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Lawless Lawyer Recap -Episode 16 (Series Finale)

Lawless Lawyer Recap -Episode 16 (Series Finale)

Soong Ja collapses in the courtroom while giving her testimony and Judge Cha orders a short recess. Sang Pil learns that Oh Ju won’t be giving the testimony leaves the trial to Jae Yi and goes to find Oh Ju.

Oh Ju and Gwang Dong are packed to leave in a ship that Secretary Kim had found for them. Kim arrives to take them and he walks alongside Oh Ju and Gwang Dong walks in front of them. Gwang Dong comments that due to Sang Pil getting the charges dropped, they don’t have to smuggle themselves out of the country. Just then, Kim stabs Oh Ju in the back and Gwan Dong comes in yelling to stop him and gets stabbed repeatedly. Sang Pil comes barging into the building calling out Oh Ju’s name but is shocked to see the scene in front of him. He fights off secretary Kim (disarms and dislocates his arm), who manages to run away.


Gwan Dong is fatally injured and asks Sang Pil if he couldn’t have come sooner. He comments that he shouldn’t have joined forces with Ahn Oh Ju and also says that he hopes Oh Ju gets out of here alive and dies. Oh Ju looks crestfallen and Sang Pil  jerks Gwan Dong, trying to get a response but Gwang Dong lays limp.

Oh Ju asks Sang Pil about the status of the trial and Sang Pil says that it’s in recess. He tells Oh Ju that Judge Cha ordered the hit to stop Oh Ju from testifying. Oh Ju says that he is aware of that too. He takes a few steps but loses his footing and falls. He then sits against the wall and asks Sang Pil if he can still testify in court. When Sang Pil says that he can, Oh Ju gets up by himself and walks slowly out with Sang Pil looking on. Oh Ju goes over to the money bag and drags it along with him as he walks away.


Judge Cha is at her office when she receives a call from Secretary Kim and she reminds him that she had told him not to call her. He tells her that he couldn’t kill Oh Ju as Sang Pil had stopped him from doing so. She orders him to find Ahn Oh Ju immediately.

Soong Ja, at the prison, explains to Jae Yi that she couldn’t decide what to say, so she had feigned fainting. Jae Yi says that postponing wouldn’t solve the problem. Soong Ja asks how Sang Pil and Jae Yi had found that Judge Cha had lured her to the other side. Jae Yi says that it is because they know Judge Cha’s moves and warns her against trusting Cha. Sang Pil walks in just then and stares at Soong Ja while Jae Yi asks him about Oh Ju. Sang Pil asks her not to worry as Judge Cha won’t get her way. Soong Ja is extremely disturbed when she learns that Oh Ju will be testifying and Sang Pil tells her that she will definitely face Oh Ju in the courtroom. He tells Soong Ja that its high time she makes up her mind. Sang Pil warns her that this will be her last chance and that she should pick sides wisely.


Oh Ju is at the harbour getting illegal treatment and medicines in exchange for cash.


Kwang So and Geum Ja seem like a pair when they are socialising over lunch at ‘Subway’. Geum Gang comes over and starts enacting a courthouse scene and Ja imitates Sang Pil’s arguments when got Judge Hong recused. They are unaware of the fact that Sang Pil and Jae Yi have walked in and are watching them. Sang Pil cheers them on and comments that they could be attorneys themselves and seats himself next to Kwang So. Gang asks Sang Pil what happens if Judge Cha denies his claims and Sang Pil says that she will get a heavier sentence. He also says that whether a person is remorseful or not plays a great role in the sentencing. Ja asks what happens if there is a witness but no evidence and Jae Yi says that a witness’ testimony serves as evidence. Gang tells Jae Yi that witnesses can be bribed and Jae Yi agrees saying that they must check the credibility of the witness just like they do with the evidence. Kwang So deduces that they need a credible witness and Jae Yi says that’s why they need Oh Ju’s testimony in court. Sang Pil says that they will have to make sure that the trial is seen by many people so that Judge Cha cant get away. Jae Yi says that she will meet with reporter Yu Kyeong Jin and get publicity. Sang Pil leaves after saying that he has to be elsewhere.

