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Mr Sunshine Episode 3 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 3 Recap

Once they are alone, Eugene comments that she doesn’t look ignorant but like a work of art. She frowns at him and he says that there was a lamp lighting ceremony on that day. The generator noise had muffled the sound of the gunfire and the big crowd provided a perfect hiding place. He says that must be why she chose that day and asks if he is right. She asks why he is asking her that. He says he is only asking for help. Ae-shin says that she has no intention of helping. Eugene continues to say that the bullets came from two directions and asks if she didn’t see either of the snipers. She maintains that she didn’t see them. He walks over to her side and leans back on the desk. He brings up his hand over her face so that he can see only her eyes and says that he might have seen one of the snipers. She brings up her hand to his face so that she can see just his eyes (recollects the eyes of the masked figure) and says that if he calls that suspicious, she might have seen one of them too.

Eugene lowers his hand and she follows suit. He asks her who she is and she says it is none of his concern. She, in turn, asks him if he is a Righteous Bandit or from The Righteous Army. He asks her if they are allies if he happens to be so.  She contemplates but then maintains that she is ignorant and knows only to paint. Ae-shin then asks him for his job specifications to which he says that only he gets to ask questions and asks her to leave. Ae-shin gets up and walks out of the room.


As Ae-shin is set to leave in her palanquin Eugene asks Gwan-su the reason everyone refers to that lady as “My Lady” and how come she is recognised by all and protected too. Gwan-su says that Lady Ae-shin is a noblewoman, the youngest daughter of the prestigious Go family. Her grandfather Lord Go-Sa-hong was King Gojong’s mentor and he was honoured as the official of integrity. He adds that Lady Ae-shin feeds the people with her own rice stocks during the famine and the people of Hanseong adore her. He mentions that she is a young lady of beauty who is ignorant of the outside world. When Eugene repeats the word ignorant Gwan-su says that she has lived a sheltered life and gives an appreciative smile while bringing his hand over his mouth. Eugene notices this posture and slaps Gwan-su’s palm away before walking off.


Ae-shin is puzzled as she is on her way back and she thinks about Eugene. The servants discuss that Eugene seems pretty successful for a Joseon man as he bosses the Americans around. Ae-shin’s maid comments that he must’ve adapted to the Western culture early on in his life. Ae-shin hears the sound of the tram horn and looks out as they wait for the tram to pass. The servants comment that the metal carriage is noisy. The maid says that the rickshaw drivers have lost a lot of money to the tram. Ae-shin interrupts the maid (by referring to her as Ms Haman) and asks the palanquin to be turned around. Ae-shin tells Ms Haman that she wants to go to Jingogae for some gobstoppers. Haman tells them that its too expensive and they go towards the French bakery.



As the palanquin moves out of the way Ae-shin’s cousin (who had rummaged Ae-shin’s room and taken the newspapers) walks up to II Sik at his shop and puts a jade ring on his table asking for money. He says that he already has so much of her things that she herself can move in with him now. She threatens him and asks for money. II Sik says that he cant accept this ring since Ms Haman had come looking for it thrice already. She is worried when he says that Lady Cho probably knows about this. When she wonders how to get her things back, to her annoyance II Sik says “in a game if you don’t know who is being hustled, then it is probably you”.

Ae-shin and her servants are at the French bakery enjoying the candies.



Dong-mae watches Ae-shin on the street from his window and a pretty fortune teller is seated in the room. Dong-mae comments that in Joseon there are some who have to kneel even in front of commoners.


We cut to flashback as we see 2 butchers (woman and her son) kneeling down and bowing. Dong-mae’s voiceover continuing saying that they must not speak until they are spoken to and they are called the butchers. A commoner walks up to them and pours dirty water over them asking how the butchers dared to come to the market. The butcher woman says that they weren’t paid for the meat. The lady throws the trough on her she hits the butcher woman but the butcher boy gets hold of the lady and asks her to stop. All three woman start kicking the boy but the mother runs in to protect her son. It’s night as she is then taken to the barn by a man who beats her and it looks like he sexually assaults her. The butcher boy is at his father’s meat shop at night as the voiceover says butchers had knives in their hands but couldn’t wield them at anyone. Every night was filled with humiliation. The aggrieved boy asks his father why he had given birth to him if this was how he was going to be treated. The father doesn’t respond but keeps chopping the meat.

