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Mr Sunshine Episode 4 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 4 Recap

Eugene tells her that American guns treat nobles and slaves just the same. That is democracy. As Ae-shin stands facing Eugene at the station with the American soldiers pointing their guns at her, Ae-shin’s voiceover says “I can’t even read his name. The man I thought was a comrade, has been a foreigner every step of the way. Is he a foe or an ally?”


They hear a female voice saying that she will cooperate and Hina Kudo walks in. She offers to swap clothes with Ae-shin as hers are more revealing and weapons cant be hidden within them. Ae-shin asks her why she is cooperating and Hina says Ae-shin can’t lift her skirts like the masses. She tells that she has to leave soon to prepare for the feast at the Glory Hotel and introduces herself to the American soldiers (speaks in English). Hina Kudo then asks Eugene for the VIP coach to change and he says it is down the far front.

Ae-Shin and Hina Kudo change in the VIP wagon. Hina Kudo says that the current state of Joseon is to blame for what Ae-shin is going through but at least she (Hina Kudo) can make a profit out of it.  When Ae-shin asks her how a woman had come to own a hotel Hina says that she had inherited it from her late husband. Ae-sin apologises but Hina brushes it off saying that her father had married her off for money as she looks pretty. Ae-shin comments that Hina speaks English fluently and Hina says that while she was in Tokyo she dated a British man. Hina comments that western people like young widows as they are like the main character from a sad story. She also goes on to say that sad endings leave a lasting impression. Ae-shin asks her what a sad ending is to which Hina says that it is a sorrowful conclusion. She arranges Ae-shins hair and puts her own ornamental hairpin in it.


Eugene walks into the wagon and Ae-shin (wearing Hina’s clothing and stands facing away from him) ask Haman to give them privacy. Haman objects but Ae-shin is stubborn. Once they are alone she turns around and says that she has no rifle and he says that it is a relief as she looks like she would shoot him if she had one. She fumes as she walks towards him but stops as he moves forward. He says that she should learn to stay calm while she lives in Joseon from now on. She says that she understands why American dignity means so much to him. She asks him if he is America’s underling and he says that he is not sure if they will let him be one. Ae-shin says that her rifle holds no power, but his can station an army. He tells her that she has a good set of skills. She confronts him saying that he had many occasions to correct her when she mistook him for an ally. He asks her if The Righteous Bandits and The Righteous army are her only allies. He says that though it was for a brief moment they did share the same goal at one point. He goes on to say that as the incident occurred the moment he came he will end it with the search. He explains that he will cover this up as it won’t be good for either of them or Joseon if this incident gets out of hand. He dips his hat and leaves.

Hina Kudo waits outside in Joseon clothing (Ae-shin’s), watching the soldiers. She sees her reflection on the windows and inspects the ribbon on her robe. Ms Haman comes running to her and thanks her for the favour and says that she can change back to her clothing. She also asks Hina how much her clothes cost (looks like she wants one for herself). She is shocked when Hina says that it costs nearly 2 big bags of rice.

As Haman walks back, the male servant catches her before a rickshaw hits her and she is flustered as she pulls away and goes her way.

Ae-shin is travelling in her Palanquin and Haman asks her what a hotel is. When Ae-shin explains, Haman concludes that a hotel is a tavern and the business is smooth because Hina Kudo is pretty. Ae-shin feels a tinge of jealousy creep in and says that Hina Kudo is not that striking but Haman continues to say that she has never seen a prettier woman in Hanseong. Ae-shin snaps back saying that the prettiest woman is she (Ae-shin) and closes the palanquin window.

A welcome party is in full swing at the Glory Hotel and Eugene is among the guests. Hina Kudo is at the reception desk watching Eugene and a passing maid asks what she is looking at. Hina says that she had seen the way he (Eugene) looks at another woman. She says that she had meant to interrupt (by offering to swap clothes) and not cooperate but it had brought them (Eugene and Ae-shin) closer. Hina says that she might dig her claws into another woman.

Kyle is at the party saying he loves the place and gets up holding a bottle up to toast but drops it. Eugene catches it and tells Kyle that he should cut down on his drinking. Kyle says that though he cant shoot a rifle with his hand he sure could write poems that Eugene could read one day.


