee Sung’s father if he had bothered to bury Eugene’s parents. Hee Sung’s father says that he had discarded the bodies and that is all that they could do back then. To his wife’s shock, Hee Sung’s father says that they were mere slaves. The wife shrieks out that this isn’t how he should be talking when a gun is pointed at him and asks him to tell Eugene where his parents are buried. Hee Sung’s father blurts out that they (Eugene’s parents) are buried together with all the other slaves. He says that is how they discarded slaves.


Ae Shin’s servants clear out the yard to give them privacy. Hee-Sung gives her the flowers but Ae-shin doesn’t accept them. He asks her if she doesn’t like the flowers and she still doesn’t reply. He comments that if it isn’t the flowers she dislikes then it must be him. He asks her if she dislikes him.


Eugene says “The child must bear its parents’ sin” (words that Hee Sung’s grandfather had told Eugene’s mother when she had asked him to spare Eugene) and asks Hee Sung’s father if he remembers those lines. He threatens to destroy their family just like how the master had done if they don’t find his parents bodies. Eugene says that the current situation in Joseon is such that anything they say and do can be used against them. Hee Sung’s father promises to find Eugene’s parents bodies. Eugene tells them to notify the American Legation once they find them and Hee Sung’s parents asks him the reason. He tells them that he is Eugene Choi, Captain of the U.S Marine Corps and leaves. As Eugene walks away, the servants come running in and the master curses them. Hee Sung’s mother grabs the tasselled ornament and throws it away from her.


Hee-Sung apologises for coming late and Ae-shin says that after 10 years he had chosen to come unannounced. She says that her grandfather is visiting their ancestral graves and asks Hee Sung to come back another time. He asks her if she would be less angry with him if he came back later. She says she is not angry but surprised since he is exactly how she had imagined him to be. He asks her how had she imagined him and she says ‘a fair-skinned and fragile weakling’. He takes a moment to recover and laughs it off. He then says that she isn’t exactly like how he imagined her to be. He says that she is like ‘a flower’ and holds out the flowers to her. Ae-shin glares at him.


At night, a servant says that he had learnt from people that Dong- mae would pay for any information regarding Ae-shin or her grandfather. The man goes on to say that Ae-shin’s fiancé had returned from Japan. Seeing that Dong mae doesn’t respond the man is worried but Dong-mae’s deputy places 20 Hwans on the table. The man can’t believe his eyes and says that he can buy four pigs with that much money. Dong mae tells him that he is paying him generously because he wants to get information more often. The man thanks him and leaves.



Dong mae and his men walk the streets of Jingogae and the people hastily make way upon seeing them. He finds a seller packing his goods and asks him in Japanese as to who he is. The man shows a lot of attitude and says that it is none of Dong Mae’s business. Dong mae thrashes the man and asks why all the scumbags are coming to Joseon. He yells that they should all have stayed in Japan and goes to hit the man with a vase but his deputy stops him. Dong-mae maintains that the trader had angered him. He asks the man if he knows the second rule the Japanese Legation had issued when it set its foundation here and states “Do not humiliate the empire by running around naked”. The man pleads with Dong mae to spare his life and Dong mae tells him to put on some clothes if he wants to do business here. Dong mae says that they were losing money because of dishonourable rats like that the seller who come to Joseon to make easy money. Dong mae walks away as his men grab the merchant who screams for mercy.


Eun Sang and his disciple meet with Lee se hun (the man whom Taylor was meeting with at Glory hotel –Episode 2) and present him a precious bottle vase painted with flowers. Eun san says that despite being offered gold and jade for the vase he had chosen to give it to this man. Lee se hun runs his hand over the vase and comments that when a lowly interpreter could gain favour from Japan using porcelain vases then why couldn’t he. Lee se hun throws a gold bar at him in payment and Eun-san bows and leaves.

Once outside, Eun-san asks the disciple not to be so shaky and tells him to be bold and confident. The disciple tells him that he was only imitating Eun-san’s work and asks if it was even worthy of selling. Eun san says that if it looks beautiful to the buyers it is enough and spits at the house as he walks away. He says that the disciple has good talent and they could earn more.

