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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 14

Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 14


At the law firm, everyone is praising Sang Pil for rescuing JaeYi’s mother. Geum Gang goes on to say that he is fed up of using the law and he wants to drag Cha Moon Suk by her hair and get his revenge. He also discusses in a comical way on how he would act as if Hyun Joo is no more as Sang Pil and Jae Yi laugh. Jae Yi tries to join but says that acting is not her thing. Sang Pi asks them to stop joking around and gathers them for the meeting.

Jae Yi explains that stage one is complete as Soong Ja was arrested. Geum Ja asks if they can go after Judge Cha now that they have Soong Ja in prison. Sang Pil says that he used to go fishing with his uncle when he was young and they used to use the small fish that they already caught, as a bait to catch the big ones.


Soong Ja is with Attorney Go In Du as detective Gong interrogates her. She is unable to impose her authority over detective Gong as she tells him that its a conspiracy and the police are harassing an innocent citizen without checking the facts. She starts threatening them as Prosecutor Cheon walks into the room and asks her if she used the word conspiracy. She calls him a fast and feisty venomous snake and says that he is just as Prosecutor Jang described. She tries to use her connections with Chief Prosecutor Jang and Cheon says that it won’t work with him as the proof is very damaging to say that she was framed.

5.JPGWhen she asks him what is his proof he shows her the video recording (her ordering Man Bae to kill Hyun Joo). She is alarmed at seeing this and gets up and starts yelling that she has been framed. She says that the man in the video killed Hyun Joo and pinned it on her. Cheon asks her for the man’s name. She tells Cheon that she doesn’t remember the name and asks for her phone call. Prosecutor Cheon smiles and tells her that they will switch off the cameras and she can make the call. Attorney gives her the phone and everyone walk out of the room except her.

Soong Ja calls up Judge Cha and explains her situation but Judge Cha acts as if she is unaware of the situation. Soong Ja explains that the thug has framed both her and Judge Cha and asks her for the thug’s name. Soong Ja is shocked when Judge Cha says that she doesn’t have time to remember the names of worthless people and asks Soong Ja to use Attorney Go’s help to get out of there. Judge Cha cuts the call leaving Soong Ja hanging.


Kwang Soo and Jae Yi bring Hyung Ju to meet her father. Her father is overwhelmed as he sees his wife and he hugs her. Jae Yi comments that finally her family is whole and he pulls her in for a hug as Kwang Soo looks on with a smile.


Judge Cha runs into Sang Pil in the lobby as he holds out the notebook that she had sent him and says that he had a blast with it. He tells her that she didn’t write the ending though. She smiles and asks him what that ending might be and he says that it’ll be the end of Cha Moon Suk. She asks him to write the ending and she is curious to see it too. She tries to walk away when he accuses her of taking Jae Yi’s mother away from her twice and that he will never forgive her for that. She denies any involvement in that and asks him to prove that the acupressurist is actually Jae Yi’s mother.

He gives a sarcastic smile and tells her that he knew she won’t give him any answers right away. As he turns to walk away she tells him that she has to admit that there was one thing she didn’t anticipate while sending the book to him and that was him and Jae Yi getting together. She warns him that the relationship will be an obstacle in his plan for revenge. Sang Pil disagrees by saying that it’ll have the exact opposite effect as she not anticipating the relationship between Sang Pil and Jae Yi will be the major flaw in Judge Cha’s plan. He walks away.

Sang Pil is on the phone as he and Jae Yi are driving down. He is told that Soong Ja is doomed as Prosecutor Cheon is in charge of the case. He hangs up and says that Soong Ja is arrested but Oh Ju is off the grid. Jae Yi says that they shouldn’t get caught in Judge Cha’s trap.

They visit Prosecutor Cheon at his office and Sang Pil tells him that Cheon is in charge of the case that he is interested in. Sang Pil asks Cheon if he received the video evidence from Prosecutor Jang. Cheon asks if Sang Pil has planted bugs in his office and Sang Pil smiles as he denies it. Jae Yi asks Cheon on how Jang obtained it and Cheon deduces that Judge Cha must’ve given it to Jang. Cheon goes on to ask if Judge Cha is connected to the case and Jae Yi says that he must intently try to find the hidden truth in this case.

