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Come And Hug Me Recap Episode 21 -22

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 21 -22

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 21

Last week we left off at the end of Do Jin and Jae Yi’s date as he was about to kiss her. Park Hee Young was attacked brutally with a hammer and we don’t know who did it.


Do Jin and Jae Yi are at the beach and then at the amusement park for their date. They smile at each other as they ride the carousel. Later, Do Jin drives her home and Jae Yi tells him that they had fun today. He looks sombre as the day is coming to an end but smiles and nods in confirmation.

Do Jin pulls over as Jae Yi asks if he’ll be Detective Chae Do Jin the next time they meet.

They both look at the time and it’s 12:00 am. Their normal day has come to an end. Do Jin says, “Nak Won ah!” and leans in towards her. Jae Yi closes her eyes too but he changes his mind and rests his head on her shoulder.


He gets out of the car to attend a call from Jong Hyun who tells him not to come to work tomorrow. Jong Hyun informs him that Park Hee Young broadcasted that he is Hui Jae’s son and then revealed details about the Christmas night from 12 years ago. All this combined with Han Jae Yi’s scandal and Hui Jae attacking Park Hee Young has made the situation worse.

Do Jin thinks back to that night. Na Moo has blood splattered over his face. He looks very angry and his breathing is very heavy.

Pyo Teak, Jae Yi’s manager, sends her a message about the broadcast. She thinks back to the night too.

Nak Won looks at Hui Jae who is bleeding from his head and she is wrapped in Do Jin’s arms.



Do Jin gets back in the car and tells Jae Yi that it was a work call. As they pull over towards her gate Do Jin looks at her house worriedly. She assures him that it’s secure and she’ll have bodyguards to attend any events. Jae Yi tells him that she too feels scared just like he does. She asks him not to get hurt and that she’ll do the same.

And with a goodbye, Jae Yi gets down from the car and goes into her house. Do Jin watches her walk away.

His mother’s words ring in his ears that everything will pass and that it’s the best thing for both him and Jae Yi. Do Jin drives away.

Jae Yi looks at her family photo thoughtfully. She takes a letter addressed to Gil Nak Won hidden away in a cupboard.

Do Jin waits at a traffic signal and happes to see a happy couple walking hand in hand. He looks at his empty side seat and remembers Nak Won’s words about how he should come to her when he is in pain. Her words about how she’ll like him for the rest of her life no matter what happens makes him turn his car around. He drives back to see her.


Jae Yi crouches on the floor and reads the letter which is from Yoon Hui Jae. He asks her if she is well and informs that her parents called her name till their last breath. Hui Jae implores her to live well so that she could flaunt it in front of him, the man who crushed his family.

There’s a pair of shoes and other stuff in a box addressed to Gil Nak Won.

Jae Yi remembers the day Do Jin asked her to use him just for one day and then throw him away if she wants to.


Jae Yi rushes to the door as the doorbell rings. She sees that it’s Do Jin from the security camera. She opens the door and he pushes her in a little hurriedly.

Do Jin says that he came because he asked her to come to her whenever the going gets tough for him or if he is in pain. He says that it is too tough for him. He confesses that it is very painful for him to see her but the he goes crazy when he doesn’t see her. He tells that even though it doesn’t make any sense he’ll say it to her since he’s unable to stand it anymore. He says that he likes her. A lot. He tears up as he says it and Jae Yi too starts to cry. He says that he likes her so much that it’s driving him crazy and that he likes her even more than himself.

Jae Yi startles him with a kiss. She declares that she too likes him and that she doesn’t care if it’s crazy.


He pulls her in for the kiss this time and we hear Nak Won in the voice over going that even if they broke up for a while they won’t be apart for long.

Do Jin lies facing Jae Yi on her bed with a little gap in between them. Jae Yi tells him that the next time he feels guilty about being with her he should just say sorry and she’ll tell him it’s ok. She’ll confirm to him that everything is fine because she likes him. Do Jin nods looking reassured.

She grazes his cheek with her finger and tells him again that she likes him.


