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Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 13 – 14

Come and Hug Me recap Episode 13 – 14

Come and Hug Me recap Episode 13

Na Moo, after delivering his witness testimony against his father, throws up in the bathroom. While cleaning himself up, his nose starts bleeding.


Inspector Ko is talking to someone on phone saying that everyone left. He continues that he doesn’t have a wife or children waiting back at home so he’ll do it (he’s talking about Na Moo.)  He tells that he dislikes people in general.

Na Moo comes out of the bathroom clutching a tissue to his nose. Inspector Ko realises that he has a nosebleed and tries to stop it with his hand kerchief.

He takes Na Moo out to lunch and then mixes his rice into the bowl of soup caringly. Na Moo looks lost and doesn’t touch the food. Inspector Ko tries to cheer him up by saying something positive about the future. But stops midway as he doesn’t know what to say. He tells him that he’ll at least meet his brother and most importantly he has to get counselling.


He sees that Na Moo’s hands are trembling and admits that he doesn’t know what to do either. He gets a call and then is surprised from whatever he heard.

Ok Hee is waiting at the police station where inspector Ko escorts Na Moo to. She approaches him and then wipes away his bloody nose with her hands. She tells Na Moo that people will blame her if he doesn’t look presentable. She asks if he doesn’t listen to her words because she’s uneducated.


Na Moo looks down at his feet. She enquires inspector Ko if he fed Na Moo. He replies Yes and in turn asks if she is his mother. He wonders that his biological mother died but Hui Jae married many times.

Ok Hee squarely tells him that it doesn’t matter if she is 2nd or 3rd, she is Na Moo’s mother and he is her son. Na Moo looks up at Ok Hee at those words. Ok Hee asks Na Moo to come with her. But he doesn’t answer. She asks him if he is mad at her for leaving without taking him.

Ok Hee apologises to Na Moo. She tells him he has always been a kind boy, whereas she has only yelled at him and made him sad. She continues that he was still kind to her and Seo Jin even though they bothered him. She asks him to forgive her just one more time. She tells him that the three of them can go live in a faraway place together. But she keeps referring to hersef as ajhumma and not mom.

Na Moo asks about Seo Jin and then cries when he hears that she keeps crying because they left him behind. Ok Hee tells him to think of her as a woman who cooks for him and that she wouldn’t say anything if he leaves her behind after he grows up. She tells him to come with ajhumma (referring to herself.


Na Moo calls her ‘mother’, and she seems shaken. He tells he can’t go with them anymore. He assures her he is fine and asks her not to comeback. He also tells her to pass on a message to Seo Jin that he is sorry that he won’t be able to keep his promise. Ok Hee cries at his rejection. Na Moo holds inspector Ko’s hand like a child and begs him to take him away to the facilities quickly.

Inspector Ko takes Na Moo who is still crying towards the police station. But Ok Hee hugs Na Moo from behind and refuses to let him go. She calls herself his mom and promises to be his real mom from now on. She says that no matter what happens she’ll protect her son forever. She says mom is really sorry. Na Moo cries and calls her Mom. They hug each other.


In the present, a still bandaged Do Jin is waiting on tables at his mother’s soup shop. He looks much healthy and cheerful but when he goes on to clean the tables he crouches from the pain in his abdomen. He looks up and sees a commercial poster of Jae Yi in his shop. Ok Hee asks him not to do the cleaning since he is injured. She makes him sit down and does it herself.

Team Leader Ko makes a grand entrance with a flamboyant jacket and glasses. Do Jin and his mom look at him surprised. He says hello to Do Jin’s mom but she is mad at him since he let Do Jin get hurt. Do Jin tries to pacify his mom. Team leader Ko says he came because he missed Do Jin and wanted to eat some pork.


She is surprised at how he comes back no matter how many times she scolds him. Once she is out Ko shows Do Jin a picture of the hammer that was sent to Jae Yi at the awards ceremony. Do Jin looks at it stricken. Ko informs him that he is going to give the case to Jong Hyun and he is just giving Do Jin a heads up. Do Jin thinks back to Jae Yi at the hospital and then about his father. Do Jin insists on taking the case since it is linked to the case from 12 years ago. Team leader Ko refuses saying it could just be a stalker.

Do Jin reminds Ko of the words he once told to him. He had said to Do Jin that his father’s legacy is not his and the pain and hatred is not meant for him. He also told him that there is no such thing as tainted blood. Do Jin continues that he decided to become strong at a very young age and he is not that kid anymore.


He tells that he’ll become strong and protect everyone who protected him from pain and suffering.

Do Jin walks into his department and greets Han Jae Yi. He introduces himself to her as Chae Do Jin.

