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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 15

Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 15


Sang Pil barges into the abandoned building and calls out Jae Yi’s name. Ahn Oh Ju orders Gwang Don to see to it that Jae Yi doesn’t escape and he goes to find Sang Pil. Jae Yi warns him not to use her to blackmail Sang Pil. She punches Gwan Dong as he sits her down.

Sang Pil menacingly asks OhJu about where he is hiding Jae Yi as Oh Ju walks in. Oh Ju says that just like Sang Pil has something to protect he too has something to protect. Sang Pil calls Oh Ju a broken container and tells him that he doesn’t have the power to stick it together nor does anyone. He says that he is giving Oh Ju a chance to kill him. Oh Ju says that Sang Pil has quite a nerve to come here all for a woman as he pulls out his gun and points it at Sang Pil’s head saying that Sang Pil is no match for him. He orders Sang Pil to kneel down.

Gwang Dong tells Jae Yi that Oh Ju has a gun and asks her if she heard a gunshot wondering if Sang Pil is dead. Jae Yi is rattled as he goes to check the door. She walks up behind him and kicks him till he is grounded and runs outside the room.

Sang Pil kneels down and Oh Ju asks him not to worry about Jae as he will take care of her.  Oh Ju then says that he will count to up to 3. Sang Pil wears a frenzied expression on his face as we cut to flashback 18 years ago when Oh Ju had counted up to 3 back then too.  We cut to present day as JaeYi runs in yelling Out Oh Ju’s name and stops next to Oh Ju. Oh Ju lowers his gun as Gwan Dong comes limping behind her. Gwan Dong explains that she kicked him in his ribs and hips as Oh Ju complains that Gwan Dong ruined the highlight of the day.



Sang Pil is perplexed seeing Jae Yi as she takes the black book from him. She shows the book to Ahn Oh Ju and explains that Judge Cha had used Sang Pil to get rid of Oh Ju. She asks him to make a decision after seeing it. Sang Pil watches both of them while kneeling and Jae Yi asks for the evidence that Oh Ju has on Judge Cha. OhJu denies having any such evidence and he comes across his name in the book. He has been listed as the murderer of Kim Ho Sik, Choi Jin Ae and Noh Hyun Joo in the year 2000 and this bothers him as it all finally dawns on him. Jae Yi tells him that he has been just a faithful tool for Judge Cha.Sang Pil gets up at this and says that nothing can be undone now. Sang Pil gives a cold smile as Oh Ju asks him if he had known about this all along and if they know a way to bring Judge Cha down. Sang Pil says that it all depends on Oh Ju’s decision. When Oh Ju asks what it is, Sang Pil says that it involves Oh Ju coming to court and proving Cha Moon Suk’s wrongdoings. Oh Ju laughs and says that Sang Pil is trying to get him arrested by doing this as he is on the run to which Sang Pil says that Oh Ju will be caught eventually. Sang Pil asks why the untouchable Oh Ju is worried now as bringing down Cha Moon Suk is Sang Pil’s end goal. Oh Ju then unloads all the bullets from his gun except one and says he wants to do it his way. He tells that there’s one bullet in the gun asks Jae Yi to take it. Sang Pil agrees by saying that either of them has to die in this game anyway. When Jae Yi hesitates Oh Ju taunts her and she grabs the gun from him. Jae Yi is shaky but Sang Pil tells her that it’ll be okay and asks her to go hide and Jae Yi backs off.


Sang Pil says that he was waiting for this day as he faces Oh Ju and Jae Yi watches holding the gun in her hand. Sang Pil takes a few hits before he starts throwing his punches but Oh Ju blocks them all. Oh Ju starts drinking alcohol after he takes his first hit. The fight ensues and Oh Ju finally manages to ground Sang Pil and takes a seat in front of him. He drinks some water and agrees to testify in court and throws the bottle at Sang Pil who catches it. Oh Ju asks what he would get in return and Jae Yi says that she will get him a plea bargain for a reduced sentence and if he cooperates, the charges against him will be dropped. When Oh Ju asks how he can trust Sang Pil, he replies saying that they will finish the game at the courtroom and he just has to testify.


