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Lawless Lawyer – Recap – Episode 6

Lawless Lawyer – Recap – Episode 6

We see a recap of Jae Yi asking for an explanation regarding her mother and Sang Pil telling her that Judge Cha was the root cause of all the happenings.


He tells her that all the photos projected on the wall were taken by Jae Yi’s mother. We cut to a flashback of Jae Yi taking her mother’s photo and her father clicking a picture of the mother and daughter. She walks out of the firm crying as Sang Pil follows her. At the beach, he tries to talk to her but she shoves him continues walking on the beach with teary eyes. Then she sits down and makes a call to her father. She tries to tell him about her mother but decides against it and asks him to have dinner without her. After hanging up she cries softly and Sang Pil stands behind her giving her time. They sit next to fireworks and have soju at the beach before he piggybacks her and lays her on the couch at the law firm and tucks her in.


He seats himself beside her and looks at the black notebook (that was delivered to him by an anonymous sender before he came to Kiseung). We cut to the flashback where Dae Woong asks Sang Pil if the notebook is the reason for coming to Kiseung and Sang Pil says there’s another reason too. Dae Woong asks if the girl is the reason and Sang Pil answers in the affirmative. When asked about who sent the book to him Sang Pil says that there’s only one person who would send that. We cut back to the present with Sang Pil looking at Jae Yi thinking in his mind, that he wants her to know the truth about everything, but at the same time, he hopes that she never finds out and that’s his honest feeling.

In the morning Jae Yi wakes up and finds Sang Pil asleep at his desk and she puts a blanket over him and leaves, but Sang Pil is actually awake.


Prosecutor Yeon Hee thinks back at the trial proceedings where the broker (trafficker) accepted that he introduced the Hitman to Ahn Oh Ju’s secretary and Sang Pil telling her about a leak from her side. A person (investigator Min) comes in and she asks him why they aren’t able to track down OhJu’s secretary and if there’s a leak within the prosecutor office. He says that’s because he fled before a warrant was issued and she asks him on what basis he denies the leak. He replies that security will be tightened. When she says that she wants him arrested he responds by saying they may lose the trial if Hyung man is believed to be innocent. She tells him that will be seen after the suspect is caught.

Judge Cha sees that Oh Ju’s approval rating is low and Soong Ja says that is due to his secretary’s name coming up in the trial despite it not showing up on the media. Seeing a reluctant Soong Ja , Judge Cha orders her to help Oh Ju with the election. While walking out Soong Ja tells him that he should be worried about the trial. Oh Ju tells her that he shouldn’t be bothered about it because Soong Ja’s daughter is the prosecutor. She gets furious and says that Yeon Hee didn’t become a prosecutor to clean up after scum like him but can definitely send him back to the gutters.

At the law firm, Kwang Soo tells Sang Pil that he will ruin his health if he doesn’t get any sleep. Sang Pil tells him that he has told her the truth, except the most important thing.

Jae Yi goes through a file labelled “after that, Noh Hyun Joo 1999-2000”, that has many pictures in it. She goes to the location in the pictures that looks like an abandoned road that is now cordoned off. We cut back to where her mother clicks pictures of a murder at the same place while hidden behind a tree.


Kwang Dong looks at the holographic image of the Golden City while Oh Ju tells him to transfer Oh Ju group to a blind trust after speaking about his past achievements.

Jae Yi is on her way back when she sees Ahn Oh Ju doing some serious campaigning.


She walks over to the beach when Sang Pil walks up behind her. He asks her if she believes him now to which she responds that she has to. He says now that she believed him, he feels that he has achieved something huge. She asks him if had come to Kiseung for revenge. He says that it’s also because he wanted to tell her the truth. She asks him if he became an attorney because of his mother and answers in his place that it should have been because she was a good lawyer. When she asks him if there was any other reason he tells her that up until now there wasn’t, but right now there is. She asks him how he found out about her mother. He tells her that her mother saved him on the day he was kidnapped. She asks him about her mother but he gives an uneasy look and doesn’t reply. She says that it’s ok if he doesn’t answer and she will hear it directly.


At the prison, Jae Yi visits Hyung man and asks him if he would have killed Bong Sang Pil 18 years ago if he had not escaped. She goes on to ask him what they did to the woman whom they kidnapped along with him. When she asks him if he killed her he asks her why does she care. She tells him that she is that woman’s daughter and screams asking him if her mother is still alive. A shaken Hyung man just says “I am sorry” repeatedly before sinking to the floor. Jae Yi said that she can never forgive him.