His voice over goes, “my beautiful paradise.”

She tells him she knows and addresses him as detective Chae Do Jin.

But her mind goes, “Na Moo ya.”

She teases him if he really is the ace as he doesn’t look very fit. He smiles and says he is fine.

He opens the box to see the hammer and looks back at Jae Yi. She tells him she wants to find out who sent it and why.

Do Jin flashes back to that fateful night.


Na Moo keeps asking Nak Won to get up and run away. we see that his father is holding him against a wall by his throat. Nak Won gets up and sees a dead person’s legs and starts crying. Na Moo keeps grunting Nak Won to run away as Hui Jae raises his hammer at him.

Back in the present Do Jin asks Jae Yi if she is okay with him taking this case. In her mind she says no and that she’s afraid of taking him back into that nightmare. Outside though, she tells yes to him.

Do Jin tells they’ll analyse every detail and find out who is behind this. When he promises to protect her, she replies she can protect herself and that he should take care too.


Pyo Taek arrives to take Jae Yi away. He tells Do Jin that reporters released his pictures too, but they refused any kind of relationship so he doesn’t need to worry. Do Jin smiles and says it’s okay it was an honor.

Do Jin asks her if she was startled that day at the hospital when he suddenly barged in. Jae Yi says that he was more surprised than she was as he spoke without his Busan dialect on that day unlike today. He seems to realise that himself only after she mentions it.

They nod to each other and she leaves saying she’ll wait for his call.


Do Jin’s team, minus Nam Gil, analyse the CCTV footage from the corridor of Jae Yi’s dressing room at the award ceremony. Do Jin explains her past and her connection to Hui Jae to the team. They decide to give her police protection and Jong Hyun agrees that this is not what they would classify as a normal case.

Team leader Ko says that the culprit who attacked Do Jin still won’t talk. Do Jin says he’ll make him talk.

Do Jin goes into the interrogation room and offers a can of drink to the culprit who is in cuffs. The guy drinks it but keeps then can with him. Do Jin asks him how he knows him and who is behind all this. He asks him what he meant when he said, “you are crazier than I heard” during their fight. He also had told Nam Gil he doesn’t just use hammers.

The other guy, Park Sung Woo, tells Do Jin that he lives in a daze all day (drug addict he means) and that he is not normal. He sneaks the can under the table when Do Jin doesn’t notice.

Do Jin intimidates the guy by looming over him and says he’ll clear the gaze for him. Do Jin questions who he is trying to protect and then pulls his hand from the table to reveal a sharp weapon Sung Woo made from a can.


Do Jin aims it for Sung Woo and asks him to go ahead and use it on him. With crazy looking eyes Do Jin taunts Sung Woo if he wished to see it go in. Sung Woo drops the weapon but then tells Do Jin that he just realised something.

He says that Do Jin’s smile looks just like the guy that hired him. We flash back to see Hyun Moo hiring Sung Woo. Hyun Moo tells him not to attack the crazy one, meaning Do Jin, and just take care of the rest. He says that Do Jin is his and he wants to watch him suffer.


Han Jae Yi goes to her shooting set and Hyun Moo watches her, hiding behind some vehicles.

Do Jin calls the prison and learns that Hyun Moo was released on parole last month.

Sung Woo has told Do Jin that Hyun Moo probably learnt about him from a prison roommate. He also says that Hyun Moo wanted to hurt everyone around Do Jin.

Yeon Ji comes to Do Jin and tells that one of the attack victims remembers the attacker’s shoes and they are white sneakers. Do Jin thinks back to the times when his brother wore white shoes.

Do Jin gives her brother’s file to Yeon Ji and says that they can only guess for now but he is probably the culprit for the attack on Nam Gil, the other attacks and Jae Yi’s parcel. Yeon Ji reads Yoon Hui Jae and Chae Do Jin under family members. Do Jin confirms that it is his older brother to a surprised Yeon Ji. He asks her to be careful just in case. She assures him that she was taught by the best. Do Jin offers her an apology.


Do Jin checks on Nam Gil who is still in the hospital. He updates him on the current situation but Nam Gil asks him not to get ahead of himself and investigate properly. He tells Do Jin to be careful before hanging up. He then sees the article about Han Jae Yi’s mystery man at the hospital on his phone.

Moo Won is interrogating a rape and murder suspect who killed the woman by smothering her with a pillow. The suspect says he did it by mistake. Moo Won tells him five years ago too he killed a woman the same way. He tells that was by mistake too. As the woman was making a lot of noise he was trying to silence her.


Moo Won tells him that the woman had thyroid surgery and coudn’t have made noises as she had lost her voice. He calls him out for lying and tells him to save his reasons for the court. The suspect gets dragged away and Moo Won busies himself in his phone. He sees an article wondering if she has a stalker.

