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Lawless Lawyer Recap Episode 2

Lawless Lawyer Recap Episode 2


Hyung Man (defendant) is brought in and Sang Pil and Jae Yi are waiting. Sang Pil introduces himself and Hyung man is sceptical as he sees the business card. When Sang Pil offers to take up his case, Hyung Man refuses his offer. Sang Pil sees the bite mark on Hyung Man’s wrist and he remembers the day (his mother died) Hyung man had asked a young Sang Pil if he personally saw Ahn Oh Ju killing his mother. Ahn Oh Ju orders Hyung Man to catch Sang Pil and in the car Sang Pil had bitten Hyung Man’s hand.

We cut to the present day and Jae Yi is shocked when Sang Pil promises Hyung Man that he will get him acquitted. Jae Yi clears her throat to catch his attention but Hyung Man asks if Sang Pil knows who his lawyer is. Sang Pil says he is aware that Attorney Go In Do is the one who is on this case and he has 25 years of experience as a Judge. He goes on to say that Attorney Go is also the attorney of Ohju group. Hyung Man says that he is 100 %% confident that Go will win the case. Sang Pil tries to convince Hyung Man as Jae looks on embarrassed. She gets up and asks to leave and Sang Pil introduces her as his office manager. She asks him if he doesn’t have any self-respect but Sang Pil just smiles and tells Hyung Man that he (Sang Pil) is a trouble-shooter who has the license to practice law.




Oh Ju holds Sang Pil’s Business card in his hand and is impressed by it and asks Gwang Dong the reason why he has this with him. Attorney Go In Do is also present while Gwang Dong (the leader of the gang who was beating up the accountant who was Sang Pil’s client) asks Oh Ju why would a lawyer from Seoul come to Kiseung. Oh Ju brushes it off saying he must’ve moved for making more money. Gwang Dong tries to convince Oh Ju to take him back under his wing. Go laughs and tells Gwang Dong that Oh Ju is no longer a thug like before but is a businessman now. Gwang Dong leaves after telling Oh Ju to call him whenever he wants someone to wield a knife.


As Sang Pil and Jae Yi are driving down, they listen to the news about the mayor’s murder trial and the upcoming by-election. Jae Yi asks him if he really wants to steal a client who is guilty. Sang Pil says that it’s suspicious that there’s so much evidence for him being guilty. When she asks him the real reason why he is taking the case, Sang Pil just says he is hungry and stops by a sandwich shop. Jae Yi smiles as she gets a message from Judge Cha Moon Suk asking to meet at the Judge’s Chambers. Sang Pil explains that if he gets Hyung Man acquitted all the evil people in the city will come to hire him and pay him handsomely. She comments that he is trashier than she expected him to be and thrusts the sandwich on his suit. He is annoyed and asks her if she knows the price of the suit. She says that she doesn’t know who is worse, the detective who killed the mayor or trash like Sang Pil who tries to prove him innocent and make a fortune. Sang Pil retorts by saying how about an ex-lawyer who made up her mind about the defendant before the trial. Jae Yi is stumped and walks away and Sang Pil calls after her.


Oh Ju sees Judge Cha into his office. They discuss the absence of the mayor and his replacement. Oh Ju says that he feels she will name Chief Prosecutor Jang Sang ll or Han Tae Kyung (Editor In Chief of Kiseung News)as a candidate. She denies and gives a long pause giving him an appraising look. Suddenly it dawns on him and he asks her if she means to name him (Oh Ju). She asks him if he would like to be the next Mayor of Kiseung. Ahn Oh Ju is shocked at this and he gets down on his knees. He bows at her feet and thanks her and Judge Cha says that though Oh Ju has been pretending to be a businessman for 15 years, he is still a thug. She says that being a politician would suit him better. He fiercely pledges his loyalty to her.