Jae Yi falls asleep and Do Jin watches her lovingly. He then tells me too (that he too likes her.) He plants a kiss on her forehead and then he too falls asleep holding Jae Yi’s hand.

There’s blood all over on Park Hee Young’s office floor. Yoon Hyun Moo walks staggeringly in a deserted alleyway. There’s blood on his white shoes too.

He bangs on the door of his stepmother’s soup restaurant yelling for her to open the door. He goes forward to break it but Ok Hee calls out to him from the end of the alley. She worriedly asks him where he’s been all this time. He tells her that she is one to talk and asks why she has her restaurant open so late after everyone has left.  He asks her if she has to earn money so badly.


Ok Hee looks startled and wonders if he’s been watching them all this time. She asks him if he’s not worried about his brother whom he cruelly injured. Hyun Moo mutters back frustratedly that Do Jin is alive so what is the problem.

Ok Hee takes his hand and pleads to him to surrender himself. She beseechingly tells him that mom (herself) will wait for you again and won’t go anywhere else. Hyun Moo pulls his hand away angrily and snorts at the idea of turning himself in.

Hyun Moo tells his stepmother to inform the police that he was here so that they’ll be swarming her place for a while at least.  Ok Hee looks at him confused. He asks her to at least close the shop for a while. Ok Hee panics and shakes him asking what has happened this time. He goes on to say something about Seo Jin but team leader Ko appears at the end of the lane talking on his phone.


Hyun Moo becomes alert. He whispers to Ok Hee that she should at least stay close to that guy (team leader Ko)

Team Leader spots him and Hyun Moo speeds off on foot in the opposite direction. Ko asks Ok Hee if that was Yoon Hyun Moo and if he came to hurt her.

Ok Hee whose eyes are covered with tears, composes herself and tells him it’s not like that. She tells Ko that Hyun Moo came because he was worried about her.

Hui Jae is being taken out of prison, his hands restrained with a rope for good measure. He gets into a shuttle to be taken to the prosecutor’s office.


In the violent crimes department, a new reporter is hounding the other team members with questions about Do Jin. He asks them if he is extra violent when he catches criminals since it was reported that he didn’t even blink when a guy brandished a knife.

Nam Gil, (the cop who was selling information to Hee Young) sniffles in laughter asks the reporter what sort of nonsense that is. He questions the reporter if he would be able to do that.

The reporter counters that it could be possible with Do Jin’s background and quips at them if psychopathic tendencies aren’t hereditary. Yeon Ji loses it and bangs her table in clear annoyance. Jong Hyun asks the reporter to get out before he locks him up for obstruction.

But the reporter doesn’t relent and smilingly tells them that he finds it extraordinary that a 16 year -old tried to kill his serial killer father.


Do Jin walks up behind him and the reporter shuts up. Jong Hyun concernedly asks him why he came to work so soon. Do Jin assures him he’s fine and goes on to ask Nam Gil how he is doing. Nam Gil tells him he’s fine cheerfully.

Do Jin praises Yeon Ji for doing a good job on her own. The reporter who was quietly watching their exchange from behind, slowly leans in and asks Do Jin if he watched Park Hee Young’s program. He informs Do Jin that he should sue her if it isn’t true. Do Jin wonders aloud if he should answer that.

The reporter tells him that last time he denied dating Han Jae Yi. He tells Do Jin that people on the internet are saying that Jae Yi is mentally disturbed.

Reporter Ji ho, the lady who got kicked out of Ok Hee’s restaurant twice, comes in and tells them that Han Jae Yi must know what happened that night 12 years ago. She tells Do Jin that they are close to this day because of that incidence so at least that much of what Hee Young reported must be true. Ji Ho tells him she’ s curious as to what happened that night.


Ji Ho reminds Do Jin of the time they met in the police academy 3 years ago. She tells him that Park Hee Young must have bothered him a lot since then. She extends her hand in friendship and patronizes him saying he is not a foolish kid filled with passion and justice anymore. She says they should work together.