Sang Pil meets Cheon at the prosecutor’s office and Cheon asks him the reason Scorpion left out mentioning Judge Cha. Sang Pil says that he wants Nam Soong Ja to take Judge Cha’s name and not anyone else. Sang Pil asks if Oh Ju will appear in court since Cheon has summoned him. Cheon says that though the APB has been lifted, Oh Ju cant leave the country so he will be caught eventually. Cheon asks if Sang Pil will produce Hyun Joo in court and Sang Pil says that it will depend on Judge Cha’s reaction.


Yeon Hee visits Soong Ja and Soong Ja apologises for destroying her career. Yeon Hee disapproves and tells Soong Ja that she should have apologised to Judge Cha and begged her. She asks Soong Ja why she is in such a mess and Soong Ja says that Judge Cha had pinned everything on her. Yeon Hee tells her that she won’t be able to go higher than Judge Cha if her mother is an ex-convict. She goes on to say that Bong Sang Pil is useless and that she will go personally to Judge Cha and beg on her knees. Soong Ja calls after Yeon Hee helplessly as she leaves.


Jae Yi meets with reporter Yu Kyeong Jin and tells her that everything will be revealed in this trial. She also asks Kyeong Jin to bring foreign reporters to cover the trial because they need outsiders so that truth isn’t manipulated. Yu Kyeong Jin agrees with a smile and says that she will see them in court.


Attorney Go In Do and Judge Cha visit Soong Ja in prison. Go says that Judge Cha was worried about Soong Ja. Judge Cha asks her if Sang Pil had said that Oh Ju will be testifying and continues to say that Oh Ju will never appear in court as he knows what will happen if he does. Judge Cha tells Soong Ja not believe what Sang Pil says as he doesn’t care for her.

Once outside Do says that Soong Ja is on their side to which Judge Cha says that she doesn’t think trust Soong Ja and Oh Ju and both of them have to be incapacitated. Go In Do acknowledges her.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi are working late at the law firm and he receives a call saying that Cha Moon Suk has summoned Go In Do as a witness. They realise that Judge Cha wants to corner Nam Soong Ja and discredit Oh Ju. Sang Pil receives a call and he is serious as he stands up giving Jae Yi a look when he hears out the person on the other end.


Oh Ju is at the harbour loading the lone bullet into his gun and he sets fire to all the money that was in his bag.


The next day, Sang Pil and Jae Yi come face to face with Judge Cha at the courthouse lobby. Jae Yi says that Judge Cha completes the final picture of the court. Judge Cha says that she has always created her own court. Sang Pil says that Ahn Oh Ju never intended to take the witness stand and Cha says that he never will either. Jae Yi counters by saying that this will be Judge Cha’s last trial as a judge. Judge Cha walks away without replying.


As Sang Pil and Jae Yi walk into the courtroom, they find reporter Yu Kyeong Jin and foreign reporters accompanying her. They thank the reporters for coming and Sang Pil promises them a scoop and asks them to look forward to it. He thanks them for cooperating and Jae Yi and he proceed to their seats.


Soong Ja is escorted in and she gives Yeon Hee a disappointed look when Yeon Hee watches her with concern. Sang Pil notices them and asks if they are on different pages today. Soong Ja tells him that Yeon Hee is siding with Judge Cha though she has seen Soong Ja’s state. Jae Yi says that it all depends on Soong Ja’s testimony and tells her not to allow Cha Moon Suk to control her.

The trial commences and detective Gong is on the witness stand as Cheon plays the video recording where Soong Ja refers to a Judge whose orders she was following. When asked about the authenticity, Gong says that the video has not been tampered with and Cheon submits NFS report as evidence to support the testimony. Judge Cha asks the defence to cross-examine the witness. Jae Yi asks Gong for the source of the video recording. Gong says that Chief Prosecutor Jang had given it to the team and Judge Cha gets tensed at this. She asks if its common for a Chief Prosecutor to report a case and Gong denies it. She also asks if its common to hide the source of evidence when Judge Cha interrupts her and asks her to stick to facts. Jae Yi then asks to summon Chief Prosecutor Jang as a witness since he provided the video evidence. Judge Cha accepts and calls him to the stand.


