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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 11

Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 11-

Episode 11 opens with Ahn Oh Ju strutting into the courtroom where the second hearing of the Choi Dae Woong trial is taking place and declaring that Sang Pil is not the murderer.


We cut to the scene where Jae Yi gets a call earlier from OhJu. She switches on the recorder as she walks into his office. She asks him if he is going to give a confession in court. Oh Ju calls her impatient and tells her that she and Sang Pil are like two peas in a pod, but he will refrain from saying anything as she might be recording him. She pulls out her phone and places it on his table and tells him to go ahead and tell her what he gains from helping them. He asks Gwan Dong for some tea for them and goes on to tell her that she will know his reasons once the trial is over. Seeing that she is confused he says that he doesn’t care if Sang Pil dies but he feels that she hasn’t changed one bit since he last saw her.

We cut to the courtroom and Judge Cha allows Oh Ju to be seated in the witness stand. Jae Yi asks Oh Ju why he thinks Sang Pil is innocent. Oh Ju tells that he wants to tell the truth to his people and that the real murderer is his bodyguard. When Jae YI asks for motive, he says that the bodyguard had seen how Sang Pil had threatened Oh Ju and says that the motive is misguided loyalty. He confirms that he asked his bodyguard to come clean when asked if he persuaded him. Prosecutor Cheong receives a message from detective Gong saying that a man has turned himself in for the murder.


Jae Yi asks him as to why he came in person to testify when it was just enough to have reported him. In response, Oh Ju gets up and walks towards the people watching the proceedings and bows to them. Sang Pil watches the entire scene with vengeful eyes. Oh Ju says that he offers his sincere apologies to attorney Bong Sang Pil for being here because of him. He also asks the people to forgive his bodyguard as he will be given the sentence for the crime and Oh Ju is here as a boss to ask for a reduced sentencing. Saying this he gets on his knees and bows down to the people earning sarcastic smiles from Judge Cha, Sang Pil and Prosecutor Cheon.

Judge Cha asks both Prosecutor and defence attorney to come forward. Cheon confirms that he has received a message but he needs to investigate the person to which Jae Yi says that since someone confessed now this trial has to be dropped. Judge Cha asks them to get back. Judge Cha asks the prosecutor to strictly examine the credibility of Mayor Ahn Oh Ju’s claim and ends the trial.Oh Ju bows to Judge Cha who gives him a smile filled with contempt and leaves the courtroom. Sang Pil again thinks that there is a crack in the relationship between the crocodile and the crocodile bird.

Reporters swarm Oh Ju and Gwan Dong and he tells them that he did not want a lighter sentence he just wanted forgiveness as his bodyguard did it out of misguided loyalty.

Prosecutor Cheon gives a press conference where he says that the real murderer has turned himself in so Bong Sang Pil has been acquitted, so the prosecution drops its charges. He then offers a public apology on behalf of the entire prosecution.


Jae Yi is pacing outside the courtroom when Sang Pil joins her dressed in his suit. He asks her if she had made a deal with Oh Ju for Sang Pil’s sake. She tells him that he agreed because both of them gained something out of the trial. He gives her a smile.


Back at Oh Ju’s office Gwan Dong asks him as to why he took such a risky move. Oh Ju replies that one must take such big leaps to get something big in return. He asks for a good press release too. Gean Dong reminds him of how Judge Cha may react to this. Oh Ju says that though you cant hear the gunshots, Cha Moon Suk and he are already at war.

Soong Ja rushes into Judge Cha’s office showing her the news articles calling Oh Ju ‘Powerbroker of Kiseung’ and comparing him to Judge Cha. Soong Ja trash talks Oh Ju and the press while praising Judge Cha. Judge Cha seems disturbed.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi drive to the beach where the law firm family is eagerly waiting for them. They all are excited and happy to have him back. They have a picnic at the beach and everyone sit at the table. As everyone is laughing and eating Jae Yi walks away towards the beach. As she stands there, she thinks back on how Judge Cha had asked her to clear Sang Pil’s name.