Do Jin gets up from his seat and his demeanour makes her drop her hand. He wonders if the reporters are all really that bored as it looks like they were actually waiting for him to come to work all these days. Do Jin asks her why they need a statement from him. He tells them to just write whatever they want. He sits down and starts working. Ji Ho looks disappointed.

Jong Hyun shoos the reporter lot outside and Nam Gil looks at Ji Ho interestedly as she leaves.

Jae Yi goes to an audition and the casting directors wonder if she’ll be ok with the role which is small in comparison with the lead roles she used to play. Jae Yi informs she likes the script and that she’ll work hard if they cast her.

22 (16).png

The director asks her to read a few lines and Pyo Taek intervenes wondering if she has to. Jae Yi cuts in and tells them she’ll do it. Pyo Taek looks sad and a little annoyed at the way she is being treated.

The lines are that of a daughter speaking to her mother quite passionately. She aces it and the directors are quite impressed. He tells her that she nailed the emotions. Jae Yi thanks him.

The director continues that he didn’t think she’d be able to do it considering the characters parents both disapprove of the guy she is dating. He tells her that he thought Jae Yi couldn’t portray something like that.

Pyo Taek calls out to the director apprehensively. He ignores him and asks Jae Yi if that scandal about her is true. She tells him no.

The director continues that people can be vicious and that the reporters took it too far.

23 (16.png

She tells him it was not a scandal implying that the rumours are true. That takes everyone by surprise. She bows out of the room leaving the lot of them bewildered.

Pyo Taek complains that she is being too cheerful and honest. He tells her she can’t just admit everything.

Jae Yi tells that the photos are all over the internet and both, she and Na Moo, doesn’t want to hide anything.

She says she’ll just work hard.

Pyo Taek wonders if they were up to something fun and tells her the press has even coined a phrase for the two of them. Jae Yi runs away when he keeps pushing and Pyo Taek follows her running too.


Yeon Ji and Do Jin compare the forensics of all the hammer attack cases. They conclude the Lee Seung Woo is more meticulous and aggressive than Hyun Moo. Yeon Ji says that they both have different M.O’s. She tells that they are not working together.

Do Jin thinks about how Hyun Moo couldn’t answer him how he knew the song from 12 years ago. He concludes that Lee Seung Woo must have heard about the carol from Yoon Hui Jae.

He tells Yeon Ji took look for inmates in their 20’s released from the same prison as Hui Jae. He wants to look at people who showed anti-social tendencies in their psychological tests. Do Jin says that he must be middle class at least from his belongings and the luxury watch he was wearing. He continues that he must have lived in the area as he knows the cctv cameras so well.

Do Jin apologises for not being able to help directly as he is relieved from that case. He promises to work afterhours and help identify the culprit. Yeon Ji says she is ok with it all since she thought she’d never be able to talk to Do Jin again.

Jong Hyun bursts in and tells them that their team leader has gone to the prosecutor’s office. He informs that Ko and everyone else from Gowon station who worked on Hui Jae’s case are being investigated in secret.

Team Leader Ko enters the Prosecutor’s building and Hui Jae’s shuttle bus is parked opposite to it.


An angry looking Moo Won is checking out articles on the internet about Hui Jae and Do Jin which says if Psychopathic tendencies are hereditary. He also has the report of Hui Jae’s attack on Park Hee Young on his table.

He’s informed by his fellow officer that it’s time to interview Yoon Hui Jae. They also discuss about not being able to reach Park Hee Young as she isn’t someone who would ignore their calls.

Moo Won too has concluded that Lee Seung Woo may not be Hyun Moo’s accomplice. He asks the fellow officer to see if he is connected to Hui Jae. He also asks him to check the members of Hui Jae’s fan club which was started in 2007.

Moo Won goes into the interrogation room and Hui Jae leans in to get a better look at the name on his ID.


As Moo Won starts the questioning, Hui Jae tells him that Gil is not a very common last name. He gives a smile and tells that they must have met before.

