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Does time define life or life define time?

-By Brave Flower-

Does time define our life or does our life define the time?

There is a saying which goes ‘Time and tide wait for no man’.

“Time” is a normal phrase that we use in our day to day life. We have a routine or schedule drawn up according to time and call it ‘leading a disciplined life’. You are called punctual if you are on time. According to me, punctuality is being responsible.

Another instance is where you are recognised as successful if you complete your studies without missing a year. You are named a failure otherwise.

As an adult, meeting deadlines at the job becomes a measuring stick for one’s performance.

Time is entangled with our life from the beginning to the end.

Throughout our lifetime,

We are running out of time,

We need to keep up with time,

We lose a lot of time,

Time is always changing,

We go through good times,

We go through bad times,


Time isn’t repetitive,

Time is ageless,

Time is precious,

Time is the best gift,

Time is to be enjoyed,

Time is history,

Time is past, present and future.


Sometimes I wonder what we would do if the so-called clock or time doesn’t exist.

We would live the day following the sun and the moon. It would give us a sense of freedom, like the animals leading a stress-free life. They only function according to the dawn and dusk. This isn’t unheard of in humans. This is how early humans lived.

Of course, it won’t suit our current lifestyle. So back to the question. How do we deal with the stress caused by time?

We need to figure out our efficiency and potentiality. That way our performance will never go wrong. What would happen if a deer aims or tries to do the lion’s job? That would be stressful. Same way, people would work according to their efficiency having no pressure whatsoever. There will be no race against time to achieve things by a certain age. Once you start working on things you are good at, time will become your friend.

You shouldn’t do something just because your friend is doing it and excelling at it. If you choose anything from a job to your life partner based on others advice or likes you will end up being stressed throughout your life.

Once you work on your passion, you will find peace at work. Build your life around your efficiency and not of others. Build your life around your performance, not your material wants.

So, know yourself well before you choose anything. That way you will easily be able to achieve your target without bearing the stress of time. Life is beautiful. Live it to the fullest.

Time is not still. It moves in its own phase like a flowing river. It is neither fast nor slow. You can’t push time to go faster while you cross a difficult phase. You can’t turn back time to relive precious memories and you can never live in the present forever. Once the time is lost, it is lost forever. So we have to use it to the fullest in the best possible way.

“If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds worth of distance run,

Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it,

And – which is more- you’ll be a Man, my son!”

From If by Rudyard Kipling

Spend your time caring for others. Spend time loving children, strangers, the elderly and animals. This will bring pleasure to your life. Spend your time travelling, enjoying nature, painting, drawing, helping the needy. Try talking with strangers as they won’t judge you. Make online friends and share your knowledge. Visit a village and do some social work. Teach them hygiene and the use of technology. Spend time doing the things you wanted to do since you were a child. Rescue animals or volunteer at the animal shelter if you like animals. Earn money by running a small business. Educate yourself more. Spend your free time in the field that you are interested in. You will feel refreshed at the same time you make the world a better place.

Each one of us blessed with some talent, which we can master and spend our time joyfully.

Time is immortal,

Time is endless,

Time is unforgiving,

Time is a healer,

Time is a teacher,

Time never ages but it ages everything else, whether living or non-living.   

So let us make time our friend, teacher, and a partner of our life and live life with a full understanding of ourselves and the universe

-By Brave Flower-


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