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Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 19 – 20

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 19 – 20

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 19 

Moo Won is in his office reading articles on the internet about Jae Yi being in love with Hui Jae’s son. He sees a damaged picture of Jae Yi and gets extremely angry as he remembers the bloodstained family picture 12 years ago.

At the hospital, Jae Yi tells Do Jin that she wants to be happier than before and not care about what people think. She says to him that she wants them to rest for a while and pretend that they are ok. When he looks at her without replying she cries if it’s impossible for them.


Do Jin wipes her tears and says that he is scared she’ll lose everything precious to her because of him. He thinks back when his dad tried to kill her after he killed her parents and then recently when his brother tried to attack her.

In the alleyway Hyun Moo is talking with the real hammer killer, who is Hui Jae’s psychopathic minion. (Is it just me or is this the guy from Jae Yi’s team?) He tells Hyun Moo that he’s heard a lot about him from his father and that his father thinks Hyun Moo is weak and doesn’t deserve to be his son. Hyun Moo recognises him from Han Jae Yi’s shooting set. He marvels in pleasure when Hyun Moo recognises him.


We see him packing the hammer to deliver to Han Jae Yi at the awards. He leaves a mail for Hyun Moo to find too.

He tells Hyun Moo back in the present that he was the one who scared Han Jae Yi on the set that night.

The stalker guy while in jail is introduced to Hui Jae by the nun. He looks a Hui Jae with admiration and enthusiasm. Hui Jae doesn’t seem to care in the beginning but the guy says he’s here to be redeemed and Hui Jae looks at him with curiosity.

In the prison work area, the stalker guy is trying to wrap a handle for his hammer. Hui Jae does it for him and tells him how to hold it. He looks at Hui Jae like he met god himself.

In the church, the stalker sits next to Hui Jae like a little puppy and tells him he knows Hui Jae’s autobiography by heart. He says he’ll read it again once he gets out of jail as it’s more fun each time he reads it. Hui Jae compares him to Na Moo (Do Jin) and his reading habit. A strange look crosses the younger guy’s face when he mentions Na Moo.

Hui Jae asks him to do something one at a time. The stalker says he’ll have to meet Jeon Yoo Ra in advance.


Back in the present, the man who was attacked by the stalker guy tries to get up. He strikes him to death again laughing and Hyun Moo backs away in fear.

The stalker tells Hyun Moo that father isn’t interested him so he should just stay useless. He refers to Seo Jin as his sister and tells him she was cute. Hyun Moo gets angry and proceeds at him but the guy swipes the hammer across Hyun Moo’s abdomen making him back away once again. The guy (I wish I knew his name) looks pretty amused at this and laughs again. He bows respectfully to Hyun Moo like a younger brother would and leaves.

Hyun Moo walks away from the scene staggering every step of the way. The stalker’s words about how his father thinks he is weak and doesn’t deserve to be his son keeps ringing in his ears.

Ok Hee sits at her diner desolately as she thinks about Do Jin and Jae Yi’s life.

In the hospital Do Jin gets up and tries to walk again despite being in a lot of pain. Jae Yi is at her hotel room watching a news about herself and people wondering her current whereabouts.

There’s someone at the door and she asks who it is wondering if it’s her CEO. It’s Do Jin and he looks absolutely drained and is leaning on her door. He tells her they’ll do it just for one day (take rest and pretend they are normal.) He says that they couldn’t for 15 years so they should do it for at least one day.4.png

She asks why he came even when he is hurt so much. He asks her to use him, just for one day. She agrees and hugs him.

Hee Young is preparing with her team for the next episode. Focusing n Do Jin being a handsome police officer whose girlfriend’s parents were killed by his father. She tells them they can spin that for atleast two weeks. She sees her tab and the news about Hui Jae attacking his guard is published. She chuckles wondering if he got angry after watching her show.

In prison Hui Jae is informed that he has received 30 days penalty. As they take him away from his cell everyone, including the guards and prisoners alike turn away from him in fear.

Jae Yi’s CEO, Pyo Taek, is now trying to explain to her agency about the scandal clause being broken as these dating rumors are surfacing. He tells them it was all made up by Park Hee Young. But Jae Yi takes the phone from him and confesses to braking the scandal clause. She tells them to talk to her lawyer about renewing her contract.

