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Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15 – 16

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15 – 16

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15

The masked attacker advances towards Jae Yi with his hammer. She backs away in fear and her knee buckles. She crumples to the floor near the Christmas tree. She hides her face into her knees.

Pyo Taek is at the violent crimes unit where he is being informed that the blood on the hammer belonged to the second victim of the attacks. Do Jin arrives and starts checking the CCTV footages around the places that Jae Yi frequents.

He spots the masked guy near her shooting spot talking to someone from the set. He immediately recognizes that it’s Hyun Moo.

Do Jin tracks her phone via GPS and sees that she is moving fast on a road. He asks Pyo Taek if he just said that Jae Yi is at home and Pyo Taek confirms that he just spoke to her and asked her to take rest.

Do Jin drives swiftly while Jong Hyun tells him over the phone that Jae Yi is at the shooting spot alone and her phone is rejecting incoming calls. He tells Do Jin that her phone is probably hacked. Jong Hyun continues that they’ll be there right behind and asks Do Jin not get worked up.

But Do Jin drives like his life depends on it and reaches the shooting set. He screams her name and bangs the door of the set. He tries to break it open with his body strength but it doesn’t budge. He checks his phone and sees that she is inside the set.

He breaks open the door with his car and runs into the set. Do Jin calls out to Han Jae Yi but then there is no reply. He sees the Christmas tree and lights inside the room and realises the gravity of the situation. He calls out ” Nak Won ah!” this time. He goes further in and hears the same music from 12 years ago playing there. Jae Yi is crouched near the Christmas tree crying.

Do Jin approaches her slowly and he sees that she’s shut her ears and hiding her face in fear. Do Jin kneels beside her and calls her Nak Won again. He calls her name again and again his voice breaking the last time as he tears up. He touches her shoulder and she looks up crying with her tear streaked face but she doesn’t seem to realize anything. He holds her to his chest and then she gains a little sense and says Na Moo. She looks up at his face to confirm that he is indeed Na Moo. He hugs her again and they both cry.

Jae Yi is lying on a sofa having another nightmare. Her younger self is begging Hui Jae not to kill her and then yelling at Na Moo to run away. Hui Jae drags her on the floor and Do Jin stops him. Nak Won looks afraid for Na Moo. Na Moo pleads with his father and asks him not to do it. Hui Jae raises his hammer and strikes at his own son and Na Moo falls to the floor.

Jae Yi wakes up screaming “Na Moo ya!”

Jae Yi turns around and sees young Na Moo (Nam Da Reum) beside her. He touches her face gently and tells her that he is right there with her. She gets tearful as she tells him that she had the same nightmare again. Where even Na Moo dies. She holds his hand and smiles as she asks if it’s only a dream. Even her mom, dad and Lucky. She asks him if all that was a lie. Na Moo smiles back and confirms that it is all a lie. She gets relieved and says that she is glad.

Her glad demeanor changes and she touches his face and asks him if he is a dream too. Na Moo doesn’t reply but he becomes sad. She asks him to let her whine just today and that she’ll go back to her happy self once she wakes up. She asks him to hold her just for a while. She leans into his chest and tells him that even though it’s nice to see him like this she wishes she could really touch him.

We see that she is still asleep leaning on Do Jon’s chest.

Many police vehicles have arrived to the set and the police have cordoned off the whole area with tapes. Pyo Taek runs out of the car and takes in the situation. He runs into the storage set screaming for Jae Yi. Jong Hyun and Yeon Ji quickly follow him. They go in and find Jae Yi asleep leaning on Do Jin. Do Jin himself looks pretty pale from the whole ordeal.

Pyo Taek tells Do Jin that they have to atleast take her home and Do Jin nods back like a child. Do Jin carries a still sleeping Jae Yi in his arms to the car. Pyo Taek covers Jae Yi with a blanket but she is still with Do Jin who holds on to her every single minute.

Yeon Ji and Jong Hyun watch Do Jin from further away. After he leaves they see his damaged car being collected for evidence and then the family photo of Jae Yi.

Yeon Ji vows to Jong Hyun that she’s going to catch the culprit no matter what. She tells that this is too much for Jae Yi to handle and also it is taking its toll on Do Jin. Jong Hyun tells Yeon Ji they have to catch him before Do Jin does. Nam Gil calls Jong Hyun for an update. From further away a reporter is taking pictures of the incident.

Do Jin is inside Jae Yi’s house and he looks at the same family photo hanging on their wall. Pyo Taek gets a call from Park Hee Young. He tells Do Jin that the news must have leaked and he’ll tell the press it was a small accident at the set. Do Jin apologizes to Pyo Taek for not reaching to Jae Yi a bit earlier. Pyo Taek notes that Do Jin is back to his senses and asks him to visit Jae Yi’s room before leaving. He tells Do Jin that she is pretending to be fine but he still thinks she is not OK.

Inside her room Jae Yi keeps her ears shut with her hands trying to cancel out the fear. Do Jin comes in and she drops her hands. She pretends to be fine and thanks him for earlier. She asks him if she can come for investigation at night as she has shooting in the morning.

Do Jin stares at her without saying anything for a while. He then asks if he shouldn’t leave. He asks her again and she nods slowly. He closes the door behind him and comes inside. When he goes to sit down on the chair she catches his sleeves. He moves to the bed and sits next to her.

Do Jin tells her he won’t leave and calls her Nak Won. He proceeds to close her ears with his hands and tells her to just look at him and listen to his voice.

Park Hee Young is frustrated at a junior who doesn’t know exactly what happened at the shooting spot. She is having dinner with a retired police chief and tries to get more information about Hui Jae’s case which he was in charge of. She wonders about a scar  Hui Jae got the time he was arrested.

The retired officer says everything thing was investigated and Hui Jae never told them how he got it. They were fine with it because Hui Jae was fine. He continues that there is nothing more to investigate. Hee Young threatens the officer passively with a violence incident related to his son, who is a congressman.

Jae Yi wakes up to see Do Jin asleep and traces her finger along his face. He wakes up alarmed and grabs her suddenly. He releases her hand apologizing but she grabs his hand back. She asks him if he is still sorry even after she told him that it is not his fault. She asks if he going to be sorry forever. Jae Yi continues to ask him why he kept his promises to her and he replies that he did because she told him to do so. Jae Yi tells him he kept every promise but one. He never came to find her.

We see Do Jin in his parade uniform sitting in a bus stop staring at Jae Yi picture with the cherry blossom trees commercial for hours.

Do Jin tells her he didn’t because he was sorry. He asks her to use him whenever and however she wants. He says she can chuck him if she gets tired of him. He continues that whoever he may be or whoevers son he may be if it is OK with her… Jae Yi holds his hand suddenly before he could finish his sentence.

Jae Yi tells him people will think she is crazy if they hear what she’s about to say. She tells him that even if it was his brother who was behind everything tonight she got to see him again because of it and that makes her happy. He tears up at those words.

Do Jin goes out to the living room and sees their family picture. He remembers the day when he saved lucky how kind Jae Yi’s mother was to him. He sees a. Separate picture of Jae Yi’s mother and says “ahjumma.”

We flash back and she asks Na Moo to be Nak Won’s friend, stay by her side and take care of her.

Do Jin tells her he is sorry.

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