Jae Yi too is browsing the article that talks about her PTSD and looks sad. Pyo Taek and the other helper guy come in. Jae Yi pretends to be seeing something else but Pyo Taek looks worried. He goes on to rant about Park Hee Young and tells Jae Yi that Moo Won is going to press charges on her.


Pyo Taek asks Jae Yi about Do Jin wondering if he is the same guy from 3 years ago. He tells Jae Yi the she should tell him if anything happens. Jae Yi apologises to Pyo Taek but he tells her that he became the person he is today only by meeting Nak Won and Moo Won. He says he is grateful.

Do Jin and Jong Hyun talk to a courier guy about the hammer. They learn that it was retrieved from Gyeonggi province. As the guy goes on to explain the area Do Jin realises where that address is.

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 14

Hee Young is visiting Hui Jae. She asks him Do Jin never visited in the past 12 years. Hui Jae notes that Hee Young herself has changed a lot. She says she has a show now and that she’s busy. She asks Hui Jae that she was denied yesterday because he already had a visitor. Hui Jae tells her he has visitors from time to time.


Hee Young asks if it is his Fan club which started around 2007. Hee Young mocks that all they need is a face to fall in love with and nobody cares if he is a serial killer. She continues that Do Jin was on TV 3 years ago.

Hui Jae asks if she has something to say and she wonders why they became distant. She asks if it was because of that one night he mentions in his book. She finds it a little hard to believe that Hui Jae let Nak Won go just because his youngest son arrived and protected her. She says it’s a reasonable argument but totally out of his character.

She mentions the articles and says that Na Moo and Nak Won are meeting each other again. She tells him about Jae Yi receiving a weapon in the mail and wonders what could make such a fighting spirit like Jae Yi faint at first sight. She says one thing from his biography came to her mind. A hammer.


Hui Jae visibly loses his cool and starts to get a crazy look in his eyes. Hee Young notices that and tells him it’s been a while since she saw that look on his face. She continues that lunacy isn’t something he can bury or hide. She notes that Na Moo is his weak point.

Hui Jae looks more and more like he wants to murder her right there. She changes her tune and say sorry if she sounds like a know it all. She asks him to treat her like a friend and says she’s put some money for him too.

He asks if she’s giving him alms and she replies that its just the interview money. Hee Young says she wants to do a documentary this time instead of the book. She says he’ll be the lead again but the other characters will be Yoon Na Moo and Gil Nak Won. She leaves chuckling. Hui Jae sits there seething and the guard comes to escort him back to his cell. But one look from Hui Jae sends the guard backwards in alarm. He walks out of the room himself.


Hee Young receives a picture of the weapon that was sent to Jae Yi and she smiles when she sees that it’s a hammer just like she guessed. She calls someone to release an article right away about it.

In Jae Yi’s shooting spot, Dong Jin and Jong Hyun are watching her do a romantic scene with the Yoon Sung. There’s a well-lit Christmas tree and a lot of lights signifying festive season. Jae Yi hugs the lead actor and Do Jin turns away when they go in for a kiss.

Light goes off suddenly on set and people wonder what happened. Jae Yi grabs Yoon Sung in fear and hides in his chest. Even after the lights come back she doesn’t release him. He tries to bring her back to her senses but she just keeps shaking. Do Jin looks at her in concern. Yoon Sung awkwardly tells the crowd that she’s going to become a great actor and she’s really into the role.


Yoon Sung calls her Han Jae Yi and she finally releases him when she realises the lights are back. She backs off and apologises to him saying that she probably dozed off as she hasn’t slept in a few days. Everyone at the set stare at her unbelievingly.

The crowd gossips that she has mental issues like Park Hee Young mentioned in her interview and that’s why she can’t work in horror films.

Everyone suddenly checks their phone as a new article about Han Jae Yi receiving a hammer has been released. Do Jin stands their seething  and Jae Yi locks eyes with him.

In her dressing room, Do Jin and Jong Hyun explain to her and the team that the hammer came from an address on the hill (where they both lived.) They are informed by a guy that Jae Yi’s part they won’t shoot today anymore because of all the reporters. Pyo Taek and the young helper rushes behind him to find out more.


Do Jin shows a picture of Hyun Moo to Jae Yi and asks if she’s seen him before. He tells her it’s his brother. She says he’s seen his picture and heard bout him. Do Jin asks her to run away if she ever sees him as he is dangerous.  Do Jin kneels down to tie a smart watch on her wrist. He tells her to wear it all the time and one press will call the police if she is ever in danger. He says he also can track her wherever she is. Jong Hyun goes out to give them some privacy.

