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Come And Hug Me Recap Episode 23 -24

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 23 – 24

Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 23

In the year 2007, Hui Jae is staring at the snow fall outside the widow from his cell.

Jae Yi in the voice over says that 12 years have passed. He looks at himself in the mirror and a young Na Moo is visible behind him the reflection. Na Moo smiles at his father. Hui Jae fondly calls him Na Moo ya!

In 2015, Hui Jae is still in his cell staring at his sunlit window. His autobiography among other books and articles about his son being attacked at the graduation are in his possession. He has taken Do Jin’s picture from one of the articles and has stuck it to his wall.

Hui Jae looks at reflection again and his young son (Nam Da Reum) beams back at him from the mirror.


In 2018, Hui Jae reads the paper and finds an article about Han Jae Yi. He sees Do Ji’s face blurred in the article and puts the paper down in anger. He gets up to see his reflection and this time his son isn’t smiling. Hui Jae angrily grumbles Yoon Na Moo. Na Moo’s reflection vanishes.

Jae Yi’s Voice over continues. An old villain was locked up in the dark. Do Jin’s voice is heard in the voice over that once again he (Hui Jae) said that he realised something.

Yeom Ji Hong, our killer minion is visiting Hui Jae in prison. He asks Hui Jae if he’s seen the article about Do Jin and Jae Yi meeting at the hospital.


Ji Hong asks Hui Jae if he should finish his autobiography. Hui Jae gives a crooked smile. He asks Ji Hong to meet Jeon Yoo Ra and hand her a present from him.

Cut back to his cell, Hui Jae reads fan mails from Yoo Ra. She says he hasn’t replied to her in 3 years.

Hui Jae asks him to pass on a message to her saying that the thing she had hoped for over three years will soon come true.

Jeon Yoo Ra is climbing the stair of what is probably her home. She smiles with joy when she reads an article about Yoon Hui Jae attacking reporter Park Hee Young.


Hui Jae remembers Park Hee Young telling him that he’s just an old thug who’ll rot in prison forever. He thinks about the time Moo Won told him that Yoon Na Moo hates him so much that he tried to kill him. He hears OK Hee spitefully telling him that he isn’t protecting his children but he is the one that broke them apart.As she says that Na Moo grew up by himself and he isn’t Hui Jae’s child he thinks about Inspector Ko talking to a happy Do Jin (Na Moo.)

Hui Jae imagines a grown up Do Jin in front of him. Hui Jae smiles at him at firs! and calls him Na Moo ya! But Do Jin stares at him like he would an enemy.


Hui Jae grumbles Chae Do Jin and comes forward menacingly. He whispers something in Hui Jae’s ears. Hui Jae loses his head and angrily grabs Do Jin’s throat. He continues to strangle him but Do Jin just smiles him.

Hui Jae comes back to reality and breathes heavily.


Do Jin is looking around the suspect’s father’s bungalow. The killer tries to attack him out of nowhere but Do Jin dodges quickly. He acknowledges him as Na Moo and then attacks him again. Do Jin comes off as the better fighter. Do Jin provokes him by asking why he is running around with a hammer and whether he is copying Hui Jae. He says that it doesn’t look scary at all and only looks corny. The guy gets angry and tries to hit Do Jin again. Do Jin kicks him on the back of his leg and manages to grab him by his collar.

Do Jin smiles like a lunatic and says ‘nice to meet you, Yeom Ji Hong.’ The killer looks scared.


They fight again and Ji Hong lands on the road. Do Jin asks if that’s the best he can do and that he is nowhere close to Hui Jae. A school boy walks towards them not knowing what is going on and Ji Hong aims for him. Do Jin runs and pulls the boy into his arms and deflects the hits at the same time.

The boy hides behind Do Jin and bangs the car next to him causing the security alarm to go off. Ji Hong runs away as the neighbours start yelling at the noise.

Do Jin checks on the boy wondering if he is okay. The boy looks terrified but nods.