Sang Pil joins her and she asks him what he thinks Judge Cha had on her mind when she asked Jae to win the case. He tells her that the one who had ordered the hit on Oh Ju and himself was Judge Cha. He says that the enemy has split into two and asks if she thinks it will be beneficial to them. She says it depends on whether Judge Cha wanted this to happen and Sang Pil agrees. He also says that he feels he has been unknowingly doing what Judge Cha wanted all along. She tells him that she wants to visit Judge Cha. When he expresses concern she tells him that she will go alone and will find out why.


Seeing Jae Yi, Judge Cha deduces that she is here to ask for the motive behind asking her to clear Sang Pil’s name. Judge Cha tells her that she is not worthy of the answer because she won because of Oh Ju’s testimony and not because of her skills. Jae Yi smiles and asks her if lifting her suspension was the first part of Judge Cha’s plan. Judge Cha smiles and says that she wanted Jae Yi to be a prominent member of the legal circle by following Cha’s footsteps. She had wanted to give Jae Yi what her mother couldn’t have given. She goes on to say that Bong Sang Pil had messed up her plan by snatching Jae Yi away. Jae Yi says that she was fortunate that he revealed the truth by removing Cha’s mask. Jae starts to leave when Judge Cha asks her if she would change if Jae Yi’s mother was still alive. Jae Yi turns around and Judge Cha asks her if Jae Yi will return back to her own self if Jae Yi’s mother was alive or if it was too late now. Jae Yi tells Judge Cha not to use her mother or Sang Pil to try to sway her. Jae Yi warns Judge Cha that if she tries this again she will lose the gratitude that Jae Yi still has for her and leaves.


Sang Pil is walking on the beach when Kwang Soo runs up to him. Sang Pil tells him that he is concerned over the deal Jae Yi made with Oh Ju. He feels guilty that he is making her go through a lot because of his actions. He walks away with a grim look on his face as Kwang Soo looks on.


Oh Ju is talking animatedly on the phone when Sang Pil walks into Oh Ju’s office. Oh Ju asks him if he is here to thank him and when Sang Pil doesn’t reply he offers Sang Pil a seat. Sang Pil doesn’t take it but tells him that he knows there is a rift between Oh Ju and Judge Cha. Oh Ju comments that it will be twice as hard for Sang Pil now. Sang Pil asks Oh Ju to watch the news regularly to know what happens to Judge Cha. Sang Pil warns Oh Ju that he will be coming after him once he is done with Judge Cha. Oh Ju asks him if he is a bigger enemy than Judge Cha and goes on to ask Sang Pil as to why he goes to great lengths for revenge when he can just kill Oh Ju. Sang Pil says that he wants to get his revenge with the law. Oh Ju says that Kiseung has its own law that is above the court’s law. Sang Pil says that the day Oh Ju stand in Kiseung District Court is the day the law of Kiseung crumbles. Before leaving, Sang Pil warns Oh Ju to stay away from Jae Yi and if he does so, he will make sure that Oh Ju pays without the law. Oh Ju gives a smile.

At the Judge’s mansion, Noh Hyun Joo rushes in as she was called on her day off. Judge Cha asks Hyun Joo to bring her phone that’s ringing from the other room. Hyunn Joo sees the phone with a sly look before giving it to Judge Cha. Judge Cha takes the call and says that they should meet up for exercise as Hyun Joo gets ready for the massage.


Oh Ju’s gives his former secretary (who is off the grid since Hyung man’s case) a stash of money and asks him to keep an eye on Judge Cha.

At the law firm, a badly hurt and bleeding thug arrives. He is Geum Gang’s thug who had gone off the grid before Sang Pil’s arrest. Geum Gang starts beating him when Ja asks him if he really planted the anaesthetics. He denies saying that it was Oh Ju’s former secretary who had done it. When he tried to stop him, the secretary had taken him along with him. He falls to the floor and apologises to Sang Pil. Sang Pil tells him that it is not his fault.


Judge Cha goes to meet Oh Ju with Soong Ja who is holding a huge flower bouquet. Oh Ju is shocked to see her and she asks him the reason for his appearance at the trial. He tells her that it was because of her and then asks to talk in private.