Later on, Eugene and Kyle sit on the rooftop/walls overlooking Joseon landscape. Kyle asks Eugene about how it feels to be back home and also asks if he had met with the nobles. Eugene says every day since he got back he thinks about the whereabouts of the noble family who had beat his family to death. He wonders if he should take revenge on them if they are living well. Kyle asks him why he hasn’t sought them out yet and Eugene says its because if he found them he would end up killing them. He says that with Joseon’s current state, nobody but him will know who killed them so it would be feasible. Kyle says that it is a good idea but he advises that Eugene should put it off for later when he has time to spare. For now, he asks Eugene to find the American rifle that’s missing and Eugene asks him why he should be the one searching for it when he wasn’t the one who lost it. Kyle reminds him that he is Eugene’s boss and Eugene gives him a smile.


At the mountaintop, Ae-shin writes the letters EU.. (writing out of memory from seeing Eugene’s name tag) on the sand. She remembers Hina Kudo talking to Eugene and gets jealous. She murmurs that he has a fair share of women when Seung-gu/Jang walks in and he thinks she is talking about him. He says that it’s a misunderstanding and he will clear that up with Hong Pa. She says she wasn’t talking about him and asks him if he was the one she had seen on the train. Seung-gu shows her the American rifle in response. She is excited but at the same time worried as everyone is looking for it. Seung-gu comments that everyone is stealing Joseon but he stole only a gun. She comments that he should’ve stolen an entire crate in that case as Japan, Russia and now America is also here. Seung-gu says that none of those countries was on Joseon’s side. She smiles and says that he (Seung-gu) is on their side. When he asks about her she says that she is also on his side. He tells her that in case something happens she should stay  away from it and Ae-shin frowns.

Ae-shin stands outside the new school and Haman says that she shouldn’t be here as it is for low-borns. Ae-shin says that she wants to at least be able to read her own name in English. When Haman mentions the grandfather, Ae-shin asks her to keep it from him. she starts shouting out for someone to come and greet her.


She is inside the school seated opposite the English teacher and Nam-jong (fabric maker’s daughter –episode 2) translates for her. Ae-shin says she knows a little bit of English and the teacher asks her to tell her what she knows. Ae-shin says the word “Gun” and the teacher is surprised and Nam-Jong doesn’t understand. Ae-shin comments that it seems she knows difficult words that others don’t know. She also says glory, sad endings. The teacher is puzzled as she repeats “Guns, Glory, sad endings”. The teacher asks her to write but Ae-shin doesn’t know what the alphabets are.

Gwan-su is tagging along with Kyle as he explores the Joseon streets. He runs into Namjong who runs in with her friends while singing “A, B, C, D…”. He acknowledges her and she blushes as she walks away. Kyle asks Gwan-su about how Joseon women distinguish colour with black eyes. Gwan-su says “Welcome to Korea”.

They go to II sik’s store to exchange money and Kyle asks if II sik is Gwan-su’s twin as they look alike. Choon-sik and II-sik give him 4 sacks of coins as change after deducting the cost of the vase that Kyle bought. Kyle is amused to see the sacks.


At Ae-shin’s home, Lady Cho finds out that her ring is missing and asks Ae-shin to go to Glory Hotel in Myeong Dong to check if Ae-Sun is there. Lady Cho says that Ae-sun goes there to drink coffee but does something else.

We cut to Ae-Sun who is gambling and loses all her money. II-sik’s words ring in her ears and she realises that she is the one being hustled.

Ae-shin is greeted by Hina Kudo the moment she enters the Glory Hotel. She asks if Ae-sun is here and Hina tells her to at least stay for coffee since she has come this far and offers her a seat. When Ae-shin hesitates Hina Kudo says that men have all the power in Joseon and those men are always found in Glory Hotel. Eugene walks in just then and he stops seeing Ae-shin there. Ae-shin spots Eugene and agrees with Hina’s words. Hina Kudo comments that it doesn’t look like Ae-shin had come here searching for Ae-sun since all the women had left early. Ae-shin learns from Hina that women (just like the men) come here for food, alcohol, gambling, bed, men and love. Ae-shin gives a scandalised look and turns to leave but comes face to face with Eugene.


