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Your House Helper Recap Episode 2

Da Young is dragged by the very polite police guys into their car since she was talking to the suicide helpline. She complains that she wasn’t going to kill herself but they don’t listen to her. Ji Woon watches the whole thing curiosly but doesn’t intervene. As the police car leaves she catches Ji Woon’s eye.

Ji Woon readies his cycle to ride home but he notices the SOS phone Da Young dropped without hanging up properly. Always the perfectionist, Ji Woon hangs it up and notices the shopping bag and cell phone Da Young left behind.

At the police station, Da Young writes a statement that she wasn’t trying to commit suicide but the officer wouldn’t let her go home without anyone to vouch for her. He asks her to call someone from her work but she refuses to do so. The officer explains to her that people who try to commit suicide always try again so he needs someone to vouch.

He asks her to call anyone and she only has Ji Woon’s business card. She considers it but tells herself that he wouldn’t come. The officer spots it and calls up the bar.

At the bar Ji Woon looks at the notification on Da Young’s phone for overdue loans and then at her shopping bag incredulously.

The bar owner picks up the call from the police wondering why they want to to see Ji Woon at this time.

Da Young jumps up saying ‘I’m here!’  when she sees Ji Woon arrive at the station. She then quietly wonders why she greeted him.

Ji Woon gives back the shopping bag and phone to Da Young and tells the police he can’t vouch for her. He says she is an irresponsible person who buys luxury handbags when she can’t afford to pay her loan interest.

Even the officer wonders if he came all the way to tell him just that. Ji Woon confirms that he did and says that he also had to return her bag. Da Young stares at him leaving the room unable to believe he just did that.

Bar owner explains to the police officer that he knows where she lives and that seems to get her out of there.

Bar owner offers to drop her much to the chagrin of Ji Woon. On their way home bar owner tries to get Da Young to hire Ji Woon to clean her house saying she needs help since it’s a big house. She worries about the cost so he explains that it’s higher than hiring a normal cleaning person but he does a lot more things that they don’t do.

Ji Woon tells her not to bother as he won’t work for her. Offended, she asks him why but he doesn’t say anything. She tells him not to peek into her house then or give her trouble about her trash. They drop her off at her house.

Sang Ah finishes stringing all the pearls and gets ready to go deliver them. She asks Ddolbok, the golden retriever, if he wants meat today since she has earned money.

At the market, the ahjummas are astonished at the pearl necklaces and praise Sang Ah’s talent. They ask her for a demonstration but she says it’s just something she does in her free time. But then she orders for two more boxes of pearls to string to the ahjumma’s surprise.

Sang Ah sends some of her earnings home and she worries that her money leaves as fast as it enters her account.

Da Young returns the shopping bag to Na RI at work and she offers to bring painkillers since Na RI is suffering from a headache. Another co worker too asks her to run an errand at the same time.

Sang Ah visits Hye Joo with some snacks. Her co-worker oppa leaves them to chat. Hye Joo wonders if something is wrong with Sang Ah’s neck. Sang Ah denies saying she even modeled for a show and nothing is wrong with her. But then she strains her neck and wince in pain.

Hye Joo is looking at a magazine to learn about the accessories in trend and Sang Ah notices an article about a flutist, OH Hye Min, who performed in New York. Her face grows sad.

She recognizes Oh Hye Min as her boyfriend’s best friend. Sang Ah sees his SNS page online with posts about him attending Hye Min’s concert.

Two co workers from office gossip about how Da Young pleaded for a permanent position at the office. They discuss how nearly no one gets hired from the interns into full-time positions. Da Young hears their conversation as she climbs the stairs.

The team leader complains about his wife wanting to send their kid to an English kindergarten school. The whole team looks around at him as he yells in frustration that a Korean kid should go to a Korean kindergarten.

Team leader finds Da Young’s marketing proposal on his table and asks her about it. She explains that their boss asked her to put it together for the online marketing vaccum cleaner project. He tells her she should use recycled paper for projects like this.

He tells her in a cryptic way that nothing is easy in Korea including entering a kindergarten and people have to compete for it. He asks her if she’ll help her kid get into kindergarten. She looks taken aback at that weird request.

Sang Ah goes home and Ddolbok greets her excitedly. She looks at the two more bags of pearls she s brought home to string. Tired and sad she goes into her boyfriend’s empty room. She texts him and we see that it is only a one way conversation as he’s never bothered to reply to her.

She sends him a message saying that she feels overworked lately. She doesn’t get a reply. Sang Ah takes Ddolbok for a walk.

At So Mi’s nail Salon a customer tells her and Hye Joo about the cleaning fairy. They can’t believe that there is a guy who does amazing cleaning and looks handsome as well. They see that the internet is bursting with posts about Mr. Kim (Ji Woon.)

