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Why I took to social media

Why I took to social media

– By KK-

I, belong to an age where laughter was not LOL. We guffawed with gusto and flashed our likes with a smile, accompanied by eye contact and a Thumbs Up sign. Whispers, shouts, warm conversations, arguments, scuffles, coffee chats over a cup of tea filled our life with physical, tangible presence of the souls connecting and communicating with their physical auras.

It, soon began to be replaced by an eerie white light from the electronic gadgets taking away the bitter sweet day to day exchange.

I remember my daughter used to come home and head straight towards me whether I was in kitchen or bedroom. Whether I was busy or chilling. A hug and she’ll lie or stay next to me asking me what I was up to as she poured out her day happenings in her eloquent, dry, impatient or happy tone depending on the incident.

I had lost my husband to TV Era. He and the remote were inseparable. He just oscillated between news and sports. And then he sauntered off to bed. So, he preferred the known electronic devil. Till, smart phones changed that.

And, before I realised or could adjust to this neck bend down at an angle, fingers flying over the key board and connection to the virtual, non tangible world I had lost my capability to weave life time memories with my family.

Lost and bewildered, I looked around and found myself alone and lost among my kin. I longed to tell them about a new recipe that I had stumbled upon accidentally while cooking, made an errant electric switch functional, new pots or flowers, new successful, practical ideas that I kept learning as I looked after home. All my unsaid words encountered a bend head, half nods, a snap and irritated ‘what’ if, my speech went beyond a few words. The dismissal brought an abrupt shut down to the flow of words.

And that’s when I decided to befriend this devil. You can share everything on it. Your kitchen hacks, your thoughts, your grievances, your ideas, your significant, non significant moments, important, unimportant, mundane, everything.

I found the platform that I always shared with my family in the name of social media. And here I am. Another casualty to join the mass. Frenzied social media fan.

– By KK-


2 thoughts on “Why I took to social media”

  1. Wow, I loved this. I once read a blog by a popular blogger, who said to be a successful blogger: give your readers short sentences and then long sentences and keep it rhyming. And your blog was completely matching those criteria. Way to go.

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