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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 7

Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 7


The scene opens with Oh Ju being elected mayor and making promises to people in his speech on television while everyone at the Lawless law firm looks on with serious expressions on their faces. Jae Yi comments that it doesn’t make a big difference as Lee Young Soo( previous mayor) also was a part of ‘the Seven’. Sang Pil says that Lee young Soo walked on eggshells around Judge Cha but he did not obey her completely but Ahn Oh Ju, on the other hand, will give her the whole key to Kiseung. He goes on to say that Hyung man holds the key to Ahn Ju and they have to get information out of him in order to take on Oh Ju. Jae Yi realises that Oh Ju will kill Hyung man and they have to save him before that.

At the police station Hyung man resigns his police station and before heading out he retrieves a key taped under his desk. He catches the news on Oh Ju in the newscast and he mutters to himself that he will take him (OhJu) down.


Mayor Oh Ju starts his first order of business by visiting the district court and is swarmed by a crowd of reporters. When asked about the transfer of his company he says that it will happen but the reporter repeatedly hounds him with questions which annoys him. He tells his secretary to call her office and take care of it. Judge Cha greets him at the top of the staircase and asks him how he will be functioning and he replies that he will be a lawful mayor. She says she will help him achieve it and amidst loud cheers, they pose for photographs.

Back in Judge Cha’s office, she asks him about the blind trust of OhJu group. Oh Ju gives her a file labelled execution of Ohju Group’s blind trust and says that Son Sung Sik (bank president) join Ohju group as CEO as he will sell his shares, just as she had ordered.

Hyung man remembers his wife as he stands on the beach scattering the ashes when Sang Pil and Jae Yi come. He asks Bong Sang Pil how he managed to survive 18 years ago when he was just a 10-year-old kid. Sang Pil says his maternal uncle helped him. Hyung man tells them not to follow him as its dangerous when Jae Yi tells him that Oh Ju wants him dead. Hyung man thanks her for the concern and drives away and both of them follow him in the car.


As they follow him Jae Yi asks Sang Pil as to what Hyung man is up to now as he has lost everything and nothing to live for. Sang Pil responds saying that on the contrary, Hyung man has nothing to lose as he already lost everything and so he can do anything now. Sang Pil catches Kwang Dong’s car tailing them through the rearview mirror. Jae Yi tells him to help Hyung man get away. Kwang Dong’s car overtakes Sang Pil and chases Hyung man down. Sang Pil speeds down the highway and cuts Kwang Dong’s car off as Hyung man drives away.  Sang Pil gets off the car and walks up to him but Kwang Dong’s car drives away to Sang Pil’s amusement. Jae Yi asks mentions that Sang Pil would’ve been prepared for this situation to which he gives her a smile and says that she must be spending a lot of time thinking about him. Sang Pil is on the phone with Kwang Soo who is tracking Hyung man’s location on his computer. Hyung man had clicked on an Sms that Kwang Soo had sent which allowed him to be tracked.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi follow while he places a call to Hyung man and jokingly asks him if he running away because he can’t pay Sang Pil’s fee. Jae Yi tells Hyung man not to delude himself into thinking he is indebted to only Sang Pil. Hyung man thinks back to that night.


In the flashback, Hyung man points a gun at Jae Yi’s mother at the beach, who is on her knees pleading with him not to kill her. She tells that she has an 8-year-old daughter and that she has to live. Hyung man debates within his mind and then points to the sky and shoots fires his gun. In return, he tells her to disappear by that very night (he arranges for a boat) or he will kill her daughter first. He threatens her that if she doesn’t live like a dead person he will kill her entire family.


We cut to the present day where Jae Yi’s mother arrives at the airport and she sees the news with Judge Cha and OhJu being telecasted. She notices it and walks away.


Hyung man drives into a long-term parking lot. He opens the boot of a car in which there are documents related to the loans at the savings bank, a gun, ammo and photos(taken by Jae Yi’s mother) of Oh Ju murdering the man that Judge Cha ran over.

At the Ojju group headquarters, Ojju applauds himself on how even though being an orphan he dominated the fish market at the age of 28 and Ohju group by the age of 38 and finally he is going to take over as the mayor of Kiseung. Kwang Dong walks up to him and tells him with a terrified look on his face that they lost Hyung man. A furious OhJu tells them to stop tailing Hyung man as Hyung man will eventually come to him.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi reach the parking lot but don’t find Hyung man there. He then calls Hyung mans fone and it rings from within the car while Jae Yi notices a package on the back seat. Jae Yi gets a call from Hyung man who tells her that this is for her and not for SangPil. He watches them from top of a building as he tells her that it won’t be easy bringing Oh Ju down. When asked where he is, he responds by saying he doesn’t owe her anything anymore and hangs up. Sang Pil and Jae YI go through the documents.