Jang takes the stand and Sang Pil comments that Jang had refused to swear in as a witness. He asks Jang from where he got the video recording from and Jang says that it was from an anonymous informant. Sang Pil asks the reason why a Chief Prosecutor would want to protect the identity of an informant and asks if the person holds a higher position than Jang. Jang evades the question and Judge Cha asks him to get to the point. Sang Pil quotes Scorpions testimony where he had mentioned that it sounded like a person high up had ordered the hit. He also reminds that Jang had produced Ahn Oh Ju’s campaign funds documents again from an anonymous informant and Sang Pil says he want to find a common link between the testimonies. Sang Pil aggressively asks Jang for the identity of the informant. When Jang says that he will not answer, Sang Pil says that he will reveal the informant’s identity today and concludes his argument.


Judge Cha calls the defendant Soong Ja to the stand. Soong Ja gives Judge Cha a venomous stare before taking her seat. Sang Pil asks if Soong Ja is aware of what the case is about and she replies saying that it is regarding illegal detainment and abetting the murder of the Thai acupressurist. Sang Pil asks Soong Ja if she herself had ordered the murder. Soong Ja pauses before replying and looks at Judge Cha and Sang Pil repeats himself. Soong Ja admits that solicited to murder and Judge Cha is relieved. Sang Pil goes on to state the law which says that soliciting to murder earns an equal penalty as to committing murder and asks if Soong Ja knows that. Soong Ja says that she is aware but Judge Cha cuts in and asks Sang Pil to stop questioning the defendant further earning worried looks from Jae Yi and Cheon. Judge Cha tells that they will end the testimony here if the Prosecution does not want to cross-examine. Cheon stands up and says that he will cross-examine but Sang Pil interrupts saying that he is not done yet. Judge Cha asks him what he wants to ask  Soong Ja had already admitted to the crime. Sang Pil says that there is one important question and she asks him to go ahead.


Sang Pil asks Soong Ja if she did it alone. As Soong Ja hesitates, Judge Cha tries to conclude the testimony but Sang Pil asks Soong Ja to answer him. Soong Ja says that she was just following orders and didn’t do this on her own. Everyone starts murmuring and Jae Yi and the team are relieved. Sang Pil then asks her if the person who ordered the hit it is the same person whom Scorpion had mentioned in his testimony. Judge Cha tries to interrupt but Soong Ja responds in the affirmative. He asks Soong Ja why she didn’t mention the person’s name until now and Judge Cha again cuts in asking him not to lead the witness. Soong Ja continues her testimony saying that it was because she was scared and Sang Pil asks her what was she scared of.  Soong Ja says ‘’Power’’. She looks at Judge Cha as she says that when you have power, the truth and lies can be covered up. Sang Pil asks if that person with power is in this very courtroom. Soong Ja looks at the people present and confirms that the person is present here in the courtroom. She says that it is the most powerful person in Kiseung, Judge Cha Moon Suk.’


The audience erupts at this and the reporters take notes.

Judge Cha asks for order in the court. She orders the stenographers to erase what the witness just said. Sang Pil then confronts Judge Cha and asks her if she had ordered the hit. Judge Cha responds by saying that they shall conclude the testimony if neither side wishes to ask more questions and asks the defendant to return to her seat.


Judge Cha then says that she will summon a brave witness who was planted as an informant, Attorney Go In Do. He takes the stand and introduces himself as Ahn Oh Ju’s legal advisor for the OhJu group. He says he wants to reveal the crimes committed by Soong Ja. He says that Soong Ja pressurised Oh Ju to add the land she owns into the Golden City project while posing as Judge Cha’s closest ally. Judge Cha asks him if that is the reason why Soong Ja mentioned Judge cha’s name in the video recording and Attorney go confirms it. Sang Pil and Jae are tensed as Go In Do produces evidence that shows inclusion of Soong Ja’s land in Golden City project. She then asks him if Oh Ju or Soong Ja gained financially out of this. Go acknowledges this and says that they would’ve benefitted from the shopping mall that was to be built there. Soong Ja yells saying that Go In Du’s land is right next to hers but he brushes it off saying that its a groundless claim.

Just then, the court doors open and Oh Ju stands there. The entire courtroom is surprised to see him and San Pil immediately calls him to the stand. Judge Cha asks both defence and prosecution to approach the bench. She asks Cheon what he wants to say and Cheon says that the prosecution had already requested Oh Ju as a witness. Cheon goes back to his seat and Judge Cha asks Sang Pil if he thinks she can’t squash Oh Ju’s testimony. Sang Pil says that no matter how much she hides the truth, it will always be revealed. He tells her that she will soon find out why he had asked Ahn Oh Ju to appear in the courtroom. Judge Cha allows Oh Ju as a witness.


