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Lawless Lawer Series Review

Series Review

Lawless Lawyer (Lawless Attorney) was extremely thrilling to watch as it maintained the same pace and kept us on the edge until the last episode. Though we knew the identity of the killers from the very 2nd episode there was not a single scene that was boring throughout the series.

If you want to watch an action-packed series with elements of humour and romance and that has a happy ending then I would highly recommend watching this series.

The storyline is really thrilling with a lot of twists and conspiracies. The action scenes are swift and a treat to watch while the trial scenes are gripping. This is one of the few series that does not have a second lead in it and I liked that about it. The Chemistry between the leads is a delight to watch and the romance track is matured and steady throughout the series. The humour aspects of the series are well blended into the main plotline and are a welcome change when the plot gets too serious. It has the right blend of legal, action, humour and romance in it.

Every character is well written and the casting is perfect as everyone has done a great job with their roles.

My favourite characters from this series were, without doubt, Bong Sang Pil and Ahn Oh Ju.

Lee Joon Gi has done full justice to his role, Bong Sang Pil- the Lawless Lawyer. He is amazing as he portrays the character, which requires him to constantly switch between being a brilliant lawyer, a skilled thug, a romantic lover and a determined avenger.

Ahn Oh Ju portrayed by Choi Min Soo tops my list of favourite negative characters by far. Choi Min Soo’s brilliant portrayal of Ahn Oh Ju makes us hate Oh Ju and at the same time feel for him. This character possesses dark humour and he has a dynamic personality. Though he is a formidable thug, he is exceedingly loyal to the Judge family until the very end. He gives an indomitable look and he is  responsible for bringing out Sang Pil’s full potential.

I enjoyed watching this series as it exceeded my expectations as it started with a bang and finished in a flash. This series can be re-watched an umpteen number of times!

-By Soul Sword-

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