So Mi gets a call from her mother saying that her brother is coming back to Korea. She gets increasingly nervous as she hears that he is going to stay in Korea and not go back.

She tells her mother that she has to attend a friend’s wedding on Sunday so she can’t come to the airport to welcome her brother. She pleasantly asks her mother’s permission to move out since her brother is coming back assuring that there are a lot of places for women to live alone nowadays.

At the bar the owner wonders to himself why Da Young called the lifeline. He says that he feels bad that she is living alone in a big house and has trouble in her workplace. The young barkeeper says that she has a job and a house which makes her the top 1 percent of the youth in Korea and it’s not a very bad situation in comparison. He tells the bar keep, Ga Ram, about Da Young’s designer purse and they mutter that she must be rich.

Bar owner wonders where Ji Woon went only to find him cleaning the car. Ji Woon is collecting the empty cans and other wastes from the car. He finds a note saying “dear Na RI, happy birthday!” He deduces that the bag was not Da Young’s and he hides the not from bar owner.

Bar owner whines that he will clean the car himself but Ji Woon angrily tells him not to eat in the car and throw the trash out. Ji Woon goes on to say something about his mom and Bar owner, Tae Soo, says he’ll keep it better from now on.

Ji Woon asks Tae Soo if he is sick as he found some hospital receipts. Tae Soo glosses over it saying he has friends in various departments in the hospital.

It starts raining and Tae Soo says that grandpa Jang is going to want to eat Makgolli.

Sang Ah and Ddolbok who went for a walk run for cover when it starts raining. They come to stop and Ddolbok shakes vigorously to dry herself spraying water on Jin Kook who stands there waiting for the rain to clear.

Sang Ah apologises in behalf of her dog and Jin Kook tells her it’s ok. As she leaves he mutters that they seem to run into each often.

Sang Ah dries Ddolbok with a towel and sees that she s got a reply from her boyfriend. The only thing he s asked is if she walks Ddolbok regularly. Sang Ah is agitated.

In Da Young’s office two of her co-workers wonder why their team leader looks happy. They talk about how Da Young went to stand in line for the kindergarten raffle instead of him. In the ladies room the other female colleague and Na RI gossip whether Da Young wants this job that badly. Na RI is a little defensive on Da Young’s behalf saying that she must really want to be in advertising. The other woman unkindly says that Da Young is probably a fox who would do anything for anyone that can help her.

We see that Da Young is in one of the stalls hearing the whole thing. The woman continues that people like Da Young will only make those around her look bad.

Their boss lady, deputy manager An, walks out from one of the other stalls startling the women who were talking about Da Young. To the mean woman, boss asks if she has time to chat around in the ladies room who is going to finish the project she is working on. Once she walks out the woman whines to Na RI that they shouldn’t have chatted in the rest room. Da Young comes out of the stall after everyone leaves looking forlorn.

So Mi closes her salon early to go look for a place to stay. She requests to the realtor that there should be no dark alleyways, no lower levels and the house should be situated near her shop. She also wants information about the neighbors.

The realtor takes her to many places but she is visibly afraid of men of all age group. At one place she turns away when she sees a group of men having a drink. And in another place she runs away screaming when she finds a man relieving himself in the bushes.

Da Young is riding the bus back home and the girls who had shown interest in the house are waiting in front it to check it out. They are displeased at her lateness and think the place looks too messy.

Her friend asks her to stay as the photos on the internet looked good but the other girl says that those pictures are always edited. Ji Woon who is walking with Tae Soo to. Grandpa’s place hear their conversation. Tae Soo wonders if Da Young decided to rent her place.

Tae Soo and Ji Woon have drinks and Makgolli with grandpa. Tae Soo mentions to grandpa that Da Young is planning to rent her place. He wonders how such a young girl could be in so much debt. Grandpa Jang tells them that Da Young’s parents had gone bankrupt before their death.

Da Young runs home and the girls tell her that the house is different from the pictures they saw on the internet. She tells them that she didn’t edit any of pictures. They don’t believe her. Ji Woon watches their exchange from Jang grandpa’s balcony.

The girls are appalled at the state her garden is but Da Young says it’s very pretty once it is cleaned up. They look reluctant to go inside the house.

The moment they enter the living room the girls decide it won’t do. Every room is unclean and stuffy. Da Young asks them to take a look look at the second floor which has a great view. The other lady wonders if the view she is talking about is the cluttered garden.

Da Young reminisces that she used to watch the stars with her dad and eat corn, but the girl starts laughing. She giggles that they used to have corns and not a barbecue. Da Young says that they can have a barbecue too.