Oh Ju takes the Oath as he takes the witness stand. Sang Pil asks him how Oh Ju will be helpful to the case and Oh Ju says that his 5 years of life is the living proof. When asked to elaborate, he says that he was a loyal dog since the days Judge Cha’s father Judge Cha Byung Ho was alive. This earns a response from the crowd. Judge Cha interrupts and says that Sang Pil is asking unrelated questions and that’s when Prosecutor Cheon cuts in and says that Ahn Oh Ju’s testimony is necessary for the case since it will help them gauge the credibility of the defendant’s statement. He requests her to allow the testimony and she does.


Sang Pil mentions the former mayor Lee Young Soo, the owner of gallery Choi Dae Woong, Detective Wu Hyung Man, the union president of Golden City who is said to be missing for 18 years and Lawyer Choi Jin-Ae. He goes on to say that Oh Ju had confessed to either having murdered or hiring other sources to murder the people that Sang Pil had mentioned right now, as per Judge Cha Moon Suk’s orders. He asks Oh Ju if this is true. Oh Ju confirms that it is true and Judge is tensed as she looks down. Oh Ju says that Judge Cha used to give him direct orders and he used to kill and bury the people she mentioned like a loyal hound. Sang Pil submits a phone conversation as and evidence to support OhJu’s testimony.



Judge Cha brushes it off saying that Oh Ju must be Soong Ja’s accomplice and she says that both of them could have coordinated and framed an innocent person. Sang Pil puts up the 18-year-old photo with Judge Cha and Oh Ju on the big screen. Judge Cha raises her voice and asks Sang Pil how he dared to put up a manipulated photo in the courtroom. Sang Pil goes over to Oh Ju and asks him if he is the man in the photograph. Oh Ju takes a look at the picture and confirms that it is indeed himself in the picture. Sang Pil asks him about the identity of the person inside the car and Judge Cha is extremely nervous. Oh Ju says that its the very same Judge who is sitting at the judge’s bench this moment, ‘Judge Cha Moon Suk’. The audience erupts at this and Sang Pil asks if the photo was authentic. As Judge Cha interrupts, Sang Pil asks him about the situation when the picture was taken. Oh Ju says that Judge Cha Moon Suk had run over someone with her car and had called him over to take care of the body. Judge Cha questions the reliability of Oh Ju’s words. Sang Pil asks her if she really thinks that it cant be proved and she asks what is there other than an unreliable witness and a manipulated photo.

Sang Pil gives Judge Cha a cold smile as Jae Yi walks up next to him. Judge Cha laughs when Jae Yi says that there is a person who can prove it. Jae Yi points to a person at the back of the audience and says that this person is the proof. Hyun Joo walks into view with her husband and Jae Yi introduces her to the court as Noh Hyun Joo, the Thai acupressurist. Judge Cha wears an unsettled look as Jae Yi says that Hyun Joo was the one who had taken the pictures 18 years ago and that she is the only witness to the crime. Jae Yi says that Hyun Joo is her mother. Jae Yi then says that the person who ordered her mother’s abduction was Cha Moon Sook and accuses her.


Sang Pil takes over saying that Judge Cha had attempted to kill Hyun Joo many times. He claims that his team were having her under protection because of Judge Cha. He asks  Judge Cha if she is still going to claim her innocence. Judge Cha orders a recess and gets up. Sang Pil orders Judge Cha to sit down in a thundering voice and the entire courtroom goes silent as Judge Cha freezes.

One by one the people in the audience get up and ask her to give an explanation and demand to know the truth. Chief prosecutor Jang walks out of the courtroom as the crowd erupts. Sang Pil asks her if she still believes that she won’t be judged if she has committed crimes.


Cheon walks forward and says that the prosecution wants to investigate new findings and requests to amend the charges asking Judge Cha to stop the trial proceedings. Seeing that she is cornered, Judge Cha gives a restrained smile.


Oh Ju is handcuffed and is escorted away. He tells the guards that he used to be the mayor and asks for a smoke before being taken away and the guards agree.


