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Lawless Lawyer- Recap Episode 3

Lawless Lawyer Episode 3- Recap

The episode kicks off with a recap of previous episode. Sang Pil (Lee Joong Gi) walks in with Jae Yi amidst the smoke in the courtroom as the scene cuts back to the flashback where the unknown stranger whom Oh Ju spoke with over the phone is revealed to be Judge Cha. She orders him to kill both Choi Jin Ae and her son Sang Pil. We cut back to the present day where Sang Pil greets Judge Cha, introduces himself and says, “The trial begins now , Judge Cha Moon Suk“.


Judge Cha stares him down before ordering everyone involved in the incident be arrested. When Sang Pil is seated she asks him the reason for his tardiness to which Jae Yi replies that it was because of her kidnapping. Judge Cha cuts her of saying that she had asked him and not her. He starts explaining that there are people who don’t want him taking up the case, but he stops mid sentence as he strts bleeding from his forehead. Jae Hi asks for a recess to take him to dispensary  and Judge Cha grants it irritably.


The doctor let Sang Pil know that the wounds are not severe. As Jae Yi wipes the blood of his shirt, Jae Hi jokingly adds that he is better at fighting than at law. He retort saying it’s necessary to save clients like in action movies. When she asks the reason as to why she was kidnapped, he says it comes with the package. She says she has had enough of action and is shocked when he warns that he may be arrested during the trial.

Back in the courtroom a cynical Hyung –man comments that though he got a bad lawyer, he atleast got a fair judge. Sang Pil responds by asking if Hyung-man knew who Judge Cha really was and calls him clueless. When Judge Cha orders the court proceeding, Sang Pil interrupts and requests for a new judge for the trial. She asks him to give a good reason for the request or he would be penalised accordingly.  Sang Pil and Yeon Hee come up to the bench and he says that there one individual who is an extremely vulgar individual disgraced the damaged the integrity of the court. Judge Cha asks who that person is to which Sang Pil responds that he has prepared something.


Oh Ju sees a holographic image of Golden city with gleaming eyes as Kwang Dong informs him that he was unable to stop Sang Pil from appearing in court.

Back in the courtroom Sang Pil shows footage of the side judge filming an upskirt video in public transport.  Yeon Hee objects saying that this is irrelevant to the case. But he says that it will become an issue when it gets telecasted in the news. Back in his seat to everyones astonishment, he requests Judge Cha to recuse herself as well for allowing a man like the side judge into the courtroom. Seeing he is persistent, Judge Cha says she will pass the issue to the assessor and will remove him from the bench if found guilty. She says she will carefully consider in selecting the bench next time. Yeon Hee requests Sang Pil’s arrest as the disruption of the proceedings earlier was caused by his employees. Judge Chas orders his retention and adjourns the court.


Sang Pil gives Jae Yi a smile in his handcuffs as he is escorted away, who looks aghast at the how things turned out. He tells her to take care of the firm for three days before joining the rest of who seem to be proud and happy to get imprisoned. As Jae Yi watches on as Yeon Hee comes and taunts her by saying she is ashamed by the company she keep but calls Jae Yi brave. Jae Yi says Lawyers do not fight with prosecutors but with the prejudice and leaves.

Kwang Dong tries explaining to a very irate Oh Ju as to how Sang Pil made it to the courtroom, but Oh Ju stabs Kwang Dong’s thigh with a pen knife. Kwang Dong tells him that Sang Pil was rained by Dae Woong, one of the gang leaders in Gangbuk. Oh Ju warns Kwang Dong not to mess up the next project he has for him.


Meanwhile, Sang Pil and his gang have a merry time in prison. When asked about his plans he tells them he has a reason behind coming here.  At the prison mess hall, Sang Pil meets fellow prisoner Director Oh In Chul (Ministry of Finance and economy at Gisung Hall) who was safekeeper of the dead mayor and laundered money for him. He denied Sang Pil’s request to meet him so he thought of this way. Director Oh is non cooperative in his exchange and leaves after saying he hates lawyers.

Oh Ju receives two packegs from an unknown sender. One contains a framed picture containing a collage of four pictured showing Oh Ju committing murder. Another contains a stone which says ‘you are dead’. He is perturbed and says he will take care of Sang Pil once he becomes a mayor and to leave him be for now.

At judge Cha’s chambers , Jae yi requests her to delay the trial as Sang Pil does not have time to prepare. Cha denies the request and asks Jae Yi to represent the defendant in sang Pil’s place.