Attorney Go In Du visits Hyung Man at the prison. Hyung Man asks if Ahn Oh Ju doesn’t know the identity of the person who killed the Mayor. Go says Oh Ju has no clue about the identity of the real killer and Hyung man says that he believes that Oh Ju won’t let his friend (Hyung Man) in prison while knowing the real killer’s identity. When asked if he has any message to pass over to Oh Ju Hyung man shakes his head and doesn’t say anything.

Jae Yi visits Judge Cha and they talk over tea regarding Hyung man’s trial that Judge Cha is presiding. She tells Judge Cha about how Sang Pil is trying to steal the case and she also says that she finds him intriguing. Jae Yi says that though there’s a lot of evidence against Hyung man she finds it odd that he had no motive. Judge Cha says that there are a lot of cases without motive but Jae Yi maintains that she has to meet Hyung man in person before making decisions. Judge Cha agrees and remembers that it was Jae Yi’s birthday recently.


Judge Cha takes Jae Yi shopping and buys her clothes. Jae Yi comments that Judge Cha knows her taste in clothing and Judge Cha asks her why Jae Yi doesn’t refer to Judge Cha as “Mom” like she used to. Jae Yi sits down next to her and says “Mom” earning an affectionate smile from Judge Cha who says that she missed hearing that. Jae Yi says that she thought Judge Cha would agree to become the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to which Cha says that she doesn’t intend to leave Kiseung.

Just then Soong Ja walks in and notices Jae Yi. She is condescending as she talks to Jae Yi. She says that her daughter Yeon Hee wouldn’t have become a prosecutor without Jae Yi’s help as rivals are necessary to succeed. When Judge Cha interrupts, Soong Ja comments that Cha prefers Jae Yi over Yeon Hee. Judge Cha comments that Soong Ja is jealous.


Jae Yi thinks back on her school days and we flashback to Soong Ja interrupting their class by slapping the teacher as he had not given her daughter Yeon Hee (also Jae Yi’s classmate) the highest score. Jae Yi cuts in and reminds Soong Ja that she is interrupting the class and also asks the teacher why he puts up with Soong Ja’s behaviour. Soong Ja identifies Jae Yi as Yeon Hee’s rival and tries to strike Jae Yi after calling her a commoner but Jae Yi stops her midway. Jae Yi threatens to call the cops if Soong Ja doesn’t leave. Soong Ja is stumped and notes down Jae Yi’s name and leaves after saying she is blacklisted. Yeon Hee looks on with pride as her mother leaves.

We cut back to present as Soong Ja leans toward Jae Yi and says that though she is a lawyer, a dragon from a rotten well cannot descend. She leaves with Judge Cha after wishing her luck.


The media covers Judge Cha’s visit to an orphanage. She has brought along a lot of presents and she introduces the children by their names. Soong Ja and Han Tae Kyung (Editor In Chief of Kiseung News) are present and she hands over an envelope (cash) for covering the event. Once away from the children Judge Cha uses a hand sanitizer that Soong Ja passes to her. Han tries to get information out of Judge Cha regarding the next mayoral candidate but she is tight-lipped and gets into the car. Soong Ja holds the door while saying that she will find Cha a good masseuse as she would be tried.

Sang Pil watches the news report on the orphanage visit where Judge Cha says that she remembers every child by name as she is married to Kiseung and everyone in Kiseung is her child. The report also says that she has been visiting the orphanage for past 10 years and has a lot of praises for her. Jae Yi walks in and is proud to see the report. She notices a bill of 453 Euros on her desk and asks Sang Pil regarding it. He says that the suit she poured Ketchup on was a limited edition and he had to send it all the way to the manufacturers in Italy to get it cleaned. He says the bill includes the shipping fee along with the cleaning fee and she says that she will pay it back once the ban on her is lifted.