Jong Hyun is cutting apples into hearts and giving them to Do Jin telling him he realised his feelings after his attack this time. Jong Hyun tells him he’s off the case as Hyun Moo’s hammer had the blood from the first attack victim. He just asks him to pick up a different case after his recovery. Jong Hyun tells him he knows only Do Jin but if he had met him when he was Hyun Na Moo he’d still be his side.


Nam Gil, now all recovered, is watching the exchange, from the door. He talks to Hee Young on the phone and asks why she didn’t reveal Do Jin’s face as that would pull in more viewers. Hee Young laughs and says how can he be so cruel to his own junior. Nam Gil scoffs and says he is just a murderer’s son. He asks her for a higher payment this time considering her viewer rating increased.


Ok Hee is closing up her soup shop and her neighbors ask her if the handsome policeman showing up on the news is their Do Jin. Ok Hee doesn’t reply to that and tells them to take care of the shop. She asks her if a guy dressed in black comes she should ask him to wait and that his mother will come back soon.

Do Jin watches the news about a third victim who was attacked with a hammer. Ok Hee comes at the same time to the hospital.

Ok Hee asks Do Jin if he’d like to eat something. Do Jin tries to tell her something but doesn’t. Ok Hee tells him it’ll pass. So he should just hang on for a while.

In Moo Won’s office, the guy who killed women while raping them is back again arguing it was not intentional. He blames the girl again for changing her mind and that it was an accident. He gets all angry and screams at them to do whatever they want when Moo Won says anything he says will be used in court against him.

Moo Won bangs the file to the table and asks the guy to keep his voice down. He tells him not to show his fear so obviously. Moo Won too gets a call from someone to whom he denies everything as baseless rumours.


He gets a flash back of his childhood. His parents are murdered and he himself is on the ground bleeding. He spots a knife near his family photo covered in blood. The murderer is cleaning his finger prints from everything. He pours something on the floor and is about to ignite it with his lighter. Someone (possibly Moo Won) stabs him with his knife.

He goes to see Jae Yi. Jae Yi asks him about meeting their aunt. He asks her to ignore their relatives for a while as they are all angry about the broadcasts. She asks him why he won’t ask her anything. He replies that he doesn’t want to say anything negative and he’ll just wait for her as their mom and dad did for him. He says he’ll keep her protected and all she has to do is come back to them.

Hyun Moo watches his sister leave her saloon and at the bus stop still she gets on the bus. Ok He sees a guy dressed in black cross her shop. She runs out calling Hyun Moo ya, but it is not Hyun Moo. She goes back into her shop. Hyun Moo isn’t far away. He watches his step mother for a while hiding from view.

Jae Yi is packing up her bags and she dumps her blood-stained coat in the dustbin before leaving.

One month later.

Hee Young visits Hui Jae in prison. She tells him she was frustrated from not being able to see him for a month. She tells he got off lightly. She tells him she is curious as to how he lost his resolve after holding it in for almost 12 years.


He asks Hee Young about a line from her programme where she said that the police exaggerated the facts to make him look like a perfect monster. He asks if he looks like a fraud to her. Hee Young tells him she’s sorry if she upset him but it is a fact that he asked her to publish his biography and then brainwashed his relatively introvert son into stabbing his brother.

Hui Jae asks if she thinks he is a laughing stock to her. She laughs at this and says if not for her he’ll just be another garbage sort of criminal. Hui Jae’s face turns its color at that. Hee Young tells him that she created him, “Hui Jae the perfect embodiment of evil.” She says he’s not some trashy criminal now but rather a celebrity.

Hui Jae chides her for not knowing her place. He tells her that he created her. He tells that she was a nobody who printed gossips and he made her a journalist. He continues that not even the prosecutor or the chief warden could speak to him face to face so she should be grovelling in front of him with gratitude all her life. He asks how dare she messes with him.


Hee Young is all wary as she asks him who he is so angry with. Himself or Yoon Na Moo.

She tells him that the whole world knows Hui Jae is a butcher. She continues that Hyun Moo is a loser copycat who can’t even commit a murder properly. But she says she has nothing on Na Moo no matter how much she digs. She wonders how he is human even though he comes from Hui Jae’s bloodline.

