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She The Sea – Poem

-by Grey Husky

At the first look

so calming;

That is the nature of

her coloring.

Blue and bright

in the mighty sun.

A glorious sight

as dawn begun.


She searches the shore

with a million waves.

Looking for what she

lost someday

Meek and coy with her

temptress ways,

she grabs my mind from my

blue Monday.


Gently she moves when

the dance begins.

Pressure increasing as she

closes distance.

Rapidly now she rushes

towards me;

Splash she goes

white bubbles on my feet.


A streaking orange

cocktail dress

she wears in the

twilight sun.

In the dark and dusky

moonlit night

a velveteen

purple one.


Her tranquil noise

enraptures me

shielding my

inner strife.

She hums more loud as

the night grows near

stirring pieces

from a different life.


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