We cut to present as Dong-mae says that to save their children Joseon mothers took their own lives ( Eugene’s mother), were murdered (Ae-shin’s mother) or abandoned their children (Dong-mae’s mother).


We cut to flashback as the butcher mother holds up a bloodied knife towards him and asks him to leave. She tells him to die on the streets, become a gypsy or join the bandits. She tells him that she can’t stand the sight of another butcher and asks him to get lost. When he doesn’t move she slashes his forehead and he falls down. He then declares that he will leave and never come back and he doesn’t need butcher parents either. His father sees him run away as he walks up the hill. He goes over to his wife and sees that she has killed the man who had attacked her yesterday. She breaks down in tears as she utters her son’s name “Dong-mae”.

The fortune teller arranges the tarot cards silently as she listens to Dong-mae and he says that he let everyone know that he was a runaway son of a butcher as soon as he came to Joseon. He says that unlike his father, he was able to cut anyone down.

We cut to flashback as the commoners bow and run to make way for young Dong-mae as he walks down the streets leading the armed Japanese men. He comes to the house where the 3 women who harassed his family reside. 2 of the women are captured and are terrified to see him and the woman who hit him and his mother tries to run away but is stopped by his men. The other two women are killed by his men and the 3rd woman runs towards him and gets down on her knees and begs him to spare her life. To her surprise, he agrees, but his men grab her and slash a gash across her hand and leg damaging the nerves. This leaves her crippled and howling in pain while Dong-mae tells her that she will be forever crawling on all fours like a dog. She will have to beg on the streets for the rest of her lives thinking she would be better off if she were dead. His men set fire to the house as he walks away allowing her to live.


We cut back to the present as Dong-mae sees Ae-shin having candy and hears two men on the street comment (in Japanese) that she (Ae-shin) seems to be a noblewoman. They comment that Joseon women are easy to toy with as they kill themselves once the men have their way with them, making it convenient. A visibly angered Dong-mae asks the fortune teller for today’s fortune. She holds up a note which says “Reunion: they should not have met”. Dong-mae gives a smile and jumps off the balcony landing next to the two men. As he walks forward he catches Ae-shin and the crowd’s attention. One of the people tells her that he is Gu Dong-mae the Yakuza leader who has full control over the area. Dong-mae slashes one of the men’s palms and Ms Haman covers Ae-shin’s eyes but Ae-shin watches as he kills both the men. Ms Haman recognises Dong-mae and comments that he is the man from the Palanquin and Ae-shin had saved his life.


We cut to flashback as we see through young Ae-shin’s eyes (from her palanquin)a young runaway Don-mae looking at the palanquin. We cut back to present as Dong-mae and Ae-shin look at each other. We cut to the past where both of them are sitting inside the palanquin with Dong-mae looking at her gratefully with tears.

At night Ms Haman lays the bed as Ae-shin washes her hand and comments that the man has no gratitude as he is using his second chance at life like this. Ae shin doesn’t comment.

Its morning as Eugene is seated at the gazebo with a cup of steaming tea that he has left untouched. He wears a serious expression as he remembers the tasselled object his mother threw at him and a similar one hanging from Ae-shin’s robe.


When Gwan-su asks him about his thoughts Eugene says he wondering where to follow the ornament and meet his enemy or follow the bowl to his saviour. He wonders whether to just go on a picnic as the weather is good today. He says that he keeps going far and doesn’t know which is further or if he is there already. Seeing that Gwan-su is clueless he suggests going out to eat and Gwan-su agrees.

At the eatery, Gwan-su comments that Joseon food must suit Eugene’s palette well as he had lived abroad for a long time. Eugene says that he couldn’t eat this while he was in Joseon but doesn’t elaborate when Gwan-su asks him about it. As Eugene starts to eat Gwan-su comments that there is something odd about Logan Taylor’s death that Eugene and he are not aware of. Eugene spits out the noodles he having in surprise but says that the food is hot to cover it up. Gwan-su goes on to tell that Taylor was a diplomatic advisor for the royal court and was pro-Japanese so his death involves America, Japan and Joseon. He finds it odd that the countries are silent about his death and suspects that the killer is an American. Eugene pauses and asks him why the Americans would want him dead. Gwan-su immediately says that it could’ve been the Japanese who killed Taylor. Eugene is relieved at this point and Gwan-su informs him that the Black Dragon Society had barged in and ransacked Taylor’s house searching for something. He also adds that the widow and her children are staying at the American Minister Horace Allen’s house. Eugene enquires about the Black Dragon Society and learns that Dong-mae leads them.