Oh Ju comments that it was a long enough break and that they have to resume the fight. Sang Pil says that he knew its useless to reason with Oh Ju and he gets on his feet. Jae Yi loses it and points the gun at Oh Ju asking him to stop. Sang Pil holds the gun and stops her with a meaningful look before going over to Oh Ju. He is again grounded and this time Oh Ju comes at him with the mayor’s nameplate but Sang Pil dodges it and manages to lock Oh’ Ju’s arms and disarms him. He then strikes Oh Ju with the nameplate and Oh Ju falls. Sang Pil gets ready for the final strike but he falls to the ground too. They come at each other and Sang Pil is able to get him into an armbar and then strangles him with the rear naked choke after dislocating Oh Ju’s arm. Jae Yi calls out Sang Pil’s name and reminds Sang Pil that if he doesn’t stop now all that he has done so far would be a waste. Sang Pil then loosens his grip on Oh Ju and moves away from him.


Kwang Soo and the lawless team are holding banners supporting Judge Cha at the protest against bribery and cheering as she appears outside the courthouse. Judge Cha appears waving but she becomes serious when she spots Sang Pil’s men and leaves in her car. Sang Pil calls Kwang So as Jae Yi drives them back and lets him know that Jae Yi is safe they will be back.

As they drive back, Jae Yi asks him if oh Ju will take his offer to which Sang Pil says that Oh Ju has just 2 options, either he goes down alone or takes Judge Cha along with him. She says that the notebook will make him decide to which Sang Pil says that he will see that Judge Cha’s blade becomes a boomerang and attacks her.

Back at the building, Gwang Dong advises Oh Ju not to take up Sang Pil’s offer and suspects that he is working along with Judge Cha. Oh Ju flips through the book and we cut to flashback.

Oh Ju thinks about Judge Cha not wanting to discuss Choi Jin Ae and also calling him a dog who has to bark only when she asks him to.

We cut back to present as Oh Ju tears up the pages with his teeth (since Sang Pil broke his arm) and says that he will take down Judge Cha in place of Sang Pil.


At Judge Cha’s mansion, the editor-in-chief and Chief Prosecutor Jang meet with Judge Cha. Jang says that putting Judge Hong as the judge will make things worse and Chairman Jo Young Joon (party leader/senator) is already cutting ties with Hong. Since media is having a field day with it they suggest that Judge Cha should preside Soong Ja’s case. She says that she will think about it.

At the law firm, everyone (Sang Pil and Jae Yi aren’t back yet) watch the news which reports that Judge Cha may even run for president once she becomes the Chief Justice. Just then Sang Pil comes in with Jae Yi who is supporting him and she says she is fine since Sang Pil came over. Sang Pil says that the need to turn all the fury on Judge Cha through their work and they all agree.


At night, the party leader comes to visit Judge Cha. He says that her father seems to be helping her. He says that she is behind this trial and it will be favourable to her as her last trial. Judge Cha gives an uneasy smile but doesn’t reply.


At the law firm Sang Pil cheers on his team as they re-enact the protest that they joined in. Jae Yi receives a call and she lets everyone know that Judge Cha has taken over Soong Ja’s trial. They all cheer and Jae Yi says that this will be Cha’s final trial as a Judge and that she has been there way too long as an arrogant Judge. Sang Pil says that she will soon be brought down and refuses the teams offer to join them for drinks to celebrate. The team leaves the firm cheering.


Oh Ju and Gwang Dong wait in the car outside the Courthouse and Gwang Dong asks Oh Ju if it would’ve been better to take up Sang Pil’s offer than coming alone. Oh Ju tells him to run away if he is afraid. Gwang Dong says that he is concerned about Oh Ju and his gaze falls on the bundles of currency in the bag next to him. Gwang Dong says that he will go and bring Cha Moon Suk and gets off the car wearing a cap but returns back in the same speed as he sees Judge Cha arriving with bodyguards.


Hearing this, Oh Ju calls up Judge Cha who takes the call privately. He tells her that he knows about the book and that she wouldn’t have used Oh Ju like this if she had thought of him as a pet dog. He says she has no right to raise a dog. He warns her that he is always in her vicinity. Judge Cha tells him to come and see her face to face at her house if he has something to tell her and hangs up. Oh Ju comments that this is more of her style.

Sang Pil gets a call from Soong Ja who has found out that Judge Cha is presiding over her case and asks to meet with him. Jae Yi tells Sang Pil that she is his co-counsel in this case and that she will come along with him. When he asks if it wouldn’t be difficult, she says that they have to pressurise Judge Cha who will be presiding.