This is the first time they’ve been alone and both in their sense in a long time. Do Jin gets teary and apologises to her. She crouches next to him on the floor and tells him he’s still s fool as she already told him it’s not his fault. He just hangs his head and continues to cry silently.


Moo Won arrives to the department and learns that Do Jin is the detective in charge in Jae Yi’s case from their team leader.

Team Leader is at Ok Hee’s Soup restaurant. She wants to know about Do Jin’s current case but team leader can’t give her all the details. He promises to watch over Do Jin. Ok Hee says that it’s not that she doesn’t trust him to but she is just afraid. When he asks her about what she looks at Jae Yi’s poster in the restaurant.

Hyun Moo is watching the exchange from a little further away. He looks angry when team leader reassures Ok Hee by touching her arm. Seo Jin walks home tired from the opposite direction.


She greets team leader pleasantly and talks about her work. Ok Hee wipes her tears away from sight and asks Seo Jin and team leader to have dinner. Once mom leaves to make dinner Seo Jin asks team leader why her mom looks so upset and if it has something to do with Do Jin. Team leader smiles at how intuitive she is.

After he leaves, Hyun Moo comes into the restaurant. Ok Hee thinks it’s a customer. She asks if it’s his first time and he replies that it isn’t. He tells her he is sick of her pork soup. He looks up at her and informs she’s aged a lot.

She realises who he is and calls him, “Hyun Moo ya!”

He asks after she ran off leaving him and his dad if she needed a man on the side. She asks him what happened to him and what he’s been doing. He just asks her to bring him the soup.

When she continuous to ask him why he didn’t call after he got released, he throws a box of cutlery in anger and asks her not pretend like she cares.


Seo Jin comes out scared wondering what happened. She threatens to call the police but before she can finish her sentence she realises that it is her brother. She asks him if he is her oldest brother.

He nods and tells her she’s all grown up.

He passes on his father’s regards to his loving wife and daughter. But says he has no message for Na Moo. He tells them that he’ll just kill Na Moo.

Do Jin goes around collecting dash cam videos from the cars in an alley way. Yeon Ji calls him and informs that the blood on the hammer was a 99% match with the second attack victim. So the person who sent Jae Yi the hammer is either an accomplice to the attacks or the culprit himself.


Do Jin yells in frustration and we see Hui Jae reading in the prison. His voice over goes if Do Jin is strong enough to protect everything that makes him weak and pathetic.

Pyo Taek tries to comfort Jae Yi about the cancelled shoot over phone. She laughs and says she’s fine. Pyo Taek asks her to sleep well and they both hang up.

Jae Yi gets a message from the director telling they are still on set and asks her to come so that they can talk. When she calls the number, it doesn’t get connected. She tries to call Pyo Taek but doesn’t want to disturb him so she drives herself to the set.

The set is empty so she goes around calling for the director. The lights go off suddenly and the doors lock from outside. She panics and switches on the torch on her phone. She bangs the door calling out to anyone outside to open the door.


Jae Yi sees that the Christmas lights are on and goes towards it. She sees a card on the Christmas tree addressed to Nak Won. The same music that was playing in her house the day her parents got murdered starts to play again. She turns around and sees that her family picture is hanging on the wall.

She gets a vivid flash back of Hui Jae asking her if she knows who he is and telling her he’ll send her off to her parents itself.

She backs away slowly crying for her mother and spots a masked man wearing white shoes standing with a hammer. He comes towards her and she backs away towards the Christmas tree. She crouches down when she can’t go further and hides into her knees as she again flashes back to Hui Jae raising his hammer at her.


A loud noise followed by a car screeching alarms the attacker.

Do Jin breaks down the warehouse door with his car. He gets down and goes around calling out for Han Jae Yi. He notices the Christmas tree and lights. The situation descends on him and says, “Nak Won ah!”



It’s astonishing how Hee Young tries to get a rise out of anyone, including a serial killer confined in a room with her. Granted, it’s a prison and she may have some protection but she’s pushing it too much.

Hui Jae is partly correct when he said that Na Moo is more like him than Hyun Moo. Hyun Moo just doesn’t have that craziness, he just gets angry without thinking. Where as Na Moo( Do Jin) has an exceptional range of crazy in him. But he knows the difference between right and wrong unlike his father.

Hyun Moo just  wants to be loved by everyone including his dad seeing how Seo Jin brings out the best in him. Despite his menacing ways he’s sweet to his sister. He may not be related to the attacks at all. He probably is just trying to get his brother’s attention.

The culprit is probably a member of Hui Jae’s fan club (I still think it’s Nam Gil.)

There is probably more than one guy running around with a hammer.

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