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Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 17 – 18

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 17-18

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 17

Hui Jae is in his cell watching the rain from his tiny window.

In Jae Yi’s garage Hyun Moo tries to strike Do Jin with his hammer. Hyun Moo taunts Do Jin to call Jae Yi so that he can kill her right in front of him. He tells Do Jin then only will his life be totally ruined, just like his.

Do Jin asks him why he s doing this. Hyun Moo replies that Jae Yi’s family aren’t the only victims. He says that if Jae Yi’s family had minded their own business this would not have happened. He says that Do Jin destroyed their family when he was in jail by betraying their father for Jae Yi.


They fight but Do Jin tries to pacify his brother asking him to stop but Hyun Moo tells him he is already in too deep to back out. He tells Do Jin that he was the one who sent the attacker to Do Jin. He tells him that it was payback for them sending him money all these years. Hyun Moo wonders if Do Jin thought he wouldn’t hurt him. Do Jin pales in disbelief. Hyun Moo continues that it was him who tried to attack Jae Yi last night and he is sorry that he didn’t finish the job.

Do Jin asks him if it was really Hyun Moo last night. He confirms but when Do Jin asks where he heard the song Hyun Moo doesn’t answer. Do JIn asks him if he was the culprit from the neighbourhood attacks too. Hyun Moo says yes and continues that he’s going to destroy everyone just like their father. They start to fight again.

Flash Back to Hyun Moo’s school days.

Hyun Moo is being beaten up by some boys from his school. He tries to fight back but he’s thrown to the ground and they stamp on him. They stop when they see another person. Its Hui Jae. He asks Hyun Moo to get up smilingly but his smile turns sour when he looks at the other boys.

Back in the garage Hyun Moo tells Do Jin that their father was all he had and Do Jin took him away from him. Do Jin tells Hyun Moo that their father was a murderer.

Hyun Moo angrily asks him, “So what?” He says he is still their father. Do Jin yells that’s why he cant forgive him. Because he’s their father he can neither forgive him nor understand him. He continues that so many people died because of him. Do Jin cries and tells he is sorry that he destroyed their family but he says that their father ever protected them.


Back to the flashback where Hyun Moo gets beaten up, Hui Jae tells his son he doesn’t ned him if he is going to just get beaten up. Hui Jae asks him to get up and try again while he is watching. Hyun Moo gets up to start the fight again and Hui Jae smiles.

Hyun Moo asks Do Jin to stop saying nonsense. He tells his brother that he continued to live with Ok Hee after he betrayed their father as if they were a family. Do Jin tells him that their mom never gave up on Hyun Moo. Do Jin tells him that he knows it too. Hyun Moo knows it to because he refused to see them whenever they visited prison. He shakes his brother asking how they can make him believe.

Hyun Moo says he can’t trust him after he backstabbed their father. Hyun Moo tells Do Jin that he ll destroy everything he wants in front of his eyes. Jae Yi arrives on the other side of the door from inside the house and calls Do Jin (Na Moo.)

Do Jin yells her not to open the door. Hyun Moo throws him to the ground and starts hacking at the door with his hammer. Do Jin stops him again holds his hammer and asks Hyun Moo if he was the one who threw away the hammer that day.


We see a flash back where Hui Jae had gifted the hammer to young Do Jin (Na Moo). Hyun Moo sees the hammer on his desk and gets startles wondering why his brother would have this. Na Moo later finds it in the dustbin.

Do Jin asks why he threw out his only to pick it up himself. Hyun Moo looks tearful but doesn’t relent his grip. Do Jin cries that even back then they only had each other and their father was never there for them. He begs his brother to stop it all.

Back in the jail, sometime in the near past Hyun Moo asks his father if he should kill Do Jin. Hui Jae smiles and asks if he wants his approval that badly. Hyun Moo says yes more than Do Jin. Hui Jae gets angry and tells Hyun Moo not to bully his brother too much. He further taunts him by saying they say that oldest brothers are always the best but it’s not always true. He continues that he’ll never be able to beat Do Jin.


Hyun Moo tells Do Jin that they both grew up with their dad without their mothers but he Do Jin got everything. He asks how Do Jin can ask him to give up. Hyun Moo says he is going to show the world who Hyun Moo is. He pushes Do Jin to the ground and tries to get into Jae Yi’s house. Jae Yi calls the police emergency number as she hears the madness outside her door. Do Jin wrestles the hammer out of Hyun Moo’s hand and throws it away. Jae Yi screams Na Moo’s name and he yells back not to come in there. Jae Yi runs out in the other direction out side the house.