They decide to take off before looking at the house fully and ask Da Young if she is the only one who lives here. Da Young says yes, and they wonder how one person could have caused so much mess. They start murmuring that the house is nothing like what the ad had mentioned. Da Young yells back that she doesn’t want to live with people like them too. Ji Woon witnesses Da Young frustratedly yell that she must rent the rooms to pay the loan interest.

At Sang Ah’s place, Ddobok wakes her up. She checks her phone and sees a message from her boyfriend Yong Joon who informs her that he is coming to Seoul. She jumps at the realisation that the message was received at 5 pm and she only has 7 more hours to clean up his place. She looks around everything that’s in disarray and realises that it is a lot for one person to handle. She calls Hye Joo and pleads her after telling her situation. Hye Joo says she has to work all night so she won’t be able to come.

Da Young too decides that it’s time she cleaned up the place as her father’s beautiful house is getting devalued because of her. She carries a box full of stuff upstairs only to march back down with it immediately. She moves stuff around but she gets nowhere and it looks like she has no idea how to organise.

The bar owner gets an urgent call for Ji Woon’s service and he informs that it’ll cost more since it’s night time.

Sang Ah struggles with the cleaning and ends up on the floor with loads of laundry on top of her. Hye Joo calls her excitedly and tells that she solved her problems by hiring a house helper. Sang Ah wonders cluelessly what that means. Hye Joo explains that h is like a cleaning consultant who is famous on the internet. Sang Ah goes to her door as the doorbell rings and Hye Joo tells her on the phone that the best part is that he is very handsome.

Sang Ah opens her door and a cranky looking Ji Woon stands in front of her. He wonders how she could call a person at midnight. He looks around the house muttering ‘unbelievable’ and is taken aback when he sees Ddobok. Sang Ah asks him to take is shoes off but he refuses saying that he isn’t going to walk barefooted on her garbage filled floor. He asks her to not yell at him and sit quietly.

He murmurs that she even has a dog and Sang Ah calls Hye Joo what’s wrong with him and his attitude. Hye Joo asks her to stay quiet and watch him for 10 minutes. She says that he may not be polite or kind, but he is the best in the business. Sang Ah assures with reluctance that she will not get angry since Hye Joo had begged to get him here.

Ji Woon crinkles his nose and tells her that her house is rotting. He tells her that her house is like a huge trash can. He tells that the main cause is from there and points at Sang Ah’s direction. Sang Ah grimaces as Ji Woo walks towards her but he just opens the curtains too ventilate her house.

He opens a window which Sang Ah had said wouldn’t open. He asks Sang Ah for a big sized garbage bag. She finds one for him after rumbling through some boxes. She exclaims happily at finding it and realises that he is strangely charismatic.

She goes to the living room to give him the cover and finds that he has organised a bunch of stuff already. He pets Ddolbok and asks Sang Ah if she is here to take care of the dog. He criticises her for creating so much mess at someone else’s house and Sang Ah mutters that she has to kill Hye Joo. Ji Woon tells her that it’s not her friend, but he deduced that because all the photos in the house are of the guy himself. The stuff in the house too looks like they belong to a man.

He tells her that the entrance is piled with women’s slipper and the guy must have gone far away. Sang Ah tells him that she is her girlfriend and Ji Woon tells that he did notice one single photo of them together.

He goes into the bathroom and Sang Ah runs behind him saying she’ll clean that room.The bathroom is so dirty and Sang Ah looks embarrassed for the first time. He notices the mold on every corner and tiles. Sang Ah pushes him out and tells that she can clean it herself.

Ji Woon stops Sang Ah from pouring bleach on to her bath room tiles directly saying itll suffocate her. He uses baking soda and citric acid on the tiles. He asks her why she hardly uses the bathtub. Sang Ah tells she has no time to relax and she just uses the shower as her office is for away.

He wonders why she doesn’t live near her workplace. She is unable to answer but her voice over says that it’s because he (Yong Joon) wanted her to live there.

We see that her boyfriend had asked her to stay at his house as her rent is high and take care of DdoBok while he is away on a business trip. She agrees to take care of his house and dog while he is away.

She wonders that he doesn’t even call her anymore and whether their relationship was everything she thought it was.

Sang Ah organises the book shelf and a few postcards from the upper shelf fall down.

It’s a picture of her boyfriend and his soulmate Hye Min from the New Year’s Day the same year. The picture was taken in New York and there’s even a lipstick impression on it.

Sang Ah breaks down in quiet tears.

At her place, Da Young tries to organise the boxes and she finds old pictures from her childhood. She finds pictures of her father and starts to cry. There are pictures from her school days and So Mi and Sang Ah are with her. It looks like they were best friends.

