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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 10

Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 10


Jae Yi looks at all the pictures which contain Oh Ju committing murder, speaking with Judge Cha who is inside the car and the crime scene. She receives a call from Detective Gong (in an ambulance with Sang Pil) who tells her that Sang Pil is being transferred to the hospital.

Jae Yi races to the hospital in the car and reaches when an unconscious Sang Pil is wheeled out of the ambulance. She holds his hand but is asked to wait outside as he is taken into the operation theatre. Detective Gong and Jae Yi wait outside the OT as their team come running to them. She loses her footing but then tells them that he is strong and he will pull through.
Judge Cha is horse riding and thinks back on her conversation with the Senator where she accused him of pushing out her father in the blink of an eye. The Senator had replied that it was her turn to achieve great things like her father and he will redeem himself by helping her.

Oh Ju walks with the editor in chief as he is giving an interview. He says that money laundering is bad. Later on when they are away from media, Oh Ju and Gwan Dong bribe the editor using funds from the City expenses account. Oh Ju expresses concern over the fact that Judge Cha doesn’t call for meetings with “the Seven” anymore. Editor in chief says he would rather not ask her when Gwan Dong interrupts them.
Judge Cha gets a call from Soong Ja saying that Sang Pil was stabbed but she doesn’t react.
At the mayor’s office,Oh Ju holds Gwan Dong by his neck and asks him if he had planned Sang Pil’s stabbing. Gwan Dong apologises by saying that he didn’t think of that. He also tells Oh Ju that someone made this clever move because if Sang Pil dies in the hospital, the investigation will stop as well. Oh Ju is not happy about this situation. Oh Ju says that someone else is after Sang Pil apart from him. He says that Judge Cha would’ve hired another hitman above Oh Ju.
In the waiting hall, Detective Gong asks Jae Yi not to worry. The surgeon comes and tells them that he has crossed the critical stage and the surgery went well. Everyone is relieved and they go to visit him in his hospital room which is guarded. Detective Gong allows Jae Yi in saying that she is his attorney. She already has got a visiting permit with her.


Once inside Jae Yi sits by his side holding his hands as he sleeps and she thinks back on when he saved her in the subway tunnel, his promise that he will protect her on the night before he got arrested and when he said that he will come running to her if something happens. She tells him that she didn’t know that he tried so hard to protect her and she promises that she will be really good to him from now on. She also says that he means a lot to her and she will do everything that she hasn’t been able to do so far. She then leans on his chest resting her hand on him. Sang Pil asks her if she really means it and she is surprised to see that he is awake. He again asks her if she meant what she said. She starts tearing up and is relieved when she thanks him for pulling through. She makes a fist and tries to punch him for scaring her but stops herself. She says that she wants to punch him but cant do it but hits him lightly on his chest when he smiles.
Jae Yi and her team return back to the law firm where she tells them that she has applied for Sang Pil’s bail. Everyone awkwardly waits and she asks Kwang Soo to check out the insurance papers and burner phone, Geum Gang and Ja to find the witness. The all agree energetically.
Sang Pil is awake and thinks of Oh Ju’s expression when he told him Judge Cha had asked Jae Yi to win the case.

Gwan Dong tells Oh Ju while driving that Dae Woong’s second in command Man Bae (the gangster at the funeral) was the one who ordered his underlings to stab Sang Pil. Oh Ju says that Man BAe would be happy and would be thanking Sang Pil since he is now heading the gang in Dae Woong’s place. When Gwan Dong mentions that it could be revenge for killing his boss Oh Ju asks Gwan Dong if he would avenge Oh Ju if he got killed. Gwan Dong pauses before saying that he would. Oh Ju says thugs don’t seek revenge and Gwan Dong’s hesitation proved it. Gwan Dong asks if Oh Ju would avenge Judge Cha to which Oh Ju responds by saying its an interesting question.
Judge Cha is at her office thinking back on her conversation with Oh Ju where he said he was working on taking care of Sang Pil. When asked why he doesn’t report to her these days he had said that he may not repay kindness but he pays back people who are a nuisance to him. He had also said that he had enough authority to take care of things on his own, when she had asked him if isn’t mistakenly thinking that he owns Kiseung, now that he is the mayor.