To Do Jin’s shock Hyun Moo pulls out a knife. Do Jin tries to stop his brother but he’s thrown on the ground again. Hyun Moo advances towards the door again wielding his knife. Do Jin gets back up tries to stop Hyun Moo again. This time he runs into the knife and Hyun Moo’s eyes widens in disbelief. He realises what he’s done and Do Jin hugs his brother in pain. For one last time Do Jin begs his brother to stop everything and collapses to the floor. Hyun Moo remembers the time when Do Jin came to see him after he was arrested.


Hyun Moo sees the pool of blood coming from Do Jin’s wound and then at the bloody knife in his hand. He remembers Moo Won’s words about how killing someone is the most horrible thing he’ll ever feel in his life. Hyun Moo runs out of the garage into the raining street. He wipes his face only to realise that his brother’s blood is in his hand and in his face. He walks into the road in a craze only to get knocked into a guy with an umbrella.

The umbrella guy smirks at him and we see that he is in the same clothes and shoes as the stalker.

Jae Yi goes running into the garage from the door through which Hyun Moo just left. She drops to the floor once she sees Do Jin wounded and all the blood around him. She looks at Do Jin who looks almost pale as a ghost. Do Jin shakes his head and tells her not to look at him. Jay Yi feels faint from all the blood around Do Jin but she composes herself. She hugs him and realises that he is losing his consciousness. She tries to stop the bleeding with her jacket and then calls the emergency and informs his situation. She feels faint herself but she slaps herself into being strong.


The umbrella guy comes into the garage and asks Jae Yi if they are alright. Jae Yi asks for help but he chuckles. Ambulance sounds are heard outside and he becomes alert.

In the public prosecutor’s office, reporter Hee Young is waiting for Moo Won. She asks him about Hyun Moo being the accused in his sister’s case and also about his history with him. Moo Won glares at her but walks away. Hee Young taunts him saying Jae Yi’s career is over and no one will hire her anymore as she is traumatised because of her past. Hee Young sneers and it makes Moo Won grab her collar.


Moo Won tells her she is no different from the psychopath Yoon Hui Jae. He says that Hee Young wields a pen instead of a hammer. Moo Won tells her that she hasn’t won and she is just another toy of Hui Jae which he plays from his prison cell. He continues that if she makes a documentary it’ll be nothing more than her picking up Hui Jae’s trash.

Hee Young asks him if he is the same too and calls him Im Tae Kyung, to his surprise. She asks him how it felt to stab someone at such a young age. She continues if he knows the mind of the criminals so well or if he empathises with them when he is prosecuting.

Moo Won says yes and tells her that animals like him, Hui Jae and Hee Young should have never been born. Hee young counters that she’s never killed but Moo Won asks her to think again as she has killed many times.

Do Jin is in surgery as he has another flashback from the Christmas night 12 years ago.

A masked Hui Jae knocks Na Moo to the floor with his hammer and drags Nak Won with his other hand. Na Moo asks him why a monster like him has to be his father. Hui Jae tells him that he’ll rget rid of everything that makes Na Moo weak and pathetic.

Jae Yi sits outside in the hallway waiting for any news on Na Moo. Ok Hee and Seo Jin come running and see Jae Yi sitting in the hallway. Ok Hee sees all the blood on Jae Yi and asks how this happened to Do Jin.

Jae Yi tells her that she was with him and she couldn’t stop it. Seo Jin asks who stabbed Do Jin and Jae Yi says it was Yoon Hyun Moo who came to her house. Jae Yi cries and apologises for not being able to do anything.

Do Jin hears young Nak Won asking him to stay alive at whatever cost and not die.


The stalker guy is in the hospital hallway looking at the trio waiting outside for Do Jin. He hums cheerfully and takes a picture of them in his phone.

Hyun Moo goes to his step mother’s soup shop which is locked. He bangs like a crazy person for a while asking them to open up. He breaks the glass door and enters the restaurant. He drinks the beer from the fridge and takes the money from Ok Hee’s counter. The graduation picture is near the counter and Hyun Moo grabs it for a closer look. It shakes him and he puts it back.

Do Jin is out of surgery and Seo Jin sits next to him in the ICU. Ok Hee sees Jae Yi peeking into the ICU still in her miserable state.