Sang Pil watches the rain from the law firm’s balcony and Jae Yi stands outside the photo studio looking at her family photo before coming back to the firm. Sang Pil tells her that she should report if she is working late and asks her the reason. She comes up behind him and hugs him from behind and asks if he could stay this way for a while. When he turns around, she puts her palm on his cheeks while asking him if he lived like this for 18 years. He says it was because he had something to do and she hugs him. He warns her that it will get worse from now on to which she replies that she knows.


He then looks at her before kissing her. They continue to kiss on the balcony the scene pans out.

Jae Yi wakes up in Sang Pil’s embrace in bed the next morning. She makes coffee for both of them with a smile on her face and when she is about to go upstairs when a woman walks in followed by Geum Gang. When he asks how Jae Yi is in so early, she says that she stayed working late. Jae Yi learns that the woman is actually Geum Gang’s younger sister to whom he seems to owe money.


Sang Pil seems to be in a good mood as he comes downstairs and Geum Gangs sister takes an interest to him immediately and introduces herself as Geum Ja. Then she asks Jae Yi as what relationship she has with Sang Pil to which Geum Gang cuts in saying they are colleagues and drags her away.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi go to the beach and walk and play in the waves. Then they sit on the sand and Sang Pil asks her when she is going to tell her father to which she says that though he will be shocked she has to tell him. He also asks her if she is fine with Hyung Man walking free. She says since he didn’t commit this murder she will help him get acquitted. Sang Pil gives her an approving look and says that they are lawyers after all. She says that she will make him pay for it later and sees Sang Pil smiling and returns his smile before leaning on his shoulder.


Oh Ju receives a call from Hyung man asking him to come and visit him. Oh Ju immediately goes to prison with the attorney and Hyung man asks for the attorney’s phone. Hyung man uses the phone to call Sang Pil who is at the beach with Jae Yi. Sang Pil jokingly asks him if Hyung man broke out of prison as this was not the prisons number. Hyung man says that Oh Ju is with him right now and he has a video that will get him acquitted. He goes on to ask Sang Pil if he can still get Hyung man acquitted without the video and Sang Pil confidently says he will. Hearing this Hyung man tells Oh Ju to get lost. Oh Ju asks him why he is hammering nails into his own coffin. Hyung man responds saying that due to hanging out a lot with Oh Ju, he had forgotten that detectives (Hyung man is a detective)existed to put thugs like Oh Ju behind bars. He leaves the room leaving behind a very furious Oh Ju.

At the beach Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that her visit persuaded Hyung man to take the right path. They discuss that the evidence has been fabricated and Jae pitches in saying she has an idea as to who might have done it.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi catch up with Investigator Min (Yeon Hi’s secretary) at the prosecutor’s office and she tells him that they are going to call him on to the stand in the trial. Sang Pil tells him that there is a video that his client saw and that Min will be surprised if he knew who that person was. The investigator immediately runs out the door instead of replying.


Oh Ju and Kwang Dong are discussing election strategy when Investigator Min barges in asking him about the video. Oh Ju orders Kwang Dong to throw him out when Min creates a scene and Oh Ju tells him how he dares to threaten a mayoral candidate and hits Min on his head. Oh Ju gets a call from Yeon Hee and he asks Kwang Dong to get Min out of there.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi meet Hyung man in prison, who asks them why they are so late. Sang Pil tells him that he had to set up traps before coming. They ask Hyung man about the video and he tells them that it contains footage of someone manipulating the crime scene but he was not sure who it was. Yet he says he noticed a truck also at the crime scene.

Sang Pil sits Gang Geum’s men down and asks them to find the truck and obtain the dash cam footage. Just then, to Jae Yi’s annoyance Geum Ja (Geum Gangs sister) walks in dressed in a top and skirt. She lets everyone know that Sang Pil has employed her to collect the money that they weren’t able to collect. He says that once they collect all the money, they will close down the private loan business. She earns applause from everyone (except Jae Yi and Geum Gang) when she shows her collection. She walks up to Jae Yi and tells her that she will make Jae Yi’s desk hers in a month. Jae Yi replies saying sure before giving Sang Pil a stern stare.

Back home she tries to tell her father not to support Oh Ju as he is a bad person but he doesn’t listen saying those were baseless rumours.


Yeon Hee goes to meet Oh Ju and she asks him about his involvement in the mayor’s murder. He asks her if she is asking because of his secretary. She continues questioning him and tells him that she won’t be lenient because he is friendly with her mother Soong Ja. Seeing that he doesn’t reply, she tells him that she will meet him next time with a warrant.Oh Ju calls out to her and tells her that this would hurt her mother.

Oh Ju calls up Soong Ja who is getting a facial from the blind woman. He warns her that if she doesn’t want her daughter hurt she has to ask Yeon Hee to get Hyung man convicted. After hanging up Oh Ju shows the full footage of the video to Kwan Dong which shows Yeon Hee’s secretary as the person fabricating the evidence. Oh Ju calls this as his insurance against Jae Hee but Kwan Dong feels its risky.