Oh Ju comes to visit Sang Pil is his room. He comments that the wound was enough to hospitalize Sang Pil but not kill him. Sang Pil lunges at him but is held back due to being cuffed to the bed. Oh doesn’t move as Sang Pil grabs his suit. He asks Sang Pil to let go and seats himself while telling Sang Pil to take better care of himself as it would be a shame to watch him die. He also tells Sang Pil that he didn’t order the assault on him. Sang Pil asks him to get to the point and Oh Ju tells him that he can help him track down the person who stabbed him.

Prosecutor Cheon enters the hospital with detective Gong and Scorpion as Oh Ju leaves while commenting that Sang Pil was clueless. Oh Ju tells Cheon that he will never forget his name as Cheon was the reason that his fund transition had stopped. Cheon asks him the reason for visiting Sang Pil and says he doubts it was friendly. When asked why he is keen on this case, Oh Ju says he needs to be punished accordingly and that he doesn’t want him freed. Cheon agrees and says that he hopes that Oh Ju doesn’t have to sit across him in court and walks away.

Prosecutor Cheon walks into Sang Pils room followed by Detective Gang escorting Scorpion. Cheon says Scorpion was spotted on the CCTV camera asks Sang Pil if he was the one who stabbed him. Sang Pil immediately denies it and to everyone’s surprise tells them that his attacker was shorter and skinnier. Scorpion wears a surprised look as he leaves and Cheon gives a smile saying they have to take the victims word for it. After everyone leaves Sang Pil asks Cheon if he thinks that he had killed his uncle. Cheon says that he doesn’t believe in the living but only in the deceased and the evidence which points at Sang Pil. He asks Sang Pil why Mayor Ahn Oh Ju visited him. Sang Pil says that OhJu wanted to know who had stabbed him and tells Cheon to be well prepared, as his attorney is far more persistent. Prosecutor Cheon says that he gets excited when he goes up against someone similar to him and leaves.
Jae Yi comes to the courthouse with Kwang Soo and Geum Gang when Yeon Hee comes to her and asks her if Sang Pil doesn’t scare Jae Yi who is a thug and murderer. Jae Yi says that the trial isn’t over yet but Yeon Hee says that she can already see the verdict. She asks Yeon Hee who is more problematic? An attorney who judges its own client before the trial is over or a prosecutor who thinks she won based on what she can only see. She goes on to say that Yeon Hee has never risked her life for anyone or has trusted anyone. Yeon hee leaves after saying an attorney shouldn’t get emotional over her cases. Jae Yi tells that to a suspect who is 100% innocent, the trust of his lawyer means the most.
Judge Cha tells Jae Yi that she is happy to see that Sang Pil is getting better. Jae Yi says that she finds that hard to believe and she thinks Judge Cha means the exact opposite. She tells Judge Cha that her past won’t be erased just because of Sang Pil. Judge Cha asks her what she knows to which she asks judge cha not to think that the past has been erased since the past is what shapes the future. Judge Cha laughs and dares her to prove it.

At Sang Pil’s bond hearing Jae Yi states that since Sang Pil was stabbed by the inmates it is unsafe for him to go back and hence she requests for bail. Yeon Hee quotes the past where Sang Pil used his thugs to intentionally delay the proceedings and got arrested and says that he might have got stabbed intentionally in order to get bail. Prosecutor Cheon says that if Sang Pil is left on bail he may destroy the evidence since he is denying all the charges against him. Judge Cha agrees and denies the bail application.

When Jae Yi comes to visit him, seeing the look on her face, Sang Pil finds out that his bail was denied. He doesn’t seem surprised. He says that he is not used to this many visits when he is in hospital. Jae Yi says he seems to have recovered and immediately he acts as if he is sick. Jae Yi takes him out for a walk (in his wheelchair) where he meets the ‘Lawless Law Firm Family’ (as he addresses them). He acts as if he passed out and then starts laughing. Detective Gong looks on. Everyone speaks to him and they want to have drinks with him when Sang Pil says he needs some time alone with Jae Yi.

They all stay back and Sang Pil says he is sorry that he can’t walk with her. She jokingly says that he realises how much he needs her and he agrees. A kid walks up to Sang Pil and asks him why he has handcuffs around his hands. Before Jae Yi could respond, Sang Pil says that his friend hit him and the child’s mother takes him away warning him not to talk to people like ‘that’. Jae Yi asks him if he was a member of the Dae Woong gang and she has the right to know since she is his attorney. Sang Pil asks if that’s the only reason to which she says because he is her man. He smiles and places a kiss on her hand and thanks her.