Eun-san comes laughing and watches Eugene passing by on his horse. He remembers Eugene saying that he was Ae-shin’s boatman.

At the American legation, Kyle asks Eugene if he got his revenge and Eugene stares at Gwan-su who explains that Kyle kept asking and he had to tell him. When Kyle asks Eugene if he killed the nobleman Eugene asks if he was allowed to do so. Kyle asks if Eugene had bestowed his mercy upon them and Eugene comments that he is unsure since a person keeps disclosing his whereabouts (stares at Gwan-su). Gwan-su says that someone else had enquired Eugene’s schedule and points in one direction.


The servant boy whose sister Eugene had saved from the Japanese soldiers has come to meet him. He is disturbed to see that Eugene isn’t happy to see him as Eugene asks him why he wanted to see him. He says that he wants to repay Eugene’s kindness and will do anything he asks of him. Eugene remembers that they were the same words he had spoken to the American who had brought him to America. Eugene comments that this is how the American would have felt when Eugene had offered to help; troublesome and uneasy. He leaves after asking the boy to leave and never come back.

Eun-san watches this from afar.

Lady Cho and another woman (aristocrat) are at the archery range. A servant compliments Lady Cho on her archery skills as she hits the bull’s eye and the other woman refers to her sister in law.  She says that it’s a shame that Lady Cho didn’t bear a son to carry on the bloodline and shoots her arrow which fails to hit the mark. Lady Cho’s shot hits the bull’s eye again and comments that she (herself) seems to be the woman’s target today. The woman says that since Sang-wan had passed away Lady Cho should move on and consider adopting a son to carry on the bloodline. She says that the Go family will end up losing all their assets to the sons in law. Lady Cho says that she will do as her father-in-law wishes. She says that Ae-shin could marry a man who could come and live with them. She says that she doesn’t intend to adopt a son from the other woman’s family and shoots another bull’s eye. The other lady wonders why Lady Yun (Hee Sung’s mother) is absent as she never misses an outing.  Lady Cho comments that it may be because she is feeling guilty to show herself since Hee Sung hasn’t come to visit them for 10 years.


At Hee-Sung’s house, his father is drinking and cursing that a low born pointed a gun at him. Hye-sung’s mother is lying down listening to his grumbling. She asks him why he did not speak all this when Eugene was there and asks him to get in touch with old servants since Eugene seemed serious. She gets up to go send a telegram to Hee-Sung asking him not to return to Joseon. She says she doesn’t want him to see his family getting humiliated.

Hee-Sung is gambling at Glory hotel and wondering if his parents or his fiancé are talking about him. Ae-sun (Ae-shin’s cousin) is also there among the women sitting with Hee-Sung. Ae-sun comments that the ladies are wearing western dresses and the women act as if they are used to the western culture. One woman says that there is no noble or commoner when it comes to gambling. Ae-sun starts trash talking the commoners. Hee-Sung wins the game and returns all the money to the women including Ae-sun to whom he gives some of his own money.


Ms Haman places the flowers (the ones that Hee Sung brought) in a vase as Ae-shin paces the room. Haman asks her why she is so against marriage. Ae-shin asks her if marriage is so great why Haman didn’t get married. Haman says that there wasn’t a man in Joseon who was handsome enough to marry her. Haman asks Ae-shin what her problem is since Hee-sung is handsome and he had even brought her flowers. She says that the flowers are the problem and asks Haman what good is a man who has only flowers in his hands. Haman asks her if she expected him to bring a gun or a sword.

Ae-shin practices her shooting and she remembers Hee Sung calling her a flower. As she reloads her gun Ae shin comments that is the reason she wanted the engagement annulled.

Eugene rides through the very same woods that he ran through as a young boy escaping the clutches of the slave hunters. He reaches the masters house and sees the old well ( his mother killed herself In) has been covered up now.


We cut to flashback as Yu-ji’s mother draws water from the well for washing vegetables as Eugene sits beside her carving a wodden branch. Eugene catches her looking at a flower and she tells him that in her next life she wants to be a flower. Eugene asks what about him and she tells him to live a big house like this and she will bloom in its garden.


We cut to present as Eugene watches the closed well from atop a hill just like he had done in the past.