Jae Yi comes to visit Sang Pil in prison who seems at home. She says the judge dismissed her request for delay in the trial. Sang Pil is surprise that she started working like an office manager. She tells him that the trial is day after his release  and he doesn’t have time to prepare, to which he replies he has her. He comments sayin that she anyways is nosy and tries to the do his job for him so suits better as a lawyer. She commends him on taking on the judge at her own proceeding. He calls out to her as she starts leaving that “I trust you Jae Yi” She with a smile.

Judge Cha is getting a massage at her place.  Soon Ja is along with her but leaves when Judge Chas says she need to rest. Outside the mansion Soon Ja speaks with the person from the newspaper while overseeing the bribery related documentation. Se says that she will try to get him probation. She also sees a registration certificate related to Yoon Su, a child at the orphanage.

Jae Yi father tell her that the city is building a statue for Judge Cha Byung Ho and he was the Cha’s family photographer. He says that Judge Cha Byung Ho paid for Jae Yi’s tuition and he will always be loyal to Cha Moon Suk.


Soon Ja tells Moon Suk that that she has taken care of golden city. Judge Cha sternly tells her not to take advantage of the fact that she trusts her and tells her to leave if she wants. Soon Ja says she has an issue with Cha’s closeness with Jae Yi over her. Cha tells her to keep out of it before walking away. Soon Ja gets a call from Oh Ju saying that he wants to meet judge Cha and tell her something. He asks her to fit him in her schedule.

Jae Yi goes through the case file at the firm while thinking of Sang Pil. She sees his name engraved on the desk while staring into the night as we cut to Sang Pil who finds it difficult to sleep and gets up. He thinks back to a flashback at Jae Yi’s graduation day with him watching her from a distance, when she receives flowers that he had sent through a child (these flowers are from oppa) with a confused look on her face. In the present day he remembers jae Yi’s mom saving him on that rainy night from Hyung Man. He thinks ‘your mom saved me, where do I begin telling you?’

Jae Yi goes to meet Hyng Man’s wife just as Oh Ju walks out after visiting her. She remembers her father saying that he took her funeral picture and her husband cared for her for 5 years and its unbelievable that he might have killed someone. The wife asks her to prove his innocence so that she can die in peace.

Back in the prison mess hall, Sang Pil meets the still tight-lipped Dirctor Oh again and tells him that he feels that Oh must’ve embezzled a lot more money and the sentencing was lenient. Oh throws his meal tray at Sang Pil who says that he knows that director Oh came here at his own accord thinking prison is safe but it is actually not so.

Jae YI visits Hyung Man in prison and tells him that she met with his wife and asks why his alibi did not hold up in court.

The next scene she rushes to the witness(his alibi) Mr Kangwho testified against him. He refuses to co operate as he shows scars in his leg due to Hyung Man thrashing him.

We cut to the scene at the prison mess hall, where Hyung Man Joins Sang Pil for a meal discussing Jae Yi. Sang Pil says she is competent.


Jae Yi gets thrown out by an angry Kang who tells her never to return.

Back in prison grounds the inmates get into a brawl with director Oh as Sang Pil and his men intervene and save him. Hyung man recognises one of the assaulters as the man who tried to strangle him. The man recognises Kwang soo and moves away and realises that the brawl was pre-planned.

Sang Pil tells Oh that he knew Mayor Lee favoured OhJu group and it flourished during his time. He asks why the mayor was killed. The director tells him about the redevelopment project called Golden City.

Oh Ju meanwhile tells  Kwan Dong  that he is running for mayor while showing the golden city campaign site. He wants Kwan Dong  to take charge of the campaign site. Kwan Dong  promises he will do anything for him.

Back in prison, Sang Pil finds out from Director Oh that Mayor Lee was against the golden city campaign but  he wont testify in court and leaves. He starts feeling that things are falling into place as he understands that Ahn Oh Ju want to become the mayor of Gisung.

Jae Yi brings Hyung Man’s wife to meet Kang who begs and pleads with him. Jae Yi tells him that he feels guilty on framing an innocent man and thats the reason he watches the proceedings everytime.

Sang Pil and his men get released from prison and they are almost run down by Jae Yi’s car. He gets into her car and asks for tofu. She says it won’t suit him and drives of leaving behind the rest of the gang.