Ji Hong gets into an old Van and frustratedly removes his mask. He drives off.

In the Voice Over Hui Jae says that ‘evil shall not wait shall not wait to be proved.’ We see snippets from Hui Jae’s arrest and his car exploding. Hui Jae’s Voice Over continues that ‘evil shall prove itself.’ Hui Jae smiles smugly in his cell.

Hyun Moo goes to Seo Jin’s saloon and runs in fear when he realises that she has already left. Ok Hee is locking up her soup restaurant and Jeon Yoo Ra knocks into her on purpose making her drop her purse. Ok Hee apologises and bends down to pick up her stuff.

Yoo Ra walks away saying she smells like pork. Ok Hee on the other hand wonders why the other woman smells like disinfectant. Yoo Ra watches Ok Hee walk away with an odd look.


Seo Jin walks back home from work and a guy dressed in the exact same outfit as the killer grabs her hand. She screams in fear but it turns out to be a guy who likes her. She yells at him in frustration but he says that they should go on a date. Seo Jin says that she already said no and that her brother is a police officer who will kill him in a second. She walks away and the guy just marvels at how cute she is.

Hyun Moo comes out of hiding and pulls the guy into an alley. He pushes him towards the wall and grabs his collar. The guy gets scared and asks why he is doing this. Hyun Moo asks if it scares him then why he did the same thing to her. The guy looks confused. Hyun Moo says that he’ll kill him if he bothers her again. The guy nods fervently. He bows to Hyun Moo and runs away immediately.


Hyun Moo continues to follow Seo Jin who seems unaware of what happened behind her.

Do Jin’s team is at Ji Hong’s gate trying to talk to his father. Jong Hyun says that he created a fake ID. Ji Hong’s father refuses to co-operate and says that it doesn’t look like a big deal.

When Do Jin asks about his whereabouts his father seems ignorant of anything that’s going on with Ji Hong. He’s defensive about it and asks them to bring a warrant if they want to do anything more.

Jong Hyun notes that his son must have stirred up trouble before as the father seems to know so much about the law. Yeon Ji says that their warrant will be denied too as he has a home and won’t run away. Do Jin looks at the security cameras and dash cameras around the area.

Jae Yi sits at home trying to read her script. She remembers Do Jin asking her not to wait outside and call him if something happened. She checks her messages and sees that she has gotten a lot of hate messages from people who disapprove her relationship with Do Jin. She tries to concentrate on her script but is unable to do so.

Do Jin and Jong Hyun are checking the CCTV footages from Ji Hon’s neighbourhood. But he seems to avoid them as he knows the neighbourhood well. Jong Hyun says that Do Jin should go home and rest. Do Jin winces in pain when Jong Hyun touches his shoulder.

Jae Yi surprises him at his office. He takes her for a coffee in their rest area and she spots her sign borad near their coffee machine. Jae Yi says that she came only because she missed him. Do Jin wonders if everything is okay.


Jae Yi says that it has been just one day but they are asking ‘are you ok?’ instead of ‘do you miss me?’ or ‘have you eaten?’ She tells him that they are doing pretty well. Do Jin gives her a hug.

He winces in pain again and Jae Yi asks if he got hurt. Do Jin says only a little bit hurt.

She goes with him to the night duty room and threatens to leave if he doesn’t lie down.

She asks him if he saw a doctor and he nods saying that it’s just his shoulder so he’ll be alright.


Jae Yi asks him if he is working on Park Hee Young’s murder case. She tells him that she watched her last broadcast.

Do Jin tells her that it could be copycat of Yoon Hui Jae. He takes her hand in his but Jae Yi assures him that she is fine. She asks him to tell her everything including the minor details and not to bear it all alone.

Do Jin tells her that she too should tell him everything like if it’s too much for her to handle. He tells her that she shouldn’t avoid him suddenly.

Jae Yi says she wouldn’t have started it if she couldn’t handle it.