Hee Young pushes Hui Jae further and asks him what happened that night and if he actually fought it out with his teenage son. She wonders there was no other weapon that night except his hammer so what is he hiding so fervently. She wonders if a monster like him really possesses the ability to show paternal affection.

She asks him to just say yes if it is true because that would prove her article right. Hui Jae asks her to stop talking about her son with her dirty mouth.

Hee Young frustratedly tells him they wont be able to talk today. She gets up and walks away. As she nears him she leans down closer to him and tells that his era is over and he’ll rot in there forever.

Hui Jae grabs her by the throat and pushes her into the wall. He tells her she made him very happy as he hasn’t felt this way in a long time. He strangles her and pushes away the guard who tries to stop him with just one hand.


He pushes her down on the table all the while strangling her. Three guards pull him away from her and he relents his grip. She catches her throat in pain and tells him he is still a chained dog. Hee Young informs him that she’ll let him see the outside world one more time as she’ll be suing him. She tells him that they’ll decorate the press one more time.

Hee Young then comments that it is probably what he wanted.

Hui Jae says “Goodbye, Reporter Park Hee Young.”

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 20

Do Jin is packing lunch. His house looks bright and lively. He too looks healthier. He gets ready to go out and looks at his reflection nervously on the mirror.

Jae Yi is getting ready too. Do Jin waits outside her gate and looks at the security cameras and her compound wall.  She comes out and Do Jin’s taken aback slightly. He nods when she asks if he is completely recovered. They smile at each other and proceed on their date.


Do Jin is driving but he’s highly nervous at being so close to Jae Yi mainly because she keeps watching him with a huge smile on her face. She tells him that she’ll tell him where to go and asks him not to use the navigator. He asks her where they are going and Jae Yi says that since they never got to do what normal people get to do, she’s decided to go to three public places for their date.

She gives him the directions but he asks if he can use the navigation instead as he is unable to drive well. She comes pretty close to him and teases him asking why. He opens up a bottle of water and drinks it hurriedly.


Jae Yi asks him if he’s never dated anyone making him cough and spill all the water down. Jae Yi pats his back and then tells him Se Kyung, her senior actress told her that Do Jin has not dated anyone.

He just drinks more water without giving her a reply. Jae Yi smiles at his reaction.

Do Jin requests her to look straight but she refuses and says she’s going to look at him as much as she wants. At the next traffic signal Do Jin seems to have gained a little confidence and looks back at her. He gives her a bright little smile. She too smiles at him first but then she gets all nervous when she remembers a day in their past when he gave her the same smile.


She was eating a cookie at her house and Na Moo seems to smile at her quite freely for the first time.

She remembers it and just like that day she moves away swiftly getting nervous. She tells Do Jin it’s suddenly hot and he gives her a miniature fan to cool herself down. They go to a lakeside park and Jae Yi tells him that she used to come here a lot whenever she missed him because there is a lot of Na Moo (trees) here and they reminded her of him (they still call each other Na Moo and Nak Won.)

Do Jin watches her go before him and is reminded of the day when they walked in fields the same way.  He calls her but he doesn’t say anything out loud. In Voice over we hear him think that she is like Paradise. They link their hands and walk on the pathway.


Ok Hee opens her shop and finds many business cards from reporters. She chucks them directly into the dustbin. Reporter Ji Ho from three years ago visits Ok Hee. She comments that her TV is still old and she can still get her a new one. Ji Ho tells Ok Hee that she can change the media image and she is the only one who can deal with Park Hee Young. She offers Ok Hee her business card but that too gets thrown in the dustbin.

Ji Ho sees Jae Yi’s poster on the wall and ask if he doesn’t feel sorry for Jae Yi. She continues that it’ll be very shocking if Jae Yi becomes her daughter in law and that her parents would be heart broken in their graves. Seo Jin comes from behind and dumps some green beans on Ji Ho’s head. She calls her a crazy person and tells her to leave before she calls the police.

15 a.png

Ji Ho says she can sue them for assault and Seo Jin replies that then what Ji Ho is doing to them is illegal too.

Moo Won arrives there and asks Ji Ho to leave as he is there to question them.  Ji Ho asks if he isn’t Jae Yi’s brother.