Soong Ja is shocked when she sees Jae Yi along with Sang Pil. When Soong Ja objects to this Sang Pil says that Soong Ja had signed the contract with Lawless Firm and Jae Yi will be a strategic advantage since she will agitate Judge Cha. When Soong Ja explains to Jae Yi that she didn’t know that Hyun Joo was Jae Yi’s mother, Jae Yi says that’s why she will be going after Judge Cha and not Soong Ja. They get on to discussing the trial.

Judge Cha informs Yeon Hee that she will preside over Soong Ja’s trial. Yeon Hee is delighted but Judge Cha tells her that since the evidence is too strong she has to get her mother to admit to all her crimes in court.  Seeing Yeon Hee’s expression Judge Cha reminds her that she will soon be Chief Justice and can help Yeon Hee in the future and asks her to choose between Soong Ja or Judge Cha. She explains that since she is in the public eye she can’t help everyone who was loyal to her and that Yeon hee should understand that. Yeon Hee starts contemplating.


Soong Ja is furious as Sang Pil tells her that Editor-In-Chief Han will be testifying on the prosecution’s side. Sang Pil tells her that since both Han and she are guilty, she shouldn’t allow him to take her down.

As they leave Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that she is as invincible as she is courageous. She says that being lawless and invincible is a perfect combination. He agrees and adds that he wants to meet Man Bae and to call him in as a witness. Sang Pil says that he needs to get some answers from him.

Sang Pil visits Man Bae where Scorpion is holding him and asks him to testify. Man Bae asks for a phone call saying it’s his mother’s birthday and Sang Pil nods to Scorpion who gives him his phone. They all walk out and Man Bae dials Judge Cha’s number.


Outside, Scorpion asks Sang Pil if they should trust Man Bae and Sang Pil disagrees  saying that Man Bae will never testify the way they want him to. He says that Scorpion will have to come to court instead of Man Bae to unnerve Judge Cha by showing his presence. Sang Pil asks Scorpion to trust him to take care of the rest. When Scorpion agrees, Sang Pil promises to bring him out of prison soon and leaves.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi walk into the empty courtroom as she comments that it is really beginning. He asks her if she is confident and she says she is. He says that him, Jae Yi and Cha Moon Suk are standing at the tip of the blade and Jae Yi shouldn’t let down her guard at any time. Jae Yi says that Judge Cha will come prepared. Sang Pil says that they will see this through and Jae Yi holds his hand as the light turns on and people start walking into the courtroom.


Soong Ja is waiting with the guards, who leave when they see Judge Cha walk in. Soong Ja is reserved and says that she knows where she stands with Judge Cha when Cha attempts to sympathise with her. Judge Cha says that though Soong Ja did everything to protect Judge Cha, she must pay for the crimes that she committed. Soong Ja is swayed when Judge Cha mentions Yeon Hee and asks if Judge Cha will continue to protect her daughter.

Oh Ju and Gwang Dong are at a basketball court and betting money on Gwang Dong’s shots. Gwang Dong tells Oh Ju that Secretary Kim has managed to plant one of their men in the audience of the trial and that they will receive updates on the proceedings. This time Gwang Dong gets the shot and Oh Ju throws him the winning sum.


At the courtroom, the trial begins. Prosecutor Cheon plays the video recording of Soong Ja ordering the murder of Hyun Joo as evidence and calls in Editor in chief Han as a witness. Han says that he has known Soong Ja since his reporter days and says that she always exerts authority saying that she has close connections with Judge Cha. He says that the video is just the tip of an iceberg. He goes on to say that he has seen her being abusive verbally and physically to the people in Judge Cha’s mansion. Prosecutor Cheon then submits a statement of a maidservant to back up Han’s testimony. The statement is about how Soong Ja insulted and belittled the Thai acupressurist (Hyun Joo) on a regular basis (when she threw the money on the floor and asked Hyun Joo to pick it up). Cheon says that the case is an outcome of such behaviours.

Judge Cha calls the defence to question the witness and Jae Yi walks up to the witness stand. She asks Han if he knows the identity of the Judge whom Soong Ja was referring to in the video clip. Judge Cha interrupts her saying that it was already explained during the Prosecutors questioning and asks Jae Yi to ask a different question or return to her seat. Jae Yi changes her question and asks Han the reason for him, a huge media icon, being close to Soong Ja who was an unemployed woman. When asked the reason for the question she asks if he was close with Soong Ja to get through to Judge Cha. Han denies the charge and Judge Cha interrupts Jae Yi. Jae Yi comments that he has taken a lot of kickbacks from her but Han says that it was the other way round. She asks if he will regret saying this and before he answers she returns to her seat smiling at Sang Pil. Sang Pil returns her smile and he walks to the witness stand.