Moo Won reaches his home and looks at the picture of his parents. Hui Jae’s voice asks if it’ll be his pretty sister that he’s going to lose the third time. He remembers how he grabbed Hui Jae and threatened to kill him if he went near his sister.

Yeon Ji and Do Jin are talking about the copycat killer, Ji Hong. Yeon Ji says that his mom left after divorce and that he doesn’t get along with his dad. She says that his father paid off the minor crimes but he went to prison for stock manipulation. Yeon Ji says that the worst part of it was that most of his victims from stock manipulation were his acquaintances and one of them committed suicide.

Nam Gil announces that they have a visitor and Do Jin is visibly taken aback to see Yeom Ji Hong in his office.


Ji Hong asks if this is the violent crimes department 1.

He is taken in for an investigation and his lawyer explains that his fake ID was taken off from the internet. He tells that he is not a professional forger and he wasn’t intending to harm anyone. The lawyer says that Ji Hong will give a statement and wait to be sentenced by the court.

Yeon Ji asks him why he needed a fake id and he says that he has a record already so he wanted to avoid scrutiny.

Yeon Ji asks about his whereabouts during Han Jae Yi’s set incidence and his lawyer intervenes. He asks Yeon Ji not to ask anything unrelated to the fake ID case since they have no witness on the other case.

Do Jin asks about his connection with Hui Jae in the prison church. Ji Hong confirms that and said that the sister told them a lot of thing worth considering. Do Jin asks for an example and Ji Hong says repentance and finding salvation.

Do Jin asks if he found them and Ji Hong says most definitely.

Do Jin wonders about his prison visits to Hui Jae even after his release. Ji Hong says that he thought Hui Jae would be scary since he is a serial killer but then he turned out to be a nice guy.

Ji Hong notes that Do Jin is Hui Jae’s son and tells him that his father shows a lot of remorse. He asks Do Jin if he doesn’t miss his father.

Do Jin calmly asks Ji Hong why he doesn’t see his own father when they both live in the same house.


Do Jin says that Ji Hong’s father is a weak and temperamental person who both fears him and is unable to control him. He asks Ji Hong of he feels that he has no right to be his father.

Do Jin asks if that is why he considers Hui Jae as his father and follows him unconditionally.

His lawyer tells him not to answer that.

Ji Hong gets crazy eyed and asks Do Jin what he means by that.

Do Jin tells him that he met someone weak yesterday. He continues that the guy was torturing someone half his size and it was pathetic to watch. Do Jin laughs at him infuriating Ji Hong further.

Do Jin gets up from his seat and meets Ji Hong’s eyes. He asks Ji Hong what he is without Yoon Hui Jae.

The lawyer urges Ji Hong that they can leave but Ji Hong doesn’t listen. He gets up too to level with Do Jin. But then he leaves without a word.

Nam Gil watches the exchange from the other room. We see that he has heard the contents of Park Hee Young’s recorder. Park Hee Young asking Hyun Moo if the gentle face of Do Jin is only a façade and if he could really be a worse psychopath than Yoon Hui Jae rings in Nam Gil’s mind. After watching Do Jin investigate Ji Hong, Nam Gil considers if it could be true.

Yeon Ji asks that if he is the same guy that attacked him yesterday based on his voice. Do Jin says yes.

Reporter Ji Ho visits their department and she sees Yeom Ji Hong leaving she recognises him and goes to Do Jin wondering who he is. Yeon Ji refuses to answer saying it’s confidential.

She tells them that she’s seen him before. Do Jin looks at her curiosly and Ji Ho tells him that he came to his mother’s restaurant.


Alarmed, Do Jin calls his mother and asks her to close the restaurant early. Team leader Ko is with her in her restaurant serving customers cheerfully. Do Jin asks his mother to stay with the team leader and he’ll call Seo Jin.

Team leader Ko asks Ok Hee if everything is alright. She says that it may not be. Ko tells her not to worry.

