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Mr Sunshine Episode 2 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 2 Recap

As Ae-shin reads the newspaper her voiceover says “Yesterday seemed like a distant past, today felt unfamiliar and tomorrow was terrifying. It was a time of turbulence. All of us each in their own way were living through the rapidly changing Joseon”

A girl (cousin) is in Ae-shin’s room going through her things. She seems to be searching for something and is surprised to see that though the peddler comes by every two weeks Ae-shin doesn’t own even a ring. She finds Ae-shin’s stash of newspapers (that the peddler brings her) and takes them to tell the grandfather.


Ae-shin’s grandfather is searching for her and is told that Ae-shin is in the gazebo with the peddler.

Ae-shin comes back to see that her newspapers are gone and she realises that she is in trouble. The servant comes to bring her to the grandfather and complains that she will be in trouble too.


Ae-shin’s grandfather reprimands her for reading the newspaper as he had told her to keep away from worldly affairs. The cousin sister says that it is not a lady’s job to serve in the government. Another woman (probably aunt) cuts in and asks Ae-shin to apologise to her grandfather. When Ae-shin apologises, the grandfather says that she doesn’t mean it and grounds her. He tells her that she will be confined to the house and no visitors will be allowed to see her. He says that she has to read and transcribe the Analects of Confucius (Chinese sayings) throughout the day.


The servant prepares the ink while Ae-shin writes them out tirelessly throughout the night. The servant complains that Ae-shin should’ve hidden the newspaper better. Ae-shin says that they survived writing Mencius’ words and they can do this as well (she seems to be used to this). The servant says that both their hands will break at this rate. Ae-shin is done says that they should go and greet the grandfather.

She places all her writings in front of her grandfather and he asks her why must she always win in everything. He asks her why Queen Min had died at such a young age and Ae-shin asks if it was because the country was too weak. He corrects her saying Queen Min died because she socialised with western barbarians and interfered in Government affairs. Ae-shin says that Joseon is changing and he angrily tells her that Joseon is not changing but is actually falling apart. Ae-shin says that she will read newspapers only once in a month and points out that even low-born people study and hold government posts these days. She claims that a woman can be of use too. He tells her not to be of any use and he says that people already consider her to be highly educated for a girl. He refuses to allow her to obtain newspapers. She says Qing, Germany and France are all flooding into Joseon but before she can finish her grandfather interrupts her. He says that Joseon already has people in respective positions (King and court) to take care of worldly affairs and this is not her job to do. She starts tearing up as her grandfather says that their family (her father and uncle) has done enough for their country and she should live happily and peacefully. He asks her to find a husband and live protected. When he asks her if he is asking for too much she responds by saying that she would rather die than live like what he says. He tells her to die.


Outside her room, Ae-shin is lying down and refusing to eat.The maid is bawling saying that she will also die if something happens to Lady Ae-shin.

A servant reports to her grandfather that Ae-shin has not consumed food or water for the past 4 days and is worried for both the lady and servant. The grandfather replies by saying that he wants to have wild-boar and calls for the hunter Jang. The servant is shocked at this but agrees and leaves.


At night the servant brings the hunter Jang and the grandfather says that he is displeased with the youth of Joseon. He says that Joseon is becoming a dangerous place as politicians are corrupted and western culture is contaminating Joseon’s culture. He says that he has tried everything to stop Ae-shin from following her father’s footsteps but she is determined to be a hidden fighter. He says that if he cannot stop her, he should teach her the means of survival. He adds that he has already lost 2 children and he can’t afford to lose his granddaughter too. He tells the hunter that he doesn’t want him to protect her but wants him to teach her to protect herself. The hunter agrees and the grandfather pours him tea. As the hunter holds out the cup we see a scar on his hand that matches Seung-gu’s burn injury from the battle at Ganghwa. (We now know that the hunter is the grown-up Seung-gu)


Seung-gu brings Ae-shin to the mountaintop. She asks him if her grandfather had ordered him to kill her off and she is glad if he hadn’t. Seung-gu tells Ae-shin that he will be her mentor from now on. When she asks him what she would be learning her he says that he will teach her gunnery. He asks her to speak formally and she asks him how he is acquainted with her grandfather. He doesn’t answer her but instead asks her to get changed. She asks if she will be able to shoot guns if she changes but walks away.