Jae Yi says that for all the trials she wants to work her way. When Sang Pil quotes from an article from the Law of Lawyers she is surprised that he actually knows the subject. Sang Pil says that it is not fair to expect social justice from lawyers who are self-employed and Jae Yi asks him if he doesn’t have even an ounce of pride of lawyer. He says he does and says “Lawless Lawyer”. She claps and says “absence of law” but he corrects her by saying that a “Lawless Lawyer fights with the law for the clients” and he strikes a pose with his team which makes Jae Yi burst out in laughter. He says that they need to do research and orders Tae Kwang So to use a floatie and Jae has no idea what a ‘Floatie’ is.


Floatie turns out to be a drone that Kwang So uses to gather visuals. Geum Gang asks about Sang Pil to which Kwang So tells him about the day (2013) when Sang Pil had saved Kwang So. We flashback to the scene where Sang Pil blocks a knife with his wristwatch (which shatters)and saves Kwang So from being killed. Kwang So still has the watch with him and has been with Sang Pil’s gang since then and is fiercely loyal to him. Geum Gang, in turn, breaks his watch on his forehead and shatters it while pledging his loyalty too.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil visit the crime scene where the mayor was killed. When he starts clicking pictures she asks him what he is up to and he asks her if she doesn’t find it weird that the murder took place in a public place. He visualises the murder in his mind.


Just then Yeon Hee arrives at the scene with her detectives and asks Jae Yi the reason for being here and forbids Sang Pil from taking pictures. She says he is intruding into another person’s case and Sang Pil replies that he has never failed once he decides to steal something, whether it is a trial or a person (looks at Jae Yi). As they leave Yeon Hee comments that she will introduce him to a better office manager. Jae Yi rolls her eyes and starts to walk away but Sang Pil stops her and turns her around while walking towards Yeon Hee. He tells Yeon Hee that she will be going up against him in the trial and he doesn’t need an office manager. He leaves with Jae Yi after asking them to take care of the crime scene.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi go into the courthouse and he introduces himself to Attorney Go In Du who just walks in. He asks Go to transfer the case to him as he needs to take it. Jae Yi is embarrassed as Attorney Go laughs at him and warns Sang Pil to do as people do in Kiseung (When in Rome, do as Romans do) or he will end up getting hurt. Sang Pil smiles as Go leaves and makes a call asking Kwang So to go ahead.

Kwang So’s drone is right outside Go’s office where he is on the phone with Ahn Oh Ju.

Oh Ju (on the phone) is at his office and he asks Go to make sure that Hyung man stays in prison in exchange for Oh Ju paying Hyung man’s hospital bills. Go In Du asks Oh Ju if Hyung man really has something on Oh Ju that might get him in trouble. Oh Ju says that there is no such thing but he says that there is a person who is Hyung man’s alibi. Go In Du asks Oh Ju not to worry and Oh Ju hangs up.

It is night and Sang Pil is at the law firm as he watches a tired Jae Yi working.


We cut to flashback as we see Choi Jin Ae (Sang Pil’s mother) sitting at her desk at her firm (now the lawless law firm). Oh Ju and his men are present and she asks ‘them’ to come in person if they want to say something. Oh Ju sees the 10-year-old Sang Pil and tries to strike a conversation with him and Choi Jin Ae stops him. Oh Ju threatens to hurt Sang Pil if she doesn’t cooperate.


23.JPGLater Sang Pil lies on his mother’s lap and she asks him if he was scared to which he says that bad guys don’t scare him. He says that he gets it from his mother and she calls him brave. He asks her what did she prayed for and says that she prays for him to be a good lawyer.


We cut to present as Sang Pil walks into the firm where Jae Yi is still working. He smiles as she acknowledges him. He says that she is a hard worker when she refuses to go home. She asks him how he knew that Hyung man didn’t trust his lawyer and Sang Pil says he is curious to know how she found that out. She says she had the doubt form beginning and after visiting him a second time she is sure. He comments that he knew she was good but she was actually better than he expected. She does on to ask him if he thinks that Hyung man is innocent as he has no motive and Sang Pil says that she can find out by herself and leaves.