Hyun Moo has a nightmare about the Park Hee Young murder.

Hyun Moo bursts out from the room and sees Hee Young lying dead on the floor.  Ji Hong wonders why Hyun Moo came out so late. He asks whether he was curious as to what he was saying to Hee Young.

Hyun Moo stares at him unbelievingly.

Ji Hong continues that she deserved to die and she shouldn’t have broadcasted such a show about ‘father.’


He then brings down the hammer on Do Jin’s picture asking Hyun Moo if he too thinks Do Jin is nothing.

Hyun Moo asks just who the hell he is and what he spoke to his father about.

Ji Hong asks if he is that bothered about him stabbing his brother’s picture. He tells him that he is going to complete ‘father’s’ autobiography.

He asks if he wants to know who his father asked to kill first. Ji Hong hammers Jae Yi’s photo.

He says that she is the root cause of everything so she is first to die. He continues that Ok Hee works late everyday and Seo Jin to comes home late from work.

Ji Hong thinks that they are being careless and confident that they won’t get hit with a hammer. He says that they don’t fear enough. Hyun Moo mumlbes “what?”

Ji Hong throws the hammer into a corner and walks away. He lazily tells Hyun Moo that he too should get going, as it isn’t as if he can call the police.


Before he leaves Ji Hong throws his lighter on Hee Young’s zebra rug which catches fire immediately.

Hyun Moo stands frozen throughout the exchange.

Once Ji Hong is gone Hyun Moo stumbles on his feet a little. He remembers the day when he saw about the old couple’s murder on the news and then his father had asked him to come and eat. He remembers that incident too where a fire was started right after the murders.

Hyun Moo tries to leave hurriedly but ends up knocking some things down from Hee Young’s shelf. He finds a security camera among them. He notices its vantage point and realises that it must have captured the whole murder.

Hyun Moo wakes up from his nightmare. He leaves his hotel room but the camera remains in his room.

Moo Won sifts through the profiles of people who were released within the past six months.


He identifies Yeom Ji Hong as the guy in front of his sister’s house with the umbrella.

The inspector who works with Moo Won says that they have narrowed down 100 members of Hui Jae’s fan club and they are investigating them. He says that the fan club isn’t active anymore.

Moo Won asks him to see if Ji Hong was among the fan club or if there was anyone who used a fake identity. He also asks him to see if anyone had directly contacted him in prison.

Moo Won, once again avoids Jae Yi’s call thinking back to Hui Jae’s words about how he shouldn’t stay near his sister.

Episode 24

Jae Yi is in her shooting set filming a scene and the girls around her gossip.

One girl says she is too good for the role but the other girl says she deserves it for creating a scandal of extreme proportions.


Se Kyung arrives announcing loudly that she is the extreme one. Se Kyung followed by Yoon Sung, Jae Yi’s former lead actor, come to see her.

Jae Yi looks pretty happy to see Se Kyung but she looks wary of Yoon Sung.

Jae Yi tells Se Kyung she should have come alone but Se Kyung says that Yoon Sung begged her to take him along with her.

Yoon Sung tells Jae Yi that she shouldn’t act like this but she should act more desperate and latch onto the actor. He pulls her by the hand and tells that he’ll teach her. Jae Yi tries to avoid him but he keeps pulling her hand. Do Jin comes there suddenly and takes his hand away from hers.

Yoon Sung gets miffed and asks him to let go of his hand wondering who he is.

Jae Yi, Pyo Taek and Se Kyung are pretty surprised at this sudden intervention. Pyo Taek asks Do Jin why he is here.

Yoon Sung asks loudly who the hell he is. Do Jin mumbles so Jae Yi takes his hand and tells Yoon Sung that he is her boyfriend.


Yoon Sung deflates a little at that information and asks if he is the guy from the rumours. He covers his mouth in surprise so Se Kyung tells him to watch his words carefully.