Soong Ja and Gwan Dong leave the room and when she asks, he claims that he knows nothing about what’s going on. He tells her that he hears that she is Judge Cha’s doorknob.

Oh Ju shows her the photos of him committing murder and tells Judge Cha that this arrived on the day of the trial with a threatening phone call which asked him to testify if he didn’t want what happened 18 years ago to come into limelight. He apologises for not telling her before. They suspect that it is Sang Pil’s going and Oh Ju emphasises that anything that he does is aimed to protect Judge Cha. He says his loyalty is matched with his bodyguard who agreed to go to jail for a bit of money.


Cut to the flashback where Oh Ju received the framed pictures when he decided to run for mayor and not on the day of the trial.

Gwan Dong walks in and comments that he never thought these photos would be useful. He also asks Oh Ju as to why he lied to Judge Cha since there was no threatening phone call. Oh Ju asks Gwan Dong if Judge Cha had believed him. Gwan Dong says he isn’t sure when Oh Ju says that an authentic lie has to have some truth with it to make it convincing.


Hyun Joo visits Jae Yi at the firm and informs her of Judge Cha’s meeting tomorrow at 3 pm in the Kiseung Country Club. Sang Pil walks in just as she is leaving and Jae Yi introduces him to Hyun Joo. She is in a hurry to leave as Sang Pil thinks back when he saw the photos she had given Jae Yi. Jae Yi holds her back when she tries to go away saying that she can trust Sang Pil. Sang Pil asks Hyun Joo as to how she knew his uncle Dae Woong. She says that she is repaying him in this form as he had helped her out a lot before. He asks her why she didn’t come to him first and asks her why she wants to take down Judge Cha. She leaves without responding and Jae Yi runs behind her after giving Sang Pil a disapproving look. Jae catches up with Hyun Joo and tells her that Sang Pil behaved like that because he is worried about her. Hyun Joo leaves and Sang Pil comes up behind Jae Yi and asks her out on a date.


They go to subway and Sang Pil orders 7 sandwiches as take away and 2 to have at the restaurant. He asks for avocado to be added to Jae Yi’s subwich. Jae YI asks him how he knew that she liked avocado to which he asks her what she will do later on if she is moved by something this small. She asks him why he cant be nice to other people just like how nice he is to her. He tells her that he knows Jae Yi trusts mama ( Hyun Joo), but to him, Jae Yi’s security is the priority. He calls up Kwang Soo and tells everyone that they will have a meeting today.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi go through the images of the murder displayed on the projector as we hear the voiceover saying that Golden City’s Union President who was killed 18 years ago but it was handled as a missing person case. Judge Cha had killed him and asked Oh Ju to take care of it. Kwang Soo walks in and tells them that everybody has assembled downstairs. Sang Pil tells him that they will directly target Cha Moon Suk now.


At the meeting, he asks them to go to the Kiseung Country Club (Golf Course) and find out whom Judge Cha is meeting and the content of their conversation. He asks Geum Ja to go undercover as a caddie and do it as anybody else would be recognised.

Judge Cha is meeting with the senator at the Kiseung Country Club. Geum Ja and Geum Gang are at the golf course too and Ja follows them around as the caddie until they leave in the golf cart.


When they are away from earshot of the others Judge Cha agrees to the senator’s proposal but tells him that she will do it her way. She tells him that she needs a cause. Jae Yi and Sang Pil overhear the conversation through a bug placed on a nearby bicycle. She says she needs a reason as the seat of Seol’s Supreme Court remains vacant. Sang Pil comments that Judge Cha wants to become the Chief Justice.

At the court, Judge Cha presides over a case of a brutal murder where the assailant stalked the 20-year-old victim before brutally killing her. She gives him a death sentence which earns her a round of applause and cheers from the courtroom. The murdered father shouts and asks her what makes her so special that allows her to decide to put his son to death but is held down by the guards.

Judge Cha is asked by the reporters if the sentence is carried out and she says that she deliberated a lot before giving the judgement and beyond that its the president’s decision. When asked about the Chief Justice position she keeps in mind the current society before passing judgement. Once inside the courthouse she looks up at her father’s statue and thinks that the day to keep the promise she made to him is near.