Eugene explains that he stays here as he works with the army and all the commissioned officers are accommodated at the Glory Hotel. He says that it’s convenient that he can stay and eat at the same place. Ae-shin gives him an irate look and asks him to enjoy the stay and leaves.


Hina wears a smug smile as she hands Eugene the key and says that she is happy he is satisfied with the place. Eugene corrects her by saying it is a convenient place. As he climbs the stairs she comments that a nobleman’s daughter and a swordsman is a strange combination. Eugene turns to see that Dong-mae is standing along with Ae-shin outside the hotel. When Eugene asks if she knows Dong-mae she responds by saying that he protects this hotel. She asks him if Eugene wants to know more but he says he doesn’t want to know yet. She says that she will bill the story to his room.


Outside the hotel, Ms Haman demands to know why Dong-mae is blocking their way.  Dong-mae addresses Ae-shin and says that it has been a long while and asks if she has been doing well. Haman cuts in and calls him a butcher. He corrects her by saying that his parents were butchers but he isn’t. He says that he slaughters things that are not cows and pigs and this silences Haman. Ae-shin comments that she knows how Dong-mae lives (refers to him killing the two men at Jingogae). He tells her that the world has changed where all the nobles fear him. He says with contempt that she still sees him as a lowly butcher. She corrects him saying that she sees him as one of the people and not as a lowly butcher. She tells him that she gave him that look not because he is a butcher but because he is a traitor. He watches with sad expression as the palanquin leaves.

Eugene walks upstairs after seeing the entire scene. Dong-mae walks in slowly and spots Eugene as he climbs the stairs. Hina gives him this month’s money in Japanese Yen and he asks her if she knows Eugene. He learns that Eugene had asked Hina the same question. Hina says that she didn’t know if Eugene was interested in Dong-mae or Ae-shin. Seeing his expression, Hina asks him not to kill Eugene as she hopes that one day Eugene will ask about her (Hina). Just then, his men arrive and he goes to sit with them.

Eugene enters his room to find that someone has been searching through his things. Every nook and corner of his room has been rummaged and things are scattered everywhere. He notices the tasselled ornament lying among the things. Eugene suspects that it is the work of the Black Dragon Society (dong mae’s men) as he remembers Gwan-su telling that they had done the same with Taylor’s house while looking for something.

Dong-mae’s is drinking as his deputy asks him if he can search Eugene’s room though he doesn’t have any contact with Taylor’s widow.  Dong-mae tells that the deputy is not good at searching rooms and the deputy apologises.


Eugene comes down from his room and goes to where Dong-mae is seated. Eugene declares that Dong-mae had searched Eugene’s room. Dong-mae says that they haven’t done it yet but were only discussing it. Dong-mae comments that there is someone else too out there, who is gutsy enough to search an American’s room. He wonders if it is The Righteous Army or The Righteous Bandits. The image of Ae-shin shooting Dong-mae’s men crosses Eugene’s mind and Dong- mae asks if Eugene has someone in his mind. Eugene comments that Dong-mae’s society wants something more than money and share the same goal as the freedom fighters. Dong-mae says that he hasn’t met them. Eugene suggests that they search together but Dong-mae declares that he will do it alone. He says that whoever has that document will definitely die. He leaves after saying that he has an important business to take care off.

Dong-mae is at the French bakery as he buys the rock candy that Ae-shin was having the other day. When he pays for the candy, the baker recoils with fear stating that it isn’t worth much and he can’t accept money from Dong-mae. Dong-mae throws the money on the baker’s cart and walks away. the baker wonders why a man like Dong-mae would be buying candy.

Dong-mae walks on the street eating the candy and remembers Ae-shin eating them. He remembers the day his parents died.

A young Dong-mae watches from afar as the villagers beat his parents to death. A palanquin crosses the street blocking his view. Haman walks to the palanquin as the window opens and tells young Ae-shin that she will find out why the street is blocked. Ae-shin looks out the window and spots young Don-mae watching her. Haman returns and tells Ae-shin that a butcher woman had killed a commoner and they are being beaten up. Haman also says that the son ran away to which Ae-shin says (watching Dong-mae) the son couldn’t leave.