Yoon Sung says that Do Jin looks handsome for a police officer, but Do Jin counters that he doesn’t look that handsome for an actor making Se Kyung snort with laughter.

Pyo Taek watches them go at it unable to say anything.

Yoon Sung defends his looks but Do Jin says that it doesn’t matter to him as he was hitting on his girlfriend even after she declined him.

Jae Yi looks at him a little amazed at his behaviour.

Pyo Taek tries to intervene this time but Do Jin goes on crossly that people could be offended by this kind of behaviour. He says that Yoon Sung is really rude and has manners.

Se Kyung wonders if Do Jin has always been this chatty and Jae Yi admits that he isn’t.

Do Jin asks Yoon Sung to take class on prevention of sexual harassment so that he can be more careful from now on. On top of it he calls Yoon Sung professor.

Yoon Sung declares that he just turned 30 and they could practically be the same age.

Pyo Taek looks crestfallen but Jae Yi seems pretty content.

Do Jin and Jae Yi go back to her house and Do Jin tells her that Pyo Taek looked a little mad.


She tells him it was the first time she saw him get angry. She asks him if he always spoke that well and if he goes speechless only in front of her.

Do Jin pouts that he didn’t get that angry.

She asks him if he was already angry when she used to shoot “Romance Village” with Yoon Sung. He sits blinking like a child getting scolded.

Jae Yi says if he keeps this up he’ll go super crazy when she shoots a romantic scene. He whines cutely that it isn’t like that. Jae Yi gives a quick peck on his cheek.

He tries to stifle the smile bumbling inside him. Jae Yi laughs and says that she is really happy.

She confesses to Do Jin that she wants to get angry and jealous, and also fight with each other like ordinary couples. Jae Yi says that since they were always feeling sorry and grateful they didn’t get to do many other things. She says that she wants to do all of them one by one. She wants to become ordinary day by day.

Do Jin nods in agreement. His smile slowly fades and he becomes nervous. Slowly he takes her face in his hands and asks her if he can do more of ‘it?’

She looks at him quizzically and he looks at her lips. Jae Yi nods slowly implying that he can.

Do Jin kisses her slowly for a pretty long time. They smile at each other.


Seo Jin who is walking back home at night gets interrupted by a guy in black outfit again.

Only this time it really is Ji Hong. He calls her Seo Jin ah! As if he’s know her for years. Seo Jin asks who and before she could finish he tells her that father asked to give a present to his youngest princess.

She sees the hammer in his hand and goes back to the day she saw the hammer in her step father’s hand when she was a kid.

She backs away running but he grabs her hand and says she should take her father’s present. He strikes her with the hammer but Hyun Moo barges in between and gets hit.

Seo Jin sees that it’s her brother. Ji Hong is frustrated that Hyun Moo intervened. Hyun Moo feels the pain but he goes up to face the guy again.

Hyun Moo grabs Ji Hong’s hand and tells him to stop everything or he’ll be broken into pieces. Ji Hong wonders what he means and Hyun Moo says he’ll kill him if he touches his sister.


Ji Hong hits Hyun Moo with the hammer in the same hand that grabbed him. Hyun Moo clutches his arm. Ji Hong tells him not to act up and says that she needs to learn a lesson.

Hyun Moo yells who he is to teach her a lesson and goes at him again. Ji Hong hits him in the back with the hammer. Seo Jin yells for help so Ji Hong turns around and goes for her. Hyun Moo gets up and catches Ji Hong but he breaks free again and pushes Hyun Moo to the ground. He starts to hit him again but Seo Jin smacks him with her handbag.

He gets annoyed and charges at her but Hyun Moo gets up and pushes him away. Seo Jin hides behind Hyun Moo.

A few strangers who pass by pause to see what is happening. Ji Hong decides to give up and backs away.

Seo Jin asks a very hurt Hyun Moo if he is alright. Hyun Moo yells angrily that she has to quit if she is going to go home late every day.