Sang Pil claps as he walks up to Judge Cha and comments that he is used to seeing her look down on people and she looks displeased looking up at her father’s statue. He tells her she looks at the public like they are puppets which she denies. He says that she still maintains her class even though she removes her mask and that’s what makes her scary. She tells him that she isn’t scared of his revenge. He says judgement will suit her better than revenge and he will judge her in Kiseung.

Oh Ju finds out that Judge Cha was meeting with the senator when he sees on the news where the senator shows support for Judge Cha as the Chief Justice. Oh Ju calls up Soong Ja and asks her to visit him. When she refuses, he says it’s about her daughter and hangs up as she gets worked up.

At the law firm, everyone watches the newsflash (that shows Judge Cha is verified as Chief Justice) and they comment that Judge Cha’s goal was to become the Chief Justice. Jae Yi says that Judge Cha had already turned down the seat twice before but wonders why she accepted the offer now. Sang Pil identifies the man whom Judge Cha met at the Golf Course as Chairman Jo Young Joon who is Minseng Party’s current leader. He deduces that Judge Cha’s goal goes further than they imagined. They have to use Ahn Oh Ju and Cha’s rivalry now to their advantage.


Sang Pil and Jae Yi meet TVG’s reporter Yu Kyeong Jin (who worked with them previously during the false bankruptcy case) and give her the photos (Oh Ju and Judge Cha). She doesn’t seem to be keen on publishing this as it is way too big as Judge Cha is involved. Sang Pil says that this person is likely to become Chief Justice if action is not taken. She also says she has to risk her career and life if she prints this. Jae Yi tells comments that though its dangerous Yu Kyeong Jin can’t stop looking at the pictures.

Soong Ja storms into Oh Ju’s office and demands an explanation as to why he mentioned Yeon Hee’s name. He tells her that once Judge Cha becomes Chief Justice and leaves Kiseung no one will be there to take care of Soong Ja’s daughter. When she tells him that its none of his business, he sits her down and explains that once Judge Cha leaves, he will be ruling the city and Kiseung will be his nest.

Soong Ja visits Judge Cha but gets snapped at by her. Judge Cha asks her why she came to visit her uninvited. Soong Ja tries to ask about Yeon Hee’s future when Judge Cha leaves Kiseung. Judge Cha asks her to not to ask about her plans and asks Soong Ja to get out.

Soong Ja meets with Yeon Hee at the parlour who is very busy. Her mother tells her that a storm is brewing and her aim is to make Yeon Hee a revered person until she dies. They discuss and decide that they have to choose between Judge Cha and Oh Ju, whoever offers them shelter.

Sang Pil and Jae Yi reach the law firm and inform the others that the reporter agreed to print the pictures. He goes on to tell that it won’t be enough to take down Judge Cha. Jae Yi says that they need to be prepared and they all agree. Sang Pil seems to be in his own thoughts as everyone talk.


The Seven have a meeting but Oh Ju is absent. They all comment on her becoming Chief Justice and the death sentence that she had passed saying it was a good timing. Judge Cha says that she always gives her judgement based on her belief system. They all toast to her when Soong Ja mentions Mayor Oh Ju’s absence. Judge Cha is angered at the mention of his name and she calls it a night and gets ready to leave. Before leaving she asks Chief Prosecutor Kang to her office one day as she wants him to meet someone. Yeon Hee offers to drop Judge Cha home but Judge Cha declines.

Soong Ja receives a call and she walks to a corner to take the call as she looks at Yeon Hee who comes in after Judge Cha leaves. Yeon Hee looks at her mother and shakes her head. Soong Ja continues her conversation on the phone. It is Oh Ju who is on the other end and when Soong Ja asks him if he really meant what he said about Yeon Hee he tells her that he never turns his back on his people once they become his own. Oh Ju smiles as Soong Ja hangs up.