Ae-shin starts training (climbs up and down the cliffs many times and gets very tired)  dressed in men’s clothing. After training meticulously for many days she finally gets swifter than the hunter. He tells her that once a shot is fired, the location will be revealed and asks her what her next move would be. She asks if she should fire again but corrects her saying that she should run and throws her a gun.


Ae-shin continues her training by learning to shoot and Seung-gu corrects her posture and aim. The first time she fires 5 shots but misses all her targets. After a few days she is still training but seems to be getting better and she turns around and points her gun when she hears footsteps. Seung-gu comments that she should’ve fired while turning around. She replies by saying that it could’ve been an ally. She notices that Seung-gu is hurt and rushes over to him and he says that he obtained it while fighting a boar. Ae-shin doesn’t buy it but tells him that she won’t ask more into it as she dresses his wounds. She tells him that he can tell her any reason for the injuries but asks him not to die. She expresses interest in joining his cause. He suggests that she could help in other ways like writing for the newspaper or teaching at the night school. Ae-shin says that the Empress was murdered and the King had fled to another country asking other countries for help in form of letters. She says that this was the reason for the foreign invasion. She says that words have no power and she wants to fight using guns. He tells her that she should train more and not miss even a single shot in her practice. She agrees.

February 19, 1898

II-sik and Choon-sik read the newspaper dated February 19, 1898, carrying news about America and Spain being on verge of war. II-sik has absolutely no idea as to what America or Spain is.

At training, Ae-shin hits 4 distant targets but misses the 5th one. She reloads, aims and fires again.


El Caney order of battle,1898.

War breaks out between America and Spain. Eugene (grown-up Yu-jin) is fighting for America against the Spanish. Kyle is hurt and takes a fall but Eugene kills the Spanish soldier and saves Kyle and helps him away from the battleground.


Its present day when Eugene walks into the Naval Academy to meet with Kyle and both of them go to the White House to get their next assignment (scenes from episode 1). Theodore Roosevelt says “Speak softly, carry a big stick and set off to Joseon”.


Eugene sits at his desk and sees the old photos in the reports. The interpreter Wan-ik is there in the pictures along with the American Admiral. As he is looking at the map of Joseon, Kyle walks in and Eugene tells him that this is where he is from. Kyle says that if they go to Joseon there will be many people who look like Eugene and he would feel ordinary among them. Eugene says that unfortunately, he ends up drawing attention wherever he goes.


Kyle hands over a picture of Logan Taylor to Eugene, who had worked for the American Legation in Japan. He is currently in Joseon working as a foreign advisor and selling information to Japan, smearing America’s good name. Eugene comments that if he succeeds (killing Taylor), all the credit will go to America, but if he fails all the blame will be on Joseon. He asks Kyle if that’s the reason they had picked him for the mission. Kyle denies this and tells Eugene that he won’t fail.


As Eugene packs, we see that he still has the tasselled object with him (the one his mother had thrown to him before he ran away). He looks at it when he hears the knock on his door. He sees a Japanese man at the door who speaks rusty English with a heavy Japanese accent and Eugene smiles at him. He continues to speak to Eugene in Japanese and says that he heard about Eugene’s transfer to Joseon. He also comments about the increase in the number of Joseon students studying in New York. Eugene says that they don’t want to be isolated and mentions that the man also is getting transferred. The man asks Eugene to visit him in Tokyo as it has many things that Joseon doesn’t. Eugene asks the man to bring those things to Hanseong and Eugene will buy him drinks. The man says that he won’t be welcome in Hanseong and Eugene stops what he is doing. The man asks Eugene to still keep his word and buy him drinks. He leaves after passing a book to Eugene who finishes packing.


At night Eugene takes his packed bag and walks across the finished Brooklyn Bridge.



Ae-shin returns home and is welcomed by everyone. The draper’s daughter Nam Jong comes up to Ae-shin saying that she had visited her once with fabrics. At first, Ae-shin doesn’t remember Nam Joon but then with the help from her servant she recognises Nam Jong. The servant learns that Nam Jong is with an American who is her English teacher at the new school. Nam Jong tells the teacher in English that Ae-shin is from a noble family. Ae-shin doesn’t understand when the teacher tries to exchange pleasantries so Nam Jong translates for her as the other students look on. Ae-shin asks the teacher whats the use of learning English and if it helps to hold any title. Nam-Jong tries to translate but tells Ae-shin that she hasn’t learnt these complicated words yet. Nam Jong says that she is not learning English for a title but for love. She blushes as she says she doesn’t want the title but wants love and Ae-shin gives her a puzzled look. After Nam Jong leaves Ae-shin repeats the word “Love” in English.