Seo Jin cries that he must be in a lot of pain and tells him that they should go to a hospital immediately.

Hyun Moo tells her that he’ll be arrested and every blame will fall on him if he does that.


Seo Jin asasures him that their mom and herself know that it wasn’t him so he should just surrender to the police.

Hyun Moo pushes her hand away and tells her that Ji Hong is a psycho so both Seo Jin and her mom should be careful. He then adds Do Jin should be careful too.

Seo Jin asks Hyun Moo why he is associated with a lunatic like him and why he mentioned their father.

Hyun Moo tries to walk away. Seo Jin tells him that Nak Won’s brother (Moo Won) showed pictures of his accomplices. She asks him if Ji Hong was the same guy.

Hyun Moo scoffs that it’s none of her business and she should be taking care of herself.

Seo Jin crouches on the floor tiredly and watches her brother limp away.

Jae Yi goes to the door to send Do Jin off. He asks her about Moo Won and she says she drop in on him later.

Do Jin informs her that he is going to talk to his mother about them. She agrees and tells that she’ll visit his mother. Do Jin tells her not to s it would be very difficult for her.

She shakes her head and tells him that she likes his mother. She briefs him about meeting Ok Hee at the hospital. Jae Yi says she’s thankful to her as she raised him and gave him a lot of affection.

Do Jin hugs her.

Moo Won sits tired and once again ignores Jae Yi’s call.

Jae Yi sees the article about prosecutor attacking serial killer during interrogation. Worried, she calls him again. She gets up to leaves as he ignores the call again.


Ok Hee patches up Seo Jin’s injured elbow. Do Jin bursts in worried about his sister.

Seo Jin tells him he couldn’t remember the attackers face.

Do Jin asks her tentatively if his brother (Hyun Moo) was badly hurt. Seo Jin nods and tells that he got hurt instead of her. She tells them about his warnings to be careful.

Ok He tells Do Jin that they should find HYun Moo soon as she feels las if something bad might happen to him.

A very injured Hyun Moo sits in his hotel room taking medication. He washes it down some alcohol and winces in pain at the littlest movement of his body.


The news on television warns about an impending typhoon. The news shifts to Yoon Hui Jae being attacked by a prosecutor while questioning about Park Hee Young’s murder case.

Hyun Moo thinks back to his school days when Moo Won had asked him if he has ever killed anyone. He had told Hyun Moo that nothing will feel worse than killing someone.

Hyun Moo, in the present, looks at the security camera he took from Hee Young’s place.

Jae Yi visits her brother and looks petrified at him lying sick. She fusses at him to go to the hospital.


The first words that come out of his mouth are ‘stop seeing Yoon Na Moo.’

He tells that whoever he is now he’ll always be Yoon Hui Jae’s son. He says that his father killed their parents. Jae Yi argues that Do Jin is different from Hui Jae.

Moo Won says that even if she doesn’t see it now later on whenever she looks at him she’ll she Yoon Hui Jae and that guilt will make her think about her parents.

Jae Yi says that it wasn’t Do Jin’s fault. Moo Won says that it’s not about whose fault but what happened. He tells her that the weight will crush her in the end like it does for him.

We flash back to Nak Won’s parent’s funeral.


All the relatives are accusing Moo Won saying he shouldn’t get involved considering that he isn’t real family. They say that his real nae is Lim Tae Kyung and he was in trial for doing something bad.

Moo Won stands infront of them and tells that his family name is “Gil” and his name is Gil Moo Won as that is what the name his parents gave him.

Nak Won cries in a corner.

He asks if anyone is going to adopt Nak Won and cut him out of the family register. He continues that his parent’s money was put in a trust fund and none of them are getting a cent out of it.

He tells him he’ll take care of his sister without spending his parent’s money and will repay everything when he grows up.

He goes into a room where Nak Won is asleep. He cries looking at his sister’s face.