As they are talking a sword is held at Gwan-su’s neck who is terrified and says that the Black Dragon Society draws swords like this without warning and they also dress and look like this (pointing to the men holding the swords). The man holding the sword speaks in Japanese and says that they need an interpreter and was him to come along if he values his life.


Eugene asks Gwan-su if they are from the Black Dragon society and Gwan-su tells him that he shouldn’t mention their name out loud. The Japanese man asks Eugene to stay out of it and Eugene gestures him to carry on. Gwan-su is taken away by the men as he keeps shouting out to Eugene while Eugene watches. The people comment that no one whom the Black Dragon Society take every come back alive and they also mention Dong-mae killing the two men at Jingogae the previous day as Eugene eats.

Gwan-su (held by the men)spots Eugene behind them and calls out to him. The Black Dragon Society’s men turn around to see Eugene strolling behind them. The man asks in Japanese as to why Eugene is following them. Eugene replies in Japanese that he wasn’t following them but that they were just going in the same direction. The men draw out their swords and Eugene draws out his gun. Seeing the gun the men lower their swords and leave Gwan-su behind and clear out. Eugene asks a flustered Gwan-su if this happen often as they seemed to need an interpreter urgently. He asks Gwan-su to take him to their (Black Dragon Society) as he is curious to know their need for an English interpreter. A reluctant Gwan-su agrees.


As they enter Jingogae Gwan-su hides behind Eugene as he spots Dong-mae’s men. the man from earlier is angered to see the intruders and brandishes his swords but Eugene shoots at it and the sword falls out of the man’s hand. The other men draw out their swords at this while the man takes another sword. Eugene asks for Gu Dong-mae while Gwan-su comments that there are too many men. Eugene says that’s the reason he had fired first as the police would hear it and provide back up. He says that he plans to stay alive till then. Eugene then asks the question again when he hears a response stating “I am Gu Dong-mae”.


Dong-mae walks slowly up to Eugene and warns (speaking Korean) that if he draws a gun at night at Jingogae, it will get him into trouble. He says that he wouldn’t be attending Eugene’s funeral so they might as well introduce themselves now. Eugene says that he is the Acting Consul for the American Legation and Dong-mae states that it sounds like a Joseon surname. Gwan-su says that Eugene is American and he hides behind Eugene. Dong-mae says that his nationalities too change with the currency that he gets paid in (Dollar or Yen). Eugene asks him why Dong-mae needs an interpreter and he responds by saying it is for money. He says that his client was nowhere to be found and was shot dead (his eyes fall on Eugene’s gun). Dong-mae states that the four men who died trying to protect Logan were his family and he needs their wages though their lives are worth nothing. He wants to write a pleading letter to the widow as he wasn’t able to reach her and he asks if Eugene would help Dong-mae with it. Eugene apologises and says that he is a poor writer but Gwan-su would help them with it. Eugene walks away after telling Gwan-su to help them out and the men drag Gwan-su away. Dong-mae looks at Eugene’s retreating figure the man asks for instructions. Dong-mae asks them to let Eugene go as he doesn’t want to complicate things.

Back at the hotel balcony, Eugene burns Taylors Photograph as he comments that many people were after Taylor. He decides to stay out of it.


A minister reports to King Gojong that the document Logan had with him has disappeared but the Japanese don’t have it either. The King asks for an official letter to be sent to America allowing the American Army to set up camp. The minister warns the King that Horrace Allen pretends to help Joseon but he actually cared for America. The King brushes it off saying that this is the only way to stop the Japanese who are gaining power throughout Asia. The King also says that he has sleepless nights regarding this and orders the document to be found and the minister acknowledges.

We cut to the Americans commenting at the legislation that the bowing custom is uncivilised as they see Gwan-su bowing to a document brought in by the minister from the King. Gwan-su tells the minister that he will pass on the document as soon as the minister returns from Unsan mine. Eugene rides in and Gwan-su tells him that a royal command has come but Eugene asks him to do as he pleases as he has an important work to do. He rides away as Gwan-su explains to the displeased minister that Eugene is an American though he looks Joseon. Seeing the minister’s look he corrects himself by saying that Eugene is indifferent.