Dong-mae is inside Ae-shin’s palanquin and seeing her worried look he reassures her that rough beatings hurt less and that he is alright. He asks her why she is helping him. She says that she was told every man’s life is precious so she is helping him escape. When asked who had told her that, she says it was Confucius.

Dong-mae takes her skirt and wipes his blood with it. he calls her a noble fool who lives in luxury. Ae-shin’s eyes well up with tears as she hears this and grips her skirt tightly. He grips her skirt too.

We cut to present as Ae-shin is in her palanquin and grips her skirt as she remembers the incident too.

Dong mae is in the fortune tellers room. He comments that the rock candies are very hard to chew and gives her the candies before leaving.


Eugene walks into his office to find Kyle back from his shopping. He has got himself a Joseon hat (Gat) and a Joseon pipe. he asks from Gwan-su and Eugene says that he has gone to get information from the passengers that were on the train the day the gun went missing. He says that he is looking into something that he is curious about- the face of a certain woman’s companion.

Gwan-su brings the passengers to Eugene’s office and asks them if they remember the face of a person who boarded the train with them but disappeared midway. A lady mentions that a man had saved Lady Ae-shin when she was getting harassed by the Japanese soldiers. Another man mentions that the stranger had actually saved the Japanese soldier from getting killed by Ae-shin. Choon-sik walks in and Gwan-su mentions that he used to work at the office of government maps but lost his job as he was caught dating a court maid.  Choon-sik draws a sketch of the man that the passengers saw. Eugene looks at it and comments that the man is ugly. Gwan-su informs him that he brought Lady Ae-shin as well because she was on the train too.


Ae-shin sits on Eugene’s office chair as he explains that he didn’t call for her. He asks her if she saw someone suspicious and she says that she saw a man who is either a Joseon or an American, either a foe or ally. She says that neither his identity nor his intention is clear to her. He says that he feels she knows who the real culprit is and she says that she doesn’t. He tells her that the gun is of no use without the bullets. He comments that she thinks he won’t be able to find the culprit and she denies it. He says that then she is an accomplice. She says that though this (his behaviour) is not assault it is not concern either. She says he didn’t arrest her when he could have but asks why he is doing this now. He tells her that someone had searched his room and asks her if she sides with the people who did so. She seems genuinely surprised to hear this and he asks her if she knows what they are searching for. She asks him if he would believe her if she says no. He asks her who is in charge. She asks him in a stern voice as to what he was doing and he says he is protecting her. She gives a perplexed look and asks him why and he says its because he can.

He walks to his desk and shows her the sketch saying that this is a part of his intention or maybe jealousy. He asks if the man in the sketch is a noble and she says that she has seen him but doesn’t know if he is a noble. He tells her not to protect him as he is the suspect and Ae-shin says that the man in the sketch is the Japanese soldier who was harassing the Joseon people on the train. Eugene is taken aback and the camera pans to the sketch of the Japanese soldier.

The passengers are having lunch and discuss that should maintain that they don’t know anything. They are happy that someone stole the gun and are giving the Americans a hard time. They discuss that war may break out between Japan and Russia.

Lee Wan-ik (traitor interpreter during the battle of Ganghwa) meets the Japanese emperor with a white porcelain vase and informs (speaks in Japanese) that he will be heading back to Joseon as per the Emperor of Joseon’s command after completing his duty as Joseon’s minister in Japan. He says that the vase is priceless and he gives it as a gift to the Emperor and says that he looks forward to the day he (The Japanese Emperor) will set foot in Joseon. The Japanese emperor says that “Sorrow” is the devil you encounter on your path to Buddhahood. It saddens life and makes life meaningless. He says the beauty of Joseon’s white pottery can sadden and make life seem meaningless. So people compare it with the sorrow the devil brings. He says he wants Wan-ik to bring sorrow to the emperor of Joseon. He asks him to terrorise Joseon Emperor by reminding him of Queen Min’s death and telling him that Operation Fox Hunt will continue. He tells Wan-ik that the emperor must fear Japan and he will cross the Genkai sea in 3 years time to step foot into Joseon. He asks Wan-ik to hand over Joseon to him then. Wan-ik bows and agrees.