Moo Won continues about the Hee Young strangling incident without indulging Hui Jae. But Hui Jae wonders if he saw him in the courtroom with his sister. He asks Moo Won if he isn’t Nak Won’s brother.

Moo Won keeps silent and Hui Jae asks him if Park Hee Young spoke about Moo Won in her show.

Moo Won still doesn’t look up but asks Hui Jae to answer his questions alone.


Hui Jae asks if Jee Hye Won was his adoptive mother. Moo Won looks up at him with daggers for eyes the moment he mentions his mother’s name.

Hui Jae continues that he turned out well and both his adoptive and his biological parents would be proud of him. He tells that the children’s achievements are the biggest happiness to the parents.

Moo Won, still biting down his anger, asks Hui Jae if he agrees that he assaulted Park Hee Young.

Hui Jae tells him he was quite lucky that day.

He leans in and tells him ‘because you came late.’


Moo Won too loses his pretence and asks him what he wants.

Hui Jae tells him empathetically that Moo Won lost his parents to a violent crime and then his adoptive parents died at his hands. He tells that he felt terrible when he saw the program. Hui Jae says that it was very tragic.

A very crooked smile appears on Moo Won’s face. He asks him ‘then what about yourself?’

Moo Won tells him that he got hit while trying to kill his own son. He tells that sounds more tragic to him. He tells that Yoon Na Moo (Do Jin) is Hui Jae’s son but still he hates him so much that he tried to kill him. He sneers that the invincible Yoon Hui Jae was tricked by his 16-year-old son. Moo Won says that he feels sorry for Hui Jae.

Hui Jae smiles and says that Moo Won doesn’t know as he doesn’t have any children. He continues that no kind of parent or kid would do that. Moo Won says but you are a monster (like the rule doesn’t apply for him.)

Hui Jae scoffs that it is better to have a parent than not have one. Hui Jae tells that disaster occurs wherever Moo Won is implying the times both set of parents died.

Hui Jae asks if he isn’t afraid what he’ll lose the third time. He asks Moo Won if he loves his sister at all then why would he let her be near his son.


Anger rises to Moo Won’s throat. Hui Jae leans towards the table in front of them and asks if he thinks Na Moo (Do Jin) hates him. Hui Jae tells that it can’t be as Na Moo is the one who takes after him the most.

Hui Jae stews Moo Won by saying that he probably doesn’t care what his son may do to his sister. Moo Won asks him to shut it.

Hui Jae smiles wondering whether it’ll be his beautiful sister that he’ll lose the third time. He enunciates the name Gil Nak Won making Moo Won completely lose it.

Moo Won charges at him screaming Yoon Hui Jae. He drags him by the collar and pushes him against the glass partition. Moo Won threatens that he’ll kill him if he touches his sister. He says he’ll kill Na Moo too if anything happens.

They are separated by the people who came rushing into the room. As Hui Jae is led away by the police he turns around and tells Moo Won that he too shouldn’t be near his sister.


The fellow officer from Moo Won’s prosecutor’s office runs into the room and tells Moo Won that Park Hee Young was killed the previous night.

Moo Won is astonished and he looks at Hui Jae. Hui Jae smiles at him and leaves with the guards.


Episode 22

Dong Jin goes to the prosecutor’s office and team leader Ko exits through the door at the same time.

Team leader Ko wonders why he came and Do Jin asks if he left out that report in his father’s case because of him.


Ko admits that he did modify an official document but he doesn’t regret it. He says that it isn’t as if he lied about criminal documents. He says that he did it as he couldn’t hear people blaming Do Jin for being a psychopath’s son but bow everything got revealed because of Park Hee Young.

Do Jin feels sorry but Team leader Ko says that he would have quit this job long back if he hadn’t met Do Jin and his Mom.

Flash back to the day mom came back for Do Jin when she hugged him and refused to let him go.

He tells that in his job he was disappointed by people and that is when he met them so he shouldn’t feel bad.

The shuttle from prison, containing Yoon Hui Jae pulls up at that exact moment. Hui Jae spots Do Jin standing on the stairs talking with Team Leader Ko. He is ecstatic to see his son but his face grows angrier at how fatherly Inspector Ko treats Do Jin.