At the courthouse, the first trial of the mayor Lee Young Soo’s murder begins. Prosecutor Yeon Hee provides the murder weapon with the mayor’s blood on it as evidence. Sang Pil and Jae Y are in the audience watching the proceeding as Yeon Hee claims that Hyung man’s (defendant) fingerprints are on it too. Prosecutor Min Young Jae testifies that he found a pair of pants with the victim’s blood locked inside Hyung man’s cabinet and says that the shoe print on the crime matches Hyung man’s size. Hyung man notices Sang Pil and turns away as Judge Cha calls the defence counsel for a rebuttal after the prosecution had produced these 3 pieces of evidence. Attorney Go In Do says that he has nothing to say and sits down. Everyone is shocked at this but Sang Pil smiles.




Judge Cha then calls the next witness to stand. Yeon Hee says that Hyung man had listed this witness (Kang Ho ll )as the alibi on the time of the murder but the person claims to have not met with Hyung man that day. The witness confirms this and again Attorney Go In Du doesn’t cross-examine the witness earning unbelievable looks from Judge Cha and Hyung man. Jae Yi sees Sang Pil smile again as if he had anticipated this. Go meanwhile asks Hyung man not to worry as he will prove the alibi before the trial ends. Judge Cha summons both defence and the prosecution to the bench and Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that he is leaving. Jae Yi is confused at his sudden decision to leave.

Judge Cha asks Attorney Go if he was the one had requested Kang Ho ll as the witness. When he confirms it she asks him why he asked him to be a witness when he was not going to question him. Judge Cha says that she feels he is doing this half-heartedly. Go explains that he is securing more evidence and goes back to his seat. Jae Yi is surprised as Judge Cha announces that the next trial will be in 4 days time.

Judge Cha has tea with Yeon Hee and Go In Du. Judge Cha says that Go In Du has a 25-year experience as a judge and that he won’t go easy on Yeon Hee because she is young. Once Yeon Hee leaves she asks him what he was doing during the trial. He says that he was making things easy. She asks him to get on the floor. Go In Do runs to the floor and bows to the ground and Judge Cha walks over and kicks him. Go falls down and she tells him to put effort into it as there will be a problem if Hyung man asks for a different lawyer. As he profusely apologises she jabs him and asks him not to put all her work in vain.


Sang Pil visits Hyung man who still refuses to change lawyers. Sang Pil asks if Hyung man still didn’t change his opinion even after the trial proceedings. Sang Pil narrates 2 cases, one where a defendant got a sentence of 5 years for stealing 5 bottles of sesame oil and the other where another defendant got away with just probation after manipulating stock prices and causing the suicide of 27 investors. He goes on to ask whether the judge was bad in these 2 cases or whether the lawyers were incompetent or if it was a scheme. When Hyung man is confused Sang Pil shows him the drone footage of Goin Du planning to imprison Hyung man over the phone conversation. The footage shows Go In Do telling that he doesn’t intend to win the trial. Sang Pil asks Hyung man whats the point of having a winning lawyer who doesn’t want to win. He also asks Hyung man why Ahn Oh Ju wants to imprison Hyung man instead of killing him. Sang Pil says that enemy’s enemy is his friend and produces the contract and asks Hyung man to sign him as his lawyer. Hyung man says he finds Sang Pil suspicious and doesn’t believe that money is his intent. Hyung man says that he doesn’t trust Sang Pil and walks away.

Hyung man is bathing at the Prison bath when a prisoner approaches him and strangles him but Hyung man manages to get away by using a broken toothbrush to cut the attackers cheek. The attacker runs away as others rush in calling for a doctor.


Jae Yi is at the law firm and thinks back on Sang Pil telling that lawyers fight with the law and Hyung Man at court.

We flashback to Jae Yi visiting Hyung man at the prison. She asks Hyung man why he doesn’t trust his lawyer. When doesn’t answer and gets up to leave, she asks him if he quit his job as a detective to care for his wife who is in the hospital. Hyung man walks away without replying.