Jae Yi is sitting in the staircase looking at all the blood dried in her hands and clothes. She remembers Hyun Moo breaking into her door with the hammer and Do Jin screaming at her not to come out.

Ok Hee cleans the blood on Jae Yi’s hand with a hand kerchief. She apologises for everything Hyun Moo did and blames herself for not doing anything for Hyun Moo. She cries and says all that she can do is say sorry for both 12 years ago and for today.


Jae Yi holds Ok Hee’s hand and tells her not to apologise as she should get that apology from those who wronged her. Jae Yi cries that Na Moo keeps getting hurt again and again because of her and Ok Hee tells that if Jae Yi gets hurt again Na Moo (Do Jin) can’t bear it.

Do Jin wakes up and sees his mother and sister in the ICU. The first thing that comes out of his mouth is if Nak Won (Jae Yi) is okay. Ok Hee confirms that she is fine. Do Jin lets out a relieved sigh. Seo Jin says she thought she would never see her brother again and Do Jin apologises for scaring her.

Do Jin asks about Hyun Moo and Ok Hee says they should catch him and stop him from causing so much pain. Do Jin says he will catch Hyun Moo and that he shouldn’t go too far. Ok Hee asks him to get better first and that she’s proud of him.

Yeon Ji and Jong Hyun are outside his room asking Jae Yi who stabbed Do Jin. She tells she couldn’t see because Do Jin kept covering her eyes.

Ok Hee comes out of the ICU and Jae Yi goes in to see Do Jin. Do Jin is asleep as Jae Yi stands near the foot of his bed. Ok Hee watches them from outside sadly.


Moo Won drives into the hospital and sees Jae Yi coming out with Ok Hee. Jae Yi tries to hide her bloodied clothes from her brother. Ok Hee apologises to Moo Won saying it was her eldest son who did this and that she’ll make him pay for his mistakes. Moo Won glares but doesn’t reply. He takes Jae Yi away.

On the road he tells Jae Yi that Hyun Moo will be arrested soon. He asks her to stay at a hotel instead of their house. He mechanically tells her that she should take a break from her work as the news will start to spread. Jae Yi cuts in and tells him not to hate Na Moo (Do Jin) and his family as they are good people.

Moo Won tells her he doesn’t care if they are good are bad but they are dangerous. He asks her if she’s really okay.


In the hospital, Do Jin’s team (Nam Gil too, in his hospital robe) talk with Ok Hee about the Hyun Moo situation. Yeon Ji assures that he’ll be caught soon. Jong Hyun tells that he is going to kill him. Team leader chides him but Jong Hyun says that as an older brother Hyun Moo did nothing to Do Jin except for going to jail and creating a mess. He frustratedly tells them that Do Jin has tried to to atone for them all his life just because they are his family. He continues that Do Jin just wants to live a normal life and why they can’t leave him alone.

Seo Jin is at home packing things and she sees Hyun Moo there. She hits him with the bag and shakes him asking if he’s finally gone crazy. She asks if it wasn’t enough for him to harass Do Jin and if he has to kill him too. She shakes him again and tells him to go die and he shouldn’t touch her brother.

Seo Jin tells him that if anything happens to Do Jin she’ll curse him throughout her life so he should just go die now itself.

Hyun Moo just asks her if Do Jin is alive in a small voice.

Do Jin shakes as if in a nightmare at the hospital. His mother holds his hand in concern.

Episode 18

Seo Jin grabs Hyun Moo’s collar and asks if he is worried about Do Jin. She asks him if staying in Jail with Hui Jae has made him crazy. She tells that she’ll call the police so that they’ll arrest him.


Hyun Moo tells her that he did it to show his father. Seo Jin looks confused. Hyun Moo says that if he gets arrested again he’ll have to rot in jail forever. Hyun Moo says he’ll have to do it right this time.

Hyun Moo comments that Do Jin does live long to Seo Jin. He tells Seo Jin not to tell anyone she saw him as it won’t be safe for her.

As he leaves Seo Jin calls him Older brother and asks him to end whatever it is that he is doing. Hyun Moo pauses but then leaves out the door.

Seo Jin goes to the hospital and tells her mother about seeing Hyun Moo and that he asked about Do Jin. Ok Hee seems taken aback at that.