Do Jin s laughs at something Ko said and the older guy pats his head affectionately.

Hui Jae remembers that day when Na Moo (Do Jin) cried why a monster like him has to be his father.

Hui Jae looks at the pair of them like a predator and he gets up from his seat. The guards order him to sit down and the shuttle moves away from the office.


Do Jin sees the shuttle but doesn’t think much of it. He gets a call from Jong Hyun.

Jong Hyun tells him that Park Hee Young was murdered at her home last night. He says he’ll send him the address and asks Do Jin to come before any reporters arrive.

The whole team is inspecting the scene of crime and it looks like she was dragged away bleeding. Nam Gil examines her desk carefully. Yeon Ji says there’s two set of foot prints. Jong Hyun says it’s highly likely done out of grudge as the killing looks merciless. Do Jin looks at his photo covered with blood on the floor. They spot the weapon and it’s a hammer.


Do Jin sees that it is the same style of hammer his father had left for him when he was young.

Nam Gil steals Park Hee Young’s pen?


Jong Hyun wonders if they tried to burn the house down as there is a burnt zebra print rug on the floor. Do Jin says it was done to show him.

Flash back to the night when Na Moo’s family dined while the news about the old people who were killed is being telecasted. Their house was burnt down but nothing was stolen. Hyun Moo and Na Moo watch it while Hui Jae smiles and continues eating.

He remembers the Christmas night too and he tells his team that it’s a copy cat killer. A killer who is copying Hui Jae.

In the copy cat’s lair, we see Hui Jae’s book and pictures of every single person related in every way to Do Jin and Jae Yi.


Do Jin’s team watch the CCTV footage of Hee Young arriving home followed by a guy in the hat. A little later another guy enters the building too.

The team wonders if they could be Hyun Moo and Seung Woo as they have the same built.

Nam Gil tells them it looks like they are accomplices. They look at Do Jin cautiously.

Hyun Moo is at a gaming room. He has a security camera with him from Hee Young’s house and he connects it to the system to see what went on.


Hyun Moo had followed Hee Young into her house. He asks her if she has no fear as she let him in.

Hee Young says she already knows all about him as she heard it from his father.

He asks what his father said and she switches her pen recorder on behind her. She asks him to sit down and says she also needs something in return.

She says that Hui Jae called Hyun Moo a sore finger and that he is worlds apart from Do Jin.


Hyun Moo grabs her collar and asks what his father said to Na Moo that night 12 years ago. Hee Young counters that she should be asking that question to him.

He asks what the deal with Na Moo is (Do Jin.) She says that Hyun Moo is pretty much a forgotten child but Hui Jae is obsessed with Na Moo as he sees something in him. She asks him in his eyes what kind of person is Yoon Na Moo. She wonders if that gentle face is just a mask and if he is an even more evil person that their father is. Hyun Moo is puzzled but someone rings the doorbell.

Cut back to Do Jin at the crime scene. Jong Hyun informs him that it was not a forced entry. They were either let in or they knew the password.

Back to the night Hee Young was killed, Hyun Moo hears the doorbell and shakes Hee Young wondering if she called the police on him. She denies saying that she wouldn’t ruin such an exclusive interview. She asks him to go inside and tells that it must be the courier.

He doesn’t trust her so she tells him that if it’s the police they’ll catch him anyway so he should just go in and wait so that she can finish this quickly. He warns her that he’ ll kill her if she’s up to something.

In the present, Do Jin sees the footprints heading into the room. He deduces that one person went into the room to hide.


Flash back to the night, Hee Young sees that her front door security camera isn’t working. She goes to the door but it opens startling her and the hammer killer enters her house. He removes his mask, bows respecfully and smiles at her with his hammer in hand. Hee Young looks at the hammer nervously. The guy hits her in the head with it.

Back at the crime scene, Do Jin sees the blood spatter and concludes that she was attacked right near the door but dragged her towards her map.

