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Music-My Favourite Hobby

My favourite hobby is listening to music. I was introduced to the world of music when my parents gifted me an MP3 music player for my birthday. Since then, no day is complete without listening to my favourite list of songs.
The thing that I like most about music is that it has no language barrier. My music collection consists of songs by artists in Tamil, Hindi and English. God of Music Ilayaraja, Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman and Viral prodigy Anirudh Ravichander are my favourite music directors. The music genres that appeal to me are Classical Music, Electronic Music, World Music and Hip Hop.
My love for music has also cultivated a habit of tuning into the radio almost every day in search of the latest music. As a result of this, I have realised that radio is a source of media that is influential and informative, as a lot of social and cultural happenings of our day today life is discussed here. Furthermore, every time listening to the radio, I appreciate the fact that I always learn something new while I am indulging in my hobby.
In conclusion, I would like to say that music is timeless and evergreen. The phrase ‘Old is Gold’ aptly applies to the music industry as it has been at least 25 years or more since the release of most the famous songs that we listen to today. I would encourage everyone to start listening to music more as it has been known to relieve stress, improve our mood and also develop concentration.

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