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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 9

Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 9-


The Police arrive at the scene and find Sang Pil laying motionless over the rooftop. Kwan Dong and one of his men are shown walking away after disposing the murder weapon on a car’s bonnet. The police read out the Miranda rights to Sang Pil but then he is insensitive to his surroundings.

Judge Cha watches the news of the arrest which says that Bong Sang Pil (ex-convict and gang member of Dae Woong gang) was arrested for murdering his uncle Dae Woong. Soong Ja rushes in on hearing the news but Judge Cha says that its nothing important. Soong Ja suspects that its Oh Ju’s work and asks Judge Cha if she knew about it which earns her an angry look from Judge Cha. Soong Ja says that she asked because she is worried that it may backfire on Cha. Just then, Judge Cha receives a call from Oh Ju and she asks him to come and meet her.


Kwan Dong meets Oh Ju at his office and says that everything is going Oh Ju’s way. On seeing Oh Ju’s expression he asks him why he doesn’t seem happy. Oh Ju congratulates Kwan Dong on his work and goes on to say that it was sad that they had to kill Dae Woong. He asks Kwan Dong to send some flowers to the funeral.

Soong Ja calls up Oh Ju and tells him that Judge Cha is in an extremely bad mood and asks him to come and visit her.


Jae Yi and Kwang so are about to leave to see Sang Pil when Detective Gang barges in with his men with a search and seizure warrant of the law firm. Prosecutor Cheon arrives with Yeon Hi and orders the arrest of anyone who interferes with the investigation. Jae Yi tells him that Sang Pil is innocent to which he says that he isn’t Sang Pil’s friend. Yeon Hee tells Jae Yi that she knew he would get into trouble but didn’t expect him to murder. Jae furiously tells her that as a prosecutor, Yeon Hee will regret every word that she said now. Yeon Hee responds by saying that that the murder weapon has Sang Pil’s fingerprints on it and they will interview her as a witness. Jae Yi tells Prosecutor Cheon to go ahead. Kwan Soo interrupts them and takes her away to see Sang Pil.

At the prison, Kwan Soo tells Jae Yi to be calm as they need her most now. Jae Yi tells him that she intentionally behaved like she was worked up so that they knew that Lawless Law firm believes that Sang Pil is innocent. She says that the trial began the moment Sang Pil got arrested and she is Bong Sang Pil’s attorney.

Back at the law firm, a box with anaesthetics is found and Geum Gang immediately calls up Jae Yi and informs her that he had never seen it before. He tells her that he is being arrested to which she says they are taking him in as a witness and not to worry. She hangs up and says that she is certain that Sang Pil is being framed.


Sang Pil is brought in and he looks sad and dejected. Jae asks him that this happened because he went alone and if he is happy about how it turned out. He apologises and asks her for a favour. He asks her to overlook his uncle’s funeral. She refuses and says that she will make sure that he will be able to do it himself, no matter what happens. She gives him a comforting hug.

Soong Ja tells Judge Cha that Oh Ju is getting out of hand and forgetting his place. Judge Cha tells her to keep an eye on him and report to her.

Geum Ja, Geum Gang and his men are at the police station saying that they have no idea about what’s going on when Jae Yi and Kwang Soo walk in. She tells them that if they are treated like suspects instead of witnesses, she will file a complaint with the Human Rights Commision. The officer lets them go after telling Jae Yi that soon he will be interviewing her as she is also a part of the law firm.

Sang Pil is shown to his cell.


At the law firm, everyone is gathered for dinner but Jae Yi is lost in her thoughts. Geum Gang is very hungry and tries to lighten the mood but Kwang Soo tells them that Sang Pil must be devastated as Dae Woong was like a father to him. Geum Gang convinces everyone to eat when he is confused as to why anaesthetics were found in the office. He also notices that Yang Don is not among them and hasn’t been around for days. The others say that he has gone off the grid. Jae Yi says its alright and asks them to have their dinner.


