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Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy

-By GREY HUSKY- Buying a Parker pen every school year Playing house with cousins Climbing the guava tree in grandpa's house Celebrating family birthdays Shopping as a group to buy a single saree Wednesday night beach night Racing in the beach sand Hot and spicy bhajjis in winter The scent of the earth after rain… Continue reading Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy

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Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15 – 16

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15 - 16 Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15 The masked attacker advances towards Jae Yi with his hammer. She backs away in fear and her knee buckles. She crumples to the floor near the Christmas tree. She hides her face into her knees. Pyo Taek is at… Continue reading Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 15 – 16

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In Season: Nungu( Indian Palm Fruit)

The arrival of summer clearly means increased humidity, dust and heat. Chennai is indeed unbearably hot during April and May, but that’s not all that summer has to offer. Nungu, as it is called in Tamil is a seasonal fruit enjoyed during this season. The jelly sacks found in clusters inside the Palmyra fruit are… Continue reading In Season: Nungu( Indian Palm Fruit)

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Earth and Plate Tectonics – Beginners

At a very young age, we learnt that the Earth is not static but is revolving around the sun. It was perhaps the first ever Geography lesson for most of us. But what about the continents that we live in? Are they moving? If not then what are causing the earthquakes? The first image is… Continue reading Earth and Plate Tectonics – Beginners

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Asian Cuisine And A Chennai Citizen

Food has always been the prime source of comfort and the prize of celebration to my soul. In my recent years of voluntary unemployment, it was not an easy task to find my prize the way I wanted it. Oh, I ate 3 square meals a day, but I craved for more than home cooked… Continue reading Asian Cuisine And A Chennai Citizen