Judge Cha is in her chambers and takes in the situation and goes over to her desk and throws all the books and papers on the floor.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil walk out of the courthouse as Kwang So rushes over to them and tells them that Ahn Oh Ju had gotten away from the police during the transfer. Sang Pil says that he has an idea and asks Kwang So to stay with Jae Yi. Jae Yi asks him to stay safe as he drives away.


Ahn Oh Ju is at the harbour drinking with a gun in his hand. He is surrounded by the police and Prosecutor Cheon who asks him to drop the gun. Sang Pil arrives and Yells out Oh Ju’s name and Oh Ju yells out Sang Pil’s name in return. Sang Pil walks forward asking Ahn Oh Ju if he is a coward who runs away and Oh Ju points the gun at him. Sang Pil tells Oh Ju that he can’t die here and asks him to let the law punish him. Oh Ju repeats the word “Law” and shouts out that he slaved away for men and woman of the law his entire life and asks to take a look at what happened to him. He swears that now Ahn Oh Ju will take over. Oh Ju tells the police that they won’t be able to shoot him and Sang Pil gets a hold of one end of Oh ju’s handcuffs and cuffs himself to Oh Ju.



Oh Ju pulls Sang Pil down and places the gun on Sang Pil’s face. Oh Ju says that Sang Pil speaks about the law and the people he loves and goes on to ask what became of them (Choi Jin Ae and Choi Dae Woong). He comments that Sang Pil had lived in pain for the entire life and Sang Pil is angered at this and starts punching Oh Ju and starts choking him. Oh Ju says that Sang Pil’s mother will feel pain when she looks at him from above. Sang Pil gets hold of the gun and holds it at Oh Ju’s temple. Cheon shouts out to Sang Pil that if he pulls the trigger it means that Sang Pil loses to Oh Ju.  Sang Pil pulls Oh Ju by the hair and Oh Ju asks Sang Pil to pull the trigger. Sang Pil tells Oh Ju that he has lived in pain for 18 years and he won’t give in to the likes of Oh Ju. He puts down the gun and says that he won’t get dirty blood on his hands and says that he will take Oh Ju down with law.

Oh Ju asks Sang Pil if he is going to hide behind the law till the very end. He goes onto say that he was born by this very seaside fish market and it is his mother and father. He says that it is right that he dies here. He asks Sang Pil to prosecute Cha Moon Sook with the law and that is his final request. He instantly shoots himself in the head and kills himself. Sang Pil gets up, still handcuffed to Oh Ju.


Judge Cha is at her chambers and smiles at the book cover which claims her to be the Justice Judge of Kiseung. She removes her judicial robes and it falls to the floor as she walks out.


The next day Detective Gong arrests Cha Moon Sook at her house for abetting murder. He reads out the Miranda rights and is about to handcuff her and she says that the only person that can take her out of here is herself and asks him not to touch her.


The news flash reports Judge Cha’s arrest and the shocking truth revealed during Soong Ja’s trial. Its also says the prosecution investigation revealed the others involved.


We cut to Attorney Go In Du being arrested for bribery charges. Editor in Chief Han is also arrested followed by Prosecutor Jang who is charged with accepting bribes and abuse of power. The case has been named Cha-Nam gate as it is a massive one.


Jae Yi passes a folder to Sang Pil as they enter the courthouse and asks if he is ready. Sang Pil says that he is ready to reveal his past. It is a request to reopen Choi Jin Ae’s suicide investigation and they hand it over to Prosecutor Cheon. Jae Yi asks Cheon to add this to Cha Moon Sook’s charges and he will have enough evidence to reopen the case. Sang Pil says that his mother’s case was where it all started. Cheon says that it started with revenge and ended with justice.

Yeon Hee visits Soong Ja in prison and promises to start fresh. Soong ja says that Yeon Hee is a smart kid and she will watch out for her daughter always. Both of them are in tears.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi visit Cha Moon Sook in the prison. She asks them the reason for their visit. Jae Yi asks Cha how it feels to be a mere human being, now that she has finally left the bench. Cha asks Jae Yi if she has really left the bench. She says she has seen the faces of criminals for the past 40 years and judged them with her rulings. What Sang Pil and Jae Yi had done to her was stupid. Sang Pil disagrees by saying her greed and hypocrisy had driven many people to tragedy and that will make her face the law for those people. He says that as a human being she should’ve asked them for forgiveness and he says that he will give her a last chance. Judge Cha gets up to leave and she tells that both of them will eventually forgive her and that it’s them who will suffer if they don’t.

