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Come And Hug Me Recap Episode 11 – 12

Come And Hug Me Recap Episode 11 – 12

Come And Hug Me Recap Episode 11

Do Jin, bandaged and pale, is at a movie theatre watching Jae Yi’s film. Jae Yi plays a mute girl and is signing away that she likes him to a clueless lead actor. Her character gets all tearful since she can’t get across her meaning to the guy she likes. But she signs him to come closer and he does as if  he understood that. On screen, Jae Yi smiles happily. Do Jin winces in pain from his still healing wounds but continues to watch Jae Yi immersed.


Han Jae Yi is not a supporting actress anymore. She’s starred in her own movie and is shooting a commercial film. She is cheerful as she gives an interview, once she is done with the shoot. The interviewer calls her the hottest ionic figure of 2018.  The interviewer asks her about the movie role where she meets her childhood crush in college only to part ways again. She is asked if she’s had a similar experience in real life. Jae Yi thinks for a while but then snorts a chuckle as she agrees that she must have had a crush at that age even though she didn’t fully attend high school.

The interviewer asks about her ideal type and Jae Yi says the kind of man who makes her tear up the moment she meets him.

The stalker guy is watching her interview in his room on the television.

Jae Yi’s got a new van and a young helper too along with her manager. She complains to her manager that she is hungry and that’s why was snorting at the interview. Her manager promises to let her eat a lot of meat once the awards are over later that day. Jae Yi is distracted by a police officer on the street but it turns out to be someone else.


At the Gangnam police station, we see Do Jin’s team consists of himself, Jong Hyun, Yeon Ji and two more senior detectives. One of the senior detectives, senior inspector Ko, is the same guy who brought in Na Moo as a witness in his youth. He is their team leader and he is watching a news about their team’s current case of serial attacks read by Park Hee Young. She complains that their initial investigation was flawed. He frustratingly asks what he should have done with her hounding them for five hours. Jong Hyun asks him to calm down. He asks Jong Hyun for a pack of his cabbage juice. Yeon Ji comes in too and their team leader asks Jong Hyun to share another pack with her. The other senior detective, Kang Nam Gil (Min Sung Wook), takes one from Jong Hyun making him wonder if he is surrounded by a pack of hyenas. Yeon Ji wonders where Do Jin is.

Do Jin who is seemingly asleep in the cafeteria startles Yeon Ji by grabbing her hand. She asks him to go sleep in the night duty room as it has been 4 days since he slept. She switches his coffee with her cabbage juice. Jong Hyun arrives to note that his juice is travelling everywhere.


He asks Do Jin to move aside so that he can greet Han Jae Yi. We see her sign board from a coffee commercial in the cafeteria. He tells her sign sincerely that her smile is so pure and it washes away every dirty stuff from him. He thanks her for it and moves to hug the sign. Do Jin grabs him by the collar to stop him. He reminds Jong Hyun that he has a meeting. Jong Hyun asks Do Jin if he is jealous of him and a signboard. Do Jin pouts and tells him to leave her alone as he doesn’t care if its just a sign board. Jong Hyun teases Do Jin that he’s becoming really corny nowadays and asks him to join her fan club.

In the team meeting we see the case before them. A woman attacked ten days ago and a man attacked two days ago. Both of them were struck on the back of their head with a weapon like a hammer but there’s a slight difference in scar size. Neither of them knows what the attacker’s looks like. The strongest suspect they have is a man wearing a raincoat. Do Jin flashes back to the Christmas day when his father raised his hammer to strike at a crying Nak Won.


Yeon Ji has a second suspect image after looking at similar individuals in the cctv. Doubt dawns on Do Jin’s face as he looks at the suspect image. He compares the image to the one in the raincoat. Both are wearing white shoes and one of them looks like Hyun Moo.