Sang Pil claims that Han was always servile towards Soong Ja and asks him if it was due to his loyalty to her. Hearing this Han starts verbally abusing Soong Ja and she starts yelling asking him for proof. Sang Pil comments that it seems like Han holds grudges against Soong Ja. When Han denies this Sang Pil goes on to say that they have obtained a statement where Han had repeatedly threatened Soong Ja since he felt he got the least out of the Golden City Redevelopment Project. Han starts yelling that he had printed many articles for her in the Golden City Redevelopment Project and calls her ungrateful while Soong Ja too yells at the top of her voice. Han realises his mistake and takes his seat. Sang Pil watches Judge Cha who doesn’t meet his gaze as the crowd murmurs. He tries to say that what he said was a mistake. Sang Pil emphasises that Han had admitted to committing a crime in the past. Sang Pil goes on to discredit the witness saying that his statements are not consistent, hence he might be lying about his testimony.


Sang Pil asks to question the next witness and Scorpion comes to the stand. Scorpion testifies that he was the one who took care of Thai acupressurists murder. Sang Pil asks him why he killed the victim since he had no relationship to her Scorpion says that he was ordered to kill her. Sang Pil asks him the identity of the person who ordered the hit since Soong Ja denies ordering the kill. Scorpion says that it seemed like Soong Ja was taking orders from someone above her. Sang Pil looks at Judge Cha while asking Scorpion who that person might be. Judge Cha’s blood runs cold as Scorpion says that the victim took a person’s name before dying and it sounded like someone who holds a high post but he doesn’t remember the name. Judge Cha gets a grip on herself and orders Scorpion’s arrest and also instructs the prosecution to investigate who the accomplice is and adjourns the court.

Back in prison, Soong Ja praises both Sang Pil and Jae Yi. Sang Pil tells her not to be relived yet as the main card to be played is when she has to mention Judge Cha’s name. Jae Yi asks her to take up the stand in the next hearing and asks her to testify that Judge Cha had put her up to it. Soong Ja is reluctant to do so and says that she needs to do some calculations before agreeing to this. Sang Pil and Jae Yi exchange a look.

At night, Secretary Kim meets with Oh Ju and informs him regarding the trial proceedings and Oh Ju doesn’t know what Sang Pil is up to.

Soong Ja is in her cell contemplating.

Jae Yi and Sang Pil return to the firm when she says that they have a fighting chance if things proceed the way they are. Sang Pil voices her concerns by saying that Soong Ja poses a problem and they have to do something about her. He says that they need a backup plan as her attitude has changed. He wonders if Ahn Oh Ju has made a decision. She asks him if he wants to remove Oh Ju from the wanted list and when Sang Pil confirms it Jae Yi says that she will speak to Prosecutor Cheon about it.


Jae Yi meets with Prosecutor Cheon and asks for Oh Ju to be removed from the most wanted list. When he asks her the reason, she tells him that she wants him to meet someone.

She brings Cheon to a place and Detective Gong brings Hyun Joo there. He introduces her as the Thai acupressurist. Jae Yi tells Cheon that she is her mother. Hyun Joo tells him that 18 years ago Judge Cha had almost killed her and Gong explains about Sang Pil and Jae Yi’s connections. Jae Yi tells him that this is the reason that she can give him.

Oh Ju comes to Judge Cha’s mansion and Gwang Dong voices his suspicions saying that it could be a trap as there are no guards around. Gwang Dong tells him that he would be right outside if Oh Ju needs him.


Judge Cha offers him a seat and asks him to tell her face to face what he wants to say even if it is a threat. She asks him if he is doing this because of Sang Pil’s notebook and tells him that he should’ve trusted in her and not Sang Pil. Judge Cha freezes when Oh Ju brings out his gun and asks her to give him a reason not to kill her. Another door slightly cracks open and a gun is pointing at Oh Ju. Judge Cha calmly asks him why he trusts Sang Pil whose mother he had killed and now wants to attack her. She tells him that anyways Oh Ju will end up doing things her way just like how he has done before.