Outside the prosecutors’ office Sang Pil tells Jae Yi that Judge Cha won’t be presiding Soong Ja’s case but she will turn it over to another Judge whom she trusts. Jae Yi responds by saying that there is only one person whom she can think of.


Judge Cha entrusts the case to the Judge who had disbarred Jae Yi for punching him. He says that the defendant is someone close to her but she tells him to be fair and square and her friendship shouldn’t affect the verdict.

At the law firm, Geum Gang is reading the law book and everyone applauds him. He asks Jae Yi how she would describe a good ruling. She says that a good ruling is where even the common people who never studied law can understand it. It is a bad ruling if people don’t understand it. Geum Gang and Ja continue their conversation as Sang Pil confirms with Jae YI that ‘they’ are preparing for Soong Ja’s trial and she responds by saying that they must have met by now. They high five as he tells her that he will leave it in her hands and she leaves with Kwang Soo.


Prosecutor Cheon and Attorney Go are at the courtroom with the Judge to submit their cases. Cheon says that they have to investigate further when the judge shows no interest and asks him to get a statement which would be enough. Attorney Go is happy with this and he walks out and Cheon finds this suspicious.


Sang Pil visits Soong Ja in prison and jokes saying that he cant recognise her. An irritated Soong Ja asks him his reason to visit her. He says that he has no interest in representing her when she asks him if he wants her to hire him as her attorney. He tells her that he wants to make a deal with her. When she laughs at the idea he tells her that he knows about Judge Cha’s borrowed-name accounts that Soong Ja handled. She tries to brush it off as a groundless rumour but he tells her that it is sad that it is just a rumour since it would have been the last ray of hope for her to get out this swamp. He asks her if there is any lawyer other than him who understands Soong Ja’s situation. At the mention of Judge Cha’s name, Soong Ja doesn’t believe that Judge Cha would do this to her and tells him not to damage Cha’s reputation. Sang Pil gets up to leave as he tells her to hold on to the rotten rope and tells her to think about what happened to the once –invincible Ahn Oh Ju. He leaves behind a worried looking Soong Ja.


Gwan Dong tells Oh Ju, who is sitting by the seaside that he has managed to book a motel room in the outskirts of the city and that it would be safe to stay. Oh Ju regrets the fact that they lost Hyun Joo whom they could use to put Sang Pil and Cha behind bars. Gwan Dong suggests fleeing the country and living a luxurious life. Oh Ju says that he cant live as a fugitive and he gives Gwan Dong some money and asks him to go and get him Soda and cigarettes. After Gwang Dong leaves, Oh Ju watches the news on his tablet which says that the disciplinary committee has dismissed Ahn Oh Ju from his mayoral position due to misconduct. It also says that the city had lost 2 mayors in the past 3 months; one was murdered while the other was suspected of a crime.

At the courthouse, Jae Yi runs into the Judge in charge of Soong Ja’s trial. He is flustered when he sees her and calls out to Judge Cha who walks past. Jae Yi walks furiously over to a disturbed Judge Cha and asks her if she had killed her mother while accusing Cha of destroying her family. Judge Cha says that Jae Yi has forgotten about all the help that she received from her. Jae Yi calls Cha a hypocrite and asks her to shut her mouth. She then threatens to take Judge Cha down with everything that she has and walks away.


Oh Ju watches Jae Yi (along with Kwan Soo and Geum Gangs men) from afar talking to Detective Gong and he comments that Jae Yi is the only thing that will tie down Sang Pil. He mentions that Jae Yi is his final card. Gwang Dong says that its over if it goes wrong and Oh Ju says that even if he lives for a day, he will live in a way that befits his image.

Detective Gang is relieved when he learns from Jae Yi that her mother is alive and asks if Sang Pil has planned everything. Jae Yi says that they need more time as there’s something that she and Sang Pil have to do and asks for his trust. He agrees to pretend that her mother is dead for the time being.


