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Lawless Lawyer- Recap -Episode 4

Lawless Lawyer-Episode 4- Recap

The episode starts with Sang Pil holding her in his arms calling out Jae Yi’s name. He carries her out of the tunnel.
Oh Ju walks In on a man speaking about a witness. Oh Ju informs the man that he is running for the mayors’ election. The man is director of the prosecutor’s office and seems to be against this decision by Cha.

We cut to the scene where Jae Yi is recovering in the hospital with Sang Pil beside her. He asks her to rest and at that time she asks him if he’s alright seeing the bandaged hand. She asks him why he did it and that he seemed like a different person at that time. While they are talking, a man comes in and asks if he is the lawyer defending Hyung man and escorts them out of the hospital.

At the judge’s chambers, they are going through the footage that was submitted while news comes on screen regarding a man who had jumped into an oncoming train on the subway. And the lawyers Sang Pil and Jae Yi, who were the witnesses, are being questioned.


We cut to the interrogating room where Sang Pil is explaining that the man had confessed to the murder before jumping in front of the train. The officer asks if he has it recorded but Sang Pil says that he doesn’t have a recording because he died all of a sudden. He maintains that the current convict is framed but the officer asks him if the person jumped by chance or was he pushed. Jae Yi gets up at this point and tells him to bring a warrant from the judge if they want to interrogate Sang Pil and walks out with him.
Yeon Hee says that the cell phone of the dead person is missing and asks if Sang Pil has taken it. JaeYi again defends him saying the detective thinks he is a murderer and the prosecutor thinks he is a thief. She asks Yeon Hee what is wrong in wanting to win when Yeon Hee asks Sang Pil as to why he is so obsessed with the trial. Yeon Hee replies saying that jae Yi is overreacting and leaves.


Once they are outside, Sang Pil jokingly tells her that he never thought that he would see a day where she would defend him. She asks him if he deliberately left out the Oh Ju’s name, that the person gave before dying . He doesn’t reply but walks towards a person standing there and she is shocked to see that it is Oh Ju. Sang Pil introduces himself and Oh ju says he recognises him as the lawyer of the mayors’ trial and says that he has heard a lot about him. Sang Pil asks Oh Ju how he recognises him when nobody in this city knows him. Oh Ju says he is very close to the mayor and finds it disturbing to speak with the defending lawyer. Sang Pil responds saying that Oh Ju is closer with Hyung man. When Oh Ju denies it Sang Pil tells him that the man had given him a name before dying and asks him if he’s curious to know as to who the murderer is. Oh Ju says that nobody believes a living person so why would they believe a dead person. Sang Pil says that everybody says the truth before they die. Before leaving, Oh Ju says that Sang Pil looks familiar though he is not from Gisung to which Sang Pil responds saying that he is also from Gisung and stares him down.

In his car OhJu’s  secretary tells him that he had a GPS transmitter pinned on him. He gets slapped for being so careless. Oh ju now figures out that Sang Pil was working on catching him from the beginning of the trial and he is glad that the hitman died. He also tells his secratary to kill the human trafficker.


Sang Pil watches jae Yi as she sleeps in his car and his gaze moves to her mothers picture (hanging on the walls of the photo studio) with tears in his eyes. She wakes up and asks him why he was staring at her mother’s picture to which he says answers evasively. Her father comes to receive her and Sang Pil introduces himself to her father and accept her father’s invitation to come in for a cup of tea. Her father thanks him profuselyfor cutting down the interest and tells her that two employees came by and apologised to him. He also enquiries about Sang Pil’s parents to which he says that he was brought up by a single mother passed away when he was young. He says that she was a lawyer just like his daughter .The father says that he was raised well, to which he counteracts saying that he will never be as good a lawyer as his mother. Her father says that it is his dream to see his daughter become a judge like Cha Moon Suk and Sang Pil smiles at Jae Yi.


