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Asian Cuisine And A Chennai Citizen

Food has always been the prime source of comfort and the prize of celebration to my soul. In my recent years of voluntary unemployment, it was not an easy task to find my prize the way I wanted it.

Oh, I ate 3 square meals a day, but I craved for more than home cooked food. There were times when I splurged my savings in Asian restaurants with some good company and splendid food.

Mainland China, Phoenix Market City

I usually eat sweetcorn soup like it’s my whole lunch and it was very tasty there. For the main course, I was forced to share the yummy General Tao’s Chicken with the person accompanying me. It went very well with the fried rice.

The place looks good but the service is a little slow. I’ve been meaning to go back but this place really burns my wallet. Another day when I’m richer may be.


Mamagoto, Phoenix Market city

lotus stem fry.jpg

After Raving for months about a dish called Lotus Stem Fry my cousin took me to Mamagoto to share the experience. I liked the food, the dumplings especially. The Thai basil Fried rice was quite spicy but I’d order it again if I went back. The Lotus Stem Fry was worth the hype.

The place has got a retro comic book feel to it. It is an expensive place for a normal day but I’m going again soon.


Orange Wok, Velachery

Surprisingly good, no, great food. Chinese food receives less love from some people in my family because its oilier on their palate, but Orange wok proved them wrong. It was only a backup plan that we visited this restaurant and their Mongolian braised chicken has till today remained the best Asian main course I’ve had. We also had the Prawns in Thai red curry which tasted amazing with the rice.

As it doesn’t cost me much for a two-person meal, it has become my go-to place for Asian cuisine.  It is a small place but the ambience is very good. Their Singapore Chili Prawns are so scrumptious that I order them every visit.


Va Pho – Asian Canteen, Cathedral Road


Another great place found by the same cousin. Similar in ambience to Mamagoto with the whole pop theme, funky posters and bright paintings. The food, wait for it, was extraordinary.

The crispy BBQ Mushroom Bao was my first ever attempt at a bao, it’s not a dumpling but more like a steamed bun. Delicious! We ordered both the mee goreng and the nasi goreng but mee goreng was the clear favourite. For dessert, the tender coconut ice cream stick with sago pearls. I can eat that little popsicle all day.

I’m definitely going back for the food and it doesn’t empty my wallet.


My love for Chinese and other Asian food isn’t new but I was inspired to write this post because of Wok of Love, this new Korean drama from SBS airing on Mondays and Tuesdays. From the Writers Room Chennai, we are going to be bringing you recaps of the brand new Korean Dramas that you love.


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