Back at the Lawless Law firm Sang Pil is on the phone with Kwang Soo who tells him that the truck was actually a food truck. Jae Yi who overhears the conversation remembers officer Gong Jang Soo talking to another officer regarding a food truck driver committing suicide. She tells Sang Pil that she is going somewhere when he stops her and tells her that she shouldn’t go alone and that he will go along with her.

Judge Cha is giving an interview to a news channel when she is asked whom she supports and why. She tells that she wants to have someone who wants to give everything to Kiseung, not someone who wants to take things for themselves.

Oh Ju and his men watch Judge cha’s interview andAhn Ju puts blind trust into Kiseung.


We cut to the scene where Judge Cha sees her father’s statue and thinks back to the day of her father’s funeral. In the flashback, Judge Cha overhears a man saying that the judge (her father)got punished for his deeds and that he will burn in hell. Cha Moon Suk follows the man in her car and bumps his car. He gets down to argue and she runs him over twice with her car before calling Oh Ju to clean up the mess while she waits in the car. Oh Ju arrives at the scene and hits the man several times till he dies and comes over to talk to Judge Cha. He asks her if only he knows about this, to which she replies that he was the one who did it and she knows nothing about it and she drives away. This was the murder which Jae Yi’s mother had photographed.

15.JPGWe cut back to the present where she speaks to her father’s statue and asks his forgiveness but she wants to achieve more.

Sang Pil and Jae meet with detective Gong Jang Soo and Jae Yi asks him if she could see the files on the food truck driver’s company. Detective refuses because they have been instructed to close the case as a suicide. Sang Pil says that they need as it is connected with the case they are working on. The detective gives them the file.

At the courthouse, it is the final hearing of the trial. Hyung man asks sang Pil why he doesn’t see Jae Yi to which he says that, though she is extremely upset with him she still wants to help Hyung man by gathering evidence, because she is a lawyer.

We cut to the food truck company where Jae Yi tries to convince the owner to access the dashcam footage as Geum Gang, Geum Ja and Kwang Soo look on. When she is unable to convince him, Geum Ja steps in and says that she remembers the man borrowing money from her. She also says that she wonders why he needed that money for and that she should ask his wife. At this point, the owner decides to cooperate and gives them access. They do not know which truck it is as there are many of them and they realise it’s going to take a long time to find the footage. They each take a truck and get down to it.


We cut back to the courthouse the trial begins and Sang Pil narrates saying that all his pieces of evidence were all dismissed and the real killer jumped in front of the train. Judge Cha stops him and tells that she finds his attitude and behaviour since the previous hearing as disgraceful. Sang Pil then questions Hyung man who is at the stand, the reason why he thinks he is framed. Hyung man says he feels it’s his bad karma of abusing his power when he was a detective that has led up to this. He also says he can’t give his wife’s illness as a reason because not everyone with a sick family member behaves like he has. He mentions Ahn Oh Ju’s name when Judge Cha tells him not to mention people’s name without proof. Sang Pil says that in order for the trial to be impartial; he wants to call Ahn Oh Ju as a witness because his name has been mentioned at least twice in the proceedings. Judge cha agrees and grants the summon before giving a recess of 10 minutes.

Oh Ju is busy campaigning when he is told to appear in court.

At the food truck company, everyone from the law firm is reviewing footage from each truck.


At the courtroom, Investigator Min (prosecutor Yeon Hee’s investigator) is at the stand and Sang Pil asks him if he helped collect evidence. Min answers in the affirmative. Sang Pil comments that Min works very hard and he found evidence before the detective did. At this point, Jae Yi walks into the courtroom and nods to Sang Pil and sits down. Sang Pil asks him when he went to the crime scene to which Min replies he went after the detective called him. Sang Pil says that’s contrary to what he saw and asks to introduce new evidence and Yeon Hee objects. Judge Cha calls them both to the bench and Sang Pil explains that it’ll be good for Yeon Hee if she reveals the evidence because it would reflect badly on her if her investigator has fabricated the case.He says that to prove Yeon Hee’s innocence, she needs to accept the evidence. Yeon Hee thinks for a while and agrees to reveal the evidence. Judge Cha asks Sang Pil to provide the evidence. Sang Pil walks over to Jae Yi with a triumphant smile on his face and takes the footage from her after a giving her a wink. The footage is played and Min is clearly seen fabricating the crime scene. Kwang Soo and his men start shouting out saying it’s the investigator and everyone is shocked. Min gets up from the seat saying it’s not him on the screen and runs towards the exit when Jae Yi trips him (Sang Pil did the same in episode 1). Kwang Soo and Geum Gang carry Min out as Sang Pil has a laugh. Yeon Hee admits that the prosecution was in the wrong and that she just now found out that the evidence was fabricated and hereby drops the charges against the defendant. Sang Pil gives her an approving look before sitting down next to Hyung man who can’t believe his ears. Judge Cha reads out the verdict in which she says, as the prosecution has dropped the charges she dismisses the charges. The trial gets dismissed and the defendant is free to go.