He returns back to the firm and shows Kwang Soo the cell phone that he had flicked from the hitman earlier. He is told that it is a fingerprint locked password and it will take three days to run the program. Sang Pil says that’ll takes too long and they will have to figure it out manually. He finds out that Geum gang has gone to take care of the human trafficker.

Geum gang is in a car watching the human trafficker who is screaming into his phone. He reports this back to Kwang Soo and gets further instructions.

Judge Cha and Soon Ja are at the church and Soon Ja asks her why she selected Oh Ju for the mayor as he is quite reckless. Cha doesn’t reply but asks her if she wants to drag him down. Soong Ja also speaks about Sang Pil and a gives an update on him. Cha says that chairman Oh is looking into it.
Kwang Soo and Geum Gang walking  into the morgue and the latter is really uncomfortable as he has not seen a dead body before. Once inside he’s told that they need the thumb of the hitman so he takes out pliers and says that he should be doing all the bloody stuff. Kwang Soo stops him just in time before he cuts off the thumb and asks him to keep a lookout while he uses the thumb to unlock the phone. He is almost done when someone comes by and they have to hide. They hide inside the freezer along with the dead body he apologises to the dead person and opens the phone with the fingerprint. He then thanks the hetmans lifeless body.

Jae Yi comes to the office and finds that Dae Woon is with Sang Pil and he is updating him with the current status. His uncle is displeased with the news of Oh Ju running for mayor. On seeing her he takes leave and before going he greets her and says that Sang Pil has spoken a lot about her and that he hopes to see her again. She asks Sang Pil if he suspects Judge Cha and that is curious to know what he knows. She tells him that she wants to know more about his life and asks if he is suspicious of everybody around him.

Oh Ju’s secretary watches Dae woon leave the firm and reports to Oh Ju that the is here because of the trial. Oh Ju cant place the reason as to why both of them are interested in the trial.

Back in the office Sang Pil asks Kwang Soo to check the call list on the Hitman’s phone and find out whom he called before his death. He catches Jae Yi looking at the phone in his hand and wonders how upset she will be knowing that he has the phone. Jae Yi connects the earlier incident where the prosecutor was asking for the hit man’s phone. She thinks about Oh Ji’s exchange with Sang Pil and that his mother was a lawyer.

Oh Ju is told that an eyewitness for the case has come up and wants to see him. He tells Oh Ju that the defendant is not the killer and that the killer was tall and skinny and did not walk with a limp like the Hyung Man. When asked why he didn’t go to the police with this bit of information, he says that he will keep quiet about it for some money. Oh Ju distracts the man while Gwang Dong kicks him from the top of the building. He instructs him to search and destroyed any recordings that evidences that he might have and dump the body else were. Gwang Dong acknowledges with a terrified expression.


At the judges mansion judge Cha is seen hosting a dinner. The reporter , head prosecutor Soon Ja are  present in the group. Cha asks them to extend their support to Oh Ju for mayor. When the head prosecutor asks Oh Ju if he even knows what politics is, he responds by saying that he will gain the judge’s trust by developing the golden city. Still the prosecutor maintains that the country is in a mess because of idiots running politics when judge Cha interrupts saying that his guidance will be valuable. Soong Ja asks who will be replacing the old mayor’s empty slot and also asks what Oh Ju will do with his company after he becomes mayor. Oh Ju says he will hand it over to someone and he swears that he will serve Judge Cha for the rest of his life.

Jae walks to the photo studio and sees Judge Cha’s family picture alongside hers and thinks back on Oh Ju’s words to Sang Pil regarding the Judge Cha and Sang Pil saying he is from Gisung. She feels that something is up and calls up one of her contacts to find information on someone.