We cut to present as Jae Yi receives a message “a date with mom”.


Jae and her father watch their old house from a distance while having tea. He says that they intended to buy back the house once she becomes a lawyer. She says that the prices have gone up now and that they shouldn’t have sold it. as she hears a thunder she comments that it seems like its going to rain now just like that very day.


In the flashback, Jae Yi’s mother comes into the house on a rainy night. A young Jae Yi tells her that she is going out to buy a harmonica as the one she has is broken.  Her mother says that she will go buy it and asks Jae Yi to stay with her father who was right now in the shower. She promises Jae Yi that she will be back soon and leaves.

It is raining in the present as Jae Yi says that that was the last time she saw her mother. She is in the car with her father and tells him that she thought she can find her mother once she becomes a lawyer. She asks her father if he thinks she is still alive and says that she at least wants to see some fragment of her. She turns away and they drive away.

Sang Pil is watching the rain as he waits for Hyung man. Seeing Hyung man’s expression as he walks in Sang Pil comments that Hyung man almost died. Hyung man still doesn’t want to hire him and Sang Pil asks him if he doesn’t want to be free and go see his wife who is in a critical condition. Hyung man angrily runs over to Sang Pil and grabs him asking who had sent him and his purpose. Sang Pil smiles and asks Hyung man if he remembers the kid who gave him the bite scar on his arm. He then asks Hyung man if he really has a bad memory or wants to forget it.


Hyung man thinks in a flashback where he asked what to do with the woman( Sang Pil’s mother) and the person on the other end had asked him to bury both of them together. Sang Pil had bit Hyung man’s hand just then and it had led to the car toppling over.


Back in the present, Sang Pil tells Hyung man that he is the son of the female lawyer that they had killed. Hyung man is appalled at this revelation. Sang Pil gives a cold smile as Hyung man backs away. He says the real reason why he wants to represent Hyung man is so that he can bring him out of prison and kill him and he cant do anything to a dead body. When Hyung man calls him crazy Sang Pil says that he will kill Hyung man while he is alive. He backs Hyung man into the corner and a horrified Hyung man calls out for the guards. Sang Pil Places his hand on Hyung man’s neck as if to strangle him but then removes it.

Sang Pil watches Jae Yi and her father come back to the photo studio in the rain. He gets a call from Hyung man asking Sang Pil to take his case because he doesn’t want to die in prison. Sang Pil says that he will do things his way and Hyung man asks him if he can get him out for sure. Sang Pil says that he will do whatever it takes and asks Hyung man not to worry. Hyung man tells him to keep his promise to which Sang Pil says that the fee will be Hyung man’s life. Sang Pil looks at the photo studio before leaving.


He goes to the closed Daeho stationery store (the Lawfirm is on the top floor of the building). He walks unsteadily and sits down outside the store with a bottle of Soju. He is teary-eyed as he pours the drink in a cup and places it next to him and says “Mom, How are you?”


In the flashback, his mother is stabbed and asks young Sang Pil to get away. She pushes him out the door after telling him to be brave.

In the present Sang Pil is heartbroken and is in tears as he falls to his knees. A car pulls up next to just then and his uncle Dae Woong walks up to him and holds an umbrella over him.


They go up to his firm and Kwang So puts a towel over Sang Pil. Dae Woong asks if this is the place where Choi Jin Ae died. After a long pause Sang Pil tells him that he got Hyung man’s case. Dae Woong offers to give Sang Pil more men other than Tae Kwang So but Sang Pil refuses. When Dae Woong asks if this is the beginning Sang Pil says that it had begun 18 years ago. Sang Pil says vengefully that he wants to punish these people with his own hands. He says he will bring Hyung man out of jail and put everyone outside in jail and give them hell on earth.