Oh Ju meets with Judge Cha at her mansion’s balcony who is having her wine. When he asks her for a drink she tries to pour the drink on his face but stops herself. He keeps asking her to pour him a drink saying that it’s not difficult to which she responds by splashing the drink over his suit. She tells him that if a hound bites someone without the owner’s permission, the hound gets euthanized. She reminds him that he is her hound. He seems undeterred and tells her that he is being a loyal dog and is helping her bury her past. Judge Cha feels uneasy and walks away.Oh Ju leaves as Judge Cha looks on with an unsettled look on her face.

Sang Pil is unable to sleep in prison and is crying while Jae Yi stays by his desk at the law firm.



In the morning Jae Yi goes to meet Judge Cha at her mansion where she is having her breakfast. Jae Yi tells Judge Cha that she will be defending Sang Pil and she asks Judge Cha a favour by asking her to allow Sang Pil to oversee his uncle’s funeral. Judge Cha mocks her that she is bowing down today because of some thug. She also asks Jae Yi why she approached her while its the Chief Prosecutor who is supposed to order the release. Jae Yi says that she came as she knows he would not allow the release. Judge Cha asks Jae Yi what she will get in return if she agrees to this. Jae Yi asks her to name her price. Judge Cha tells Jae Yi to clear Bong Sang Pil’s name and to show her how good a lawyer she is by winning the case. Jae Yi responds by saying that Judge Cha must have her reasons for this decision but Sang Pil is her first priority now. She tells her that she will look n Judge Cha’s intentions once the trial is over. Judge Cha smiles and tells her to go ahead and impress her at court where she will be a presiding Judge. She calls up the chief prosecutor and orders Sang Pil’s release as Jae Yi looks on.


At the funeral, a thug slaps Kwang Soo for letting Dae Woong die under his watch. They seem angry at Sang Pil when Jae Yi tries to explain. The gangster holds Sang Pil by the neck when he is escorted into the funeral. Sang Pil asks him if even he suspects him and says that he wants to pay his last respects to his uncle. Sang Pil walks into the funeral and thanks his uncle for raising him and asks him to rest in peace. He is grief-stricken as he falls to his knees and starts crying. His cries echo the walls of the church as everyone feels for him.


As they escort him away detective Gang gives him a few moments to talk with Jae Yi. Sang Pil seems composed as he orders Kwang Soo not to leave Jae Yi’s side and tells him not to allow her to do something dangerous. Kwang Soo smiles and tells him not to worry. Sang Pil holds Jae Yi’s hands and thanks her for making him able to send off his uncle. She tells him that she will soon clear his name. He asks her to stay safe before being taken away.


On the way back Detective Gang stops the car and takes a walk with Sang Pil who is handcuffed. He tells Sang Pil that he already figured out he didn’t kill his uncle and goes on to ask if Sang Pil is Choi Jin Ae’s clever little son. Sang Pil confirms it and tells him that he knows that his mother’s case still haunts Detective Gang. When asked if working with Noh Hyun Joo’s daughter (Jae Yi) is a coincidence, Sang Pil responds by saying that there’s no such thing as coincidence. He also confirms that putting Detective Gang by the Prosecutor was also not a coincidence.


Oh Ju visits Sang Pil at the prison. Sang Pil asks him why he killed his uncle but not him and starts furiously banging the barrier when he doesn’t get a response. Oh Ju says that Sang Pil is the highlight of all this when it comes to the end just like how he eats his favourite dish at the end of the meal. Oh Ju then threatens Sang Pil by saying that if he wants to protect his loved ones, then he should remain in jail. Sang Pil sits down as Oh Ju leaves and he says loudly that Judge Cha had asked Jae Yi to clear his name. Oh Ju stops in his tracks on hearing this. Sang Pil says that it doesn’t seem that Judge Cha and Oh Ju are on the same page as it seems that Oh Ju is surprised at this. Oh Ju tries to brush it off but Sang Pil starts laughing and Oh Ju walks out clearly unsettled.

While walking back to his cell he sees another prisoner who recognises him. In the flashback we see the prisoner, Sang Pil and the gangster at the funeral, toasting to Sang Pil clearing the law exam. Both of them tell him that his uncle wanted him to leave the gang once he becomes a lawyer. They all clink their glasses as they laugh. The prisoner walks away while staring at Sang Pil.