Sang Pil is elsewhere as he gets a call from Oh Ju who sends him a live streaming video of Jae Yi talking to Detective Gong. Sang Pil’s blood runs cold as he sees this and calls Oh Ju a scum. Oh Ju says that Sang Pil is responsible for Oh Ju becoming like this and tells Sang Pil to put him back to where he was in the beginning. Sang Pil immediately calls up Jae Yi and asks if she is alright. Jae Yi is confused and says everything is fine and Sang Pil confirms that Kwang Soo is with her before hanging up. Sang Pil hangs up and Oh Ju leaves.

Yeon Hee visits Soong Ja and asks her whats going on. Soong Ja asks her to go in person to Judge Cha and convey a message.


Yeon Hee meets Judge Cha and asks her to help her mother who had spent her entire life serving Judge Cha loyally. Judge Cha says she doesn’t understand why Soong Ja committed a crime but Yeon Hee asks her to pull some strings. Judge Cha tells her that there’s nothing that she can do. That’s when Yeon Hee says that there is a Cha Byung Ho Foundation sponsor ledger that Soong Ja has to pass on to Judge Cha. Judge Cha asks how Soong Ja dares to threaten her when she is cornered and tells Yeon Hee to persuade her mother. She says that being a good prosecutor means surviving the pain of cutting your own flesh. She asks a teary-eyed Yeon Hee to tell Soong Ja to pay for her sins.

Judge Cha paces her office and thinks back to Sang Pil saying that the big flaw in her plan was her not anticipating his and Jae Yi’s relationship.


Judge Cha visits Soong Ja at the prison who asks her to clear her name. When Soong Ja says that she had cleaned for Judge Cha, Judge Cha tells her that Soong Ja had done everything and that she had no part in it. She tells Soong Ja to be afraid of her as she knows everything about her and tells her that she can do nothing with that ledger. Soong Ja realises that she has been betrayed when Judge Cha tells her that the ledger will only add to her charges and that her best bet is Attorney Go. Soong Ja is unnerved as Judge Cha walks out.

Sang Pil is driving back as he gets a call from Kwang Soo who tells him that Scorpion might have been made because he was attacked. Sang Pil rushes over as his team is ready with their clubs and weapons. Geum Gang comments that Sang Pil is as cold as ice in court but as hot as fire when he fights. As they go on praising him he asks them not to like him too much as he is already spoken for. They continue complimenting him and he says that their compliments make him think that they want him to do all the fighting.


Scorpion and his men are being beaten up and Man Bae tells him that his current position (Dae Woong’s position) is not enough for him as Sang Pil walks in with his men. Hell breaks loose as they start fighting their way through Man Bae’s men. Sang Pil manages to free Scorpion who joins him. They bring down all of Man Bae’s men and scorpion gets a hold of Man Bae and thrashes him.Sang Pil asks Man Bae the reason for betraying Dae Woong and his gang. Man Bae tells him that he hated Sang Pil’s talk since he passed the bar exam. Sang Pil says that he had studied hard to become a lawyer and fight using law but people like Man Bae make him deviate from his path.

Scorpion holds up a large knife and says that they have their way to take care of traitors and Sang Pil asks Kwang So to get Man Bae on his feet. Sang Pil asks Man Bae to choose whether he wants Scorpion’s method of punishment or he wants to face Sang Pil’s method in court and that both options have very different outcomes. Sang Pil asks Scorpion if he can take Man Bae and Scorpion agrees.


Jae Yi walks into the firm and rushes over to Sang Pil who is getting his injuries treated and expresses concern over him being hurt. He explains that Scorpion was in danger and he had to help. Jae Yi asks him if he knows what she thinks when she sees him like this and Sang Pil asks if she is talking about fighting and injuries. She says “Lawless” and goes on to say that she realises that how difficult it is for normal people to ‘fight with the law’ against power and money. He says that at least they are lucky that they are lawyers and that’s why they have to put up a good fight. She acts as if she is concerned and smacks him on his shoulder asking if he won the fight. He asks her what she thinks and she says that the answer is obvious. He says that he is glad that she approves of him.


Later on, Jae Yi brews coffee for both of them as he works. As they have coffee he asks her if she looked into Judge Hong (the judge who disbarred Jae Yi and is in charge of Soong Ja’s case). Jae Yi says that he is the messenger between Judge Cha and the party leader. Sang Pil says that he will get rid of Judge Hong and get Judge Cha to preside over Soong Ja’s trial. He says will take down Judge Cha when she is in her judicial robes. She comments that Sang Pil wants to give Judge Cha an ending that will suit her perfectly. Jae Yi says that she will look more into Judge Hong and that the money will lead to some information.