Seo Jin goes looking for a job in a high-profile salon. Jae Yi and Se Kyung are getting their hair done at the same salon. The hairstylist is all praises for Jae Yi and tells her that everyone’ll be busy looking at her that evening. Se Kyung sits their sourly so he comes to assure her that she is always gorgeous and there is no point of him repeating it. Se Kyung asks Jae Yi why she hasn’t changed salon’s yet. Jae Yi tells her that she comes here so that she can see Se Kyung. Se Kyung asks her to stop clinging to her but Jae Yi assures she is going to do it forever. The stylist leaves them alone to talk.


Se Kyung tells Jae Yi that she heard about her nomination for the new actress award. She tells her not to get her hopes up as it will go to another actress. She asks Jae Yi to be ready to clap when the other nominees are announced. Jae Yi tells her that she has a poker face and will not show her emotions but then starts to laugh.

Outside, Seo Jin is trying to get a job in the hair salon. She starts to explain in her country accent but then changes midway and tries to talk without the accent. Pyo Taek, who is waiting outside for Jae Yi notices this and smiles. Seo Jin goes on about her part time in Chugae in a Salon called Bok Ja’s Hair Salon where she did the shampooing and massages for the old ladies. She explains that she also did their hair for parties. She promises to do a good job once hired. Jae Yi leaves the Salon with her team and Seo Jin is surprised to see her there.


Ok Hee now runs a soup shop in a crowded street in Seoul. A reporter tells her she’ll promote the soup shop if he gives her an interview. Ok Hee get her letter undelivered and when the reporter tries to peak she yells her to get lost sending her to the floor. It’s a letter she sent to Hyun Moo and she calls the prison to check if something happened to him. She tells that she never got replies but this was the first time a letter was returned. Ok Hee learns that Hyun Moo is out of prison on parole and they don’t know where he is. Worried with thought she grabs a hot plate and burns her hand.


Hyun Moo is in a soup restaurant right across Ok Hee’s.  The owner watches the news about the attacks and wonders loudly why such people even exist. Hyun Moo asks him to shut up and tells he is ruining his appetite. He takes one sip of the soup and tells it tastes horrible whereas the woman opposite door makes great soup. He insults him further that he can’t slack off just because he is old and leaves the shop after leaving some money. Hyun Moo looks at Ok Hee who is seated in her restaurant in thought but leaves in the other direction.

Do Jin and Nam Gil are at a stake out. A suspicious guy walks across their vehicle and Do Jin gets out to take a look.

The red carpet of the award ceremony has begun and cameras click away as celebrities keep arriving. Jae Yi and her team are in her car and her helper tells her that she may not get the award so not to worry too much. That earns the wrath of Pyo Taek who yells at him to be supportive. He tells Jae Yi to try not to trip but Jae Yi says that she is going to do the opposite.

She walks the red carpet and takes the pictures with ease but then she trips on the staircase and gets back up with a smile. Pyo Taek sees online that the mishap has gone viral and people have started talking about her even before the awards have started.


Do Jin talks to Nam Gil over phone as he follows the suspicious guy and informs him that this is not their suspect as he is walking with a limp. Do Jin tells Nam Gil he is returning to the car. A masked guy falls onto Nam Gil’s car making him get out of it. Nam Gil goes to check on the guy but the guy stabs him in his stomach. Nam Gil tries to catch the but Do Jin arrives before the culprit could stab his senior officer again.


Do Jin meets him levelly and the masked guy tries to attack him. Do Jin doesn’t recoil at all but tries to grab the other man’s knife earning him a slash in his stomach. The people on the street wonder if he is okay. Do Jin still looks fine which makes the culprit remark that Do Jin is crazier than he heard.

Do Jin makes the guy swing and miss his next move. He tackles the man with one hand and removes his mask with the other. In no time the guy is on the ground from Do Jin’s punch but then he runs away with knife in his hand realising he cannot win this fight.