Ok Hee goes to her soup shop and sees the broken glass window and the missing cash from her counter. Jae Yi’s poster on her wall is hanging off and she goes to correct it. She remembers one day in the past when Do Jin sits and look at that poster for a long time.

Hui Jae has a visitor in prison. He peeks in curiosly and is glad when he sees Ok Hee sitting across the table.


Ok Hee sits there holding onto her purse like it’s her life line.

Hui Jae laughs and sys that it’s been 12 years and that she’s still beautiful. He says it must have been tough for her to raise their kids on her own. Ok Hee asks who he is referring to as his kids. She asks him if he knew about what Hyun Moo did.

Hui Jae asks if he hurt Na Moo and then chuckles saying that he is finally acting like a brother. He tells her that she finally came to see him because of that. Ok Hee tells Hui Jae that he pushed both his sons into a terrible life.

She says that Hyun Moo is so desperate for his father’s affection that he even stabbed his own brother. Whereas Na Mo has been making amends for everything that he did. She says that he never smiles freely and if Hui Jae doesn’t feel sorry towards him.

She tells Hui Jae that they are not his children anymore, but they are hers. She warns him never to bother her kids again and says that he is the devil.

Hui Jae asks her if she came to the dog farm 12 years ago, the day before she ran away. He asks if she saw how he killed that lady. He tells her that her killed that lady because she wouldn’t listen to him.

Hui Jae continues that if she had just reported him and hadn’t ran away she could have saved 3 people. Nak Won’s parents would have not died. He asks her if that’s the reason she’s taking care of his kids. Because his sins are her sins and they are on the same boat as they are a family. Ok Hee looks pained and calls him crazy.


Hui Jae tells that he’s been talking to a nun and that salvation is very easy. He says that even if he sins again he can just ask for forgiveness. His smiling demeanour changes and he warns her that she is his woman and just because he is in prison it doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to do anything.

He asks her if she knows why he didn’t kill her. He says that he like her skin’s smell. Ok Hee coughs from the extreme discomfort and looks like she is about to throw up.

Hui Jae warns her never to get together with another man. He asks her to visit often and bring Seo Jin too. He tells her he misses Na Moo.

Ok Hee angrily asks him if he thinks he is protecting his children. She says that he is the one that broke them apart. She tells him that the life he led and the words he said were all wrong.  She says that’s why he is in jail now.

She says that Na Moo grew up by himself so he is not his child.


Ok Hee gets a demonic gleam in her eyes ans says that she hopes he rots in jail for thousands of years. She goes on madly that she’ll crawl inside the prison to rip him apart and chew on every bone of his to kill him if he ever touches her kids again.

Hui Jae laughs approvingly and says that she reminds why he fell for her in the first place. He continues that she should have some spirit as Hui Jae’s wife. He tells her he’ll see her again like a normal husband leaving for work. Ok Hee shakes with anger and tears.

Ok Hee finally throws up in the bathroom after the ordeal is finished. His words about how three people would have been alive if she had reported him ring in her ears.

In the past we see Ok Hee calling the police, but she remembers the day she left Na Moo and ran away with Seo Jin.  She starts crying and then hangs up the phone without reporting him.

She goes to the hospital and sees Do Jin sleeping in the bed. Next to him Seo Jin asleep too, leaning on the bed.

Later, Ok Hee tells Do Jin she is sorry for not protecting him properly. She continues that Hyun Moo is her problem from now on and that she’ll take the blame for his actions. Do Jin asks her not to do that because he himself is her biggest burden. Ok Hee tells him he’s not a burden but the greatest gift she got.


Seo Jin sees a news on the article about Hyun Moo being the prime suspect in Han Jae Yi’s attack case. Elsewhere Hyun Moo is walking in the streets. Park Hee Young goes on in her new investigative show about Hui Jae reminding the viewers about Han Jae Yi’s parents murder case. She talks about Jae Yi’s rise to fame and her terrible past which caused her PTSD. She sums up all the stalking incidents and attacks on her and tells the viewers that the suspect is Hui Jae’s son, Hyun Moo.

She goes on to reveal the past relationship between Do Jin, Hui Jae’s second son, and Jae Yi. She tells the viewers that they were both together at the murder scene 12 years ago. She builds the tragic lovers angle and tells that they are pretty close even now.

Hee Young asks the viewers about their opinion on this sad story where Hyun Moo thinks they should be punished for being together.