Eugene is at the riverside near the small boat and he hears a voice asking if he needs a boat. He turns to see Ae-shin standing there with Hong Pa(the woman who had served him chicken the previous time he had been there). Hong Pa recognises him from last time and walks to the boat. Ae-shin asks him if he had followed her here and he responds by saying that she was the one standing behind him. He tells Hong Pa that he has to go to the Kiln site and needs a boatman. When she asks his reason for going there he says that he is looking for a potter from an old memory and he had left on this boat. Hong Pa asks Ae-shin to come towards the boat as she tells Eugene that she has never heard of a story like that. She asks him to leave his name at the Tavern and come back when he forgets about it. He enquires why and she (helps Ae-shin into the boat) asks him if he hasn’t heard the rumours about Hwang Eun-san. She says that everyone from the noblemen, Japanese and Americans have stayed at her tavern trying to get Eun-san to make a pot for them but weren’t successful. He asks her if the potter’s name is Eun-San. When she is surprised (seated on the boat) Ae-shin comments that Eugene didn’t know who she was so he wouldn’t know Eun-san either. Ae-shin asks Eugene if he knows to row a boat and he confirms it. Hong Pa’s attitude changes the moment she learns that Ae-shin knows him and asks him to collect his change from last time when he ate here.


Eugene rows the boat across the river as Ae-shin sits across him. He tells her that he owes her for this and she asks him to repay it. He says he will when he has the opportunity to which she says that he will get a chance to repay if he wishes to. He asks her why she is going to the Kiln site and she says that it is none of his concern (she refers to him as a foreigner).


An aged Eun-san sits at the kiln site inspecting pottery. His student tells him not to sell pottery with cracks in it and Eun-san says that its a natural crack and it is a part of his art. He turns around to see Ae-shin and Eugene there and comments that he can trust both of them to be discreet and its the student who has to keep his mouth shut. Eun-san says that he knows why Lady Ae-shin is here but he doesn’t know why this Western cultured person is visiting him referring to Eugene. Eugene smiles as he thinks back to the day Eun san had sent him to America and he says that he is Lady Ae-shin’s boatman. When Eun-san asks why he isn’t guarding the boat and the oar he responds by saying that he wanted to meet the remarkable potter but he doesn’t seem to be around. This earns him a loud laugh from Eun-san. Eugene comments that Eun-san hasn’t aged much and Eun-san asks him if they have met before with a polite tone.  He asks Ae-shin who Eugene is but she says that Gunner Jang (Seung-gu) had sent him his greetings. He tells her that Seung gu’s father and he were friends but then notices Eugene smirking. Eugene says that he came all this way so he will take the earthen pot without a crack but Eun-san doesn’t want to sell saying that there is a huge waiting list. Eun-san starts yelling for the student to bring the things fast and that he wants these people gone soon and goes away. Eugene walks over and stands near the crate where he had hidden as a child holding his breath while the slave hunters searched for him.


When they row back Eugene notices the bowls Ae-shin had bought from Eun-san and asks how she manages to buy them when Eun-san refuses to sell it to anyone. She says that they’ve been doing business for a long time. Eugene comments that they have mostly given her cracked or broken bowls and she says that they also can be of use. He says that Ae-shin is close to a gunner and she came all the way to buy broken bowls. As they cant be used to store anything he deduces that they are for shooting practice. She says that she doesn’t understand what he is talking about but he doesn’t buy it.  She frowns as he splashes her with water from the oar. He tells her not to get the wrong idea but it is just that he is not good at rowing. She rocks the boat back and forth tells him not to get the wrong idea but it is just that she is not used to being on the boat.


Ae-shin asks him why he had visited the kiln site since he was not interested in the pottery. Eugene says that he wanted to meet Eun-san and she says that it didn’t seem like the two of them knew each other. Eugene says that he knows Eun-san but Eun-san had forgotten about him. Eugene mentions that Russian bolt action rifles are long barrelled and have strong recoil, so they are hard to manoeuvre if you are petite. But they are more accurate than German rifles so it is more likely to hit the target even when out of effective shooting range. He tells her that his advice to her is to practice holding it properly before practising shooting with it. He smiles and says that she does probably not understand it anyway. She says that she obviously doesn’t understand.