Seung Woo, the killer, declares too Hee Young that he is here to kill her. He tells her that his father asked him to do that as her work is finished and she also did things she shouldn’t have done.


She asks him if he is the criminal behind the residential attacks. He says that Hyun Moo ran off scared after attacking a woman. Hee Young asks if he’s behind the Han Jae Yi incident too.

Seung Woo says that she is full of questions just like his father said. Hee Young asks if he is calling Hui Jae as his father wondering if he wants to become just like him. She is very weakened but she laughs and tells him that she can make it happen for him just like she did for Hui Jae. Seung Woo says he isn’t interested in all that. He says he doesn’t want to kill people using words. He attacks her again.

Hyun Moo comes out of the room and sees Seung Woo with the hammer and Hee Young lying on the floor.

In voice over Do Jin tells that he hit her again and again as if punishing her.

Hyun Moo sees the scene in front of him in shock. Seung Woo laughingly asks him why he came out only then and if he wanted to listen in on their conversation.

Hyun Moo finishes watching the footage in the gaming room and then leaves hurriedly.


Do Jin’s team members at the crime scene discuss that the attacker must have gotten some blood on him. Yeon Ji says he probably changed his clothes there itself plus his shoes.

Do Jin sees all the dripped blood and says that he must have worn a rain coat. He thinks back to his father wearing raincoat. He also remembers the security footage from earlier and tells them that Seung Woo is Hui Jae’s copycat.

He sees Hee Young’s wall of timeline again and sees the bloody mark he has left on Han Jae Yi’s photo.

Ji Ho is hounding them with questions as they leave. She asks them if Hyun Moo is one of the suspects. Nam Gil tells her it’s a secret. She tells him that’ll just make her throw guesses around and she doesn’t like that kind of writing. He pushes her away saying she is asking for too much and gets in the car.

Do Jin goes towards his car and Ji Ho asks if it feels strange since that woman who gave him so much trouble. She asks him if it is connected to Hui Jae since it happened right after the show about Yoon Hui Jae and Do Jin aired.


She tries to say empathetic things again and tells that Hee Young probably had it coming.

Do Jin gets out of the car and asks Ji Ho if she is saying that Park Hee Young deserved to die. He asks her if she is even a reporter and then drives off in his car.

As He drives his fathers voice telling he’ll remove everything that makes his son weak and pathetic rings in his ears.

Jae Yi watches the news about Park Hee Young’s death in the TV from her home. Pyo Taek is on the phone with her and tells her that he is a little scared and sorry at what happened to her. Jae Yi too looks a little shaken.

She switches off the TV and wonders if she should Call Do Jin. But she receives a message from him.


At Ok Hee’s soup restaurant, a woman dressed in black appears. She looks robotic and stares a little weirdly at Ok Hee.


Hyun Moo watches Seo Jin work at her saloon from outside her window, keeping watch.

Do Jin pulls into Jae Yi’s lane and gets out of the car hurriedly. But she is waiting for him at the front gate. She says that she came out the moment he said that he was coming. He pulls her into his arms before she could finish her sentence.

Jae Yi wonders if he is okay. He lets her go and says he’s okay.

Jae Yi jokes that he must have missed her as she tends to have a healing effect in people just by being around them.

But he nods as if she said it seriously, bewildering her.

She holds Do Jin’s face and says that nothing bad will happen and that he shouldn’t worry.


His team calls him to inform about the killer. They have found who he is and his real name is Yeom Ji Hong. He was released only a month apart from Hyun Moo. They confirm that he did the religious activity with Hui Jae for three years.

Apparently, his father is a famous modern artist and he himself studied at a big league American university.

Jong Hyun tell him that Ji Hong’s brother lives in Gangnam and that they should go there.

Do Jin goes back to Jae Yi and asks her to not wait outside anymore. He asks her to call him if something happens and tells her not to go anywhere. He realises he’s being too jumpy and tries to tell her but she says it’s ok and she understands that he has to go someplace. He nods.