At home, she wonders out loud that love must be something bigger than a title. Her servant warns her not to think about going to the new school. Ae-shin doesn’t seem to be listening to her but keeps wondering what “Love” is.


Eugene arrives at Glory Hotel in Joseon. Logan Taylor is there talking in Japanese about American technology helping develop Joseon to a man. The man thanks Taylor on behalf of Joseon and offers to buy him a drink the next day. He leans forward and suggests meeting at Hwawollu where the geisha (courtesans) are outstanding. Eugene is at the next table overhearing the conversation and notes down the location while the men laugh.

Logan Taylor arrives at Hwawollu and goes inside. Once inside he hears the generators noise and comments that it is from America. The geisha opens the windows as he starts coughing due to the smoke.


Outside on a rooftop, Ae-shin (wearing a black hat and mask to cover her face) has her gun trained on Taylor. She is about to pull the trigger when Taylor suddenly drops dead after taking a shot to his forehead. Ae-shin is puzzled (as she hadn’t fired) but notices a masked figure in black disappearing from behind the watchtower. She watches as the masked figure jumps from the one building to another evading the gunshots fired at him.


Ae-shin immediately shoots the person trying to shoot the masked figure. The masked figure (Eugene) positions his gun to shoot the attacker but notices that the attacker has already been shot. He notices Ae-shin (who shoots all the attackers and is trying to get away) and trains his gun on her but doesn’t pull the trigger. More men come to the street scanning it. Eugene runs parallelly to Ae-shin over rooftops while watching her.

Finally, they come face to face on the opposite rooftops pointing their guns at each other. Ae-shin thinks “One target” while Eugene thinks, “two snipers” and Ae-shin thinks “Comrade”. Both of them watch each other the guns still aimed at each other when they hear voices coming from the street below. The both lower their guns and run away from each other leaving the scene.


People are waiting to see the streetlamps to be lit and amidst the crowd, two men are discussing hearing a thud sounding like a gunshot. The other man thinks its the generator going out while few guards come and check the crowd (for the sniper).

Both Eugene and Ae-shin cross other in casual clothing but they don’t recognise each other. They take a few steps but stop as Ae-shin smells gunpowder and he also senses it and suspects her to be the other sniper.


Both of them turn around and look at each other. They hold each others gaze and just then the streetlights come on, illuminating their faces and lights up the street. All the people are delighted and they flock to the lights but Ae-shin and Eugene stand still not taking their eyes off each other. The tram passes in between them and after the tram is gone Ae-shin looks at the place where Eugene was standing but he is no longer there. She tries to see if he is in the crowd of people but spots the men searching for the sniper and walks away.


Once she is away from the crowd she turns around to see if she can spot him but hears Eugene’s voice from behind saying that if she was looking for him he is right here. Eugene comes to stands next to her and Ae-shin says that she was not looking for him. He claims that she was and she maintains that she wasn’t. He asks her which way she is going to which she asks him the reason for asking her that. He says that he thinks he should go the same way. He goes on to say that there are stragglers everywhere and it seems like the couple of them know something about each other. Ae-shin says that he has mistaken her for someone else; however, his life would be spared as he is a foreigner. Eugene asks her why thinks that he is a foreigner. She replies by saying its due to his attire, the way he talks and most importantly the way he observes, but fails to recognise her.  She says that no one in Joseon would make her stand here like this at this time.


Just then a man and woman come to Ae-shin referring to her as Lady Ae-shin and asking what she was doing here. She tells them that she is here with her servants. Eugene draws his hat down so that they don’t see his face as he moves back. Just then her servants come and they say that a Westerner has been killed at the pub and that it is the talk of the town. Ae-shin suggests that they leave. She asks the men to show Eugene the way since he is lost and gets into the palanquin and leaves.

The men ask Eugene where he wants to go and Eugene asks them in English regarding the location of the American Legation. They are clueless as they don’t understand what he says and they clear off leaving him there.

In the palanquin, Ae-shin thinks about the stranger (Eugene) and contemplates that if he was a comrade then he would’ve escaped. If he was a foe he should’ve escaped faster. Since he had asked to go the same way as her she wonders if he was gutsy or careless.

Eugene stands by the window with a melancholic look on his face and his suitcase containing his cap and the tasselled object lies open in his room at Glory Hotel.