Outside the courtroom, a free Hyung man walks with Jae Yi and Sang Pil as Jae Yi gets a call from his wife’s hospital.

Soong Ja falls at Judge Cha’s feet and begs her to forgive Yeon Hee this one time as it’s not her fault. Judge Cha tells her that it was indeed her fault as she placed her trust in the wrong person.

They rush to the hospital and Hyung man’s wife is happy to see him free before she dies and tells him she tells him to beg forgiveness for all that he has done. A crying Hyung man says he will and he holds her hands as she dies. Sang Pil watches the teary-eyed Jae Yi as we hear the monitor flatlines.

Yeon Hee watches all the news articles against her wrong judgement and is upset. She goes to meet Judge Cha who tells her that Yeon Hee always wanted to be closer to her than Jae Yi, but what happened to her now. Yeon Hee replies saying she wants to become the strongest prosecutor staying around judge Cha.


Hyung man is at the hospital and tells his wife’s picture that he will keep the promise he made to her. He places a call to Thailand and tells the lady on the other side that he doesn’t know if this is fate but her daughter Jae Yi had saved his life today. The woman starts crying and listens to what he says.

Sang Pil turns on the projector and shows Jae Yi the book that he received from the anonymous sender. She finds details on Cha Moon Suk and Ahn Oh Ju among others. Sang Pil says he needs to pay them back with interest. They are called ‘The Seven’ who.


We cut to the scene where prosecutor Yeon Hee is dressed up and walks into Judge Cha’s mansion along with her. She is brought into a gathering of ‘The Seven’ where Judge Cha introduces her as the newest member. Oh Ju greets her immediately followed by rest of the group and It is clear that Soong Ja doesn’t like it. They comment that Yeon Hee can lead the investigation of Oh Ju’s investigation.  Yeon Hee watches as they all cheer and Oh Ju kneels down and bows in front of Judge Cha and pledges his loyalty to her. She congratulates him asks him to get up. Yeon Hee apologises to Oh Ju and congratulates him and they clink their glasses.


Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that she already knows two of them out of The Seven; Judge Cha Moon Suk and Ahn Oh Ju. The rest are attorney Go In Du (dismisses cases related to plaintiffs), Son Sung Sik (president of Kiseung Savings Bank) , Han Tae Kyeong of Kiseung Daily (silenced the news of Jae Yi’s mother while publicised Choi Jin Ae’s suicide), Cheif prosecutor Jang Sang Ik (buries cases for them) and lastly Nam Soong Ja (Judge Cha’s long-term secretary who is the door that opens to Cha Moon Suk). He says ‘The Seven’ is the powerhouse that governs Kiseung. Jae Yi says that they must go up against them to which he says they both are no match for them. When he says that Hyung man is just one starting piece of the puzzle she says that he is right and Hyung man still hasn’t got the not guilty verdict. She says ‘Lawless Lawyers, our battle begins now’ and they fist bump. Sang Pil says ‘with law’ and she repeats ‘with law’.


This episode had a lot more romance compared to the previous episodes (not that I am complaining). The romance track shows maturity with the pair always in control of their emotions (no screaming, fighting or wailing). They both know when to give each other the space they need at important times. It’s good to see the air of uneasiness between them cleared up and now they are back to working together in good spirits.

At the trial, we see yet again an ingenious move from Sang Pil where he uses Judge Cha’s connection with prosecutor Yeon Hee to introduce evidence (that was not consulted with the prosecution) in the courtroom without it being dismissed. Since he cannot use just the law to win the trial he uses his intellect and the law together. It is great to watch the entire firm’s teamwork though they hail from varied backgrounds (Jae Yi, Kwang Soo, Geum Gang and his thugs). Sang Pil’s confidence in his team shows how great a judge of character he is.

As for Jae Yi’s mother, it was expected that she’ll be alive as nobody had witnessed her murder and she was just filed as a missing person and not as a suicide case like Choi Jin-Ae. The repeated screen time given to the blind masseuse indicates mostly that she has been planted by someone. As for Yeon Hee, I am still not convinced that she has actually joined ‘The Seven’. There are chances that she may be putting up an act in front of Judge Cha to get within her inner circle. We will have to wait until next week to see which direction the series goes.

-Soul Sword

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