Dong mae is practising Judo furiously. As he grounds all of his men he can’t take his mind off the information that Ae-shin’s fiancé was back from Japan. His deputy tells him that if he goes on like this he would hurt himself and his men. Dong mae watches his men who are hurt and tired. He dismisses the session.

Hee-Sung walks in the streets in a good mood. He writes the word ‘beauty’ on the ground and asks 3 women standing there if they had dropped it. They giggle as he walks away. He runs into his mother and she starts hitting him. She says that she has just now returned after sending a telegram asking him not to come and he chooses to come now out of all days. He says that he had missed her.


Hee-sung takes his mother (who is extremely uncomfortable) to Glory Hotel and asks her to try coffee. She asks him the reason for staying in hotel instead of his own home and he doesn’t reply. He jokingly says that his father had come in his dreams and had called him to come home. His mother gets irritated and tells him to continue staying at the hotel. When she tells him not come anywhere near his family Hee Sung asks her what is wrong. He says that he wants to get married and settle down when she suggests that he should go back to Tokyo. She asks him to stay low and she doesn’t want him to use his old name. Just then few women walk in calling out Hee Sung’s name to his mother’s annoyance. She runs chasing him as he calls her to his room while running away.

Ae-shin watches the flowers and she takes them from the vase to throw them. She is interrupted by her maid who says that someone wants to meet her. She puts down the flowers and goes out to see her visitor.


A lady called Gui Dan who works at Glory Hotel waits outside and says that the Guest from Room 303 had sent Ae-shin the palanquin and a letter. It reads “The weather is so bright. It is like a flower and so are you. Take the flower carriage and come to me”. Ae Shin gives an unbelievable laugh as her servants look on.


As she sits across Hee Sung at the Glory Hotel, Ae-shin asks him if he can’t write without using the word ‘flower’. He says that he is a man who loves beautiful but useless things. She asks why did he want to meet at the hotel and reminds him that this is Hanseong and not Japan. He asks her if her dislike towards him would lessen if they meet more often. She says that she wants to annul the marriage to which he disagrees by saying he likes her. She says that for the first 5 years she had waited for him before the rumours had started. She says she was disappointed in him as he had failed to keep a promise to her family. She asks that if a man can’t keep his promise with a woman, what can he keep. Hee sung agrees to postpone the marriage and in repayment, he asks for her friendship. Ae-shin asks if he is serious to which he says that his reputation will help as a shield too. Eugene walks in and sees them. Ae shin takes her leave from Hee sung immediately saying that the American Legation wants to see her. Eugene wears a blank look as Ae-shin walks over to him and says that Eugene had called for her again. She asks him to lead the way and Eugene grasps the situation and starts walking. A confused Hee Sung comments that the situation is awkward.


Eugene walks as Ae-shin follows him. After a while, he asks her how much further she wants to go. She asks to go left and he follows her.

He mentions she had told him that no man in Hanseong would be able to detain her for long and yet he found her having coffee with a man (Hee sung). He comments that she must be close to the man and asks if they were comrades. She says that he is a friend to which Eugene asks if she befriends men. She says the closest relationship that she would have with Hee Sung would be friendship. She watches the letters (his name on the inside of his hat) and says that she knows the letter E as she goes to the school to learn English. He says that he never asked her about it. Eugene is amused as she tries to read the rest of his name but says that she can’t read it as his name has letters from the back end of the alphabets. Seeing his expression she says that she knows more from English and says “Where are you from”. Eugene remembers everyone from America asking him the same question and wonders why everyone asks him the same. He asks her if he can leave, now that she is done using him and she apologises. He says that if she apologises sincerely he will feel like she really used him.


She tells him that she will take this as repayment for the boat ride to which he disagrees. He says that she owes him for today and walks away. Ae-shin doesn’t know what to make of this as she watches him leave.

Back in his room, Eugene regrets his behaviour.


Dong mae visits the Japanese Consul and asks Japanese Minister Hayashi if the document still exists. Hayashi says that it does exist as Taylor had asked for more money to pass it on to him. Dong mae suggests that they should wait since the person who has the document is bound to look for a buyer if the document is so valuable. Hayashi tells him that Rinoie is coming to Joseon tomorrow and asks him not to get along too well with him as both are from Joseon. Dong-mae comments that though it was just for a little while, he was once Japanese.