In the morning he stands in the balcony drinking tea thinking about his encounter with Ae-shin the previous night. He remembers that she is from a noble family and recollects the time when his mother had given him the tasselled object (similar to the one he had seen on Ae-shin the previous night) which was from a noblewoman as well.


The next day Eugene goes to the American Legation and is greeted by a man. Eugene introduces himself and gives him the letter with the seal of the American Government. The man goes through the document and apologises as he learns that Eugene is the acting consul. The man introduces himself as Gwan-su who works as the interpreter in the legation. When he comments that he didn’t expect a person from Joseon to be the acting consul Eugene corrects him by saying that he is an American. Eugene asks to meet the minister but learns that the minister is at Taylor’s funeral. Eugene asks to go to the funeral too.


The funeral takes place at the cemetery and Eugene and Gwan-su watch from a distance. Gwan-su sees the gathering and tells Eugene that the one in black Kimono is the Japanese minister Hayashi, the tall person is the Russian minister Pavlov, next to him is the British minister Jordan, the men wearing hats are Foreign Affairs Minister Lee Se-hun and Vice-Chamberlain Lee Jeong-mun and finally the person standing next to Ms Taylor was the American minister Horace Allen. When asked about the number of foreigners in Hanseung Gwan-su says that there are 9 German, 28 French, 57 Russians, 37 English and 96 Americans including Eugene bringing the total to 227.  Eugene comments that now it is 226.


A group of men are ransacking Taylor’s house and a young maid is carrying an infant baby (Taylor’s baby). She sneaks out of the house and sees Goo Dong-mae (Yoo Yeon-Seok) standing there. He tells her that he is the boss of the men ransacking the house. He asks the girl if she works for the family and she confirms. He asks her if she thinks his men are doing a good job searching the house as he had ordered them to turn the house upside down. The girl says that all the furniture and expensive dinnerware are all broken. His men come to him and report (they talk in Japanese) that it wasn’t there. Dong-mae comments that the men suck at their job so they couldn’t find it. He says that the document either disappeared into thin air someone (he looks at the girl) has taken it and hidden it somewhere safe. The man says that he has sent a few men to the funeral and that they will join them and tail Ms Taylor. The men leave and Dong-mae asks the girl if she is sad learning that her master is dead. The girl is silent but the baby is crying and he comments that it seems like the baby understood his question. The girl says its because the baby is scared. He smiles and asks the reason for the baby being scared as he never kills people when he cant take money off them and leaves.

Back at the funeral, the American minister Horace Allen comforts Ms Taylor which earns disapproving looks from the Joseon men. Gwan-su suggests that they should go back as they have to investigate the murder. Horace Allen catches Eugene’s eye and Eugene dips his hat in acknowledgement.

Horace Allen visits the King at his court and expresses concern over the increased terrorist attacks targeting foreigners.  He says that he s concerned for the safety of his countrymen. He asks the King to authorise US troops to be sanctioned to Joseon so that they can restore public order. Once interpreted, Lee se-hun says that Joseon has an army of their own and even if they needed help the Japanese would step in. Lee Jeong-mun says that they should seek help from Russia and Horrace immediately speaks against it the moment he hears Russia’s name. King Gojong asks both the men if there was any evidence that the locals were involved in the murder. Both of them deny and Gojong asks them why they don’t seem enraged when the foreigner refers to the people of Joseon like an unruly mob. Gojong asks Horace Allen as to why he seems happy though he has just come from the funeral. He then asks everyone to leave.

Eugene is on the horse as Gwan-su explains that they got a couple of  lights just 2 years ago and the previous night they had got 600 of them. People had taken the train to come and see the 600 lights illuminating the place. Eugene comments that there must have been many witnesses and asks Gwan-su to ask the police to gather everyone who was at the place the previous night and bring them to his office. He leaves Gwan-su behind and rides away.

Eugene stands at the riverside and sees a small boat while he recollects his past.


In the past, Yu-Jin is on the run and reaches the river and hides in a small boat that is tied to the jetty. Once he is hidden he starts crying.

In the present, his sobs echo in his thoughts as he stands near the boat. There is a tavern there and Eugene sits with his food overlooking the river and the boat when Seung-gu (now known as hunter Jang) comes to the eatery bringing meat. The owner is a lady (Hong Pa) and she comments that he is a coward who only catches pheasants and rabbits while serving him chicken. She asks Eugene if he knew the chicken since he is staring at it with sad eyes. Eugene says that he has never had this before. Eugene watches Seung-gu relishing the chicken.