Kwang Soo and Jae Yi arrive at the crime scene (Dae Woong’s murder scene) to find that the scene has been cleaned already which will make it impossible to get any further clues. Jae Yi finds dried blood on the edge of the wall, were Sang Pil was dangling holding on to the rope which was tied to Dae Woong. She looks across the building and finds a hoarding of Kiseung Milk and clicks a picture of it. As they reach downstairs she tells him that they have a witness but Kwang Soo pushes her to the side just in time as two metal pipes plunge down to where she was standing before.

Judge Cha is getting her massage form Noh Hyun Joo as Soong Ja and Yeon Hee walk in. Yeon Hee promises Judge Cha that she will win this case but Judge Cha doesn’t believe this. When Soong Ja tried to defend her daughter Judge Chas asks her to keep out of it. She also asks Soong Ja to keep her schedule free this weekend as she wants to go horse riding.

Sang Pil’s words keep echoing in Oh Ju’s head. He seems worked up that he is not able to figure out the problem.


Jae Yi visits him in prison and informs him that anaesthetic was found during search and seizure at the law firm. Sang Pil deduces that Oh Ju would’ve got it planted. When he asks about witnesses she tells him that there is one witness but he will testify for the prosecution. Jae Yi says that since Kwan Dong had called him to the crime scene using a burner phone, they won’t be able to trace the number. She tells him that there will definitely be a hole in the trap and she will find it. She also tells him that she has requested a jury trial. She tells him not to worry because if the Jury unanimously finds him not guilty, then Judge Cha has to let him go. He tells her that he isn’t worried but he asks her not to worry either. She tells him that’s not possible to which he says that the rules inside the prison and he is a ‘lawless lawyer’. She orders him not to get into any trouble and gives him a wink and he says while smiling that he will obey her.

At the Prosecution’s office, Detective Gang overhears Soong Ja and Yeon Hee talking. Soong Ja tells her to see to it that Sang Pil and Jae Yi aren’t able to hold up their heads again. She then notices him and walks away. He goes to his desk and takes out Choi Jin Ae’s file and he understands that Sang Pil had planned this from the beginning and he is counting on Detective Gang to solve the mystery.

At the Lawless Law firm, Jae Yi’s father visits her and tells her that he was under the impression that she was in Seoul and asks her if she is staying at the firm. She tells him that she stays with a colleague. He tells her to go back to Seoul as he saw the news on Sang Pil to which she firmly tells him that she is defending Sang Pil. Seeing that he is angered she tells him that she is defending him because he is innocent and that she loves Sang Pil.


At the prison Sang Pil walks up to the other prisoner (whom he saw earlier) and addresses him as Scorpion. Scorpion asks Sang Pil if he killed Dae Woong. Sang Pil says he is innocent and his trial will prove it. Scorpion says that he will kill Sang Pil if he gets a guilty verdict.

Noh Hyun Joo (Jae Yi’s mother) goes through the news article on Dae Woong’s murder which says that the murder weapon has Sang Pil’s fingerprints on it. She has an envelope with some photos. We cut to flashback on the night when Hyung man spared her life. She comes home and takes all the photos and film rolls which contain snapshots of Oh Ju committing the murder. His face is clearly visible in few of those shots. She sees Jae Yi and her husband who are both asleep one last time before leaving. We cut back to the present and she thinks back to the conversation she had with Dae Woong at the riverside where he asked her if there’s anything that she can do.

Sang Pil is awake at night and thinks back on the day Dae Woong asked him about the sender of the black book.

At the law firm, Jae Yi thinks back when Dae Woong has asked her if she had ever thought about how she met Sang Pil immediately after she came to Kiseung. He had also asked her if she thought it was a mere coincidence.

Jae goes to the courthouse in the morning and everyone is there and tell her that they are counting on her to get Sang Pil acquitted. Jae Yi’s father comes too and he is holding something in his hand. He tells her that her outfit looks hideous and gives her new clothes. He tells her that he is here as her fan and not to support Sang Pil. Everyone starts cheering.