Do Jin follows the guy in a busy and brightly lit square, where we hear that the 16th  Korean Arts Award, Best Newcomer Actress is Han Jae Yi. She receives the award from Se Kyung. Seo Jin and Ok Hee watch it on their restaurant TV. Jae Yi thanks the director, cast and crew in her speech. Moo Won watches it from his office. Jae Yi finally tells ‘I love you’ to her parents and ‘thank you’ to her brother.


We saw the show down between Do Jin and the bad guy in the previous episode. We see that he is nabbed by the police and the girl who Do Jin saved thanks him. When she asks him if he is alright he tells her to get counselling if the trauma affected her. She agrees and offers him her kerchief in gratitude. Do Jin inquires about Nam Gil who got stabbed. He is informed that due to a fire, ambulances are late and Seoul Hospital was full so he was taken to Hankook Hospital.  He informs the police on scene that he isn’t that much hurt and he’ll take a taxi home. The policeman asks repeatedly if he is hurt but Do Jin keeps walking. He turns pale as he walks on the sidewalk clutching his bleeding stomach. After a while he is in a taxi, the driver wonders if he will be fine as the traffic is heavy. Do Jin looks almost comatose but he manages to nod. From the car window he watches Jae Yi’s award speech telecasted on a huge screen on top of a building. She is asked why she wanted to become an actress. Jae Yi replies that he wanted to be happy and famous. She continues that she really wanted to be on TV. Little light returns to Do Jin’s eyes.


Hui Jae in prison seems to be going through letters which look like fan mails.

Jae Yi walks back stage toward the dressing room and sees people everywhere congratulating her.

Jae Yi sees a girl calling her mother excitedly and informs that she has won an award. Se Kyung watches this and comes over to Jae Yi. She touches Jae Yi’s face and tells her she did a good job. She tells her that if her mother (she refers to her as Hye Won Sunbae) were here she’d be really proud. Jae Yi seems touched.

Moo Won calls her and congratulates her. He then asks her to come home safe. Moo Won looks at Hyun Moo’s file.

Do Jin goes to the hospital reception and leans on the desk for support as he rnquires about Nam Gil. He is informed that he is undergoing surgery. Do Jin continues that there is another patient. He gives his name and identification number and then tells about the injuries. He looks like he is about to faint and the receptionist realises that he is talking about himself. He tells her it’s not urgent and to take care of emergency cases first. She is taken aback a little. Do Jin tells her to wake him up if he doesn’t hear her as he hasn’t slept much. He walks towards the chair to sit down and then passes out right away.

Episode 12

It’s a flash back.

Nak Won and Na Moo walk in a green field in their uniforms. They both seem very happy to be in each other’s company.

Do Jin wakes up in his hospital bed with an iv-drip attached to his vein. He is still wearing his bloodied shirt. He gets up and sits in the bed still in pain but continues to wear his shoes. As he struggles to get up he loses his footing and drags the curtain in support. He sits back down but the curtain is now open and it’s Jae Yi in the next bed.


He is startled and he continues to stare at her in a daze. She seems fast asleep lying on he side facing Do Jin’s bed. Do Jin lies back down facing her on his bed and then falls asleep smiling.

Do Jin wakes up as the nurse calls out to him. The lights are less bright indicating it is night time. The nurse informs him that his hand and abdomen received stitches. After she leaves he wakes up tired and in pain. He looks at the curtains and remembers something. He slowly pulls back the curtain half hoping to see Jae Yi. But the bed is empty. He is disappointed and then he takes his phone to check the messages. He tries to call Nam Gil to see if he is out of surgery but his call is unanswered.


Do Jin walks out of his room pulling the iv station along with him. He goes into the corridor and he is in a tremendous amount of pain. He sees in the news that Jae Yi was rushed to the ER after the awards ceremony as she was lying unconscious in her room. Do Jin realises his dream was not actually a dream.

Hee Young is talking to one of her juniors in their office. She asks him to get more details on the Gangnam attack and asks him if he doesn’t know anyone who used hammer before. She tells him to at least make something up if he can’t find the story. She runs out changing into shoes once she hears about Han Jae Yi fainting.