Once outside Jae Yi comments that Cha still thinks that the world revolves around her and Sang Pil says that she hasn’t lost power since she was born. He says that she isn’t aware of the extent of her own power.

Sang Pil is watching the image of both their mothers at the lady justice projector as we cut to flashback.


Hyun Joo gives the pictures of oh Ju and Judge Cha to Choi Jin Ae who is with the 10-year-old Sang Pil at the beach. Choi Jin Ae says that Cha Moon Sook is her friend but accepts the pictures saying that it will eventually help her friend. Hyun Joo says that Choi Jin Ae’s son (Sang Pil) is reliable and she tells him that he will amount to something big when he grows up. Hyun Joo shows them Jae Yi’s picture and Sang Pil agrees when his mother says that she is pretty. Choi Jin Ae agrees to reveal the truth for the sake of their children.

We cut back to present as Sang Pil smiles as Jae Yi walks in and he asks her if she thinks they had met when they were young. They lived near each other like the stationery store downstairs. Jae Yi doesn’t remember but says that she went to the stationery store a few times.


We flashback to a 10-year-old Jae Yi standing outside the closed stationery store as young Sang Pil walks up next to her. He tells her that the store is closed and if she wants something she can borrow it from him if he has it. She refuses and walks away. He follows her and she turns around and gives him a smile before running away.

Jae Yi says that it didn’t happen and Sang Pil maintains that they could have met.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi stand near the lady justice statue as Prosecutor Cheon calls them. He tells them that Cha Moon Sook has appealed against the charges. Sang Pil says that no matter how hard she tries she will not get anything lesser than a life term and Cheon says that even Cha’s attorney thinks the same. Cheon has been promoted to the Special Unit of Seol Central Prosecutor’s office and Jae Yi teases him as he used to say he doesn’t work for promotion. Cheon says that it not a promotion and the country wants him to fight fiercely to survive. Cheon calls both Sang Pil and Jae to come to Seoul and work alongside him at the Special Unit. They look at each other and Jae Yi accepts his offer. Sang Pil says that if Jae Yi goes he should go too.


At the prison, Soong Ja yells at Cha when she spots her while being escorted. Cha doesn’t respond but looks at her venomously.



Outside the law firm Geum Gang and his men put up a mock show in front of a crowd on Soong Ja’s trial and they have dressed Judge Cha’s character like a clown. They end by saying they are the Lawless Lawyers. The firm is extremely busy with a huge line of clients and they have an instalment plan available. Sang Pil and Jae Yi are busy attending clients.


The team have dinner and Jae Yi’s parents are also present and Kwang Soo mentions that Geum Gangs instalment plan was a great idea. They toast to the law firm. Gang asks if they are really going to Seoul and Sang Pil says that something important came up. He says that Kiseung is his hometown and he will drop now and then. He says that Kwang So will start studying to get into law school and Kwang So says that he will follow his boss’ path. Geum Ja comments she will refer to him as Attorney Tae Kwang So hereafter.


Jae Yi is at the wheel and Sang Pil dances to the music playing in the car as they drive down to Seoul. He asks her to stop at the rest stop for him to take the wheel as he doesn’t want her to drive the entire bumpy road on her own. She comments that she seems to be at the top his thoughts and he says that he has been watching her for many years now. She asks him how it feels to leave Kiseung with the woman who made him come there. He says that he feels like he has achieved everything, revenge, justice and love. She calls him lucky and he says that he is the luckiest man alive. Suddenly Jae Yi floors it and Sang Pil is worried at the speed she is driving. She tells him not to be scared as there will be more hardships down the way. Sang Pil laughs as it is the same lines that he had told her in the beginning. He says “Let’s Go” and they speed off into the freeway and reach the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul.


Prosecutor Cheon receives and welcomes them to Seoul, the land of the lawless. As they enter the office, he says that he will be targeting the corruption made by high government officials. Jae Yi comments that there’s a lot to eat in this buffet. Sang Pil says that they should arrest all hypocrites who deceive people by abusing their power and have them stand in court. Jae Yi says that this city needs a lawless lawyer too. He says “Let’s get started, the lawless way” and Jae Yi says, “Let’s fight! With the law!” They fist bump as Cheon looks on smiling and they walk off.


