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Morning Walk

-by Brave Flower-

I wake up in the morning and am greeted by the cool breeze that touches my face as soon as I open the window. My gaze falls on the majestic mountains that loom in the distance calling out to me. I change into my track pants and T-shirt and go out to the courtyard. The chickens and ducks come running to me as they want their morning grub. As soon as I am done feeding them, I start my walk with Mike and Medusa, my German Shepherd dogs. Having finished their treats, they walk briskly next to me.
My daily morning walk is food for my soul. Every minute of my morning walk brings immense pleasure to both my mind and heart. Alongside the walkway, I smell the roses in their morning bloom covered in dewdrops and hear the pleasant chirping of the birds. My friend’s Pomeranian Snoopy comes running towards me when we cross his house, to take his share of morning treats and joins us as we walk towards the riverbank.
After we reach the riverbank, I do my daily workout while the Mike, Medusa and Snoopy start their usual treasure hunt. They usually end up digging up the bones that one of them had hidden previously. We play the frisbee and fetch for sometime before returning back home to start my day.
On my way back I stop at a small inn, run by an elderly couple. We strike a conversation over a cup of coffee as they do not have customers this early in the morning. They look forward to having someone to share the encounters with the tourists that they come across every day. I wish them a good day and come back home to see that the entire town has woken up and another day has started. I feel a sense of soul satisfaction every day after my daily walk and start the day on a positive note.


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