Prosecutor Cheon goes through news articles on his phone regarding Judge Cha’s hearing as he sits in his car. Sang Pil arrives just then and Cheon goes over to him and reminds him that he had already warned Sang Pil against using Cheon for his revenge. Sang Pil asks if the charges against Ahn Oh Ju won’t be dropped to which Cheon responds by walking away but turns around and says that one thing bothers him. He says that the video recording (Oh Ju’s video recording ordering Dae Woong’s hit) he used in court could backfire against him. Sang Pil explains that it was taken without consent in a forceful situation. Cheon says that it hurts his pride to have used something that won’t hold up in court, so he will prosecute Ahn Oh Ju by himself after he finds concrete evidence. They smile at each other and Cheon is about to leave when Sang Pil says that this trial is very important to him and thanks him. Cheon says that it is not his problem and drives away.

Sang Pil calls up Oh Ju and tells him that he got the charges dropped and asks him to make a decision. Oh Ju tells Gwang Dong that his name is off the wanted list. Gwang Dong asks the reason for this move and Oh Ju says he will find out once he is in court.


A prisoner passes on a small folded white paper and Soong Ja takes a look at it with a serious expression.


Jae Yi comes to the law firm in the morning and fusses over Sang Pil’s tie and expresses concern that he looks tired and out of sleep. The team walk in and see her cupping his face and they feel awkward.  Kwang Soo comments that it is nice to have someone around when we go through a tough time and Sang Pil says that he couldn’t have come this far without Jae Yi’s help. Jae Yi says likewise and the team laughs loudly and close the door slowly and Sang Pil shoos them away seeing that they don’t seem to be leaving.

He then comes back and tells Jae Yi that he met with Cheon yesterday night and Oh Ju is a free man for the time being. She asks him if Oh Ju will appear in court and Sang Pil says that he has no choice now.

Judge Cha gives an interview at her book publication party, regarding the autobiography where she says that she didn’t expect the book to do so well. The party leader (Mr Jo)and Editor in Chief Han are also in the audience. (Judge Cha is on the cover of almost all the magazines). She says that the book will be helpful for everyone who reads it. The party leader congratulates her on the success of the book.


Chief Prosecutor Jang comes to Cheon furiously and asks him why Cheon dropped the charges against Oh Ju. Cheon says that it is due to lack of evidence and that he will carry out a corroborative investigation. Jang asks about the campaign funds to which Cheon says that the source of the documents is unknown. Jang threatens to fire him if Cheon doesn’t prosecute Oh Ju. Cheon says that he doesn’t know what Jang has to do with the case but he has no right to do this. Cheon says that he doesn’t work for promotion and that he won’t take instructions from anyone and that’s his notion as a prosecutor and leaves.

Oh Ju sees an article saying that Judge Cha will be the first female Chief Justice.

At the Law firm, Geum Gang shows Sang Pil an article that calls Judge Cha the ‘Lady Justice’.


Judge Cha has dinner with the VIPs and the Senator asks her if she is ready for the confirmation hearing. She says she is done with the written part and just has to attend the hearing and answer their harsh questions. The Congressman Park questions about the cost of her house, she says that though she has an experience of 35 years as a Judge, she doesn’t own a single house. She says that she rents a house owned by the foundation. Park persists and asks what she will answer if they ask her about the photo from 18 years ago. The senator interrupts him and asks him to stop but Judge Cha says that the people sympathise with her regarding the issue and that she is grateful. They all raise their glasses for a toast.

Sang Pil along with Jae Yi and their team, reach the courthouse.

Oh Ju thinks back on Judge Cha asking him not to trust Sang Pil and commenting that Oh Ju will end up doing things her way. Gwang Dong says that he is all set to go to court.

The third trial starts and before Cheon can start Sang Pil says that Soong Ja wants to give her testimony. Judge Cha pauses for a moment and allows it.

Soong Ja looks at Yeon Hee, who thinks back on her conversation with Jae Yi. Jae Yi had asked her if she was sure that Judge Cha would keep her promise. She had also told Yeon Hee that Judge Cha won’t protect Yeon Hee or her mother and warned her against getting used by Judge Cha again.

Soong Ja tries to make up her mind and gets up as Judge Cha asks her to go ahead with the testimony. Soong Ja thinks back on the conversation where Judge Cha had agreed to protect Yeon Hee if Soong Ja accepted her crimes. Judge Cha had said that she will forever be in Soong Ja’s debt if she agrees to it.