Ae-shin and Seung-gu are at the mountaintop and she is practising. She tries to place the stranger from that night and asks Seung-gu if he had sent one of his men because he didn’t trust her or the man could’ve been a righteous bandit. She says that she is glad that now she has a comrade. Seung-gu warns her that having the same target does not make people allies. He says that allies change every day and not to trust anyone including him. She says that she doesn’t trust him as he is practically homeless. Seung-gu goes silent for a moment and then asks her to leave as he is tried. As she leaves he watches her as she leaves.


Eugene interviews the witnesses. He smiles to himself as one of them says that he was mesmerised by the light and didn’t notice anything else. A lady (speaks in Japanese)says that Ms Taylor who was right by her side collapsed so she just closed her eyes and ears and hid.

Gwan-su says that knows English but his Japanese isn’t good. Eugene responds by speaking in Japanese to the lady and asks her if no one saw anything. Eugene and Gwan-su are tired as they get through the witnesses when finally one lady mentions that she stepped out to see when she heard about the westerner but ran into Lady Ae-shin who was there to collect her herbal decoction. Eugene tries to leave when Gwan-su tries to get more information out of her but the lady points at Eugene and says that he was there too. Gwan-su asks him if he was there but Eugene doesn’t reply. The people start objecting when Gwan-su suggests summoning Lady Ae-shin. Eugene nods as Gwan-su promises to bring her here since they have to treat all witnesses same.

The servant at Ae-shin’s house refuses to allow Gwan-su to summon her but Ae-shin overhears the conversation and says that she will come to the office the day after tomorrow. Gwan-su thanks her and apologises for inconveniencing her. Ae-shin asks the servant not to inform her grandfather regarding this and he agrees.

Once inside the house she wonders who would have mentioned seeing her and suspects Eugene.


Two Pro-Japanese men drink coffee at the Glory Hotel. One spits it out and says it tastes like poison while the others say that the Kings drink it here. The man also says that Lord Lee Wan-ik (the interpreter from the battle of Ganghwa) would be visiting soon so this man should familiarise himself with coffee before meeting him. the other man grabs a waitresses hand and harasses her when a female voice asks him to let the waitress go. Eugene comes down the stairs just then watches the scene unfold. The man sees the other woman and comments that she is prettier.


The woman says that unfortunately he wouldn’t be holding either of the women’s hands and breaks a cutlery and slashes the man’s hand with the broken piece. The man starts cursing her when the other man hits him and asks him to keep quiet and says that the lady is the owner of Glory Hotel, Ms Hina Kudo. She refers to the man as Mr Jeong and tells him that he should choose his friends wisely. The other man refuses to believe that she owns the hotel and calls her a wench but Mr Jeoon covers the man’s mouth and asks him to shut up. Jeon apologises profusely before leaving the hotel with the other man asking him to leave immediately if he considers himself pro-Japanese.

The waitress apologises for having made her break an expensive saucer. Hina Kudo says that the waitress is more important to her and asks the waitress to bite any person trying to take advantage of her rather than crying. Hina apologises to the customers in Japanese and says in English “It was so rowdy but wasn’t it fun?”. She smiles and turns to walk away but spots Eugene.

She comes up to him and apologises but he says that it was fun. She mentions that she hasn’t met him before and asks which room he is put up in. He says that its room 304. She says that she thought that an American stayed in that room to which he counters by saying that he thought a Japanese owned the hotel. She laughs at this and offers to send a complimentary drink up to his room to apologise for the inconvenience. She introduces herself and offers a handshake as two foreigners met in Joseon. He places his handkerchief into her outstretched hands and asks her to dress her wounds first as she is bleeding. He asks her to send the handshake up to his room along with the drink and leaves the room key on the desk.

As Eugene leaves, Dong-mae and two of his men enter. Dong-mae stares at Eugene as he hasn’t seen him before and Hina Kudo asks him to come in.


Once inside, Dong-mae watches her washing her wound and asks her if she was hurt or she hurt someone. She says that she was helping one of the girls. Dong-mae comes forward and holds her hand and says that someone should help this girl and starts dressing her wounds. She asks him if he was able to get the documents that he was searching for. He says that he didn’t and asks if Ms Taylor was one of the women who visit the place through the back door. He asks if Ms Taylor was seeing someone, if so he should look into that person. Hina says that she doesn’t give out information regarding her customers. He says he was nice to her for nothing and leaves after telling her to put ointment on the wound as a scar wouldn’t suit her hand. She smiles as he leaves but looks at Eugene’s kerchief on her desk.