Oh Ju is at the soup restaurant drinking when Hyung man visits him. When OhJu starts talking Hyung man points his gun point-blank at OhJu who doesn’t seem bothered. Oh Ju tells him that it was the same gun that he had given Hyung man to use on Sang Pil and his mother before burying it, but he sees that it didn’t happen. Hyung man responds by saying that it is a good thing he didn’t bury the gun as he is going to kill him. OhJu tells him to go ahead like he did 18 years ago and Hyung man hesitates and OhJu gets hold of the gun. Oh Ju then hits him over the head with a bottle and thrashes him and checks to find that the gun was loaded.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi bring the contents of the package back to the law firm and Sang Pil asks them to find something that they could use to arrest OhJu. After some time, Jae Yi says most of it is statute barred or hard to prove and they continue searching. Sang Pil and Jae Yi’s behaviour towards each other makes Geum Gang suspicious of the nature of their relationship. Sang Pil shows everyone a picture of Son Sang Sik and tells them that he is the person who will help with the blind trust. Kwang Soo tells Jae Yi and Sang Pil that he lost Hyung man after he changed to a burner phone. Sang Pil tells him to track Oh Ju as Hyung man will be there.


Kwang Dong and his men drag Hyung man into a warehouse as we cut to a scene where Judge Cha and Oh Ju walk into a gathering of ‘The Seven’(Yeon hee is also present). Oh Ju announces that he will be transferring his shares in a blind trust to President So Sung Sik. The chief prosecutor and Soong Ja give disapproving looks. They cheer and take pictures to mark the event.


Yeon Hee tells Soon Ja that her job was on the line because of an investigator and she is done with that now. Whoever was behind the incident she says that she will use them to move higher up in her career and she doesn’t care who the mayor is. When she says she wants to become like Judge Cha, Soong Ja tells her to aim higher than Judge Cha and she will help her get there. Yeon Hee then offers to drive Judge Cha home.

At the law firm,Sang Pil explains how the savings bank loaned money to K trust when it went bankrupt. The rest pitch in saying that most of the public invested in it. Jae Yi says that the bankruptcy was planned to prepare a slush fund for the blind trust and Oh Ju is behind all of it. They will need to prove the fake bankruptcy to expose the slush fund. Sang Pil shows them an article on prosecutor Cheon Seung Beon (article reads Prosecutor disciplined) which earns him an instant objection from Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo tells him not to do it as he had made Sang Pil suffer. As Jae Yi is confused Sang Pil says that Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beon was the one who had put him in prison.


Sang Pil meets Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beon at court, introduces himself and lets him know that he became an attorney because of him. He also hands over the papers regarding the fake bankruptcy but Cheon Seung Beon calls him a thug who knows the law and says that he doesn’t trust Sang Pil. Sang Pil tells him to trust the papers and not him since Cheon Seung Beon trusts only facts and numbers but not the truth. He tells Cheon Seung Beon to come to Kiseung, the land of the lawless.


Jae Yi is standing at a news office on Sang Pil’s orders to recruit the TVG reporter, Yu Kyeong Jin (who had angered An Oh Ju at the district court earlier). As Yu Kyeong Jin approaches her, Jae Yi tells her that she has a story.

Sang Pil is out when he sees the Oj Ju’s news telecast and he notices that Kwan Dong is not with him. He asks Kwang Soo to locate Kwan Dong.

Son Sung Sik shows Judge Cha the latest list of loan accounts at the orphanage and finds that a child has passed away due to leukaemia. Soong Ja orders him to erase all the traces of the account and find new orphans to fill the space.


Oh Ju reaches the city hall as the mayor amidst a lot of applause and proceeds to his office. The editor in chief (news channel) calls him up and tells him to see the news. The newsflash says that the prosecutor’s office searched the Kiseung Savings Bank with respect to the K Trust loan scam after receiving a convincing tip. Son Sung Sik is arrested and it is said that the money is being traced. We see detective Gong Jang Soo among the policemen escorting him away.


Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beon walks into Kiseung prosecutor’s office and we cut to a scene on how Sang Pil uses his persuasive skills and makes him get transferred to Kiseung. Detective Gong Jang Soo joins as his investigator. Detective Gong Jang Soo asks him why he chose to work with him as he considers himself useless. Prosecutor Cheon Seung Beon says that he was recommended and that person’s identity is a secret. He says he wants to start investigating Son Sung Sik.