His gaze falls on the ornament on her robe (similar to the tasselled one) and asks her about its value in money 30 years ago. Ae-shin says that he could’ve bought a big bag of rice with it and Eugene stops rowing. Eugene remembers his mother’s words saying that the tasselled ornament would fetch 3 mals of rice before she had killed herself. He comments that she (his mother) didn’t even know how much it cost. She asks what he was thinking and he says that she never answers his questions as he starts to row again. She says that she wears ornaments so that she looks different when disguised. She says that she read in the newspapers that they are living in the romantic era now. She says that people are in love with all kinds of foreign goods but her romance lies with the muzzle of a German rifle. She smiles and says when he saw her that day it could have been romance in and of itself. Eugene says that a young lady from one of the noblest families in Joseon should not make such a remark. She smiles and agrees that he is right and says that she is pleased to meet him. she asks him to let her know if he ever needed porcelain bowls as she didn’t know that a comrade had existed nearby. She smiles as he continues to row but he doesn’t return her smile.

At the master’s house (where Yu-jin’s parents had worked), Hee Sung’s mother (the owner of the tasselled ornament whom Yu-Jin’s mother had stabbed her in the neck with the hairpin) returns after sending him a telegram. She tells her husband that she wanted to write about how much she missed him but wrote just four words “You must return home”. The mother expresses concern over Hee Sung not returning home from Japan and is worried that their family will not have heirs if he doesn’t return by this year. The mother says that he is 32 years old now when the father says he is 30. The father laments that he didn’t know that his son had aged so much.

Hee Sung (Byun Yo-Han) smokes a cigarette as he reads the telegram asking him to return home. A woman (his lover) seated behind him asks (Japanese) what he would do if the lady that his parents want him to marry is ugly. He says that he would still have to marry her and that’s how things are in Joseon. He lies down and the woman lays on his chest asks him what he will do once he goes back to Joseon. He says he would do nothing and that the only thing he did in Japan was meet her. She laughs calls him a sinful man and he agrees that he is. She mentions that he should jump on the bandwagon like everyone in Joseon who are selling their own country. He is sad as he agrees and says that he isn’t sure if there is even any land left to sell.

Ae-shin visits the tailor who shows her a newly tailored suit and Ms Haman comments that it is well made. He says that young master Hee Sung is yet to return and Ae-shin gets a new suit made every year. Ae-shin says that his studies must come first (looks like they are spoken for). The tailor says that Lady Ae-sun (cousin who rummaged through Ae-shin’s room) had bought a pair of western shoes and had said that Ae-shin would pay for them. Ms Haman comments that Lady Cho will be angered at this. Ae-shin says that she will pay for them and that she wants a pair of them too which she’ll collect when she visits the main store. Ms Haman mentions that the main store is in Jemulpo and Ae-shin says that this will be an excuse to use the train and she asks both Ms Haman and Mr Haengrang to come along. She also says that she wants to see if the train is really that fast as people claim it to be and Ms Haman is overjoyed.


Ms Haman tells Mr Haengrang about the train ride and he is sceptical about riding a Japanese metal carriage. Ms Haman says that it is Joseon men driving it and she sounds very excited. She asks him why he doesn’t have robes and what he spends his money on. He says he is saving to buy her something. She ties a scarf around his neck and is flustered but ends up asking money to buy new robes.

Ae-shin is meanwhile giving measurements for her shoe as Eugene walks in trying out his suit. The tailor steps out to get Ae-shin’s things and they are left alone. Ae-shin wears her shoes while Eugene explains that he hadn’t brought that many clothes. She comments that he wasn’t staying in Joseon for long to which he says that its quite the opposite, which is why he was here. She says that the suit looks good on him to which he says that he doubts if she knew the colour of the suit. She smiles as she gets up and comments that dark blue looks good on him. it makes him look like a hedgehog. She says that it is a rare coincidence that he works at the American Legation and that he understands the language well.


She asks him if he doesn’t mind if she asks him a question. She goes on to ask him what “Love” is. He is taken aback and asks her why she was asking and she says she wants to do it as she had heard it is better than earning a title. He says that it is, in a way, but it cant be done alone and that she needs someone to do it with. She asks him if he would do it with her and seeing his expression she asks if it is because she is a woman. She says she can shoot a rifle to which he says it is much harder than shooting a rifle. He says it is riskier and requires more passion. She comments that it sounds difficult and he asks her why she chose to ask him. She replies that it is because he is her comrade. He asks her why she thinks he is her comrade to which she says one American and 4 Japanese died. Both Eugene and she knew who killed them and yet he hadn’t arrested her. She asks if there was any other reason for doing that and he asks her why she tried to shoot Taylor. She repeats the same question to him and he says that Taylor had dishonoured America. She retorts by saying that he had dishonoured Joseon too and Taylor had sugar-coated by calling the Japanese Intervention as enlightenment. Eugene asks if Joseon had any honour to lose. Ae-shin frowns as he says that he never needed to find the real culprit but only needed the circumstances. He says that the assassination will be concluded as an act of the remnants of the Righteous army and that he has achieved what he has wanted.