Soong Ja is in her Prison Cell at night remembering how Judge Cha had pinned everything on her and Sang Pil saying that only he understands Soong Ja’s situation. Soong Ja tells herself that she won’t go down that easily and that she needs Sang Pil. She runs all calls the guards asking that she needs to make a phone call to Prosecutor Yeon Hee.


In the morning Yeon Hee visits Sang Pil at his firm and tells him that her mother had agreed to his deal. When he asks what she has got, she gives him the ledger of Cha Byung Ho Foundation that Soong Ja had maintained. She asks him about how she can trust him not to use this against her mother to which he says that she needn’t trust him if she doesn’t want to. He assures her that Soong Ja will get the sentence she deserves; not more, not less. Yeon Hee says that her mother had two choices, a bad one and a worse one and she had chosen the bad one. She gives him the ledger and runs into Jae Yi who enters at the same time but leaves without saying anything as Jae Yi calls after her.

Jae Yi goes through the ledger as the rest of the team enter and Sang Pil tells them that Soong Ja had taken the bait. He tells them that its the ledger of Cha Byung Ho Foundation and Ja comments that it will have all fraudulent transactions in it.  Jae Yi comments that Cha Moon Suk’s name is not there in the ledger. Sang Pil and Jae Yi learn that Soong Ja is telling them that she has proof of Judge Cha’s corruption. Sang Pil says that they will have to make a better deal with her.


Judge Cha asks prosecutor Jang if he has authorised protection around her residence and he confirms it. He gives her an old model gun asking her to keep it for the time being and says that he will show her how to use it later on.

Soong Ja signs Sang Pil as her attorney and asks him if he knows the significance of her signature. He says that it signifies Judge Cha’s confidante of 30 years is finally cutting off her ties with Judge Cha. He tells her that he won’t let her be punished for something that she hasn’t done. When he mentions that everything was ordered by Judge Cha she immediately latches on to it and desperately says that she was only following orders, earning a smile from him.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi drive down as she tells him she didn’t expect Soong Ja to cave in so soon and he says that she is using him as an insurance. He says that its time to meet their enemy, Prosecutor Cheon. Jae Yi asks him as to how Cheon and Sang Pil know each other. Sang Pil gives a smile and we cut to flashback.


Prosecutor Cheon reads the charges against young Sang Pil in his office and both Sang Pil and Kwang So are present. Cheon says that Sang Pil had beat 7 guys to a pulp and they were all hospitalised now. Sang Pil claims that the men had attacked Kwang Soo first. Kwang Soo interrupts saying that it was his mistake and not his boss’s (Sang Pil) fault. Cheon comments that his reference to Sang Pil as boss signifies that they have watched too many gangster movies. Sang Pil asks if he has to get beaten up if someone comes at them. He maintains that if he hadn’t turned up those men would’ve killed Kwang Soo and it has to be considered as self-defence. Cheon says that it doesn’t apply here and goes on to hit Sang Pil wid a paper and asks him if he is the number 2 of Dae Woong’s gang. Kwang Soo objects and almost gets hit when Sang Pil holds Cheon’s wrist. Sang Pil interrupts saying that this falls as coercion.  Cheon says that Sang Pil is interested in law though he is a thug and Kwang Soo says that he is studying to be a lawyer.


Cheon laughs and says that the CCTV captured the incident and shows that he even used a baseball bat which makes it assault with a weapon. Cheon smiles and says he will make sure he will put the men in the hospital also behind bars so that Sang Pil doesn’t feel victimised. Sang Pil agrees and Cheon says that thugs don’t scare him.


We cut back to present as Jae Yi and Sang Pil head into Cheon’s office and Sang Pil says that Cheon remained the same till now. He meets Cheon and tells him that he will be defending Soong Ja and Cheon has a surprised look on his face and starts laughing. Cheon warns them against using him for their revenge and Jae Yi says that Sang Pil won’t use anyone for his revenge. He tells them not to fish for information here as he won’t give them any information to which Jae Yi says that Sang Pil isn’t here for that either. Sang Pil says that he will be meeting Cheon in the courtroom and asks him not to be nervous. Cheon asks to be fair and square and to uncover the truth together.