Judge Cha watches as TVG reports the photos of Judge Cha that Sang Pil and Jae Yi had given, but they have blurred out Oh Ju’s face in the news telecast. It is said that they received the pictures from an anonymous source and the victim is Han Cheol Kyu, the Union President of Golden City who disappeared 18 years ago. She thinks back to the day she tore up the very same pictures when they were lying on Choi Jin Ae’s desk saying that the faces were not clear and won’t suffice as evidence. Choi Jin Ae had told her that there was a witness to it as well. Judge Cha had told Oh Ju that the murder was his responsibility and she knows nothing about it. Her thoughts are interrupted by the reporters who are outside her office shouting out questions and asking her to explain herself. Since Oh Ju’s face is blurred she thinks Ahn Oh Ju is behind this and gets more anger towards him.

The reporters outside discuss that her plan to become Chief Justice is in jeopardy now and just then Sang Pil and Jae Yi walk in. They overhear the reporters asking about the other persons whose face is blurred out. Je Yi smiles at Sang Pil who returns her smile.

Oh Ju is at his office thinking back on Sang Pil’s threat and him asking Oh Ju to keep an eye on the news. He sees that his own face is blurred and realised that Sang Pil is trying to kill two hares with one bullet.


Judge Cha tells the reporters that she has to be at the press conference and she will explain her official position at the press conference soon. She gives a stern look at Jae Yi and Sang Pil and walks away. Jae comments that Judge Cha lives a calculated life down to every breath. Sang Pil says that soon her mask will be down.

It is all celebrations at the law firm as Sang Pil toasts “Attack enemies with enemies”. Everyone is happy and Jae Yi wonders what would be the mindset of the enemy camp. Sang Pil says that Judge Cha will want to kill Oh Ju and Oh Ju will, in turn, want to kill Sang Pil. They again toast saying “Lawless firm always pushes forward”. Sang Pil again wears a grim expression on his as everybody cheer.

Sang Pil meets Hyun Joo alone and asks her to talk privately with him.

They go to the beach and Sang Pil thanks her for the pictures that she had given them. He goes on to tell her that he won’t accept her help anymore as he doesn’t know her identity. He doesn’t trust people working in Judge Cha’s circle. He expresses his concern over Jae Yi’s trust in Hyun Joo, so he asks her to steer clear of Jae Yi and avoid meeting with her. He tells her that he had come to meet her to tell this and leaves. As he is walking, she calls out his name and thanks him for saving her daughter. As Sang Pil turns around he remembers the woman who had saved him 18 years ago.


He s teary-eyed and emotional as he walks towards her with a shocked look on his face. He asks her if she is Jae Yi’s mother. She nods and says that it’s been a long time. He asks her on what basis should he trust what she says. She quotes her connection with Choi Dae Woong and her access to the photos and Sang Pil realises what she says is true. He asks her if she is really the woman who saved his life 18 years ago. She says that he has grown up well and resembles his mother.

Jae Yi is looking at the black book with the projector switched on and wonders who would’ve have sent the black book.

Hyun Joo explains that she stayed in Thailand to keep her family safe. Sang Pil says they shouldn’t be here when Hyun Joo interrupts him and tells him not to tell anyone about this and that she needs more time. She asks him to do her a favour and tells him that he has been doing a good job protecting Jae Yi so far. She tells him that as long as Jae Yi is by his side she will be in danger and she asks him to let Jae Yi go if he really loves her daughter. She holds his hands and pleads with him as she cries saying that it is too dangerous. Sang Pil is hurt but he makes up his mind.


When Sang Pil gets back, Scorpion is there with two of his men. He seems to be recently released and he tells Sang Pil that Choi Dae Woong had asked him to go to Kiseung Prison but hadn’t mentioned the reason for his request. He goes on to say that he wanted to see Sang Pil and he has taken up a business in Kiseung and will be staying here. He asks Sang Pil to ask him if he needed any help. He speaks about Man Bae (currently in charge of Dae Woong’s gang) when Sang Pil says that he is trying to find out why Man Bae was sure that Sang Pil was the culprit. Sang Pil says that he will inform Scorpion once he finds out the reason and Scorpion leaves.