Yeon hee watches the interrogationas Son Sung Sik tries putting off the entire thing as a rookie mistake. After a serious round of interrogation seeing that Son Sung Sik is not budging, Cheon Seung Beon tells him that Oh Ju must already be planning on getting rid of him since he knows a lot about Oh Ju’s involvement.

Soong Ja meets investigator Min (he fabricated crime scene of Hyung man’s case) and asks him who put him up to it. He keeps saying that he did it alone when she screams at him asking if it was OhJu.


Back at Judge Cha’s mansion, she asks Oh Ju as to who leaked the information on the president of the bank.She tells him that they can no longer use Son Sung Sik as he is in prison. Oh Ju says he can get rid of him and find a replacement. Judge Cha denies and tells him to donate Ohju group to her father’s foundation instead. Oh Ju is visibly perplexed and she says that’s the only way to sever ties with Son Sung Sik and it’ll be easy to frame it as corruption. When OhJu hesitates, she asks him if he doesn’t trust her judgement and walks up to him and stares him down. Ohju takes a moment to gather himself and he agrees to it and leaves.

Oh Ju is on the phone with Kwan Dong who tells him that despite a lot of beating, Hyung man is not giving up the location of the documents. OhJu gets Hyung man on the phone and tells him that he will kill both Sang Pil and Jae Yi if he refuses to budge. Hyung man starts cursing and the men continue to hit him.

Soong Ja walks into Oh Ju’s office and slaps him for trying to get her daughter Yeon Hee fired. Oh Ju grabs her by her hands and threatens her that she shouldn’t be treating him like this as he is a mayor now. He also says that they need to support Judge Cha equally in order for her to get out of the situation. Soong Ja tells him that id Judge Cha is the mother of Kiseung then Yeon Hee is the daughter of Kiseung to which he just smiles. She throws the files off of his desk and spits at him before heading out.

Back at Judge Cha’s mansion, Cha is getting a massage from the blind masseuse when Sung Ja rushes in asking what she should do. Judge Cha asks her to get a hold of herself and find our which Judge ordered Jae Yi’s suspension. Soong Ja overhears the blind masseuse passing this bit of information on to someone on the phone. We cut to the scene showing that it is Oh Ju on the other side and he has planted her as his informant. He tells her that the most important person is Soong Ja.


Sang Pil is at the law firm and Jae Yi walks in when she gets a call from Judge Cha asking Jae Yi to visit her. On going there she finds the judge who disbarred her having tea with Judge Cha. He comes up to greet Jae Yi and tells her that he has joined Kisaeng District Court but she avoids him. Judge Cha tells her that she convinced the judge and her suspension will be lifted. Judge Cha notices no change in Jae Yi’s expression and asks her the reason. Jae Yi tells her that Judge Cha will regret doing this as Jae Yi will be using this opportunity to prove all of Judge Cha’s crimes and leaves.


Sang Pil is waiting for her near the lobby when she comes and informs him that her suspension will be lifted. He asks if they can be attorney partners and says that he feels reassured that will work as an attorney with him. He also says that they should change the firm name to ‘Invincible Law Firm’ from ‘Lawless Law Firm’. She smiles and asks him if he has located Hyung man to which he says that Kwan Dong is probably holding him. He asks her to go tell her father of her suspension being lifted. When she asks about him he tells her that he has to go elsewhere.

Kwang Soo and Geum Gang are on Oh Ju’s tail at the office and report back to Sang Pil over the phone that Kwan Dong is still not with him. He asks them to keep him in sight as Hyung man’s life is in danger.


At the photo studio, Jae Yi’s mother cries as she watches from afar, Jae Yi and her father talking to each other while washing the glass panes.

Sang Pil visits Judge Cha and asks if she removed Jae Yi’s suspension.  She asks him if they are that close already to which he says that they both share the same target, which is Judge Cha. He goes on to say that the day Jae Yi will judge her will be coming soon. She smiles as she wishes him good luck with it and that she will be looking forward to it. When she starts to walk away he comments that though she is smiling she looks tired. He says “Losing someone you cherish, it hurts”. She walks away and goes through a few pictures of Choi Jin Ae and her.


In the flashback, Judge Cha walks into Choi Jin Ae’s(Sang Pil’s mother) firm and tears the photographs on her desk (clicked by Jae Yi’s mother). Choi Jin Ae asks her to turn herself in to the police and she will try her best to defend her. Judge Cha threatens her by saying that she will have to live in silence if she wants to continue living with her son. While walking out she sees the young Sang Pil and tries to scare him before heading out.