A servant girl (Taylor’s child’s babysitter) and her brother walk down the street. The boy asks the girl if her back is alright as the American baby is big. She says she can carry two babies on her back if she can buy snacks like this. The Japanese soldier (who aimed the gun at Ae-shin) bumps into her and the girl apologises copiously.


Eugene and Kyle are walking on the street as Kyle discusses Joseon women having black eyes. They hear the servant boy crying and asking someone to help his sister. The boy crosses Kyle and runs over to Eugene and asks him to help his sister (Japanese soldier is trying to grab something from the servant girl who is crying). Kyle says that they need to arm themselves since the soldiers are armed. He doesn’t want to use guns though and Eugene remembers the time when he had to use a gun at Jingogae. Eugene says that Joseon is a huge place and someone else will help and tries to get the child of him. The child falls on his knees and begs him and Eugene remembers when he had begged the young master to save his father in the same way. He tells the child that he cant afford to help anyone as he is in enough problems already. He asks the boy if he has a bullet. Eugene tells that this is the boy’s fight and he would be just helping.

The boy picks up a small rock from the ground.

The soldier is trying to grab the servant girl’s money and she is wailing that it is not her money and she will get killed if he takes it. He throws the girl on the ground and grabs the money. The boy hits the soldier’s head with the rock and then hides behind Eugene who is standing nearby.  Eugene helps the girl up and asks both her and the boy to stand away. Eugene recognises the soldier from the sketch and comments that the sketch artist was as good as Leonardo Da Vinci. The girl and boy watch in awe as Eugene beats the soldiers up.

Kyle comments that Eugene doesn’t need help and asks the children if they are fine. The girl thanks him in English. Eugene tells the boy that he should fight his own battles from now on and appreciate the boy on throwing the rock earlier.


Eugene asks Kyle to give back the rolling pin to whoever he took it from. Just then Eugene notices Hee Sung’s father walking past him and recognises him (young master whom Yu-jin had begged to save his father’s life). He comments that he thought he would never recognise the young master but he did right away.


Hee-Sung arrives in Joseon and is happy to return to his homeland.


He goes to Glory Hotel and flirts with Hina Kudo who comments that he is a Joseon man though he speaks in Japanese. She gives him Room 303 (Eugene’s room is 304) saying it has a great view. He says that he has returned to Joseon after 10 years and that his great grandfather’s residence has been turned into a hotel. Hina Kudo says that it’s an honour to meet the son of the wealthiest family in Joseon.


The young master’s face keeps flashing across Eugene’s mind as he stands on the balcony of his room. Hee-Sung comes to the balcony of his room and tries to strike a conversation with Eugene. Hee-Sung introduces as Kim Hee Sung and tells him that his great-grandfather’s house has been turned into this hotel. He reaches out to Eugene attempting a handshake. Eugene says that he never asked for Hee Sung’s name and walks away leaving Hee Sung standing with his outstretched hand. Hee-Sung still has the pocket-watch that his grandfather had given him.

Hee-Sung is downstairs socialising as Eugene figures out that Hee Sung is the child that was born to the master’s son the day his parents died. His eyes well up at the memory and he sees the tasselled object lying on his desk.

Hee-Sung walks out from II-sik’s store and runs into Eugene and Gwan-su. Hee-Sung tries to greet Eugene but Eugene avoids him. Hee-Sung tells Gwan-su that he has to go meet his fiancé today but he blew all the money he had by gambling. He says that he doesn’t have money to buy flowers.