Do Jin is still in shock from the news and his mind flashes back in time to the green field. This time we hear what they talk about.


Nak Won tells Na Moo that she’ll become famous and appear on the television. She tells that in case they lose contact with each other he can still find her because she’ll be appearing on his TV. He says yes. But Nak Won makes him promise that he’ll come look for her first if they fall apart. He agrees to himself that he’ll go find her first.

Do Jin is rocked by this memory and stands there with trembling lips. He pulls out the IV drip from his vein and goes in search of Jae Yi from bed to bed. He’s overcome with fatigue but he doesn’t stop. He goes into the emergency area. A nurse hits him in his stomach with a bed accidentally and he falls to the ground. But he gets back up, apologises and continues his search.

Park Hee Young arrives with her team. She spots Moo Won arriving in his vehicle. She tries to butter him up but he just ignores her. She trie a different approach and wonders if Jae Yi fainted because she has PTSD. She wonders if that’s why she doesn’t appear in horror films and if she should make a special article about it.


Moo Won blocks her from getting into the elevator with him. He wishes good luck to her with her story and tells her he’ll make sure her segment is cancelled before that.

At the same time Team Leader Ko and Jong Hyun arrive in their car hurriedly to meet their wounded team members.

Do Jin’s stitches have come off from his recent activities and he starts to bleed again. He clutches at his side in pain and starts panting heavily. Suddenly he hears people wondering if that is Jae Yi over there.

Jae Yi, still in her red dress is surrounded by reporters and they question her why she fainted. She politely tries to leave them but they don’t move. They continue to ask her questions and she is shaken from all the cameras flashing.


Do Jin pushes a couple of reporters aside and holds Jae Yi by her shoulder wondering if she is okay. Jae Yi looks up at his concerned face and then nods slowly. Do Jin lets out a relieved sigh. They both tear up at the same time.

Neither of them is aware of the reporters going crazy around them. She looks at his bleeding abdomen and holds him firm from falling down. Hee Young arrives there and notices that it’s Do Jin. They both drop their hands when they see Hee Young and the reporters question Jae Yi if they know each other. She asks Do Jin if he is a fan of hers and thanks him for worrying about her. Do Jin nods and then apologises to her. They both look at his abdomen which is drenched in blood.

Pyo Taek pushes away the reporters and gives Jae Yi her sunglasses. He tells them they’ll give an official press release tomorrow. Pyo Taek sees Do Jin and wonders out loud but Jae Yi drags him away from there. Park Hee Young stands there when all the other reporters leave. Do Jin looks at her with contempt but she leaves. Jae Yi is followed by reporters but Moo Won comes there and covers her with his coat. They leave swiftly.

Do Jin is in the car with team leader and Jong Hyun. Team leader covers him with his coat and Jong Hyun complains he should have stayed in the hospital. Do Jin assures them he is fine. Team leader tells him that the attacker confessed to the violent crimes but Do Jin tells them that it’s not him. He says that this guy is rash, impulsive and did drugs on top of it. The original culprit was meticulous in not leaving behind any evidence and was never caught on CCTV.  He continues that their height also doesn’t match. They decide to question him tomorrow. Team leader gives Do Jin a few days off and holds his hand supportively.


Ok Hee is locking up her shop when Do Jin arrives and she sees the injuries he’s gotten. He tells her he fell over but she doesn’t believe him and asks hm to quit his job immediately. Do Jin sadly asks her if she will hug him a little. Ok Hee hugs her son and asks him what happened. He replies that he met someone he shouldn’t have met. He doesn’t finish why they shouldn’t meet.

Jae Yi is at home with her award. She greets her golden retriever, Bom. She apologises to Bom and then hugs her. Moo Won arrives and tells her that he is going to cook for her. Jae Yi tiredly asks him for a hug first. He hugs her and she thinks about her meeting with Do Jin earlier.