Image Courtesy – TVN


That was an immensely satisfying end to the series and everything was tied up in a neat bow at the end. It was delightful to see how every character was covered in the episode and we got to see everyone’s happy ending.

The trial was unique as it is my first time seeing a plot where the defence counsel and the prosecution went after the presiding Judge of the trial.  The trial was very gripping and though it covered a major part of the episode it was not dry and  was interesting to watch. Sang Pil had to use every trick up his sleeve to take Judge Cha down. We knew beforehand that it wouldn’t be easy but we learnt just how difficult it is to take down someone with immense power as Judge Cha, even with witnesses and evidence. Judge Cha was unyielding until the end no matter how much the case went against her. She seriously believed that she could get away with it until Hyun Joo appeared.

Soong Ja finally came to her senses when she realised that she had lost her daughter Yeon Hee to Judge Cha. She was heartbroken when Yeon Hee took judge Cha’s side and was willing to trample upon her own mother. She saved her daughter from Judge Cha’s clutches with her decision to testify.

Ahn Oh Ju really felt for Gwang Dong who had died to save him. Though he finally realised that money doesn’t help where power and betrayal are concerned, the love for family and friends remained a mystery to him till the end. It was indeed a rightful end to him as he would never have been suited for the prison life.

It was realistic how they ended things for Judge Cha as she is a person who never admits to a crime and will never ask for forgiveness. Her true punishment will be when she realises that people won’t dance to her tunes, now that she doesn’t hold her power anymore.

Sang Pil dominated the courtroom with his calculated moves. He went through the trial persistently and never backed down even once though his client Soong Ja whose mind was wavering like a  flame in the wind and was making things complicated for him. It was a great move from his side when he didn’t allow Judge Cha to order a recess as the people would be mellowed down by then and wouldn’t have caused an uproar.

It was satisfying to see that Lawyer Choi Jin Ae’s son Bong Sang Pil, who had studied law despite growing up as a thug, went from being an attorney to working alongside the very Prosecutor who had first put him in prison.

The ending where Jae Yi and Sang Pil drive off to Seoul to Join Cheon at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office was the icing on the cake and we couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

My Favourite quote from episode 16

 “If you have power, the truth and lies can be covered up”- Nam Soong Ja

“No matter how you hide the truth, it will always be revealed”- Bong Sang Pil

Series Review

Lawless Lawyer (Lawless Attorney) was extremely thrilling to watch as it maintained the same pace and kept us on the edge until the last episode. Though we knew the identity of the killers from the very 2nd episode there was not a single scene that was boring throughout the series.

If you want to watch an action-packed series with elements of humour and romance and that has a happy ending then I would highly recommend watching this series.

The storyline is really thrilling with a lot of twists and conspiracies. The action scenes are swift and a treat to watch while the trial scenes are gripping. This is one of the few series that does not have a second lead in it and I liked that about it. The Chemistry between the leads is a delight to watch and the romance track is matured and steady throughout the series. The humour aspects of the series are well blended into the main plotline and are a welcome change when the plot gets too serious. It has the right blend of legal, action, humour and romance in it.

Every character is well written and the casting is perfect as everyone has done a great job with their roles.

My favourite characters from this series were, without doubt, Bong Sang Pil and Ahn Oh Ju.

Lee Joon Gi has done full justice to his role, Bong Sang Pil- the Lawless Lawyer. He is amazing as he portrays the character, which requires him to constantly switch between being a brilliant lawyer, a skilled thug, a romantic lover and a determined avenger.

Ahn Oh Ju portrayed by Choi Min Soo tops my list of favourite negative characters by far. Choi Min Soo’s brilliant portrayal of Ahn Oh Ju makes us hate Oh Ju and at the same time feel for him. This character possesses dark humour and he has a dynamic personality. Though he is a formidable thug, he is exceedingly loyal to the Judge family until the very end. He gives an indomitable look and he is  responsible for bringing out Sang Pil’s full potential.

I enjoyed watching this series as it exceeded my expectations as it started with a bang and finished in a flash. This series can be re-watched an umpteen number of times!

-By Soul Sword-

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