Back at the judges mansion, Oh Ju loads the money into Cha’s safe. He tells her that he will give her more money once he finishes the golden city project and that he also knows why she chose him over director Jang as a candidate. He prostrates in front of her and begs her to come by and show her support at his rally at the Gisung fishmarket. She firmly refuses to come and he says that he understands. He asks if she’s going to allow the video recording at the trial, to which she replies saying that nobody can interrupt her trial as it is sacred to her. Sang Pil watches Oh Ju leave the mansion and follows him in his car.
Sang pill calls Oh ju with the Hitman’s phone driving right behind Oh Ju’s car. Oh Ju knows the hitman is dead and wants to find out who has the phone and so attends the call. Sang Pil asks him why he called the man who killed the mayor so many times. He also says that he will be in touch from now on and asks Oh Ju to answer his calls. He overtakes Oh Ju’s car and seeing Oh Ju’s expression drives off with a smile on his face. Oh Ju takes Bong Sang Pil’s name before closing his eyes.


The next day at the courthouse Judge Cha let’s Yeon Hee and Sang Pil know that she won’t be accepting the video recording as an evidence. When he asks her what is the reason for it, the side judge says that it is difficult to identify that the person in the footage is Hyung man.He asks if the upskirt judge will continue with the trial when Cha says that they won’t be getting a new bench for the trial as they could not prove the charges against him. Sang Pil enquires if it would be useless in getting an expert for examining the footage as he can see that she is not accepting the footage because she chooses not to, and not because it is unacceptable. She warns him that she will be penalising him if he continues to bring forward false testimony and evidence. When he calls her unreasonable she asks him to take back his words in order to avoid getting arrested again. He tells her that she won’t be able to disapprove the evidence that he will be presenting in his next trial and walks away.

Yeon Hee asks Sang Pil how he is so confident despite being in a bad situation. He says that the case is going in the direction that he predicted. After telling her who the killer is he asks her if she believes him. She asks she calls it a ridiculous story and asks him why she’s telling her that. He says ‘because you and I fight for the truth’ and leaves.
Jae Yi walks into prison as Sang Pil sees a news report on judge Cha Byung Ho chosen as number one respected person in Korea and runner up is his daughter Cha Moon Suk. He calls the office to check on her as her phone is not reachable and finds out that she has gone to visit Hyung man at the prison. He walks in when Hyung man is telling her that Judge Cha is on Oh Ju’S side and is surprised that she doesn’t know that. Sang Pil stops him from saying more and brings her out of there. jae Yi tells him that the behaviour Hyung man mentioned doesn’t sound like Judge Cha. That’s when sang Pil asks if she has ever thought about Judge Cha in detail. He lets her know that the judge has denied both the evidence he provided and that everything she knows about the judge is false. They are interrupted by detective Gong Jang So who was in charge of her mother’s missing person case. She tells him that she hasn’t given up on searching for her mother and that is very thankful for what he has done .He says that it’s his job and he leaves as Sang Pil looks on.

Sang Pil and Jae Yin walk along the seaside and she tells him that her mother went to repair a broken heart Monica and never came back. She found out later on that it was not broken and she confides in him that she feels guilty about it even today. Jae Yi then tells him that she thinks of judge Cha as her mother and he says he knows that. She wants him to prove the fact that she is being fooled by Cha if it is true. In order for her to believe him he has to persuade her. And until then she can’t believe him. He asks to have a sandwich toast with her and when she agrees he asks her if she will pay for his share which she denies.