Nak Won sleeps on the sofa while Moo Won sits on the floor leaning on the wall. Nak Won wakes up to find her brother sleeping seated and asks him if he isn’t cold and why he is sleeping there. He tells her he was worried she’ll have nightmares again. Moo Won tells her that she’ll have them for a while and that she shouldn’t be scared. He holds her hands supportively.

In the present Moo Won holds Jae Yi’s hand and asks her to stop everything and comeback. Jae Yi cries silently.

Do Jin witnesses his mother trying to soothe Seo Jin who too seems to be having nightmares in her sleep.

Do Jin thinks how he promised a tiny Seo Jin that he’ll protect her from everyone and everything.


Ji Hong is in his lair looking at Hyun Moo’s picture. He remembers Do Jin’s words about who he is without Yoon Hui Jae.

Ji Hong looks at Do Jin’s photo on the wall and says Yoon Na Moo.

Hui Jae is being led out of the prison into a shuttle bus. A huge smile appears on his face. He turns around and looks at the prison as if giving it one last look.


The bus travels through a road in between thick forest. Hui Jae seems very observant of the route they are taking.

Jeon Yoo Ra goes shopping and she checks out a few pretty curtains. She goes through shirts and then picks one very lovingly. She seems pretty contented with herself once she is done shocking.

In the past Hui Jae reads the letters and smiles. He goes onto tear them into p.ieces as if they mean nothing to him.

Jeon Yoo Ra has a lot of shopping bags and she drives away in her car.


Hui Jae keeps a keen eye on the road and when he spots a red knot tied to a post he braces himself as if they are going to crash.

A thin metal string is tied across the road causing the shuttle to lose its tyres and crash onto a wall. Everyone in the bus looks unconscious.

Hui Jae breaks the glass window and jumps out from the bus.

He smells in the fresh air and revels in the surrounding.


Do Jin who is walking in his office stops and turns as if someone had called him.  One of the guards yell into his radio to send reinforcements to the scene as they had an accident. He yells at Yoon Hui Jae to stop right where he is.

Hui Jae who is enjoying the scenery turns around and smiles saying that the smell of the forest is the smell of life itself.

It is almost sundown and the reinforcements arrive on scene. Hui Jae still stands where he was as the police surround him.


At Do Jin’s home he has lunch with his mom and Seo jin. Seo Jin asks her brother to debone the fish for her as she is injured. Do Jin tells his mother that he’ll come home early today as he has something to say to her.


Ok Hee says let’s do it.

They see breaking news about Hui Jae’s escape. Mom and Seo Jin run toward the television in shock. Fear grips mom.

The news guy says that the prison people tried to find a solution without releasing the information about his escape and that has caused the issue to become huge.

Hyun Moo watches the news and mutters ‘father.’

The security camera is with Moo Won now as he picks up a call.

Jae Yi is seated on the floor with her dog, Bom. She shakes in fear as she sees the news about Hui Jae’s escape. She remembers the Christmas night when Hui Jae dragged her too be killed but Na Moo gets up from the floor and pushes his father away.


Her phone rings and the caller is Do Jin. She doesn’t notice it.

A little boy is climbing up an apartments staircase. It looks like the one Jeon Yoo Ra was in earlier on in the episode. Yoon Hui Jae is behind the boy.

Hui Jae asks him if he is coming back from class. The boy nods.

He asks the kid if he knows who he is. The boy shakes his head implying that he doesn’t.

The boy tells him that no one really says hello to each other in his neighbourhood and people keep moving out a lot.

Hui Jae says that it’s unfortunate and neighbors should say hello to each other.

He tells the boy that he had a smart and sweet son like him. The boy wonders if he is gone now.


Hui Jae tells him that he’ll be meeting him soon as he has a lot to show him. The boy bows and goes away.

Voice over goes that evil shall not wait to be proved but evil shall prove itself.

Hui Jae smiles like a lunatic.

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