An upset Judge Cha gets a call from the senator who tells her to forget about becoming Chief Justice if she doesn’t explain the pictures. She coolly denies her involvement in it and asks him if he cut off her father in the same way as he is trying to do with her. He asks her why politics is fought with a sword and she says to cut things out when needed. He says he will give her a day’s time and hangs up. Judge Cha takes a look at her copy of the same lot of photographs.

Back at the law firm, Sang Pil reflects on Hyun Joo’s words and thinks back to when she nearly died on the subway tunnel and when she made a deal with Oh Ju.

The next day Jae Yi comes in early to the law firm and Sang Pil tells her that they have to go somewhere.



At the martial arts studio, Sang Pil tells her that he will teach her basic moves in JuJitsu today. Jae Yi says that she has always wanted to learn and is excited about it. He tells her to be careful as she may get injured if she is not careful. Her mother’s request echoes in his mind as they start practising. He dodges her first attempt and holds her in a joint lock. After a few more attempts she comments that it is not easy. He tells her that he will teach her whenever he has free time so that she can defend herself easily. She tackles him and now she gets the hang of it a bit and they twirl around a few times and she manages to pin him to the ground as he instructs her. He flips her over but she manages to get him in an armbar and gets him down.


At the Courthouse Judge Cha gives a press release amidst her supporters. She holds up the photo and tells them that she was blackmailed with this photo 18 years ago and she kept it quiet thinking that it was an attempt at stopping the Golden city project. Oh Ju watches the press release on TV from his office. Judge Cha goes on to emphasise that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of the Union president of Golden City Project.

Sang Pil is still teaching Jae Yi when he finally gives in and Jae Yi smiles as she finally has him pinned down. She lies down next to him and asks him what he meant earlier when he told her she can defend herself. When he doesn’t reply she notices something is not right with him and offers him a hand to get up. He doesn’t take it but they both get on their feet. He is about to say something but they are interrupted by Kwang Soo interrupts them to see Judge Cha’s press release. They see Judge Cha on the screen saying that she will accept the candidacy of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.



As she is talking, the father of the murderer (death penalty prisoner) comes and hits Judge Cha on the head which makes her bleed. A commotion ensues and Soong Ja interferes while helping a bleeding Judge cha. Sang Pil and Jae Yi look shocked and Ahn Oh Ju gives an all-knowing evil smile seeing the drama on screen.

Image source- TVN


Throughout the episode Sang Pil’s mind was preoccupied with other serious thoughts. It seemed like he was debating with himself over a decision that he had to make. Jae Yi’s dealing with Oh Ju did not sit well with him. It was another brilliant move from Sang Pil when he blurred out Oh Ju’s face in the news telecast.

I really find it difficult to understand Hyun Joo’s (Jae Yi’s mother) character. Firstly, I find it hard to believe that she is the same gutsy woman who took those pictures 18 years ago. Secondly, most of the issues have stemmed directly from her when she took those pictures which form the crux of the story. She cannot blame Sang Pil entirely for putting Jae Yi in danger while she (who is not supposed to be alive) is merrily walking in and out of the law firm meeting Jae Yi. I still don’t get the reason why she wants her identity to be kept from Jae Yi. She says she has a reason  for and I think its high time she tells the reason since she is already in talking terms with Jae Yi. Asking Sang Pil to let Jae Yi go wont make any difference as Jae Yi has always been in danger since the start of the series.

Jae Yi is one of the rare female characters in Korean Dramas who shows great strength. It is unrealistic to see her being treated like a delicate darling though she has proved time and again throughout the series that she is made of sterner stuff. I hope that we don’t see the usual scenes in the next episode where she is being kept away for her own safety, since the safest place that she can be at right now is at Sang Pil’s law firm.

My favourite scene in this episode was where Sang Pil teaches Jae Yi self-defence at the studio. Both the actors showed great chemistry and the scene was choreographed skilfully, blending both dance and combat resulting in a great 3 minutes of screen time, that it occupied.

On a lighter note, I really like the gadgets that Sang Pil uses. The lady Justice projector and the Samsung Flip digital flipchart that he uses during the meeting are really cool.

Favourite quote from episode 11

“A good lie has to have some truth in it”- Ahn Oh Ju

-Soul Sword


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