Jae Yi tells that everything he said right then were the same things she was going to tell him too. She says that they should both be careful and they both share a hug.

Moo Won watches their exchange from his car across the street.


Do Jin leaves after seeing her go inside. Moo Won gets very angry as he thinks back to what Hui Jae said about how he doesn’t care about his sister or what Na Moo does to her.

Hui Jae’ words about how Na Moo (Do Jin) doesn’t hate him but he is the one who is exactly like him keeps ringing in Moo Won’s ears.

He goes back home and sees both the families’ pictures. He thinks about how he lost both the families. Hui Jae had said that he should stay away from his sister too as he is the one bringing all the misfortune.

His hands shake as he thinks about how he tried to strangle Hui Jae when he mentioned his sister’s name.

Do Jin is walking around a bunglow.

Hui Jae is in prison. We hear his voice asking who dad should remove first for you, my son.

He thinks about team leader Ko.


Do Jin walks around the building as the killer watches hi from hiding.

We see his lair one more time. Hui Jae’s rain coat, black boots and hammer are all there.

Park Hee Young’s photo has been crossed off in red. There is Jae Yi, Seo Jin and Ok Hee’s photographs too on the wall.

Hyun Moo walks away from some police in an alley.

Do Jin comes around the house one more time and this time the killer strikes at him with his hammer.

Do Jin swerves away just in time. Do Jin looks at the guy. He says Na Moo.

He attacks him again but Do Jin deflects the shots every time.

Do Jin asks if he’s copying Hui Jae by using the hammer. He tells that it’s like child’s play and doesn’t seem threatening at all. He laughs saying its corny. The killer gets annoyed and charges with the hammer one more time. Do Jin kicks him in the leg and this time he manages to get a hold of him by his collar.

We hear a voice saying we will see each other soon father.


Do Jin sees that the killer looks scared. a very psycho, maniacal smile spreads through Do Jin’s face.

Do Jin says it’s nice to meet you Yeom Ji Hong. He continues to smile inhumanly.


That was the most twisted psychopath smile if I ever saw one. I would be running in the opposite direction if someone smiled at me that way but sadly for the hammer killer, he can’t even run now.

We’ve said this enough time. Do Jin did inherit the psychopath side of his dad but as mentioned in one of the previous episodes “Wickedness is a choice!” And Do Jin chooses to be the do gooder. Still his evil face is much intimidating than his father’s.

Hui Jake’s conversation with Moo Won went just the way he wanted. Moo Won’s behavior in the whole series is considered a little annoying but the guy lost 2 families. It’s pretty natural of him to hate the killer’s son. It would actually be weird if he was OK with Jae Yi dating Do Jin, it makes sense that he is angry and afraid.

Yoon Hui Jae saw Do Jin for the first time in 12 years but he was so furious that his son would bond with another father figure. I am genuinely scared for team leader Ko now. And Hyun Moo asking his step mother to stay close to the team leader is such a reversal from his initial apprehension to her being chummy with another man. Seriously, the guy has come a full circle and cares so much about OK Hee and Seo Jin.

I hope they keep him alive throughout the series. I know writers like to kill off the reformed punkish characters in a noble death towards the end but I wish they kept him so that he could have some life with his family.

Jae Yi owning up to her relationship without caring about the repercussions was amazing. Her romance with Na Moo looks slow but in my opinion it is being kept pretty chaste (well, except for that one kiss) because they were plucked away at the adolescent stage. They are frozen there itself in some aspects so it won’t escalate sooner. Especially Do Jin is still his 16  year old self in so many ways around Nak Won.

Park Hee Young’s death was pretty brutal but the evidence was stolen by Nam Gil. Is he planning to sell it? He seems pretty interested in Ji Ho. Is he wondering how much more money he can get. That is going to be one huge disappointment for Do Jin when he finds out Nam Gil was selling information to Hee Young on him.

There was a lady in black. Is this the woman Hui Jae and mini killer were discussing about. She looked at OK Hee a bit enviously. Is she part of Hui Jae’s fan club.

We’ll find out more in the coming episodes.

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