At the Judge’s mansion, Judge Cha aks Hyun Joo certain questions about her family when Soong Ja comments that her massage must be really good (as judge Cha rarely asks personal questions). Soong Ja tells Judge Cha that Jae Yi’s father will be coming for her photoshoot tomorrow. Judge Cha asks Soong Ja if she has any update in Oh Ju to which Soong Ja says she hasn’t heard from him. Judge cha tells her not to allow him into her mansion from now on. Soong Ja hides her shock and agrees. Oh Ju walks in and Judge Cha asks him to get out. Oh Ju tells Cha that he needs a chance to explain and Judge Cha asks Soong Ja and Hyun Joo to leave.
Once outside Soong Ja throws some money on the floor for Hyun Joo’s work and walks away. Hyun Joo thanks her and picks up the notes. She makes her thank her for each note that she picks up. Soong Ja then threatens to hurt Hyun Joo’s known people if she leaks any information outside.
Back in the hospital room, Jae shows Sang Pil the pictures that had images of Judge Cha and Oh Ju. He asks her who gave her these and she says a woman who knows his uncle and he had helped her get into judge Cha’s mansion as an acupressurist.
Judge Cha asks Oh Ju if he really wasn’t behind stabbing Bong Sang Pil’s stabbing. He says that he knows she suspects him and she tells him that informing her after doing the deed means that he is defying her. He says whoever did the deed had dared to touch her prey. He asks her to forgive him after he finds out the jerk who actually did it. Judge Cha calls him sneaky and says that he was actually testing waters by coming here. Oh leaves.
Jae Yi comes home and finds that Hyun Joo has not picked up her photos yet. She looks at Hyun Joo’s photo as she remembers Hyun Joo’s words while handing over the photographs.
Hyun Joo is looking at Young Jae Yi’s picture.
In the morning Jae Yi’s father places breakfast near a sleeping Jae Yi who is still sleeping. She wakes up and notices that he is wearing the tie that her mother had gifted him and he tells her that he has to take photographs of Judge Cha today. When Jae Yi doesn’t look happy, he tells her that she has misunderstood judge Cha and he wants her to respect his acts.
Judge Cha poses for pictures and Jae Yi’s father asks if the porcelain jar behind her can be moved for a few minutes. She agrees but the jar falls and breaks to pieces when he moves it. Soong Ja starts screaming at him saying it is an expensive jar. She says that it is 100000 dollars when he says that he will compensate her. Judge Cha tells her not to make up a big fuss but asks him to clean it up and continue with the shoot.

Hyun Joo walks by and catches a glimpse of him as he cuts his hand. Soong Jo notices her and asks her to come in and clean up. Judge Cha notices that she wears a mask before joining the others to clean up the pieces. Jae Yi’s father tucks away his tie safely so that it doesn’t get bloody or dirty. Judge Cha checks out Hyun Joo’s expressions through a hand mirror that she has in her hand. Judge Cha asks him if he s still searching for his wife and comments that Jae Yi takes after her mother. He says that he believes she is alive somewhere and apologises that Jae Yi is so stubborn.
Sang Pil is again cuffed to the bed and Jae Yi straightens his shirt when he asks her if they can really trust the acupressurist. He tells her that she matters more to him than the trial. She says she understands why he is worried but she says that the woman didn’t seem to be fooling her. Jae Yi says that there is some reason why she feels that she is telling her the truth.
Geum Gang comes to pick up Jae Yi and Kwang Soo when Jae Yi gets a message from Hyun Joo on her phone saying that she wants to talk alone with Jae Yi at 11.00 pm tonight. Jae Yi agrees.

At 11 pm Kwang Soo escorts Hyun Joo inside the firm and remains outside. Hyun Joo seems happy that Jae turned out to be a lawyer and the talk over tea. Jae Yi asks her if Dae Woong really gave her the photos and also asks her why she gave Jae Yi the photos even after knowing how dangerous judge Cha is. Hyun Joo says that she found them in Judge Cha’s residence and she lied about Dae Woong as she was worried Jae Yi wouldn’t trust her but maintains that Dae Woong got her into the residence. She says she is doing this because she will give up everything to get back the years she lost. She goes on to tell that the relationship between Ahn Oh Ju and Judge Cha is turning sour. She starts to leave when Jae Yi asks her for a name to address her. Hyun Joo tells her that everyone at Judge Cha’s residence calls her ‘Mama’. Jae Yi addresses her as mama and Hyun Joo smiles
Jae Yi immediately visits Sang Pil and reports to him about this. She tells him that if he couldn’t trust that lady he should trust Jae Yi on this. Sang Pil says that a chasm is forming between the crocodile and its eggs.
Oh Ju is thinking about the times when Judge Cha insulted him when Gwang Dong asks him where he wants to go. Oh tells him to stay back as this time he has to go alone.
Jae Yi leaves just as Oh Ju reaches the hospital. As Oh Ju goes inside, about 4 cars filled with thugs arrive at the hospital. One of them calls up Man Bae (Dae Woong’s second in command and currently heading the gang) and informs him that they have arrived. Man Dae has come to visit someone and he asks his men to stand by.