As they leave Sang Pil says that Cheon is always neutral and Jae Yi says that that’s the reason she likes Cheon. She adds that she really hated him during Sang Pil’s trial and Sang Pil agrees. Jae Yi gets a call from Geum Ja who has been tailing Judge Hong. Seeing Sang Pil surprised she says its high time she got used to the Lawless Law Firm style and they fist bump.

Prosecutor Cheon tells detective Gong that Sang Pil is becoming a real lawyer now. When Cheon talks about Sang Pil holding grudges, Gong tells him that both Sang Pil and Jae Yi went through tragedies 18 years ago and shows Cheon both their mother’s files. He also tells him that Hyun Joo disappeared on the same day that Choi Jin Ae died.

Jae Yi and Kwang Soo get into Geum Ja’s car and they see a woman fighting with Judge Hong over an apartment that he had promised to transfer. He says his mindset changed now and she should’ve gotten him to sign it that time itself and pushes her away by telling her not to touch a judge.

Jae Yi says that the woman would have information for them and both Jae Yi and her approach the lady. Jae introduces herself to the woman who is sitting in the car. Jae Yi promises to win the lawsuit against Judge Hong for the woman if she gives them information on him.


They go to a cafe and the woman gives Jae Yi a document instead of the fees. Jae Yi sees the registration document and learns that Judge Hong had taken a bribe of property for an unfair ruling. She thanks the lady and promises to get her a good compensation in court.


Attorney Go is out for his morning walk when he hears Oh Ju singing that he had been waiting for a long time to see him. He tries to run away but Gwan Dong catches him and throws him near Oh Ju who is still singing sitting on the grass with the mayor nameplate in his hand. Attorney Go tries to apologise but Oh Ju beats him up and tells him to give a message to Judge Cha that it is her turn next. Gwan Dong takes pictures of the beaten up Go.

Judge Cha tells Judge Hong that she has cleared up people around her except one person but that also she will clear it after Soong Ja’s trial. She also tells him to abide by the law and not be pressured by the case. He informs her that Soong Ja hired a different attorney and Judge Cha asks him if the new attorney is Sang Pil. She is disturbed after he confirms this. Just then, she gets a message from Oh Ju with beaten Attorney Go’s photo saying this is what happens to people who betray him.


Judge Cha comes to the Lawless Law Firm to meet Sang Pil. Sang Pil says that he never thought that Judge Cha would come here on her own accord. She says she doesn’t understand why he is defending Soong Ja when he believes she was behind Jae Yi’s mother’s death. He says it’s the same way he doesn’t understand her and she will never be able to feel their pain even if she was born again. He says that Jae Yi is putting up with all this despite her agony. When she asks if Jae Yi agreed to this he repeats that this is no longer a defence but a judgement. She says that he is hitting a boulder with eggs and he says that he will soon split the boulder open. She says that she will lose to both her and the law and she leaves.


At the first hearing of Soong Ja’s trial, Sang Pil walks in confidently and the entire firm is present and Yeon Hee is in the audience too. Judge Hong enters and the trial begins. Sang Pil interrupts the opening argument and requests the change of judge. When Judge Hong tells him that he has already done this one before and Sang Pil goes on to tell that he believes Judge Hong will give an unfair sentence. Judge Hong says that he will hear him out if Sang Pil puts his attorney title on the line. When asked again Sang Pil says that he will close down his firm after the trial if he can’t prove that Judge Hong is unfair.

A man rushes in and tells Judge Cha that Sang Pil has asked for a change of judge. She walks out of her office.


At the trial, Judge Hong says that Sang Pil is insulting the court but Sang Pil maintains that he has a reasonable cause for doubt and gets Judge Hong’s permission to prove it. Judge Cha walks into the courtroom then both Sang Pil and Soong Ja notice her. He brings up pictures of a villa which has a market price of 3 million dollars that Judge Hong owns. He also puts up the registration deed for the Villa being purchased for just 100,000 dollars which has Judge Hong’s signature on it.