Moo Won shows the photo of Hui Jae’s lackey to Seo Jin and asks if she’s ever seen him. Seo Jin says no. She is asked if he visited them and Seo Jin replies no. He tells her to report it if he contacts. He gives her his card. Ok Hee tells him she’ll contact right away if he comes and wont hide him. Moo Won says they ll be charged too if they hide a criminal.

Jong Hyun finds a guy with fake ids from the film crew. He shows it to team leader and Yeon Ji. His name is Lee Seung Woo. Yeon Ji says that she’ll check to find if he is Hyun Moo’s accomplice.

The stalker guy is in front of Ok Hee’s shop looking at them with a satisfied smile. Ji Ho watches him and wonders who he is.

Hee Young thanks the police warden for sending her some information and tells him it’ll go on air that day. She tells him she’s only added a little bit to it. We see that she has a wall full of images about Hui Jae’s case.

Hee Young reads from Hui jae’s autobiography. He explains as to how he decided to end all his evil deeds that very day when he saw his son. It’s the chapter about the Christmas night. Hee Young says her words are going to be even more fun than his. She looks at Do Jin’s picture on the wall and asks him if it isn’t so.

Do Jin and Jae Yi walk along the beach and Jae Yi tells him she’s been here once. Do Jin tells that he lived in a place like this with his mom and Seo Jin before he came to Seoul. Another couple is on the beach and they are clicking pics. Do Jin blocks Jae Yi from their view thinking they are taking pictures of them.


Jae Yi is perplexed at their closeness and moves away saying that they got nervous for nothing. Do Jin holds her for a while before letting her go. He watches her go from behind and thinks about all the time he used to sit on the beach in Chugae and think about Jae Yi (Nak Won.)

He comes to her and links their arms one more time. They walk hand in hand and Jae Yi tells that it feels good.

Park Hee Young is doing another episode of her investigative TV show. This time she brings up the wound on Hui Jae’s head when he got arrested. She tells that in the initial medical report it is stated that he was hit on the head with a hammer on the day Han Jae Yi’s parents got murdered.


She goes on about how Do Jin who was Hyun Na Moo at that time and Jae Yi who went bv Gil Nak Won, both of them miraculously survived from Yoon Hui Jae. She tells that Yoon Na Moo himself reported his father, Hui Jae, to the police right after that.

She reads an excerpt from Hui Jae’s book where he goes on about his teenage son begged him on his knees not to kill him. He tells that he couldn’t look his son in the face and slowly put his hammer down.

Do Jin’s team leader along with Jong Hyun and Yeon Ji watch this on their TV looking incredulous.

She continues to read from the book. Hui Jae has written that in order to protect his son who was shaking from fear he let himself get arrested by the police.


Hee Young tells the viewers that unlike what Hui Jae says he actually tried to kill his own son with a hammer. She tells that he hasn’t reported that in fear of being charged. She tells her assumption then that Na Moo (Do Jin) stole his hammer and tried to strike his father with it in order to survive.

Hyun Moo to watches this on the news from wherever he is hiding.

Hee Young then shows a short quote from the book written by Hui Jae to Na Moo.

“To dear my son:

Let us keep the words we didn’t get to say in our hearts.”

She tells that he claims to have put an end to his killing spree for his son but in reality, he actually tried to kill his own son in order to hide his crimes.

The guard from outside Hui Jae’s cell looks at him with unbelieving eyes as he hears the news.

Jae Yi and Do Jin are still on their date.

Park Hee Young continues that on that Christmas day nothing but the murderous intent of both the father and son only filled that house.

Hyun Moo remembers about the times in jail when Hui Jae said that Hyun Moo will never understand Na Moo (Do Jin) and that’s why is doesn’t deserve to be his older brother.

Hyun Moo looks at the graduation photo he stole from his step mother’s shop.

In his office, Moo Won looks at Hui Jae’s file.


Do Jin is taken to an amusement park by Jae Yi. He seems afraid of all the rides. Jae Yi tells that most people left because it closes in an hour. Do JIn tells Jae Yi that he is afraid of the high rides. She finally shows a carousel and Do Jin rides it happily.

Jae Yi seems a little pouty but shee smiles when she sees Do Jin smile at her happily. They play around with different head bands. They settle on a frog head band and Jae Yi even makes Do Jin croak like a frog. He wins her a black stuffed dog by clearing off the balloon darts row. They go for some snacks and Do Jin gets a call from Jong Hyun. He leaves her for a minute to attend the call. Some women who came to the snack shop start taking Jae Yi’s pictures so she leaves from there and hides in a little distance.

