Adults, Write Ups


By K-

Mind wanders like a gypsy.  It flits faster than even a gypsy in fact. Its wanderlust is amazing as it delves into every nook and corner exploring, musing, imagining, linking incidents, knowledge, experience, exposure emerging with ideas unheard, practical, impossible until tried and some impractical yet, funny ideas. It travels into realms where our Physical self cannot even think of, and no travel agent can arrange a tour at.

On such a trip to one such musings, i thought what should I be born as in my next birth? Strangely popped an idea.. How about a tiger? A Lion? Hmm.. an elephant? No matter what..Being born as an animal or bird would be wonderful.

No tension, anxiety, stress, apprehension, no rat race, no obligation no duty, debt, profit, loss, money moanings, no thoughts, no religion, no faith, no atheism, no rascim, no creed, no caste,  no politics, never judged, no goals, nothing…Just eat, sleep, hunt and lo keep wandering without ticket, visa, passport across the boundaries. No terrorism, no world wars. Survival yes! But not strife.

Living a peaceful life, a serene life with nature, enjoying its untold beauty, cost free.

A domestic or wild animal yet, more humane.

My mind has wandered. Now my soul needs to wander into that birth.



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