Judge Cha meets with Sang Pil privately at the courthouse and tells him that being a defendant suits him better than being an attorney. Sang Pil says being framed and ending up in prisoner’s uniform is more honourable than being hypocritical in a Judicial robe. He tells her that soon she will be in same prisoner’s uniform. She tells him that he had told her that he won’t allow an innocent soul to die till he is in the courtroom but what will he do now as his life now rests in her hands. He says that his life is in the hands of the law and he also says that the person who cherishes his life more than himself is his attorney. She tells him that she also hopes that Jae Yi wins this trial. He says that he wants to know why she says so.


Jae Yi walks into the courtroom and Sang Pil is brought in. Sang Pil notices that Jae Yi is very nervous and her hands are shivering. He places his hands on hers and tells her not to be nervous. When she says that she isn’t nervous he jokingly adds that she is a fearless lawyer but he can’t believe this is making her nervous. He says that now that he is a defendant he understands how important the role of an attorney is to which she says now as an attorney she realises how much a client trusts her.

Judge Cha enters and the trial begins and Prosecutor Cheon charges him with murder. Prosecutor Yeon Hee then proceeds to say that Sang Pil tied Dae Woong with a rope and when he resisted Sang Pil stabbed him. Then Sang Pil pushed him off the building and killed him. She goes in to say that his fingerprints were found on both the rope and the murder weapon. Sang Pil thinks back to when he held the knife when he was fighting the thugs. Prosecutor Cheon then tells that Procaine (anaesthetic) was found in Dae Woong’s blood and that procaine was found at Sang Pil’s Law Firm. He says that this proves it was a premeditated murder.

Oh Ju signs an MOU with H Company for Golden City redevelopment. Oh Ju orders Kwan Dong to ask the witness to act as naturally as possible.

At the trial, the witness is called to the stand. He says that he was out for a walk and he saw a man on the rooftop. He points at Sang Pil and says that he pushed the other man off the rooftop. Judge Cha calls Jae Yi to cross-examine. Jae Yi asks him as to how he was sure that it was Bong Sang Pil as it was really far away (Jae Yi’s father sketches the scene in his notepad). The witness says that he is sure it was Bong Sang Pil. Jae Yi shows him a picture of the billboard on the rooftop that she had taken but has blacked out the contents of the billboard. He says he remembers seeing it. She asks him the color of the billboard and he says it was red. She shows him the original picture which shows that its white in color. She asks him again if he is sure of what he saw that day as a man’s life is at stake. Sang Pil smiles as the witness doesn’t reply and Yeon Hee objects as there is no basis for remembering billboard color as its not important. Jae Yi counters saying that it is only for the purpose of the credibility of the witness’ testimony. Judge Cha orders the jury to take claims from both sides into consideration.

After the recess, Prosecutor Cheon narrates Sang Pil’s past crimes. He asks Sang Pil if moving to Kiseung was a sign of betrayal. When Sang Pil denies this Cheon tells him that he has a witness who told him that Dae Woong was unhappy because Sang Pil moved. So he asks him that if Dae Woong was the one who betrayed him by attacking him first and if Sang Pil killed him due to self-defence. Sang Pil denies this and Cheon puts up some insurance forms on screen with Sang Pil’s name as nominee. He goes on to say that Sang Pil killed his uncle for the money and because he interfered with his plans.

Kwan Dong updates Oh Ju saying that the trial is going in their favour. Oh Ju says that they cant be sure until the trial is over. He compares himself to the cuckoo and says that Kiseung is his nest and he will kill everyone who doesn’t stay beneath him.


Noh Hyun Joo hides as Jae Yi Kwan Soo and Geum Ja return to the photo studio. Jae Yi goes in to collect her things when Hyun Joo walks in saying she needs to take a picture for identification. Jae Yi asks her to come back tomorrow as they are closed when Hyun Joo persists as she needs it urgently. Geum Ja persuades Jae Yi to click a picture and she agrees. When she takes the picture she thinks back on asking Hyung man as if he killed her mother to which he apologised. Jae Yi tells her that she resembles her mother. Jae Yi also asks her if she had attended Hyung man’s funeral to which Hyun Joo asks if she remembers her. Jae Yi says that she does and goes to print the photo. She is about to leave the photos and leave but Jae Yi’s father walks in. She runs out with the pictures before he can look at her. Jae Yi calls after her.