The ship is set to sail and Eugene puts on his uniform.

Ae-shin, Ms Haman and Mr Haengrang board the train and she is greeted by everyone. A lady offers her a seat but Ae-shin says that she will sit in the next compartment. As they enter the next compartment they see that 4 armed Japanese soldiers are there and a few scared Joseon people. The soldiers point the gun at a Joseon family and say in Japanese that Joseon pigs do not deserve to join the Japanese empire. Ae-shin walks forward and the soldier points the gun at her too commenting that she is pretty and Ms Haman panics.



Ae-shin doesn’t budge and the soldier lowers his gun and asks if she wants to feel it. She takes the gun from him reloads it and points it at him asking where to fire for it to be lethal. The Japanese soldier is taken aback at this. She is about to fire when a person with a hat comes and grabs the gun saying it could hurt someone and goes away to the next compartment. His face isn’t visible but she feels it might be Seung-gu. She tries to follow him but more soldiers fill the compartment but they are American. Ae-shin wonders why American soldiers are in Joseon.



The train starts its journey and they get down at their destination. As Ae-shin walks across the tracks, the soldiers point guns at her and she stops. She sees the soldiers who are body searching the Joseon people including women. The soldiers say that Ae-shin’s skirt has to be searched and they try to grab her. When Ms Haman objects, they point their gun at her.

Just then, she notices Eugene walking over to her in his uniform. He tells her that they are searching for an American rifle that went missing on the train and asks her to cooperate. She asks him if he is a soldier and asks how a man from Joseon can wear an American soldier’s uniform. He tells her that he had never said that he was from Joseon. He says that he is Eugene Choi, a captain of the US Marine Corps. She asks Haman and Haengrang to leave and after they are gone she asks Eugene if he wanted to use Taylor’s death to bring in the American soldiers. He says he won’t say anymore and asks her to cooperate. She asks him how he dares to threaten Joseon people on their native land. She asks him if the rifle had really gone missing or was it another excuse and she starts walking towards him but stops when guns are pointed at her. He maintains that one of the guns are missing and asks her how she thinks it will be used. He asks her not to draw attention as American guns treat nobles and slaves just the same. That is democracy. She is stumped as she looks at his name tag on his uniform.

Ae-shin’s voiceover says “I can’t even read his name. The man I thought was a comrade, has been a foreigner every step of the way. Is he a foe or an ally?”


Image Courtesy-TVN


The plot has started to slowly develop as this episode explores the relationships between the characters introduced previously.

Both Eugene and Dong mae are haunted by their tragic past when they come across Ae-shin. It is good that Eugene’s mistaken identity was solved in this episode and that it was not prolonged further.Ae-shin is noble at heart as she has saved a butcher’s son (whom even the commoners ill treat) and also fed the people during the famine. Though she calls Eugene a foreigner it seems like she relates with him and yearns for an ally/comrade. She is still in a dilemma as to whether he is a friend or a foe though he is with the American Army. That might be because she trusts him as he didn’t shoot her on the night Taylor died and also hadn’t arrested her despite knowing her identity.

Dong-mae’s scenes were the best from this episode. He is civilised when he speaks but at the same time, fear spreads in the minds of people every time his name or the Black Dragon Society’s name is mentioned. The scene where he avenged the murder of his mother was satisfying to watch after what he had gone through. He is skilled with the sword and is protective towards women.

The scene where Ae-shin asks Eugene the meaning of “Love” was well written as it is really hilarious and at the same time every word said adds a deep meaning to the conversation. It was amusing to see how she was literally clueless as to what she was talking about and at the same time Eugene is stumped at her questions but still converses with her.

The dialogues are excellent in this series especially the comebacks or the responses to questions or arguments.

I hope to see more of the plotline coming together in the next episode.

Favourite quote from the episode:

“American guns treat nobles and slaves just the same. That is democracy.”    -Eugene Choi

-Soul Sword

Mr Sunshine Episode 4 Recap

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