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Come And Hug Me Series Review

Come and Hug Me Series Review

I went into this show solely based on the plot as the leads were both unknown to me. The love between a murderer’s son and the victims’ daughter.

Chae Do Jin is a kind and empathetic cop whose past is very dark due to his serial killer father. Even though his life is laid out to the public and every action of his is questioned he tries to live his life differently from his father. Han Jae Yi is an up and coming actress whose parents were murdered at the hands of Do Jin’s father. She wants to be an actress like her mother and live her life happily despite the demons that haunt her.

Their love is frowned upon and judged by the whole world even before they could acknowledge it themselves. Also there are some copy cat killers running around and the original killer too wants to ruin their lives from inside the prison.

Do Jin and Jae Yi protect each other from everything that comes their way. People that are also on the good side are Jae Yi’s Prosecutor brother Moo Won and her manager. Do Jin has an entourage of people starting with his step mom and sister who are fiercely protective of him. His friend Jong Hyun is the one who provides the necessary laughter in the otherwise gloomy Do Jin’s life. Inspector Ko is a special mention as the only decent father figure in Do Jin’s life.

From the greyish sides we have Do Jin’s older brother Hyun Moo who thinks he has to be evil and violent to earn his fathers approval. The story is as much his as it is the main leads.

The actors all deserve mentions for their exemplary performances starting with Jang Ki Young who stole the show in the very first interview scene. His transformation from a kind and friendly cop to the guy who is still stuck in his 16’s and then to the man who fears no weapons or blood was quite a feat indeed.

Heo Jun Ho as the serial killer dad was splendid in those initial episodes as the spine chilling murderer. The scene with that old lady in the first episode was certainly what pulled me into this show deeper.

Jin Ki Joo gave a very strong performance and the scenes where her PTSD gets out of hand are done very naturally. No one could have portrayed Jae Yi as good as her and I hope to see her in more projects.

Kim Kyung Nam who played Hyun Moo deserves a praise for playing such a complicated role easily. Hyun Moo was someone who committed violent acts just to earn the approval of his father despite wanting to have a normal, decent life with his family. His tipping point was when his father was about to kill his step mother which is when he outrightly stood against his father.

Ok Hee, a role that was selfish at the beginning but overcome by remorse she comes back for the step kid she abandoned. Excellent portrayal of those emotions by Seo Jung Yeon. A very strong mother who would face even the worst devil to protect her children.

The child actors were very good too but the same flash back that was revisited every episode little by little made it a little frustrating. “We know he hit his father with a hammer. Just show it already!” was what I was yelling at the screen.

The plot was thoroughly new and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Love the cast and crew for taking us on this amazing ride.

– Grey Husky

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