Choi Jin Ae is at the beach and is crying when young Sang Pil comes up to her and asks her why she is crying. She tells him that she wants to do a good thing, but someone told her not to do it though it’s the right thing. Sang Pil tells her it is right to do the good thing. She tells him that at least the world in which lives should be different. We cut back to the present and Sang Pil is driving thinking back on his mother’s words.

Meanwhile, Kwang Soo and Geum Gang reach the warehouse tailing Oh Ju and they give Sang Pil the location. He tells them that he will be there soon. Kwan Dong tells Oh Ju that Hyung man confessed using a car as a safe to store the evidence. Oh Ju wakes up an unconscious Hyung man and asks him if he was the one who gave the evidence to Sang Pil. Hyung man confirms it and laughs while saying Sang Pil did it. As Oh Ju walks away he tells Kwan Dong that he can forgive an enemy but he cant forgive a betrayer and he tells him to kill Hyung man.

Kwang Soo informs Sang Pil as he comes that Geum Gang has followed Oh Ju and Hyung man is still at the warehouse. Both of them fend off the thugs outside the warehouse and get in.

Oh Ju and Kwan Dong find the car and set it on fire along with the evidence. As they leave the car explodes and Geum Gand comes up near the flames and tries to sprinkle water from a nearby puddle but it doesn’t seem to work.


At the warehouse, there are ten men guarding Hyung man when Sang Pil and Kwan Soo barge in. An aggressive fight ensues and Kwang Soo is able to free Hyung man while Sang Pil fends them off but Hyung man takes a blow to his skull and falls down.


Sang Pil and Kwang Soo bring Hyung man out of the warehouse but Hyung man falls to the ground bleeding from his head. He tells Sang Pil that he should’ve died in Sang Pil’s hands. He also apologises and says that he is thankful that Sang Pil was his lawyer. Before he dies he tells Sang Pil not to forgive him ever. Sang Pil tries to wake him up by calling out his name but gives up in the end.

Judge Cha watches Oh Ju giving a speech on TV regarding the Golden city project (city redevelopment) and is smiling.


Oh Ju comes to Hyung man’s funeral (entire lawless law firm is present). Jae Yi tells him that he shouldn’t have come here. He asks her who she is and then tells that he remembers her as she always tags along with Sang Pil. He gives his respects to Hyung man by calling him a friend and asks him to rest in peace. Jae Yi says that it is unbelievable that he attends the funeral of the person whom he murdered. Oh Ju tells her that they can’t accuse him without evidence. He tells Sang Pil that though Hyung Man doesn’t have a family Sang Pil shouldn’t’ oversee the funeral and his dead mother would not be happy about it. Sang Pil responds by saying that he will take him to court whatever happens.


Jae Yi’s mother watches from outside the hall while Jae Yi walks up to her. She is startled and turns around to face Jae Yi but Jae Yi doesn’t recognise her mother. Sang Pil notices this and walks towards them.


Though the majority of screen space of the episode was taken up by other characters as compared to the lead, it was a very interesting one. ‘The seven’ are a bunch of power mongers who are eventually going to destroy one another in their thirst for power. They do not hesitate even for a moment, to turn their back on one another the moment the situation takes a turn for the worse. They behave like savage animals fighting for a piece of meat (power).

Hyung man atoned for his sins the best way he could before he died. He even showed fatherly feelings towards Sang Pil and Jae Yi. We also learnt that he couldn’t have killed Sang Pil 18 years ago as he did not kill Jae Yi’s mother in the past and he couldn’t kill Ahn Oh Ju in the present as well.

Judge Cha is taking Oh Ju for granted and in the process, she has forgotten how dangerous he is. The scene where we discover that the blind masseuse was planted by Oh Ju (out of all the people) was a great suspense. It goes to show how he has achieved his current position, which is not an easy task.

Finally, we get to see Jae Yi’s mother get in touch with both of them. She would be a great asset to their team. Once again Sang Pil shows off his amazing fighting skills and intellect (locating Hyung man’s location). Jae Yi proved to be gutsy in the scene where she tells Judge Cha that she won’t be on the same side as her.

This was the first time that Judge Cha’s big plan was foiled (Son Sung Sik’s arrest). She may have created a bitter enemy out of Oh Ju due to this. It may be a dangerous uphill battle from here but it is not long before the domino effect takes hold. Let’s see what the next episode holds.

Favourite quotes from Episode 7

“Losing someone you cherish, it hurts”- Bong Sang Pil

“I can forgive an enemy, but I can’t forgive a betrayer”- Ahn Oh Ju

-By Soul Sword


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