Oh Ju walks into Sang Pil’s room and drags himself a stool to seat himself at the foot of the bed. Sang Pil wears an amused look as he watches Oh Ju.
Man Bae orders his men to do it as he sits across a person.
A masked person walks into the hospital’s surveillance room and cuts off the feeds to the cameras while the masked thugs make their way up the hospital.
Oh Ju asks Sang Pil if Judge Cha really asked Jae Yi to win the case. Sang Pil says that Oh Ju must be really worked up to come and meet him at this hour. He also asks Oh Ju why he chose to ask him instead of asking Judge Cha. The thugs enter Sang Pil’s room and call up Man Bae saying that the Mayor is along with Sang Pil asking for further orders.

Man Bae asks the person sitting across on how to proceed and we see that the person is none other than Judge Cha. She gives a sign to go ahead.
As the thugs pull out their weapons Oh Ju tells them that he is Ahn Oh Ju. The thug says he knows and Sang Pil says that nobody here will give Ahn Oh Ju any respect. The thug says that one is cuffed to the bed and the other is an old man and comments that this isn’t even a job as its so easy. Oh Ju gets up at this and says to Sang Pil that its every man for himself.
The men are thrown out in the hall and Oh Ju peeks out and checks the hallway and he takes the key from the unconscious guard and throws it to Sang Pil who frees himself. Oh Ju says that the hallway is filled with thugs and goes on to say that Sang Pil is a delicious meal which he can’t share with others. He explains to Sang Pil that he is only helping him because he doesn’t want Sang Pil to die here. Sang Pil says that today doesn’t seem like the day and they walk into the hallway.


In the hallway, the thugs approach them as Oh Ju tells that if Sang Pil dies without sorting everything, he will kill Sang Pil again. Sang Pil replies saying that it won’t happen until he kills Oh Ju. They rush forward and take on the oncoming thugs. They take down all the thugs but Sang Pil takes a hit to his wound. Oh Ju walks of asking him to follow. They find more thugs there and hit them as well.

While they wait for the elevator they realise that they are still enemies and throw a punch at each other and both of them fall to the ground. Seeing more thugs approaching both of them run into the elevator but the thugs follow them as well before it starts moving. When the elevator reaches the ground floor we see that both Sang Pil and Oh Ju are bashed up but they have managed to take down all the thugs. Sang Pil asks Oh Ju who has so much power that she can order both Sang Pil and Oh Ju killed and he says with a smile that only one person comes to his mind. Oh Ju responds by asking Sang Pil to consider this his lucky day and hits him again on his stab wound before walking away. The alarm sounds and Sang Pil hears the sounds of police sirens.

At the law firm Geum Gang and Kwang Soo go down for dinner when Jae Hee refuses to join them as she is working. Jae Yi thinks back on Sang Pil’s words when she said that Judge Cha and Oh Ju were having a fallout. He had called Judge Cha a crocodile who will eat anyone who crosses her mouth. Just then Kwang Soo and Geum Gang rush in holding a badly wounded Sang Pil who asks them if anything happened here. He is relieved to see everyone safe and Jae Yi rushes to his side. Jae Yi sits him down and asks him how he got here and what had happened to him. He tells her that there was a situation in the hospital and he has to make sure she was okay. Jae Yi stops Kwang Soo from calling the ambulance and places a call to Prosecutor Cheon informing him that Sang Pil is at the firm. Kwang Soo and Geum Gang rush to the pharmacy as Jae Yi sits down next to Sang Pil. She is teary-eyed when she tells him that he shouldn’t have come in this state. He tells her that he was worried and he will keep the promise he made that he will protect her. She calls him unbelievable and gives him a hug.
Kwan Dong is shocked to see Oh Ju all beaten up and bleeding and asks him what had happened. Oh Ju is very angry and asks him who he thinks would dare to do this to Ahn Oh Ju.