We see Hyun Moo trying to target a man in an alleyway. Only he is being shadowed. He realises it too but the guy hides when Hyun moo turns around.

Hee Young says in her show that when Hyun Moo was interviewed he showed no signs of remorse for his father’s crimes.

Before Hyun Moo could hit the man, the umbrella guy from earlier bashes him in the head with a hammer. Hyun Moo is stunned. The new guy bows to Hyun Moo and asks him why he stabbed his brother if he wasn’t going to run away. He claims the alleyway attacks as his to a shocked Hyun Moo and laughs as if it’s all a game. He continues that he heard about Hyun Moo from Hui Jae and tells him that his father thinks Hyun Moo is a weakling and has no right to be his son.


Hui Jae sits in his cell watching Hee Young’s show. There is a lot of fan mail next to him.

Hee Young tells that she published the biography because of Hui Jae begging to her and she did her part as a journalist. Hui Jae looks at her with hatred. Hee Young says that Hui Jae said he feels sorry about his crimes but his evil has been inherited by Hyun Moo.

Do Jin too watches it from his hospital room.

Hee Young raises a question about the injury Hui Jae had on his head when he was arrested. She says that it is not revealed in the police report as to how he acquired the injuries.

In the flashback we see team leader removing a paper from the report.

Hee Young wonders what could have happened between Do Jin, Jae Yi and Hui Jae. She tells the viewers it must have been something very shocking and that’s why the police covered it up.

She tells the viewers that in the past 12 years Do Jin has never visited Hui Jae.

Jae Yi switches off the TV and leaves the hotel room.

Hee Young talks about how Moo Won is an adoptive kid whose biological parents too died and how it must have been hard for him to lose his adoptive parents.

She tells that ignoring the tragedy because it is too much to handle won’t solve anything.

The show gets over and her hoobae minions jump up and down that their viewer ratings skyrocketed.


Do Jin is walking in the corridor with his IV stand for support. Jae Yi comes to him and tells that she came because he’ll keep worrying about her. Jae Yi tells him not to ever again preotect her like that. He nods. She asks if he’ll still do it if something like this happens again. He tells her it won’t happen again.

Hui Jae is agitated after watching Hee Young’s show on television. The guard opens up the door and asks him to sit down as it is bedtme. Hui Jae pulls him in by the collar and closes the cell door. He proceeds to strangle him for ordering him around. He tells him that he’ll make him his 13th and then he corrects himself and says he’ll make him his 14th victim. But he has a change of heart when he hears sounds from outside. He throws the guard and says he’s endured without killing for 12 years and he shouldn’t end his streak.


Back in the hospital Jae Yi asks why they had to go through all this at such a young age. She says the only mistake they did was to like each other, for which they are being punished till today. She tells D Jin that she wants to be happier than before.

Jae Yi tells him that they shouldn’t be sorry to anyone anymore and they shouldn’t care what others think. She says that they should pretend as if they are okay. She asks him if it is impossible for them.

Do Jin looks at her as she cries but he doesn’t reply.


Hui Jae has little psycopaths running around doing his biddings. I said Psycopaths in plural cos I do believe there is more than one person. The umbrella guy took picture, so he was sending it to someone. (I still think Nam Gil is part of Hui Jae’s fan club.) Hyun Moo’s reaction to the murder in front of him is proof enough that he is not evil. No matter how much he wants to be. Some seriously twisted daddy approval issues have gotten him all wrangled up in this mess. But he does have no qualms about attacking people to get his way, which is not cool but the way he ran to the rest of his family right after he stabbed his brother speaks miles about his nature. I believe he stole the graduating photo too along with the money.

Still the highlight of this episode was Ok Hee’s one on one with Hui Jae. She was holding onto her dear life in fear and disgust throughout the exchange but she still managed to hold her own. Those death threats were pretty creative and brought out the mother in her.

We have very little information about Hui Jae’s prodigy so let’s wait for the coming episodes to see why he is doing his bidding. As for Do Jin and Jae Yi, get together already. Before someone else comes in and stabs one of you again. I know we have a lot more episodes to go but the kids have been denied their love for each other since 16. It’s about time. Even Hui Jae is having a nice time for someone who killed 12 or 13 people. What’s with the ambience in the visitor’s room? Do Jin gets stabbed once in two weeks while Hui Jae gets TV and candles?

Still love the show but for once I would like to see the happy and playful Do Jin.

-Grey Husky

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