They all are eating Jajangmyun at the beach and jae Yi stuffs Sang Pil’s face in the Jajangmyun saying he can’t get dirtier than this. The rest of the gang look on with a horrified expression and respond by stuffing their own faces in the Jajangmyun and everyone starts laughing. She tells Sang Pil that Kang agreed to be a witness as Hyung Mas’s alibi. He asks if she believes he is innocent. She agrees as he has an alibi. Sang Pil says ‘Losing after defending an innocent man is way scarier than losing after defending a guilty man’. She says we will win law. Just then the rest of them come running and carry Sang Pil and throw him into the water. Then they come for Jae Yi to do the same as she runs away.

Sang Pil comes to visit Hyung man who punches him  and says that Sang Pil is playing games with his life. He tries to punch him again when Sang Pil stops him mid way and reiterates that Hyung Man’s life is in hands  and lets him know that Ahn Oh Ju is just a puppet to the judge of the trial, Cha Moon Suk.

At the judge’s chambers Judge Cha advises Jae Yi not to trust sang Pil as he takes advantage of her. Just then she gets a call from Oh Ju informing her that Mr Kang will be testifying and should he kill him. She stares at Jae Yi and tells him there’s no necessity for that and Oh Ju asks her if she can take care of it through law. We cut to Sang Pil explaining ‘murder by law’ as how Cha uses the law to kill a person. He also explains that they are fighting the judge in this trial and not the prosecutor and only he can help him win.

Kwang Soo and Geum Gang find a footage of Hyung man beating up Mr Kang which will serve as proof for Hyung man’s alibi.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi cross paths with Oh Ju before going into the courtroom. Sang Pil tells Hyung Man that Oh Ju is framing him order to keep his secrets intact  by removing all old contacts ,before running for Mayor The trial begins and kang testifies for Hyung man. When Judge Cha asks him the reason for contradicting testimonies, he replies saying he had lied back then. Despite objection from the prosecution, Cha accepts to listen to the contents of the footage that Sang Pil had obtained 30 mins prior to the trial. She says she will decide whether its aceeptable or not after testing it for legitimacy.

Oh Ju moves out after giving some instructions to his secratary, on whom Geum Gang’s men place a Gps transmitter. While on the way out Sang Pil tells Jae Yi not to be too confident as trials are unpredictable. They start following the secretary and Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that he will lead them to the real murderer.

Oh Ju tells Kwang  dong that he has worked with Judge Cha’s father for a very long time and he says that now that he is to become the mayor they should not let any opportunity slide.

Meanwhile, sang Pill and Jae Yi watch Oh Ju’s secretary meets up with a human trafficker at a roadside cafe. When the secretary start to move Sang Pil and Geum Gang get off the car and he asks her to block the rear entrance. He rings the bell to apartment 503 with Kwang Soo and Geum Gang at his side. The trafficker opens the door and they catch him and interrogate him By dangling him over the terrace and find out that he has to send a man to China and that man will be coming now to meet him.


Just then the man comes and seeing Sang pil he takes off. Sang Pil chases him and despite Jae Yi slowing the man down they are unable to catch him. A thrilling chase ensues and Jae Yi follows them by car and all three of them end up in the subway tunnel. Sang Pil says that he will get him to testify in court.The man brings out a knife once Sang Pil catches up to him and they start fighting on the tracks. Jae Yi calls out to Sang Pil as a train comes towards them. Both men jump to side to evade it then under flickering lights we see the man holding the knife at Jae Yi’s throat. Sang Pil is extremely angered by this move and in a flash appears next to them. He holds the knife from the blade side and moves it away from her before punching him repeatedly. He doesn’t stop even though Jae Yi calls out to him.  As another train comes at them, the man tells him that Ah Oh Ju had ordered him to kill the mayor. He also says he will show Sang Pil why Oh Ju can’t be moved and they needn’t go to the courtroom. As Sang Pil jumps in to move Jae Yi away from the oncoming train, the man jumps onto the trains way and dies.


Jae is shaken up and has trouble breathing. The episode ends with Sang Pil holding her and calling out her name.


This episode brought out Sang Pil’s ingenious way of thinking .We learn that though he seems reckless on the outside he is actually working according to his plan and that’s where he gets his confidence from. He also has a loyal group ogf men who will do anything for him.It is also shown that he has been watching out for Jae Yi since a long time. Jae Yi on the other hand changes her attitude towards Sang Pil after he stands up against Judge Cha. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face whenever they share screen space. I would give another thumbs up for the comedy track. I find Geum Gang and his men really hilarious whenever they come on screen. The chase scene was choreographed amazingly well. The story has finally started to shape up. I am awaiting more interesting episodes soon.

Favourite quote from Episode 3

“Lawyers do not fight with prosecutors but with the prejudice” – Ha Jae Yi

-Soul Sword










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