Prosecutor Cheon walks into the firm with Detective Gong and Sang Pil says that he is still a patient. Cheon doesn’t seem to care and stands Sang Pil up, who winces at the movement. Jae Yi asks Cheon to take him to the hospital to which he says, since she called him immediately he won’t make a big issue out of it but they still had to settle things. She thanks him as he drags away Sang Pil who smiles at her before leaving.
Judge Cha receives a massage from Hyun Joo and she remembers Man Dae telling that Dae Woong had gone to Kiseung to meet a Korean woman who had recently come from Thailand. She comments that Mama is a good name.
Oh Ju asks Gwan Dong to call up Editor in Chief Han to see to it that Oh Ju’s name doesn’t come up in yesterday’s incident as the mayor shouldn’t be involved in brawls. Gwan Dong said that he preferred his life in Seoul as a normal thug where he could do whatever he wanted. He immediately apologises thinking he overstepped the line. Oh Ju thinks and figures out that Judge Cha made him the Mayor to take his money and everything of his.
Sang Pil is shown out of his cell while Jae Yi and her team are about to start to the courthouse when Jae Yi gets a call. She asks the person on the other side as to what they want from her.
At the second hearing of the trial, Sang Pil asks her if something happened to which she says he will be surprised at the proceedings today. He comments that he knows she has a trump card and looks very proud. She tells him that she will prove his innocence no matter what and Sang Pil realises that she is serious.

Judge Cha enters and the trial begins. Jae Yi interrupts judge Cha and asks permission to bring in a new witness. Yeon Hee objects as they had no prior consultation. Jae Yi says since they found the witness this morning they couldn’t get the prior consultation and as for the witness credibility, his position is enough to prove his credibility. Judge Cha asks her the witness’ identity. The courtroom doors open as Jae Yi says it is Ahn Oh Ju, the Mayor of Kiseung. Everyone is stunned as Oh Ju walks in with a swagger. He addresses Judge Cha and says that he will speak only the truth. He points at Bong Sang Pil and says that Sang Pil isn’t the murderer. Judge Cha seems tensed.

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This episode tops all the previous episodes as it had the right proportion of action, romance, comedy and legal elements in it.

Sang Pil didn’t get enough time to mourn his uncle’s death as he was arrested, so it was satisfying to see him spend time with his ‘law firm family’. The scenes between Jae Yi and Sang Pil were pleasant and again showed the compatibility between the two of them both professionally and personally.

Oh Ju had a tough time throughout his episode, as he got a taste of his own medicine while he was being blamed for a crime that he didn’t commit. We see how Oh Ju differs from the usual gangsters when we are shown how Man Bae and his men react to every situation without thinking things through. Whereas Oh Ju unlike them, had figured out earlier on in the episode, that something was off with Sang Pil getting stabbed and also found out that Judge Cha had found another hitman (Man Bae) to replace him.

Oh Ju decided to testify for Sang Pil to bring down Judge Cha and save himself. Judge Cha deserved this as she brought this upon herself when she didn’t give Oh Ju a chance to explain. Soong Ja was humiliated when she got sent out of the room and soon she is going to backstab Judge Cha. Judge Cha has figured out Jae Yi’s mother’s identity but Hyun Joo doesn’t know that yet.

Jae Yi knows that Sang Pil wouldn’t be happy with her decision in bringing Oh Ju as the witness but she still went through with it.

The highlight for this episode was the action sequence where Sang Pil and Oh Ju fight off a large number of thugs. More than the action, I enjoyed watching the slight frenemy relationship between them. Oh Ju seemed to be really offended when the thug called him an old man and he wanted to show them who he really was and Sang Pil was least bothered that he was cuffed to the bed with so many thugs around him. I would love to see few more scenes between Sang Pil and Oh Ju in the next episode before they go back to being enemies. A special mention to the scene where he walks into the courtroom and earns a reaction from the usually stone-faced Judge Cha.

I wonder which aspects of the plot the next episode will cover as the storyline is becoming unpredictable with every episode.

Favourite quote from episode 10

“Don’t assure yourself that the past has completely been erased, for it is the past that shapes the future” – Ha Jae Yi

-by Soul Sword


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