Judge Cha meets with the senator after horse riding.  He tells her that she is a virtuous woman and thanks her for developing Kiseung to where it is now. She tells him that he has developed humour. He introduces a man and tells Judge Cha to contact this person if she needs anything in the future. They do not seem to be in good terms and Judge Cha sees through him. She tells that its due to him that she doesn’t trust people anymore. She asks him to convince her if she has to accept his offer to which he says he will redeem himself this time.

Sang Pil racks his brain at the prison and thinks back to his conversations with Judge Cha and Oh Ju. He thinks back on his last meeting with Dae Woong where he had asked him to lead a normal and happy life while he took care of Oh Ju and Judge Cha. Sang Pil wonders if his uncle had already devised a plan. He thinks of the gangsters at the funeral and scorpion and figures out that he would’ve had a plan.


Noh Hyun Joo visits the law firm and Jae Yi asks her the purpose of the visit. Hyun Joo tells her that she works as an acupressurist at Judge Cha’s mansion and also tells her that Chai Dae Woong had sent her to Jae Yi. She gives Jae Yi the pictures and says that she is on Jae Yi’s side fighting Judge Cha.


Scorpion calls Sang Pil to the side and tells him that Man Dae told him evidence was submitted in the trial and calls him a liar. Sang Pil tries to explain but gets hit on his face. Scorpion then tries to strangle him but Sang Pil defends himself. A fight ensues where Sang Pil only defends himself but scorpion gets hold of a sharp object and tries to stab Sang Pil. Sang Pil stops him just in time and pauses for a moment before pulling Scorpion’s hand forward and stabbing himself intentionally. Scorpion is shocked at this and tries to pull away but Sang Pil doesn’t allow him. Two prisoners walk in and run to call the guards. Sang Pil tells scorpion that this is the only way to prove his innocence and he asks Scorpion to go away and Scorpion leaves.

Jae Yi is looking at the projector which projects the images that Hyun Joo gave her. One of the pictures shows Oh Ju bowing to Judge Cha in the driver’s seat of the vehicle (after killing the man she had run over).

We hear Dae Woong’s voiceover saying “This doggone world, no longer follows the law or has people whom we can trust, revenge only calls for more revenge” as Sang Pil passes out.

Image Courtesy – TVN


I notice that Judge Cha always shows a lot of emotions whenever a parental figure is involved. The usually tough Judge Cha shows her soft side with respect to her father and when Oh Ju mocked Sang Pil’s love for his mother. In this episode when Oh Ju visited her after killing Sang Pil’s uncle(parental figure to Sang Pil) she was extremely displeased with him and it caused her to turn against him. In the past, she had also killed the person who had badmouthed her father.

It was good to see that Sang Pil got a hold of himself after he figured out that his uncle had actually had a plan in mind. The fight sequence towards the end was great as it is rare to see a protagonist only defending himself and not attacking his enemy.

Jae Yi’s mother was really annoying me throughout this episode. She doesn’t realise that every moment she delays telling the truth will have serious consequences. She also doesn’t get the fact that if she doesn’t step in now, it won’t make any difference to her family whether she continues to hide or not as they will anyway soon be dead, given the situation. It was good that at least she handed over the pictures to Jae Yi.

Everyone showed great confidence in Jae Yi and she did not disappoint.

The preview for the next episode where Sang Pil and Oh Ju fight together to get out of the hospital looks very promising and interesting. I can’t wait to see how they end up on the same side, though we know it won’t last long.

Favourite Quotes from Episode 9

“Being framed and ending up in this prisoners uniform is more honourable than being hypocritical in that judicial robe”- Bong Sang Pil

“Politics is a war fought smiling while hiding your sword”- Judge Cha Byung Ho


-Soul Sword

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  1. hello! i came across your recap of Lawless Lawyer and i’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, especially your afterthoughts! and i didn’t realise it until you wrote this part: I notice that Judge Cha always shows a lot of emotions whenever a parental figure is involved. ~ i was thinking so hard about why Judge Cha seemed to be unable to let Jae Yi go, perhaps it’s also due to the same possibility that you mentioned here: she considered herself as Jae Yi’s parent (mother, in this case!). cannot wait for your recap and thoughts of episode 10! it’s another interesting episode!

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