At dinner Jae Yi tells him that the food is tasty. He apologises for not being home often. She tells him to be fine wherever he is as that is enough for her. When he tries to talk to her about the day she tells him not to worry as she is not a kid anymore and can take care of herself.

Later Moo Won looks at her award which now stands next to their mother’s. Jae Yi is in her room crouched on the floor holding a letter addressed to Gil Nak Won.

We flash back to what happened in the dressing room where Jae Yi fainted. She goes into her room after the awards and finds a bouquet and a gift box addressed to Nak Won on the dressing table. She wonders if it is from Moo Won. She is astonished to find a blood-stained hammer in it. Pyo Taek and her assistant come in at the same time happily and she collapses to their shock.


Do Jin is in theatre watching Jae Yi’s movie. Jae Yi is her balcony watching the rain thinking about Do Jin whom she met when his abdomen was bleeding. She worries about him bearing his pain alone.

A man with white shoes is watching her from the street in the rain. It’s Hyun Moo.

Hui Jae in prison attends a church session. He talks with the nun later and she notes that he has changed a lot over 3 years. He agrees that he realised his mistakes pretty late and will live in regret. The nun tells him that regret is also a way of redemption and he asks her if redemption is that easy.


Hyun Moo has a hammer too, in his room. He has magazines with Jae Yi’s pictures. We flash back to see that he was there in the crowd when Do Jin was attacked. He brings down the hammer on Jae Yi’s picture. Hee Young is on the news talking about Jae Yi’s PTSD and her family getting murdered by Hui Jae.

Hui Jae reads a news paper article about Jae Yi’s mystery man in the hospital. Even though his face is blurred in the picture Hui Jae recognises his son and becomes angry. He is informed that he has a visitor.

Hee Young is denied a visit with Hui Jae as he is already had a visitor today. She wonders who it could be.

Do Jin is back at the police station and he sees a bunch of reporters in front of their door. He wonder sloud if they have a celebrity there. The reporters recognise him and ask him if he is the guy in the hospital. Do Jin playfully asks them if they can recognise him even when his face is blurred. He continues that he is Jae Yi’s fan and he is really glad that he got stabbed that day. The reporters are taken aback but he leaves them with a wink.


Jae Yi is waiting for him inside and he introduces himself as the detective responsible for the case. She t acknowledges him as detective Chae Do Jin as their team members watch curiosly. He opens the box in front of him to see the blood stained hammer.

Young Nak Won’s words is heard in a voiceover saying they’re good bye is only temporary and they wont stay apart forever.


Ok Hee has a knack of sending reporters packing. I can’t wait for her to meet Park Hee Young. Do Jins’s taking care of others first attitude is getting out of hand. The guy looks literally in the gates of heaven and he still insists it isn’t anything serious. The guilt from his young days haunts him and makes him see everyone else’s safety at any given situation. But he does seem a little manic in the fight, or a bit inhuman.

Successful Jae Yi is just as delightful as the supporting actress Jae Yi. She is enjoying every bit of it and at the same time knows the trick of the trade.

A part of Hyun Moo which loves his step mother and sister is clearly visible despite his determination to be evil in his life. Also, his need to be evil stems from his need to impress is psychopath Dad. That’s my opinion though.

Also, their description of the attacker doesn’t fit with Hyun Moo’s character. He rages on but doesn’t calculate his moves.

Finally, a crazy theory. The attacker wears white shoes. Hyun Moo wears white shoes. But, that’s just too easy. You know who else wears white shoes?


Yup, Nam Gil. He’s probably Hui Jae’s fan. Also, that’s ‘Younk Kyu’ from six flying dragons. I am pretty sure he won’t be playing ‘the guy who got stabbed in the introductory episode.’

There’s more to the story. Or am just a conspiracy nut. We’ll wait and see.

Grey Husky

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