Wan-ik reaches Joseon and is greeted by Dong-mae and his men. When Wan-ik asks why neither Hayashi nor the government men have come to receive him, Dong may says that they don’t work on Sundays. Wan ik asks if its true that there really is a document regarding the king’s slush fund in a Chinese bank that Hayashi is looking for. Dong mae asks if he should tell him if he found it. He also goes on to say that he is homesick and back to being a Korean. Wan-ik comments that Dong mae is very intelligent. Dong mae says that a swordsman is good only for the sword and shows him the way to train station.

Wan-ik sees a poster on the wall next to a sketch and tears a part of the information and takes it with him. Dong-mae notices it but follows him.

As they travel by train, Wan-ik comments that civilisation has finally entered barren Joseon soil. He asks Dong-mae about the hotel and when Dong-mae asks if he wants to stay there, he responds by saying that he wants to take control of it. Dong mae doesn’t respond.


Hina Kudo is practising fencing with her instructor (foreigner). He tells her that she is so good that he can no longer beat her. She says that many people are after her. A maid comes in with a drink and tells her that Eugene had asked her to clean his room. When she had gone to clean she had found that the room looked messy. She says that it seemed like someone had gone through his things.  Hina Kudo asks if Eugene didn’t say anything about it. Hina comments that her hotel has everything; bed, men, love and now a veiled enemy. She says that it has some unnecessary things too. She tells the maid to keep quiet regarding this as she doesn’t want the other guests to get anxious. Hina wonders who would’ve done it since she knows that it wasn’t Dong mae.


Eun San is at his home and we cut to flashback. Hong Pa (Tavern owner) informs him about Eugene’s work profile and she says that even the Musin society is keeping an eye on him. Eun san thinks that Eugene might have the document and wants to search the room. She says that Eugene looks like a Joseon man though he is an American. Later on, it is revealed that Eun san searches Eugene’s room and finds the tasselled ornament.

We cut to present as Eun san figures out that the boy whom he had sent to America and Eugene are one and the same. He laughs out loud and is happy that the child had survived in America. He hears gunshots and goes silent. His disciple comes and informs him that the Japanese are having a shooting drill. Eun san asks him why he has a guilty look on his face while the Japanese are having a drill. They go on to have lunch.


The Japanese are having a shooting drill and the soldiers from whom Eugene had saved the servant girl from are also there. The soldier who pointed the gun at Ae shin on the train remembers seeing Eugene that day in an American uniform. He says that Eugene is American and not a Joseon man. The man gathers his armed soldiers saying he wants to kill Eugene. The other soldier voices concern as they are not informing the superiors. The soldier doesn’t heed to this and starts off with his army.

The Japanese soldiers march towards the American Legation.


The guards alert American soldiers who come to hold their ground armed and await orders. The servant boy watches this and scales the back walls of the legation.

In his office, Eugene is lost in thoughts as the boy comes running to him crying. The boy says that the Japanese have surrounded the Legation and the boy is the reason for the complication. He cries as he apologises as Eugene had helped him because the boy was too weak. Eugene corrects him saying that Joseon is weak. Eugene says that America is a powerful country and it won’t lose to Japan. He tells the boy that Joseon won’t protect the boy but America would keep Eugene safe. When Eugene tells him not to cry, the boy tells him that he feels Eugene will lose this time. Eugene comments that the boy has made up his mind that he will lose. He asks the boy how he got in here and the boy says that he jumped the back wall. Eugene asks the boy to show him.