She also thinks back when Sang Pil had warned her that the trial is over the moment she confesses and takes the blame for Judge Cha.

Soong Ja starts to say “the Thai acupressurist, It was me…” and before she could complete her sentence she holds her chest passes out and falls to the floor. Amidst the commotion of calling the ambulance Sang Pil looks at Judge Cha whose face is unreadable. Judge Cha asks the medical team to check Soong Ja and orders a recess.


Sang Pil gets a call from Oh Ju who says that he won’t be testifying and that Sang Pil is on his own now. Seeing him agitated Jae Yi asks him the reason and he tells her that Ahn oh Ju won’t be testifying.  He says he has to go see Oh Ju in person and he asks Jae Yi to continue the trial. She asks him to bring Oh Ju to court and make him testify. Sang Pil gives her a nod and leaves.

Oh Ju and Gwang Dong are all packed up and ready to leave in a ship that Secretary Kim has readied for them. Gwang Dong says that the APB has been lifted for him and Oh Ju but he wonders about Kim. Kim arrives then just then and Gwan Dong walks in front of them and just then Kim stabs Oh Ju in the back.


Gwang Dong is shocked when he sees this and Oh Ju asks Kim if it was Cha Moon Suk. We cut to the scene where it is shown that the person who aimed the gun at Oh ju when he visited Judge Cha was Secretary Kim.Oh Ju asks him to remove the knife and Kim removes it. Kim apologises and is about to stab him again when Oh Ju takes a hold of his hand and Gwang Dong rushes in yelling and pulls Kim away. Kim repeatedly stabs Gwang Dong and that’s when Sang Pil arrives.



Sang Pil comes in and is shocked to find Oh Ju stabbed and he walks over to Kim who is standing over Gwang Dong.Kim comes over and tries to stab Sang Pil too. Sang Pil dodges and they fight. Sang Pil then disarms him by dislocating Kim’s arm but Kim manages to run away. Gwang Dong asks Sang Pil if he couldn’t have come sooner. He tells Oh ju that he shouldn’t have gotten involved with him. Before dying he says that he hopes that Oh Ju makes it out alive. Oh Ju feels bad for Gwang Dong and Sang Pil looks on with a serious expression.


Jae Yi sits alone in the courtroom and looks at the empty Judges bench.

Judge Cha sits at her chambers with an evil smile.


Image Courtesy- TVN


This was one of the best penultimate episodes I’ve come across so far. It went by in a flash and was very thrilling to watch.

The writers really do know how to bring out the humour in the most serious and intense scenes (for instance Oh Ju’s comment about his moment being ruined when Jae Yi barged in while he tried to shoot Sang Pil).

I liked how they didn’t portray Jae Yi like a damsel in distress and how she played a part in negotiating with Oh Ju, though she was being held a hostage. We also got to see a lot of action scenes when compared to the previous episodes which were great to watch as the series is drawing to a close and the more the action, the better it is.

It’s interesting how Judge Cha keeps saying that those who commit crimes should be punished but easily chooses to overlook the cold-blooded murder that she had committed with her own hands. It makes me wonder if she says that line every time she feels that she cannot get away with her own crimes and that she will be punished one day.

Soong Ja was given a piece of folded paper in the prison. It is not clear as to what was in that, whether a writing or some medicine which caused her to collapse during the trial. Oh Ju, on the other hand, proved to be a thug that he is when he decided to get on that ship after ditching Sang Pil and the trial. It was sad that Gwang Dong paid the price for Oh Ju siding with judge Cha again.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi share great chemistry within the courtroom as well. The trial scene where both of them interrogated Han was well made. With just one more episode to go, it was nice to see that this episode accommodated many scenes with the lead pair.

My favourite pick from this episode was the scene where Scorpion gave his testimony as it was very thrilling and it was one of the very rare instances that brings Judge cha to the edge of her seat.

Just when we thought that things were falling into place and Judge Cha was cornered, she managed to keep her position and her wicked smile intact. This episode was like an intense game of chess with both Sang Pil and Judge Cha making their well-calculated moves. I hope that we get to see a satisfactory ending where Judge Cha’s ‘judgement day’ is concerned, as her crimes are unforgivable and heinous.

My favourite quote from episode 15:

“Being lawless and invincible is a perfect combination”- Ha Jae Yi

-By Soul Sword-

Lawless Lawyer Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)

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