The body of the witness is found and the police declared it as a suicide since it was found beneath the suicide rock with a debt reminder in his pocket. He still denies and asked them to investigate properly when they call him a stubborn old man, as he had insisted a real suicide case to be a murder. He goes to the station and picks up an old case file which has a suicide case with Choi jae in’s name on it along with Jae Yi’s missing person flyer.
At his office the projector turns on as Sang Pil moves the statue of lady justice, bringing up what looks like some images with information and has her family’s pictures on it. He is able to move the images with hand gestures. Meanwhile Jae Yi plays the harmonica at home when Song Pil’s voice comes as a voice-over saying that his mother had saved his life. That’s why he has to protect her from everything.
The next day they walk down the steps after finding out that the human trafficker had introduced the hitman to Oh Ju. When they get into the car Jae Yi comes and insisted that she will join them but Sang Pil  tells her to stay at office because he doesn’t want her to be in danger anymore. She persists saying that he has to prove it to her so she’s going to follow him wherever he goes. Just to stop her she closes the door on his hand. Seeing that she has made up her mind, he starts driving. When they are pursuing the human traffickers she confronts him as to how he got the hitman’s phone, she says he can’t present evidence obtained illegally. He says it’s high time she gets used to the way they do things and asks Kwang soo to go faster. They wait and Watch him speak to his mother after giving her a parcel.
While in his car Oh Ju asks his secretary about Sang Pil’s background. He is told that Sang Pil’s mother was Choi dae woongs sister, was a human rights lawyer who committed suicide 18 years ago. Just then it strikes him and he asks if her name was Choi Jin Ae. He realises that Hyung man lied to him 18 years ago that the child was dead. He speaks in his mind ‘ Bong Sang Pil, you survived, to become a lawyer, so you are back in Gisung’

Geum Gang manages to get into the traffickers car while Sang Pil chases the car.


Meanwhile the statue (of Cha Byung Ho) unveiling ceremony is about to commence as judge Cha walks in. she unveils the statue amidst a huge media coverage and applause,

Sang Pil Pursues the trafficker in a car chase which results in him wrecking both their cars. When he gets to him as we cut to Judge Cha’s speech, she says that a judge should serve the people and not be greedy and she tries to live by it. Oh Ju takes over and says that it was an honour to give the statue to the district court and announces that he will be running for mayor of Gisung. Soon Ja mutters that Cha had specifically told him not to do that. Few people start cheering for him.

Sang Pil arrives there with his men, Jae Yi and the human trafficker and cuts through the crowd. Climbs up the stairs and stands next to Oh Ju and says that he has to tell something important and apologises for the interruption. He calls out to Yeon Hee and tells her that this is the person who provided the hitman to a certain someone to kill mayor Lee Young Su. He says that he hands this matter over to Yeon Hee to reveal the truth and the trafficker is thrown at her feet and is escorted away. Oh Ju tells Sang Pil that it was a nice performance and escorts judge Cha away up the stairs. Sang Pil follows them and Jae Yi catches up and stops him .he tells her that he hopes that she is ready to follow him. She asks him why he is doing this but stops midway seeing the look on his face as he walks away. Away from public view judge Cha hits Oh Ju for making this about himself and tells him he is mistaken if he thinks that he is still running for mayor. That’s when he tells her who Sang Pil is. He mentions choi Jin Ae’s name but she doesnt allow him to finish and asks him to leave.


She turns around hearing Sang Pil apologising for his behaviour earlier. She asks why he ruined the ceremony, to which he replies saying that he knows she framed Hyung man and wants to make Oh Ju mayor. He challenges her that till he is at around, he won’t allow an innocent man to be killed by law. She reacts by saying that he is bold and imprudent, just like Jin Ae. He says not to call his mother’s name in vein. She asks if he thinks he is the first person to confront her. He says that he is going to show her the end of it. She walks away with a sarcastic smile which disappears when she sees that Jae Yi has overheard everything as Sang Pil looks on.


This episode was more on the serious side as it showed the seriousness getting tangled up with the wrong people and the price that people pay for it. Judge Cha’s character keeps getting shadier by the minute and we still don’t know what was the issue that led to Sang Pil’s mothers’ murder. We will have to wait and see the coming episodes to get a clearer idea on that. I liked how Jae Yi reacted in a mature way when Sang Pil told her that there was another side to Judge cha. This series captures in a very realistic way, as to how people find it difficult to accept that a person with a good public image can be on the wrong side of law. I am curious as to how Sang Pil will take the trial from here as Judge Cha now knows who he is.

-Soul Sword

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