Eugene tells II-sik and Choon-sik that he had heard they were slave hunters and he wants to locate the Kims, a noble family that lived in Ganghwa Island 30 years ago. He says he wants to find the son and his wife from the Yun family and children as well. II-sik is reluctant but changes his mind once Eugene pays in dollars. II-sik asks if he wants to kill them and Eugen says that II-sik can bring them in dead too. II-sik says that everyone knows that family as they rip tenant farmers off and collect kickbacks from their government jobs. He says that they are the wealthiest family in Joseon. he presses for more information and II-sik says that they failed to catch one slave boy back then and he was the slave owned by the Kim family. Il –sik goes on to say that the boy must probably be dead by now. Choon-sik comments that they didn’t fail as they had seen the boy’s hair sticking out of the crate but II-sik had decided to let him go though they got beaten up. Eugene asks II-sik why he had let the slave go and II-sik replies (remembers that day) saying that the poor little child was shivering with fear on the inside of the crate he was sitting and the crate was shaking so badly. Eugene thanks him and II-sik doesn’t understand. He asks them where the Kim family lives.

He leaves Gwan-su behind as he rides away saying that he has to take revenge on his own.

Hee-Sung walks with flowers that he has bought for his fiancé as he goes to meet her.

Eugene stands outside the Kim family’s house as Hee Sung’s mother and father see him. Eugene notices the scar on the woman’s neck where his mother had jabbed the hairpin. II-sik’s voiceover says that the old master had died 10 years ago due to illness.

Hee-Sung reaches Ae Shin’s house and peeps over the walls and sees Ae-shin helping Haman dry clothes and is awestruck by her.


Ae-shin is lost in her thoughts and remembers Eugene asking if she knew what the people were searching for and him, saying that he was protecting her and saying that it was his intention and perhaps jealousy. The male servant catches Hee Sung watching her and asks him who he is.

Hee Sung’s father demands to know who he is and Eugene doesn’t reply. He stares at both of them and Hee Sung’s mother comments that his uniform isn’t of the Joseon army. Eugene slowly walks up the stairs and both of them step back. He gives the tasselled ornament to the lady. The woman takes it from him and inspects it. The moment she recognises it she shrieks and falls to the floor screaming in horror and throws the object away. She whispers to her puzzled husband that it the slave boy who ran away and he is shocked.


Eugene asks the husband if he had at least retrieved Eugene’s parents’ bodies and the man is shaking with fear. Eugene holds out his gun and the man is terrified as he falls to the floor. Eugene points his gun at Hee Sung’s father’s head.

Ae-shin’s servant recognises Hee Sung and introduces Ae-shin. Ae-shin isn’t too happy to see him. he says that he regrets not coming earlier.

Eugene is at Hee Sung’s house holding his father at gunpoint.


Hee-Sung walks towards Ae-shin who stands frowning rooted to the spot.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This episode was swift and interesting.

Eugene’s hatred for Joseon might have lessened a little when he learnt that II-sik had chosen to let him go though he had known that the 9- year-old Yu-Jin was hiding in the crate. II-sik’s action showed that he has a kind side though he was a slave-hunter.

Though Eugene calls himself American, Kyle showed what a real American would do while visiting Joseon. It is refreshing to watch the scenes where he enjoys his stay in Joseon by socialising with the people and exploring Joseon items.

Ae-shin is feeling all the emotions that a girl who is in love would feel; the only difference is that she isnt aware about the notion of love so she doesn’t know how to place the emotion. Eugene on the other hand almost confessed to her when he said that his actions are due to jealousy but we don’t know if she understood what he had meant.

Ae-shin is ahead of her age as she displays mature characteristics at a very young age (reading philosophy and saving a Dong-mae’s life ) so she has compatibility with Eugene though there is a sizeable age gap between them.

Hina takes every opportunity to drive a wedge between Eugene and Ae-shin. We know that there is more to her character than just this and I’m curious to see how her character develops. Hee-Sung looks like a character who is as steady as the flame in the wind when it comes to women. He seems to have taken after his father as he doesn’t come across as a strong character.

Ae-shin’s choice of her first English words “Guns, Glory, Sad endings” is ironic as it pretty much sums up the entire series. She said those words under totally different circumstances ignorant as to what is to come her way.

I’m eager to see what the upcoming episodes hold.

Favourite dialogue from Episode 4-

“My rifle holds no power, but yours can station an army” –Ae-shin to Eugene

-By Soul Sword-


Mr Sunshine Episode 5 Recap

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