Jae Yi gets a call and sees Judge Cha in the courtroom as she goes out to take the call.


Gwan Dong and Oh Ju are at an abandoned building and Oh Ju is the one who called Jae Yi and he asks her if she needs evidence to get rid of Judge Cha. He tells her to come and meet him alone and threatens to go to her father if she doesn’t oblige.

At the courtroom Sang Pil quotes the case on labour law where Judge Hong had given an unfair ruling in favour (reduced fine and sentence) of Chairman Kang of Kiseong Construction in exchange for the Villa. Sang Pil concludes by saying that even though he is a competent lawyer he can’t afford to give the Judge an expensive villa like this. He goes on to say that if the judge Hong will be biased in his ruling so he will file for a judicial recusal. Cheon agrees to it and says that the prosecution will also file for judicial recusal and earns a cheer from the audience. Sang Pil gives Judge Cha a look and she gives him a stare.


Sang Pil comes out of the courtroom with his men when he realises Jae Yi is missing. Kwang Soo says that she had gone out to take a phone call and Sang Pil asks him to find her. Sang Pil is swarmed by reporters who ask him if he thinks Soong Ja is innocent. He replies that they will find that out once the trial is over. They ask him if he has a judge in mind to replace Judge Hong to which he locks his eyes on Judge Cha and says that he wants the most righteous judge in Kiseong to take up the case. When they ask him from where he got the evidence proving Judge Hong’s bribe he says that he will let them know later and walks away.

As they walk out he gets a call from Jae Yi’s phone and he sends the rest of them away. He attends the call and Oh Ju speaks instead if Jae Yi.

Oh Ju has Jae Yi with him and he tells Sang Pil that he looked good on television. Sang Pil reminds Oh Ju that he had warned Oh Ju that he won’t care about the law if Oh Ju messes with her. Oh Ju calls him over and hangs up.



Sang Pil reaches the abandoned building and yells out Oh Ju’s name and asks him to come out. Oh Ju walks in and Sang Pil menacingly asks him where he is hiding Jae Yi. Oh Ju says that just like Sang Pil has something to protect he too has something to protect. Sang Pil calls Oh Ju a broken container and tells him that he doesn’t have the power to stick it together nor does anyone. He asks him to admit it. Oh Ju asks if Sang Pil really likes Jae Yi that much to which Sang Pil says that he is giving Oh Ju a chance to kill him. Oh Ju pulls out his gun and points it at Sang Pil’s head saying that Sang Pil is no match for him. He makes Sang Pil kneel down and says that he will take care of Jae Yi . He watches Sang Pil’s frenzied expression and says that he will count up to 3. He counts up to 2 and says “Goodbye, Bong Sang Pil“


Image Courtesy – TVN


It seemed like Sang Pil is finally tired of his thug ways and has decided to part ways with his gangster life when he tells that he is being forced to use his fists because of people like Man Bae. Sang Pil proved showed how gutsy he can be when he chose to put his lawyer title on the line in the courtroom, knowing very well that his enemies are really powerful and that the Judicial System is biased.

Sang Pil again kept Oh Ju’s threat from Jae Yi and chose not to tell her that Oh Ju is hot on their tracks. He didn’t warn Kwang Soo about Oh Ju’s phone call as well. On the other hand, it was extremely reckless on Jae Yi’s part to meet Oh Ju without telling anyone, considering the current situation where every other person has the motive to take them down.

I like all the scenes where Prosecutor Cheon and Sang Pil share the screen space. It is interesting to see two sharp-witted men exchange words.

Soong Ja proved to be a bad judge of people’s character since she didn’t understand that Judge Cha was cutting her off until Judge Cha personally came and told her.

Judge Cha seemed uneasy throughout the episode. She was really disturbed when she found out that Sang Pil was representing Soong Ja, which made her go all the way to his law firm just like how she had visited his mother 18 years ago (when she had learnt of the photographs).

With just 2 more episodes to go, I am expecting them to be really fast paced as they have quite a bit of loose ends to tie up.

Favourite quote from episode 14

” A good ruling is the one where even the common people with no knowledge of law can understand it”- Ha Jae Yi

-Soul Sword-


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