Sang Ah sits in Yong Joon’s room distraught. Ji Woon comes in to talk to her and seeing her state he mutters that she must have found something bad.

Sang Ah tells him that he had asked her if she was here to take care of the dog and tells him that’s the truth. He tells her that she is nothing more nor less than a dog sitter. She says she was putting up with it as she didn’t want to let go of her boyfriend as he is the only qualification she has right now.

Ji Woon pets Ddobok and tells that he is dirty because his owner didn’t bathe him and he’d starve if the owner didn’t feed him. He continues that he’s be abandoned if the owner leaves as Ddolbok never had the choice in the first place.

Sang Ah scoffs if that’s something he should say to a crying person and then realises that he was talking about her and not Ddobok.

Yong Joon arrives at the airport and some guy picks him up. He gets a message on his phone from smeone saying she’ll buy him dinner once he is done with his work.

Sang Ah comes out from the bathroom after giving a bath to Ddobok. The house looks like it’s brand new and Ji Woon tells her that she got a message.

It’s from Yong Joon who informs her that he has a tight schedule and he won’t be coming home as he’ll be heading straight back to New York. It looks like the last straw for Sang Ah.

Ji Woon tells her the kitchen and living room are yet to be clean. He asks her if he should stop or keep going. Sang Ah thinks that she herself wishes to put a end to this.

Sang Ah tells him that they should keep going as she can’t leave without cleaning this house. Ji Woon smiles at her smart decision and she smiles back at him.

Yong Joon receives a few brisk texts from Sang Ah telling that it’s ok as she too has a really busy day and that she has found a new place near her office. Yong Joon is startled that she is moving.

She texts him one more time saying she’ll take care of Ddobok for now and thanks him for everything. She signs off with a casual bye.

Sang Ah takes Ddobok and her suitcase out into the road. Ji Woon wonders where she is going to go as she has moved all her stuff out. Sng Ah tells him she can go somewhere for the time being. Ji Woon tells her that she looks much better now from when he saw her first.She thanks him for organising the house as well as her mind.

She pays him a little extra and Ji Woon says of course she should since that place as ten times dirtier than any other place. They part ways pleasantly and Ji Woon rides off in his bicycle.

Sang Ah looks refreshed and happy as she leaves with Ddobok.

At the garbage area on her street, Da Young is chastised by a woman for dumping the garbage secretly last time. She says that she was going to report her after taking her picture, but her husband came and took the garbage back.

Da Young is surprised and wonders who it is.

The lady warns her one more time to not repeat it again. Da Young goes back home and wonders if Ji Woon was trying to help her all this time. She blames herself for jumping into conclusions. She decides that she needs his help and goes to apologise to him first.

Grandpa Jang asks Ji Woon to not come the next week as he is going to his daughter’s house. He notices something moving inside Da Young’s gate. He tells Ji Woon that it looks like Da Young wants to talk to him, but Ji Woon seems reluctant.

Da Young comes face to face with grandpa Jang who is on the other side of the gate and is startled. He asks her to open the door.

He brings the two of them to stand facing each other. He asks them if they are on a blind date considering all the awkwardness between them. He tells Da Young to ask for his help and tells Ji Woon to accept her request.

Ji Woon tells her that they should talk. Da Young tells him that she mistook him with the garbage incident and apologises to him. Ji Woon asks her if she needs his help and she nods. Finally accepting that she needs help with the cleaning.

Sang Ah goes to Hye Joo’s place to stay temporarily and inform Hye Joo about it. Hye Joo asks her to not touch anything or open any doors that are closed. Bang Chul Soo, Hye Joo’s co-worker oppa, seems to be staying in her house too. He wonders to Hye Joo if he can’t go home today. Hye Joo frustratedly wonders if Da Young decides to rent out her house it would be perfect.

So Mi too is browsing for houses online. She sees Da Young’s ad and recognises the house and Da Young’s.

Ji Woon is packing his tool box and Tae Soo comes over. He asks where he is working and Ji Woon says the building opposite to Grandpa Jang’s. Tae Soo looks surprised and delighted that he decided t help out Da Young.

Sang Ah has received 15 missed calls on her phone and she groggily mutters that she’ll talk to them when she has time. She leans over and hugs Ddobok happily.

Ji Woon comes to clean Da Young’s house and she lets him in. In the Voice over Ji Woon tells that while cleaning the house the first thing is to take care of the shoes. Shoes that hurt your feet and are too pretty to wear should be eliminated from doorstep. And for worn out shoes they need to decide whether it should be mended or thrown out. He says that is were the cleaning starts.

We see a lot of shoes cluttering near Da Young’s doorway.

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