Eugene is at his office when Lady Ae-shin arrives in her palanquin. Seeing Eugene’s surprised expression Gwan-su reiterates that he had kept his word and goes out.


Gwan-su greets Ae-shin and escorts her and she notices Eugene and recognises him. She asks Gwan-su if that man was summoned too. Gwan-su says that Eugene wasn’t summoned but he works here as the acting consul. She is shocked when she is told that he is here to investigate the murder. The servant tells Ae-shin that this man (Eugene) must be an interpreter just like Lee wan-ik (currently a minister in Japan).


Eugene drinks his tea as Ae-shin walks in and Gwan-su asks her to take a seat and Ae-shin seats herself in Eugene’s office chair instead of the chair placed for the witnesses. Gwan-su comments that this is awkward and Ae-shin asks him to ask Eugene why he wanted her there. Eugene asks her if she saw anyone suspicious on the street the day that the street lamps lit up. The servants say that they saw nothing and Eugene asks her. Ae-shin says that Joseon is filled with oddities and one is right in front of her. She says she wants to know more details of what she should have seen and asks Gwan-su to ask Eugene that. The servant says that her Lady walks with her eyes straight ahead and wouldn’t have seen anything suspicious. She says that Ae-shin is innocent like a baby. Eugene comments that it doesn’t answer his question and Ae-shin apologises for knowing nothing.

Eugene speaks in English as he asks Gwan-su to send the servants out and offer them some tea. Gwang-su tells them in Korean but the servant refuses to leave Ae-shin alone. Ae-shin says that it would be okay and asks them to wait outside. The servant says that Aae-shin doesn’t understand English and calls her illiterate. She then realises that she has overstepped her line and goes out with the other servant and Gwan-su.


Once they are alone, Eugene comments that she doesn’t look ignorant but like a work of art. She frowns at him and he says that there was a lamp lighting ceremony on that day. The generator noise had muffled the sound of the gunfire and the big crowd provided a perfect hiding place. He says that must be why she chose that day and asks if he is right. She asks why he is asking her that. He says he is only asking for help. Ae-shin says that she has no intention of helping. Eugene continues to say that the bullets came from two directions and asks if she didn’t see either of the snipers. She maintains that she didn’t see them. He walks over to her side and leans back on the desk. He brings up his hand over her face so that he can see only her eyes and says that he might have seen one of the snipers. She brings up her hand to his face so that she can see just his eyes (recollects the eyes of the masked figure) and says that if he calls that suspicious, she might have seen one of them too.


Image Courtesy – TVN


The timeline from the past was connected well with the present day.

It was a good twist early on in the plot to see that Seung-gu turned out to be Ae-shin’s mentor as I didn’t expect their paths to cross so soon.

Ae-shin seems to be a strong-willed girl with a thirst to fight against Joseon’s invaders. She takes pride in being of noble blood and doesn’t see people past their titles (says she doesn’t trust Seung-gu as he is homeless). Though she is brave, she is still innocent and trusting (called the masked figure a comrade)but has no idea about the cunningness and fickle mindedness of the people.

We got to see more of Eugene as an adult in this episode. He comes across as a calm, silent man who carries out his work smoothly and doesn’t talk much (yet) though he is multilingual.

Both the scenes where Eugene and Ae-shin share screen place was an interesting watch. Both seemed to be intrigued and puzzled seeing each other in that situation. rather than romance they seem to be proceeding with caution and curiosity  when they come across each other. Their conversation in the last scene was more of a verbal sword-play where he kept asking questions she kept defending herself with carefully picked answers (as she thinks he must be a traitor).

The lower class of people seem to have more exposure than the noble families and hence are more open to change and adapting to the new culture. The Pro –Japanese characters  Goo Dong-mae and Hina Kudo were introduced in this episode. I am curious to know their backstories as they are important characters and I also want to see if Eugene dislikes Japan more than Joseon.

The scene at the rooftop on the full moon night and the scene where the streetlights lit up the street was a delight to watch.

The preview for the next episode seems very promising and I can’t wait to watch it now that most of the characters have been introduced.

-Soul Sword-

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