Go In Du reports to Oh Ju that Hyung man had changed lawyers and hired Sang Pil. Oh Ju comments that the stupid ones always come up with ideas to get killed. He calls up Gwang Dong and tells him that they need to work together on something.

Jae Yi is on the way to work when she gets a message from Sang Pil to meet him at court as he got Hyung man’s case. Just then a car arrives and Gwang Dong shows Sang Pil’s business card and asks if she is his girlfriend. Before she can react, his men grab her and take her away in their car.


Geum Gang and his men greet Sang Pil at court and Kwang Soo says that they wanted to see his first trial. He notices that Jae Yi is missing and gives her a call.

Gwang Dong attends the call and they are holding Jae Yi at a club. Sang Pil comments that his voice sounds familiar and Gwang Dong says that he is finding his business tough without his accountant and Sang Pil recognises him. He asks Gwang Dong why he has Jae Yi’s phone.  Gwang Dong refers to   Jae Yi as Sang Pil’s girl and asks her to speak to him. Jae Yi is extremely angry and goes to hit Gwang Dong but his men hold her back. She shouts into the phone to Sang Pil saying that she will make him pay for this.


Sang Pil gives a smile and says that’s my office manager. Gwang Dong threatens to remove one organ every 10 minutes if Sang Pil doesn’t get over fast. Sang Pil asks Gwang Dong to do as he pleases as Jae Yi is not his (Sang Pil) woman but just his office manager. He hangs up after saying that they had chosen a wrong hostage. He rushes over to Jae Yi and asks if she is not Sang Pil’s girlfriend. She says she isn’t and calls him a stupid thug and tells him to do some research before choosing a hostage. She asks if Sang Pil is coming and when Gwang Dong tells her that he asked them to do as they pleased she is extremely irritated. Just then he receives Sang Pil’s call.

Sang Pil tells him that Gwang Dong had ruined his mood so he not going to the trial and asks for his location. He tells Kwang Soo and Geum Gang not to allow the trial to begin till he gets back with Jae Yi.

Sang Pil rushes over in his car.

Oh Ju gets a call saying that Bong Sang Pil is on the way to the club. Oh Ju asks Gwang Dong to either make Sang Pil give up on trial or his life and Gwang Dong says he will make him give up both.

Sang Pil reaches the club and says that Gwan Dong knows that you cant break a luxury car without going bankrupt but some he doesn’t know that you aren’t supposed to kidnap or hurt people. Gwang Dong says that Sang Pil has gotten more handsome and asks him about his stylist. Sang Pil asks if Gwang Dong’s stylist was his mother and says that he is here to teach Gwan Dong a lesson. As he walks closer he sees that Jae Yi is tied to a dancing pole and Sang Pil comments that she looks okay. Jae Yi asks him if he abandoned the trial and he says he couldn’t abandon his employee nor his debtor. He winks at her and says he didn’t abandon the trial.


At the courtroom, Judge Cha comes in and Kwang Soo poses as Sang Pil but Yeon Hee tells Judge Cha that Sang Pil left the court before the trial began. When she asks why he is sitting in Sang Pil’s place Kwang Soo says that he is Sang Pil’s partner.

Sang Pil kicks a can and it hits the DJ on his face and he starts beating Gwang Dong’s men.

Judge Cha asks Hyung man if what Kwang Soo claims is true and Hyung man doesn’t know what to say. Yeon Hee walks up to Kwang Soo and asks him if he aware that pretending as a lawyer is a serious crime. She pulls his jacket away which reveals tattoos and she says that this is not the body of a lawyer. Judge Cha orders Kwang Soo’s arrest and asks Hyung man if he is okay of this is his last trial. Hyung man is alarmed and denies it. Judge Cha starts to speak when Geum Gang and his men barge in and come searching for Kwang Soo demanding the money back. One of them locks the courtroom from outside. All hell breaks loose as they start beating up each other.


Meanwhile, Sang Pil is fighting Gwang Dong’s men.

At the courtroom, Judge Cha tries to bring order in the court.