Eugene joins his men as the interpreters stand between both the armies. The Japanese soldier Tsuda asks his interpreter to translate for him. He says that they are here to indict punishment as a Japanese soldier was attacked by an American soldier. Gwan-su interprets it to the Americans. Eugene says that he has wound too in his heart. Eugene smiles as Gwan-su tries to patch up in between by saying that Eugene’s heart aches for the injury. Tsudo says that they want to take Eugene in for questioning. Kyle says that he would be more than happy to go with the Japanese. He starts telling how interesting his life in Joseon as he smiles. Tsuda loses it when he sees Kyle smiling and asks the reason. When the Japanese interpreter learns what Kyle said he starts fighting with Gwan su saying he can’t translate that. Tsudo misunderstands a word that the interpreter says and immediately he orders his men to draw their guns. The Americans respond by drawing their guns out as well. Both the interpreters fall flat on the ground seeing the guns while Eugene and Kyle stand unmoving.

Kyle asks Eugene why both the interpreters are fighting. Eugene says that Gwan-su beat the Japanese interpreter. Eugene steps forward and refers both the Japanese Sergeants by their names Tsuda and Yamada. Both of them are shocked that he knows them by name. He says that the American legation has information about everyone and everything. He goes on to say that one bullet fired would mean that the Japanese have waged a war on America. He asks them if they want to fire the first bullet or should he. Yamada is rattled at this and orders his soldiers to disarm. He orders them to march back to their legation and they march back. Kyle comments that Eugene won and Eugene quotes Roosevelt “Speak softly and carry a big stick”. Kyle says that everything will be settled when Eugene finds the missing gun. Eugene starts contemplating.

Gwan su and the Japanese interpreter are having Jajangmyeon. They make up for their fight earlier. Gwan su obtains a list of gunners from the Japanese interpreter.

Eugene sits at his desk as he remembers Ae shin mentioning gunner (Seung gu) Jang a couple of times. Gwan-su gives Eugene the list of the gunners who might have stolen the gun. Eugene says he is impressed with Gwan-sus’s work. Eugene murmurs if he should just kill him. Gwan su asks him what he means by that and Eugene asks him if there is someone called Gunner Jang in that list. Gwan su confirms it.


Gunner Jang/Seung gu meets with a man (looks like he is the blacksmith). He shows him the missing gun and says that he had stolen it. He asks the blacksmith to dismantle the gun so he can study it before returning it.

At the mountaintop, Haman tells Ae shin that a Joseon girl was saved by an American soldier. She says that it was Eugene who had saved the girl and now everyone is praising America. Ae shin says that no country with power will help Joseon. Haman asks her the reason why he helped the Joseon girl to which she says that it was because he was capable of doing so.

As she walks through the mountains she turns around to see Eugene standing there. When asked why he is here he says he is investigating all the gunners on his list.  He comments that everyone will wonder why that daughter of a noble family is out here and Ae shin says that she is here to hunt wild boar for her grandfather. He asks her if she has come to hunt alone. She says that she may start her hunt now and points her rifle at Eugene.


She asks him if he was after her master or her. Eugene says that if he was, he wouldn’t have come alone. He says that first, it was out of curiosity, but now he wants to sort it all out. He says that on his way to Joeson he had thought that he shouldn’t do anything while he is here because if he did anything, it would be for the doom of Joseon. Ae shin (remembers him killing Taylor and during the train incident) says that he has already done it. He says that it was the least he could do. She says that she should’ve been arrested that day and he says that he should’ve arrested her but he was curious. He wanted to find out if Joseon had changed or the woman he had seen was an unusual one. He says that he took her side by not looking for the gun. He asks her to live like a noble lady for a while as he sorts out the mess. He says next time he comes here the soldiers will raid the place. He asks her if his answer was good enough.

Ae shin lowers her gun and asks him why he saved the Joseon girl from Japanese soldiers. He says it was because he would win. She says she saw him flinching earlier while she had held him at gunpoint. He says it was because he felt like he would lose. When he turns to leave she asks him which way he is heading and says that she should be going the same way.

Haman and the servant follow Eugene and Ae shin from a distance. They are suspicious of Eugene’s intentions.


As they are walking, he asks her why she is saving Joseon. She stops walking and looks at him. She says that this country has a history of 500 years and it has seen a lot of invasions by China and Japan. Each time Joseon people have risked their lives to protect the country. She says that Joseon is being quietly torn apart now by China, Russia, Japan and America. She asks he doesn’t think that someone has to fight for Joseon given the current state. He asks her why should she be the one to fight and she asks him why she shouldn’t be the one who fights. She asks him if he was worried for her and he interrupts by saying that he is worried about himself. He doesn’t move his gaze from her and Ae shin looks away. She says that it looks like it will rain soon because the birds are flying low.