Jong Hyun tells Do Jin that Hui Jae might get sent to the prosecutor’s office because Park Hee Young has sued him. Do Jin drops Jong Hyun’s call when he sees that Jae Yi is missing from the shop. He goes running around yelling out her name (Nak Won.) She spots him searching for her fervently. He runs here and there startling the others in park. He finally sees her a little distance away. He runs the distance in one breath and pulls her into a hug.


Jae Yi goes speechless at his fear for her safety. He asks her if she is ok. She nods and tells him sorry for scaring him.

Park Hee Young arrives into her parking lot in her car. She sees someone coming towards her when she is out of he car. It’s Hyun Moo.

Park Hee Young noted that isn’t scared at all for a fugitive.

He wonders if she met his father.

Do Jin and Jae Yi are driving back home from their date. They both look sad and Jae Yi tells that they had fun today. Do Jin nods at that.

She tells him that the next time they meet he’ll be detective Chae Do Jin.

She calls him Do Jin ah! And tells him that this name is pretty too. Do Jin pulls over the car. They both look pretty dejected about the day coming to an end. They both notice that the time is 11:53.


Do Jin’s photo on Park Hee Young’s wall gets splashed with blood. She’s collapsed on the floor and the attacker keeps bashing the hammer on Do Jin’s picture.

Do Jin still looks very unsure seated in his car. He looks at Jae Yi who looks at the clock sadly as it shows 12:00. Do Jin calls her Jae Yi but the switches back to calling her Nak Won. He doesn’t finish his sentence but then leans in slowly towards her for their possibly first kiss.



I could be way off here but the stalker looks like Jae Yi’s team member from previous episodes. His equation with Hui Jae is more than that of a fan and a celebrity. He’s hoping to be his son or successor. Also he looks like he’s jealous of Do Jin. Probably, he too knows that Hui Jae loves Do Jin a little bit.

On the contrary, Hui Jae wouldn’t want another son or anything, I’m pretty sure he considers the young man a lackey to do his bidding in the outside world. They talk about a certain Jeon Yoo Ra. Either i missed something in the previous episodes or this is a whole new character (or someone who goes by a different name now.) It looks like they have laid out plans but the young guy seems too excited and enthusiastic to be running these alone. Is someone else out there helping them. Is it this Yoo Ra?

It is almost time someone knocked some sense into Hyun Moo about his priorities and I wouldn’t complain if it was the little psychopath who managed it. Watching a live murder was not okay with him so he is nothing like his father. Still, his father’s opinion about him hits him hard but he keeps hanging around his sister and mom at least from far away to make sure they are safe.  He knows his way home but isn’t sure if he should go home at all. All he needs is one more pull from either Seo Jin or His mother.

I had said in the earlier episodes that Nam Gil probably one of Hui Jae’s fan. He turned out to be an informer for reporter Park Hee Young. But i don’t think it stops there. He got stabbed and kept collecting information all the time. There is something more nefarious involving him, the stalker and Hui Jae.


Park Hee Young sounded almost disappointed at Hyun Moo not being able to commit a murder and Na Moo being normal. She wanted to spin an angle about Hui Jae’s offsprings but she was denied of that since they are not murderers.

Though it looks like Hui Jae finally lost his cool with Park Hee Young, it really does seem like he is doing it for something. He knew riling up Hyun Moo would make Ok Hee come thrashing towards him. He is planning something huge and we are unable to find it sooner because of the world cup.

Jong Hyun seems to be one of the purest characters out of the lot apart from Do Jin. He’s the only person who keeps Do Jin laughing and normal despite the situation. Even the love of his life has to ask him for an off day to be normal people. Can we get Jong Hyun to date Do Jin?

Talking about dating that was one good date they had. I know it was a lot of brooding and staring in the beginning but that’s just who Do Jin is. It was a beautiful day for the both Do Jin and Jae Yi. They deserve more time but will the writers be so kind.

And we should talk about that last scene. I’m positive it’s not Hyun Moo. It could be the Hui Jae minion or it could be someone else. I’m not even sure that’s the last we see of her so let’s not celebrate just yet.

-Grey Husky

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