Sang Pil fights his way through most of the thugs and gets to Jae Yi and asks if she is okay. She asks what is going on as she sees his fighting skills and he says that he is still a lawyer. He is fighting a thug when Jae Yi screams out his name but before he reacts Gwang Dong hits Sang Pil’s head with a bottle. Jae Yi hits Gwang Dong’s hand with her briefcase and he tries to hit her back but Sang Pil knocks him down. They both get out from there.

Back at the courtroom, Kwang Soo receives a message from Sang Pil saying that he is on his way. Amidst the commotion, Judge Cha loses her temper as she is unable to get them under control even after warning to get them evacuated.


Sang Pil’s car races down the road and he seems to have discomfort in his neck. Jae Places her handkerchief on his neck and he smiles and tells her that she needn’t thank him. She says that he needn’t apologise as she was kidnapped because of him but he saved her after all. She asks him if he thought she would have let them attack her and he smiles. He becomes serious as he thinks back to the day Jae Yi punched the Judge. Sang Pil was in the audience and had tripped the guards who were ordered to escort her out.


Sang Pil had also seen her on the street when she walked across the street after she was fired. 51

He was the one who had sent Geum Gang and his men to the photo studio to collect the debt.52

He also thinks back to the day 18 years ago after the car toppled as he bit Hyung man. Hyung man had caught hold of him and didn’t let him escape but Jae Yi’s mother had held Hyung mans injured leg and had asked Sang Pil to run away and that is how Sang Pil had gotten away that day.


Back in the present Sang Pil thinks that whatever happened to his mom had happened to Jae Yi’s mother as well. Jae Yi asks him why he was giving her this look and he says that they both will be fighting this fight together from now on. She notices blood on the kerchief and place it back on his neck and asks if he means the trial.

At the courtroom, Kwang Soo has gotten hold of a fire extinguisher and is running around spraying it on everyone saying that they are they are disrespecting the sacred court. Just then Sang Pil walks in amidst the smoke with Jae Yi on his tow.


In the flashback, the boss (the unknown figure) is in the car and receives a call from Oh Ju asking what to do with the lawyer and her kid. Sang Pil hears her saying to kill both of them.

The unknown figure is revealed to be Judge Cha. She says that she doesn’t trust the people who are alive. She gets out of the car and Oh Ju bows to her. No one notices the 10-year- old Sang Pil watching the scene from a distance while hiding.


Back in the present Sang Pil approaches Judge Cha and she asks him who he is. He says with a smile that “I am Lawyer Bong Sang Pil and the trial begins now. Judge Cha Moon Sook”


Image courtesy- TVN


This episode sheds light on the background of the characters and the relationships that they share. It was intriguing since almost everyone is interconnected with each other due to their past.

It was a great suspense when there was more to the story that happened 18 years ago and that Jae Yi’s mother had saved Sang Pil. I feel that we will see more of the flashback in the future episodes too. The plot has started thickening now that we know that Judge Cha had ordered Sang Pil’s mother’s murder.

We see the other side of the ‘Just’ Judge Cha who was behind Sang Pil’s mothers murder. She seems to be a powerful figure who exerts authority whenever she can. She is really good in putting on an act in public to maintain her image.It is pathetic how Jae Yi looks up at Judge Cha like a mother but it seems like Judge Cha is the reason behind Jae Yi’s mother not coming back day.

The scene where Sang Pil speaks to his mother outside the stationery store was very touching and it shows that though he is cool and composed on the outside he is brooding and thirsting for vengeance inside.

The fire extinguisher scene towards the end was hilarious and I can’t get my mind off Kwang Soo running around spraying the entire courtroom with it.

I am curious to see what the next episode holds as we see Sang Pil in prisoner’s uniform in the preview.

My favourite quote from episode 2

“I have never failed once I have decided to steal something, whether it is a trial or a person”-Bong Sang Pil


-By Soul Sword-


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