Later on, Eugene stands at the Legation watching the rain.

Hee sung is in his room. He is bothered aboutn something and thinks about the scar he had seen on his mother’s neck.

Eugene spots two men coming into the Legation. He recognises one of them to be the servant who was ordered to beat him to death.

Dong mae is at a shop and the shopkeeper takes the list from him. He asks Dong mae to wait while he brings the items. Dong mae chews on the rock candy and he sees Ae-shin’s palanquin coming towards the shop. He watches as Ae-shin gets out from the palanquin as it rains and enters the shop he is in.


She stops upon seeing him and he spits out the candy that he had in his mouth. He asks her if he should step aside. She tells him that he needn’t since he had gotten here before her. The shopkeeper comes and she hands him her list too. He tells her to wait as there is a customer before her.  Haman walks in and is startled to see Dong mae in the shop and she hits a nearby stand by mistake, sending all its contents to the floor. Haman tries to pick up the items but Ae-shin asks her to call the shopkeeper. She says that she will pay for the items. Haman goes to find the shopkeeper.

Dong mae moves the fallen brushes with his feet. Ae-shin kneels down and starts picking them one by one. Seeing her, he kneels down too and starts to help her pick up the brushes. As he is picking up the brushes Ae-shin’s skirt grazes his hands and he freezes. Ae-shin sees this and gets up but he holds her skirt by its edge. Ae-shin frantically tries to pull away but his grip is firm. She asks him what he is doing and he says “nothing”. She tries to pull her skirt but fails. Dong mae says “Ï’m not doing anything, my lady”. Ae shin watches him with a serious expression as he looks up at her deeply. Both of them stay frozen as it starts snowing.


Image Courtesy – TVN


This episode covered Ae-shin’s interactions with the 3 male leads and the growing political unrest in Joseon.

It was funny to see that Hee sung’s mother doesn’t want anybody to know about him returning to Joseon but ironically, Eugene was the first person to find out about him followed by Dong mae. Both are supposed to be Hee sung’s arch-rivals. It would be interesting to see how Hee sung’s mother would react when she finds out Eugene and her son are staying in adjacent rooms.

Ae shin’s behaviour towards Hee Sung shows how realistic she can be as she doesn’t fall for fall for flowers or flowery words.

It looks like Eugene didn’t feel safe with Joseon since his childhood days. He finds America safe and protective in comparison and he is extremely proud to be an American. I guess he finds Ae shin very strong as she says she will protect/fight for Joseon though it may be a losing battle. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that America is extremely powerful.

Dong mae seems to have a history with Japan. He was frustrated throughout the episode after learning about Ae-shin’s fiancé. The last scene (when he held her skirt) portrayed in a beautiful manner, his internal conflict between hatred and love for Joseon. It shows he has liked Ae-shin since he had held her skirt for the first time many years ago (ironically the same day he had developed the hatred for Joseon).

Between both of them, Eugene seems to be a better communicator than Dong mae. Dong mae’s silence can be misinterpreted while Eugene’s silence speaks louder than words. Both of their behaviours contrast when they learn about Hee-sung. Eugene discussed it with Ae-shin while Dong mae struggled with himself.

My picks from this episode were the scene with Eugene and the servant boy where Eugene is amused that the boy thinks Eugene would lose. The scene showed how much he trusts America to protect him and it also hinted that he may not be nursing hatred for Joseon but just a feeling of vulnerability.

The scenes with Ae-shin and Eugene are gripping as the conversations between them are deep-seated. Eugene’s dialogue during the scene where he says that he is trying to protect himself shows that he is anticipating the complicated situation that is to follow. Eugene sees that he is going to end up getting hurt either way while Ae shin still is unable to find the reason behind his actions.

Favourite dialogue from episode 5

“You.. live in a house like this and I will bloom in the garden.”- Eugene’s mother.

“I got curious. I wanted to find out if Joseon had changed or if the woman I saw was an unusual one”- Eugene Choi

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 6 Recap

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